Pain + Whey Allergy = Truthful Thursday

Truthful Thursday. It’s time. It’s needed. Here’s what’s going on in my life.

1} This is the worst I’ve ever felt, body-wise.

I have no idea what’s up, but I do know that my endurance is completely gone. Kaput. Runs are a struggle. I’m talking 1-2 miles are so hard in the morning. I’ve tried to incorporate more runs than CrossFit WODs into my daily schedule, but it’s not helping. My clothes are super tight, the scale is going up, and my mind is going insane. Runs have been happening now on my lunch hour, or after work. They are much better at these times than in the morning.

2} I’m walking more.

To make myself feel better and less of a blob, which I’ve been feeling like for the past week and a half, I’m trying to use my lunch hour to walk. Tuesday I split my lunch into 40 minutes and 20 minutes in the afternoon, and walked 2 miles and 1 mile during those breaks. In the snow. It made me so happy!

IMG_51873} No Whole 30 Round 2. 

I tried and it just wasn’t working. I need structure. I struggled with making sure I was having the correct balance of fat/protein/carbs, and in the process, felt sluggish and gross just eating Paleo foods. Weird, right? I’m back to counting my macros, but I’m still eating real foods, with the exception of Paleo treats. I toyed with my macros on for my goals, and am following a plan that aligns better with fat loss on the Paleo lifestyle, which means less carbs and more protein/fat. It’s more carbs than the fat loss Paleo guide recommends, but it’s less than what my coach assigned me. I’m attempting to find what works best for me with the advice of several point of views.

4} I’m searching for my running mojo.

My coworker, who is an avid runner and is aiming to log 1,500 running miles in 2013, is helping me get back in my running groove. She offered to motivate me and join me at the gym on our lunch hour, and she even went as far as to ask if I was single or married.. Uhhhhh…. she then told me her motivation is the gorgeous men at the gym. She said she’ll spot a guy and if he’s near her, especially on a treadmill, it will make her run longer. Ha, love this girl!

5} I’m 89% positive I am allergic to whey protein powder.

The past few days, after taking my shake, I have intense stomach pains. Not, “shit my pants” pain, but almost like period cramps. The pains typically last for 5 hours or so, but come back when I eat again. I have no idea what it is, but I asked several ladies who work with my coach Ashley, and they all said it could be an allergic reaction, as they had similar issues.

It’s quite annoying, as I have almost zero appetite and have to force myself to eat my meals, which results in more pain. Ugh!

So that’s my update for you guys. It’s not a fun update, but it will be interesting to see how things pan out and I can narrow down the cause of all of this pain.

Have you ever felt similar pain after eating foods or drinking a protein shake?

Changing Things Up

Tuesday night I had a complete meltdown. I felt the worst I had felt since starting CrossFit. I felt completely bloated and became extremely self-conscious and lacked confidence, something that rarely happens.

I refused to run outside after work because I felt so gross and big. Instead, I went to my parent’s house and used the treadmill in their basement. I ran 1 mile and walked half a mile and then stopped. I felt so frustrated, and even wanted to punch the wall in between holding back tears. I didn’t know why my body was becoming bloated after almost every meal and why my body was so hormonal.

And then I emailed my coach and just let it all out. With her guidance, we’ve decided to play around with several things. Like for starters, I have to chill out with my gum addiction. I go through a pack of Orbit gum in 2 days, it’s not good, but it keeps my mouth busy and unnecessary food in my mouth for when I’m not hungry. We’ve decided to switch my weigh in days to Thursday, and to once a week. Right now, my workout schedule looks like this:

  • Monday – CrossFit and 2 miles
  • Tuesday – CrossFit and 2-3 miles
  • Wednesday – CrossFit and 2-3 miles
  • Thursday – 3-4 miles
  • Friday – CrossFit and 2-3 miles
  • Saturday – CrossFit and run or just run
  • Sunday – run what my body tells me to

I might take out a Monday or Tuesday CrossFit workout and bring back another morning run, but that is just talk with my coach for now.

The good thing, is that yesterday I finally felt better and more my like myself. I was happy  to be back with my favorite people. Before we began, I ran a warm-up mile around the building. When I was taking off my running shoes and putting on my CF shoes, my friend Kara told me I wasn’t supposed to run.

The one morning I don’t look at the board. I told the girls not to tell Mat I just ran a mile. The fact that he said no running really worried me, thinking we’d have to do 100 box jumps, but when I saw our WOD, I thought what the heck, that’s it?


I realized that not every WOD will leave us dying, out of breath and wanting to puke, like Tuesday’s workout did.

IMG_2998And then I realized, while sitting at my desk working the day away, that the workouts that you think aren’t that killer, are the hardest ones. My body was beyond tired, and instead of going for a short 1-2 mile run on my lunch hour, I went home, crawled into bed, and watched more of How I Met Your Mother.

IMG_3001After work, I headed to my parents and went on a 1 mile-ish walk with my Mom.


It was the perfect way to end a very long and tiring day.


I only ran 1 mile yesterday, and didn’t get the other half of my run in on my lunch or after work, and ya know what, I didn’t care and I didn’t feel guilty about it at all. I’ve learned a lot about not overdoing it, overexercising, and listening to my body.

I’m hoping to play around more with my meals and try and determine what is triggering instant bloating. My coach said as long as I’m hitting my food targets, that I can’t feel guilty, that I’m doing the best I can, and it will even out when my body gets more accustomed to CrossFit.

How do you handle the moments when you need to breakdown over frustration in reaching your body/fitness goals?

Eating Grapes. Awkward Smile

So I lied yesterday when I said there was no light at the end of the tunnel, because yesterday was a better day and not as stressful. I think that’s what happens when you sleep for 11 hours straight. Sometimes I exaggerate, but yesterday I realized that I was not kidding you about being stressed, because I started my period… THREE weeks early. That never happens, so I think my hormones are as whacky as Miley Cyrus’ wardrobe.

Something bad happened last week. More bad running shoe luck. I bought new Nike’s over Labor Day weekend, and after 2 weeks of running in them, part of them ripped. When I returned them this past weekend, they were on sale, and I got $5 back!

My babies finally arrived yesterday. It’s like getting your car repaired, but it’s a new car. When it comes to running shoes, there is absolutely no time to take your backpack off before taking a picture. My smile is awkward because in that picture I am eating a grape. There are also unseen grapes in my hand, smooshing the box.


I then had a celebratory dinner of eggs, cinnamon sweet potatoes, and asparagus. I crave the asparagus peeeeee! I am obsessed with eggs.

Also, in regards to CrossFit and gaining weight. Here is what my awesome cousin, Jenn, had to say. She coaches CrossFit and eats paleo, and I’m also not sure if she wants me to do this, but she has started a blog, called Paleo-a-Go-Go. She knows her stuff.


6 weeks…. SIX?! Ugh! Since I am 2 full weeks into CrossFit, I have decided that for all of October, I am ignoring the scale and letting CrossFit have its’ way with my body, since by then, 6 weeks will have passed. Better be the quickest 6 weeks of my life, that’s all I’m saying!

This weekend I am excited because I will be in NYC with my college girls. I haven’t seen Nicole and Michelle since our last NYC trip, almost a year ago. We are so bad with life! I hope to accidentally bump into Blend Jen while I am there.

Guys. It’s Friday!! I hope you have your Friday pants on. 🙂

What do you have planned this weekend? Any fall adventures?!

Progress Pic & Banana Nut Protein Muffins

Only a few more hours separate me from my 4 day vacation on Cape Code with the crew!

This will be a mish-mash post of randomness and a recipe.

First thing, I just got a new Facebook icon added to the right hand side of the blog, so if you aren’t already a fan of Running on PB on Facebook, you should be! I’ll post some ridiculous pictures of this week’s vacation on it while I’m away from the blog!

I’ve always bought 2 lb tubs of protein, but since I’m going through it so quickly, I splurged and went for a 5 lber.


Good lord it’s ginormous! The plus side to buying the tub that’s larger than life is that it was cheaper to buy in bulk. The downside is that with 71 servings, I’ll have to have this sucker hanging around the kitchen for 2 months.

Another realization to never judge your progress by the scale. If you’ve been a reader for the past month, then you know that I’ve been working with a health coach in reaching my goals.

Yesterday marked the 1 month mark, which meant it was progress picture day. The first week I lost 3.4 lb, but the next 2 weeks I gained because of my period. Shit happens. I might have also eaten too much chocolate. I’m being honest here.  This past week I lost what I had gained, and with the balance of my losses and gains, I ended my first month losing 3 lb.

Might not seem like a lot, and I typically wouldn’t post a progress picture, maybe because I’m human and am self-conscious, but here is what 1 month and a 3 lb loss looks like. My stomach is more cut and defined, and I cannot wait to see what even more discipline and hard work gets me during month 2.

1 month progress

I don’t want to make you transition from looking at my body to looking at yummy food, so I’ll show you my man crush of the day.



I really want a pug. I really want Gerard Butler. Let’s hope I get at least one soon.

Now to share this delicious recipe that I got from Anna, the freakin’ genius behind the blog Protein Pow. If you haven’t visited her blog yet, please do. She creates recipes with all sorts of protein powders. Breads, pancakes, fluffs, desserts. Everything!

I  came across her recipe for banana nut protein bread, and immediately needed to make it. I mean, look at the ingredients (plus 3 undocumented egg whites):



I pretty much kept to the recipe, but I measured out 1/2 cup finely diced walnuts instead of just a handful, and I also made them into muffins since they’d be easily transportable this weekend. Ahhhh the life of a macro girl.


Those dark spots are the walnuts, have no fear. 🙂 If you have 2 aging bananers, go make this now!

Anywho, I hope you all have a great 4th of July and extra long weekend if you’re taking Friday off. I have a post lined up for the 4th, and I will try to pop in sometime Friday or Saturday, but my priorities are with my friends who are coming in from San Diego, NJ, Boston, CT, and Harrisburg. Reunion, yay!

What do you have planned for the 4th of July and weekend?!

Dishing Out the $$$$ for a Nutritionist

Over the past few months, I’ve noticed that I’ve been gaining weight, and all of my hard work in the gym and in the kitchen hasn’t been having the positive effect I was hoping for.  Several weeks ago, my friend recommended me to Erin, a nutritionist 2 cities over, and yesterday, I made my way into her office. Turns out that Erin actually taught my friend’s nutrition class at his college. My friend is a runner and also puts himself through ridiculous workouts at the gym, so I trusted his recommendation (and planned to put the blame on him if she was a dud).

This past week I have been keeping a detailed journal of every single thing that entered my mouth. For each meal, I totaled all calories, carbs, fat and protein, and then totaled it at the end of the day. The result, consuming so many more calories than I thought!

A lot of those calories came at night, go figure.

Erin and I talked about what was going on, she looked at my macros in regards to my workouts, and she came up with 2 things. Not enough carbs and too much protein. I picked her brain on proper pre/post workout meals for every possible workout schedule I do. If I was dishing out $100 for this session, I wasn’t leaving until I was satisfied. Am I right?!

At the end of the session, with meal ideas in hand, I left with a goal to carry out over the next 3 weeks. Aim for 350 g’s of carbs and 60 g’s of protein. I have been consuming roughly 120 g’s of protein, as I’ve been told 1 g per lb, which would put me under that “thought to be correct” goal. My carbs have been way under, I’m talking 170 ish. The lack of carbs definitely makes sense for my intense headaches and constant tiredness the past week.

By the time I left the appointment, I was ravenous, and headed into the grocery store for carb heavy fruits, veggies and wraps (I’ve been eyeing those pb & banana wraps, ermergherd!).


After Erin mentioned dried fruit as a carb option, I immediately had to pick up a container to curb that craving she created. I noshed on those foods on the drive home, and then proceeded to make a bowl of GF oats with blackberries, a good carb fruit.


Then, after the hangry-ness wore off, I went to Facebook for help, where my cousin Jenn, who is a Crossfit goddess, and blogger bf Jen, gave me advice, or left me more confused haha. Later on, I took to my Spark People account and planned out today’s meals, trying to up my carb intake while lowering the protein. 60 g’s of protein is impossible, so I decided I didn’t want it to be that low.

Even with the carbs I’ve eaten today, and for what’s planned later on, I’m still struggling to get above 200 g’s of carbs, which means that my plan is to slowly increase carbs and try to not consume as much protein.

Another big thing that actually clicks: I’m overtraining, and therefore my cortisol levels are skyrocketing. Jen recommended I take a week off from exercising to reset my body and then “train smart.” I love love love her recommendation (although I plan to only run for the next week). I begged her to let me run, as long as they were shorter runs. I’m too stubborn to not run and break my streak. We all have flaws. That just happens to be my only one. 😉

I have to say that I am looking forward to a break from double workouts and really taking the time to relax, which is perfect with the holiday weekend coming up.

I plan to email Erin every week, but will have a face-to-face meeting in roughly 3 weeks to see if I’ve noticed if anything is working. If it’s not working, she plans to continually tweak and play around with my macros until we find the perfect macro count.

For now, I plan on morphing both Erin, Jenn and Jen’s recommendations and hopefully seeing some improvement.

I’ll be getting some unhealthy carbs in shortly, as I received the best text I could ever receive.



Even Janine knows my obsession with this place.


 Time to kick-start this long weekend!

Have you ever thought of, or seen, a nutritionist?

I’ve been toying with it for months, almost a year, and finally decided the money was worth it.

Did it help?

More importantly, come to The Farm.

You can eat this burger. Or drink this adult choco milk. 😉

P.S. if you’ve made it this far, you still have time to enter the Artisana Nut Butter giveaway! It ends on Monday! 5/27 at 5 pm EST.

Baby Fever & Broccoli Makes Me Gag

I have baby fever.


Yesterday on my lunch, I headed over to the hospital to visit Mike, Lindze, and baby Lucas, and fell head over heels in love with this munchkin.


He’s got the chunkiest cheeks and wears his beanie like a G. 3 days old and he already has swag.


The proud new parents are so so so happy with their new little guy, and watching Mike with Lucas melted my heart.


He’s already such a great Dad, and I cannot wait to watch him with Lucas as he grows up.


And now I’m ready for my own baby. Or I’ll just fight my cousins, aunt and uncle for babysitting duties.


I’ll try to stop being so baby obsessive and show you 2 things I ate yesterday. I have been really good today and got my chicken and veggies in.

Lunch was this salad that my Dad bought me Saturday night. I had a bachelorette party to tend to, so dinner that night was a banana with pb (don’t lecture me), and since I was sick yesterday (I swear I wasn’t hungover), I was finally able to eat it.


After work I headed to the gym because I was craving a short run. I almost left immediately because it was at least 80 degrees in there. I really wish I was exaggerating like I typically do, but within the first minute, my shirt was soaked.

After 2 miles and a 1 mile walk, I ran a quick errand for the new parents (I’m going for cousin of the year award 😉 ), and then went on a wild goose chase to return a Red Box movie. The Box right near my apartment was full. I didn’t know that was possible. I tried for several minutes to jam it in while the ghetto thugs watched me struggle. I was minutes away from the 24 hour period and wanted to pee my pants from fear of having a late fee. You see, I had a free rental code, so I was really hoping I wouldn’t have to pay. I had to go back across town to return it, so by the time I got home, I was more than ready for dinner.


I made 3 pounds of shredded chicken Sunday, so I tackled the supply last night. Loaded it with honey bbq sauce, and enjoyed buttery sweet potatoes (because butter is always necessary), and steamed broccoli.

Here’s a fun childish fact about me. I hate broccoli, but will only eat it if it’s steamed, otherwise I have to plug my nose and close my eyes while I choke it down. Again, I wish I was exaggerating, but my roomie has gotten many emails from me while at work about how I just gagged while eating it.


This morning my run sucked. Sucked is probably an understatement. It was the longest 4 miles I’ve ever had to run, and I honestly needed several walking breaks only because my body was so sore and had a set of lead legs. The only thing that made it better was the fact that when I turned the treadmill TV on, I got to enjoy a full hour of Full House.

full house treadmill

Doesn’t get much better than watching Uncle Jesse teach a kid how to tell if your hair has split ends.

After the awful Full House run, I downed a berry banana protein shake.


My new thing is instead of using a full scoop of protein, I use half protein and half meal replacement. It’s my way of using up the meal replacement and not having to spend more money at GNC on protein powder. It’s the best version of the shake I’ve ever made.

Exciting news: I’m finally meeting with a sports nutritionist on Thursday, which means I have to track every crumb I eat, which also means that last night was the last night for a long, long time that I’ll be able to sit on the couch with a jar of pb and my spoon and just eat.

I’m hoping that the nutritionist will be able to tell me where my macros are off and what and when I should eat the best foods for my workouts so that I can finally see results for my hard work.

Have you ever met with a sports nutritionist? How was your experience?

Are there any foods that make you gag?

Salisbury Steak is another one my Mom forced down our throats every week. Ick

Bloating Like a Mofo

Last night I went to Target to pick up several items on my list when I was mesmerized and pulled-in by all of the Christmas decorations and items.


I freakin’ LOVE Christmas. I start watching Christmas movies in the summer. What’s wrong with that?

There were so many cute dinner and salad plates, serving bowls, tumblers and SO MUCH MORE. Sorry for the caps, just so stinkin’ excited! I’ll be picking up some cute Christmas items this weekend for sure! Good thing I get payed on Thursday. 😉

While browsing I also came across a set of A Christmas Story themed glass drink ware.

A Christmas Story is my all-time favorite Christmas movie, so I seriously need someone to buy me these for Christmas. At $19.99 I cannot justify them, unless of course they go on sale. Eh watch me post this weekend about buying them. Oops!

While at Target, I also picked up Acai & Pomegranate (that’s a weird spelling word) Coconut water that tasted like ass cheeks. 1 sip and I dumped it. After a cute gagging session of course. I can’t be pretty and classy all the time now guys.

My 2 favorite purchases included Schuff Digestive Advantage Probiotic Soft Chews and Rimmel London Stay Glossy lip gloss.

Ladies, your lips must always appear kissable, and of course because if you’re going to bloat after eating anything (healthy or non-healthy), you may as well take a probiotic that tastes like candy! 😉

In all seriousness, I truly hope these probiotics help. I haven’t touched upon this on my blog, but it seems that no matter how much I workout and how healthy I eat, my stomach can balloon and become bloated with the flick of a switch. It’s extremely discouraging to see my hard work and efforts be short-lived because of an inbalance in my colon. I plan on giving these bad boys a trial run for about a month, and if there’s no change, I’ll have to be in talks with my doctor.

Do you guys have digestive issues relating to bloating after eating even the healthiest meal?

Ok, Target’s Christmas section is calling my name. Maybeeeeee a Christmas shopping spree is necessary this evening.