Fryday Favorites: Do They Serve Fries at Mexican Restaurants?

Tonight I’m going out to celebrate my cousin’s 30th birthday Mexican style! Do they serve fries at Mexican restaurants?


No? Okay, well I guess I will have to celebrate Friday fry-less, and instead, with my favorite memories from this week!

Favorite Breakfast

My body was absolutely craving something super healthy, so I sautéed zucchini, summer squash and chicken with garlic powder. Simple, easy, and extremely good!


Favorite Lunch

Kodiak Cake pancakes with blueberry maple syrup. Boom, so good! I always feel odd walking through the office with a plate of pancakes, but whatever!


Favorite Dinner

Breakfast for dinner. Eggs {2 egg whites & 1 egg} & 1 Thin Slims cinnamon bagel with greek whipped cream cheese. Topped with ketchup. It was hands down amazing! It’s crazy how such a simple meal can be really fulfilling!


Favorite Lunch Break

Shopping at Marshall’s! I typically go home on my lunch hour, but because Thursday was a rest day and I didn’t need to go home to drop off dirty clothes and such, I went shopping to kill time. I tried the top on behind me and yup, it got stuck on me. Gotta love those tops that don’t work with a muscular upper body. #INeedATan


Favorite Purchase

New running shoes. I love the ASICS gel-lyte33 so much that I bought one last pair, as they are currently being discontinued.


Favorite Moment

Dinner at Firefly. Not the dinner ( that was an awful salad), but sometimes a girl just needs a lovely night out.



What was your favorite meal, moment, workout from the week?

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