Blog & Tweet NH: You’re Fired Pottery

Last Monday I did one of the coolest things ever with Janine and Emily, from Blog and Tweet NH. We went to You’re Fired, a local pottery painting studio.

When we arrived, Kristen, one of You’re Fired’s awesome staff members, told us to look around at the pottery pieces to get an idea of what we wanted to paint. There was everything from mugs, bowls, plates, ring holders, animals, and pretty much everything under the sun.


After we chose our piece, Kristen walked us through the process of choosing colors. Under each bottle of paint is a tile that shows what 3 coats looks like. She gave us recommendations on the paints and the best methods to use.


There were way too many colors to choose from, and I totally felt overwhelmed, but mainly because I am so indecisive and can’t make a decision if my life depended on it.

There were also mini bottles for drawing shapes, writing, or for outlining. The name of the paints are so fun and cheerful!IMG_5985 IMG_6015

We spent about an hour and a half specifically painting, but about 20 or so minutes was spent trying to figure out colors and designs.


I chose 3 different shades of mint green for my background colors, and then chose complimentary colors for my polka dots. I came to You’re Fired probably 3 year ago and painted a frame, and that time I did polka dots as well. I just like the p.dots!IMG_5986After completing my design, I decided that it would look really, really good, or look like throw-up. The only kicker is that you have to wait about a week, because first, the paint has to dry, and then it goes in the kiln, where it gets its glossy finish.


And the outcome? Not what I was deep down looking for, but I like it!


The bottom is a fun, speckled paint. LOVE the bottom!IMG_6033In addition to regular walk-ins, You’re Fired also hosts birthday parties, bridal and wedding showers, bachelorette parties and ladies’ nights!

Have you ever gone to a pottery studio?

*You’re Fired offered us all services free of charge in exchange for review. All opinions and reviews are my own.


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    This is SO cool. And there are so many colors and your plate turned out so cute! I remember doing pottery in middle school (ahhh, that seems like so long ago) and it was so much fun. I’ve never been to a place that does this, but I really want to now. Whenever we meet each other in real life we’re totally going together, kay? Kay.


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