Had I Known I Would’ve Gotten a Man & A Donut..

Ms. Sicko is checking in to say happy freakin’ Friday! On my to do list this weekend is to sleep and feel better… along with a handful of fun activities planned!

Unfortunately being sick has really derailed my sleep and workouts, but oh well. Yesterday I chose to sleep instead of workout since I had such an issue sleeping. Every time I would blow my nose, my head would pound for at least 20 minutes at a time, making it impossible to sleep. It’s a good thing I didn’t workout, because for once I followed the rules for our biometric screening at work. They make you fast and not workout I think 12 hours before your appointment. Luckily mine was at 8:45 so waiting to eat wasn’t an issue.

I passed my exam with flying colors. My good cholesterol is 87 (low risk is above 60), and because it’s so good, they said they weren’t able to even get a number for my low cholesterol. Yassss!! My health score is a 91.5/100, and my health age is calculated as 18. I think that’s good?

So even though I am sick, I am so glad to have had such a positive health screening! I compared it with last year’s results and I was down exactly 10 pounds, and lowered all of my other numbers relating to blood pressure, cholesterol, etc!

I really love that my company does this for us. You can work out and eat healthy and while you can notice physical differences, I think seeing the differences with numbers like these are even better. I didn’t realize I had changed so much in 1 year, and I am thankful for these results. This is motivation!


I would have gone on The Bachelor if I knew it was a double prize! Strawberry frosted donut with sprinkles is my all time favorite.


Shredded chicken with roasted sweet potatoes are still going strong for me. I put a spoonful of cream of mushroom soup on top. It was a big disappointment. Learn from my mistake.


Light reading. Also grabbed a Nicholas Sparks book because I <3 romance.image

I need this in my life. Strawberry frosted donut with Fruity Pebbles on top. YES! I am clearly craving donuts. I should go get froyo and top it with 10 scoops of Fruity Pebs.


I made Snickerdoodle protein balls. After the fact I rolled these in a crushed up graham cracker. Another perfection.


The perfect sunset from Wednesday night. This spot always has the most beautiful sunsets. If only I were watching the sun set with Chris and a donut. Well, a girl can dream!


Would any of my local NH or Mass blogger friends be interested in going to this blogger event April 25th in Boston? I want to go but not alone, so tell me if you are/want to and we can get on the “early-bird special!”


What’s your favorite donut?

Strawberry frosted with rainbow jimmies or chocolate glazed.


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