Day In The Life

Wednesday. I wake up, look at my phone. It say 4:49 am. My alarm will go off in 3 minutes, so I get up anyways. I wash my face and mix my pre-workout while I pack my gym bag. I just bought this on Sunday and l-o-v-e it. It tastes like the pineapple juice that’s in cans of diced pineapple. No jitters either!

imageSince it’s an active rest day and I know I don’t need to meet Ashley at the gym at 5:25, I take my time getting ready. Apparently I’m really taking my time, because I look at the clock and it’s 5:16! Usually I’m out the door at 5:10. Oh well!


Thankfully the first picture I realized that my tank top was inside out so I take everything off, turn it rightside out, take a picture, and head out the door.imageAt the gym, I walk for 3 miles (1 hour) at an incline while watching Castle, before heading over to work. Work parking lot selfie. This is what I look like with no make-up on.


Crossing my fingers that I don’t set the alarm off at work since I get there so early.image

Since I barely broke a sweat, I showered, threw in some dry shampoo, tossed some make-up on, and was at my desk doing non-work work at 7:20.

imageAfter a cup of coffee, I dig into a bowl of oats made with oatmeal, cauliflower crumbles, cinnamon, chia seeds, egg whites, sliced banana, and top it with peanut butter and maple syrup. I know it sounds really disgusting, but it is SO good!

imageI work until 12, and then my cravings are in full force, so instead of finding candy in the office, I enjoy my snack of a protein waffle with peanut butter for an early lunch. I had 7 waffle triangles. Score!

imageAround 2 I head out for my lunch hour, and head to Market Basket to grab several groceries.

imageI work from 3-5, but not before I break into my original lunch around 4 pm. Chicken, green beans, sweet potato and broccoli slaw with coconut oil mixed in.

imageAfter work I head home, work on a Powerpoint presentation and then start this blog post while updating my old laptop, while watching Chicago Fire. Phew! I’m not that hungry, but around 7 I make a protein shake since I know I need more food in me.

imageI crawl into bed around 7:30 and read until 8:30, and then it’s lights out!

imageWhat did your Wednesday look like?

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