A New Running & CrossFit Routine

My buns officially hurt. After 6 days of not going to CrossFit, I decided that my first day back on a heavy squat day that was also full of thrusters and bar over burpees would be a good idea. It hurts to walk. My inner thighs are burning too. If I go for a massage, am I allowed to ask for 60 minutes of butt massaging? Is that weird?


With my first 10k under my belt, and my 2nd one coming up in a few weekends, I feel like I have finally settled into a good running schedule for here on out.

After a 6 mile run on Sunday in the cold and wind, I finally feel comfortable running this distance. The first 4ish miles were really good, but the last few miles were definitely tough. My legs were feeling several days of running, but that’s to be expected. No way in hell is 6 miles easy, but I’m comfortable in the sense that I know I can run the distance. I’m hoping  that with me keeping it up, that eventually it will become more comfortable, like when STUFT Mama says, “I ran an easy 7 miles this morning.”

IMG_2053Last week, along with my 6 mile run, I also snuck in a 4 mile run and a HIIT session, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Since I’d like to keep up with being able to run 6 miles, I want to get 3-4 runs in a week, my ideal being:

  • 1-2 HIIT runs a week — Monday or Tuesday && Friday
  • 3-4 mile run — Wednesday
  • 5-6 mile run — weekend

In between the runs, I also want to get 2-3 CrossFit classes in a week. I’m sure that on a light CrossFit day I would sneak in a HIIT or a shakeout run as well on my lunch hour.

I think this schedule will be a new routine that I will love and that my body will also love. I’m one of those whose body responds very well to cardio and the benefits of running. The days that I CrossFit that are mostly strength and little to no cardio focused, are workouts that my body and I don’t especially enjoy. I am not sorry to those CrossFitters when I say that I love cardio. They are probably going to go throw up now.


Right now I’m paying for unlimited CrossFit classes a month, but because of a new budget I have, combined with my new workout schedule, I’m going to switch up my CrossFit package, seeing as I don’t need to be paying for the most expensive package when I’m not there as often as I used to be.

So anyways, on Monday I took a rest day because I was extremely sore from Sunday’s run that I mentioned at the beginning of this post. I am all about listening to my body and taking rest on any day that my body says it needs it. On Tuesday I was ready for CrossFit. The only cardio I did Tuesday was from the burpees and walking throughout the day.


Yesterday I got up early for a run at the gym. I had wanted to get 3-4 miles in, but with a super sore butt and inner thighs, I knew it would be a struggle. Instead, I used it as a recovery run, and my body told me to stop at 2.5 miles. After the run, I had about 30 minutes to kill before I had to shower for work, so I did a little core work and used the dumbbells for a bit. I still love randomly lifting weights outside of CrossFit.


I am basing this off of things I see on the internet, but sometimes I feel that the really really really hardcore CrossFit peeps judge you if you do any type of strength work outside of the box. I will occasionally lift weights at Gold’s Gym before or after a run, and I love it. Get over yourself hardcore CrossFit juice drinkers. <– Apparently I am really in a mood as I’m writing this, but I really wish that we could all just be happy for those that workout to begin with and not criticize people for their workout of choice!


Whenever I pass people running on the streets, I get super excited and cheer them on as I drive by, sometimes I even fist pump. I get even more excited when I see those who are clearly taking control of their health, running outside, or working out in the gym. GOOD for you guys! It’s always a struggle to have the courage to want to change your health habits, but I just get so happy when I see someone who is out of shape (or in shape) running. You run that street girl/dude! Pump ze iron, chiquita!

What is your favorite way to workout?

Running is my <3 and #1

How do you balance running & CrossFit if you do both?

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