A Look at My Grocery Haul

Hey guys! I thought it would be interesting to give you a glimpse of my grocery hauls and the ways that I save money on food! Food can quickly add up, especially if you’re eating a lot of meat, so finding the best deals is key. There are 3 grocery stores within 10-15 minutes of me in each direction, so I feel like I’m always driving around to find the best deal at each store, until I realize that I’ve spent whatever money I saved on food on gas instead haha. I’ve found a really great chicken that I love that is really cheap at Shaw’s, so I always go there when I’m buying chicken. They often have really great sales a few days a week, so I can sometimes get the chicken $2 less if I’m there on the right day!

There are some foods that I will buy wherever I am.. such as milk, flavored waters, or bagged broccoli.

JIF Whips I only buy at Target because it’s cheaper than the grocery stores by about $1. I only buy meats at Target if they are on day-end sales. They will often mark the meat down by $3 if they need it off the shelf. Don’t be nervous! In this case I always make sure to cook the meat right away, or freeze it! I often stock up and will plan my weekly meals around this if I wind up with a lot of chicken or ground turkey/beef. With these coupons, I can get the chicken breasts or turkey/beef for about $3… ummm hi! Steal!


Here is a glimpse at what I’ll be eating this week. Those protein bars will be a mid-afternoon snack during the work day when I need a filling snack and crave chocolate. I typically only use the cashew milk with protein shakes, which are always after a weekend workout or a nighttime snack. Unpictured protein powder and frozen strawberries go in the shake!

I’ve been enjoying oats more often as a mid-morning snack with peanut butter when I don’t want an english muffin with peanut butter. Yogurt with pb is also a common snack, however I didn’t want to buy a 4-pack, so I’ll have the remaining 2 I have this week and restock next week. I’ve been craving chicken sausage with eggs and sweet potatoes, so I stocked up on those items for a few meals this week. Thinking brinner! {{Side note: Day 2 of no peanut butter for the week was a success… aka no pb in oatmeal… the horror!}}

Also purchased ground turkey and ground beef for lunches and dinners. The beef will be for cheeseburger bowls sans the bun. Drool!! The turkey is for lunches and will be mixed with sautéed zucchini, squash and spinach!


4 cans of tuna… typically my breakfast after a workout. I found Wholly Guacamole Avocado Ranch mini packets for $2.99 at Shaw’s on Monday so I grabbed them to put with my tuna wraps! I wanted avocados, but avocados seem to be over $1 per avocado, and in order to avoid wasting the other half if I don’t use it right away, these single serving packs are perfect.


Buy in bulk! I recently started buying my wraps, english muffins and protein bars at BJ’s, which is like a Costco or Sam’s Club, if that’s what you have in your area! I get 8 wraps for $3.64, as opposed to 4 wraps for the same price at the regular grocery store. I get 9 english muffins for $3.54, where Target sells a six pack for $2.99.

AND, I switched protein bars. I LOVE Quest Bars, but in an effort to save more money for a condo, this was an easy switch. I’ve loved Pure Protein bars for years, and this variety pack was only $17.99 at BJ’s. A 6 pack box at Target runs about $7.99, so it’s stupid not to buy in bulk. Compared to Quest Bars, I got 4 additional bars than a typical box of Quest bars, and spent $8 less!grocery-haul

I’ve recently found the amazingness which is called flavored cream cheese! The strawberry is my favorite, but I recently found Blueberry and Honey Pecan at Wal-Mart and just l-o-v-e! I love putting this on toast or an english muffin if I’m craving a sweet but doughy carb! These run about $2.54 at Wal-Mart, which isn’t bad at all!cream-cheese


And those are some of the ways that I save on my groceries and how I plan my meals!


What are your best methods for saving money on groceries?

What do you typically buy when grocery shopping?

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