Day In The Life//Friday

Hi friends, happy Monday! How was your weekend? What did you do? What kind of ice cream did you eat? What Pokemon did you catch? If you can answer that last question, please don’t. I’m thanking you in advance.

While my weekend was mostly spent packing for my move (just across town | NH is home), I thought it’d be fun to share my Friday with you, since it was a bit out of the norm of a typical Friday.

There were so many wonderful parts to my day, starting with finally being back in my gym after 3 days away. It felt like a lot longer than that, but seeing familiar faces sure was nice!

After my workout, it was the typical day of work, but instead of working until 5, our boss let us leave at 3, since we worked hard in Dallas. Yay!

First stop was visiting this little furball. Why must you be so cute? I could kiss his little face all day long. My smoosh!


And then it was on to the library to stock up on a book or two for our beach vacation next week. I arrived with my “must-read” list.


I have a really hard time saying “no” to books at the library, so naturally I left with 5 lengthy books. I do this to myself every single time.imageAt 3:45, just as I was leaving the library, my friend Sarah, the lovely and hilarious face behind Everyday Sarah Jane, texted me asking what I was doing. Teacher friends who have the summer off are the best. I headed over to her house for an hour of girl talk on her deck. Oh how I love that girl!  imageAnd then it was time for date night, which I had been looking forward to all week. I was given a dozen of the most beautiful red roses that I have ever seen, and a jar of peanut butter. That’s how you woo a girl. The date was a lot of fun, and I’m definitely glad that I said yes to the date.imageI’m kind of digging how the roses look in the Lily Pulitzer tumbler. My Dad offered me a vase just last weekend and I said no, simply because I never receive flowers; great timing on my denial, but I think I might start buying myself flowers every few weeks once I’m settled in my new place.

This weekend was a nice reminder to stop and smell the roses every now and again, to kick back with a book in the sun, and to spend even a quick hour with a friend catching up in person rather than via text.

imageWhat did your weekend look like?

What is the best and worst thing you’ve ever been given on a date?

Learning How To Blog Again & Let Me Update You On My Life

What is this blog thing, and how do I publish a post? It’s been about a month and a half since I last logged into this sweet child of mine, and to be honest, I have absolutely no regrets whatsoever about taking a step back to simply live my life.

A lot has changed since then, and at the same time, not a lot has changed. I’ve done a lot of living, consisting of traveling, dating, spending time with family, and having plenty of girl time.

After receiving several comments about if I stopped blogging for good, and having my dear friend Sarah practically twist my arm at the gym about blogging, I finally felt that the time was right to make my return.

So why the blog comeback? Well, about 4 months ago I had made a decision to pursue something that would require about 2-3 years of dedication and extreme focus to complete, and while it was something that I wanted to do, ultimately, I decided that in the next few years, marriage and starting a family were something that I also wanted, and weighing the two, I found that living a fulfilling life and getting out and meeting people was more important. So my plate is free of an unbearable workload, and since making that decision, I have been living my life to the fullest.

imageNow, I’m nowhere near this marriage thing and I’m pretty single, but I’ve been dating a lot, and it’s been a lot of fun! Staying out late on a work night eating and throwing back beers (hello rebel!), going to ball games, playing mini golf, staying up into the middle of the night just talking… it’s been fabulous!


I’ve been living my life for me, and it’s amazing how once you find out who you truly are, don’t settle in life/love/happiness, that you are finally able to start living life to the fullest. I’ve got that going for me, and life is just so good.

So what have I been up to besides dating? Traveling!

At the end of May, I traveled to Nashville to visit Ryan and Chelsey (my brother and SIL, for those not in the know), for about 4 ½ days.

We swam. Why is Nashville so disgustingly humid?!imageWe antiqued.

imageAnd shopped.


We went to downtown Broadway.

imageVisited downtown Franklin.


And while Nashville is cool, I didn’t fall in love with it like I was hoping to. Just further proof that my home and heart is in New England.


I also just got back from a trip to Iowa, where I almost mounted a pig.


And I hugged an ear of corn.


I celebrated the birth of my best friend and gym partner, Ashley, with her family, who treat me as their own. I love them!


I enjoyed a wonderful Father’s Day with my parents.


And quality time with Lindze, Mike, Lucas, & Brinkley.


And this weekend, I celebrated my cousin Nikki’s bachelorette in Ogunquit, ME.


Beach day with the girls and cousins.


Cocktail cruise before throwing down a burger and fries. #CleanPlateClub


And accidental trolley rides.


Sarah told me that I would know when I would be ready to start blogging again, and I am. I was excited simply typing this post up, and I cannot wait to settle into a realistic blogging routine.

Going forward, I would love to hear what kind of posts you would like to see me write. I know that I personally don’t really care to read about people’s workouts, simply because I have my own routine down pat, but maybe that’s just me. So here is your chance to tell me what you want from me! Do you want to see what I’m eating, workouts, dating stories, day in the life posts, random things, macros/fitness progress? Lay it on me!

Tell me what you’ve been up to!

A Weekend In Vermont for the NPC VT Championship

Happy Monday my friends! I hope you all had a great weekend. It was absolutely gorgeous in my area, or both areas that I was in this weekend, so if you had beautiful spring weather as well, I certainly hope you made the best of it!

My weekend started early Friday afternoon with a road trip to Burlington, VT with my girl Nicole. Our best friend Lindsay was competing in her first bikini competition, so we went to support her, and celebrate her birthday, which just so happened to be on Sunday. Perfect timing!

Our 2 1/2 drive to Vermont was full of girl talk. I’m almost positive we talked about dating for the full 2 1/2 hours. With a pit stop in the smallest, most hick-town ever.


We made it to Lindsay’s hotel, and almost immediately went down with her to the lobby to get registered and have her height taken. Her show was the NPC Vermont Championships, and for an NPC show, at least in the bikini division, they break you up into groups by height. image

After getting Lindsay into her group, we went back to the room and cleaned her feet. If you’ve ever had a spray tan before, you will know that your feet can get very dark from stepping on the tan that lands on the floor/towel. After that, we hung out, talked, and had the lights out by 9 pm!image

We woke up bright and early at 6 am. Lindsay got up to have her hair and make-up done, and I hit the hotel gym for a workout.

imageBombshell <3 This girl right here. She worked her butt off for about 18 weeks, and her determination and drive were just remarkable. Lindsay will be the first person to tell you that prep was not easy, but dang, she gave it her all, and the package she brought to the stage was amazing.


After dropping Lindsay off at the the hotel for the competitor meeting around 10:30, Nicole and I made a pit stop for fuel. 24 oz was necessary.image

We found the biggest Party City ever, where we bought balloons and streamers to decorate the room with. It was a congrats you competed and a pre-happy birthday theme. Nicole and I had way too much fun blowing up the balloons, and I’m pretty sure our workout of the day was laughing so hard and so much. It was really nice having all of that quality time with Nicole this weekend, especially since I don’t get to see her that often.


A pit stop for flowers, and then it was on to the show!image

Pre-judging went from about 12:30 until 2:40, and since finals didn’t start until 12, we took the girl out for a burger, per her coach’s orders.


With time to kill, we had our cards read and relaxed for a bit, before heading back to the school.image

Anddddd after 3 hours of finals, our girl placed fifth in her first ever NPC show!! Yeah girl,way to kill it! There she is on the far right.imageAnd finally, our long overdue dinner at 10 pm at the Outback!  We were all extremely hangry at this point, so the food tasted like a little slice of heaven.

imageOn Sunday, we were all pretty famished, so we hit up Ihop for a big breakfast. That stack of cupcake pancakes stole the show. The icing tasted just like funfetti, and we were all in heaven sharing that stack.


Food for four girls. Totally normal. Please look at all of the food in front of Lindsay, haha.image

After breakfast, Nicole and I hit a local gift shop for a little bit of shopping. I spent a whopping 81 cents on a cow pencil haha. It’s the little things in life, I tell ya!image


I used to live right next to Burlington for 6 years growing up, so I felt right at home. This is the one place that I could wake up one morning and just decide to move to.


My Sunday afternoon ended with a bit of time in the sun reading, along with lots of meal prep.

imageIt was a wonderful weekend celebrating Lindsay’s big accomplishment and birthday with great friends, and I couldn’t be more proud of this girl!

imageHow was your weekend?

Ever been to an NPC show before?


Weekend Recap: Tis’ the Season!

Happy week of Thanksgiving! While I was in the grocery store Saturday evening, a young girl asked her boyfriend when Thanksgiving was and he said, “listen, I don’t know.” What!! How do you not know when Thanksgiving is?! I will forever worry about those two.

Anyways, Thanksgiving is a few days away but I’m in full on Christmas mode. It started Friday night when Jaime and I went to the movies to see Love the Coopers. It was good, but it wasn’t awesome. We both are obsessed with The Family Stone, and sadly it didn’t even come close to comparing. It was still fun to go out and catch up with Jaime!


I never mentioned it on the blog, but about 1-2ish weeks ago I signed up for our city’s Santa Shuffle 5k! This is my first race since March, which shows that 2015 was all about racing in cold temperatures. In an attempt to get my legs and lungs ready for the race in 2 weeks, I planned for an outdoor run. I woke up and ate a baby food pouch and a packet of almonds, before heading over to the trails.


I could have chosen to just run in my neighborhood area, but I figured trails would be more fun and difficult, plus, I had never gone for a run here, mostly because the constant rolling hills grossed me out.


I’m so glad that I got over myself and finally ran here because it was awesome and thankfully not crowded at all. Each lap around the pond is 1 mile, so it really goes by quite fast. I kept it short at 2 miles, and after the first mile I wanted to see if I could beat my prior mile time. I did by 40 seconds! Granted I took a 2 minute breather and water break after the first mile because my lungs were burning, but slow and steady!livingston-parkAfter my run, I enjoyed my real breakfast, which was a plate of eggs, sweet potatoes and chicken sausage. Finally finished the Trader Joe’s chicken sausage that I hate!

whole30-breakfastI met up with my Mom for a trip to the spa. Manicure for Mom & pedicure for me. I chose a sparkly Christmas red, because, well, tis’ the season!

imageThe rest of my Saturday was spent grocery shopping at 3 different stores (help) and visiting the mall for Christmas ideas for myself and others! Gahhhh the decor just makes me so giddy!!!


I whipped up the biggest dinner, baked chicken with butternut squash and broccoli sauteed in coconut oil. I enjoyed this while watching a Christmas movie on Netflix.whole30-dinner

Both weekend days I slept in until 8:15-9, and boy did it feel good! Sunday I woke up at 8:15 and spent the good part of the morning meal prepping and cleaning my apartment while my Christmas Pandora station played in the background.

I dug into a mini breakfast around 9, before getting in a shoulder workout and a 2.9 mile run in my neighborhood (finally did it!). whole30-breakfastLate afternoon I visited my parents, aka I visited Mom so that we could watch a Christmas movie together. After that, I headed home for dinner, a little more meal prep, and then relaxed on the couch for the evening. All in all, a wonderful weekend!

Have you started watching Christmas movies yet?

Tell me about your weekend!

Weekend Recap: A Whole Lot of Nothing

Happy Columbus Day to you my friends, and for those enjoying the day off from work or school, soak it up a little extra for me, since I’m working the day away!

My weekend was extremely low key. I did a lot, even though it didn’t feel that way. Friday night was girl’s night at Lindsay’s.


We talked a lot about guys, dating, relationships and all of the good and bad that comes with it. We danced, Linds read my cards, and the cats stared us down.


Girl’s night with Lindsay was much needed, and it was nice to chat about all of that in person instead of just emails, texts, snapchats and IG comments. We are those girls that will have 5 conversations going at once on 5 different platforms haha.

I didn’t get to bed until a bit past 11, and yet I still got up at 5 to hit the gym. I wasn’t feeling it at all, and I almost turned around on my drive to the gym in favor of more sleep, but I just went for it. It was a really great workout, so I’m glad I got it in. I did a heavy shoulder/back/bicep workout, and ended it with a 30 minute easy run. I’m not sure if doing the cardio after lifting is what destroyed me for the remainder of the day, or if I was just run down, but boy, was the rest of my Saturday extremely tame… after my pancakes of course. 🙂


I tried to nap around 10 after my shower and breakfast, but I just couldn’t do it. I was ravenous, so I dug into a snack around 10:30, and then got out to run some errands. First stop, the library!


I found a book that interested me within 1 minute of looking, and I felt that was too quick, so I looked some more, and after 3 minutes of browsing the new release rack, I had 4 books in my hand that I couldn’t say no to. We all know what I’ll be doing this week!


I then went on a hunt to 2 pharmacies to find the mini FitCrunch bars. Lindsay told me they were either at Rite Aid or Walgreens. Just so you know, Walgreens was the winning location that carried them. And no, I didn’t buy the peanut butter flavor just because yours truly is an addict, it was the only flavor they had. Naturally I wiped them out and took what they had.


I got home a little after 1. Dug into lunch and a new book; I chose House of Echoes to read first since that was the book that caught my eye. I again tried to nap since my body was drained. I was on the couch and too exhausted to even get up; that’s how wiped out I was. I knew I needed to get out of the apartment and move, so I headed to Target to get a few organizational bins for work and my pantry, grabbed some Kodiak cake pancake mix and gum, and then retreated back to my couch. From 4-8:30 I binged watched the remaining episodes of season 5 of White Collar since that was all I had energy for, and then went to bed and fell right asleep.Target

When my alarm went off Sunday morning at 5, while I wanted to sleep more, I actually felt refreshed enough to workout. It looks as if my ultra-lazy Saturday paid off, since just relaxing and taking it easy did wonders for my body.

My workout started with a 15 minute jog, before I broke into a leg workout. My tailbone is feeling a lot better, so I was finally able to get back on the smith machine for squats. Since Tampa it has hurt to get into a deep squat or do full lunges, so I’m happy to be almost recovered from my traumatic stability ball incident haha. Leg workout was on fireeee!! I ended with a 1-mile cool down walk on the treadmill to loosen my legs up.

I immediately got on my foam roller, attacked my hamstrings with my stick, and stretched once I got home so that recovery wouldn’t be so painful! I then dug into a bowl of oatmeal topped with maple syrup and almonds. I’m trying to incorporate other fats besides peanut butter into my eating.


The rest of my late morning was spent reading on the couch, prepping some food for the week, and baking. {Recipe tomorrow!}


I headed to my parent’s house early afternoon for the Patriots game! #11 <3


All in all, it truly was a great, low key weekend!

Football fan? Who’s your team?

What did you do this Fall weekend?

Weekend Recap: Trail Running, Friends, Family

Hello hello & happy Monday! It was a fabulous low-key weekend over in my neck of the woods, and it was much-needed!

My Friday night was pretty wild in that I worked until about 7ish… luckily the last part was from my couch, but still! We have a new member who is having their grand opening of their store this weekend, so I had to work with our ad agency in creating a few last-minute social posts. You can bet by the time I finished work and eating, that I parked my butt in bed and was out cold by 8:20 pm.


A super early Friday night bed time meant that I was up and roaring to go at 5 am on Saturday. I took my time getting ready for the gym and then got going. Sadly my tailbone started bothering me partway through my workout, so I focused on a total body workout. When it came to doing legs, I had to skip weighted squats/lunges, and just killed my legs with never-ending bodyweight squats, backwards lunges and side lunges. Work with what ya got girls!

Protein pancakes were definitely earned after that workout. With my favorite fall candle that the best Mom bought for me. She had it burning at her house the day before I left for the Bahamas, and when I returned from my trips, there was one sitting on the counter with my name on it. She’s held the Best Mom ranking since 1988, well 1985 if we count my brother.


After breakfast, I prepped a bunch of veggies for the weekend/week, cleaned my apartment, and then headed over to my parent’s to spend the afternoon with my Mom.. and do laundry! We ran a few errands, one of which included buying a blender and ingredients for Mom to make protein shakes! She asked me to teach her how to make them, so I brought over some of my sample protein packets, took her shopping, and showed her the way! Love that Mom is going to start incorporating protein shakes into her days! Ps, that blender is the best! $15 at Target, it’s super easy to clean, makes the perfect 1-serving shake, and can be tucked away so easily!


I did a bit of reading in my new favorite book— you MUST buy it… all of you, and we also watched a few of our shows together; Grey’s Anatomy & Nashville. I miss McDreamy!!


A little after 5 I headed home, and continued my lazy night on the couch binge watching White Collar and reading.


I slept from 8 pm until 7:30 am. Holy moly that’s a lot of sleep! I was extremely tired on Saturday, and when I woke up at 5 on Sunday, I said no to the gym and decided I would sleep until my body told me it was time to wake up.

Around 8 I dug into a bowl of oatmeal with maple syrup, and enjoyed it while watching an episode of White Collar. I then cooked some potatoes and ground turkey for the week, and then headed to Hooksett. I needed to return 2 library books, and since Head’s Pond is 2 minutes from the library, I stopped there to get a fun run in. I used my Garmin because I wanted to track my distance, but I didn’t care about my pace at all. I wasn’t excited about the run, but once I started, I was truly happy that I got out there. It was so nice to run being surrounded by beautiful scenery, and the run itself felt so easy. It made me really love running, and I think for the fall my prescribed 30 minute steady-state cardio session will be a weekend fall run!

I got home around 11, took a shower, ate a big bowl of ground turkey and sautéed butternut squash, started this blog post, and then headed out to spend the afternoon with my girl Lyndsay and baby Brynn. Lynds and I met at work almost 2 years ago, and we quickly became wonderful friends.


Yesterday’s outfit made me feel fabulously, amazingly badass, and I LOVED it!


After a day of shopping, I headed over to my parent’s to do dinner with them! My Dad BBQ for us, and I made the side of, take a guess, sautéed butternut squash. I am honestly going to turn orange from my addiction, but it’s just so good! I only add a little bit of pink sea salt to the butternut squash while I’m sautéing, and it gives it the perfect seasoning!





And my Mom is even more amazing because she not only bought me a new winter candle, but she also listened to me when I told her I loved this ranch seasoning on our Saturday shopping trip, and had a new bottle waiting for me Sunday night. My Dad also sent me home with enough chicken for the week. They are friggen wonderful and so amazing. image

And that is the recap of a great weekend!

Do you use the popcorn seasonings for regular food?

What’s your favorite candle scent?

What fall fashion style are you obsessing over?

Bahamas Days 2 & 3

I’m back with another recap of my vacation in the Bahamas! Since Monday and Tuesday consisted of pretty much the same thing during the day, with different activities in the evening, I’ll recap both of those days in this post!

Both mornings started off with a workout upon rising at 6. Since the entire resort was literally still sleeping off their previous day of drinking, I had the gym to myself every day that I was there. The resort apparently didn’t like turning the AC on that early in the morning since I found it to be a sauna in the gym every day. I went through 3 towels during every workout, ha! My workouts included 15 minutes of HIIT running, followed by a strength workout, and ending with about a 15 minute cool-down walk.

Breakfast was the same for me. We would meet at 8 am, reserve our chairs on the beach and go inside to eat. I packed protein pancakes, so I ate those with 1 tbsp of peanut butter, fresh fruit, & a little bit of maple syrup to dip each bite in.


After breakfast, we headed to the beach to start our days.




Playing in the water.


Taking pictures.


Feeling fabulous!


You name it, we did it.


To cool off, we would hang out in the pool for a good chunk of time. The girls liked it because there was a swim up bar, so we spent a lot of time around the bar. I didn’t have a single drink the entire vacation. Some might call me weird, but seeing the mixtures in jugs just looked so unappealing. I don’t like mixed drinks either, so it was just more enjoyable for me to stick to bottled water.


On Monday evening we went to dinner at the steakhouse, and then headed over to the outdoor stage to watch that nights entertainment. It was a mix of dancing. It was cool but we were so exhausted that after the show we went to bed.


Tuesday night we enjoyed dinner at Bella Restaurant. We had dinner here on Sunday night as well. This restaurant had the best seating views!

This was my favorite spot simply because they had a really great buffet. From fish, chicken and pork, to endless salads, veggies and desserts. I piled my plate high with veggies. So good!

Tuesday night after dinner we headed over to watch another show, which really bored the heck out of me!


I was so hungry that I just wanted it to end so that we could go get ice cream. The dining hall had THE best strawberry ice cream, and I had no problem whatsoever eating 3 scoops with the works, 3 nights in a row. No shame. I figured if I ate healthy for all of my meals, got my workouts in and didn’t drink, then ALL THE ICE CREAM was my way of treating myself on vacation. 🙂


And that’s Monday & Tuesday’s recap. I’ll be back tomorrow with Wednesday & Thursday for ya!

Bahamas Day 1

Day 1 of the Bahamas (Sunday) started at 4:45 am, where we got ready and hit the road to the Newark Airport. On Saturday, Lindsay, Nicole and I headed to CT to spend the evening at Michelle’s so that we only had an hour drive in the morning.

We were on the road at 6 am, and to the airport at 7. Selfies in the parking lot while we waited for the shuttle to bring us to the airport.


First time traveling outside of the country! I felt like a virgin when I got my book stamped!




We were off on our 3 hour flight, and before we knew it, we were in the Bahamas!


An hour after getting off the plane we were already in our hotel rooms and throwing our bikinis on at 1 pm.


We immediately found 4 chairs on the beach and sat our butts down!


Just a few Bahama mamas!


We spent from 1-5 laying in our chairs, swimming in the ocean, and frolicking in the pool! We headed back to our rooms to get ready and headed out to dinner for 7 pm. I actually started writing this from bed while waiting for the girl’s to get ready. Multi-tasking!!!

And that was our first full day last week in the Bahamas!

A Weekend of Love… Like Real Love But Also Ice Cream Love

Fun. That’s what this weekend was full of. Tired. That’s how this weekend left me feeling. In between workouts, early mornings, a day celebrating love and everything in between, my weekend flew by in the flash of the eye.

My weekend started at 2 on Friday when our CEO informed us that the “parking lot was melting” so we had to leave work and go home. He does this once a summer where he will randomly just close the office early. Love this man!

I spent my Friday afternoon running errands, prepping food, doing my nails and then ended the night with vanilla soft-serve with rainbow jimmies. Hit the spot!



I had trouble sleeping Friday night because of a killer headache, so when my alarm went off at 6 am, I was beat. I also knew that the workout had to get done since I was going to be out all day and night Saturday. I got to the gym around 6:35 and had a killer leg workout! Leg days are quickly becoming my favorite body part to train.

I was finished my workout around 8, and headed home to shower, eat and get ready for a girl’s day! Lindsay and I were on the road just after 10, where we made the 2 hour trek up to North Conway, NH for Lauren’s bridal shower. Lauren was one of our roommates in college, and she is the first of us to get married!


The shower was in her parent’s backyard, and it was just the perfect day for it. Four roomies minus Michelle. {Nicole, Lindsay, Lauren & I}


Lauren met Joel right after college, so we didn’t have the pleasure of knowing him throughout our years of living together, but they simply make the perfect couple. You can tell how much they love each other, and it really is a beautiful thing to see.



Love my girls! image

The shower was an absolute blast, and around 5 we hit the road to head home. Linds and I had such a blast jamming out to girl music and brainstorming ideas and places of where people meet significant others that does not include online dating. We were baffled haha.

I didn’t get home until a little after 8, and boy was I wiped out! I got out of my wedges as quickly as I could and dug into dinner. I spent the next hour or so unwinding, before falling asleep before 10.


Gasppp!!! I slept in until 8:35 am, which was the first time I’ve done that in a long, long time. My body clearly needed the rest, especially after surviving Saturday’s busy day on 4 hours of sleep! I had wanted to go down to Cape Cod to visit my brother, but after he told me that driving all of that in one day would be tiring, I told him that I would make a long weekend to him and Chelsey in PA.

So, I slept in. Spent a few hours doing some work from my couch, meal prepped, ran a few errands, and then went on a walking adventure.


What was the highlight of your weekend?

What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?

When Life Happens…. Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

I used to snooze every single morning, at least 2-3 times, typically getting up at 5:17a. Since the first night sleeping in my apartment at the beginning of this month, I haven’t hit snooze once. I’ve settled into a really great routine of being in bed and most of the time asleep by 8:30p, making it extremely easy to just roll out of bed once my alarm goes off at 5a. I roll out of bed, do my pre-gym thing, and then I’m usually out the door between 5:25-5:30.

My workouts used to start around 6:15a, but now they start around 5:55a. The extra 20 minutes is amazing. Seriously, I can spend more time doing weights, use the extra time to stretch, or some days I’ll use the extra time to just walk for a bit after my workout.

Tuesday’s workout was HIIT & back/biceps. I started with 20 minute HIIT run, which looks like this:

– Always start with a 5 minute warm-up walk & 5 minute warm-up jog before my 20 minutes officially starts

  • Minutes 1-5—— 30 second sprint at 5.5mph, 30 second recovery at 4.7 mph
  • Minutes 6-10 — 30 second sprint at 6 mph, 45 second recovery at 4.7 mph —— the faster my sprints become, I will add a little bit of time to my recovery run
  • Minutes 11-15 — 30 second sprint at 6.5 mph, 1 minute recovery at 4.9 mph —– I find that the faster my sprints become, I need to make my recovery pace faster
  • Minutes 15-20 — 3 second sprint at 7 mph, 1 minute recovery at 4.9 mph —– I totally need the minute recovery here, but the last 2 sets I might drop it to 45 seconds recovery

So that’s what I do! Obviously your speeds will vary depending on your body. I have short, pudgy legs so while these might appear to be slow speeds for you, they aren’t that slow for me. Remember, EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT.

I do find that breaking my 20 minutes of HIIT into 4 sets makes it fly by and it’s fun. Now that I’ve been using these numbers for about a week and a half now, I’ll probably increase the speeds a little bit. So maybe 5.7 instead of 5.5; 6.3 instead of 6mph, etc.

After my HIIT run, I followed it with a back and bicep workout. I’m getting bored with this one, so I’ll probably look around for new exercises to incorporate into it! The biceps at the end are always a killer though!

Protein pancakes have been my new favorite breakfast instead of my oatmeal. It’s just so satisfying being able to eat 7-8 pancakes after a hard workout. Plus, I take longer to eat them than a bowl of oatmeal, so it’s a win win! 🙂


I had every intention of the above being posted on Wednesday morning, but then Tuesday night I decided to randomly chop 4 inches of my hair off because why not?! So instead of blogging, I got my hair done!


I woke up on Wednesday absolutely exhausted, but I still powered through my workout. After work I had plans to celebrate Nikki’s engagement (yayyy Nikki!), so cousin night was more important than blogging. Once I got home around 8:30 I immediately crawled into bed.


Thursday was a rest day from the gym, but for some reason I’m always more tired and hungrier on the days that I don’t workout. After work I headed across the street to meet Lindsay and Nichole for a little girl’s evening. I was too exhausted so I simply stuck to water. It was pouring out!


But then we would look to the right and we had this beautiful view. Love the outdoor seating at Fratello’s!

After that, I immediately came home around 6:20, finished this blog post up, ate dinner and then went to bed at 7:30. It was fabulous and I had no shame in my Grandma game!