My Day in Pictures

Happy freakin’ Friday! I feel like this week flew by, and even better, I’m out-of-town today for a pretty awesome day with my work peeps.

We are in York Beach, ME, ya know, where I just vacationed, for a division outing at my coworkers’ house. We have a fun day full of drinking, eating, and scavenger hunting, before I’m off to see Billy Currington in concert with 3 of my girl friends.

Today I’ll keep the post simple, but for more meaty content, head on over to Janine’s blog, The Purple Giraffe, where I am guest posting while she is busy running in Reach the Beach!

Thursday in Pictures

No time in the day to do a thing. 3 1/2 hours of “free” time to get 16 hours of work in.


Breakfast for lunch. Coconut paleo pancakeswith a non-paleo sprinkling of PB2, topped with Walden Farms maple syrup and 1 tbsp of sun butter.IMG_2439 IMG_2440

Pre-meeting snack to keep me from going all Hulk on my team. Sun butter in strawberry Greek yogurt. Bad office lighting =  green sun butter. 🙂

Amazing thunder, lightening and torrential downpours all day long. The flooding was the not so cool part of it all.


Photoshoots for work. Yes, I got to pose too. I’m dubbed the “Social Butterfly,” so I’m excited to see the outcome of my company photo and the awesome effects that get added to it. Hint, there’s a Twitter bird in it.

Undocumented Castle. What do you expect? Limited myself to 1 episode. Who are we kidding, that’s only because I stayed late at work, ran errands, visited my parents and had to do more work last night.

What type of shenanigans are you getting into this weekend?

Guest Blogger: Beth at Mangoes & Miles

This is a super exciting day for me because today marks my 1st ever guest blogger, and I couldn’t be more excited to have one of my favorite bloggers here on Running on Peanut Butter!

Beth will be rambling on about why she loves long distance running, and you can catch me over on her blog where I’ll be rambling on about why short distance running is 10x better.

Without further ado, meet my homegirl, Beth!

Hey guys! I’m Beth from Mangoes and Miles, and I blog about the random, meaningless thoughts that run through my head, my workouts, other running-related things, pictures of food, our heart-meltingly adorable puppy, my past eating disorders…basically everything that makes me, me. I ran my first half marathon this past May, and I’m currently training for a half in October and a possible marathon in January.

cleveland half marathon finish

Because of the previous statement, I don’t think it’s necessary to say that I love long distances. My goal one day (hopefully in the not-too-far-future) is for me to be able to say, “Oh, I’m just going out for an easy run”…and then run like, 10. And, unlike most people, I love the hamster wheel. Combine both: long distances on the hamster wheel make me want to pee from excitement.

No, I’m not a normal human being. But what’s life without a little variety? 😉

Anyway, Allie and I are doing a blog swap today. (Maybe I should have said that first.) And I’m super excited about it because Allie and I are basically bffs. Seriously, how many other grown women do you know who still obsessively watch Grey’s Anatomy and moderate each other’s water intake? 🙂

Allie loves running short distances, and I obviously don’t, so we thought it’d be fun to compare and contrast.

I love long distances because…

1. It gives me a reason to wear compression socks and make me feel hardcore…even when I’m not running.

i'm really cool

2. I really like eating. And I really like laying around on the couch. And there’s no better reason to do both all day than “I just ran 13 miles.”

(Note: I don’t actually run to eat. It’s definitely a perk, but more often than not it’s annoying because I’m hungry every 2 hours. And when I’m hungry, I’m not very fun to be around.)

3. I don’t like running fast. Anything under a half marathon would require me to run kind of fast. Have you ever tried running a marathon fast? I haven’t ever run a marathon (yet!), but you can bet that I won’t be going any kind of fast until the last few miles. Although my legs would probably be tired enough by that point that they couldn’t go fast even if they wanted to.

4. A 12 mile run is the perfect way to explore any city. I’m leaving for Yellowstone National Park today, and I’m so excited to explore the park by running. Hopefully I don’t get lost. Or eaten by a bear. Or pass out due to altitude sickness. There’s a lot that scares me in Yellowstone.

yellowstone geyser


In all seriousness though, whether you like short distances (Allie, you be crazy) or long, whether you run fast or slow, I firmly believe that there’s no better high than running. I love the peace of mind a simple run can bring, the sound of your breath and your heart and your feet hitting the pavement, and the stillness of the morning air. I love the confidence it gives me and the way it challenges me every single day.

To quote Oprah, “Running is the greatest metaphor for life, because you get out of it what you put into it.” It’s so wonderfully challenging, but also so freeing—who needs drugs when you can run? 🙂


I told you this girl would ramble, which is why we are perfect for each other. Anyways, I cannot believe that Beth didn’t include a picture of her puppy, Rosie, who I want so desperately, so here’s the little smoosh herself!


Thanks so much for blogging today Beth, and fellow readers, take some time to head over to her blog and laugh your face off with her daily posts, you won’t be disappointed!