I Am Retiring

On Thursday evening, I am retiring. This week has been weird. It taught me or reminded me a few important things.

Have you missed me this week? Probably not. It’s been a weird week, starting off with 3 hours of sleep Sunday into Monday. That left me feeling like a bag full of death. My phone also will not allow me to delete or save/take images, so how on earth am I supposed to share my life with you? Words will have to suffice.

I have come to the conclusion that I am officially over dating. Done. I have zero desire to go on any dates. It’s time to focus on myself. It will take a really persistent and friggen’ amazing man to get me to say yes to a date. Instead, my priorities will be my health, my friends, and my family. But first, my last date is Thursday evening, and once it is over, I will be hanging up my jersey for a bit. And then I will come out of retirement like Michael Jordan at an undetermined date.

Let’s be honest, a Saturday night with your cousin and her peanuts are better than a lazy Saturday by yourself or going on a date with a 1 (date) and done.

Family over everything. Lindze has not only been a huge staple in my life, but she reminds me of what’s important. I cannot imagine my family not in my life. There was one point where Lindze had to go upstairs  to take care of Brinkley for a bit, and later on she apologized, but you know what, it gave me quality one on one time with just Lucas, and that time I cherished.

imageA shout-out to all of the stay-at-home Moms out there who do it all. When we are kids, we are always asked what we want to be when we grow up. If you asked me right now what I want to be, I want to be just like Lindze.

My body is subtly hinting at having a low-key workout week. On Saturday I met up with Ashley for a workout, but my body immediately said no. I walked for 3 miles, before retreating to my couch all day for a Parks & Rec binge watching session.image

The above binge watching left me with SUPER tight hips and a lower back, so I guess all of that laying down wasn’t beneficial! It made the 3 miles I ran on Sunday super tough. I’m sorry, but when your hips are tighter than tight, running is not fun. I smelled like a trash can after this workout.imageSo far this week, my workouts have been more so “active rest” than anything, and I think it’ll do my body some good. The goal is to be ready to crush my workouts starting this weekend.

I’m currently reading “The Choice,” so that my Mom and I can go see it hopefully this weekend when it comes out. This is a Nicholas Sparks book, and let me tell you, I cannot stop reading it! And speaking of, it’s 6 pm on Tuesday evening and I’m signing off to go read for the rest of the night. Byeeeee!!!

Oh, and I also cut a good chunk of my hair off, but since the camera on my phone doesn’t work, you don’t get to see it!

I will do my best to pop back in on Friday, as I’m hoping to get my phone looked at by Apple. Once my camera is up in running, I will take pictures of every thing, every person, every pigeon, every meal, and fingers crossed I will document it for Friday’s post!

Talk to me. Tell me something!

What should I do during my dating sabbatical?

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