Fair Date Night & NYC Day 1
Elevated Acre

Happy Tuesday to all of my favorite peanut butter loving and hating people (I’m calling out my cousin)! Sorry that I couldn’t pop in yesterday with a weekend recap. I got back from New York City late yesterday evening, and had absolutely no wifi or free time Saturday-Monday to write a post and find wifi to post it. So, since I have a lot to recap, I might just break it up into 2 posts.


This was one of my favorite dates in the longest time. Fall is one of my favorite times of the year, and with that comes fair season. On Friday night, Rick picked me up at my house and we took the scenic, backroads route to the fair.

We spent hours walking around, checking out the local food, observing the unique people that were at the fair, and just enjoying each other’s company.

deerfield fair

I had my very first apple cider donut, I know, the horror, and it was THE best thing that I have ever eaten. Not even an exaggeration. It was fresh, warm, and chewy.

deerfield fair


I had really wanted to find the alpaca costume class (I don’t even know what it means), but when we couldn’t find it, we settled on watching horses compete in carries.


After about ten minutes of that, it was decided that fresh, apple crisp was needed. Apple crisp topped with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. Whomever comes up with these combinations is a pure genius. {Sorry for the blurry picture, I was on the move!}


When you walk 18,000 (half of those being at the fair), 2 desserts are definitely necessary.


Saturday morning I was up bright and early. Too early for a Saturday. (5:30 am). I didn’t think we would get a lot of moving around done, so I got a 1 mile walk in before showering, packing, and heading to work to begin our journey to NYC.

Once we arrived to our hotel around 3, we quickly freshened up, before heading to the lobby to meet up. Our company hired a double decker bus to take a 2 hour tour around the city, which was a blast. I LOVE these busses. I would go on these tours a million times, and don’t even care how much of a tourist it makes me look. They are just so much fun!


By the time we got back to the hotel, we had about an hour or so of free time to relax and get ready before our dinner. Since we were in NYC for the Tunnel to Towers charity race (my company was a major sponsor), we were invited to a private dinner at Elevated Acre, that the organization put on. Wounder soldiers were there, followed by others (who I have no idea who they were).


Can we just talk about this view? It was phenomenal!

Elevated Acre Elevated AcreWe were out until about 8:30, and then a group of us headed back to the hotel to get sleep for an early race morning! More to come on that soon!

Do you love apple cider donuts?

I need MORE!


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