Whole Foods Nashua Tour. Open Today!

To all my fellow New Hampshire residents, today is a haugeeee day in the state. Today is the day that our very first ever Whole Foods opens in Nashua at ten!


About a month ago, the marketing team at Whole Foods reached out to a handful of NH bloggers, and invited us to get a sneak peek and tour the brand new store before it opens today. We all met at Whole Foods in Nashua, NH last Thursday afternoon for the special tour!


There was a Whole Foods near my internship in college that I would occasionally stop into after work, but I haven’t stepped foot into one since 2010, so I am just so excited that we finally have one!


I loved getting to spend the afternoon with some of my favorite bloggers {Emily, Janine, and Alison}, along with meeting new ones, especially Ruthie!unnamed-118 WholeFoods_Nashua

Whole Foods gives you the option of buying fresh fish, or stocking up with so many frozen selections, all at some really great prices.

Cedar plank salmon, on the cheap! This has to be a deal and a half. Oh, and bacon wrapped scallops in the back. I am so hungry just talking about and looking at this picture.


A fitness freak’s dream: bulk protein! This is such a great way to try different proteins, especially if your stomach is iffy with certain proteins.WholeFoods_Nashua

For my CrossFit peeps, they carry Stronger, Faster, Healthier protein, although it’s $66, so you’re still getting a deal with Mat, but still, it was so cool to see a local company in there!

WholeFoods_Nashua_SFHWhole Foods has some really great deals, and I learned that it is easy to get out of the store for a low dollar amount. If you learn how to spot the deals, then it’s not as expensive as most make it out to be.

Oh, and I got this pancake mix in my swag bag. It’s not as good as ProCakes protein pancake mix, but it still made for delicious pancakes!

IMG_0405 wholefoods_pancakesWhat is your favorite aspect or item to buy at Whole Foods?

I can’t wait to check out their meats and just explore it all in depth on my own time frame!



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The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Reebok.

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The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of ProCakes.

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