A Swap and Brett Eldredge & Thomas Rhett!

As I sit here on my parent’s couch on Sunday morning, with the first Hallmark Christmas movie playing of the season, I’m reflecting on a wonderful, yet tiring weekend.

My Friday wasn’t extremely wild, but to be honest, that’s what I prefer. After a week of early mornings for the gym and busy work days, by the time 5 pm on Friday rolls around, there’s nothing more appealing than relaxing on my couch with a good book or show and a plate of food, while in comfy clothes. And that’s just what I did!

Saturday morning started bright and early with a 5:30 am workout. After my warm-up, I ran for about 25 minutes, and continued with weights, focusing on back and core. In between sets, I did pendulum lunges, which really burned my legs! I left the gym feeling accomplished, and more than ready to dig into breakfast!

pb-oatmeal-peanut-butterSince it was only 8:30 by the time I was enjoying breakfast and I didn’t have plans until 10, I watched my new favorite show, Grandfathered, that I got into the previous night. John Stamos. Sigh! And then it was off to spend money at Best Buy! I ended up buying a new laptop, with the help of my electronic obsessed Dad! I’ve had a Mac for 4 years now, and honestly, I really just never liked it. I take a lot of pictures; for the blog, family events, and concerts, and not being able to create folders within folders within folders, really bothered me. There were several other reasons for the switch, but I’m happy to say that I found a winner!

new-laptopThe rest of my morning and afternoon was spent resting up on my parent’s couch conserving all of my energy for the night’s main event. My October PrettyFit box arrived, and I decided to try the coffee protein shake in the box. I needed all of the energy that I could get. Verdict: incredibly delicious & energizing!chike-coffee-protein-shake-pretty-fitAround 4 Lindsay and I headed up to the seacoast for the Brett Eldredge and Thomas Rhett co-headlining tour! We had an acoustic VIP package, so before the show we got to see them perform an acoustic set, and snag 2nd row while we were at it!

thomas-rhett-suits-and-boots-tourThe show was absolutely incredible, and this bromance is so adorable! I can’t handle the cuteness!

brett-eldredge-thomas-rhett-suits-and-boots-tourLook at those veins in TR’s forehead! This picture kills me… and I’m pretty sure that Lindsay fainted at this point. She loves her some TR!thomas-rhett-suits-and-boots-tourAnd while I do too, Brett Eldredge is my boy! After Kip Moore & Keith Urban, he’s my 3rd favorite artist. Gah, cuteness overload! And his legs… hot dang! They are like a ham, cheese and relish sandwich that I just want to take a bite out of!brett-eldredge-suits-and-boots-tourWe didn’t end up getting home until right after midnight, and unfortunately I was too wired and wasn’t able to fall asleep until close to 2 am. Rough life!!

My Sunday started with a lazy morning on my parent’s couch, watching a Hallmark Christmas movie, typing up this post, and just relaxing. And then it was on to their basement, where I walked 4 miles while reading my book –> active rest day!

And then from 12:30-5, Dad and I attempted to transfer all the files from my Mac to my PC. We hate life.

imageHijacked all of their fortune cookies. I literally just open them so I can have all of the fortunes. The top fortune was the first and my favorite!!

fortune-cookieThe rest of my evening was spent relaxing on my couch and getting ready for the work week!

Do you have any concerts coming up for the remainder of the year?

What did you do this weekend?!

The Weekend Where I Took a Picture with My Future Husband

This weekend was truly magical. Nothing could have gone better, and I am left on Monday morning still wearing the ridiculous smile that I’ve worn since Friday. I slept in, I took it easy, ate great food, finally got my picture with my future husband, and my body is feeling great.


Friday was our annual Halloween competition at work, where every division dresses up and competes against each other. I was leaving work early, so instead of dressing up, I was a judge this year.


I took a 3/4 day at work because I had the best night of my life lined up! I headed home, freshened up, did a quick change of my top, packed my bags and headed out! I stopped at Starbucks on the way for a grande skinny caramel latte, which was amazing. So close with my name!

I made it into Boston a little after 4, and snagged a front row parking spot right outside of the House of Blues. Score!! I was in Boston to see my favorite artist Kip Moore perform, and in previous experience, I knew that if I grabbed a bite to eat at their restaurant, that I would get “pass the line” entry. This means that you get into the venue before the regular line does, but after the VIP. 


This was my first time eating alone, and I actually kind of liked it. I loved that I could eat at my own pace and just enjoy my food, which for me was shove it in your mouth as fast as you can, haha. I’m a fast eater, it’s bad!

I ordered the turkey club with sweet potato fries, but I think they gave me a turkey burger. The meat was gross, so I basically ate a tomato and bacon sandwich, which was pretty bad ass, ha! I had no problem polishing off almost all of the fries because I knew that I wouldn’t be eating again for about 7 hours. Plus, security confiscated my Combat Crunch bar, so it’s a good thing I ate like a queen. But seriously rude.


I ended up being first in the “pass the line” line, and immediately befriended the 3 people behind me. I get this trait from my Dad, but it really only comes out at shows, oddly enough. I even made friends with 2 groups surrounding me inside the pit as well. Anyways, not a bad view from line, huh?

All for this. Those biceps. That smile. That voice.


That ass.


Seriously, dat ass. Sex on a stick. {Sorry Mom}


And then this happened around midnight on the streets of Boston. I will never change my Facebook profile picture from this ever, ever again. Even when I’m married, my husband will not win. You lose, Kip wins.


I mean, gahhh!! I actually tripped in this picture. I don’t know why. Was I standing on my tippy toes? Probably not. I think I was just overflowing with energy haha. I received a few texts messages after posting this, being asked if he was my boyfriend. Sure!!


I was dripping sweat during the show. Literally dripping. I had sweat running down my face, down my back, my shirt was drenched, so by the time I got home, showered, ate, and and got into bed, it was close to 2 am.


Really not pleased that I woke up at 8:30, but it sure felt nice to sleep in until my body was ready to wake up! I took my time around my apartment; cleaning, tidying up my living room and bedroom, and finally digging into breakfast. Oats mixed with egg whites, cinnamon, chia seeds, and topped with maple syrup, finely diced walnuts and 1 tbsp of peanut butter.


While I was itching to go lift at the gym, I told myself that I was going to take 1 more day off from lifting for my deload week, and instead, used this breakfast as fuel for a trail run, which ended up being inspirational and possibly life changing… more on that tomorrow!


After the run and a shower, the rest of my day was spent running errands and relaxing! I’m not a fan of Halloween parties, so having nothing on my agenda for the evening of Halloween was actually pretty splendid.


LOVE day light savings!! I made up for getting little sleep Friday into Saturday, and got about 9 1/2 hours of sleep thanks to the extra hour. I was really excited because this day marked a full body workout at the gym. My body was extra rested from sleep and a week off from weights, so I was ready and roaring to go.

I started with a 15 minute warm-up run, before completing a full body workout with weights. I wanted to ease back into lifting and hit a little of each body part instead of a full blown “chest” or “back” workout. This week I’ll bring those back, but yesterday was just what I needed!

On my way home I stopped at the grocery store for the week’s haul, and proceeded to shower, eat breakfast, and watch last week’s Nashville on the couch. NOT HAPPY with the ending of the episode.


Meal prep, inspirational work, and reading happened before a movie date with my Momma to see Burnt! We love Bradley Cooper, and we both highly recommend seeing this film! <3 I ended my evening with a bbq with my family and a lazy night reading on the couch. All in all, it was a wonderful few days!

Do you like dressing up for Halloween?

What’s your favorite Halloween treat?

I really love Reese’s, KitKats & Twix. Way to pick one favorite Allie!

Whole Foods, York Beach, Keith Urban… Again

Another fun weekend is in the books, and this one was actually a long weekend! While I have taken a few days off for wedding stuff this summer, Friday was my first real vacation day that I got to use selfishly. My long weekend started a bit early on Thursday though, as I left work early for a blogger event for the new Whole Foods opening tomorrow!


I had so much fun seeing some of my NH blogger friends and meeting new ones, while learning so much about Whole Foods.



I didn’t get home from the event and errands until close to 7, so it took me awhile to unwind, I’m talking 1 am, so I woke Friday pretty tired. I reset my alarm for 7 and decided against a morning workout, and immediately gathered food together for a beach day with Lindsay. It was faaaareezing when we got there!


We headed to Long Sands on York Beach in Maine, which is where we have a beach house in the family. Love this beach! Luckily after a bit of clouds, the sun came blasting out. So much better than working in front of a computer!




After a full night of sleep, I was up at 6:50 and headed out for a quick workout/run. The rest of the morning was spent prepping some food for an afternoon and night of travel. It marked the last Keith Urban concert I had lined up for the summer. Bitter sweet but oh so sad.

It was myself, Emily {Sinful Nutrition} and Allie & Kris. I picked the girls up at 2, and spent the next 2 1/2 hours driving to Hartford, CT.


Brett Eldredge. Sara {Lake Shore Runner} this one is for you. 😛 I made a sign for Brett and he laughed, smiled and pointed at me. Mission accomplished. His Instagram says that he likes all things peanut butter, so my sign informed him that I love pb too. I think that means we are going steady.


My favorite guy. I had a spot directly in front of his mic, and got the acknowledgement and a smile from this beef stick.


No selfie but I touched his sweaty hand. Perfect.

keithurban_raiseemuptourThe concert was amazing, and after a solid last summer show, we headed back for a 2 1/2 hour drive home. I didn’t get home until a little after 2, and probably didn’t fall asleep until at least 3:30. Rough night!


Spent doing nothing. After 3 hours on the couch, I attempted a workout, which lasted 10 minutes of a warm-up walk and 10 minutes of weights. Really had the motivation haha.

My little man isn’t doing well. He didn’t eat or a drink a thing on Saturday, and yesterday he picked at food and drank water, but he just looks so sad. I don’t think he will make it through the week, so I spent a lot of my day soaking up 16 years with this boy. He is going to the vet today and we will figure out if he came down with something, or if it’s just his time.


And I ate pancakes to soothe my soul. wholefoods_pancakes

An early night for the weekend was needed after late nights and sad news.

What was the best concert you’ve seen this summer?

Selfies with Keith Urban & Friends

I don’t want this past weekend to end. No, no no, not at all. Country weekends are my favorite. More specifically, Keith Urban weekends are my favorite. 2 concerts in 3 days, and I feel like I have a worse hangover than I ever did in college, and I didn’t even drink! Concert going takes a LOT out of you, especially when you’re a dancing machine at the shows!

Thursday was the first of 3 Keith concerts this summer. This show I went with my parents. We had seats about 10ish rows back from the pit.

Keith concert

And then Alan saved the day and surprised me with an extra pit ticket, so I joined him in there for the show. This is the man that gets all of my tickets for me. He started his own ticket company awhile ago called Ticket Snobs, and he is the best, so if you ever need tickets, he is your man! Probably one of the best connections I’ve made from CrossFit haha.

And drooled over my favorite guitarist. Those muscles! 🙂


And then naturally I took a selfie with Keith. Alan and I are no strangers for Keith shows, so we knew at some point he would go to his “b stage” in the back. Alan saw the security guards moving on stage, and he said that he thought Keith was about to leave soon… so we headed to the corner, where no one was around, and I planted myself for a picture.selfie_with_keith_urban

I turned my camera onto the “selfie” option, stuck my arm out and smiled, hoping that I would get part of us in the picture. I kept snapping pictures, and the second picture you can see the moment that I realized Keith was jumping into the picture to take a selfie WITH me.


The last picture I’m still freaking out and Keith is looking at me like I’m crazy. I didn’t even realize I got these pictures until looking at my phone. I was dying!



Fright morning I slept in, got a 10k training run in, and then headed to work for a few hours. I headed to CrossFit after work since it was a lifting day an
d I wanted to test my maxes on back squats. I was the only one for the 5:30 class, so I got some really great 1-on-1 coaching with Mat. I ended up getting a PR on my back squat and reached 200 lbs! A 15 lb PR since the beginning of the year.



Saturday was spent not doing much. I got in a run, doodled around, prepped some food for the night, and then headed to the Keith Urban concert in Mass. with my parents, best friend Lindsay, and her boyfriend Justin.

We tailgated and ate some delicious bbq, while watching the kids next to us get busted for underage drinking, drugs, and prescription pills.

IMG_9862 IMG_9864IMG_9881

Brett Eldredge opened and continues to steal my heart.


And a few of my favorite shots from the 90+ awesome ones I have on my computer. Since I only put them on Facebook, I decided to create an account on Flickr so that I could store all of my concert pictures and that way other fans can enjoy them too!KeithUrban_BrianNutter_Mass KeithUrban_Mass KeithUrban_Mass

My man <3BrianNutter_Mass BrianNutter_DannyRader



After getting home just shy of 2 am, I slept until about 10 am, and started editing my pictures for a few hours while watching a movie. Aside from leaving the house at 1 to get a run in, I literally ate everything in site, sat on my butt, and did nothing. It was glorious.

Michael Buble, Flowers, & Shorts

Ahhhh Monday again. It’s crazy how quickly this day of the week comes, but it’s alright really, because I had such a wonderful weekend full of everything, that it’s not right to complain.


I had plans to go to the Michael Buble concert with my friend Alan from the CrossFit box, so before the 8 pm show, we headed to Mint Bistro for dinner, and then dessert. Chocolate mousse cake with coconut ice cream. Both were phenomenal, but the chocolate cake and frosting stole my heart!


3rd row center seats for Buble. Really, really, really doesn’t get better than that!


And if you’re wondering whether or not you should see him live… yes, yes you should. He puts on such an amazing and fun show, and I cannot wait to see him the next time he comes back here.IMG_9448


My Saturday morning started with the 3rd day of my Couch to 10K program. It was a good warm-up for CrossFit. I asked my friend Kara who goes to 6:30 am with me to go Saturday morning to do the partner WOD with me. I’m just so happy she went and enjoyed tackling the workout with her. She is absolutely one of my favorite people in my life.

The rest of my Saturday was spent being lazy outside & catching some sun before heading down to Newburyport for dinner on the water. &&& flowers! 🙂



My only morning to sleep in! I slept until about 9, which quite honestly didn’t feel like enough, especially after having 2 late nights this weekend. I enjoyed a lazy morning on the couch, and enjoyed some breakfast before heading out to grab essentials from Target.


Once I got home, I changed and headed out for what I was hoping was going to be a great walk around the neighborhood, but sadly, my shoes ripped both of my achilles, and for the first time ever, I had to get picked up. >>What a dweeb. IMG_9515

Also those shorts above. Grabbed those at Target. I HATE wearing shorts in real life and while working out, but I cannot keep wearing capris to walk in the heat because I get really unsexy tan lines on my calves. These suckers were on sale and with my Target card, I got them for $16.15. Thank you no-tax NH! These are super comfy, and with the built in spandex shorts underneath it, not once did I have to stop, pull my shorts out of my crotch, and keep walking another 4 feet before another short-crotch grab. These were PERFECT, and once I get my paycheck this week, I’m going back to get the pink ones!



The remaining Sunday was spent doing some inventory for our FitGirl tanks and men’s shirts, reading, and just relaxing & being lazy.

What was the highlight of your summer weekend?