Macros & Real Life + My Routine

I started counting macros and following the flexible dieting route 3 or so years ago, and back then I feel as if flexible dieting wasn’t hugely popular. Now it seems that a lot of people have heard about macros or follow a flexible dieting way of eating, and it’s not as uncommon as it used to be.

It can be hard to explain macros to your direct and extended family, or when you’re going on date after date, but you’d be surprised that your friends and family will come to support you once they have a better understanding of how macros work and what it consists of. They might find it confusing or give you a hard time in good fun at first, but trust me when I say that they hopefully will come around and fully support you.

And when it comes to dating, I’ve found that if you are attracted to healthy, athletic men or women, that the chances are good that they have eating habits that will make you feel less alone with how you eat.

Just the other day I was telling a guy that I was meal prepping for the week and he asked if I was on a strict diet or if I’m type A (haha). I simply informed him that 1) meal prepping keeps me from eating like an a-hole, and 2) that I follow macros and work with a coach. He surprised me by saying that he was starting with a coach the following day and had a meal plan to follow as well.

So, if you’re dating and counting macros, be honest and upfront if the topic comes up. I don’t bring it up unless I’m asked about my nutrition or training, or asked about my meal prepping routine.  If that person is right for you, they won’t give you crap and will be interested in supporting you. Some days counting macros can be a pain in the butt, like when it comes to events out of the norm, but if you don’t hit your numbers that day, it’s not the end of the world. You will not gain weight if you eat a slice of cake or go over your carbs for the day. If you continue to eat over your macros and eat junk food every day, then yes, you might gain weight.

And also, don’t let macros rule your life. Don’t stop having fun and going out just because it might prevent you from hitting your macros that day. If you’re just starting out on macros for the first time, maybe try to avoid eating out right off the bat if it will prevent you from getting stressed, but as you get into the routine of it, you’ll be able to eyeball portions when you’re out to eat.

This is why macros, or flexible dieting, as it’s referred to, is so great. It allows us to be flexible with what we eat. Technically speaking, as long as you hit your numbers, you can eat whatever, but you can’t just front load your body with junk. Macros allow me to eat the meals and snacks that make me feel good, but that also satisfy cravings that I might have.

I try to make my main meals as healthy as possible, and by that, I mean getting my protein from chicken, beef, and eggs. My fats from coconut oil, eggs, almonds, and peanut butter, and my carbs from veggies and oatmeal.

The first half of my day is almost always pretty static from day to day, and the afternoon and evening might be more geared towards cravings. That’s why I try to get most of my veggies and lean proteins in during the first half of the day, that way if I want to indulge or enjoy a dinner date with friends or a guy, then I can without guilt, as I know that I’ll have carbs and fats to play around with.

If you’re a long-time reader, then you know that I get my workouts in during the early morning hours. I either shower at work or back at my apartment if time permits, and on the days that I shower at my apartment, I will always have a handful of raisins in my car right after the gym, and will then enjoy a shake when I get home.

imageAshley and I made friends with a guy at the gym, and several weeks back I noticed him eating after his workout. He told me how he learned from a Navy SEAL that consuming a handful of raisins after your workout and then a shake are great for helping your body recover from the workout. I trust Brian, so raisins and a shake it is. I found these extra mini containers at Target, and they are the perfect amount for post-workout. My carbs are precious, so I was happy when I saw that these boxes are only 11 grams of carbs. The raisins help replenish your muscle glycogen almost immediately, which helps with your recovery.

The raisins are usually eaten around 6:40, with a shake around 7:10 am.


Around 8 am and later in the afternoon, I take 1 scoop of Xtend BCAA’s in Pineapple (OBSESSED) mixed in with water, in order to replenish lost electrolytes. I swear by this brand, and always have at least 2 tubs of this on hand. One at work and one at home. I’ve tried fruit punch, green apple, sour green apple, grape, strawberry kiwi, and watermelon, and love all of them, but pineapple and sour green apple are my absolute favorites. The regular green apple tastes exactly like apple juice!

imageI typically don’t get hungry again until 9 am, so that’s when I will have the first part of my breakfast. I usually have oatmeal first to make sure that my body gets the carbs it needs. I’ve been obsessed with the OatFit pouches of oatmeal, and I will top it with 1 tbsp of peanut butter and maple syrup.


Around 11 I break into the second part of breakfast, which is an omelet. I put spinach and 1 Laughing Cow cheese wedge in the omelet, and then top it with another cheese wedge. Sometimes I’ll eat the oatmeal and omelet together, but I’ve really enjoyed breaking this meal into 2 smaller meals. If I don’t put peanut butter in my oatmeal, then I will put coconut oil in it instead, which is a fabulous addition!

Later in the afternoon, maybe around 1:40/2ish, I’ll have lunch, which is a stir-fry, usually made up of squash, zucchini, asparagus, red peppers and either chicken or chicken sausage. I love everything about this meal, mostly because I get to eat so many veggies and can get the micronutrients that my body needs. If my chicken sausage is low in fat, then I’ll add in a single-serving pouch of almonds to my meal.


An afternoon snack can vary from cucumbers and hard-boiled eggs, another bowl of OatFit with peanut butter or coconut oil, or a packet of almonds with carrots. I know that those don’t sound too exciting, but I enjoy them, and I feel good knowing that I’m giving my body the veggies, proteins, and healthy fats that it needs to keep me healthy and satisfied.

Dinners vary, depending on what I have left for the day, but it might be another omelet, chicken and sweet potatoes, stiry-fry, or a thick protein shake. My last meal depends on my remaining macros and what I’m craving. It might be a Quest protein bar, another protein shake sprinkled with powdered pb, or maybe it’s an English muffin with peanut butter.


The later parts of the day all vary, but I like that, mostly because it allows me to be flexible. If I’m invited for a spur of the moment dinner that night, it allows me to say yes since I’ve made smarter choices with how I allocate my macros earlier in the day.

If you’re interested in counting macros on your own or with a coach, do your research. Instagram is my go-to for finding coaches and IIFYMers to follow. Some hashtags to search under include:

  • Macros
  • Flexibledieting

A good resource on how to calculate macros on your own:

My awesome coach Ashley of Grit Health.

Other great macro resources:

I’ll be back tomorrow with a recap of how week 3 went on the current cut my coach has me on!

If you follow a specific way of eating, how do you handle telling others?

Are you lenient or strict when out to eat?

Lenient baby! Just the other night I enjoyed chips & salsa, a quesadilla, and dessert! Eating out =  high carb day

Do y you have any additional great macro resources?


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Back On The Macro Accountability Train

Since my trip to the Bahamas last fall, I have “loosely” counted macros, with most of the calculations being done by myself. I wanted to save money and was growing frustrated with the plateau I had hit, so I just kind of said “meh, I need some freedom.” More like freedom from having to check in with my coach weekly, not freedom from tracking my meals, because I had no issue doing that. I just wanted a bit of a break.

I actually took a break from working with my coach before, and I think like anything that you stick to, sometimes you just need to take a step back for a recharge. I have friends who also work with macro coaches, and they too took breaks every now and then before signing up for another installment of months.

I had been toying with the idea of working with Ashley again for probably a solid month, before I decided that it was time. I emailed her about a week before the 4th of July, and after a quick catch-up, I immediately signed up for 3 months. It was one of those moments where I knew it was the absolute right choice.

I wasn’t feeling my best, and I knew from prior experience that if I did what Ashley told me to do, which is follow the macros as close as possible, that I would see the results and make the progress that I wanted. I had lost 17 lbs with her previously, so it now relied on my motivation and diligence to see losses like that, this time around.

The first week was a bit rough. I hate listening to people and doing what they say, mostly because I love food and eating. The second week was a lot easier, and now that I’m on to week 3, I feel a heck of a lot better than when I sent Ashley that email several weeks back.


The first week was hard simply because I was eating less. Obviously when I didn’t have a coach to report to, I could go over my macros without fear of letting her down. It’s just funny, well not really, because by overeating, I would be letting myself down. Once I knew I was paying for her service, I became hungry with motivation. Motivation to hit my numbers. Motivation to watch my performance in the gym get better. Motivation to watch my body slowly change.

And while this is only the beginning, I’m feeling incredibly happier, more fit, and determined. Putting my jeans on yesterday morning before catching my flight to Dallas, they fit better than they did last Thursday. It’s crazy what several days can do, and that makes me motivated to keep the momentum going.

I plan on working with Ashley for more than just the 3 months that I paid for – I simply just chose her 3-month plan because it’s less expensive than paying monthly, and it’s less of a hit on my savings account than paying for 6 months upfront. Since I find macros fascinating and love following the journey of others who 1) count macros, 2) work with a macro coach, and 3) are on a fitness journey, I definitely plan on making this a weekly blog topic.

As I plan to cover this topic each week, I’d love for you to let me know if there are certain things you’d like me to touch upon. Would you like to see some of my favorite meals or snacks from that week, progress that I made from the prior week, struggles, thoughts, tangents about macros? Let me know and I’ll make sure to include those!

I just want to end this post by saying that counting macros is not for everyone, just as eating Paleo, or being vegan, isn’t for everyone. You have to find what works best for your body, and once you find what that is, stick to it! Don’t let the opinions of others keep you from trying to become your healthiest self. It’s your life, and we only have one life, so live it how you want.

I will be back tomorrow for another post regarding macros, and then back again on Friday!

Please leave a comment below on what you’d like me to discuss in my macro posts going forward!

Fitness Plans & The Truth About Dating

Hi there my friends! I’m surprised I’m popping in today with a post because I’ve really had zero desire to blog lately. All I do during the winter is eat, sleep, workout, and work… and on weekends I play. I live a boring life, and now that I am practically retired from dating, what the heck am I supposed to talk about.

I will just have to dedicate posts to my ramblings, like yesterday I voted in the NH Primaries.


I have been working with a new coach the past 3 ½ weeks. Katie is programming both my workouts and my macros. In regards to workouts, she is going to turn me into a better runner, so she has specifically programmed strength workouts and training runs. I love it. I feel as if I have found a coach who is perfect for me, as she, as well, has a love for both lifting and running. I have about 8 weeks left in this cut she has me on, and I’m excited to see results!

When I told Katie my goals, I said that I wanted to get stronger, but also to be a better runner and really get my pace down, so she puts me through very complex workouts that will get me to my goal.

I’ve been in a total funk with my eating lately, and while I would say I was at 95% motivation and drive, I was missing that last 5% that would make it click, aka, that would have me hitting my macros spot on. I would do so perfect during the day, and after dinner when I was bored, I would eat. Nothing big. Just something small here and there, but even something small can derail you! I had a legit meltdown to Lindsay on Monday morning, and just letting it all out truly helped, and I swear, the moment after I barfed my emotions to her, it all just clicked.

So 2 days I’m feeling 100% driven, so let’s all cross our fingers that it continues.

What else can we ramble about? Today marks the first day of Lent. I’ve decided to give up unnecessary spending on workout clothes, shoes, clothing, random things, etc, along with giving up unnecessary nighttime eating. <– that will be hard, ha!

Also, I had to come out of dating retirement.  I swear, not even a week into being retired and I had to come out. Men really bother me, ha!

I don’t think my Mom approves of my dating retirement because she is #TeamBabies, and she asked if I was being too picky. I said, “Mom, I just want a guy to like me back, and it’s getting to be tiring.” Dating is not fun anymore. It’s hard to find a guy that wants more than just a booty call, and when he does want something more, for some reason, there is no mutual “likeness.” After awhile, it really starts to mess with your confidence, and you begin to pick yourself apart and start rattling off things that he “maybe” doesn’t like about you. Must be my hips, or my thighs, or maybe it’s my arms. Why did my face start breaking out? I swear it’s never like this. Maybe he thinks my way of eating is weird.. yadda yadda yadda, the list can go on and on until you don’t even recognize the girl in the mirror that you just self-destroyed.

And that’s why I wanted to take a step back from dating. Because I’m tired of meeting guys who only want one thing. I’m tired of continuous first dates, and being left with feelings of unworthiness. I’m tired of seeing my confidence get rocked and shattered. I’m tired of not being as happy as I was when I was confident and only relied on my own self-worth. And the worst part is, is that they’re not the ones saying these things… I am!

Hey Allie, guess what… sometimes you can go on one date and know that they aren’t the one you’ll marry. I have that happen a lot where I know the guy isn’t my future husband after one date, and men have the same right to have those feelings. So next time you think something is wrong with you, maybe you two just aren’t right for each other, and that’s all it is!

I want a man that wants to take me out. That asks me questions about big and little things because he genuinely cares. I want someone who likes me for me and that never makes me feel like I need to change or that I’m not good enough. So after this date, until I come across that genuine guy, I want absolutely nothing to do with dating, or guy’s ideology of what dating is.

And lastly for Lent, I am giving up tearing myself apart.

Time for me to end this post, as I just heard a knock on the door and it looks as if my sass and confidence has decided to move back into my apartment. Party time!

Day In The Life #19

I’m finally getting back into my blogging groove, and am coming at you with the 3rd post of the week, and with tomorrow’s post, that will be 4 posts. Home girl is back, and back with another day in the life post for ya!

4:50 -5:15 am

My alarm goes off, so I roll out of bed, and get my life together. I respond to text messages while brushing my teeth & pooping (sorry, it’s true!), and get my gym and lunch bag packed, and am out the door at 5:15.

5:35 – 7:10 am //

I get to the gym at my new favorite time, and get going on the day’s workout. I start with a 1 mile run, which is tough. These legs weren’t made for running this morning! I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do shoulders or legs when I got to the gym, but after the run, I decided on shoulders. This mini shoulder workout might look easy, but it’s tough! My arms were jello by the time I completed the 3 different moves!


Lindsay texted me at 6:20 telling me to crush my leg workout just as I was finishing shoulders, and that was the motivation I needed to add on a leg workout. I had 50 minutes to kill and extra motivation and drive, so why the heck not! I pulled up the programmed leg workout for this week from my coach, and got to town. I didn’t have time for the entire workout simply because my legs couldn’t move anymore. It was a tough one! This workout reminded me of a “silent but deadly fart.” Sounds easy, but it kills, ha! Instead of finishing the leg workout, I used the 20 minutes I had to walk and get my legs moving.

7:45 am //

I am ravenous! That workout not only left my booty sore, but it left me with a raging appetite. I dug into my new favorite oatmeal bowl combo. You are so beautiful, to me!!


8-11:45 am //

Work, work, work the day away.

11:45 am //

I can’t take it any longer. I am starving and need lunch. I always try to make it to at least noon, but it wasn’t happening today. As I mentioned yesterday, this is my favorite lunch ever. I ate this in 5 minutes and did not stop to breathe.


2:05 pm //

I break for my lunch hour and head to the grocery store for a few items before swinging by my parent’s house to grab my PEScience order that came in!!


3:05-5:00 pm //

Work. Rather be napping. Or eating. I snacked on the leftover banana from my oatmeal with some powdered peanut butter. I hoarded my fat for dessert, which is why I went the powdered pb route instead of the good stuff!

5:15 pm //

Get home from work and immediately nose dive into dinner.


5:30 – 7 pm //

I read for a little bit before my brother calls me to update me on his and Chelsey’s current adventure. It’s killing me that I am not allowed to talk about it yet, but I think soon I will be able to! I hate keeping secrets!!image

7:05 -7:30 pm //

Dessert in bed, while reading. Lights out at 7:30 because I am a grandma and waking up in the 4 o’clock hour earns this bedtime.

What was the highlight of your day yesterday?

A Look Into Tuesday’s Eats!

Remember those weeks where I used to always do a What I Ate Wednesday post? I remember, and I miss those posts! Since I’m almost a week on my new fitness and macro program, more on that in an upcoming post, I thought it’d be fun to share what I ate on Tuesday. Previous daily eats posts used to include 3 meals and 3 snacks, but over time, I’ve moved on to 3 larger main meals and 2 smaller snacks. It works for me, especially when my work days can get busy, so let’s dive on in!

Breakfast // 7:50 am

1/2 cup of old fashioned oats, 1 egg white, 4 grams chia seeds. Topped with warmed up frozen blueberries and 1 tbsp of peanut butter. Oats have returned to my daily rotation, and I’m quite happy about this!


Lunch // 12:15 pm

I am utterly obsessed with this meal, and could eat it all day long. To appear normal, I eat it for lunch every day. Mashed sweet potatoes with lean ground beef, Appelgate hot dogs and broccoli.


Snack // 3 pm

I needed chocolate in a bad way, so while I was at the store on my lunch break, I found a Quest bar and snagged it!


Dinner // 5:30 pm

This meal makes me oh so happy, mostly because it’s a solid balance of fat, carbs and protein. Roasted sweet potatoes make my life complete. The best way to eat sweet potatoes!


Snack // 7:00 pm

I never understood how people could eat dessert immediately after dinner, but now I get it. That’s all I want to do these days, so waiting until 7 pm was hard!! To finish off my macros for the day, I made Hilary’s 30 second brownie, and topped it with a little bit of peanut butter. Recycled photo just because.


What was the best thing that you ate yesterday?

What are your favorite oatmeal toppings?

Whole30: My Life Changing Results! Let This Motivate You

You. Guys.!!! Today is Day 30 of the Whole30! I honestly feel like those were the quickest 30 days of my life. I’m not positive if I will make it a Whole32 or a Whole35 or a WholeWhatever, but I hit day 30 and I’m incredibly happy with my ability to succeed! So let’s get into some of the changes that I’ve noticed! For why I decided to do the Whole30, read here.

Body Composition

My clothes absolutely fit better, and I feel like my body has leaned out a little bit as well! Actually, leaning out was one of the biggest physical changes that I noticed which makes me incredibly happy! I weighed myself maybe 4 times throughout the course of the 30 days, but I didn’t let the number on the scale bother me. In total, I lost about 2.5 lbs, but my body changed, which is better than a number!


I also loosely tracked my macros. Well, I tracked them, but if I went over for the day, it was because my body needed it. I knew that I was making great food choices, so as long as I was close to my macro goals, I was happy. I AM glad that I tracked because it allowed me to see how much I was taking in. One day I didn’t track because the battery in my food scale died, and I didn’t like it. In the late afternoon I had such a bad headache, and I didn’t know if it was because I hadn’t eaten enough carbs or fat. Had I been able to track, I would have known what my body was craving!


I finally began to sleep through the night. Before starting the Whole30, I would wake up a handful of times, but now, I might only wake up once to use the bathroom, which shows that my cortisol levels are in a great spot!


Unless I have a one-off night where I don’t sleep well, I almost always am full of energy for the work day. In the first few weeks, I found it very hard to have the energy for workouts, especially without relying on a pre-workout supplement, but now I’m finding that I don’t even need pre-workout. My goal going forward is to continue to use my body’s own natural sources for energy and to not go back to pre-workout. Not only will these be better for my body, but it will save me so much money every month with not spending $30+ on pre-workout!


Before the Whole30 I was eating 3 meals and 3 snacks, and I shifted to the Whole30’s preference of 3 big meals and as few snacks as possible. I’ve actually grown to love and prefer this as well! I make my 3 meals between 400-450 calories, and then have 1-2 snacks. I might have a banana  in the afternoon, and that’s it, or it might be an afternoon banana and a mini Larabar as my evening treat for my sweet tooth.

Sweet Tooth

It is gone for the most part! Yes! No more waking up in the middle of the night craving a pint of ice cream, nor do I have any desire for sweets. Between Thanksgiving, my Mom’s birthday, and office treats, I managed to make it through all of those events without a single craving… although my Mom’s birthday cake did look really good. Sometimes in the evening I want just a little something sweet, so I will enjoy a mini Cherry Pie Larabar, and that’s all I need.

Now What?

I want to keep going for a few more days because I want to test out how my body reacts to not eating nuts, and in order to notice a change, I want to keep things the same as they have been. I think on Saturday I’ll choose a food to reintroduce, making it a Whole32. The truth is that I don’t feel the need or want to bring back foods that have been off-limits, simply because I’m not craving them. Like peanut butter. Not once did I crave pb. That’s huge! As much as I’d like to see how my body handles it, I figure I won’t try it until I really want it, but for now, that probably won’t be the first food that I reintroduce!

I want to stick to Paleo as best as I can going forward, but I know that there will be a meal or a snack that is far from Paleo, and that’s 200% okay! I like nourishing my body with healthy fats, tons of veggies, and lean protein, and I want to do that as best as I can going forward, because I truly love how I am feeling!

If you completed a Whole30, what food did you reintroduce first?

If you eat Paleo, what do you like the most about the lifestyle?

What are the key foods that keep you from going Paleo?

Whole30 Update – 3 Weeks In

Hello my friends! I hope that you all enjoyed your long holiday weekend. Having a 5 day weekend was such a wonderful treat, but now it’s back to reality and the work world. Since I spent most of my weekend shopping, eating and watching Christmas movies, I’ll spare you a boring recap, and instead talk about how the Whole30 is going!

One of the biggest remarks I received when I told people that I was doing the Whole30, was “why would you do it during Thanksgiving?” Easy, I literally had to do it to get back on a healthy track. The truth is, Thanksgiving was such an easy Whole30 day.  I didn’t have any cravings for stuffing, cranberry sauce, or desserts. My dinner plate was full of turkey and roasted root veggies, which in my opinion, were so decadent and delicious that I didn’t miss not being able to enjoy the typical sides. As for dessert, I did get hungry later in the evening, so I munched on grapes and cashews, which are 2 of my favorite foods, so again, I didn’t feel like I was missing out on pies and cakes.

It’s Monday, which means I’m on day 21 of the Whole30, which just seems so wild to me! Not only have most of the 21 days been easier than I thought, but I continue to feel better and better.

For those unfamiliar with the Whole30 (official website).

A few things of note:

I’ve grown to love eating 3 big meals, with one tiny snack each day

I typically can go 4-5 hours in between meals because my meals are full of protein, fat and carbs. Having 3 large meals and a tiny snack means that I don’t have to split my macros into 6 meals. Over the weekend my brother even made a comment about how large my breakfast was. Eat like a queen!


I’m addicted to cooking with olive oil and coconut oil

Before the Whole30, I refused, literally REFUSED to cook with oils because I wanted to eat my precious fat macros. Now, I’m addicted to cooking my veggies in coconut oil. They not only make the veggies taste wonderful, but the healthy fats are truly keeping me satisfied

I don’t miss eating my fats, such as nut butters or nuts

The fats I do eat are typically eggs, avocado, and sometimes ground beef. The craziest thing is that I don’t miss eating peanut butter or any nut butter at that. What the what?! I try not to make a habit out of eating nuts because that is one food that I can just eat and eat, but if I do have them, I try to pair them with a banana or plantain chips, and I always buy the single serving packets because nuts I do need to portion control

Body definition is coming back!

My back is becoming more chiseled again, which is the body part that is the first to notice both slacking off and progress – score!

More energy & happiness

I can be sitting at the kitchen table and just be bouncing around and dancing because I have happy, natural energy.

I don’t have the need to workout

As a result of my food choices and new eating habits, I can go a day without working out and not feel awful, in fact, I wake up feeling great the next day. My workouts haven’t even been hard since starting the Whole30, yet I feel and look better. On Saturday I went for a 3 mile walk and that was it. I felt great that day and the following morning. I can do a quick 20 minute run and 20 minutes of weights and I’m content. I’ve broken free of this idea that I need to lift hard and long in order to see results.

imageSo friends, that is the current update on my Whole30 so far!

Would you ever do a Whole30 during a holiday?

What were some of the biggest differences you noticed on your Whole30?

Would you do a Whole30?

Day in the Life: Gym, Whole30 Eating & Christmas Decor!

In work terms, today is technically Thursday, and I’m loving this ultra-short week. Fingers crossed that we get out of work early on Wednesday, but if not, I will still soak in having Thursday-Sunday off!

I haven’t written a day in the life post in a bit, so I figured this would be a good day to do so. Don’t get too excited, nothing thrilling happened, just a typical Monday in the life of me.

My workouts have finally begun to get better, and I’m finding that my motivation to lift weights has returned! Yesterday I started with a 10 minute warm-up walk and a 20 minute run, before getting a back workout in. I’m spending more time warming up because it takes me forever and a day to actually wake up and find the energy I need for my workouts. Overall throughout the day I never feel tired or sluggish, but it certainly takes my body getting used to not relying on pre-workout. Is it weird that the first thing I want to reintroduce after the Whole30 is pre-workout? Yup, not peanut butter. I’m sure over the next 15 days my energy will only get better in the morning, but it’s still a bit of a struggle!

imageThat being said, I hit the point in the Whole30 where I no longer have headaches, feel like I need a nap, or hate things/people! Woo! Today marks day 15; I’m halfway there!! I dug into my breakfast, which was Nature’s Place chicken sausage, roasted sweet potatoes, avocado, and un-pictured eggs. I then continued to plug away at work, doing work things.


Around 1:30 I dug into my lunch, which was baked chicken, mashed sweet potatoes, and avocado. It might sound boring, but I enjoy it, it works for me, and I feel healthy eating it, so there ya go! Sometimes you just have to be low-key, and I’d like to think that my breakfast and dinners are more fun and pack the flavors, like my meat sauce and roasted veggies!

whole30-dinnerOver the weekend I prepped A LOT of food, so it’s nice having all of my work meals already in Tupperware for the week. This makes life so much easier, and I went into the week feeling minimal stress. Mashed sweet potatoes for lunch, broccoli for dinner, cubed butternut squash (in the fridge) for dinners, beef for dinner, hard-boiled eggs and avocados for breakfast, bananas for possible snacks, and my breakfast and lunches. The top meal container is chicken sausage and sweet potatoes, and once at work, I mash hard-boiled egg whites with 1/2 of an avocado. The 2nd dish is 2/3 complete, but I add the avocado to the plate at lunch time.

whole30-prepNow that the only cooking I need to do after work is to just saute veggies for dinner and reheat meat, I’m back to having my nights practically free to relax. I decided to get a jump on setting up my Christmas tree. Several years ago I bought a 6 1/2 foot fake tree for about $25 at Target thanks to my team member discount, my debit card discount and the after-Christmas sale prices, so I’m finally putting it to use! Ahhhh, this makes me so happy! Now I just need to buy some more ornaments, a skirt and a topper!

Christmas-TreeI had Christmas music on full blast while setting up my tree, and once complete, I nestled up with Elf and the smell of Christmas. Buddy is my spirit animal <3333 Elf is currently on sale at Target for $6! I bought it over the weekend since we have a family copy of the movie. Christmas movies every night, yeah!!

elfI ended my evening with my current read, It Starts with Food.


What book are you currently reading?

When do you put your Christmas tree up?

Have you started watching Christmas movies yet? Is there a movie that you always have to watch first to kick off the season?

Usually for me it’s The Family Stone, but that didn’t happen!

Weekend Recap: Tis’ the Season!

Happy week of Thanksgiving! While I was in the grocery store Saturday evening, a young girl asked her boyfriend when Thanksgiving was and he said, “listen, I don’t know.” What!! How do you not know when Thanksgiving is?! I will forever worry about those two.

Anyways, Thanksgiving is a few days away but I’m in full on Christmas mode. It started Friday night when Jaime and I went to the movies to see Love the Coopers. It was good, but it wasn’t awesome. We both are obsessed with The Family Stone, and sadly it didn’t even come close to comparing. It was still fun to go out and catch up with Jaime!


I never mentioned it on the blog, but about 1-2ish weeks ago I signed up for our city’s Santa Shuffle 5k! This is my first race since March, which shows that 2015 was all about racing in cold temperatures. In an attempt to get my legs and lungs ready for the race in 2 weeks, I planned for an outdoor run. I woke up and ate a baby food pouch and a packet of almonds, before heading over to the trails.


I could have chosen to just run in my neighborhood area, but I figured trails would be more fun and difficult, plus, I had never gone for a run here, mostly because the constant rolling hills grossed me out.


I’m so glad that I got over myself and finally ran here because it was awesome and thankfully not crowded at all. Each lap around the pond is 1 mile, so it really goes by quite fast. I kept it short at 2 miles, and after the first mile I wanted to see if I could beat my prior mile time. I did by 40 seconds! Granted I took a 2 minute breather and water break after the first mile because my lungs were burning, but slow and steady!livingston-parkAfter my run, I enjoyed my real breakfast, which was a plate of eggs, sweet potatoes and chicken sausage. Finally finished the Trader Joe’s chicken sausage that I hate!

whole30-breakfastI met up with my Mom for a trip to the spa. Manicure for Mom & pedicure for me. I chose a sparkly Christmas red, because, well, tis’ the season!

imageThe rest of my Saturday was spent grocery shopping at 3 different stores (help) and visiting the mall for Christmas ideas for myself and others! Gahhhh the decor just makes me so giddy!!!


I whipped up the biggest dinner, baked chicken with butternut squash and broccoli sauteed in coconut oil. I enjoyed this while watching a Christmas movie on Netflix.whole30-dinner

Both weekend days I slept in until 8:15-9, and boy did it feel good! Sunday I woke up at 8:15 and spent the good part of the morning meal prepping and cleaning my apartment while my Christmas Pandora station played in the background.

I dug into a mini breakfast around 9, before getting in a shoulder workout and a 2.9 mile run in my neighborhood (finally did it!). whole30-breakfastLate afternoon I visited my parents, aka I visited Mom so that we could watch a Christmas movie together. After that, I headed home for dinner, a little more meal prep, and then relaxed on the couch for the evening. All in all, a wonderful weekend!

Have you started watching Christmas movies yet?

Tell me about your weekend!

First 11 Days of the Whole30

Today, Friday, November 20th, is day 11 of my Whole30. Day 11. How is that even possible? As of yesterday, I was a third of the way complete, and while I still have 19 days to go, it baffles me how quickly this is going. It hasn’t been as hard as I was expecting it to be, but then again, I’m only 11 days in, and I’m sure boredom will creep into my meals and mind.

I am feeling fantastic. My confidence levels have boosted, both in my personal life and in the gym. For awhile there they kind of dipped a bit (thank you sugar), but I’ve found that I’m more motivated at work, which is also a result of my energy levels… side note: this morning (Friday) my body is so tired and just wants sweatpants and my couch all day.

No longer am I needing to go to bed at 7:30, and I’m finding that I’m not even yawning at that hour!

Some days I get a headache, but sometimes all it takes to cure it is food and water.

On Wednesday, day 9, my pants were feeling a bit tight, but that is actually to be expected on days 9 & 10. This awesome Whole30 timeline has been crucial to me, as it gives me a general idea of what to expect on certain days. On day 9, I also had RFB (resting b. face) all afternoon long, and let me just say that it’s a good thing that I live alone and am single. I would have felt so bad if I had to take my annoyance out on anyone else. I had hours of meetings, and I can 100% say that I sat there with the look of disgust on my face haha.

Food wise, my meals have kept me full and content. I’m looking forward to having this weekend to prep a good amount of meals for the upcoming week, because I have spent every single night cooking for 1-2 hours, and honestly, it’s annoying. That’s probably my biggest complaint so far, but I know that I started this on a whim and then went away for 4 days, so the beginning of my Whole30 so far definitely feels a bit winged.

My most exciting result so far is that I haven’t had any urges to quit or eat something that is not Whole30 compliant. I’m not even having separation anxiety from peanut butter! Speaking of nut butters, I’ve been eating almond butter instead, and ya know what, it’s just not the same. It doesn’t do it for me. I hate the grainy texture of it. It gets stuck in my teeth and then I can’t speak because my mouth is stuck shut. I’ve also noticed that it makes me feel worse than peanut butter does, so yay to that! As a result, I’ve decided to stop eating almond butter and nut butters in general to see how my body responds. Instead, I’ll continue to get my fat intake from avocados, almonds & walnuts, oil, bacon and meat. I do think taking nut butter out will do wonders for my body. Almond butter is not worth the $8-10 price tag.

imageMy favorite meal of every day is always my breakfast. It consists of chicken sausage, eggs, avocado and sweet potatoes. It just does not get old. I also realized that I don’t like the Trader Joe’s chicken sausage that I bought, so buying 2 packages didn’t turn out to be a win.

whole30-breakfastThe 2 biggest foods that I’ve been addicted to are sweet potatoes and plantains. I bought 6 lbs of sweet potatoes from the farmer’s market in PA, and I just finished them up. I probably eat about 15 oz of sweet potatoes a day. 5 oz at each meal usually. Do not judge me, especially if I turn orange.

imagePlantains. OHMYGOSH! I slice 2 plantains thinly, line on a baking sheet, spray with coconut oil spray and sprinkle salt on top. Roast for 30-35 minutes at 400 degrees, and kaboom, heaven is in front of you. I could demolish the entire batch in one sitting; they are THAT good! I make my own trail mix with the plantains, and will add a single-serving packet of mixed almonds and walnuts to the plantains, and that is usually either my day or evening snack.


I felt super adult last night when I bought a glass baking dish. In PA, Ryan baked us chicken in the oven with a glass dish and water and it was so good, so I had to recreate the meal. I just seasoned the chicken, placed the chicken breasts in water in the dish and baked it for 40 minutes at 350. It was extremely juicy, and while it’s basic, it was still so good. My side dish of roasted butternut squash and onions stole the show. whole30-dinnerAnyways, that’s a bit of a catch up on it so far. This weekend I’m really looking forward to prepping a large amount of meat for next week, and just relaxing and letting my body gain energy back!

If you did the Whole30, what kind of results did you have? Anything I should expect in the coming days or weeks?

What are your weekend plans?