I Can’t Even Say Hi, But I Also Talk Too Much

My current annoyance is that guys are asking me out. I go through phases where I either enjoy dating or I don’t want to date. I really wish guys would get their act together and not ask me out, at least just for this week, unless of course it’s the guy at the gym that I find super adorable. I smiled at him on Tuesday and he either did not see me smile, or he didn’t want me smiling at him, because I received just a straight face staring at me. Although let’s be honest, there’s a 90% chance that I didn’t even smile at him and it was all in my imagination.

Through research in my online dating, I’ve realized that men also don’t know how to approach girls at the gym and that they never know if they are single or taken, or if they even want to be bothered. I connected with one guy online and we talked the other day at the gym for the first time about cereal. Cheers to being awkward!! My go to move is talking about food, whether it’s a baked potato or cereal. There could be worse things that come out of my mouth. I went on a date Tuesday night and I think I talked for 2 1/2 of the 3 hours. I need to learn to just shut up because I find myself telling the most random stories, and after I finish the story, I sit there thinking to myself, “what ever was the point of that story?”

Ashley said that I just need to say hi to the adorable gym guy, but “hi” is literally the hardest thing to say. Isn’t it crazy how one word, 2 letters, is incredibly difficult? Can I just do this? I can fake trip into him. Will I get kicked out of the gym? Yes, no? Can I just tell him that he has the nicest set of calves that I’ve ever seen?


Speaking of working out and nutrition, I have an obsession with Marc Lobliner or Tiger Fitness/MTS Nutrition. I started following his brand MTS Nutrition after seeing Kim Hoeltje rave about his protein powder on her YouTube channel, and then after I creeped his Instagram account, I became addicted. I love following him on Snapchat because not only does he provide great advice, but he gives a look into his workouts and his company. I currently have 5 of his products in my supplement stack, as I truly trust his products and his knowledge. I came across this article the other day, and figured it would be worth sharing.  In the article there is a link to download an e-book that dives deeper into the contents of the article, and with 77 pages long, I’ve got some fun reading ahead of me!

This is week 2 of the 3 straight worst weeks of my life. Last week I was away from Ashley, this week she’s on vacation, and next week I’m at vacation, so I haven’t had my best friend gym partner in ages. I’ve actually had two people ask me just this week at the gym if we are okay. I guess people expect to see us lifting together, because now we are getting welfare checks haha. I’ve been doing my thing in the gym, even if it is incredibly lonely and less motivating without my partner.

On the eating front, it’s going pretty good. Last week I hit my macros almost spot on, even while traveling for work. As always, I prepped and brought all of my meals with me, and only ate over my macros if my body truly needed more food.

I’m not competing, and I never will, so if I need to go over the numbers that my coach gives me one day, then I’m going to. There’s no way that I’m going to make myself miserable and absolutely hungry just to “hit” a certain set of numbers. I’d rather go over them a little and not gorge on a huge meal later on because I’m incredibly hungry. Ya feel me?

I know that I promised more of a macro update for the past week, but to be honest, I’ve had a never-ending week of moving, so this is what ya get for an update post.


I won’t make any promises, but next week’s macro update will be better and more detailed, because really, it can’t get any worse than the update I just gave you.

What kind of date person are you? Do you talk a lot, or barely talk at all?

How do I approach my gym crush? What do I say? Help me!

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