Week Ramblings & The Peanut Butter Bet

I had all intentions of posting yesterday, or even Tuesday, but an assignment came a week early, and such is life.

Even though I’ve been focusing solely on work and school, yes I’m back in school, my workouts with Ashley have been the 3rd major focus of mine. Our workouts have been really great lately, and I really cannot imagine not working out with her. Not only do we push each other to lift heavier or to bust out a few more reps, it also gives us plenty of quality time together.

Lots of heart to hearts in between sets about dating, work, life, and school. We giggle when our gym crushes walk into the gym, and respectively have fits when they’re next to us. We die. One thing we decided based on experience, is that a gym crush should stay a crush.

Ashley has made a bet with me that I can’t go 2 days not eating peanut butter. I think I can last until Monday, but I’m going to see just how long I can go before I have an emotional breakdown and need it. In the comments let me know how many days you think that I can last pb free!

Tuesday and Wednesday I attended a copywriting seminar, and since I knew I’d be away from a fridge for both days, I treated myself to the Six Pack Bags Renee purse. It’ll be in handy on my business trips and day trips when I’m in Nashville, but I splurged so that I could test it out this week.

It looks pretty and like a normal purse from the front:


But on the backside, it’s a meal management purse! 4 slots for meals, along with storage on the side zipper. I LOVE this bag! Not only does it keep the food cool, but it’s perfect for every day use. I will admit that it’s expensive, but I bought it at Vitamin Shoppe for $10 less than the website price, and I had a $15 coupon that I used. This is also THE perfect carry-on for the plane!six-pack-bag-renee-toteOther products that I’m loving? I bought the Dymatize Iso-100 Orange Dreamsicle on Tuesday afternoon, and I have already had 4 shakes since buying it. It tastes exactly like an orange creamsicle, and hands down, this is my favorite protein that I have ever had. 1 scoop with 1 cup cashew milk and a 4 ice cubes, and it’s the perfect consistency. I’ve even added xanthum gum to make it thicker like ice cream.


Ashley gave me the new Oh Yeah! One bar to try. Mint Chocolate Chip. The mint isn’t too strong, and it’s much better than the Quest bar.

OhYeahOne--Mint-Chocolate-ChipI’d buy it again!


My new favorite and filling dinner is broccoli slaw with Italian dressing, and seasoned potatoes and baked chicken… because eating pretzels and peanut butter for dinner isn’t healthy. Oops.image

And to celebrate finishing my 16 page finals paper for this term… I continued my binge watching of Quantico, which I was forced to put on hold for my final. It feels good to be back with all of they eye candy in this show.image

And that is a wrap on the first half of my week!

What show(s) are you currently binge watching?

Any products or supplements you’re loving?

How long do you think I can go without peanut butter?

I think I can last until Monday.

Good News Fridays

Ahhhh you guys! I am so excited for my future. This year I have completely taken control of my life. I feel so independent, happy & motivated… at work, with fitness and in my personal life. I am at the best spot fitness wise, and have such motivation and determination to surpass my goals; I ended a toxic relationship a handful of months ago and refused to settle and now…. I am moving into my own place! I received the phone call of approval on Tuesday morning stating that this beautiful 1 bedroom apartment is all mine!! I am beyond excited, and while I know that I’ll have to be extra good with my spending, I’m truly excited for my new venture!

I have so many photos to dump on you, so because I am too excited for words, here is my week in 1 sentence per picture!

The return of chicken stir-fry for dinners.



The face you make when you see…image

This sign when climbing 3 flights of stairs after a killer leg workout.


I get to see these hunks this weekend!!! 🙂 <3


Dinner date with my cousin Lindsay, where we spent the night laughing and catching up over a salad buffet at Ruby Tuesday’s.


I am weird and find it therapeutic to walk on this dirt path to my car in the morning instead of on the paved parking lot.


Seeing new muscles come out to play for the first time!


I’m going to miss this little turkey sleeping on my bed every night, but I will visit my little fur child every week… literally every week on my lunch hour #CrazyCatLady


But this is my part of my new kitchen starting in July!!!!




I cannot believe my best friend is going to be wife status in 2 months!





This chocolate coconut bar from Pure Protein is their BEST bar holy crap you guys! 2 sentences because this is just so good, but the inside tastes like a brownie and the top tastes like real coconut with tiny flakes in there! <33333Pure-Protein-Chocolate-Coconut


And I am repeating this mantra to push me through half marathon training and more importantly tomorrow’s 8 mile run.


Tell me something awesome from your week?

What’s your favorite workout or running mantra?


Friday Favorite: PrettyFit Pack

I haven’t written a Friday Favorites post in a bit, and it’s about time I did. I have one huge thing to share, that is broken into little parts. I came across PrettyFit a little over a month ago, in which they label themselves as “The Ultimate Monthly Fitness Pack for Her.”

I was immediately intrigued and obsessed because:

1) I love monthly boxes

2) I love sampling products before I buy in bulk

3) I love supplements, and

4) I love receiving packages 🙂

When visiting the PrettyFit website (affiliate link), you are able to browse the various monthly packs that you can choose from. They have a Resolution pack, a Summer pack, a Spring pack (which I ordered), and so on and so forth. Based on your goals and/or what products you might be in need of, you can select which pack you get. You know exactly what you’ll be receiving, so there are no surprises at all.


And the best thing… you save so much on these products. I’m a girl that loves a good deal, and I’m sure you all love a good deal as well! You can order any box for $55, but if you sign up for the membership, you get it for $50. There are even discounts, so I signed up for the membership and received 20% off. Everything in my box I received for a flat $45. Like what?! A tub of protein typically runs $30-40, so the fact that I got a tub of delicious protein and so many bars, sample packs, etc for an extra few bucks was a deal that I couldn’t pass up.

I chose the Spring pack because I was in need of a vanilla protein. I had seen the Metabolic Nutrition Protizyme in Vitamin Shoppe before and had been curious, so I was excited to see this was the featured protein. My ex used to always make fun of me because I would drool whenever I saw the jug. He would say, “you know it’s not going to taste like that piece of cake, right?” Whatever, shut up. No, don’t shut up, but let me dream.” Guess what. Legit tastes like cake. It actually gave shakes and protein pancakes a lemony flavor, which I thought was fabulous! I will actually continue to buy this flavor and am interested in seeing how good their other flavors are!


When selecting the perfect pack for you, I would see if the main product is something that you need, then make sure that the samples look good too! The Summer pack is the one that I just ordered because I’m really curious about BCAA’s.

Anyways, back to the products in my box!

prettyfit2 Syntha-6 Vanilla Ice Cream packets

2 full-size B-UP Peanut Butter protein bars & 2 mini bars (Sugar Cookie & Chocolate Mint).


The B-Up Peanut Butter bar is AMAZING. It is super peanut buttery and even has little surprise bits of peanut butter mixed in. Those were my favorite bites. 🙂

B-Up-peanut-butter2 Prolife S’mores Casein Protein Samples… surprisingly delicious and right on with the flavor!

image2 NoGii Whey & Quinoa Cocoa Chocolate & 2 Vanilla Bean protein packets

4 mini sized NoGii Protein D’Lite Chocolate Caramel Bliss bars

imageAmrita Mango Coconut Energy Bar

Urban Remedy Cacao Brittle
imageRockin Green Athletic Wear Detergent Sample


I still cannot get over the fact that I received all of this for $45 and will continue to use this service when I see another main product that I’m in need of.

If you’re interested in it as well, use this link and you’ll receive $10 off your pack.. hint, also sign up to be a member so that all packs you order now or in the future are only $50 instead of $55. Being a member means you just receive their newsletters, which for $5 off each pack is a hell yes decision!

Friday Favorites: It Was a Fabulous Week

Hi guys! So happy that the weekend is already here! This week sure flew by, and it was 500X better than last week and in honor of a fabulous week, I want to share some of my favorite moments from the week!

Favorite Lunch:

Toast with homemade cinnamon sugar with an omelete. It was different from the norm, but good!


Favorite Dinner:

Cheeseburger in a bowl! So easy, healthy and simple to make!


Favorite Purchase:

SLAP Nutrition Peanut Butter Protein. Should be arriving tomorrow, fingers crossed!

Favorite Moment:

Monday night’s date. I smiled and laughed so hard all night long.

Favorite Workout:

Oh man, workouts have been on point this week! Speed work on Monday at the track, a killer leg workout on Tuesday, and a 3 mile run on Wednesday with negative splits. Really crushing workouts, so I cannot pick a favorite!



Favorite Snack: 

The Pure Protein Chewy Chocolate Chip bar that I recently bought. It’s literally like cookie dough!


Favorite Outfit:

Last night’s outfit for dinner at XO. A black lace dress with side cut-outs, paired with my fire-red Steve Madden heels.



Favorite Gesture: 

Last night’s date. My date not only took the time to ask if I had food allergies or had any foods I didn’t like, and then not only planned the date, but made reservations at such a fancy restaurant. Not to mention, he researched and planned the date in a city 40 minutes away from him. I have to admit that I am loving this new crop of real men that I am meeting. Ladies, raise your standards and the good guys will find you!



What was your favorite moment/meal/date of the week?

Fryday Favorites: Do They Serve Fries at Mexican Restaurants?

Tonight I’m going out to celebrate my cousin’s 30th birthday Mexican style! Do they serve fries at Mexican restaurants?


No? Okay, well I guess I will have to celebrate Friday fry-less, and instead, with my favorite memories from this week!

Favorite Breakfast

My body was absolutely craving something super healthy, so I sautéed zucchini, summer squash and chicken with garlic powder. Simple, easy, and extremely good!


Favorite Lunch

Kodiak Cake pancakes with blueberry maple syrup. Boom, so good! I always feel odd walking through the office with a plate of pancakes, but whatever!


Favorite Dinner

Breakfast for dinner. Eggs {2 egg whites & 1 egg} & 1 Thin Slims cinnamon bagel with greek whipped cream cheese. Topped with ketchup. It was hands down amazing! It’s crazy how such a simple meal can be really fulfilling!


Favorite Lunch Break

Shopping at Marshall’s! I typically go home on my lunch hour, but because Thursday was a rest day and I didn’t need to go home to drop off dirty clothes and such, I went shopping to kill time. I tried the top on behind me and yup, it got stuck on me. Gotta love those tops that don’t work with a muscular upper body. #INeedATan


Favorite Purchase

New running shoes. I love the ASICS gel-lyte33 so much that I bought one last pair, as they are currently being discontinued.


Favorite Moment

Dinner at Firefly. Not the dinner ( that was an awful salad), but sometimes a girl just needs a lovely night out.



What was your favorite meal, moment, workout from the week?

Friday Fitness Favorites #1

Hello! So glad you joined me today! I don’t have anything too exciting to report, ohhhh except for the winner of the SLS3 compression sock/sleeve giveaway! Congrats Liz! I will be emailing you today, so be on the lookout for that! And for those that didn’t win but are interested in the product, use code “Allie40” at checkout for 40% your purchase!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Since I have a race on Sunday, I decided to get my long run in today! This is “long” for me as I build up my mileage. 4 miles this morning while watching CSI on my treadmill at the gym. All I wanted was a shower after this. I thought the shower would feel amazing, that was until I realized I chaffed on my lower back, and then that shower wasn’t as pleasurable as I had hoped it to be. Ya win some and ya lose some!

I’m pretty sure you are on this blog because you love working out and peanut butter, so I thought I would show you some of my favorite workout products or clothing. These are staples in my life!

Nike Filament Dri-Fit Running Capris

LOVE these running capris! For Christmas, my brother and SIL bought me a pair of Nike running capris, but I am so short that they were basically high water pants on me. I ended up returning them at Dick’s Sporting Goods and found these Nike running capris instead. Even better that they were $48, which I think is pretty cheap for a quality pair of running capris! I loved these so much that I asked for another pair for my birthday, and what do you know, my parents delivered! So now I own 2 black pairs of these, but when you find a pair that fits perfectly for your requirements, I think it’s best to stick with it. Maybe next I’ll get a little bit crazy and buy a navy blue pair!


Bombas Socks

I’ve talked about these socks before, but I really do love Bombas socks. Again, I asked for 3 pairs for my birthday, and I actually had to tell my Mom that I really wanted these, because we all know that socks for a gift aren’t that exciting. Hey, now I have 5 pairs, so I don’t have to let a pair air dry after a run so I can wear them again before I do a load of wash. #TMI?


Under Armour Fly Fast Cap

Under Armour running hats are where it’s at. I own 3 of these now, and yes, I do wear a hat twice before washing it. I just let the sweat dry and throw it on the next day. Gross but practical. Anyways, these hats are awesome because they fit my ginormous head (thanks Dad!). I’ve tried Nike and Brooks hats, and those are just too small for this big head of mine. I once bought a Brooks running hat at my local running store, Runner’s Alley, and I had to return it because when I put it on at home, I looked like the biggest dweeb that stepped foot in my house.


… I certainly fly when I wear this. 🙂 I have this in 3 colors. All black is my fav!


Blender Bottle ProStak

Oh this little guy is a slice of heaven! I received this from a special person for my birthday and I am absolutely obsessed with it. Best shaker bottle I’ve ever owned! It has add ons, which you can store vitamins, pre-workout, protein powder, anything! You can choose to twist 1, 2 or none of the add-ons to the main bottle, depending on your workout and day. I have the ProStak in a blue top and clear bottle. Recommend it!



Do you have a favorite brand of workout pants or tops?

Do you wear a hat while working out?