10K Training with Garmin Forerunner 15

It’s Friday. The Friday of a long weekend, or extra-long weekend for me! If you’re reading this Friday before 3 pm EST, than I am currently in the car heading down and over to visit my brother in Hershey, PA!


I had a busy evening last night, that consisted of packing and going on a date, so I thought today would be a great day to update you on my running and talk about the new Garmin!

Most of you recall that in the winter/spring I put running on the back burner, and focused more on CrossFit. I was happy with my then routine of 3-4 CrossFit classes and a few HIIT runs a week. Then my best friend Lindsay ran her first 10k, and she gave me a jolt of motivation. This girl hated running, and the fact that she easily busted out a 10k made me want to tackle that distance too. That night, I downloaded a “couch to 10k” training app on my phone, and started the next day.


The first few weeks were ridicusouly, stupidly easy. A lot of “run 1 minute, walk 1 minute,” for 8 rounds. Each week the runs were longer and the walking was shorter.

Somehow, on Wednesday night, I started week 8 of training. I have no idea how that came about so quickly, but it did. I had decided to follow the training app strictly, mostly because I wanted to see if these programs truly work. I was telling my friend the other day that it felt like I was teaching myself to run again. When you run 3ish miles daily, and then stop for a bit and focus on CrossFit, you’ll find that running isn’t as easy. I would get mad when cars would pass me and I had to stop running. I wanted to yell, “I know how to run!!”

I stuck to the program and didn’t skip a run. I might have added a random run in throughout the program so far that was a “do what I want run,” but other than that, I’ve kept to it.

Tuesday and Wednesday I oddly had the motivation to run both days after work. Tuesday was difficult, but I ran 25 minutes straight. Wednesday’s run was upped to 28 minutes with no walking, as it was the start of week 8. It was THE easiest run to date! I was able to run the entire thing, hills and all.


I couldn’t get over it, and I even ran an extra minute because I was on a roll. I have never felt so happy and confident after a run, and it made me incredibly proud. Even when I was running during that stupid running streak I had for over a year, I could never run more than 20 minutes without walking {outside}. I could run 40+ minutes straight on a  treadmill, but that’s an entirely different type of running. The fact that I was able to exceed my previous run length by 8 minutes was amazing. It proved that time off and smart training is the way to go.


For some, running 28 minutes straight is chump change, but it was a milestone for me, and I am so excited to see what I can do in the next 7 weeks of training.

During the training, along with my app, I have been using the newer edition of the Garmin Forerunner 15, which Garmin asked me to review for them. Yes please! Garmin sent me a beautiful teal new running watch. It’s not just any running watch. It also tracks your steps and tracks your heart rate and calories burned.



I had the Forerunner 10 from several Christmas’ ago, so that one went over to New York City and can be found on the lovely wrist of Jen {Artificially Balanced}.


I honestly think that one of my favorite features is that it will track your steps when you’re not using it to run. Each morning it refreshes and starts you at 0 steps. This was awesome on mornings that I wanted to get a solid walk in before work instead of running.


I also loved the heart rate feature. I always wonder how many calories I burn during a run, because you just never know when you have uphills, downhills, and flat stretches. The strap, which you wear right under your bra line, didn’t bother me at all, and it didn’t even feel like it was there. My Polar heart rate monitor always gave me a burn, so I was pleased that it didn’t happen with the Garmin!

garmin_forerunner15The Forerunner 15 also beeps an alert at you for every mile that you complete, which is perfect for me. For other fun facts about the 15, you can check it out on the specs page.

I’m in such a healthy place with my running, and am just so happy to have fallen in love with it again!

What distance are you training for?

Disclaimer: Garmin provided me with the Forerunner 15 for review. All opinions are my own.

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