Selfies with Keith Urban & Friends

I don’t want this past weekend to end. No, no no, not at all. Country weekends are my favorite. More specifically, Keith Urban weekends are my favorite. 2 concerts in 3 days, and I feel like I have a worse hangover than I ever did in college, and I didn’t even drink! Concert going takes a LOT out of you, especially when you’re a dancing machine at the shows!

Thursday was the first of 3 Keith concerts this summer. This show I went with my parents. We had seats about 10ish rows back from the pit.

Keith concert

And then Alan saved the day and surprised me with an extra pit ticket, so I joined him in there for the show. This is the man that gets all of my tickets for me. He started his own ticket company awhile ago called Ticket Snobs, and he is the best, so if you ever need tickets, he is your man! Probably one of the best connections I’ve made from CrossFit haha.

And drooled over my favorite guitarist. Those muscles! :)


And then naturally I took a selfie with Keith. Alan and I are no strangers for Keith shows, so we knew at some point he would go to his “b stage” in the back. Alan saw the security guards moving on stage, and he said that he thought Keith was about to leave soon… so we headed to the corner, where no one was around, and I planted myself for a picture.selfie_with_keith_urban

I turned my camera onto the “selfie” option, stuck my arm out and smiled, hoping that I would get part of us in the picture. I kept snapping pictures, and the second picture you can see the moment that I realized Keith was jumping into the picture to take a selfie WITH me.


The last picture I’m still freaking out and Keith is looking at me like I’m crazy. I didn’t even realize I got these pictures until looking at my phone. I was dying!



Fright morning I slept in, got a 10k training run in, and then headed to work for a few hours. I headed to CrossFit after work since it was a lifting day an
d I wanted to test my maxes on back squats. I was the only one for the 5:30 class, so I got some really great 1-on-1 coaching with Mat. I ended up getting a PR on my back squat and reached 200 lbs! A 15 lb PR since the beginning of the year.



Saturday was spent not doing much. I got in a run, doodled around, prepped some food for the night, and then headed to the Keith Urban concert in Mass. with my parents, best friend Lindsay, and her boyfriend Justin.

We tailgated and ate some delicious bbq, while watching the kids next to us get busted for underage drinking, drugs, and prescription pills.

IMG_9862 IMG_9864IMG_9881

Brett Eldredge opened and continues to steal my heart.


And a few of my favorite shots from the 90+ awesome ones I have on my computer. Since I only put them on Facebook, I decided to create an account on Flickr so that I could store all of my concert pictures and that way other fans can enjoy them too!KeithUrban_BrianNutter_Mass KeithUrban_Mass KeithUrban_Mass

My man <3BrianNutter_Mass BrianNutter_DannyRader



After getting home just shy of 2 am, I slept until about 10 am, and started editing my pictures for a few hours while watching a movie. Aside from leaving the house at 1 to get a run in, I literally ate everything in site, sat on my butt, and did nothing. It was glorious.

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Blue Tank

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