I Went Boxing & Didn’t Die

What. A. Week. [Not in a good way.]

There isn’t too too much for me to update you guys on. The beginning of the week started off rough when I got a migraine thanks to staying up late watching The Bachelorette. That turned into feeling nauseous, light-headed, and blurred vision for 2 days. Thanks JoJo and Jordan. I was really frustrated that she chose him, but now, I’m not going to lie, I’m a tad obsessed with them. If you follow them on SnapChat, they will soon become your relationship goals.

Moving on to macros. I’ve done a great job of not hitting them. Vacation last week kind of screwed me over, so I went into this week feeling overly blah. That meant that I craved allthefoods, didn’t have the energy to workout, and felt even worse.

But let me tell you, feeling like absolute crap is a great wake-up call and motivator to get your butt back in gear. Another wake-up call… the fact that my Tough Mudder is 9 days away. I can’t back out now, so I’m just sitting here internally sobbing and questioning myself. When I question myself to Frank, he tells me that I’m going to run circles around the others, and that he also cannot wait to dunk me in the mud. Just you wait, Frank!

Also, help! How much fuel should I bring for the Tough Mudder? Do I get one of those waterproof running belts to stash gels and snacks in? If you’ve done one, please give me advice!!!

To continue on with this ramble of a post, I can confidently admit that I’ve hit a plateau with my workouts, and instead of just wishing that I will miraculously break free of it, I decided to do something about it.

Last night I went to my very first boxing class at Title Boxing Club right near my work with my friends Lisa and Betsy.


The very first lesson I learned was to go to the bathroom before you get your hands wrapped. That was brutal, but thankfully the class was so quickly paced that I forgot all about the fact that I wanted to pee my pants.

Back to the class though. The first class is free at Title, and the only thing you have to do is pay $10 for wraps, in the color of your choice.

The first 15 minutes of the class was a warm-up, which included a mix of jumping rope, jumping jacks, butt kicks, squats, jumping squats, sprawls (burpees), and a few other things that I’m forgetting. I just recall the warm-up being tough!

After the warm-up, we moved into 30 minutes of boxing. It’s broken up into 8 rounds, with each round being 3 minutes. After the round is complete, you move into 1 minute of active rest, which ranged from toe taps against the bag, jumping rope, light but quick jabs against the bag, and other things that I’m forgetting.

Two of the rounds included work with a buddy, where Lisa would hold the bag, while I did the assigned combo for 30 seconds as fast as I could. We switched every 30 seconds, for the 3 minutes. Brutal, but fun! I believe we did 30 seconds of jabs, uppercuts, etc.

The last 15 minutes of the class was core work and stretching, and to be honest, this was the hardest part of the class. The core work was no joke, mostly because I don’t train my core enough.

I left class a sweaty mess, but I felt amazing.


Title Boxing offers both boxing and kickboxing classes, which would be great additions to my current workout routine or lifting weights and HIIT. I know that these classes would quickly help me break free of my plateau and get me in even better shape.

If I’m being honest, while I feel the strongest that I’ve ever felt, I also feel the unhealthiest that I’ve ever been, and I know that this would make me feel better, not just physically, but emotionally as well.

The membership options aren’t the cheapest, but joining this gym would be an investment in my health; physically and emotionally, and you cannot put a price tag on living a happy life.

When I was running through the membership prices with my parents, my Mom was very encouraging, while my Dad told me not to go into debt. At the same time, he said, “You’re good at spending money,” while I said, “I’m good at spending money.” Oops! My current gym membership is paid by my company, so the plus side is that I’d only be paying for 1 gym, and not 2.

So now it’s not a matter of if I’m going to sign up, it’s more so a matter of do I sign up to pay month to month, or do I pay for a full-year to save money. A year commitment is huge, but, it would make me actually go, and while I could take kickboxing classes at my current gym for free, I probably would stop going because I’m not paying for it. Ya know?

Last night I went to bed ravenous. RAVENOUS. Larabar sent me their new Larabar Bites on Tuesday, and I will just put it out there that I demolished an entire bag last night due to boxing hunger. Macros did not exist.


And this morning I woke up sore as a yankee doodle. I feel last night in every inch of my body, but mostly my core. Granted we did 15 minutes of core work at the end, but you don’t realize how much you use your core during the actually boxing!

And that’s all I’ve got for you today, mostly because I need to go eat breakfast before I go Hulk on someone!

Have a fabulous weekend and do something fun!

Have you ever been boxing before? If so, do/did you love it?

What are your weekend plans?

Working out, drinks with Sarah, hiking with Sarah, and a dinner date! Yay!


Vacation: Photo Dump

My heart breaks a little bit that summer is almost over and I still haven’t gone golfing or kayaking yet. Really hitting that summer bucket list hard! I can at least cross off “go to the beach” and “eat soft-serve ice cream” off of the list, thanks to vacation last week.

I had full intentions of blogging all last week, but with no wifi at our vacation house, there was no way I could blog. With that, here’s a little photo dump of vacation!


Post-dinner walks with the family were my favorite.

imageEspecially when this is your view:


5 days on the beach, 5 hours each day. 10% stress all week.


Post-morning run ritual= protein shake, oatmeal & sudoku.image



imageChristmas in July was going on at the Nubble, and if you look closely into the window, you can see a Christmas tree!

image  Waiting in line at Dunne’s for late night ice cream.imageGo big or go home is Ryan’s philosophy. imageMy first ice cream of the summer. The only way to go: vanilla soft-serve with rainbow jimmies.


You can’t go to downtown Short Sands without stopping at Goldenrod for their taffy.


I’m not a fan of taffy, but watching the process of taffy being made never gets old, no matter how many times you’ve seen it.


Thursday night we had our last vacation dinner over in downtown Portsmouth, NH.


We ventured over to Old Ferry Landing for a seafood dinner.image





Chelsey’s parents came down for 2 1/2 days since they are semi-local. We went originally from a family of 4, to 5, and now to 7.


Vacation was great, and while I’ll miss seeing sunrises like this outside of my bedroom window, it’s nice to be back into my daily routine!


Did you go on vacation this year? If so, where?!

Favorite kind of ice cream?


Annual Lewis Luau

Rabbit rabbit! How is it already August?! Saturday was my 2nd favorite day of the year. My Aunt Judy & Uncle Dave’s annual Lewis Luau.


There was corn hole for the adults.image

And corn hole for the little guys. (Playing cornhole with Lucas and Brinkley is more fun than playing with adults).


This picture makes my heart explode. My brother is going to be a great Dad one day. One day though. They are making us all wait.

imageI took advantage of the vacant hammock for a little relaxation in the sun while waiting for more family to arrive.



Snuggles with Brinkley.image

My favorite little man rocking his bird hat.

imageFor the first time ever, when I asked Lucas if he wanted to take a picture, he actually said yes! He was a bit wiggly, but I’ll take it! image

Oh, and there was a pig! I tried the pig, but I like the actual pig roasting better than eating it.image

Lindsay and I enjoyed a beautiful Saturday evening sky…


While cuddling up together on the hammock… snapchatting and battling mosquitoes…image

Before ending the night around the fire with family.imageAnd Sunday was a rainy, lazy day. Just what I needed before coming back into work!

What were the highlights of your weekend?

Nikki Gets Hitched & Vacation!

Greetings from vacation! I’m officially off from work for the rest of July with my family, and I couldn’t be happier.

Vacation started early Friday afternoon, where we watched my beautiful cousin Nikki, marry the man of her dreams. I bought a selfie stick for the wedding/vacation, and thankfully it was well-received. In fact, people loved it!

imageThe venue was beautiful, as was the bride. Nikki was so determined that she was never going to get married or meet a great guy, and it even got to the point where she made a bet with Lindsay and I that if she ever got married, she owed us dinner. Not only did Nikki get married, but she found such an incredible husband.

imageAntoine fits into our crazy family perfectly, and he not only treats Nikki like his queen, but he’s so caring and welcoming to all of us. Lucas and his uncle Tony. <3

imageThe day was h-o-t. #backandboobsweatfordayz.image

imageFun fact: This guy right here stole my name. We are one month apart, almost exactly, and since I didn’t turn out to be a boy, my godmother decided to use the name. Hi Jay!

image Chels and I lit up the dance floor, completely sober, completely crazy and reckless. I think it was one of my favorite moments that I’ve ever had with her.

imageSaturday morning started good. No drinking = no hangover, so off to the gym it was! After lifting back and a 30 minute HIIT run, it was back home to pack. Or attempt to pack. Sweet little Nesssie knew something was up and didn’t want us to go. At one point, she even sprawled out in my suitcase, and I felt so awful having to take her out of it.

imageAll of those bikinis mean one thing… my parents, Ryan, Chelsey, and I are at our family’s beach house in York, ME for the week! The house is on Long Sands, and sits right in front of the beach, so my brother has a prime creeping location on the front porch.  imageSaturday afternoon consisted of unpacking and grocery shopping, before heading into Kittery, ME for dinner at When Pigs Fly.


During dinner, we got hit with an incredible storm. Downpour, thunder, lighting, intense wind, and on our drive back to the house, we spotted a double rainbow.

imageWhich meant a photo-shoot occurred back at the house. Ryan and Chelsey nailed their picture!imageStill figuring out this selfie stick thing, hence the lack of sky and rainbows, but it’s still a cute shot!


Again, rainbow fail, but just look at how intense the sky is behind us. The rays of light shooting out from the ocean was a sight to see.

imageVacation find #1, this sweet mug that Ryan and I gave our Pepere one year. Those outfits, just wow. I look like I was rescued from being lost in the woods!


What did you do this weekend?

Did your parents ever dress you in crazy outfits?


Macros & Real Life + My Routine

I started counting macros and following the flexible dieting route 3 or so years ago, and back then I feel as if flexible dieting wasn’t hugely popular. Now it seems that a lot of people have heard about macros or follow a flexible dieting way of eating, and it’s not as uncommon as it used to be.

It can be hard to explain macros to your direct and extended family, or when you’re going on date after date, but you’d be surprised that your friends and family will come to support you once they have a better understanding of how macros work and what it consists of. They might find it confusing or give you a hard time in good fun at first, but trust me when I say that they hopefully will come around and fully support you.

And when it comes to dating, I’ve found that if you are attracted to healthy, athletic men or women, that the chances are good that they have eating habits that will make you feel less alone with how you eat.

Just the other day I was telling a guy that I was meal prepping for the week and he asked if I was on a strict diet or if I’m type A (haha). I simply informed him that 1) meal prepping keeps me from eating like an a-hole, and 2) that I follow macros and work with a coach. He surprised me by saying that he was starting with a coach the following day and had a meal plan to follow as well.

So, if you’re dating and counting macros, be honest and upfront if the topic comes up. I don’t bring it up unless I’m asked about my nutrition or training, or asked about my meal prepping routine.  If that person is right for you, they won’t give you crap and will be interested in supporting you. Some days counting macros can be a pain in the butt, like when it comes to events out of the norm, but if you don’t hit your numbers that day, it’s not the end of the world. You will not gain weight if you eat a slice of cake or go over your carbs for the day. If you continue to eat over your macros and eat junk food every day, then yes, you might gain weight.

And also, don’t let macros rule your life. Don’t stop having fun and going out just because it might prevent you from hitting your macros that day. If you’re just starting out on macros for the first time, maybe try to avoid eating out right off the bat if it will prevent you from getting stressed, but as you get into the routine of it, you’ll be able to eyeball portions when you’re out to eat.

This is why macros, or flexible dieting, as it’s referred to, is so great. It allows us to be flexible with what we eat. Technically speaking, as long as you hit your numbers, you can eat whatever, but you can’t just front load your body with junk. Macros allow me to eat the meals and snacks that make me feel good, but that also satisfy cravings that I might have.

I try to make my main meals as healthy as possible, and by that, I mean getting my protein from chicken, beef, and eggs. My fats from coconut oil, eggs, almonds, and peanut butter, and my carbs from veggies and oatmeal.

The first half of my day is almost always pretty static from day to day, and the afternoon and evening might be more geared towards cravings. That’s why I try to get most of my veggies and lean proteins in during the first half of the day, that way if I want to indulge or enjoy a dinner date with friends or a guy, then I can without guilt, as I know that I’ll have carbs and fats to play around with.

If you’re a long-time reader, then you know that I get my workouts in during the early morning hours. I either shower at work or back at my apartment if time permits, and on the days that I shower at my apartment, I will always have a handful of raisins in my car right after the gym, and will then enjoy a shake when I get home.

imageAshley and I made friends with a guy at the gym, and several weeks back I noticed him eating after his workout. He told me how he learned from a Navy SEAL that consuming a handful of raisins after your workout and then a shake are great for helping your body recover from the workout. I trust Brian, so raisins and a shake it is. I found these extra mini containers at Target, and they are the perfect amount for post-workout. My carbs are precious, so I was happy when I saw that these boxes are only 11 grams of carbs. The raisins help replenish your muscle glycogen almost immediately, which helps with your recovery.

The raisins are usually eaten around 6:40, with a shake around 7:10 am.


Around 8 am and later in the afternoon, I take 1 scoop of Xtend BCAA’s in Pineapple (OBSESSED) mixed in with water, in order to replenish lost electrolytes. I swear by this brand, and always have at least 2 tubs of this on hand. One at work and one at home. I’ve tried fruit punch, green apple, sour green apple, grape, strawberry kiwi, and watermelon, and love all of them, but pineapple and sour green apple are my absolute favorites. The regular green apple tastes exactly like apple juice!

imageI typically don’t get hungry again until 9 am, so that’s when I will have the first part of my breakfast. I usually have oatmeal first to make sure that my body gets the carbs it needs. I’ve been obsessed with the OatFit pouches of oatmeal, and I will top it with 1 tbsp of peanut butter and maple syrup.


Around 11 I break into the second part of breakfast, which is an omelet. I put spinach and 1 Laughing Cow cheese wedge in the omelet, and then top it with another cheese wedge. Sometimes I’ll eat the oatmeal and omelet together, but I’ve really enjoyed breaking this meal into 2 smaller meals. If I don’t put peanut butter in my oatmeal, then I will put coconut oil in it instead, which is a fabulous addition!

Later in the afternoon, maybe around 1:40/2ish, I’ll have lunch, which is a stir-fry, usually made up of squash, zucchini, asparagus, red peppers and either chicken or chicken sausage. I love everything about this meal, mostly because I get to eat so many veggies and can get the micronutrients that my body needs. If my chicken sausage is low in fat, then I’ll add in a single-serving pouch of almonds to my meal.


An afternoon snack can vary from cucumbers and hard-boiled eggs, another bowl of OatFit with peanut butter or coconut oil, or a packet of almonds with carrots. I know that those don’t sound too exciting, but I enjoy them, and I feel good knowing that I’m giving my body the veggies, proteins, and healthy fats that it needs to keep me healthy and satisfied.

Dinners vary, depending on what I have left for the day, but it might be another omelet, chicken and sweet potatoes, stiry-fry, or a thick protein shake. My last meal depends on my remaining macros and what I’m craving. It might be a Quest protein bar, another protein shake sprinkled with powdered pb, or maybe it’s an English muffin with peanut butter.


The later parts of the day all vary, but I like that, mostly because it allows me to be flexible. If I’m invited for a spur of the moment dinner that night, it allows me to say yes since I’ve made smarter choices with how I allocate my macros earlier in the day.

If you’re interested in counting macros on your own or with a coach, do your research. Instagram is my go-to for finding coaches and IIFYMers to follow. Some hashtags to search under include:

  • Macros
  • Flexibledieting

A good resource on how to calculate macros on your own:

My awesome coach Ashley of Grit Health.

Other great macro resources:

I’ll be back tomorrow with a recap of how week 3 went on the current cut my coach has me on!

If you follow a specific way of eating, how do you handle telling others?

Are you lenient or strict when out to eat?

Lenient baby! Just the other night I enjoyed chips & salsa, a quesadilla, and dessert! Eating out =  high carb day

Do y you have any additional great macro resources?


*Affiliate links included

Day In The Life//Friday

Hi friends, happy Monday! How was your weekend? What did you do? What kind of ice cream did you eat? What Pokemon did you catch? If you can answer that last question, please don’t. I’m thanking you in advance.

While my weekend was mostly spent packing for my move (just across town | NH is home), I thought it’d be fun to share my Friday with you, since it was a bit out of the norm of a typical Friday.

There were so many wonderful parts to my day, starting with finally being back in my gym after 3 days away. It felt like a lot longer than that, but seeing familiar faces sure was nice!

After my workout, it was the typical day of work, but instead of working until 5, our boss let us leave at 3, since we worked hard in Dallas. Yay!

First stop was visiting this little furball. Why must you be so cute? I could kiss his little face all day long. My smoosh!


And then it was on to the library to stock up on a book or two for our beach vacation next week. I arrived with my “must-read” list.


I have a really hard time saying “no” to books at the library, so naturally I left with 5 lengthy books. I do this to myself every single time.imageAt 3:45, just as I was leaving the library, my friend Sarah, the lovely and hilarious face behind Everyday Sarah Jane, texted me asking what I was doing. Teacher friends who have the summer off are the best. I headed over to her house for an hour of girl talk on her deck. Oh how I love that girl!  imageAnd then it was time for date night, which I had been looking forward to all week. I was given a dozen of the most beautiful red roses that I have ever seen, and a jar of peanut butter. That’s how you woo a girl. The date was a lot of fun, and I’m definitely glad that I said yes to the date.imageI’m kind of digging how the roses look in the Lily Pulitzer tumbler. My Dad offered me a vase just last weekend and I said no, simply because I never receive flowers; great timing on my denial, but I think I might start buying myself flowers every few weeks once I’m settled in my new place.

This weekend was a nice reminder to stop and smell the roses every now and again, to kick back with a book in the sun, and to spend even a quick hour with a friend catching up in person rather than via text.

imageWhat did your weekend look like?

What is the best and worst thing you’ve ever been given on a date?

On Fire In Dallas: Getting A # At Baggage Claim & Getting Pulled On Stage

What a week it has been, but we made it to Friday, and there’s happiness in that!

My week has been a busy blur of airplanes, buses, and finding myself in awkward situations with men.


On Monday I flew out to Dallas with Megan to meet up with the rest of our team for a 3 day work trip.

imageUpon arriving in Dallas, Megan and I headed to baggage claim, and while we were waiting for our bags, she got to telling me a story about her parent’s and their suitcases. I pointed to a man walking from baggage claim and pointed to his suitcase, asking Megan if the suitcase she was referencing in her story was like the man’s in front of us. Well, the man saw me point to his bag, and immediately asked if he had my bag. I was quick to tell him no, and that I think he had his bag.

I blame the next event on his friend giving him crap for using a pick-up line on me. At this point, suitcase man asked me where I was from, what I was doing in Dallas, what I do for work, and then he smoothly asked me if we were going to dinner that night. I said no, and then he asked about breakfast the next morning. I entertained him by telling him yes, and then what do you know, I had his phone number. Megan would not let me live this down, and over the next few days I was asked if I had texted suitcase Harry. No, you guys, no I did not. Mostly because he lives in D.C., and I have a date tonight that I am incredibly excited about.

The next incident happened the next night at a work event. We had a dinner and a show with our members, and it was extremely fun. Here I am with my work friends!

imageAnd then during one of the songs from the dualing piano show, one of the guys asked for a volunteer, to which he looked at me and said something along the lines of, “I’m looking at my blonde friend. Blondie, I want you. Come up here.” WHY?! So, I was brought on stage and he handed me a handful of torn up paper, to which he informed me to throw over our heads when he sang the words, “let it go.” Well, I missed my queue, and in the photo below, this is where he yelled at me for missing the moment. Mortified. Absolutely mortified.imageI will admit that I felt on fire after two nights in a row of having the men love me. Ha! The rest of the week flew by. Wednesday night we celebrated a successful work trip at Hulu Hut, where we enjoyed food and drinks on a deck overlooking the water. image4 days on the road, and I actually only worked out twice, giving myself two rest days, which my body loved. I’m so happy to be back home in my routine of things. This weekend will be low key, but fun, starting with a date tonight, which for the first time in a long time, I’m actually looking forward to.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend — it’s supposed to be sunny and 90 all weekend long, so I will be enjoying the sunshine!

What do you have planned this weekend?

If you live in D.C and want suitcase Harry’s number, just let me know. He was very tall and cute! 😉

Back On The Macro Accountability Train

Since my trip to the Bahamas last fall, I have “loosely” counted macros, with most of the calculations being done by myself. I wanted to save money and was growing frustrated with the plateau I had hit, so I just kind of said “meh, I need some freedom.” More like freedom from having to check in with my coach weekly, not freedom from tracking my meals, because I had no issue doing that. I just wanted a bit of a break.

I actually took a break from working with my coach before, and I think like anything that you stick to, sometimes you just need to take a step back for a recharge. I have friends who also work with macro coaches, and they too took breaks every now and then before signing up for another installment of months.

I had been toying with the idea of working with Ashley again for probably a solid month, before I decided that it was time. I emailed her about a week before the 4th of July, and after a quick catch-up, I immediately signed up for 3 months. It was one of those moments where I knew it was the absolute right choice.

I wasn’t feeling my best, and I knew from prior experience that if I did what Ashley told me to do, which is follow the macros as close as possible, that I would see the results and make the progress that I wanted. I had lost 17 lbs with her previously, so it now relied on my motivation and diligence to see losses like that, this time around.

The first week was a bit rough. I hate listening to people and doing what they say, mostly because I love food and eating. The second week was a lot easier, and now that I’m on to week 3, I feel a heck of a lot better than when I sent Ashley that email several weeks back.


The first week was hard simply because I was eating less. Obviously when I didn’t have a coach to report to, I could go over my macros without fear of letting her down. It’s just funny, well not really, because by overeating, I would be letting myself down. Once I knew I was paying for her service, I became hungry with motivation. Motivation to hit my numbers. Motivation to watch my performance in the gym get better. Motivation to watch my body slowly change.

And while this is only the beginning, I’m feeling incredibly happier, more fit, and determined. Putting my jeans on yesterday morning before catching my flight to Dallas, they fit better than they did last Thursday. It’s crazy what several days can do, and that makes me motivated to keep the momentum going.

I plan on working with Ashley for more than just the 3 months that I paid for – I simply just chose her 3-month plan because it’s less expensive than paying monthly, and it’s less of a hit on my savings account than paying for 6 months upfront. Since I find macros fascinating and love following the journey of others who 1) count macros, 2) work with a macro coach, and 3) are on a fitness journey, I definitely plan on making this a weekly blog topic.

As I plan to cover this topic each week, I’d love for you to let me know if there are certain things you’d like me to touch upon. Would you like to see some of my favorite meals or snacks from that week, progress that I made from the prior week, struggles, thoughts, tangents about macros? Let me know and I’ll make sure to include those!

I just want to end this post by saying that counting macros is not for everyone, just as eating Paleo, or being vegan, isn’t for everyone. You have to find what works best for your body, and once you find what that is, stick to it! Don’t let the opinions of others keep you from trying to become your healthiest self. It’s your life, and we only have one life, so live it how you want.

I will be back tomorrow for another post regarding macros, and then back again on Friday!

Please leave a comment below on what you’d like me to discuss in my macro posts going forward!

Let’s Catch Up & Weekend Recap

This weekend felt like fall. It was cold and rainy. The only good thing about chilly weather is that it makes for the perfect sleeping weather. My apartment is the exception to that, so no matter what, it’s always a sauna, and the AC looks like it was made in 2015, yet it works as if it was produced in 1919. I can’t sleep when I’m hot, and since the AC is in my living room and not my bedroom, that means I’ve been sleeping on my couch, almost every night.

So, this is what that equation looks like:

Hot apartment + wonky AC + sleeping on the couch = little sleep =  no motivation to blog.

2 weeks ago I was all, “Hiiiiiii, I’m back to blogging,” and then the heat hit and I was all like “I’m just going to lay here after work and watch TV.”

So let’s catch up with recent photos and probably a few stories.

I recently went down to Brighton, which is a part of Boston, to spend the day and evening with Nicole. We started off by heading to a park in Watertown, where we ate and laid out talking about life, health, dating, and pretty much everything, because girls jump from one topic to another in record speed.


After eating dinner at her apartment, Nicole and I headed to Malden to take the 4th of July themed paint class! Look at the gorgeous view!


Allie Picasso! It’s currently adorning my parent’s basement, because even basements need art.  It was a much needed quality day with Nicole, and I cannot wait to see her again later this month hopefully!imageLast weekend my parents and I went to our typical Keith Urban show together, which was amazing as always. Killed 2 birds with 1 stone because my 3rd favorite artist, Brett Eldredge was a main opener for him. This picture isn’t the best quality, but I more so love the fact that I captured him smelling the flower on the screen.

imageOn Wednesday night Lindsay and I met up at Head’s Pond for a 3 mile walk. We had so much to talk about, and I had to fill her in on several of my most recent dates. I feel like I have way too many good dating stories, which I’m not so sure is a good thing! We both felt that the different things we talked about felt really good for both of our souls. It’s nice to have several friends where you can just verbally barf your emotions, thoughts, and anxieties to.

Anxiety is a word that I find a lot of people are afraid to say, like if you admit to getting anxiety over certain situations that it makes you look weak or different. We are all different and weird, that’s true, but I personally feel that if there’s nothing in your life that doesn’t cause a little bit of anxiety to bubble up, then well, you’re lucky, but it’s also rare.

imageI’ve been obsessing over bowls of oats, but more importantly, bowls of thick protein shakes. So thick and cold that it reminds me of ice cream. On a hot summer evening, this sounds way more enjoyable than standing over my oven.image But when I do stand over my oven, it’s to make this meal. I’ve been making it for lunches, and some dinners. I try to eat my veggies and lean proteins early on in the day, that way, if I get home from work and would prefer a bowl of oats or a protein shake for dinner, that I at least know that I got a good dose of my micronutrients earlier in the day.


And on to this weekend. I had a date Friday night, and was then up early for a workout with Ashley. No matter what, we always try to hit the gym in the morning post-date so that we can give each other an in-person, in-depth recap. After hitting chest and HIIT, it was off to Addy’s baptism. So happy for her! And then, a much needed pedi-date with my Mom!


Sunday looked a lot like this. I had to pack for a work trip to Dallas, our beach vacation, and then moving. I don’t need to start packing for the beach until next week, but since I was starting to pack for my move, it required me to sort clothing. Rough life I tell ya!


And it ended in the most relaxing way possible; cozied up in sweats & reading. imageWhat was the best part of your weekend?

What/was your summer vacation?

Beach in t-minus 11 days!!

The Worst Date Of My Life

Hey guys! Thank you so much for the warm welcome back to the blog and giving me feedback on what you’d like to see me talk about going forward!

It seems as if the majority of you are rooting for more a lifestyle blog, which is 200% okay with me, as I feel over the last 1-2 years, that’s what it turned into. Your biggest request were more dating stories, followed up by just daily living and the balancing act of nutrition & fitness with life.

I think I can cover that for you guys!

I’m not sure about you, but I know that my favorite types of posts to read from other bloggers are just about their daily life. Aka, I’m the nosiest human being on earth and want to know the innermost details of their life.

To be honest, one of the reasons that I took a step back from blogging was because I wanted to date without having to tell people that, “oh yeah, I have a blog, and if you get sucked into my life, you will be mentioned in some capacity.” This blog is the disclaimer of my life. You have a child? Great, well I have this blog. It just started getting old. Once my disclaimer was made public, I then had to wait to see if they’d text me back after reading my blog. I felt like I had to pass a test. And you know what, now there are zero effs given. The way I talk on my blog is how I talk in person. This blog is me unfiltered; sort of, only because my Mom and aunts read this and I need to protect their precious ears.

Maybe instead of looking at this blog and dating as me trying to pass the test with a guy, it should be me testing the guy. If he can handle the blog, he can handle me.

This is me. In all of my glory. Take it or leave it. But seriously, someone has to take it, because I cannot be a single cat lady for the rest of my life.


So you said you wanted dating stories, well settle in because I have a dating story for you. In fact, it just so happens to be the WORST DATE that I’ve ever been on.

Let’s rewind to April 2016. I’m just a lonely girl, flipping through my matches on eHarmony, when this dark haired gentleman strikes my fancy. We go through the steps required of you by eHarmony, and before you know it, we are sending novel emails back and forth. We make plans for our first date. He comes up to visit me from Boston. We grab coffee, go for a walk, grab dinner, go for a walk. He tells me that he’s looking for a wife and not a girlfriend at this point in his life, and I’m all like, “sign me up!” because homegirl is ready for that stage of her life.

On paper, he is perfect. In person, he seems perfect.

Our first date has ended, and we like each other enough to plan a second date on the following Tuesday night. Homeboy lived in Boston, which for non-locals, is an hour from me. His office was halfway in between that, so since he had to drop something off in the office, he said he could just drive to me. Okay, great! Now this guy was an engineer, so it was my understanding that he worked at a desk, doing all the smart stuff, like drawing and all of that nerdy engineer mumbo jumbo.

Homeboy gets to Manchester around 2:30pm and tells me that he’s going to work until 5 in his truck in a Starbuck’s parking lot. I feel bad, but he brought it upon himself. We decide on dinner plans. I wanted Mexican, he wanted to cook together. Well fine, you win. Now let me just say that I felt completely comfortable with this guy; remember, I already decided that I was going to marry him. Ha. I was wrong. I had no issue with him coming over to my apartment. I felt safe and trusted him. Well around 3:30, he texts me and asks if he can use my shower.

What the what?!

Taken aback, and being the nice girl that I am, I said fine. But this is so wrong on so many levels! Not only was this guy way too comfortable before the 2nd date, but he should have chosen a night where he didn’t need to shower after work, or just have let me go to Boston like I had offered.

Okay so whatever. Dinner was steak, sautéed veggies, and a potato for him. Knowing that my veggies take about 30 minutes to cook, I started to cook them while he showered, thinking that he’d be in and out in 10ish minutes. He could cook the steak and the timing would be perfect.

Well. Life is not always rainbows and butterflies and doesn’t go as planned.

45 minutes later he emerged from my bathroom.

In pajama pants.


But what on earth were you doing in my bathroom for 45 minutes? I’m not even in there for that long!

At this point I’m speechless, with so many f bombs and throat punches circling my mind. Not only that, but he brought an overnight bag and his electric toothbrush. And he mentioned that he really enjoyed using my pumice stone. Absolute gag.

Who is this person and what the eff is my life? What else did you use of mine? Needless to say, I deep cleaned my bathroom and bought all new toiletries the next day.


So he cooks the steak. My veggies are so cold. And then I tell him that he’s not sleeping over, to which he gives me the most confused look ever. He said thought he would just sleep over and leave at 5 when I leave for the gym. Nope, you aren’t. I was firm and unwavering. I’m not even joking, he went back and forth on me on this sleepover topic, and every time, I firmly said no.

I have never wanted someone to leave as badly as I wanted him out. We ate in silence. The only thing discussed was his potato. Haha.

After our silent dinner, he changed and got the hell out of town.

Thankfully I never heard from him again, and I have a feeling that homeboy learned quite the lesson.

Here is my rule on sleepovers. You never have sleepovers unless the other person invites you to spend the night. In advance. If I’m going to sleepover, then I know in advance that I’ll be spending the night.  I’m not the type of girl who will sleepover and then brush my teeth with my finger and toothpaste the next morning. I’m only a smidge classier than that.

Never assume. It’s the #1 way to ruin your chances with someone.

Right after he left, I immediately fired off texts to my best girlfriends.

Never have I ever wanted or needed to punch a wall as badly as I did then. Since no man is worth paying to repair a wall, I think I just went and ate peanut butter out of the jar.

And that, my friends, is the worst date of my life.

And for both the men and women reading this, when someone tells you “no,” you respect them the first time. Also, don’t break out your flannel pajamas until at least the 5th date.

In the comments below, tell me what your worst date was!!!