You Are a Badass

Last week in one of my day long conversations with my best friend Lindsay, she brought up books, and told me about a book she was reading called, You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life, by Jen Sincero.

Lindsay had nothing but good things to say about the book, and after a quick snippet, I was hooked and needed the book that day. After work, I headed to Barnes & Noble, purchased the book, and proceeded to read 1/3 of it that night.


I couldn’t put it down. I brought it to work with me the next day, and finished the book in about 3 days. I started putting into effect behaviors that I learned the first night I started reading it. The next morning, I woke up with an entirely new attitude on life. This book taught me how to take control of my life and made me open my eyes to see the life that I deserved.

That morning, things started falling into place. My new attitude has helped me in quite a few different avenues in my personal and work life already, and I’m just so excited to see what I will gain in the coming weeks and months.

It’s crazy what having a positive attitude and outlook on life can do for your mental and physical well-being. When you tell yourself that you deserve the best, and actually believe in those affirmations, really great things will come your way.

This book has taught me to live in the present. I’ve accepted and moved on happily from my past, and I’m not stressing about the future. I’ve yanked the stick that was jammed up my ass out, and am focusing and enjoying the present, because really, that’s what I have, so I might as well enjoy it!


I can’t wait to reread the book once I have it back from all of the people on the “borrow list,” because I want to highlight some of my favorite quotes or lessons.


This book is for everyone. Every male and every female out there needs to get their hands on a copy of it. Every one of you deserves to be treated good by your coworkers, friends, family, and we all deserve happiness, confidence in ourselves, and strength to recognize what we deserve.

This is the happiest that I have ever felt. The most confident I have ever felt in who I am as a person and what I have to offer my employer, friends, family, and future significant other. I’m prancing in a field of daisies while butterflies shoot out of my eyes. I am friggen happy, and this book helped me open my eyes to my full worth and full potential. I’m going after things that I want with a positive attitude. I tell myself that “x” is going to happen. I don’t have a “hopefully it will,” or “if it happens,” attitude. I’m rocking the “it will happen this week,” “my results are going to be xyz” attitude.


Go get this book because I just know that it will change your view on your life, like it did on mine.


Checking In After A Rough Patch


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