Life As Of Late

Long time no talk! I’m surprised I even remembered my username and password to log into this little blog of mine, ha! I honestly did not mean to take over a week off, but ya know what? I did. It was refreshing. And I don’t feel bad about it! Actually, I did feel bad when my Mom called me out over the weekend for not blogging. She said I was probably disappointing my fans, in the nicest way possible, of course. I don’t think I have fans. I just have people that are just as nosy as I am and like knowing every little thing about people’s lives, haha!

So let’s play a little bit of catch up.

Since we last talked, I ran a St. Patrick’s Day race. They made me Irish for the day, and made me Allie O’Lewis! My new last name must have brought me luck on race day. I’ve run this race 3 years in a row, each time getting a faster time. Well this year, I actually beat my time from 2015 by a minute and 8 seconds. Looks like all of my speed work is paying off!


I ran it with Ashley, my gym buddy and partner-in-crime. She blew last year’s time out of the water too, and I’m almost positive she ran it about 2 minutes faster! This girl is by my side at the gym pushing me harder and making me laugh 5-6 days of the week, and I wouldn’t change a thing. We are starting an accountability program as of today to work towards our goals, which just happen to be the same.millennium-running-st-patricks-day

I’ve been obsessed with all things veggie. I’ve added cauliflower crumbles to my oatmeal for volume and veggies, and am back at it with spaghetti squash!spaghetti-squash

Rice cakes with protein pudding has been my new favorite snack. I mix 8 grams of sugar-free dry pudding mix with about 20 grams of protein powder, with water, and top 1 or 2 rice cakes with it. Add a bit of sprinkles for crunch, and it’s a great snack! I’m also guilty of just dunking the rice cakes in peanut butter. Sometimes you just have to live your life.image

Speaking of living my life, that’s another reason I haven’t been blogging much. I’m living my life away from the computer and internet. I’m doing things that will better my life, I’m dating again, and it’s SO MUCH FUN! Oh, and on my birthday, I chopped my hair off! I am obsessed with it, and feel like there’s a whole new level of sass to me.image

This was my favorite Easter ever. I laughed so much. I also enjoyed quality time with all of my cousins. I feel as if some holidays I only get to truly talk in depth with 1-2 cousins, but not at Easter, and I think that’s why it’s my favorite holiday. I’m so blessed that my cousins are some of my closest friends and that we can talk about anything and everything together.image

Lindsay just started a Whole30 on Monday, and she is going to do so well! I’m kind of wanting to do another Whole30 again simply because she inspires me!


My goddaughter Brinkley continues to steal my heart every single day. image



Life is really great right now, and I don’t think I’ve ever been happier than I am right now. There’s something to be said about walking by faith and not by light. If you let go of the reigns that you’re trying to use to control your life, you’ll be a lot more happier and carefree. That is what I have done, and life seems to be wonderful.

I know that I’ve said that I’ll get back into a good blogging routine, but with spring here and more activities and time being spent outside, I truly plan on getting back into a good schedule, even if it’s only 2-3 posts a week. Sometimes you just need a break from blogging or any type of activity, and I feel as if the winter was a good time for me to do that! Have a great day! 🙂

What have you been up to lately?!

Tell me something that’s making you happy?

Starting 2016 With Races and Babies

Happy 2016 my friends! I hope that your year is off to a great start so far; I know mine is! I’ve had a fun past few days, and with having Thursday and Friday off from work, it’s been extra nice! I’ve kept busy and managed to take pictures while I’m at it, so let’s jump into a recap of the past several days!

On New Year’s Eve my friend and I made a taco dinner, watched TV, and then went to the late viewing of Spotlight, which I HIGHLY recommend. He is the only person I know who likes popcorn without the butter on it.

movie-popcornNew Year’s Eve in little downtown Norwood. I didn’t get home until 1:30 am, and boy was I exhausted!

imageWith a 2 am bedtime, I allowed myself to sleep in until 10, and enjoyed a lazy few hours on my couch before getting ready for race #1 of 2016. Luckily it was a 1 mile downhill race, otherwise I probably would have struggled. My new running vest that I had to buy at Marshall’s several weeks back when hunting for a desk. I knew it was a necessary purchase. 😉

imageI ran the race with Sarah and Jaime, but Sarah and I carpooled together, and it was fabulous having girl talk on the drive over to the course. If Sarah continues to wear her Bruins running tights, she is sure to scoop up a guy! I finished in 8:16, which I will take! This was the perfect day to make as an active rest day, especially since we had to walk a mile uphill post race.

millennium-mileMy favorite snack of late is roasted plantain chips. How these have surpassed peanut butter is beyond me!

plantainsSaturday morning’s workout was a 40 minute easy run followed by 5 X 20 second strides, a few leg exercises and lots of stretching. It felt good!!!

Saturday early afternoon I headed into Boston for brunch at Earl’s Kitchen + Bar. Bonus points for any guy that asks you to eat breakfast foods instead of dinner foods.

This photo of Earls Kitchen + Bar is courtesy of TripAdvisor

And then it was on to an afternoon and evening of cute baby butts! Don’t you just want to squeeze that little butt of Brinkley’s???

imageNothing more adorable than a boy taking his time eating pizza. That slice of pepperoni just hung out in between his lips for the longest time. He makes my heart so full.imageAnd my beautiful Goddaughter. She just stops my heart every single time. Those eyes and cheeks and lips. I am just so blessed to be such an important part of her and Lucas’ life. I need to stop getting all emotional over these two little peanuts!imageI managed to take zero pictures on Sunday, but my morning started with a bi and tri workout with Ashley, followed by a lot of meal prep for the week, and ending with meeting up with my Mom to see SISTERS. Go see it, please. If you don’t laugh, I will reimburse you for your ticket!

All in all, a wonderful start to 2016!

How did you celebrate New Year’s Eve?

What was the latest movie that you’ve seen?



A Christmas Week Recap With 1 Sentence Per Picture

Hi friends!! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas week with your loved ones; I know I sure did! I didn’t touch my laptop throughout the entire week, so I’m popping in today for a recap of Christmas Eve Eve ’til yesterday, with one sentence per picture to keep it short and sweet!

imageThese two keep my work days interesting.

imageThe best socks ever from the boss.

bombas-socksPacking for a warm holiday week means most of my bag is full of running gear.image Treated myself to a spray tan thanks to my wonderful boss, and if you want to talk about how you know when you love your body, it’s when you can spray tan in just a thong in front of another girl and not have a single insecurity in the world. A sweet first date at Starbucks; and that was my first and last skinny peppermint mocha of the season.imageSanta recruited Kipper doodles for Christmas Eve.

kipCruising around my parent’s house on a scooter because you should never grow up.imageMaking faces at one another while singing at church will result in your Mom threatening to separate you and your Dad.

imageEvery Christmas Eve evening we drive around, listening to Christmas music and looking at the lights, and judging all of the houses.imageContinuing the Christmas Eve traditions of Elf!imageStarted Christmas morning with a 4.25 mile run in 50 degree weather; Merry Christmas!Christmas-RunJust two boys playing dinosaurs at my Uncle’s house on Christmas day.imageMy secret santa nailed my gift this year & I cannot wait to start trying out the recipes!imageChristmas was celebrated in our house on the day after Christmas. Way to be late Santa!ChristmasLong live the Justin Bieber wrapping paper!imageSunday night Christmas with my Mom’s side; just hanging with the cousin.

cousinsAnd that’s a wrap! If you’re planning on doing the Whole30 in January, make sure to stop by tomorrow for a recap of my favorite Whole30 approved breakfast meals!

What was the best Christmas gift that you received?

Do you have any Christmas Eve or Christmas day traditions?


Thanksgiving Eve & Thanksgiving in One Sentence Per Picture

Happy Friday! I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your friends and family yesterday… I know that I sure did. I’m going to make this a quick post with pictures from Thanksgiving Eve and Thanksgiving with one sentence per picture.

Last year these TOMs shoes were entirely sold out and they were finally back up last week, and on clearance!

imageRyan and Chelsey were home, so Wednesday night after dinner we had game night!imageWe celebrated my Mom’s birthday a night early, and gosh, whyyyyy Whol30(?), the cake looked sooooo good!cakeThanksgiving morning I started with a 6:30 am workout, and it was pretty busy, but only with the typical morning group.golds-gymMy Aunt Judy (hi Aunt Judy), made this beautiful chocolate display, yes, she made those chocolates!imagePhotos outside also meant play time for little Lucas.

imageHappy Thanksgiving from Ryan and I!imageA little bit of a blondie sandwich with Lindze and my adorable Goddaughter, Brinkley. <3imageHappy 35th anniversary to my parents; thanks for being such a good role model of a healthy and happy marriage!

imageUncle Tim, the best Thanksgiving host ever, with little sweet cheeks Brinkley.  imageI want to eat those cheeks.

brinkleyEnjoy your weekend my friends!

How was your Thanksgiving?

What was the best thing that you ate on Thanksgiving?

Weekend Recap: Easter & Toasted Legs

Hi hi my friends! Are you all in a Easter candy coma today? I actually behaved yesterday, which I am 1) proud of myself 2) surprised with myself (fat kid for life!), and happy that I feel great today! Anytime I’m at a family event with my aunt’s infamous dessert mix, I 1) always binge on the entire bucket of mix, 2) feel awful and disgusting, and 3) get mad at myself for not having enough self-control to only have a little bit.


So yes, today I’m feeling fabulous, because I listened to my body being full from dinner and opted out of desserts.

My parents were actually gone for an ultra-long weekend to head to PA to spend the Easter weekend with my brother, Chels, and her parents. Since I couldn’t afford to take 2 days off from work (I’m super busy these days in my job), I stayed home with Kip.

Friday night was a lazy one over here. It included chicken stir-fry for dinner, an evening walk followed by basketball, and then several hours of Dexter. It was the perfect lazy Friday night!


Saturday started with a cat and dog in my bed and no room to move. Since I couldn’t fall asleep until late on Friday, when my alarm went off at 7 am, I reset it to 8, and took advantage of an extra hour of sleep.

After taking care of animal duties, I downed 1/2 of a mini Laraba Uber Roasted Nut Roll, 1/3 of a Fuel for Fire, and headed out the door to go to the gym.


The workout was a run & leg day… basically a workout that would destroy my legs. I was aiming for 3-4 miles, really wanting the 4 miles, but by 3.6 miles, I was toast. The run felt so great though, and I think if the gym didn’t feel like a sauna, that I could’ve gotten 4+ miles in, but extreme heat can seriously screw you over! I decided to end the run and not be stubborn to get 4, and headed to the ladie’s gym to do legs. I left tired, starving and in dire need of a shower!

After a shower, I got started on cleaning the bathrooms, doing a load of laundry, and then got to town on deep cleaning the fridge. Anyone else find cleaning to be calming and a stress-reliever? Kip monitored me, making sure I didn’t miss a spot.


And for being a good supervisor, Kippy got a lot of frisbee time! Whyyyyy is there still snow?!


From about noon until 3:30 I continued on with cleaning, blog work, and other productive activities before it was time for an epic Trader Joe’s/Whole Foods trip!


Pancakes for dinner and finished Dexter. Like it’s over. All 8 seasons. The ending I cannot handle!


After a good amount of sleep but still not feeling fully rested, I had 1/2 yogurt with 1/2 a banana before heading to the gym for a very lame workout.


After the “gym,” I took Kip for a 40 minute walk before showering, eating a tuna wrap, and checking out what the Easter bunny brought me. Good job Mr. Bunny!



New Easter nails!


Pink = Easter. Now that I feel more confident in my skin, I love picking out my outfits. I threw a light brown 3/4 cardigan over this and loved the look.image

Happy Easter, let’s feast!

After our dinner, I played Mr. Potato Head.


And then hunted for eggs filled with goodies of all kinds!

And took long-overdue pictures with my cuzzo <3


Can you spot the baby?!


And then it was home to relax and get ready for Monday!

What did you do for Easter?

Best thing you ate on Easter?

Day In The Life: Birthday Edition

Hello party people! Who else has their Friday party pants on? And by party pants, I mean the pants that I wear while sitting on the couch for a lazy Friday night with my bottle of water. Apparently turning 27 yesterday has turned me into quite the party girl! Actually, I can’t even remember the last time I went out to celebrate my birthday at a bar. Was it like 21? Throwback to my 21st birthday when my now cousin-in-law told me what was in a “cement mixer.” Talk about an awkward turtle face! Also, what is up with that dude’s earring in the background? Let’s hope in the 6 years since this photo that he has since ditched that thing.


Since I skipped posting yesterday since I had a busy work-filled Thursday night, here is a day in the life of my birthday, and a few shots from Thursday! One sentence per picture because I like to see how creative I can get with a limit!

Spring is here and my nails prove it!


On my lunch I took Kip for a walk because it was 57 degrees out, and all he wanted to do was lick the melting snow and possibly eat rocks?


Breakfast for dinner is where it’s at, thanks to Kodiak Cakes and Shape Magazine.


Birthday workout was a 2 mile run, a shoulder workout (including this Arnold press), and abs.



{Source –  a text message}

This is the glamorous behind the scenes shot: post-shower at work, with my lucky socks and towel on, my worn-out Chucks that need to be washed, a bag full of sweaty clothes, and my gym bag.


A surprise delivery from my favorite friends, Allie and Kris, and you know that I ate the chocolate covered strawberries first! 🙂


After work there was a double chocolate cake with whipped cream.


And extra-whipped cream.


And new running socks and running tunes!

bombas-socksThis card from my brother and SIL was perfect and spot on, and if you are wondering, that girl on the right is me when I have to take a long fitness class, specifically barre.


And then I passed out from a chocolate coma. No more cake for me for months! Seriously!

What’s your favorite kind of cake?

Double chocolate or carrot cake!! All I care about is frosting!

Christmas Is Officially Over Weekend

As of Saturday evening, Christmas is officially over for my family. I spent a wonderful extra-extra-long weekend with my immediate family, and both sides of my parents family. What I love most about Christmas is that you get to spend time with the people that you love, and just enjoy quality time with them. As we get older, it’s not about the gifts, and more about being in the moment with those that you care about.



My company was given Friday off as a holiday, so I took full advantage of it. I slept in until about 8:30, before going out for a run. I wasn’t too comfy, as I had gone out for a run on Christmas morning. Friday’s run was good for the first mile, until mile 1.5 when I got both a side stitch AND a “monthly” cramp. At mile 3 I just decided to stop, and did a few weighted ab exercises before calling it a day.

At 1, Gerry and I headed out to run a few errands at the mall and a few other local places. We were quickly exhausted, so we settled on the couch to watch one episode of Dexter (our new show), before he left for work and I completed a few returns.

I got home around 6, and happily dug into an egg sandwich. I felt so so so exhausted and all I wanted to do was veg out. I watched Harry Potter #2 while doing my nails. The gift I wanted the most was this Thermal Space Gel nail machine to give yourself shellac nails. Lisha told me about it a few months ago, and I immediately decided I needed it.


Once my nails were all set, I moved to the couch and flipped between Harry Potter, Seinfeld, Modern Family, and the Kardashians. Can you tell that I was really uncertain of what I wanted to watch?

In bed before 9. Much needed!


When I woke up around 8, I really wasn’t sure if I wanted to workout. My body felt a little sore, mostly from the running, but I knew I wanted to do something. I needed it to be quick, as we had my Mom’s family’s Christmas party this day. I did a pretty intense upper body workout, before getting 25 minutes of cardio in. It was quick and what I needed. In my new ASICS GEL-Fit Sana training shoes.

ASICS Gel Fit Sana

It was then clean, clean, clean. Cook, cook, cook. I managed to shower, do laundry, prep some food, and clean up, before it was time for our Christmas party. I only see my cousins about once a year, unless there is a graduation type of party, so it was nice to see everyone again!


Once everyone left a little after 5, we cleaned up the house, before having a game night. We started off with 4 rounds of Sequence. Ryan & Chels vs Mom & Dad vs Gerry & I. And then a free for all with Uno. Such a fun night!


Around 10, it was definitely time for bed, so I snuggled up with this fur ball while reading for a little bit.



Nothing felt better than sleeping in until 9:15. I spent several hours doing a little bit of blog work while I worked up an appetite.


Since today was a complete rest day, I took a quick shower around 11:30, and dug into an egg & cheese sandwich that I made with my easy eggwich maker.


And then it was off to the movies with the fam, Ry & Chels to catch the 12:30 viewing of Wild. This movie was SO good, and it made me want to go out for a hike.


The rest of my afternoon was spent running a few errands, and watching a bit of football on the couch with the boys.

What was the highlight of your Christmas weekend?

Have you seen Wild yet?

Scenes From Christmas

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas full of family, friends and fabulous food! My day was more than amazing, and I only wish the same for you! Here’s a quick glance into my day.

Made an egg sandwich the “Easy Eggwich” maker that I got for free, to fuel the unwrapping of gifts.


Watched the best Christmas movie ever while opening gifts.

Kippy loved his new stuffed bunnie.


It was 50 degrees out on Christmas, so I headed out for an unmerry 3.5 mile run. The wind was insane, and it just was a struggle of a run.


So happy that Ryan and Chelsey were home for Christmas this year. Next year I will pout when they’re not.


Love my family.


At 3, we headed over to my uncles for the afternoon and evening. Lucas pointed to every bulb and said “pretty.”


Ryan and Lucas matched dead on. I think this is even cuter  because Lucas isn’t Ryan’s son.


Remember how we had no power on Thanksgiving? Well we lost power for about an hour when we were right about to start eating dinner. At this point, it was just funny, so we made it enjoyable.


My Secret Santa knows me too well. I also received a box of the Cookies & Cream bars from my parents, so I am in the money!

My Aunt Mare’s mix that gets me every single time. <3333333

Aunt-Mares-MixWhat was your favorite dessert yesterday?

Aunt Mare’s mix always wins. No matter what.

Did Santa bring you anything good?

New running stuff! (Gift card to the running store, Nike running tights, 2 hats, etc!) Shellac nail set!


Merry Christmas!

Wishing you all a Merry Merry Christmas! Scenes from Christmas Eve (Eve).

Annual Christmas Eve Eve dinner with my ladies (minus Jaime).


Starbucks run with the boy on Christmas Eve.IMG_1611

Christmas Eve tradition of topping the tree with the angel.


Went driving around looking at Christmas lights before retreating to the couch to watch Christmas Vacation before Santa comes.
IMG_1610Merry Christmas from Kipper!

IMG_1619Enjoy your day with your loved ones. I love you all!



A Nontraditional Thanksgiving 2014

Hello my friends! I hope you all had a fabulous long Thanksgiving weekend, I know I sure did! <– that is an understatement. I have SO much to fill you in on, which I will leave for tomorrow, but for today, let’s quickly recap Wednesday through Friday.

I am so so so sorry for not being on here Friday. I had every intention of it, but you see, Wednesday night we got hit by a big storm. The first snow fall of the year actually caused our wires to set our trees on fire.


The neighbors came out and threw snowballs at the fires to try to put them out. Just an fyi, if this ever happens to you, do not throw snowballs. The fire department doesn’t encourage this.


Thanksgiving morning was beautiful to wake up to, but all of the heavy snow meant that a majority of the state was without power.


We had no power from Wednesday evening until Saturday afternoon. And no internet from Wednesday evening until Sunday morning. It was crazy! I didn’t rush to a coffee shop to get anything posted, and instead, I focused on just being in the moment and not worrying about technology. It was refreshing!


That meant that Thanksgiving at my uncles had entertainment by my cousin and cousin-in-law.IMG_1126

With finger foods for appetizers. I housed that bucket of trail mix, and ate so many cheese and cracker sliders that I had no room for the meal.IMG_1129

Grilled chicken, burgers, kielbasa, steak, and hot dogs for dinner. No turkey, no stuffing, no canned cranberry sauce.IMG_1134

But we played MASH, and I am planning a wedding to Taylor Kinney and will be a stay-at-home-mom to his children (!!!!).IMG_1162

And all that matters on Thanksgiving is to be with those that you are thankful for. It’s not about what you eat. It’s about who you are with.


Friday was spent grabbing a tea and a bite to eat with a friend from Baltimore, before I conquered the mall for a little late afternoon Black Friday shopping. I also made a gusty move at one of the stores I visited Friday evening, but more on that tomorrow!


What is your favorite Thanksgiving meal/side dish?

Boxed stuffing and canned cranberry sauce! Fake all the way! 🙂