Learning How To Blog Again & Let Me Update You On My Life

What is this blog thing, and how do I publish a post? It’s been about a month and a half since I last logged into this sweet child of mine, and to be honest, I have absolutely no regrets whatsoever about taking a step back to simply live my life.

A lot has changed since then, and at the same time, not a lot has changed. I’ve done a lot of living, consisting of traveling, dating, spending time with family, and having plenty of girl time.

After receiving several comments about if I stopped blogging for good, and having my dear friend Sarah practically twist my arm at the gym about blogging, I finally felt that the time was right to make my return.

So why the blog comeback? Well, about 4 months ago I had made a decision to pursue something that would require about 2-3 years of dedication and extreme focus to complete, and while it was something that I wanted to do, ultimately, I decided that in the next few years, marriage and starting a family were something that I also wanted, and weighing the two, I found that living a fulfilling life and getting out and meeting people was more important. So my plate is free of an unbearable workload, and since making that decision, I have been living my life to the fullest.

imageNow, I’m nowhere near this marriage thing and I’m pretty single, but I’ve been dating a lot, and it’s been a lot of fun! Staying out late on a work night eating and throwing back beers (hello rebel!), going to ball games, playing mini golf, staying up into the middle of the night just talking… it’s been fabulous!


I’ve been living my life for me, and it’s amazing how once you find out who you truly are, don’t settle in life/love/happiness, that you are finally able to start living life to the fullest. I’ve got that going for me, and life is just so good.

So what have I been up to besides dating? Traveling!

At the end of May, I traveled to Nashville to visit Ryan and Chelsey (my brother and SIL, for those not in the know), for about 4 ½ days.

We swam. Why is Nashville so disgustingly humid?!imageWe antiqued.

imageAnd shopped.


We went to downtown Broadway.

imageVisited downtown Franklin.


And while Nashville is cool, I didn’t fall in love with it like I was hoping to. Just further proof that my home and heart is in New England.


I also just got back from a trip to Iowa, where I almost mounted a pig.


And I hugged an ear of corn.


I celebrated the birth of my best friend and gym partner, Ashley, with her family, who treat me as their own. I love them!


I enjoyed a wonderful Father’s Day with my parents.


And quality time with Lindze, Mike, Lucas, & Brinkley.


And this weekend, I celebrated my cousin Nikki’s bachelorette in Ogunquit, ME.


Beach day with the girls and cousins.


Cocktail cruise before throwing down a burger and fries. #CleanPlateClub


And accidental trolley rides.


Sarah told me that I would know when I would be ready to start blogging again, and I am. I was excited simply typing this post up, and I cannot wait to settle into a realistic blogging routine.

Going forward, I would love to hear what kind of posts you would like to see me write. I know that I personally don’t really care to read about people’s workouts, simply because I have my own routine down pat, but maybe that’s just me. So here is your chance to tell me what you want from me! Do you want to see what I’m eating, workouts, dating stories, day in the life posts, random things, macros/fitness progress? Lay it on me!

Tell me what you’ve been up to!

A Weekend In Vermont for the NPC VT Championship

Happy Monday my friends! I hope you all had a great weekend. It was absolutely gorgeous in my area, or both areas that I was in this weekend, so if you had beautiful spring weather as well, I certainly hope you made the best of it!

My weekend started early Friday afternoon with a road trip to Burlington, VT with my girl Nicole. Our best friend Lindsay was competing in her first bikini competition, so we went to support her, and celebrate her birthday, which just so happened to be on Sunday. Perfect timing!

Our 2 1/2 drive to Vermont was full of girl talk. I’m almost positive we talked about dating for the full 2 1/2 hours. With a pit stop in the smallest, most hick-town ever.


We made it to Lindsay’s hotel, and almost immediately went down with her to the lobby to get registered and have her height taken. Her show was the NPC Vermont Championships, and for an NPC show, at least in the bikini division, they break you up into groups by height. image

After getting Lindsay into her group, we went back to the room and cleaned her feet. If you’ve ever had a spray tan before, you will know that your feet can get very dark from stepping on the tan that lands on the floor/towel. After that, we hung out, talked, and had the lights out by 9 pm!image

We woke up bright and early at 6 am. Lindsay got up to have her hair and make-up done, and I hit the hotel gym for a workout.

imageBombshell <3 This girl right here. She worked her butt off for about 18 weeks, and her determination and drive were just remarkable. Lindsay will be the first person to tell you that prep was not easy, but dang, she gave it her all, and the package she brought to the stage was amazing.


After dropping Lindsay off at the the hotel for the competitor meeting around 10:30, Nicole and I made a pit stop for fuel. 24 oz was necessary.image

We found the biggest Party City ever, where we bought balloons and streamers to decorate the room with. It was a congrats you competed and a pre-happy birthday theme. Nicole and I had way too much fun blowing up the balloons, and I’m pretty sure our workout of the day was laughing so hard and so much. It was really nice having all of that quality time with Nicole this weekend, especially since I don’t get to see her that often.


A pit stop for flowers, and then it was on to the show!image

Pre-judging went from about 12:30 until 2:40, and since finals didn’t start until 12, we took the girl out for a burger, per her coach’s orders.


With time to kill, we had our cards read and relaxed for a bit, before heading back to the school.image

Anddddd after 3 hours of finals, our girl placed fifth in her first ever NPC show!! Yeah girl,way to kill it! There she is on the far right.imageAnd finally, our long overdue dinner at 10 pm at the Outback!  We were all extremely hangry at this point, so the food tasted like a little slice of heaven.

imageOn Sunday, we were all pretty famished, so we hit up Ihop for a big breakfast. That stack of cupcake pancakes stole the show. The icing tasted just like funfetti, and we were all in heaven sharing that stack.


Food for four girls. Totally normal. Please look at all of the food in front of Lindsay, haha.image

After breakfast, Nicole and I hit a local gift shop for a little bit of shopping. I spent a whopping 81 cents on a cow pencil haha. It’s the little things in life, I tell ya!image


I used to live right next to Burlington for 6 years growing up, so I felt right at home. This is the one place that I could wake up one morning and just decide to move to.


My Sunday afternoon ended with a bit of time in the sun reading, along with lots of meal prep.

imageIt was a wonderful weekend celebrating Lindsay’s big accomplishment and birthday with great friends, and I couldn’t be more proud of this girl!

imageHow was your weekend?

Ever been to an NPC show before?


Life As Of Late

Long time no talk! I’m surprised I even remembered my username and password to log into this little blog of mine, ha! I honestly did not mean to take over a week off, but ya know what? I did. It was refreshing. And I don’t feel bad about it! Actually, I did feel bad when my Mom called me out over the weekend for not blogging. She said I was probably disappointing my fans, in the nicest way possible, of course. I don’t think I have fans. I just have people that are just as nosy as I am and like knowing every little thing about people’s lives, haha!

So let’s play a little bit of catch up.

Since we last talked, I ran a St. Patrick’s Day race. They made me Irish for the day, and made me Allie O’Lewis! My new last name must have brought me luck on race day. I’ve run this race 3 years in a row, each time getting a faster time. Well this year, I actually beat my time from 2015 by a minute and 8 seconds. Looks like all of my speed work is paying off!


I ran it with Ashley, my gym buddy and partner-in-crime. She blew last year’s time out of the water too, and I’m almost positive she ran it about 2 minutes faster! This girl is by my side at the gym pushing me harder and making me laugh 5-6 days of the week, and I wouldn’t change a thing. We are starting an accountability program as of today to work towards our goals, which just happen to be the same.millennium-running-st-patricks-day

I’ve been obsessed with all things veggie. I’ve added cauliflower crumbles to my oatmeal for volume and veggies, and am back at it with spaghetti squash!spaghetti-squash

Rice cakes with protein pudding has been my new favorite snack. I mix 8 grams of sugar-free dry pudding mix with about 20 grams of protein powder, with water, and top 1 or 2 rice cakes with it. Add a bit of sprinkles for crunch, and it’s a great snack! I’m also guilty of just dunking the rice cakes in peanut butter. Sometimes you just have to live your life.image

Speaking of living my life, that’s another reason I haven’t been blogging much. I’m living my life away from the computer and internet. I’m doing things that will better my life, I’m dating again, and it’s SO MUCH FUN! Oh, and on my birthday, I chopped my hair off! I am obsessed with it, and feel like there’s a whole new level of sass to me.image

This was my favorite Easter ever. I laughed so much. I also enjoyed quality time with all of my cousins. I feel as if some holidays I only get to truly talk in depth with 1-2 cousins, but not at Easter, and I think that’s why it’s my favorite holiday. I’m so blessed that my cousins are some of my closest friends and that we can talk about anything and everything together.image

Lindsay just started a Whole30 on Monday, and she is going to do so well! I’m kind of wanting to do another Whole30 again simply because she inspires me!


My goddaughter Brinkley continues to steal my heart every single day. image



Life is really great right now, and I don’t think I’ve ever been happier than I am right now. There’s something to be said about walking by faith and not by light. If you let go of the reigns that you’re trying to use to control your life, you’ll be a lot more happier and carefree. That is what I have done, and life seems to be wonderful.

I know that I’ve said that I’ll get back into a good blogging routine, but with spring here and more activities and time being spent outside, I truly plan on getting back into a good schedule, even if it’s only 2-3 posts a week. Sometimes you just need a break from blogging or any type of activity, and I feel as if the winter was a good time for me to do that! Have a great day! 🙂

What have you been up to lately?!

Tell me something that’s making you happy?

Valentine’s Day Weekend Recap

Happy Monday my little Valentines! If you celebrate the Hallmark holiday of love, I hope that you had a wonderful time with those that you care about. If it’s just another day to you, well I still hope you had a fabulous day. I’ve found that when I’m single on Valentine’s Day, I actually have a better, more fulfilling day than when I have a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day.

My weekend was wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. I made a HUGE life decision towards the end of last week, and I couldn’t be more excited about my future than I am now. Remember how last fall I wrote about keeping your options open and stepping out beyond your comfort zone? Well I’m pretty sure that I finally had my “ah-ha!” moment to my purpose. I will share what this direction is on my blog when the time is right, but let’s just say that I’m bursting with joy about how my life will change!

Friday night was a low key one for this girl. I wanted to kick off the weekend on a healthy note, so I whipped up my new favorite meal; brown rice with chicken, asparagus, broccoli and mushrooms. So filling and delicious!


Saturday morning started bright and early with a workout with my girl at 7 am. We hit bi’s and tri’s, and then ended with HIIT on both the treadmill and the stair master. Can you say “toasted?,” because that’s how we felt by the end of it.

Aside from feeling strong after a workout, what I love about getting a workout in is the shake that I have afterwards. It’s 1 cup of water, 1 scoop of Shakeology, 1/2 scoop of PES white chocolate mint protein, 2 tbsp powdered peanut butter, ice, and 1/4 cup of frozen blueberries. Then, once that’s made, I pour it into a shaker bottle that has 1 cup of cashew milk already in it. Shake it all together, and you have a huge shake. I’ve found that mixing the shake with cashew milk afterwards makes THE thickest shake.

imageCar inspection =  bring your Dad. Last year when I got my car inspected, I ended up being asked out by a car salesman. This year, I wanted to avoid that, along with not being scammed into having things done to my car that weren’t necessary. Why do mechanics try to scam females? Just say no.

imageMy parent’s cat is so weird.


Sunday’s weather kept me in bed a lot longer than I had planned, and left my putting off the gym, but once I got there, I busted my tail! 3 easy miles, followed by 1 mile of sprints. Next up was a leg workout, followed by HIIT on the stairmaster until I had to leave. I actually could have gone a bit longer, but I realized I only left myself 50 minutes to get home, shower, look nice and eat, before I had to be out the door.

imageFor Valentine’s Day, my date and I went to see How To Be Single. Ashley surprised me with a gift. Girl friends know the way to your heart. Thanks for the wonderful afternoon date girl, and for those of you who haven’t seen the movie yet, we loved it!

imageThe rest of my Sunday was spent editing and reviewing some paperwork and documents, before snuggling up on the couch with a good book!

How was your Valentine’s Day weekend?

Did you have a Valentine? What did you do?



Weekend Recap: Date Night & Friends

This weekend I learned new things and tried new things.

Friday was low key per usual. I hate making Friday night plans. After a long week of work and early workouts, all I want come Friday at 5 pm are my sweatpants and my couch. It’s a date with myself. So I did just that, after visiting with my parents for an hour or so.

Saturday started bright and early with Ashley at the gym for a back and mini shoulder workout. We spied with our little eyes lots of gym hunks.

After the gym, I was more than ready for breakfast, and all I craved was a bowl of oatmeal! I tried making a protein sauce to put on top of my oatmeal. It was good, but I think I prefer just PB2 sprinkled on top. That or melted peanut butter.


After breakfast, I headed out to grab some groceries and hunt down the Chase Rice cd. Well, I struck out at 2 Targets and Newbury Comics. How is it possible that this cd is not in stock anywhere?!

And then it was back to my parent’s house, where I watched Aloha with Mom. If only it looked like that outside right now!

imageSaturday night = date night. For the first time that I can remember, I was actually looking forward to this date. I suggested Bartlett’s Pub in the Whole Foods. Weird, but it was cool! I’ve wanted to try the pub ever since I had a blogger tour before they opened.Whole-Foods-Nashua-Bartletts-Pub

Just when I was beginning to believe that no good men were left in the world, one walked in with flowers in hand. What?! A tall hunk with flowers for me?! As I walked by the lady eating at a high table, she mouthed, “that is so sweet and rare!” I know!!

I also tried new things. I’ve never been a wine girl, but I’m determined to get into it, which is partly why I recommended Bartlett’s Pub, since they only serve wine and craft beer. I had two glasses of Beaujolais Nouveau, and I’m not sure if it was the wine, the company, or a mix of both, but for hours I found myself genuinely laughing the night away.


Dang, okay that wine. I woke up not wanting to workout. That wine was good, good, good, but I definitely felt it the next morning. Knowing I had Ashley to meet, I put myself together for our workout, which turned out to be 10X better than I had expected it to be. Bi’s/tri’s and HIIT afterwards. Wine is now my officially pre-workout.wine-preworkoutA protein shake post workout, followed by a morning of meal prep, blogging and a check-in with my coach, before I dug into brunch. And finally, the 4th store proved victorious!


And then it was on to my best friend for life’ house to watch the AFC Championship game with Lisha, JJ and his friend Chris.

imageAnd that about wraps up my weekend!

What did you do this weekend?

What’s the next CD that I need to buy?



Starting 2016 With Races and Babies

Happy 2016 my friends! I hope that your year is off to a great start so far; I know mine is! I’ve had a fun past few days, and with having Thursday and Friday off from work, it’s been extra nice! I’ve kept busy and managed to take pictures while I’m at it, so let’s jump into a recap of the past several days!

On New Year’s Eve my friend and I made a taco dinner, watched TV, and then went to the late viewing of Spotlight, which I HIGHLY recommend. He is the only person I know who likes popcorn without the butter on it.

movie-popcornNew Year’s Eve in little downtown Norwood. I didn’t get home until 1:30 am, and boy was I exhausted!

imageWith a 2 am bedtime, I allowed myself to sleep in until 10, and enjoyed a lazy few hours on my couch before getting ready for race #1 of 2016. Luckily it was a 1 mile downhill race, otherwise I probably would have struggled. My new running vest that I had to buy at Marshall’s several weeks back when hunting for a desk. I knew it was a necessary purchase. 😉

imageI ran the race with Sarah and Jaime, but Sarah and I carpooled together, and it was fabulous having girl talk on the drive over to the course. If Sarah continues to wear her Bruins running tights, she is sure to scoop up a guy! I finished in 8:16, which I will take! This was the perfect day to make as an active rest day, especially since we had to walk a mile uphill post race.

millennium-mileMy favorite snack of late is roasted plantain chips. How these have surpassed peanut butter is beyond me!

plantainsSaturday morning’s workout was a 40 minute easy run followed by 5 X 20 second strides, a few leg exercises and lots of stretching. It felt good!!!

Saturday early afternoon I headed into Boston for brunch at Earl’s Kitchen + Bar. Bonus points for any guy that asks you to eat breakfast foods instead of dinner foods.

This photo of Earls Kitchen + Bar is courtesy of TripAdvisor

And then it was on to an afternoon and evening of cute baby butts! Don’t you just want to squeeze that little butt of Brinkley’s???

imageNothing more adorable than a boy taking his time eating pizza. That slice of pepperoni just hung out in between his lips for the longest time. He makes my heart so full.imageAnd my beautiful Goddaughter. She just stops my heart every single time. Those eyes and cheeks and lips. I am just so blessed to be such an important part of her and Lucas’ life. I need to stop getting all emotional over these two little peanuts!imageI managed to take zero pictures on Sunday, but my morning started with a bi and tri workout with Ashley, followed by a lot of meal prep for the week, and ending with meeting up with my Mom to see SISTERS. Go see it, please. If you don’t laugh, I will reimburse you for your ticket!

All in all, a wonderful start to 2016!

How did you celebrate New Year’s Eve?

What was the latest movie that you’ve seen?



Weekend Recap: Tis’ the Season!

Happy week of Thanksgiving! While I was in the grocery store Saturday evening, a young girl asked her boyfriend when Thanksgiving was and he said, “listen, I don’t know.” What!! How do you not know when Thanksgiving is?! I will forever worry about those two.

Anyways, Thanksgiving is a few days away but I’m in full on Christmas mode. It started Friday night when Jaime and I went to the movies to see Love the Coopers. It was good, but it wasn’t awesome. We both are obsessed with The Family Stone, and sadly it didn’t even come close to comparing. It was still fun to go out and catch up with Jaime!


I never mentioned it on the blog, but about 1-2ish weeks ago I signed up for our city’s Santa Shuffle 5k! This is my first race since March, which shows that 2015 was all about racing in cold temperatures. In an attempt to get my legs and lungs ready for the race in 2 weeks, I planned for an outdoor run. I woke up and ate a baby food pouch and a packet of almonds, before heading over to the trails.


I could have chosen to just run in my neighborhood area, but I figured trails would be more fun and difficult, plus, I had never gone for a run here, mostly because the constant rolling hills grossed me out.


I’m so glad that I got over myself and finally ran here because it was awesome and thankfully not crowded at all. Each lap around the pond is 1 mile, so it really goes by quite fast. I kept it short at 2 miles, and after the first mile I wanted to see if I could beat my prior mile time. I did by 40 seconds! Granted I took a 2 minute breather and water break after the first mile because my lungs were burning, but slow and steady!livingston-parkAfter my run, I enjoyed my real breakfast, which was a plate of eggs, sweet potatoes and chicken sausage. Finally finished the Trader Joe’s chicken sausage that I hate!

whole30-breakfastI met up with my Mom for a trip to the spa. Manicure for Mom & pedicure for me. I chose a sparkly Christmas red, because, well, tis’ the season!

imageThe rest of my Saturday was spent grocery shopping at 3 different stores (help) and visiting the mall for Christmas ideas for myself and others! Gahhhh the decor just makes me so giddy!!!


I whipped up the biggest dinner, baked chicken with butternut squash and broccoli sauteed in coconut oil. I enjoyed this while watching a Christmas movie on Netflix.whole30-dinner

Both weekend days I slept in until 8:15-9, and boy did it feel good! Sunday I woke up at 8:15 and spent the good part of the morning meal prepping and cleaning my apartment while my Christmas Pandora station played in the background.

I dug into a mini breakfast around 9, before getting in a shoulder workout and a 2.9 mile run in my neighborhood (finally did it!). whole30-breakfastLate afternoon I visited my parents, aka I visited Mom so that we could watch a Christmas movie together. After that, I headed home for dinner, a little more meal prep, and then relaxed on the couch for the evening. All in all, a wonderful weekend!

Have you started watching Christmas movies yet?

Tell me about your weekend!

Work Outing & Lauren’s Wedding!

You guys. This weekend. So much fun! It was a nonstop party from 11 am Friday until I don’t even know when! We had our company outing on Friday, so after 3 hours of work, we headed down the street to Granite State Escape.

We had 3 groups of probably 10ish people, and we all had a different room that we were locked in.


There were clues leading to different clues, and we only had 60 minutes to solve the case and get out of the locked door. Our group was in their hardest room, which has a 20% success rate. Well, we are all pretty awesome and got out in 49 minutes, putting us on the leaderboard. Go team The CCA Way!


After we all finished, we headed over to our President’s house for food, drinks and a bunch of weirdness.


I’ve said it before and I will say it again; the company I work for and the people I work for are absolutely amazing.


I love going to work every single day and love having coworkers who are also my friends.


Or friends who are my coworkers?


The rest of my Friday night was spent running a few errands and getting my bags packed for wedding weekend! I woke up early on Saturday to hit the gym for a shoulder workout, before I hit the road to head to the White Mountains for Lauren’s wedding at Bishop Farm in Lisbon, NH.


It was a chilly, fall day, roughly high 30s when we arrived to the beautiful farm.


The first barn of the evening was where the ceremony took place.


It was absolutely gorgeous inside the barn, and I truly felt like I was in a Lifetime movie. By the time the wedding started, it was close to 35 degrees, and we were freezing in our dresses. I would have killed to have had a pair of socks on haha.


After the ceremony, we enjoyed cocktail hour in a “heated” tent. If it hadn’t been so cold it would have been fun to sit around this fire before the reception started!


The second barn was where the reception was, and the decor left me absolutely speechless. I always have wanted a barn wedding, and this just sealed the deal for me.


Lauren & Joel!

With the gorgeous bride! We spent 3 years living together in college. Love this girl! Lo is the first of the college girls to get married, and we joked that she certainly set the bar high for weddings!

And then we danced the night away until 11:30, where we crashed into bed! I cannot wait to share more of the pictures once the photographer has them edited!
Bishop-Farm-Laurens-weddingThe morning after Lindsay, Michelle, Nicole and Bobby headed to Polly’s Pancake Parlor for brunch before we all hit the road. Polly’s Pancakes, which I believe was voted as having the best pancakes in NH, was an adorable little breakfast spot.



The maple butter intrigued all of us, but sadly it was a bit sweet and extremely thick, making it difficult to spread. It was worth the try though!

I had been craving a veggie & cheese omelette incredibly bad, so I went that route, but the girls all raved about the pancakes they had!pollys-pancakes

With a full belly, I made the hour and 45 minute drive home, before an afternoon of grocery shopping, meal prepping, cleaning and relaxing!

What is your favorite brunch meal?

Have you ever been to a barn wedding?

What did you do this weekend?

Weekend Recap: Trail Running, Friends, Family

Hello hello & happy Monday! It was a fabulous low-key weekend over in my neck of the woods, and it was much-needed!

My Friday night was pretty wild in that I worked until about 7ish… luckily the last part was from my couch, but still! We have a new member who is having their grand opening of their store this weekend, so I had to work with our ad agency in creating a few last-minute social posts. You can bet by the time I finished work and eating, that I parked my butt in bed and was out cold by 8:20 pm.


A super early Friday night bed time meant that I was up and roaring to go at 5 am on Saturday. I took my time getting ready for the gym and then got going. Sadly my tailbone started bothering me partway through my workout, so I focused on a total body workout. When it came to doing legs, I had to skip weighted squats/lunges, and just killed my legs with never-ending bodyweight squats, backwards lunges and side lunges. Work with what ya got girls!

Protein pancakes were definitely earned after that workout. With my favorite fall candle that the best Mom bought for me. She had it burning at her house the day before I left for the Bahamas, and when I returned from my trips, there was one sitting on the counter with my name on it. She’s held the Best Mom ranking since 1988, well 1985 if we count my brother.


After breakfast, I prepped a bunch of veggies for the weekend/week, cleaned my apartment, and then headed over to my parent’s to spend the afternoon with my Mom.. and do laundry! We ran a few errands, one of which included buying a blender and ingredients for Mom to make protein shakes! She asked me to teach her how to make them, so I brought over some of my sample protein packets, took her shopping, and showed her the way! Love that Mom is going to start incorporating protein shakes into her days! Ps, that blender is the best! $15 at Target, it’s super easy to clean, makes the perfect 1-serving shake, and can be tucked away so easily!


I did a bit of reading in my new favorite book— you MUST buy it… all of you, and we also watched a few of our shows together; Grey’s Anatomy & Nashville. I miss McDreamy!!


A little after 5 I headed home, and continued my lazy night on the couch binge watching White Collar and reading.


I slept from 8 pm until 7:30 am. Holy moly that’s a lot of sleep! I was extremely tired on Saturday, and when I woke up at 5 on Sunday, I said no to the gym and decided I would sleep until my body told me it was time to wake up.

Around 8 I dug into a bowl of oatmeal with maple syrup, and enjoyed it while watching an episode of White Collar. I then cooked some potatoes and ground turkey for the week, and then headed to Hooksett. I needed to return 2 library books, and since Head’s Pond is 2 minutes from the library, I stopped there to get a fun run in. I used my Garmin because I wanted to track my distance, but I didn’t care about my pace at all. I wasn’t excited about the run, but once I started, I was truly happy that I got out there. It was so nice to run being surrounded by beautiful scenery, and the run itself felt so easy. It made me really love running, and I think for the fall my prescribed 30 minute steady-state cardio session will be a weekend fall run!

I got home around 11, took a shower, ate a big bowl of ground turkey and sautéed butternut squash, started this blog post, and then headed out to spend the afternoon with my girl Lyndsay and baby Brynn. Lynds and I met at work almost 2 years ago, and we quickly became wonderful friends.


Yesterday’s outfit made me feel fabulously, amazingly badass, and I LOVED it!


After a day of shopping, I headed over to my parent’s to do dinner with them! My Dad BBQ for us, and I made the side of, take a guess, sautéed butternut squash. I am honestly going to turn orange from my addiction, but it’s just so good! I only add a little bit of pink sea salt to the butternut squash while I’m sautéing, and it gives it the perfect seasoning!





And my Mom is even more amazing because she not only bought me a new winter candle, but she also listened to me when I told her I loved this ranch seasoning on our Saturday shopping trip, and had a new bottle waiting for me Sunday night. My Dad also sent me home with enough chicken for the week. They are friggen wonderful and so amazing. image

And that is the recap of a great weekend!

Do you use the popcorn seasonings for regular food?

What’s your favorite candle scent?

What fall fashion style are you obsessing over?

Time To Set New Goals & Back In The Routine

Ahhhhh I am just so happy to finally be home from all of this crazy travel! Last night was my first night to relax on my couch since Thursday, September 10th. Yes, that long ago. I traveled to the Bahamas, and then recently spent Saturday – Tuesday evening in Tampa for a work trip.


This is the view that I got to enjoy for 4 days. Sadly, most of it was spent looking out through the window, but I did have moments of freedom!

My boss hosted a social media conference, so Saturday and Sunday was spent getting bags ready for both attendees and presenters.

Team lunch on Sunday!


Sunday night this girl worked door security at our cocktail party. Not bad just standing around when this is your view.

Thankful for Courtney for keeping me company while I worked security. Love her! We sit right next to each other in the office. She makes me laugh more than anyone that I have ever met.


Monday lunch cruising around with my work wife Lyndsay. She is my soul-sister.


Not only did I have a hotel room to myself, but I also had a balcony with this morning view.

imageAnd on Tuesday evening we headed home!

While traveling for work with coworkers who are more importantly your friends, is fun, I am so happy to be back home. After 12 days of travel, 2 countries, 4 airports and very long days, it feels SO good to be back home.

I’m looking forward to setting new goals at work, in the gym, and in my personal life. For the past few months my focus has been on my vacation, and now it’s as if I have a new slate to start my goals on.

Meal prepping and workouts will hopefully be even better, but before that, I need to get healthy. I came home with an ugly cold. My head is tight, my throat burns, and I’m just exhausted. My college roommate has her bachelorette party this weekend, so fingers crossed that this cold gets better and not worse by Saturday!

Do you set mini or long-term goals?

What are some of your favorite mini, short-term goals?