Monday & My New New Favorite Dessert

Some weeks the Monday God just doesn’t want you to have a rockin’ fabulous day. While I got amazing sleep Sunday into Monday, I woke up with dead legs, which I will not complain about because that means my leg workout on Saturday was awesome. I did wake up feeling rather blah and woof. I had originally planned on a 30 minute shake-out run, which I would use as my weekly 30 minutes of steady-state cardio per my coach, along with a chest workout.

I knew right away that 30 minutes wasn’t going to happen, so I told myself to just jog until I knew my limit was reached. After 20 minutes of a jog at a pace even slower than my typical warm-up pace, I knew that I was only going to make my legs feel worse. I walked for another 20 minutes, and then decided to go back to my apartment. I looked at this day as an active rest day, figuring light activity was better than nothing, and what better day to take it easy than on a day full of cramps.

Had I done a full workout and showered at work, I would have been miserable in skinny jeans and a tight shirt, but the benefits of showering at my apartment meant I could look through my dresses so that I could be comfortable all day!

Breakfast was protein pancakes that I made on Sunday. Lemon cake flavored. THE best! So many pancakes!

protein-pancakesThese held me over until about 11:30a, when I broke into a mid-day snack. 1 lavish bread with 2 tbsp of peanut butter inside. I usually use lavish bread for tuna wraps, but I’ve been loving tuna salads lately, which was my lunch at 2p. I clearly do not believe in normal meal times ha.

imageAfter work I plopped myself on the couch and watched an episode of White Collar before digging into dinner, which was grilled chicken and roasted sweet potatoes.

imageSweet relish with my chicken because I’m on such a relish kick lately!

imageI was looking forward to dessert all day long!

1 cup of vanilla greek yogurt mixed with 17 grams of Oreo pudding mix. You can alter the amounts of both depending on your preference or leftover macros. I based mine off of the macros I had left for the night.

imageSo good! If you freeze it for just a few minutes it gets even better! Side note: obviously you stir the mix in with the yogurt.. this picture just looked better than the mixed version. :)

imageI then prepped pancakes for today, read a bit of my book, and was asleep by 8:30!

pancakesWhat was the high and low of your Monday?

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