Great Training Run, Dog Attack, Gypsy Brunch

Today is a Monday that I am extremely happy to see, mostly because it’s a new week, and I’m really hoping that this week goes smoother than last week did. I mean, it really can’t get much worse. I still felt a little bit off this weekend, but a rainy and cold Saturday I think was the main culprit.


Friday was a fabulous day for me to start my weekend. We had a work party from 2-4, and after that, our CEO told us to go home for the weekend! Once I got home, I really wanted to tackle a training run, mostly because my body was craving to move around a bit. Plus, the weather was perfect and the foliage was beautiful, and I knew I had to get out there and enjoy it.IMG_1626My training run called for me to run 2 sets of 30 minutes, the last training run that would give me a walking break. My run started off feeling really great, and I decided that I would just run until I needed to use that 1 minute walking break. Turns out that I didn’t even need it until mile 4.4, when I started to feel a little tired after a long rolling hill. Aside from that moment, this was the best I’ve ever felt on a run, the longest I’ve ever run, AND I even shaved a minute off of my mile time, which I maintained for the entire run! I was on cloud nine after this run. Proof that proper training really does pay off!


Nothing better than a super successful training run with this view on my cool-down.



I woke up walking around like an old-lady. After a Friday of deadlifts at CrossFit in the morning, followed by my 5.5 mile evening run, my body was a hurting! I was up early around 6, as FitGirl was the main sponsor at a fundraising event that my box and CrossFit Nashua hosted for the 2nd year.


We had an amazing day with sales, and couldn’t get over how many people were buying our shirts and tanks. For all of my CrossFit friends that bought tanks. You guys are amazing and I love you for the support!


I was really exhausted after the event, and I didn’t even work out(!), so I ran a few errands, before crashing on the couch for about an hour. The rest of my evening was spent at my friend Amber’s in-laws house, where we celebrated her father’s life. Her Dad passed away a few weeks ago from an aggressive form of cancer that he was diagnosed with 3 weeks prior; and this was after already losing his leg to a different cancer about 4 years ago. I spent 6 years with this girl, about 4-5 days a week, and she has been such an important person in my life, so it was important for me to be there for her when she needed her loved ones the most.


After not having been able to sleep in since several weekends ago, this was my day to wake up when my body wanted to… which was 7:30 am. Really not sleeping in, but better than 5 am. I’ll take what I can get.

Around 9, after a little strength training, I got ready for my morning training run. I was aiming for 6, but would have been happy with 4 miles.


The run was starting off a little rough, and I wasn’t sure how I was going to manage pulling the run off, which surprised me since I took the day before as a complete rest day. At mile 1.33, I came upon 2 boys playing on the side of the yard/road, with their dog close by. As I got closer, the boy tried to keep his barking dog in his lawn, but the dog got away and when it came at me, I jumped back, but not quick enough, as the dog bit my hand.

I stood there shocked, and with a bloody hand, the boy grabbed his dog, and told me he was going inside to get a band-aid. He soon came out with a first aid kit, and his mother shortly after. After getting bandaged up and the mother giving me her contact information, I took off for the rest of my run. My finger was throbbing, and around mile 2.3, I was getting cramps, so I just decided to head back home, finishing the run at 2.75 miles.

The dog ended up a good chunk out where my cuticle hits my finger, and also on the bottom of my finger, across the part that the top of your finger bends, so I have double the pain. There was blood everywhere, which I think even surprised the little boy. Aside from periods of numbness, my finger is swollen and sore. I’m just happy that it wasn’t my leg the dog bit, and that I won’t be called 9 finger Lewie.


After the dog eating my finger for breakfast, it was time for a gypsy brunch, with the girls from college. In college, and still to this day, Lindsay would read our tarot cards, which earned her the name “gypsy,” which we all took on as well. The gypsies and myself grabbed brunch at Joe’s, which is more of an upscale restaurant. With expensive prices for brunch, I really wasn’t impressed with this $14 dollar plate of a veggie egg white omelet and home fries. I asked them to use a spray instead of oil, and she said that was the reason my omelet did not resemble an omelet. Didn’t make much sense to me since I can make a perfect omelet with spray, but oh well!


I love these girls <3


Aside from the dog bite and feeling a little off Saturday, all in all, I have to say that is was a pretty fabulous weekend!

Have you ever been attacked by an animal on a run?

FitGirl, CrossFit & WIN

It’s a new week, which I am certainly thankful for. I just wanted to thank all of you for your kind words last week on my little Jakester. I appreciated you all being there for me. It helped me carry through the rest of the week and weekend.

This weekend was our first working event for FitGirl Clothing, which meant that Friday night was spent getting things all set and packed, and then a lazy night of HGTV in bed. I am just SO addicted to that channel. There is something so relaxing and addicting about home makeover shows. It gives me unrealistic expectations about what I want in a house one day haha.


Jenn and I packed up early, I’m talking a 5 am wake-up call, and headed down to Waltham, MA to be a vendor at CrossFit Newton’s Mass Mayhem competition.


It was a team RX and scaled competition, and 2 teams from White Mountain CrossFit, which is where my cousin coaches, represented us as Team FitGirl!

IMG_0542 IMG_0561

Around 2:30/3ish, we packed up and headed home. I had high hopes of getting a run in, but I was just so exhausted that I chose to be lazy and get ahead on some blog posts. Watching competitions is almost as hard as competing. I kid, but seriously, they made me so tired!

I wish I could say that my evening was exciting, but since I had another early morning lined up on Sunday, I knew another lazy movie night was necessary, especially after a tiring week. I even had to pass up a Gavin DeGraw concert and a meet & greet. SO SAD!!!


I knew that Sunday’s FitGirl event would be longer and a lot busier than Saturday’s, and wouldn’t want to workout once I got home, so I got up around 5:30 to get a workout in.

Around 8:30, we headed back down to Mass, but to Lowell, for the NPGL Grid Event. This event was a lot better for FitGirl, as there was a solid group of vendors, meaning more of a crowd shopping around.


Once the event started at 2, we packed up and headed inside, as the NPGL were super nice and gave the vendors free tickets to the event. It was a lot of fun to watch, and honestly, it was more crowd friendly than the CrossFit Games. 2 teams competed against each other, and it was really interesting to see how they all worked together in each event.


After getting home, I really didn’t want to do much except crash. I cleaned up a little bit and did some laundry, which I haven’t really minded doing lately. {Side note: I air dry workout pants, tanks and bras — because I shrink clothes}.


I received 2 bottles of WIN Detergent as part of a FitFluential campaign, and I have to say that I am truly impressed by their detergent. WIN is a sports detergent that is geared towards athletes of all kinds, and is specially formulated to rid the sweaty smells from synthetic workout clothes.


One of the things I liked the most about WIN, was that after a wash, my clothes smell absolutely amazing. So fresh, and for once, I feel like my workout clothes are clean. With the amount of CrossFit and running I do, my hamper gets full pretty quickly, so I find myself doing laundry quite often. Regular detergents never rid the stench from my workout tops and pants, but WIN does. WIN is carried in select stores (Dick’s & local running/speciality stores, and are available for order online, if a store near you does not carry the product.

All in all, it was a really great weekend! CrossFit, running, 2 days with my cousin, a lot of lessons learned for FitGirl, and lovely smelling laundry… can’t beat it!

Best part of your weekend?

Do you use speciality athletic-based laundry detergent, or regular detergent?

*Disclaimer: I received 2 bottles of WIN Detergent free of charge for FitFluential. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

I’m Stressed. I Shot a Gun. Nano 4’s!

I am the most annoyed person around town the past few days. Our Kickstarter was supposed to launch the other day(s), but we’ve have issues with the backend of Kickstarter, and now we are still waiting. And I am still as annoyed as I was on my worst PMS ever.

This week has just been crappy and weird. I have been addicted to my phone at night. I’m talking, in bed, book in one hand, phone in the other. I have been crapping around on it until at least 11 each night, which means Tuesday and Wednesday were rough days. So rough that I didn’t attend the morning CrossFit classes due to lack of sleep. Instead, I’ve had to get creative with my workouts on my lunch hour in the late afternoon. Yesterday I was ultra exhausted, so I stuck to walking for 35 minutes and then some upper body work with 15 lb dumbbells.


Oh, and THESE beautiful Reebok Nano 4’s, the latest CrossFit shoe was sent to me from Reebok. I am reviewing this shoe as part of a FitFluential campaign, and I am SO excited. If you recall, Reebok gave me the red Nano 3’s in the above picture in June when I attended the CrossFit NorthEast Regionals as part of a different FitFluential campaign.Reebok_Nano_4sExhaustion meant that I was in bed at 6:30 on Tuesday night, and to keep from shitting around on my phone, I made sure it was charged and then left it on silent on my desk for the night.

With an early bedtime, I finally got to CrossFit for a morning workout with Sara. 12 minutes (:30 on, :30 rest) of double under work. These new Nano’s got me my best double under work yet! Then 4 sets of 500m rows. BARF! But yay to good double under progress! I’m now at single-double-single-double (for those that CrossFit). That flexible toe box = a good jump!


And to relieve a lot of stress from this week, I went to the shooting range and was taught how to shoot 2 shotguns and a rifle by the cutest country boy I know. It was scary and fun, and my goggles totally fogged up on me and I was such a mess, but it was fun.

kiper sniper


Tell me how to destress even more because running, shooting guns and reading hasn’t done a thing!

Judgemental Judgers & Breakfast Burpees

I learned an important lesson over the weekend. One that has been drilled into our brains since we were young. It’s easy to think “ya, ya, ya, I won’t do that,” but sometimes we do it, and sometimes others do it. Either way, someone gets hurt. I will probably talk more about it later on, but until then… don’t judge people. See past the image of someone. Their real story is inside. Maybe someone is reserved, and is like a book that doesn’t pick up speed right away, you have to give it time. If you make a commitment, stick to it. See it to it’s end. I got a better look into the back-end of the don’t judge someone idea, and it opened my eyes.


And to get a little less serious. 50 burpees for breakfast on Monday. For time. It’s like seeing how fast you can eat all of the chocolate-glazed munchkins from the Dunkin Donuts box before others can have even one, except not as fun.


Our FitGirl stickers came in. They are soooo pretty and I cannot wait to get these out to people and then graffiti every square inch with them. 🙂


Have you tried GU Chomps yet? My friend recommended these to me, and I grabbed a bag when I was at Runner’s Alley on Sunday. These are SO good and remind me of fruit snacks.


This is my new favorite mantra. I need to follow through with this in all of my training. Running, CrossFit, and probably life in general would be a good idea.


And even better, our new CrossFit Ad Finem “athlete” tank tops and shirts came in, so now, when there are competitions or events, I can wear these! This picture is pointless because “Athlete” is on the back and I am not capable of taking a picture of my back.



Have you ever learned a lesson from being judged or judging someone?

What do you use for energy sources during long workouts?

FitGirl Tanks & PMS Makes Me Wanna…

I really shouldn’t even be allowed to write today, since I am currently experience a pms that is capable of karate chopping someone’s head off. Really. It’s bad. I’m going to blame it on this Super Moon, or whatever it is, that we have had over the last few days. I’ve heard that people get crazy during full moons, and now I am one of those people.

I don’t think realistically during these times. Such as Sunday night I was browsing Craigslists for places to rent in Nashville. Why am I so weird. I have such the travel bug, but the pms is telling me I need to move to Nashville, and not just vacation.

And now, it’s just going to get random.

Our FitGirl tank tops and men’s shirts came in, and I am. In. Love!! We are selling these for$25, so if you’re not local to me and want one, let me know and we will work it out!

black tank

Our hashtags look weird just on the top, but they sit right above your booty, and look awesome!
Pink Tank Blue Tank Blue Shirt Mens Grey

Walk/run before work. I’m on week 2 of my Couch to 10k program, so it’s 6 sets of 90 seconds running and 2 minutes of walking.


CrossFit at 5:30 pm instead of 6:30 am. It was weird. I really didn’t want to go after work (headache & pms), but I had promised my friend Kara that I’d join her. She just started a new job, so she can’t do mornings anymore, so I offered to do her first evening class with her. Sometimes changing gym times can be nerve-wracking.. not because you don’t know them — we all know each other — but, each class time almost has a special bond, so sometimes it’s easier to go to a different time with your workout partner and not alone.


Banana with melted peanut butter. This is how every evening should end. I ate this while lying in bed because it makes me feel rebellious, and food tastes 100X better in when eaten in bed.

IMG_9554What does PMS make you want to do?!


FitGirl Clothing Update!

Hey guys, I haven’t updated you all lately on the progress of FitGirl Clothing. For those new around here, my cousin and I started a clothing company back in the end of March, geared towards females that CrossFit and that have muscular and curvy legs, shoulders in general.

So for the past month, about one day/night a week, we have been heading down to Boston to work with our designers, Roger & Chris, to get started on designing our skinny jean.


There is a lot that goes into that process. Roger started by having Jenn bring a pair of her jeans that fit the best.IMG_9117From there, Roger & Chris designed the outline of the sample on a piece of paper or whatever it’s called that designers use for their outline.


Once Roger creates the pattern, he then cuts the denim for pockets, the actual pants, and all of that other fun stuff. Then he sews his heart away. It takes him maybe 40 minutes at most once he’s in a groove.


And while Roger sews, what do we do? Jenn and I usually talk business with Chris. We discuss our progress with our labels, tags, buttons, rivets, production, etc etc. He loves bouncing ideas off of us, and we love him for this. And when we aren’t talking business, we goof off.


Or just sit there day dreaming about food or trying to mask tiredness with a smile.


Once Roger finishes a pair, we stop goofing off, and Jenn goes in to try the jeans on. We examine different areas. The first pair were too tight in certain areas, so Roger had to take some of the fabric out so she had more room in the pants. Tight pants = rippled effect, so Roger would have to brainstorm how to make it so there was more thigh and butt room, but no waist gap.


Jenn gets homework: take the jeans home, wear them, wash them, and see how they look and feel. And then, the next week we go in, we share with Roger Jenn’s notes, and from there, Roger alters the pattern to create a pair that he thinks will fit better.

And that’s how it goes. And we believe the other night we found the perfect design. Once the skinny is complete, we just work off of that one to create the boot cut, as the only part of the pattern that changes in design is from the knee cap down.

Our Kickstarter starts this month… ekkkks! It’s almost go time! We are starting with 2 pairs of jeans; a skinny & a boot cut. Depending on the amount we raise on our Kickstarter, we will even add in a 3rd style of jeans. We thought a fun way to tie together the jeans and CrossFit, was to give the styles of jeans names. Not just any names, and if you’re familiar with CrossFit, then you know that there are workouts named after females. And thus, we created the Fran & the Helen!

We have our hang tags created, which are the tags that hang off of the product saying what it is. We are IN love with them.

Fran - Skinny Jean Hang TagHelen - Boot cut hang tag


I’ll give more details on the Kickstarter, but along with it, we are also offering fun workout tanks (3 different styles for ladies), and a shirt for men (2 colors), along with a hoodie and stickers.  The tank tops and men’s shirts should be in our hands by this weekend/early next week, which means we can start selling them to our friends and family that are close by, and also get them sent to our 3 athletes.

Oh yeah, we landed 3 females that compete in the CrossFit Regionals/Games, or in the National Weightlifting Championship!!!

Ashley Van Boxtel, of CrossFit Green Bay. Her team placed 3rd at the North Central Regionals, meaning this lady is heading to the CrossFit Games this month!

Ashley Van Boxtel

Heidi Platow, of Port City CrossFit, who is heading to the  2014 National Weightlifting Championships this month!

153 Snatch

Katie Steffens, of CrossFit Milford, who’s team placed 5th at the Northeast CrossFit Regionals this year.regionals

We are pretty excited to have 3 awesome ladies as sponsored athletes, and look forward to growing our line of athletes!

So that’s most of the fun stuff! Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter to stay fully up to date! 🙂

Summer Is Off To a Great Start

I love summer! Seriously, it is off to such an amazing start, and it’s only been a week! I started celebrating the weekend right after work on Friday, where I headed over to my cousin Lindze’s, to hang out with her and Lucas, her 13 month old munchkin.


It was nice to hang out with Lindze and chat about everything, and then get some quality time with the little man. Seriously, the cutest little ham ever.

10269521_887256154713_8087039714743199936_nA little before 8, I headed out for a night at Chucksters for a little mini golf. I got 2 hole-in-ones!


And then after that, we went into the cages for a few rounds of balls.IMG_9194

I didn’t end up getting home until 10:30ish, so it was a tiring day indeed!


I was able to sleep in until 8:30, before heading out for a quick 15 minute walk outside. It was enough to wake my body up, before heading to CrossFit for the 10 am Competitor’s class. Around 11:30, I left the box, went home to shower, and then headed to my cousin’s to spend the day working on FitGirl Clothing stuff. Our marketing guy came over for an hour and a half to go over some things we have him lined up to do. The rest of the time with Jenn, we discussed marketing initiatives, before retiring to the pool for a bit to cool off.IMG_9200I didn’t get home until 6:15ish, and by then I was pretty hungry. I had a quick bite before going for a neighborhood walk with my Mom and Kipper. The rest of my night was spent just laying on the couch and finally relaxing!


Up and at ’em at 7:30! I completed several dynamic stretches and warm-ups before heading outside for a hot and sweaty 2 mile walk and 3 mile run. These are my favorite types of workouts. I can walk when I want to, and run when I want to. At one point, my body pretty much told me it was done running, and it was nice to just be able to walk the remaining part of my workout.

I use my Garmin to make sure that I have negative splits and to track my miles, but other than that, I don’t stress over the time each mile is, as long as I don’t start out too fast. I feel like this has given me a healthier relationship with running. Just running to feel good and not to reach a certain time or mileage.

To have covered 5 miles and to be showered with my hair done by 9:30 is pretty awesome. I spent the remaining part of my morning doing a little meal prep, before it was time to head to my cousin’s graduation party.


After the party, it was time to explore the Nashua River Rail Trail and sweat our faces off in the 90 degree humidity. First ice cream of the summer!


All in all, what a beautiful & fun weekend.

What was the highlight of your weekend? 

Have you gotten ice cream yet this summer?

Favorite ice cream flavor? 

Vanilla soft-serve with rainbow jimmies all the way!


My Last Relaxing Weekend

This weekend was the last one for the next few weeks that I have free, so my goal of the weekend was to have no plans, take it easy, and take it hour by hour. Somehow I still managed to be a busy little bee!

Friday started with an exciting delivery, well, exciting to someone who works out. Love this lilac bush outside the living room window. Nothing better than relaxing on the couch after work with the fresh scent of lilacs coming into the room. 🙂


Last week I finished season 2 of Chicago Fire, so I headed to Target after work to buy season 1. Can’t beat a $15 sale! I had planned to watch it in bed, but my dvd player wouldn’t work, and with no man to save me, I got lazy and went to bed.


Up and at em around 7, where I headed to the gym for a quick HIIT run. 1 mile warm-up, followed by 1.5 miles of sprint intervals! Felt SO good!

After the run, I had to head over to our CrossFit box for a competition meeting. SOOOO many awesome and BIG things coming to the box and my training, that I’m truly esctatic for.

Once the meeting ended, I took my Mom out for a midday movie date to see The Other Woman. I saw the movie a few weekends ago with my friends, and I loved it so much, that I really wanted my Mom to see it. That, and we were due for a movie date. Mom LOVED the movie and agreed it was one to buy when it came out.


Immediately upon arriving home, I headed out to spend the afternoon with Lindsay. We headed downtown to grab a smoothie at Live Juice, and to walk and shop. I got the “Trip to the Tropics,” while Linds got the “Funky Monkey.” Mine was a pineapple overload, which was life changing! My new favorite.

IMG_8671After drinking and walking around, we headed to Marshall’s to browse around and so I could use a gift card I had. We both left with a dress and Michael Kors flip flops. I grabbed brown while Linds got royal blue! We are matching besties. 🙂


The rest of my night was spent watching Chicago Fire and relaxing. Oh the single life.


Another early morning for me, with a 3 mile walk in my neighborhood, before heading to my cousin’s CrossFit box for our last video shoot for FitGirl!


At our FitGirl shoot, our marketing guys shot some fun video of us being carefree and having fun, all while doing CrossFit moves. The partner carries were easily the funniest part of the video shoot.


After our shoot, 5 of us headed to El Rodeo Concord, a Mexican restaurant nearby, for a bite and drinks on the deck. I only ordered a tequila on the rocks, but had maybe 4 sips before I was over it. I think I’m over drinking for a bit. Haven’t had a drink in a bit, and I’m okay with that.


El Rodeo had the comfiest outdoor chairs, but they left the best seat imprints ever.

IMG_8703The rest of my Sunday was spent doing a bit of work creating a social media schedule for FitGirl and relaxing.

How was your weekend? Favorite part of it?


Memorial Day Weekend

What a GREAT long weekend. On Friday night, the official launch of my new company’s website went live. If you didn’t hear about the secret that my cousin Jenn and I have been keeping for the past 2 months, check out Friday’s reveal post.


I spent my Friday night working with my marketing guy doing about 100 proofs before giving him the okay to go live. Jenn was coaching CrossFit until 8:30, so it was all on me to make sure there were no errors. After it went live, I spent the next few hours just soaking it all in. We received 2,000 website page views that evening, and have already built a few hundred Facebook fans. If you haven’t visited us yet, you should!



Saturday morning was spent at the CrossFit box for a partner WOD that was awesomely fun! After class, I stuck around to do a little mobility and then practiced working on my pathetic double unders.


Then Josh did several minutes of planks with increasing weight. Now I feel really lame for struggling through holding a plank for 1 minute.IMG_8324

My afternoon was spent shopping, running errands, and then delivering a birthday gift to my favorite little 6-year-old neighbor.

We then hung out and played with bubbles for a bit. This little girl just melts my heart. I’m like putty in her hands. She makes me feel like a kid again.

Since moving back home, I tend to just “throw” things on the desk in my bedroom. I’ve been wanting to really make my desk a spot to actually work and not store crap on, so I spent time sorting through it and purchased cute new storage and desk supplies. Now that I have a business, I felt these were totally necessary. 🙂


After bubbles and operation business desk, I headed out for a girl’s night with my favorites, Allie & Kris. We went to see The Other Woman, and holy crap, such an AWESOME movie. I highly recommend it. We all agreed we are taking our Mom’s to see it. I left with 2 new crushes. Cameron Diaz (holy girl crush!!), and Taylor Kinney. We googled Taylor Kinney in the parking lot (he lost 10 sexy points because he’s dating Gaga), but then we realized he plays a firefighter in Chicago Fire. I went home and proceeded to watch 4 episodes. Didn’t go to bed until after 12 am.



Sunday morning I woke up around 7 so that I could get in a little bit of cardio before heading to CT for the day. I ended up watching an episode of Chicago Fire while on the treadmill (1.75 miles walked), before getting ready to hit the road with my Mom to go to Chelsey’s 2nd bridal shower. We were gone from about 10:45 until 7:30, so it was a busy one!



On Monday I headed up to CrossFit Nashua to take part in Memorial Day Murph with some of my teammates. It was tough, but I’m so glad I was a part of this awesome day.

IMG_8394Murph took a lot out of me, so the rest of my day was spent relaxing, spending time in the sauna to loosen up my muscles from Murph, and just do some work for FitGirl Clothing. 🙂

 How was your long weekend? What did you guys do?