Friday Fitness Favorites

Hello! So glad you joined me today! I don’t have anything too exciting to report, ohhhh except for the winner of the SLS3 compression sock/sleeve giveaway! Congrats Liz! I will be emailing you today, so be on the lookout for that! And for those that didn’t win but are interested in the product, use code “Allie40″ at checkout for 40% your purchase!

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Since I have a race on Sunday, I decided to get my long run in today! This is “long” for me as I build up my mileage. 4 miles this morning while watching CSI on my treadmill at the gym. All I wanted was a shower after this. I thought the shower would feel amazing, that was until I realized I chaffed on my lower back, and then that shower wasn’t as pleasurable as I had hoped it to be. Ya win some and ya lose some!

I’m pretty sure you are on this blog because you love working out and peanut butter, so I thought I would show you some of my favorite workout products or clothing. These are staples in my life!

Nike Filament Dri-Fit Running Capris

LOVE these running capris! For Christmas, my brother and SIL bought me a pair of Nike running capris, but I am so short that they were basically high water pants on me. I ended up returning them at Dick’s Sporting Goods and found these Nike running capris instead. Even better that they were $48, which I think is pretty cheap for a quality pair of running capris! I loved these so much that I asked for another pair for my birthday, and what do you know, my parents delivered! So now I own 2 black pairs of these, but when you find a pair that fits perfectly for your requirements, I think it’s best to stick with it. Maybe next I’ll get a little bit crazy and buy a navy blue pair!


Bombas Socks

I’ve talked about these socks before, but I really do love Bombas socks. Again, I asked for 3 pairs for my birthday, and I actually had to tell my Mom that I really wanted these, because we all know that socks for a gift aren’t that exciting. Hey, now I have 5 pairs, so I don’t have to let a pair air dry after a run so I can wear them again before I do a load of wash. #TMI?


Under Armour Fly Fast Cap

Under Armour running hats are where it’s at. I own 3 of these now, and yes, I do wear a hat twice before washing it. I just let the sweat dry and throw it on the next day. Gross but practical. Anyways, these hats are awesome because they fit my ginormous head (thanks Dad!). I’ve tried Nike and Brooks hats, and those are just too small for this big head of mine. I once bought a Brooks running hat at my local running store, Runner’s Alley, and I had to return it because when I put it on at home, I looked like the biggest dweeb that stepped foot in my house.


… I certainly fly when I wear this. :) I have this in 3 colors. All black is my fav!


Blender Bottle ProStak

Oh this little guy is a slice of heaven! I received this from a special person for my birthday and I am absolutely obsessed with it. Best shaker bottle I’ve ever owned! It has add ons, which you can store vitamins, pre-workout, protein powder, anything! You can choose to twist 1, 2 or none of the add-ons to the main bottle, depending on your workout and day. I have the ProStak in a blue top and clear bottle. Recommend it!



Do you have a favorite brand of workout pants or tops?

Do you wear a hat while working out?


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