This Week’s Happy’s #1

Hey guys, yup, I failed with the 3 posts this week. While I had good intentions of popping in on Wednesday, life happened, and that’s the way it is! My life is about to start getting 10x busier, so I will blog when life gives me a bit of free time. I love this blog and want to keep it running for as long as possible, but if I can only give you several posts a week, that’s just how it’ll have to be for a bit. I can’t wait until I can talk more about life’s big plans, but I will share with you the moment I am able to!

That being said, I’ve had a wonderful week, and here are just a few of the things that have made me smile this week!

New Lipstick

I don’t know about you ladies, but new make-up just puts me in a good mood. I decided to put on my sassy pants over the weekend and buy lipstick, something that I have never done, in a bright color that I never would have worn, and I’m loving it! It makes me feel happy and all divalicious!


Big Bowls of Peanut Butter & Maple Syrup Oatmeal

I eat two of these bowls a day. Breakfast and either lunch or a snack. It makes my stomach happy, and the slow-digesting carbs and fat do a wonderful job of keeping me full throughout the day!


Brinkley’s 1st Birthday

My beautiful Goddaughter turned 1 on Wednesday. How is that even possible?! This little peanut has brought such happiness into my life, and I am incredibly blessed to be her Godmother. Can’t wait to celebrate this lovebug on Saturday!

imageHaving Strong Willpower

I’ve never been one to grab the leftover snacks in our work kitchen, but on Wednesday, those donuts looked SO good! Don’t even get me started on the frosting on the cake. It would have been so easy to lift the plastic lid and steal a spoonful of frosting, especially since I had an excessive amount of carbs and fat macros left, but, I want this cut that I’m on bad enough. I walked in and out of this kitchen about 4 times, and I managed to not even take one little chip. YES to motivation and drive!

imageNew Running Shoes – Mizuno Wave Catalyst

Ohhhh there is just nothing better than a new pair of shoes. It’s like my obsession with the smell of a new book. The Mizuno Wave Catalyst is a brand new shoe hitting their product line. It’s perfect for those looking for a responsive, lightweight, yet supportive run. You get to feel fast without sacrificing the support that you might need. Coming in at a light 8 oz (W) & (9.4 oz (M). and a 10mm drop, these shoes are simply fabulous! While I did receive these shoes in exchange for 3 social shares, I do have to say that these are in the top 3 of my favorite running shoes that I’ve ever run in.

imageWhat has made you happy this week?

Checking In: A Week’s Worth of Workouts

Happy. Friday. Yes! Yesterday felt like Friday, so sitting here at work this morning feels like a true crime. At least we are hours away from the weekend, which is sure to bring lots of fun my way!

Before we jump into play mode, I wanted to start incorporating a post each week about my workouts. I’ve seen a lot of bloggers do it, and not only is it fun to see the workouts or classes that they take, but I think it’d be great accountability for me to be able to look back on previous weeks to see what I did! So let’s get to it!


Ashley and I started with a 15 minute warm-up run, and followed it up with a bicep and tricep workout. We went later than normal so we did have to fight for the cable machine, but we ended up making it work, and I felt sore days later, so it was a success!


The awful Snowflake Shuffle 5k. And lots of couch time.



My workout started with a 30 minute easy run, and I followed it up with a killer shoulder workout titled, “I Can’t Lift My Arms to Wash My Hair.” At the beginning of the month, I purchased a 3 for 1 program from Sarah Bowmar of Bowmar Fitness, and have been completing her legs, shoulder and back workouts. I lovelovelove her workouts!!! If you are lacking motivation or want a new twist on workouts, check out what Sarah offers. Each program comes with 8 different workouts, so the night before my workout, I’ll flip through the Shoulder pdf and choose which workout I want to do the next day.

Sarah does post free workouts on her snapchat and Facebook page from time to time, so go follow her on those. This glute workout that she posted is legit and will have you hobbling and wobbling for days! Plus, her and Josh are extremely adorable and I believe they are what the kids are saying these days, “relationship goals.”


A much needed rest day. My body wasn’t having it. The thought of running or lifting even a 1 lb weight made me shiver. So I didn’t.


This was a workout that made me thankful for having friends at the gym. I expressed my lack of desire to run to Ashley while warming-up, and she told me to just start running and that I’d probably feel better. I ending up covering the 25 of 30 minutes of running that I had wanted to do. Score! Then, as I was going to take the easy route and do chest/core, I bumped into Frank, who informed me that he was working his back this workout. Perfect, I will too!

I didn’t overdue this workout, but it was a really great workout, and I left the gym feeling awesome!

Not workout related, but I made Hilary’s 30 second brownie, which was phenomenal!



If I wasn’t feeling the workout on Wednesday, than I really wasn’t feeling it today. I set out for an easy 30 minute run, which was tough! Even though it was hard, I kept increasing the speed, because on race day when it gets tough, I’m going to need to power through those miles. After 30 minutes, I completed 10 minutes of strides. I felt like superwoman during the strides. Amazing! I finished with about 15 minutes of core work.



Oh yes, this was hands down my favorite workout of the week! I signed up with a new coach who is going to get me to where I want to be with my running and fitness, and today marked day 1 with her plan. I tweaked part of her leg workout with another leg workout I’ve done previously, as I had a question about her prescribed workout. I was supposed to do my run AFTER the leg workout, but I knew I’d have a quality run if I did it before. To each their own! This one left me dying. I was supposed to do 2 rounds of the HIIT at the end, but I ran out of time. Next time! That HIIT is a KILLER!


What was your favorite workout of the week?

What are your weekend plans?

The Best Day at Runner’s Alley & Why Your Running Store Is Important

I love running. I love shopping. I know the importance of shopping local. And I know the importance of shopping for running shoes at your local specialty running store.

For me, that’s Runner’s Alley, with locations in Concord / Manchester / Portsmouth {New Hampshire}.

runners-alleyWith all of the years that I’ve been running, the beginning years I never, ever shopped at Runner’s Alley.


Because I was always very tight with my money and wanted to buy shoes at a discount. The prices for a quality running shoe can be steep, and that annoyed me.

As I’ve gotten older, I now know the importance of paying for quality; whether it be quality food or quality running shoes.

I first went into Runner’s Alley years ago because Sean, a guy that I befriended at my then gym, was working or interning there. I went in, had him analyze my form, and tried on several shoes he brought out to me. After over an hour, I left empty-handed, because 1) I didn’t like the looks of the shoes, and 2) because of the price.

Why, Allie, why?

Since then, I’ve been back, and I’ve bought multiple pairs of shoes from Runner’s Alley. Sean told me to look past the looks or color of the shoes, and to choose a pair that not only fits and feels good, but that is also appropriate for how you run. <– he told me that years ago, and I was too stubborn to listen.

I was desperately in need of a new running shoe, so I reached out to Sean to see if he’d be interested in working with me on getting a shoe and turning it into a blog post.

Sean is now the manager of the Concord, NH location, so he knows his stuff. If you’re local to Concord, go and ask for Sean, because I’m biased.

When I got to Runner’s Alley, Sean had me take my shoes and socks off, and we got to chatting.

Runners-AlleyBefore he even watched me run, he first watched me walk barefoot and had me stand on one foot, along with doing one-foot half squats.

He picked up on my problem child of a right foot, and took out little skeletor to explain to me how the foot works when it runs. He touched my feet (eww!), and tested the flexibility of my big toes, where he found that while my left big toe is flexible, my right big toe isn’t.

Runners-AlleyRunner’s Alley, and your local to you running store won’t just sell you shoes. They teach you how to fix issues, injuries, and all of the other stuff that falls in between the cracks.

And then it was on to running barefoot! Let your hair whip back and forth girl!

Runners-AlleySean gave me a Foot Rubz to do a bit of mobility on to help loosen up my right foot, which is something that I need to continue to do going forward, and while I did that, he went in the back to grab 3 pairs of shoes that he thought would work great for me.

Sean, you better pick the right shoe for me! This must be the type of pressure men feel when they have to pick out the perfect engagement ring.

Runners-AlleySaucony, Newton, and Nike, the 3 brands delivered to my feet. I first tried the Saucony Kinvara 6’s on, and took those for a little jog down their indoor track.

Runners-AlleyNext up, the Newton Kismet. I’ve always been extremely intrigued by Newton running shoes, so I was thrilled when I saw one of the boxes say Newton across it. I felt like I had moon shoes on when I first stood in them, but after running in them, they actually felt really awesome! I liked these!Runners-AlleyThe last shoe I tried on was a Nike Flyknit, which, meh. Okay, I actually loved how lightweight they felt on, but in my heart I immediately knew that these were 3rd place.

I was torn between the Kinvara 6 and the Kismet, so Sean had me wear one of each, and go for a run.

So which did I choose? The Saucony Kinvara 6!

Runners-Alley-Saucony-Kinvara6The Newton’s were a very close 2nd, but the Kinvaras felt very natural, so I went with my gut.

Runners-Alley-Saucony-Kinvara6I didn’t let price, color, or appearance sway my decision thinking, and not once did I bring any of those up, as I would have done in the past.

If you want to be healthy, you need to make healthy decisions. If you want to run, you need to make smart decisions. Whether you run competitively or just for fun, the #1 decision that you can possibly make is to go to your local running store to have them analyze your form.

Sure, you might have to shell out a little more money on a running shoe than if you were to find a beautiful sale online, but if you have an expert put you in the right shoe, there’s a good chance that you won’t be paying doctor bills for injuries that you might run yourself into if you’re running in an ill-fitting shoe.

Not only does Runner’s Alley provide a wonderful shoe service, but they also sell a variety of running gear, fuel, and reading material, along with offering running and training groups. 2016 is the year that I’m finally going to join one of their running groups, so please hold me accountable to my word!

runners-alleyRunner’s Alley is a wonderful local company made up of a group of individuals who not only love running, but that want you to love it and become a better runner as well.

Thank you Sean for fitting me in a great shoe, and thank you Jeremiah for being our photographer for the afternoon!

I’d love to stay and chat longer, but I…


Disclaimer: While this post was not sponsored by Runner’s Alley, Sean did gift me with a complimentary Runner’s Alley winter slouchy hat, along with surprising me with a small discount on my purchase.

Do you buy your running shoes at your local running store?

What is your favorite shoe to run in?

Are you a part of a local running group?

Why do you run?

Weekend Recap: The Race That Kicked My Butt

Raise your hand or nod your head, whatever is least awkward for your current location, if you’ve gotten your winter cold/flu yet this season? I’m pretty sure that after avoiding it for a bit, I finally got hit with the cold.

I thought that my lack of energy last week was a result of playing around with my macros, but I’m thinking it was all just a lead up to my winter cold of 2016.

Friday night was low key. The early bib pick up for Sunday’s Snowflake Shuffle was right down the road from work at 6 pm, so to kill time, I headed to Market Basket to grab a few essentials.

Sweet potatoes / chicken breast / 2 avocados / 2 bags of broccoli / sunflower seeds / 2 lemons

groceriesIt was then a block over to the bar that was hosting bib pick-up, where I spotted the best work vehicle ever.Millennium-Running-VanI arrived around 5:40 pm, and was crossing my fingers that they would allow you to grab your bib and hoodie before 6 pm, and I was in luck!imageOnce I made it back home, I made an appetizer shake, since I was starving, and drank that while my sweet potatoes were roasting in the oven. I ate a big plateful while scouring I watched a few YouTube vlogs, read in bed, and was asleep before 8!roasted-sweet-potatoesSaturday morning Ashley and I had plans to work bi’s & tri’s, but before our workout, I had to scrape a beautiful layer of ice off of my windshield.imageI made it home a little after 10 from the gym, and proceeded to enjoy a protein shake, shower, take an epsom salt bath, and read, before digging into my favorite lunch.

Before you tell me how gross hot dogs are, I will tell you that they are so delicious! I buy the Applegate hot dogs, so I’m not worried about consuming them. I enjoy them in a bowl of mashed sweet potatoes, Laura’s lean ground beef, extra-lean ground turkey, and steamed broccoli. It’s all about balance my friends, and eating what makes you happy.

whole-30-approved-lunchThere was also a lot of reading. I attempted napping, but my brain doesn’t always turn off when I’d like it to, so reading on my couch, under a warm blanket, was just as relaxing!readingMy goal was ultimate relaxation so that I could kick the beginning of my cold and not over-exert too much energy, but I also knew that if I could get a little blog work done, that it would ease my mind.

imageAnd then it was over to my parent’s for laundry and the first playoff football game of the year. Go Pats!!

Thank goodness I did most of the blog post on Saturday, because on Sunday, I didn’t open my laptop once.

I woke up around 7:10 since I had a race that morning, and enjoyed a sliced up banana in a bowl of almond cashew milk, with PB2 sprinkled on top. Ummm, this combo is amazing!

imageIt was cold outside, so I wore my new running neckwarmer that I snagged on clearance for $9 from Target. It did a great job of keeping me warm, but I wonder if this came in sizes, because I would have loved it to be a bit more snug.imageTo warm up, Ashley and I did a quick little jog, and then walked around for a bit until it was time to line up.imageWe were told that the course was comprised of 2 hills, but once you made it out of a cul-de-sac, you were in the clear. By mile 2, I thought I had hit all 2 hills, but low and behold, a ginormous hill appeared, and I literally wanted to cry. My right leg felt pretty tight the entire race, and at this point, my legs were wiped out! I walked up most of the hill because I just didn’t care about running the entire thing. I felt that it was more important to listen to my body, and my body said to walk it. So I did.

imageThis was honestly probably one of the hardest courses that I’ve raced, and while I came in 30 seconds slower than my goal, I’m not even complaining. Sarah had a crappy race as well, and sent me this. If only…imageBy the time I made it home, my body was d-e-a-d. It was done. It hurt to move, and I was wiped out. I ran a few errands, but after that, I was on my couch all day. I read, I ate like a b*, and watched The Best of Me. I earned this sweatshirt, and will live in it for the rest of winter.


I had such a hard time staying awake, that I went to bed at 6:30 pm, because when you run a hilly race, are getting sick, and have lady cramps, you can do anything that you want to.

How was your weekend? What did you do? What did you eat? What did you watch?

Have you ever raced such a difficult course that you decided never to race it again?


Day In The Life #18

Yesterday was fun. And different. I will have a future post geared towards one specific event from the day, but for now, let’s jump into a day in the life post and take a look at my Thursday!

5:00 am – my alarm goes off, and I immediately roll out of bed without hitting snooze. I head to the bathroom to freshen up, hop on the scale to see how my cut is going, and then throw my workout clothes on. This is a recycled picture since there is no light at this hour, but you get the idea!


5:23 am – I throw my headphones and lock in my purse and head to the gym.

5:40 am – I’ve put my belongings in the gym locker and head to start my workout. My body immediately tells me that it’s an active rest day, so I walk 2 miles while reading an e-book, and then finish with a 1.3 mile run because I’m feeling better.


6:40-7:40 am – I drive 10 minutes to my apartment, shower, pack my food bag, and head out to work, sponsored by One Direction. There is zero shame, and I fully support the purchase of this cd.


7:50 am – I get to work and am at my desk by 7:50, so I head to the kitchen heat up breakfast, which is Laura’s lean ground beef, mashed sweet potatoes, and broccoli. I’m obsessed with this meal, so naturally it’s become my breakfast.

7:55 am – 10:55 am – I have an important task of creating the yearly email schedule for 3 companies that I oversee at work, and it’s time pressing, so I work hard on matching up deploy dates for all 3 companies for 2016.

11:00 -12:30 – I head to an hour long company-wide meeting, where we discuss the good and bad from our work trip last week, and once we are out, I make a shake for a pre-lunch snack. You are very welcome for this gorgeous picture. And yes, I do have positive affirmations taped to my monitor. 🙂


2:30 pm – I dig into lunch, which is chicken, mashed sweet potatoes and almonds. It’s so boring and I’m relieved this is the last tupperware of it, but this is what happens when you bs your meal prep for the week.


1:30 -3:00 pm – I peruse emails and respond to our members, and tackle a few things on Twitter.

3:00 pm – I’m done for the day! I worked through my lunch hour on Wednesday so that I could leave at 3. I head to downtown Concord to visit my buddy Sean at Runner’s Alley.

runners-alley-concord-nhI’m due for new running shoes, and I wanted to partner with him on a post, so I spend time with him and Jeremiah, their social media guy until about 4:00. Next week you can expect a full-post geared towards my time spent with Sean and Runner’s Alley, which I’m so excited to share with you.

runners-alley-concord-nhOn my walk back to my car, I stop and take a picture of this pretty view. As I walk I consider moving to Concord once my lease is up. Most of my extended family lives there, and being more in the country would be nice. It’s only about 17 minutes from my current  apartment, and about the same from my parent’s house, so it’s not a big change.

downtown-concord-nhOn my 17 minute drive home, I snack on the perfect hard-boiled egg. This fuels me through 20 minutes of Target shopping. I swear by Nom Nom Paleo’s perfect hard-boiled egg recipe.the-perfect-hard-boiled-egg5:20 -6:30 – I prep chicken and ground turkey for tomorrow, pack my meals for the next day, and then cook myself dinner, which is chicken, butternut squash, almonds and walnuts cooked in coconut oil.

image6:30-8:30 pm – I upload pictures and start typing this post up. Since my day was so busy, I finally sit back on my couch and catch up on blogs. I make myself a strawberry protein shake around 7:30, and then climb into bed to read until 8:30, which is lights out!

What was your day like yesterday?

Do you buy your running shoe’s from your specialty running store?


My Major 2016 Goals: Nutrition, Physique, Strength & Running

Goals. Did you set any for 2015? How did you do? Did you accomplish any big ones? I couldn’t even tell you if I set any for 2015, but given the fact that I’m the happiest & healthiest that I’ve ever been in my life, I’m just going to say that I kicked ass this year.

With that being said, I have big goals for 2016. There are several career goals that I have in plan, but most of my goals relate to my health, so let’s talk about those health goals I have set for 2016, because let’s face it, fitness and eating are more fun to talk about than your career.


In November I switched to a more Paleo-focused way of eating, which I plan on continuing into the New Year. My body is continuing to lean out thanks to meals focused on meat, loads of veggies and healthy fats, so processed foods will hopefully stay limited.

I will continue to focus on finding the foods that provide optimal endurance and energy, and test out foods in trial and error to see which I generally should avoid.


Continue to lean out. I don’t care about the number on the scale. Why? Well, I’m currently leaner than I was in September, yet I weigh 5 more pounds than I did back then. This one still baffles me, but hey, I went down a size in pants, so I will not not not complain about that!

I feel that a majority of my fitness goals will rely on my nutrition aiding in leaning out, which then will aid in reaching my fitness goals.imageGym

Plain and simple. Get stronger. My coworker has been encouraging me for almost a year now to do Tough Mudder and Spartan Races with him, and several weeks ago I told him that I will run the Tough Mudder. Is an event like this in my comfort zone? Heck no, but our lives should not be spent in the “c-word zone.”

How do you expect to grow as a daughter, a mother, a coworker, an athlete, or a friend if you never take those scary steps to think outside of the box and risk failure or embarrassment?.. because let me tell you, when I’m having a panic attack at the top of a high obstacle, there will be a lot of embarrassment on my end. IMG_4216

Frank, the above mentioned coworker of mine, has truly helped me break free of my comfort at the gym. Frank doesn’t allow me to doubt my strength or ability, and he is the first one to constantly tell me to get out and lift with the men. “Frank, that’s scary and intimidating!” “Allie, stop being a sissy and get out there. You’re strong; don’t underestimate your power.”

My point is, find a friend, a workout buddy, or just anyone that will encourage you to push harder and to never stop tackling a new challenge. Also, be that person for someone else. Monday morning he came to my desk to ask why I “casually strolled in” 30 minutes later than normal to the gym. Officially busted for having a late Sunday night out.

Pull-up. I will do a pull-up before my 28th birthday in March. That is my big goal that I’ve been focusing on working towards thanks to Frank and my brother. I have the upper body strength, but I’m carrying around too much junk in the trunk to lift myself up unassisted, which again, circles back to nutrition and leaning out.


Oh my lovely running goals! These are what I am most excited about. What do I want to get better at? Every damn thing! I want to shave time off of my paces, increase my mileage in a smart way, recover faster. If I can improve in any area of running, I want to.

A fun running goal that Jaime, Melissa and I discussed after the Santa Shuffle was to run 1 race every month in 2016, and since our local running club, Millennium Running hosts at least 1 race a month, this will be doable. Plus, incorporating fitness with friendship is a great way to stay connected!



To keep up with accountability, instead of seeing how I did with my goals at the end of 2016, I’ll monitor my goals quarterly to stay in check with where I’m at and how I can improve in the next quarter. With that being said, there will certainly be some changes both in my life and also on this blog, so be on the lookout for a fun year on Running on Peanut Butter!

Do you set goals? How often do you check in to see how you’re doing?

How’d you do with your 2015 goals?

What are your goals for 2016?

Santa Shuffle & So Much Christmas Spirit

I dressed partially like Santa on Saturday, so Christmas spirit is officially in full effect! Actually, every day of this weekend was bursting with Christmas spirit, which makes me oh so happy!

Friday night was a lazy one. After work I ran a few errands, one of which included picking up my bib and Santa suit for Saturday’s Santa Shuffle. After that, it was dinner and a Christmas movie to round out my evening. Perfect!

On Saturday I tried sleeping in, but was awake at 8. I actually forget what I did, but I think my morning was just full of relaxing and eating? Around 11:30 I went out with my parent’s to pick out their family Christmas tree. Every year we go to Faulkner’s, and every year the tree picking process goes quicker and quicker!


There’s Daddio leading the way! Well, tree expert #2 lead us to the back to show us an 8-foot tree that was perfect that he hadn’t put out yet.


I want this to be my bedroom. I <3 Christmas trees!Faulkners-landscaping

The special tree was too big, so we went back out front and grabbed a winning tree. Every year I take this same picture, and every year it makes me so happy. I love the quaint, local country feeling I get when I’m here.Faulkners-landscaping

I officially want to work on a farm or at a local landscaping store. That seems like the perfect Hallmark/Lifetime Christmas movie plot to me!Faulkners-landscaping

I ran a few errands and got a few things done, before it was time to head downtown to run the Santa Shuffle! So many Santas!!!! I actually had so much trouble finding a parking spot, that by the time I went to the porta-potty, threw my Santa coat on and pinned my bib, the National Anthem began and the 90 second countdown began. Needless to say that I was NOT ready for this race simply because I felt so rushed!Millennium-Running-Santa-Shuffle

Post-race picture with Jaime and Melissa! Millennium-Running-Santa-Shuffle

BUT…. I surprised myself. Not only did the run feel amazing (I felt like I was flying and had feather legs), but I hit my fastest/best race pace ever, and finished the fastest that I ever have! I placed 51 in my division of Females 20-29, which made me feel awesome. The only time I struggled was the last half mile, where I was more than ready for some water.Millennium-Running-Santa-Shuffle

After the race, the 3 of us walked about 5 blocks down to join Jaime’s mom and her friends at The Farm. Millennium-Running-Santa-Shuffle

We snagged their window seats, and enjoyed watching the parade from indoors.Millennium-Running-Santa-Shuffle

Santa and Mrs. Claus!Christmas-ParadeWe left a little after 6, and went our own ways. I went home for dinner, a shower and a Christmas movie. It just doesn’t get old!

Sunday morning started with a solid workout at the gym. 15 minutes of HIIT running, followed by a tough shoulder workout.


Breakfast, groceries, meal prep, blogging, and errands all happened next, before I headed over to my parent’s house to help decorate the tree!

Christmas TreeHow was your December weekend? What did you do?

Have you ever or would you ever run a Santa themed race?

Weekend Recap: Tis’ the Season!

Happy week of Thanksgiving! While I was in the grocery store Saturday evening, a young girl asked her boyfriend when Thanksgiving was and he said, “listen, I don’t know.” What!! How do you not know when Thanksgiving is?! I will forever worry about those two.

Anyways, Thanksgiving is a few days away but I’m in full on Christmas mode. It started Friday night when Jaime and I went to the movies to see Love the Coopers. It was good, but it wasn’t awesome. We both are obsessed with The Family Stone, and sadly it didn’t even come close to comparing. It was still fun to go out and catch up with Jaime!


I never mentioned it on the blog, but about 1-2ish weeks ago I signed up for our city’s Santa Shuffle 5k! This is my first race since March, which shows that 2015 was all about racing in cold temperatures. In an attempt to get my legs and lungs ready for the race in 2 weeks, I planned for an outdoor run. I woke up and ate a baby food pouch and a packet of almonds, before heading over to the trails.


I could have chosen to just run in my neighborhood area, but I figured trails would be more fun and difficult, plus, I had never gone for a run here, mostly because the constant rolling hills grossed me out.


I’m so glad that I got over myself and finally ran here because it was awesome and thankfully not crowded at all. Each lap around the pond is 1 mile, so it really goes by quite fast. I kept it short at 2 miles, and after the first mile I wanted to see if I could beat my prior mile time. I did by 40 seconds! Granted I took a 2 minute breather and water break after the first mile because my lungs were burning, but slow and steady!livingston-parkAfter my run, I enjoyed my real breakfast, which was a plate of eggs, sweet potatoes and chicken sausage. Finally finished the Trader Joe’s chicken sausage that I hate!

whole30-breakfastI met up with my Mom for a trip to the spa. Manicure for Mom & pedicure for me. I chose a sparkly Christmas red, because, well, tis’ the season!

imageThe rest of my Saturday was spent grocery shopping at 3 different stores (help) and visiting the mall for Christmas ideas for myself and others! Gahhhh the decor just makes me so giddy!!!


I whipped up the biggest dinner, baked chicken with butternut squash and broccoli sauteed in coconut oil. I enjoyed this while watching a Christmas movie on Netflix.whole30-dinner

Both weekend days I slept in until 8:15-9, and boy did it feel good! Sunday I woke up at 8:15 and spent the good part of the morning meal prepping and cleaning my apartment while my Christmas Pandora station played in the background.

I dug into a mini breakfast around 9, before getting in a shoulder workout and a 2.9 mile run in my neighborhood (finally did it!). whole30-breakfastLate afternoon I visited my parents, aka I visited Mom so that we could watch a Christmas movie together. After that, I headed home for dinner, a little more meal prep, and then relaxed on the couch for the evening. All in all, a wonderful weekend!

Have you started watching Christmas movies yet?

Tell me about your weekend!

The Weekend Where I Took a Picture with My Future Husband

This weekend was truly magical. Nothing could have gone better, and I am left on Monday morning still wearing the ridiculous smile that I’ve worn since Friday. I slept in, I took it easy, ate great food, finally got my picture with my future husband, and my body is feeling great.


Friday was our annual Halloween competition at work, where every division dresses up and competes against each other. I was leaving work early, so instead of dressing up, I was a judge this year.


I took a 3/4 day at work because I had the best night of my life lined up! I headed home, freshened up, did a quick change of my top, packed my bags and headed out! I stopped at Starbucks on the way for a grande skinny caramel latte, which was amazing. So close with my name!

I made it into Boston a little after 4, and snagged a front row parking spot right outside of the House of Blues. Score!! I was in Boston to see my favorite artist Kip Moore perform, and in previous experience, I knew that if I grabbed a bite to eat at their restaurant, that I would get “pass the line” entry. This means that you get into the venue before the regular line does, but after the VIP. 


This was my first time eating alone, and I actually kind of liked it. I loved that I could eat at my own pace and just enjoy my food, which for me was shove it in your mouth as fast as you can, haha. I’m a fast eater, it’s bad!

I ordered the turkey club with sweet potato fries, but I think they gave me a turkey burger. The meat was gross, so I basically ate a tomato and bacon sandwich, which was pretty bad ass, ha! I had no problem polishing off almost all of the fries because I knew that I wouldn’t be eating again for about 7 hours. Plus, security confiscated my Combat Crunch bar, so it’s a good thing I ate like a queen. But seriously rude.


I ended up being first in the “pass the line” line, and immediately befriended the 3 people behind me. I get this trait from my Dad, but it really only comes out at shows, oddly enough. I even made friends with 2 groups surrounding me inside the pit as well. Anyways, not a bad view from line, huh?

All for this. Those biceps. That smile. That voice.


That ass.


Seriously, dat ass. Sex on a stick. {Sorry Mom}


And then this happened around midnight on the streets of Boston. I will never change my Facebook profile picture from this ever, ever again. Even when I’m married, my husband will not win. You lose, Kip wins.


I mean, gahhh!! I actually tripped in this picture. I don’t know why. Was I standing on my tippy toes? Probably not. I think I was just overflowing with energy haha. I received a few texts messages after posting this, being asked if he was my boyfriend. Sure!!


I was dripping sweat during the show. Literally dripping. I had sweat running down my face, down my back, my shirt was drenched, so by the time I got home, showered, ate, and and got into bed, it was close to 2 am.


Really not pleased that I woke up at 8:30, but it sure felt nice to sleep in until my body was ready to wake up! I took my time around my apartment; cleaning, tidying up my living room and bedroom, and finally digging into breakfast. Oats mixed with egg whites, cinnamon, chia seeds, and topped with maple syrup, finely diced walnuts and 1 tbsp of peanut butter.


While I was itching to go lift at the gym, I told myself that I was going to take 1 more day off from lifting for my deload week, and instead, used this breakfast as fuel for a trail run, which ended up being inspirational and possibly life changing… more on that tomorrow!


After the run and a shower, the rest of my day was spent running errands and relaxing! I’m not a fan of Halloween parties, so having nothing on my agenda for the evening of Halloween was actually pretty splendid.


LOVE day light savings!! I made up for getting little sleep Friday into Saturday, and got about 9 1/2 hours of sleep thanks to the extra hour. I was really excited because this day marked a full body workout at the gym. My body was extra rested from sleep and a week off from weights, so I was ready and roaring to go.

I started with a 15 minute warm-up run, before completing a full body workout with weights. I wanted to ease back into lifting and hit a little of each body part instead of a full blown “chest” or “back” workout. This week I’ll bring those back, but yesterday was just what I needed!

On my way home I stopped at the grocery store for the week’s haul, and proceeded to shower, eat breakfast, and watch last week’s Nashville on the couch. NOT HAPPY with the ending of the episode.


Meal prep, inspirational work, and reading happened before a movie date with my Momma to see Burnt! We love Bradley Cooper, and we both highly recommend seeing this film! <3 I ended my evening with a bbq with my family and a lazy night reading on the couch. All in all, it was a wonderful few days!

Do you like dressing up for Halloween?

What’s your favorite Halloween treat?

I really love Reese’s, KitKats & Twix. Way to pick one favorite Allie!

Weekend Recap: Trail Running, Friends, Family

Hello hello & happy Monday! It was a fabulous low-key weekend over in my neck of the woods, and it was much-needed!

My Friday night was pretty wild in that I worked until about 7ish… luckily the last part was from my couch, but still! We have a new member who is having their grand opening of their store this weekend, so I had to work with our ad agency in creating a few last-minute social posts. You can bet by the time I finished work and eating, that I parked my butt in bed and was out cold by 8:20 pm.


A super early Friday night bed time meant that I was up and roaring to go at 5 am on Saturday. I took my time getting ready for the gym and then got going. Sadly my tailbone started bothering me partway through my workout, so I focused on a total body workout. When it came to doing legs, I had to skip weighted squats/lunges, and just killed my legs with never-ending bodyweight squats, backwards lunges and side lunges. Work with what ya got girls!

Protein pancakes were definitely earned after that workout. With my favorite fall candle that the best Mom bought for me. She had it burning at her house the day before I left for the Bahamas, and when I returned from my trips, there was one sitting on the counter with my name on it. She’s held the Best Mom ranking since 1988, well 1985 if we count my brother.


After breakfast, I prepped a bunch of veggies for the weekend/week, cleaned my apartment, and then headed over to my parent’s to spend the afternoon with my Mom.. and do laundry! We ran a few errands, one of which included buying a blender and ingredients for Mom to make protein shakes! She asked me to teach her how to make them, so I brought over some of my sample protein packets, took her shopping, and showed her the way! Love that Mom is going to start incorporating protein shakes into her days! Ps, that blender is the best! $15 at Target, it’s super easy to clean, makes the perfect 1-serving shake, and can be tucked away so easily!


I did a bit of reading in my new favorite book— you MUST buy it… all of you, and we also watched a few of our shows together; Grey’s Anatomy & Nashville. I miss McDreamy!!


A little after 5 I headed home, and continued my lazy night on the couch binge watching White Collar and reading.


I slept from 8 pm until 7:30 am. Holy moly that’s a lot of sleep! I was extremely tired on Saturday, and when I woke up at 5 on Sunday, I said no to the gym and decided I would sleep until my body told me it was time to wake up.

Around 8 I dug into a bowl of oatmeal with maple syrup, and enjoyed it while watching an episode of White Collar. I then cooked some potatoes and ground turkey for the week, and then headed to Hooksett. I needed to return 2 library books, and since Head’s Pond is 2 minutes from the library, I stopped there to get a fun run in. I used my Garmin because I wanted to track my distance, but I didn’t care about my pace at all. I wasn’t excited about the run, but once I started, I was truly happy that I got out there. It was so nice to run being surrounded by beautiful scenery, and the run itself felt so easy. It made me really love running, and I think for the fall my prescribed 30 minute steady-state cardio session will be a weekend fall run!

I got home around 11, took a shower, ate a big bowl of ground turkey and sautéed butternut squash, started this blog post, and then headed out to spend the afternoon with my girl Lyndsay and baby Brynn. Lynds and I met at work almost 2 years ago, and we quickly became wonderful friends.


Yesterday’s outfit made me feel fabulously, amazingly badass, and I LOVED it!


After a day of shopping, I headed over to my parent’s to do dinner with them! My Dad BBQ for us, and I made the side of, take a guess, sautéed butternut squash. I am honestly going to turn orange from my addiction, but it’s just so good! I only add a little bit of pink sea salt to the butternut squash while I’m sautéing, and it gives it the perfect seasoning!





And my Mom is even more amazing because she not only bought me a new winter candle, but she also listened to me when I told her I loved this ranch seasoning on our Saturday shopping trip, and had a new bottle waiting for me Sunday night. My Dad also sent me home with enough chicken for the week. They are friggen wonderful and so amazing. image

And that is the recap of a great weekend!

Do you use the popcorn seasonings for regular food?

What’s your favorite candle scent?

What fall fashion style are you obsessing over?