Day In The Life//Friday

Hi friends, happy Monday! How was your weekend? What did you do? What kind of ice cream did you eat? What Pokemon did you catch? If you can answer that last question, please don’t. I’m thanking you in advance.

While my weekend was mostly spent packing for my move (just across town | NH is home), I thought it’d be fun to share my Friday with you, since it was a bit out of the norm of a typical Friday.

There were so many wonderful parts to my day, starting with finally being back in my gym after 3 days away. It felt like a lot longer than that, but seeing familiar faces sure was nice!

After my workout, it was the typical day of work, but instead of working until 5, our boss let us leave at 3, since we worked hard in Dallas. Yay!

First stop was visiting this little furball. Why must you be so cute? I could kiss his little face all day long. My smoosh!


And then it was on to the library to stock up on a book or two for our beach vacation next week. I arrived with my “must-read” list.


I have a really hard time saying “no” to books at the library, so naturally I left with 5 lengthy books. I do this to myself every single time.imageAt 3:45, just as I was leaving the library, my friend Sarah, the lovely and hilarious face behind Everyday Sarah Jane, texted me asking what I was doing. Teacher friends who have the summer off are the best. I headed over to her house for an hour of girl talk on her deck. Oh how I love that girl!  imageAnd then it was time for date night, which I had been looking forward to all week. I was given a dozen of the most beautiful red roses that I have ever seen, and a jar of peanut butter. That’s how you woo a girl. The date was a lot of fun, and I’m definitely glad that I said yes to the date.imageI’m kind of digging how the roses look in the Lily Pulitzer tumbler. My Dad offered me a vase just last weekend and I said no, simply because I never receive flowers; great timing on my denial, but I think I might start buying myself flowers every few weeks once I’m settled in my new place.

This weekend was a nice reminder to stop and smell the roses every now and again, to kick back with a book in the sun, and to spend even a quick hour with a friend catching up in person rather than via text.

imageWhat did your weekend look like?

What is the best and worst thing you’ve ever been given on a date?

The Worst Date Of My Life

Hey guys! Thank you so much for the warm welcome back to the blog and giving me feedback on what you’d like to see me talk about going forward!

It seems as if the majority of you are rooting for more a lifestyle blog, which is 200% okay with me, as I feel over the last 1-2 years, that’s what it turned into. Your biggest request were more dating stories, followed up by just daily living and the balancing act of nutrition & fitness with life.

I think I can cover that for you guys!

I’m not sure about you, but I know that my favorite types of posts to read from other bloggers are just about their daily life. Aka, I’m the nosiest human being on earth and want to know the innermost details of their life.

To be honest, one of the reasons that I took a step back from blogging was because I wanted to date without having to tell people that, “oh yeah, I have a blog, and if you get sucked into my life, you will be mentioned in some capacity.” This blog is the disclaimer of my life. You have a child? Great, well I have this blog. It just started getting old. Once my disclaimer was made public, I then had to wait to see if they’d text me back after reading my blog. I felt like I had to pass a test. And you know what, now there are zero effs given. The way I talk on my blog is how I talk in person. This blog is me unfiltered; sort of, only because my Mom and aunts read this and I need to protect their precious ears.

Maybe instead of looking at this blog and dating as me trying to pass the test with a guy, it should be me testing the guy. If he can handle the blog, he can handle me.

This is me. In all of my glory. Take it or leave it. But seriously, someone has to take it, because I cannot be a single cat lady for the rest of my life.


So you said you wanted dating stories, well settle in because I have a dating story for you. In fact, it just so happens to be the WORST DATE that I’ve ever been on.

Let’s rewind to April 2016. I’m just a lonely girl, flipping through my matches on eHarmony, when this dark haired gentleman strikes my fancy. We go through the steps required of you by eHarmony, and before you know it, we are sending novel emails back and forth. We make plans for our first date. He comes up to visit me from Boston. We grab coffee, go for a walk, grab dinner, go for a walk. He tells me that he’s looking for a wife and not a girlfriend at this point in his life, and I’m all like, “sign me up!” because homegirl is ready for that stage of her life.

On paper, he is perfect. In person, he seems perfect.

Our first date has ended, and we like each other enough to plan a second date on the following Tuesday night. Homeboy lived in Boston, which for non-locals, is an hour from me. His office was halfway in between that, so since he had to drop something off in the office, he said he could just drive to me. Okay, great! Now this guy was an engineer, so it was my understanding that he worked at a desk, doing all the smart stuff, like drawing and all of that nerdy engineer mumbo jumbo.

Homeboy gets to Manchester around 2:30pm and tells me that he’s going to work until 5 in his truck in a Starbuck’s parking lot. I feel bad, but he brought it upon himself. We decide on dinner plans. I wanted Mexican, he wanted to cook together. Well fine, you win. Now let me just say that I felt completely comfortable with this guy; remember, I already decided that I was going to marry him. Ha. I was wrong. I had no issue with him coming over to my apartment. I felt safe and trusted him. Well around 3:30, he texts me and asks if he can use my shower.

What the what?!

Taken aback, and being the nice girl that I am, I said fine. But this is so wrong on so many levels! Not only was this guy way too comfortable before the 2nd date, but he should have chosen a night where he didn’t need to shower after work, or just have let me go to Boston like I had offered.

Okay so whatever. Dinner was steak, sautéed veggies, and a potato for him. Knowing that my veggies take about 30 minutes to cook, I started to cook them while he showered, thinking that he’d be in and out in 10ish minutes. He could cook the steak and the timing would be perfect.

Well. Life is not always rainbows and butterflies and doesn’t go as planned.

45 minutes later he emerged from my bathroom.

In pajama pants.


But what on earth were you doing in my bathroom for 45 minutes? I’m not even in there for that long!

At this point I’m speechless, with so many f bombs and throat punches circling my mind. Not only that, but he brought an overnight bag and his electric toothbrush. And he mentioned that he really enjoyed using my pumice stone. Absolute gag.

Who is this person and what the eff is my life? What else did you use of mine? Needless to say, I deep cleaned my bathroom and bought all new toiletries the next day.


So he cooks the steak. My veggies are so cold. And then I tell him that he’s not sleeping over, to which he gives me the most confused look ever. He said thought he would just sleep over and leave at 5 when I leave for the gym. Nope, you aren’t. I was firm and unwavering. I’m not even joking, he went back and forth on me on this sleepover topic, and every time, I firmly said no.

I have never wanted someone to leave as badly as I wanted him out. We ate in silence. The only thing discussed was his potato. Haha.

After our silent dinner, he changed and got the hell out of town.

Thankfully I never heard from him again, and I have a feeling that homeboy learned quite the lesson.

Here is my rule on sleepovers. You never have sleepovers unless the other person invites you to spend the night. In advance. If I’m going to sleepover, then I know in advance that I’ll be spending the night.  I’m not the type of girl who will sleepover and then brush my teeth with my finger and toothpaste the next morning. I’m only a smidge classier than that.

Never assume. It’s the #1 way to ruin your chances with someone.

Right after he left, I immediately fired off texts to my best girlfriends.

Never have I ever wanted or needed to punch a wall as badly as I did then. Since no man is worth paying to repair a wall, I think I just went and ate peanut butter out of the jar.

And that, my friends, is the worst date of my life.

And for both the men and women reading this, when someone tells you “no,” you respect them the first time. Also, don’t break out your flannel pajamas until at least the 5th date.

In the comments below, tell me what your worst date was!!!

Learning How To Blog Again & Let Me Update You On My Life

What is this blog thing, and how do I publish a post? It’s been about a month and a half since I last logged into this sweet child of mine, and to be honest, I have absolutely no regrets whatsoever about taking a step back to simply live my life.

A lot has changed since then, and at the same time, not a lot has changed. I’ve done a lot of living, consisting of traveling, dating, spending time with family, and having plenty of girl time.

After receiving several comments about if I stopped blogging for good, and having my dear friend Sarah practically twist my arm at the gym about blogging, I finally felt that the time was right to make my return.

So why the blog comeback? Well, about 4 months ago I had made a decision to pursue something that would require about 2-3 years of dedication and extreme focus to complete, and while it was something that I wanted to do, ultimately, I decided that in the next few years, marriage and starting a family were something that I also wanted, and weighing the two, I found that living a fulfilling life and getting out and meeting people was more important. So my plate is free of an unbearable workload, and since making that decision, I have been living my life to the fullest.

imageNow, I’m nowhere near this marriage thing and I’m pretty single, but I’ve been dating a lot, and it’s been a lot of fun! Staying out late on a work night eating and throwing back beers (hello rebel!), going to ball games, playing mini golf, staying up into the middle of the night just talking… it’s been fabulous!


I’ve been living my life for me, and it’s amazing how once you find out who you truly are, don’t settle in life/love/happiness, that you are finally able to start living life to the fullest. I’ve got that going for me, and life is just so good.

So what have I been up to besides dating? Traveling!

At the end of May, I traveled to Nashville to visit Ryan and Chelsey (my brother and SIL, for those not in the know), for about 4 ½ days.

We swam. Why is Nashville so disgustingly humid?!imageWe antiqued.

imageAnd shopped.


We went to downtown Broadway.

imageVisited downtown Franklin.


And while Nashville is cool, I didn’t fall in love with it like I was hoping to. Just further proof that my home and heart is in New England.


I also just got back from a trip to Iowa, where I almost mounted a pig.


And I hugged an ear of corn.


I celebrated the birth of my best friend and gym partner, Ashley, with her family, who treat me as their own. I love them!


I enjoyed a wonderful Father’s Day with my parents.


And quality time with Lindze, Mike, Lucas, & Brinkley.


And this weekend, I celebrated my cousin Nikki’s bachelorette in Ogunquit, ME.


Beach day with the girls and cousins.


Cocktail cruise before throwing down a burger and fries. #CleanPlateClub


And accidental trolley rides.


Sarah told me that I would know when I would be ready to start blogging again, and I am. I was excited simply typing this post up, and I cannot wait to settle into a realistic blogging routine.

Going forward, I would love to hear what kind of posts you would like to see me write. I know that I personally don’t really care to read about people’s workouts, simply because I have my own routine down pat, but maybe that’s just me. So here is your chance to tell me what you want from me! Do you want to see what I’m eating, workouts, dating stories, day in the life posts, random things, macros/fitness progress? Lay it on me!

Tell me what you’ve been up to!

Weekend Recap Via Pictures

Monday. Eww.

I’m really not thrilled that the weekend is over, but, this week brings new beginnings, and to that, I am incredibly excited and nervous. Since I don’t have too too much to share about my weekend, I decided that I would give my weekend recap in pictures of things that I purchased!

The end of last week left me feeling under the weather. Thanks to my coworker who was brought to urgent care on Friday for vomiting and passing out at work, I started my weekend feeling a bit crappy. On Friday night, since I felt like death had runneth over me, and was expecting a sick Saturday, I bought several sick staples at Hannafords. Well, more so the pretzels and ginger ale were sick related, and the rest were all cravings or staples.


Dinner, just because.


Since I am addicted to pineapple BCAAs, I stocked up on a new container of it.image

Along with a pb&j protein bar, which I actually bought on my lunch hour on Friday. This bar is SO good!!image

Since I woke up feeling “okay” on Saturday morning, I hit the gym with Ashley for a low-key workout. We did back/shoulders, and low-impact cardio. If I ran, I thought that I might get sick, so I avoided that, as much as I wanted to. I quickly made a shake, showered, and headed out to Brinkley’s 1st birthday party. While I didn’t buy anything this weekend for her, she’s just too cute not to add this picture.image

Later in the afternoon, I hit the road for a date. I actually really wanted to cancel my date because I felt exhausted and not the best, but after receiving two really sweet text messages, I just didn’t have it in me to cancel on the guy. So, I grabbed an energy drink, for the first time ever, and blasted my music for the drive. Either it was the drink or the company, but I had one of the best dates in years. I really just wanted a quick dinner and to be on my way, but before I knew it, 3 hours had passed by. An appetizer, dinner, and dessert later, and we were kicked out of the dining area and were asked to spend the rest of our time in the bar. I was left speechless for the first time ever on a date when this southern gentleman, with accent, told me during dinner that he was having a really great time with me. What? Thank you! I never know during a date if a guy is enjoying my company, so for him to come right out, left me completely speechless. And for the record, I am incredibly happy that I said yes to this date.image

Saturday night was a late one, and since I was incredibly exhausted, I opted out of an alarm and out of a Sunday workout. I slept until 8:30, worked from my couch until 11:30, and then headed out for gas and an afternoon of errands.


Broccoli bigger than my face, since I’m addicted! And then from 3-6:30, I worked the day away, before settling down with Grey’s Anatomy.imageWhat did you buy this weekend?

How was your weekend? What did you do?

Catching Up & No Longer Just Living On The Weekends

2 posts in one week? I’m wondering if you’re just as surprised as I am! It’s been a crazy few weeks over here, and lately I just have had no desire to hop on my laptop after work to type up a post. That and I haven’t had too much to talk about.

I am going to do my absolute best to stick to a 3 day a week posting schedule. After eating like a complete B, I’ve snapped back to reality and have had a really amazing week on this current cut that my coach has me on. I’m feeling better than ever. My clothes are fitting better and the number on the scale is going down.

imageMy endurance is improving, and my muscles are making a reappearance, which is incredibly exciting.image

Last night after work I threw on a pair of heels and headed out for a glass of wine and pizza. I’m doing my best to not just live and have fun on the weekends, so saying “yes” to weeknight plans has been occurring more often lately. It’s helping me find a balance with my workouts, work and social life.


Like on Monday night, after work I had dinner in Maine, and since I didn’t go to bed until close to 11 pm, I chose to sleep in until 7 am and skip the gym entirely on Tuesday. Somehow my pants fit better after a night of eating chips & salsa, tacos, a Mexican frosty with fries, and not working out the following day. I can get on board with that!

What else can we ramble on about?

This tub of pineapple BCAA’s are my new kryptonite. I drink it after my workout and before bed. I know it’s meant for during a workout, but this is when I like to drink it. I drink it shortly after dinner for a hit of sweetness, and it makes my belly feel incredibly full, which hasn’t left me wanting to eat dessert. Also, that candle. It was part of my Valentine’s Day gift from my parents, and I am obsessed!

imageI’ve finally had the motivation again to meal prep, and my current favorite meal is chicken, sweet potatoes and broccoli, dosed in this ranch seasoning. It really takes broccoli up 15 levels, and I’ve found myself wanting broccoli with this ranch seasoning for dessert. It is that good, and I am that weird!


And that’s about it! I’m truly going to make a plan to blog 3 days a week, starting next week, so I will see you on Monday!

What are your weekend plans?

What made you happy this week?

Fitness Plans & The Truth About Dating

Hi there my friends! I’m surprised I’m popping in today with a post because I’ve really had zero desire to blog lately. All I do during the winter is eat, sleep, workout, and work… and on weekends I play. I live a boring life, and now that I am practically retired from dating, what the heck am I supposed to talk about.

I will just have to dedicate posts to my ramblings, like yesterday I voted in the NH Primaries.


I have been working with a new coach the past 3 ½ weeks. Katie is programming both my workouts and my macros. In regards to workouts, she is going to turn me into a better runner, so she has specifically programmed strength workouts and training runs. I love it. I feel as if I have found a coach who is perfect for me, as she, as well, has a love for both lifting and running. I have about 8 weeks left in this cut she has me on, and I’m excited to see results!

When I told Katie my goals, I said that I wanted to get stronger, but also to be a better runner and really get my pace down, so she puts me through very complex workouts that will get me to my goal.

I’ve been in a total funk with my eating lately, and while I would say I was at 95% motivation and drive, I was missing that last 5% that would make it click, aka, that would have me hitting my macros spot on. I would do so perfect during the day, and after dinner when I was bored, I would eat. Nothing big. Just something small here and there, but even something small can derail you! I had a legit meltdown to Lindsay on Monday morning, and just letting it all out truly helped, and I swear, the moment after I barfed my emotions to her, it all just clicked.

So 2 days I’m feeling 100% driven, so let’s all cross our fingers that it continues.

What else can we ramble about? Today marks the first day of Lent. I’ve decided to give up unnecessary spending on workout clothes, shoes, clothing, random things, etc, along with giving up unnecessary nighttime eating. <– that will be hard, ha!

Also, I had to come out of dating retirement.  I swear, not even a week into being retired and I had to come out. Men really bother me, ha!

I don’t think my Mom approves of my dating retirement because she is #TeamBabies, and she asked if I was being too picky. I said, “Mom, I just want a guy to like me back, and it’s getting to be tiring.” Dating is not fun anymore. It’s hard to find a guy that wants more than just a booty call, and when he does want something more, for some reason, there is no mutual “likeness.” After awhile, it really starts to mess with your confidence, and you begin to pick yourself apart and start rattling off things that he “maybe” doesn’t like about you. Must be my hips, or my thighs, or maybe it’s my arms. Why did my face start breaking out? I swear it’s never like this. Maybe he thinks my way of eating is weird.. yadda yadda yadda, the list can go on and on until you don’t even recognize the girl in the mirror that you just self-destroyed.

And that’s why I wanted to take a step back from dating. Because I’m tired of meeting guys who only want one thing. I’m tired of continuous first dates, and being left with feelings of unworthiness. I’m tired of seeing my confidence get rocked and shattered. I’m tired of not being as happy as I was when I was confident and only relied on my own self-worth. And the worst part is, is that they’re not the ones saying these things… I am!

Hey Allie, guess what… sometimes you can go on one date and know that they aren’t the one you’ll marry. I have that happen a lot where I know the guy isn’t my future husband after one date, and men have the same right to have those feelings. So next time you think something is wrong with you, maybe you two just aren’t right for each other, and that’s all it is!

I want a man that wants to take me out. That asks me questions about big and little things because he genuinely cares. I want someone who likes me for me and that never makes me feel like I need to change or that I’m not good enough. So after this date, until I come across that genuine guy, I want absolutely nothing to do with dating, or guy’s ideology of what dating is.

And lastly for Lent, I am giving up tearing myself apart.

Time for me to end this post, as I just heard a knock on the door and it looks as if my sass and confidence has decided to move back into my apartment. Party time!

Weekend Recap: Date Night & Friends

This weekend I learned new things and tried new things.

Friday was low key per usual. I hate making Friday night plans. After a long week of work and early workouts, all I want come Friday at 5 pm are my sweatpants and my couch. It’s a date with myself. So I did just that, after visiting with my parents for an hour or so.

Saturday started bright and early with Ashley at the gym for a back and mini shoulder workout. We spied with our little eyes lots of gym hunks.

After the gym, I was more than ready for breakfast, and all I craved was a bowl of oatmeal! I tried making a protein sauce to put on top of my oatmeal. It was good, but I think I prefer just PB2 sprinkled on top. That or melted peanut butter.


After breakfast, I headed out to grab some groceries and hunt down the Chase Rice cd. Well, I struck out at 2 Targets and Newbury Comics. How is it possible that this cd is not in stock anywhere?!

And then it was back to my parent’s house, where I watched Aloha with Mom. If only it looked like that outside right now!

imageSaturday night = date night. For the first time that I can remember, I was actually looking forward to this date. I suggested Bartlett’s Pub in the Whole Foods. Weird, but it was cool! I’ve wanted to try the pub ever since I had a blogger tour before they opened.Whole-Foods-Nashua-Bartletts-Pub

Just when I was beginning to believe that no good men were left in the world, one walked in with flowers in hand. What?! A tall hunk with flowers for me?! As I walked by the lady eating at a high table, she mouthed, “that is so sweet and rare!” I know!!

I also tried new things. I’ve never been a wine girl, but I’m determined to get into it, which is partly why I recommended Bartlett’s Pub, since they only serve wine and craft beer. I had two glasses of Beaujolais Nouveau, and I’m not sure if it was the wine, the company, or a mix of both, but for hours I found myself genuinely laughing the night away.


Dang, okay that wine. I woke up not wanting to workout. That wine was good, good, good, but I definitely felt it the next morning. Knowing I had Ashley to meet, I put myself together for our workout, which turned out to be 10X better than I had expected it to be. Bi’s/tri’s and HIIT afterwards. Wine is now my officially protein shake post workout, followed by a morning of meal prep, blogging and a check-in with my coach, before I dug into brunch. And finally, the 4th store proved victorious!


And then it was on to my best friend for life’ house to watch the AFC Championship game with Lisha, JJ and his friend Chris.

imageAnd that about wraps up my weekend!

What did you do this weekend?

What’s the next CD that I need to buy?



Starting 2016 With Races and Babies

Happy 2016 my friends! I hope that your year is off to a great start so far; I know mine is! I’ve had a fun past few days, and with having Thursday and Friday off from work, it’s been extra nice! I’ve kept busy and managed to take pictures while I’m at it, so let’s jump into a recap of the past several days!

On New Year’s Eve my friend and I made a taco dinner, watched TV, and then went to the late viewing of Spotlight, which I HIGHLY recommend. He is the only person I know who likes popcorn without the butter on it.

movie-popcornNew Year’s Eve in little downtown Norwood. I didn’t get home until 1:30 am, and boy was I exhausted!

imageWith a 2 am bedtime, I allowed myself to sleep in until 10, and enjoyed a lazy few hours on my couch before getting ready for race #1 of 2016. Luckily it was a 1 mile downhill race, otherwise I probably would have struggled. My new running vest that I had to buy at Marshall’s several weeks back when hunting for a desk. I knew it was a necessary purchase. 😉

imageI ran the race with Sarah and Jaime, but Sarah and I carpooled together, and it was fabulous having girl talk on the drive over to the course. If Sarah continues to wear her Bruins running tights, she is sure to scoop up a guy! I finished in 8:16, which I will take! This was the perfect day to make as an active rest day, especially since we had to walk a mile uphill post race.

millennium-mileMy favorite snack of late is roasted plantain chips. How these have surpassed peanut butter is beyond me!

plantainsSaturday morning’s workout was a 40 minute easy run followed by 5 X 20 second strides, a few leg exercises and lots of stretching. It felt good!!!

Saturday early afternoon I headed into Boston for brunch at Earl’s Kitchen + Bar. Bonus points for any guy that asks you to eat breakfast foods instead of dinner foods.

This photo of Earls Kitchen + Bar is courtesy of TripAdvisor

And then it was on to an afternoon and evening of cute baby butts! Don’t you just want to squeeze that little butt of Brinkley’s???

imageNothing more adorable than a boy taking his time eating pizza. That slice of pepperoni just hung out in between his lips for the longest time. He makes my heart so full.imageAnd my beautiful Goddaughter. She just stops my heart every single time. Those eyes and cheeks and lips. I am just so blessed to be such an important part of her and Lucas’ life. I need to stop getting all emotional over these two little peanuts!imageI managed to take zero pictures on Sunday, but my morning started with a bi and tri workout with Ashley, followed by a lot of meal prep for the week, and ending with meeting up with my Mom to see SISTERS. Go see it, please. If you don’t laugh, I will reimburse you for your ticket!

All in all, a wonderful start to 2016!

How did you celebrate New Year’s Eve?

What was the latest movie that you’ve seen?



Scenes From My Weekend

What is going on with this winter weather we are having?! Usually at this point in December we have already had one great snowstorm, with temps constantly freezing, yet so far New Hampshire wants to act like it’s more of a southern state. I’m not complaining one bit. 55 degrees on the weekend? I will take 20 of those please!

Warmer weather makes holiday shopping so much easier, and since I overheat like a wild woman when I shop, it’s nice not to have to layer up in a big, winter jacket. Speaking of overheating and sweating, today is the last day to enter the Dove/Degree giveaway pack. Head on over to last Friday’s post and simply leave a comment to be entered. There are 10 winners, so you have good odds!

Saturday morning started my favorite way; with a shoulder workout. I’m in the process of creating my own workouts instead of using pre-programmed ones from, so be on the lookout for those in the coming weeks, as I want to start sharing more of my workouts with all of you!

Post-workout and pre-Christmas shopping fuel.

Whole30-Breakfast-Eggs-Veggies-Chicken-SausageAdditional fuel. I could eat cashews for breakfast, lunch and dinner and die a happy girl.

Whole30-Trail-Mix-SnackAlmost all of my gifts are wrapped and already under my parent’s tree. It’s so much easier to wrap and stick them under the tree now rather than lugging 100 gifts and all of my bags on Christmas Eve.

Tree-Gifts2The 2nd best Christmas CD of all time is now on repeat in my car. This brings back so many high school memories, which I’m sure most of you can relate to!

imageDinner at Agave Mexican Bistro.. just kidding, they closed at 4 pm. I’ll just have to continue day dreaming about the steak salad I had my heart set on.Agave-Mexican-BistroHipster cafe bathroom wall art. I hope I always stay feeling as bright as the sun.

image10 shades of “I’m tired and don’t want to do this,” but I did it.


What’s your favorite Christmas CD?

NSYNC is up there too!!

Do you have all of your holiday shopping complete?

Almost!! Just one little pipsqueak left to buy for. <3

What I Did on Monday {{Recap}}

Cheers to a short work week, heck ya! I’m sitting here with my fingers crossed just hoping that this week will fly by, because all I want is to spend endless amount of time with my college girlfriends on a beach. With the countdown in full effect, I’m starting to really get prepared for the trip so that I’m not waiting until the night before I leave to get all of my essentials. Any who, here’s a look at my Monday!

After a late Sunday night, all I wanted to do was sleep in on Monday morning, but I still dragged my butt out of bed for an early morning workout. I got to the gym a few minutes after 6, and was extremely happy to see that roughly 6 people were there as well. It’s always the same group too that are there at 6 am on the weekend and on a holiday. One of the employees even made that comment to me last Saturday, that it’s always the same few dedicated people who come early when the rest of the world is sleeping. There’s just something so calming about killing a workout with less of a crowd, but with those that are chasing their goals.

So, my workout was a 20 minute HIIT run, followed by a tough back and bicep workout… with abs done at home!


After my ab workout, I attempted making 2 protein shakes, but they just weren’t good, so I tossed that idea, took a shower and then dug into a bowl of banana oatmeal topped with peanut butter. I ate this while texting Lindsay about our respective Sunday’s.


I spent the next few hours prepping food for the week, while Kip Moore’s Wild Ones cd played in the living room. Obsessed with this cd! It was then on to my parent’s house, where I spent several hours laying on their deck working on my tan and reading. Smiles brought to you by the other Kip.


Around 11:30 I enjoyed a banana with the new Pumpkin Spice peanut butter from Nuts ‘n More. I won this off of a Periscope, so it tastes even better since it was free. 🙂 It is SO good though, and I highly recommend it!


After showering around 2, I dug into lunch, which was spaghetti squash with chicken and salsa. I’m trying to finish up the spaghetti squash from the end of last week so that I don’t waste any food!image

I then headed back to my apartment to drop off my laundry, throw a dress on, and head out for Starbucks & shopping.

imageIt was a great way to end my long weekend!