WIAW: Bagels, ProCakes & Hot Dogs

You are about to see an absolute first on any of my What I Ate Wednesday, let alone Running on Peanut Butter. I even blew my mind on Friday when this went down. I ate a bagel. a real, carby carb carb loaded bagel. Okay, I only ate half of it, but it wasn’t one of those slimmed down bagel thin versions.

On Friday afternoon, I was yank-my-eyeballs-out-starving. By the time I got home from work, I had considerably amount of time before dinner was going to be ready. For the first time in years, I had an insane craving for a bagel loaded with peanut butter. Since I rarely, if ever crave bread, I decided to listen to my craving, and eat away. Holy holy holy, this was absolutely amazing. Easily the best thing I have eaten this month. No amount of cake, candy or peanut butter amounts to the gloriousness of this pb bagel.

Another favorite from this past week was Sunday night’s dinner. I grabbed a package of Applegate uncured turkey hot dogs from Target, and another shocker, ate my first hot dog in years. So good! And I like this healthy alternative to the otherwise gross food. I sliced up a few hot dogs lengthwise, and sauteed them with spinach, onions and peppers. I paired this with an unpictured turkey burger.


And an unattractive lunch that is just so wonderful. Shredded chicken with some mustard mixed in, a few roasted sweet potatoes, and stir-fry veggies… my favorite veggie mix at the moment!

lunchAnd last night’s dinner courtesy of ProCakes protein pancakes. Oh my goodness. Best pancakes. Ever! More on these next week!

ProCakes Protein Pancakes

So many awesome meals and snacks, I have definitely been a happy girl this past week!

What’s your favorite kind of pancakes?

Chocolate chip all the way!

Hot dogs or hamburgers?

Hot dogs loaded with ketchup, mustard & relish!


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Judgemental Judgers & Breakfast Burpees

I learned an important lesson over the weekend. One that has been drilled into our brains since we were young. It’s easy to think “ya, ya, ya, I won’t do that,” but sometimes we do it, and sometimes others do it. Either way, someone gets hurt. I will probably talk more about it later on, but until then… don’t judge people. See past the image of someone. Their real story is inside. Maybe someone is [...] Continue Reading…

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CrossFit Comp, Pool Party & Running

Nothing beats starting your weekend with fresh fruit and your brother and sister-in-law being in town for a wedding. The weekend was full of family, and it was just a really good few days.

Friday night we stayed up super late after BBQing, and spent the time hanging out, talking, and watching What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. We hadn’t seen it yet, so we were excited to see what all the fuss was about. It was [...] Continue Reading…

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Recharging My Batteries & Muscle Knots

Happy Friday my pb lovers, and if you don’t like pb, well, you are weird, and you must love me, so good morning Allie lovers! :) Did you miss me yesterday? Guess what? I didn’t miss blogging. It actually felt good to take a weeknight off from writing.

I typically find time on my lunch hour at work to draft part of the next day’s blog, or at least get images uploaded that I want [...] Continue Reading…

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WIAW: All Things Peanut Butter

Reminiscing over this week showed me that I was really boring with “meals” that I ate. One of the things I want to improve with my blog is better pictures of meals, but really, I just don’t have the time to… okay, I’m sure I could find the time, but the time only occurs when I don’t want to (<– life). I think I could get away with buying a nice white plate, and [...] Continue Reading…

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FitGirl Tanks & PMS Makes Me Wanna…
Blue Tank

I really shouldn’t even be allowed to write today, since I am currently experience a pms that is capable of karate chopping someone’s head off. Really. It’s bad. I’m going to blame it on this Super Moon, or whatever it is, that we have had over the last few days. I’ve heard that people get crazy during full moons, and now I am one of those people.

I don’t think realistically during these times. Such [...] Continue Reading…

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Michael Buble, Flowers, & Shorts

Ahhhh Monday again. It’s crazy how quickly this day of the week comes, but it’s alright really, because I had such a wonderful weekend full of everything, that it’s not right to complain.
I had plans to go to the Michael Buble concert with my friend Alan from the CrossFit box, so before the 8 pm show, we headed to Mint Bistro for dinner, and then dessert. Chocolate mousse cake with coconut ice cream. Both [...] Continue Reading…

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FitGirl Clothing Update!
Fran - Skinny Jean Hang Tag

Hey guys, I haven’t updated you all lately on the progress of FitGirl Clothing. For those new around here, my cousin and I started a clothing company back in the end of March, geared towards females that CrossFit and that have muscular and curvy legs, shoulders in general.

So for the past month, about one day/night a week, we have been heading down to Boston to work with our designers, Roger & Chris, to get started [...] Continue Reading…

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It Just Looks Like Summer

Work weeks after long weekends are always hard. Every day this week has absolutely dragged, and all I’ve been doing is wishing for the weekend. Summer always makes for great images, and some of my favorite moments from this week, while maybe not too exciting, just scream summer to me.

Early morning runs while the fog settles, the sun shines, and every one is still sleeping or just waking up.

Using your lunch hour or any [...] Continue Reading…

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WIAW: I Have Finally Lived

I am on a high this week from the food I’ve been eating, and for once, I feel like I have a more exciting WIAW for you guys.

Chicken + peppers, onions & spinach sautéed in coconut oil.

My favorite way to eat this veggie mix.

Sweet corn on the cob.

My favorite thing in the entire world. Corn on da cob = summer.

Cherry blueberry protein smoothie.

I love this either after a hot, morning run, or as an evening [...] Continue Reading…

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