Crazy Cat Lady

This post is going to make me seem like a crazy cat lady, but I swear, I’m not. No really, I’m not.


Last night I crawled into bed in my new shoes and continued reading Skinnydipping, a book I’ve been reading for a little bit. The book started to get extremely good and addicting, and I couldn’t put it down. I had Jake cuddling with me, but I soon started getting a food headache, so I grabbed a 100 calorie greek yogurt as a late night reading snack.


Jake really enjoyed licking the container clean.


Then Jake-a-bean got a little mad that it was empty. He stared the container down hoping that more yogurt would magically appear.


Then he attacked. 6.7 seconds later he passed out.


I started my day off with a 4 mile run at 8:30 in my new Nike’s! The first few runs are always a tough transition, and this morning was definitely one of those runs, but I know that these shoes are going to carry me through endless kickass runs and races this spring and summer. I can’t wait!

After my run, I downed a smoothie before heading to the gym for my last training session with Heather. I wasn’t thinking when we chose today as our last workout, and forgot that 1) the gym would be packed since it was a holiday, and 2) an 11:30 workout meant no sleeping in if I wanted to run beforehand.

I’ve been eagerly awaiting the end of my training package, mainly because I’m a wimp, but today felt very bittersweet. I convinced myself that Heather would put me through the worst last workout ever, but she completely forgot it was our last time together, so I didn’t suffer as badly as I was expecting (read: no burpees, thank the lord!).

After the gym, I ran into the grocery store to grab frozen strawberries, before gasing up and giving Jax a car wash.


He’s had this awful bird crap plastered to the windshield for a week, and I figured since no snow was in the forecast, today was the perfect day to clean him up. He’s looking like a 9 right now. I’d give him a 10 but the bird poo is practically still glued to my window.


The rest of my day off includes meal prepping for the week (brussels, carrots and bbq chicken are in the oven), and then grabbing dinner with Lindsay and Lauren in several hours. I haven’t seen Lauren in ages, so I’m so very excited to see her pretty little face!

Mini college reunions are the best! 🙂

Ash Wednesday…. You Know What That Means!

I have so many reasons to love today, that I just can’t pick a favorite.


For starters, I’m wearing my Tuesday socks on a Wednesday, so I’m polka-dotted badass. Dad, that’s not a swear! And yes, there are 3 different pair of Nikes in that picture, 2 of which are always in my office. I also have a pair in my trunk and 3 other pairs of Nike’s at home. I’m buying a new pair this week too. Help.

Reason numero deux: I was able to run almost 3.5 painless miles this morning. The first half mile was a little tricky and crampy, but after that, it was smooth sailing!

Third reason? I was finally able to work with my trainer again after a 3 week hiatus. Heather modified several moves a bit to avoid triggering any oblique pain, and even with modifications, she left me a hot, sweaty mess. I did each exercise for 40 seconds, with a 30 second rest in between each, before moving on to the next exercise.


I feel like I’ve been slacking lately with my strength workouts. I haven’t been challenging myself and pushing myself to my limits, and basically just throwing exercises in as I go, so it felt amazing to have a structured and tough workout.

My 4th reason could also be my 1st reason as to why today sucks. Lent has begun. This means no sweets, no peanut butter, and no credit card. Woof!

I can handle the sweets challenge, no problem. It’s the other two that I’m more worried about. I have a love/hate relationship with peanut butter. Give me a jar and it’s gone in 2 days, just ask my Mom. I love the taste so much that I can easily overdose on it, which makes me feel really gross the next day. In an effort to put a halt to my addiction, I decided to give peanut butter up, and I’m really excited to see how my body reacts to the change!

I was content giving up just the sweets and peanut butter, but after talking to Jen last night, I had the idea to give up my credit card as well. I’ve always been very frugal and am notorious for declining movies, mini golf, bowling, etc. You name it, I said no. Allie really hates me for this, but ever since becoming single in July, I literally have been spending my money left and right. After paying all of my monthly bills, I realized I was only putting a couple hundred away in my savings each paycheck, which wasn’t okay with me.

Don’t get me wrong, I only have about a $44 debt on my credit card. I usually pay off most of, or all of my credit card charges every pay check, so I’m in control with that. I just want to save save save and not waste my money on silly purchases. When I only have cash or my bank card, I get pretty damn antsy about spending money and usually won’t.

I only have one hang up about giving up my credit card. I will always purchase bigger items with the card; gas, shoes, and necessities, because I get redeemable points for these items, which to me, means cash back!

For each item I’ve decided to give up, there are exceptions for each.

  • Peanut Butter: I’m allowing myself PB2 due to the lower fat and calorie content, which are the 2 reasons why my pb addiction ruins my slim-down efforts
  • Sweets: Arctic Zero ice cream is acceptable, as is tomorrow’s Valentine’s fro-yo date with Lindsay. Don’t even argue that one.
  • Credit Card: Only to be used for gas and the new pair of running shoes that I need.

Question: Have you decided to give anything up for Lent? If so, what have you chosen?

I didn’t participate in Lent last year, and the year before that I decided to give up sweets but I failed on day 2 because my Aunt sent me a care package with her notorious mix that I’m also addicted to.


I was in Los Angeles with Jaime and her sister, and they both agreed I had to eat it since she sent it to me. Totally blaming that fail on them! 🙂

This year I want to succeed and I know I can do it! I’m so excited that I’ve decided when the 40 days are over, that I’m going to treat myself in some manner. With my credit card of course. 😉

Oh Hey Holiday Weight Gain

If there was a day that I could sleep until it was time for bed, today would be the day. Yesterday drained every ounce of energy and spunk I had from my body.


I left work at 12:30 for my 6th training session with Heather, and right when I found her in the gym she told me that she made her last client puke. I’m not sure if that was Heather’s goal for me, but if it was, she almost succeeded. Holy crap I’ve never been worked so hard in such a long time. It hurt so good! (If I wrote this post last night there would not have been any exclamation points after that last sentence, and based on how my body is NOT moving today, I think that exclamation point is solely for effect).

Heather had me doing my dreaded burpee dumbbell combo from hell, sumo squats with weight plates, pulse squats on steps, jump squats on steps, chest flies, rows, and core work from hell. There were only 2 small spots on my shirt that weren’t covered in sweat; otherwise, I looked like I had been thrown into a pool. In 57 minutes, Heather had me burn 456 calories, and was in the fat burning zone for 36 of those 57 minutes.

Once I got home, I showered and ate a bowl of oatmeal with peanut butter and apple butter, which actually wasn’t satisfying at all. Such a bummer! Once Ryan got home from the gym (yes he got to watch me go through hell!) and he showered and ate, we tore Chelsey away from her work and headed out to the Merrimack Outlets with my Mom to browse the sales and return several Christmas items.

I ended up leaving with quite the appetite and also a new pair of dark wash jeans and clearance earrings from American Eagle.

By the time we got back into town, it was 7 pm, and Ry, Chels and my parents had dinner plans with Ry’s best friend, Tim, his wife and his parents. Unfortunately I had to pass on the dinner since my body was physically and mentally exhausted, and the thought of being out until about 10 was just not appealing to me at all.

So instead, I pretty much ate everything in the fridge, blogged about Christmas, and put away clean gym clothes with the help of Kip and his new stuffed alligator.


This morning I woke up feeling like a football team trampled over me. My inner thighs burn, my arms hurt to lift, and my core is sore, but I know this is a great thing to be suffering through.

Morning Workout

• 4 mile run
• 50 crunches
• 50 heel touchers
• 1 minute plank hold
• 40 plank tucks
• Stretching

I wasn’t sure how a morning run would pan out, but I surprised myself by covering 4 miles pretty quickly!


I have a confession to make that I think most of us can also admit to. I went overboard with holiday treats. Having Christmas cookies and chocolate around the house has definitely not been friendly on my waist. Coupled with Ryan being home, that means our pantry is packed with chips and other unhealthy temptations that I’ve given in to. I’ve put off weighing myself for a solid week and a half and when I woke up this morning I felt like complete shit. I knew I wasn’t going to like the number on the scale but I had to step on it to face the truth and tackle my weight loss starting this morning. I wasn’t pleased with the number, and even though it wasn’t as high as I was expecting, I easily gained 2 pounds since the 19th.

So, starting today, I am on a god damn mission to tone up, lose weight, and be at a healthy weight. After seeing myself from several bad angles in Christmas pictures, I knew that was the last straw. This morning, I opened excel and created a weight tracker. Having specific dates to track my weight make it mandatory. I’m starting off weighing myself every 2 days, which will add up to 3 times a week. I know there are many opinions on how often one should weigh themselves, but I need the accountability and this is what works for me (for now).

My next weigh in is scheduled for Sunday, and I am determined to weigh a little less than I do today.

Did you guys slip up during the Holidays and paying for the weight gain now? If so, how do you plan on conquering the weight gain? I love hearing new and different ways!

Juicy and Cheesy Meals

Today I enjoyed some of the best meals ever. They weren’t elaborate, but they were twists on the way I typically make these. Before I get to the goods, I just have to dish about how awesome my new Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor watch is! It was amazing how much wearing this watch pushed me to work harder during my workout and also kept me in check with my heart rate. Love it!!


This bad boy arrived last night and I was anxious to try it out first thing this morning. I ended up planning on going into work several hours later today, and was able to get in an awesome workout this morning. I ran a total of 4 miles and took breaks in the run and threw in this strength workout throughout the run. By the end of my workout I had burned 900 calories. I love this thing!

Do you guys use a heart rate monitor or use this Polar watch?

After my workout I was ravenous and enjoyed the juiciest bowl of grapefruit before slurping down a blueberry banana protein shake.


I was all out of frozen strawberries and wasn’t into the raspberries that I used yesterday, so I used up the rest of my frozen bluebs.


This sucker was so good and filled me up until 2ish when I was ready for lunch. Breakfast for lunch is more like it. 😉


I typically make an egg sandwich with an english muffin, but I was drawn to the Thomas Cinnamon Raisin Bagel Thins that we had in our pantry and used that as my inspiration.


With a slice of American cheese in between both eggs, this baby was oozing with deliciousness!


Runny eggs, cheese and a cinnamon raisin bagel made the PERFECT sandwich!


I’m thinking this little guy is going to make another appearance tomorrow, maybe this time for breakfast.


When I got home tonight from work, I went into bake mode. I’ve been baking non-stop since Sunday, and tonight called for gingerbread men (which the dough was prepared last night) and also sugar cookies. All the decorating will be done tomorrow, but I already have chocolate pretzel bites already portioned out for my neighbors and Kip’s sitter.

I just love the holiday season and putting together cookie tins for my neighbors and plan to put together a post of its own to document the cookie baking. 🙂

Now it’s time to snuggle up on the couch and watch a little TV!

Killer Workout and Killer Healthy Muffin

Last night my Aunt Judy, who hosts Christmas every year, sent out an email with what each family/individual brought to the feast and also highlighted special guests and fun activities we enjoyed. With the Christmas list generated, I am anxiously reading through blogs and browsing Pinterest in hopes of finding a delicious and creative dessert to bring. So that’s what my day has basically been comprised of. Oh and work too, but less of that and more of dessert browsing. Priorities people. 😉

Today’s awesomeness has been, well, purely awesome. Not only did I get a great workout in today, but I also have enjoyed quite a few yummy meals.

Before we get to the fun food, let’s talk about workouts.

Last Night’s Personal Training

Last night Heather put me through a bitching workout. In between dripping pounds of sweat on the gym floor and guzzling water, I made sure she knew how crazy she was. Just look at her nasty workout she put me through last night and tell me you wouldn’t be cursing her out too.

The one thing I love about this workout is that I can easily do it at my home gym in my basement. We have several different bars from when my brother lifted weights at home so I’m happy to report that this one will be done in the comforts of my home and not in front of my coworker. Yup, my ass was a foot in front of my coworkers face while I did those stupid burpees and he did some type of core work. Talk about awkward!

Today’s Workout

• 5 mile run
• 1 minute plank hold
• 50 crunches
…followed by this sucker!


My run was ridiculously easy, and by easy I mean I wasn’t huffing and puffing and swearing at my midg legs to keep me going. I’m not going to say anything so that I don’t jinx myself, but I might have blogged last week about my runs being more difficult due to the workouts from my trainer. Not sure what’s happening this week, but I love how toned my arms and back have become, and my legs are feeling much better as well. I’ll just blame the running improvements on my physical improvements.


This morning, even though I was pressed for time and running late, I decided I wanted to switch up my meals for the day.

I started my morning off with half of a grapefruit. I just love tangy sweetness to kick off my mornings, with half of a mini cup of applesauce, the rest was used for lunch, and a protein shake to go. This time, I only made my shake with milk. No frozen naners, ice or spinach. Wah.

I stayed true to my breakfast #2 of a Chobani strawberry power bowl, which included flax seed, chia seeds, raw oats and PB2. I CAN’T give that goodness up. Chobani will be included in my “last meal,” no doubt about that!

Lunch is where the big change came. I decided to leave my grilled chicken, sweet potatoes and cherry tomatoes for tomorrow and had the urge to try STUFT Mama’s Healthy Apple Microwave Muffin.

This had to have been one of the easiest and healthiest recipes for a quick meal or snack. I followed the recipe exactly, aside from subbing cinnamon for the nutmeg, and microwaved the muffin for 5 minutes exactly. Perfect timing.

I reheated it at work and topped it with the remnants of my PB2 and a tablespoon of Land o’ Lakes Cinnamon Sugar butter spread since I’ve been dying to try it for months and didn’t have enough PB2.

Kristin you are a genius and I love you forever. If I still lived in California I’d sure as hell be having muffin mug dates with you pretty much every single day.

You guys HAVE to try this! I can’t wait to try Kristin’s other variations on the muffin. I’m thinking my next one will have to be a moist chocolately version as a little nighttime dessert.

Time for the Christmas movies!

Will Someone Please Chop My Legs Off?

My. Legs. Are. Killing. Me. And by “killing” I mean, painful, murderous, cringe-worthy cramping. Basically, SOS.

I know I mentioned the workout Heather put me through last night, but here’s the workout in her own words:

In my words, it’s the death workout brought to you by the fittest chick around and completed by an innocent and helpless participant; me.

My legs were so tight when I woke up that I almost crumpled to the floor when I got out of bed. I instantly knew my morning run wasn’t going to be much of a run, and I told myself if I could make it through 2 miles that that would be fantastic.

By .15 miles I wanted to cut my legs off, but I kept going and pushed through the pain and decided to run in increments of .50 miles, stretch my legs, run .50 again, stretch, and continually repeating until I had to get ready for work.

I miraculously made it to 3 miles; don’t ask me how I did that because I don’t even know. I clearly wasn’t running with my legs, so it must’ve been all heart carrying me.

Morning Workout

  • 3 mile run, .20 mile walk
  • 50 heel touchers
  • 30 toe touchers
  • 50 scissors
  • 2 sets of 50 crunches
  • 1 minute plank

Before work, I enjoyed half of an undocumented grapefruit and a chocolate cookies & cream protein shake. I’ve been out of spinach for 2 days so I’ve been missing that little all-star from my morning shakes. Luckily he’ll return tomorrow!


I got hungry pretty quickly at work, and tried a new version of oatmeal. Plain oatmeal with almond milk with a chunk of PB2 on top. Verdict: Awful. Not too sure what all those crazy bloggers are talking about when they rave about this! 😉

After several bites and a full stomach, I tossed about ¾ of the bowl in the trash. It was too bland and not worth the calories. What a perfectly good waste of my PB2! Is there a secret to this bowl to make it delish? I think my issue was that I pre-cooked the oats last night and reheated the bowl this morning. Probably just not enough peanut butter. Duh!

My hunger has held off for the most part all morning, but with my legs & arms workout scheduled for my lunch break, I know I’ll need fuel, so I’m enjoying a mushy apple and a handful of almonds.

Now it’s time for my legs & arms workout. Poor legs!

I’m soooo dreading my 4 sets of 30 step-ups!

P.S, what’s the weather like in your area today?

It just started snowing in New Hampshire!

Seizing Legs and Momma’s Birthday!

What a workout Heather put me through this evening. She had my legs shaking and seizing like an earthquake, and at one point when I mentioned how sweaty I was, she pointed out that I was so drenched that it looked like I had just showered. Aint that sexy!

I was literally dripping sweat onto the floor with every body movement. So stinkin’ gross!

Heather had my workout centered around the dredded Smith Machine, where I did 3 sets of 10 squats with different variations with my stance. The first I was wide legged, the 2nd set my feet were shoulder-width apart, and the 3rd set my feet were together. Heather then put my through sumo squats, before I did weighted bar lunges and shoulder work.

Thankfully my cousin Nikki who was at the gym taking a spinning class came over to say bye to me after her class and she saved me by giving me a quick breather in between sets.

Then it was back to Heather kicking my ass, but I love the pain. She makes pain feel so good, and she laughs at my jokes so I couldn’t ask for a better trainer. 😉

When I got home I fixed myself another batch of 3-Ingredient Healthy Pancakes, before we started to celebrate my Mom’s birthday and my parent’s 32nd wedding anniversary.

My Mom got her favorite Yankee Candle, Pink Sands, along with the car freshener, a book, an Imax and Nook gift card, a sweater and tank top and Bath & Body Works Christmas scented plug-ins.

Ryan and I also got them a $75 gift card to The Library, an expensive restaurant they went to on the seacoast for their anniversary last year.

Then it was time to celebrate with strawberry cheesecake.

Oh my goodness. I dug right into my slice and didn’t feel guilty one bit. Hey, I kicked ass at the gym this evening so it was earned!

Now I’m snuggled on the couch and watching the 2-night finale of Dancing with the Stars. Go Kelly & Val!

I Survived Personal Training!

I did something today that I never do. I took a sick day. Okay, technically no, but I took a sick “morning,” and went into work 3 hours later, at 11.

I needed it. I woke up around 1 am with a sinus headache. My jaw and eyes were killing me, my throat was hoarse, and I had a headache and a stuffy nose. I was so sexy. I couldn’t fall back asleep for quite a bit and I just knew that the morning wasn’t going to be pretty.

When my alarm went off at 5:25, I got up, looked in the mirror and my exact thoughts were, “oh hell no!” I crawled back into bed, snoozed until 6, let my boss and coworker know I’d be late and slept until quarter of 8. I woke up feeling amazing, even though I was still blowing my nose every 10 seconds.

I managed to get a 4 mile run in. Don’t ask me how. My lungs were struggling and my nose was running, so it took me a lot longer than usually, but I had time on my side so it was allllll good.

Morning Workout

• 4 mile run
• 50 heel touchers
• 30 toe touches
• 50 crunches: regular, left and right
• 1 minute plank hold
• 2 sets of 20 mountain climbers • Stretching

After my run, I multi-tasked with core work and watching Kelly & Michael, which I was extremely excited about since I’m never home to watch their show. Kelly Ripa is my idol. So pretty, hilarious, witty and down to earth. I’m sure she’d say the same about me if she met me. 😉

I enjoyed a summer breakfast, even though it was only 30 degrees out.

I went for my go-to chocolate peanut butter banana protein shake, half of a grapefruit and a clementine. I was all about the citrusy flavors this morning!

I haven’t had the biggest appetite at all today. Okay, scratch that. It’s nonexistent, but I’m forcing myself to eat small meals since I’ve been told I need more calories. It’s hard enough to consumer several hundred additional calories when you’re already full, but when you’re sick and have to force yourself to eat breakfast or lunch, it’s even harder because I know I’ll be under my recommended goal for today. Oh well, that is life!

My lunch, or snack eaten during the lunch hour was delish… even with no appetite!

I enjoyed a Chobani power bowl, which consisted of strawberry Chobani yogurt, chia seeds, old-fashioned oats, PB2 and flax seed. Alright, sometimes eating regardless of your hunger is fun. 😉


Last night I had my first personal training session. I can’t put it any simpler, but, I LOVE my trainer. She’s kick-ass, fierce, funny, and nice. She pushed me to the limit last night and I loved every second of it, including my seizing legs and shaky arms.

Since I got to the gym 20 minutes early, I warmed up with a fast-paced walk on the treadmill to get my heart rate up, before heading to the front desk to talk with Jeremy until Heather was ready.

Heather put me right into the workout, and had me work my legs with a series of squats with a stability ball, step-ups, leg curls, and sidekicks. After completing that circuit, we did arm work, which consisted of using machines for my triceps, biceps and shoulders. Both of these circuits were repeated twice, and boy was I dripping in sweat!

This girl knows how to work you. She’s more of the Bob Harper type, which I absolutely prefer.

After my workout we talked about some topics I had on my mind before we said our goodbyes and I chatted with Jeremy again before calling it a night.

All I can say is that having a personal trainer is going to be money well spent and I can already tell that Heather is eager to push me to get the results we both want for me.

Merry early Christmas to me! 😉