Day in the Life: A Fabulous Monday

Good morning my friends! I hope you are all having a wonderful start to your Tuesday. I had a fabulous Monday that flew by, and I wanted to share my day with you.

I had hoped to get a workout in before work, but I also was going to decide on it based on how I felt in the morning. Well, because I was jacked up on caffiene on Sunday, I had a hard time falling asleep, which meant that I chose to sleep until 6:45. I quickly showered and packed my gym and lunch bag for work, before stealing a puppy dog kiss from Kip.


The wonders of not working out in the morning mean that I don’t have a killer appetite all day. I settled into breakfast around 9:40, which was brown rice, shredded chicken, and liquid aminos. Yes, I do find it weird that I crave dinner for breakfast, but I go with it!

Around 10:40, I wanted to move around a bit, so I headed outside for a quick walk. It was super chilly out, so I kept it quick, and according to my FitBit, covered about 1,000 steps.


Still not a huge appetite, but around noon I broke into my mid-morning snack, which was a yogurt with 1 tbsp of peanut butter mixed in. If my appetite is off, I always just keep my scheduled meals in order, instead of skipping my morning snack for lunch.


This meant that I didn’t break into my lunch until after 2. Shredded chicken and a rice cake with peanut butter. Not being hungry means that I basically get to hoard all of my macros for the evening which I secretly don’t mind, since all I want to do at night is eat. Eating at night is more pleasurable than eating during the day, mostly just because I lounge around in the evening and want to keep myself entertained with food.


The rest of my afternoon pretty much flies by. The bosses were all out of work, so it was really quiet and a productive day for me getting content approved and created. Also, Monday called for a comfortable day at work. I’m loving that we are still in summer casual attire. Bring on the Nikes to work!


Around 3:15, I headed to Gold’s for my lunch hour. I wanted to get a few miles logged just to shake my legs out. It felt awesome to move around. I didn’t want to take a day off, seeing as though Friday and Saturday were rest days for me. I wore this shirt to the gym. It is so bright. Sunglasses required.


The rest of my evening was spent lounging on the couch, and getting to bed at an early hour to catch up on my sleep. A fabulous start to my work week!

What was fabulous about your Monday?

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So Much James Marsden & I Am A 10Ker

It is official. I am now a 10k runner! Yesterday I had my first ever 10k race, and it was fabulous!!!!

Since I really wanted to be prepared for the race, seeing as though even in my training I never did reach 6.2 miles, only 5.5, I made sure to have a super relaxing weekend. Friday evening all I did was relax and watch tv, and pretty much the same thing on Saturday, although I [...] Continue Reading…

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Running in the Dark & Another 10k
Under Armour Running Gear

We made it to Friday, which I really wasn’t sure was going to happen. This week truly felt like it dragged on and on and on. Wednesday I rocked a migraine all day, and had hunger pains from a 4.35 mile run earlier in the morning, so that was a true joy of a day.

Back to that 4.35 mile run. I did it at 5:40 am… in the pitch dark. It was the first [...] Continue Reading…

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WIAW: Loving On Peanut Butter
Quest Bar and PB Rice Cake

It’s race week, and I am craving all things carbs and all things peanut butter, which I think always makes for a fun edition of What I Ate Wednesday.

Bagels with peanut butter. This pre-run breakfast was phenomenal and reminded me of growing up. Just love bread with melted peanut butter drenched on top.

Protein shakes haven’t popped up lately this week, but the other day I needed one simply for the fact that I had [...] Continue Reading…

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Arctic Zero Winner & A Day in the Life

Hello and happy Tuesday! I hope that everyone either enjoyed their day off or survived another day at work. Before I get into a day in the life post, I want to first announce the winners of the Arctic Zero giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congrats ladies! If you haven’t already, you will be receiving an email from me soon about your winnings!

I’m sure that most of you had a more exciting holiday Monday than I did, [...] Continue Reading…

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A Weekend of Failed Runs & Girl Time

Happy Columbus Day! While some of you have the day off, I’m stuck at work, which is fine since I had Friday off due to our company outing. I just want to thank you all for your kind words that you sent my way on Friday. It means so much that you care, and your kind words were truly felt. It’s hard to let a great person go, and I have not one bad thing [...] Continue Reading…

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Valuable Lessons I Learned This Week

This week was full of lessons learned. Some were great lessons, some weren’t the happiest, but a lesson learned is a lesson learned, and that means growth. Let’s start with the low, because getting that out of the way can only make room for the good stuff!

Lesson 1:

That quote that you always hear people say, or read online. “Right person, wrong time.” This is 100% true, and when it applies to your life, you [...] Continue Reading…

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My Fav. Evening Snacks & An Arctic Zero Giveaway

Do you want to know why I love Wednesdays? It’s halfway through the work week, I can use the camel emoji to wish my friends a happy hump day, I can watch the previous night’s new episode of Chicago Fire (because I go to bed at an elderly time), and most of all, because it’s the biggest food day of the week for us bloggers with What I Ate Wednesday.

I’m a lover of all [...] Continue Reading…

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A Day in the Life

Are you ready to be blown away by how exciting my life is? I love day in the life posts, and I would love to get 1-2 in a week on the blog, so let’s take a look at my day yesterday.

5:30 am

Wake up after 2 snoozes, get ready for my workout. CrossFit called for handstand push-up work and burpees, so I knew that this wasn’t a good day for me to go with my injured [...] Continue Reading…

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Great Training Run, Dog Attack, Gypsy Brunch

Today is a Monday that I am extremely happy to see, mostly because it’s a new week, and I’m really hoping that this week goes smoother than last week did. I mean, it really can’t get much worse. I still felt a little bit off this weekend, but a rainy and cold Saturday I think was the main culprit.
Friday was a fabulous day for me to start my weekend. We had a work party [...] Continue Reading…

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