I Went Boxing & Didn’t Die

What. A. Week. [Not in a good way.]

There isn’t too too much for me to update you guys on. The beginning of the week started off rough when I got a migraine thanks to staying up late watching The Bachelorette. That turned into feeling nauseous, light-headed, and blurred vision for 2 days. Thanks JoJo and Jordan. I was really frustrated that she chose him, but now, I’m not going to lie, I’m a tad obsessed with them. If you follow them on SnapChat, they will soon become your relationship goals.

Moving on to macros. I’ve done a great job of not hitting them. Vacation last week kind of screwed me over, so I went into this week feeling overly blah. That meant that I craved allthefoods, didn’t have the energy to workout, and felt even worse.

But let me tell you, feeling like absolute crap is a great wake-up call and motivator to get your butt back in gear. Another wake-up call… the fact that my Tough Mudder is 9 days away. I can’t back out now, so I’m just sitting here internally sobbing and questioning myself. When I question myself to Frank, he tells me that I’m going to run circles around the others, and that he also cannot wait to dunk me in the mud. Just you wait, Frank!

Also, help! How much fuel should I bring for the Tough Mudder? Do I get one of those waterproof running belts to stash gels and snacks in? If you’ve done one, please give me advice!!!

To continue on with this ramble of a post, I can confidently admit that I’ve hit a plateau with my workouts, and instead of just wishing that I will miraculously break free of it, I decided to do something about it.

Last night I went to my very first boxing class at Title Boxing Club right near my work with my friends Lisa and Betsy.


The very first lesson I learned was to go to the bathroom before you get your hands wrapped. That was brutal, but thankfully the class was so quickly paced that I forgot all about the fact that I wanted to pee my pants.

Back to the class though. The first class is free at Title, and the only thing you have to do is pay $10 for wraps, in the color of your choice.

The first 15 minutes of the class was a warm-up, which included a mix of jumping rope, jumping jacks, butt kicks, squats, jumping squats, sprawls (burpees), and a few other things that I’m forgetting. I just recall the warm-up being tough!

After the warm-up, we moved into 30 minutes of boxing. It’s broken up into 8 rounds, with each round being 3 minutes. After the round is complete, you move into 1 minute of active rest, which ranged from toe taps against the bag, jumping rope, light but quick jabs against the bag, and other things that I’m forgetting.

Two of the rounds included work with a buddy, where Lisa would hold the bag, while I did the assigned combo for 30 seconds as fast as I could. We switched every 30 seconds, for the 3 minutes. Brutal, but fun! I believe we did 30 seconds of jabs, uppercuts, etc.

The last 15 minutes of the class was core work and stretching, and to be honest, this was the hardest part of the class. The core work was no joke, mostly because I don’t train my core enough.

I left class a sweaty mess, but I felt amazing.


Title Boxing offers both boxing and kickboxing classes, which would be great additions to my current workout routine or lifting weights and HIIT. I know that these classes would quickly help me break free of my plateau and get me in even better shape.

If I’m being honest, while I feel the strongest that I’ve ever felt, I also feel the unhealthiest that I’ve ever been, and I know that this would make me feel better, not just physically, but emotionally as well.

The membership options aren’t the cheapest, but joining this gym would be an investment in my health; physically and emotionally, and you cannot put a price tag on living a happy life.

When I was running through the membership prices with my parents, my Mom was very encouraging, while my Dad told me not to go into debt. At the same time, he said, “You’re good at spending money,” while I said, “I’m good at spending money.” Oops! My current gym membership is paid by my company, so the plus side is that I’d only be paying for 1 gym, and not 2.

So now it’s not a matter of if I’m going to sign up, it’s more so a matter of do I sign up to pay month to month, or do I pay for a full-year to save money. A year commitment is huge, but, it would make me actually go, and while I could take kickboxing classes at my current gym for free, I probably would stop going because I’m not paying for it. Ya know?

Last night I went to bed ravenous. RAVENOUS. Larabar sent me their new Larabar Bites on Tuesday, and I will just put it out there that I demolished an entire bag last night due to boxing hunger. Macros did not exist.


And this morning I woke up sore as a yankee doodle. I feel last night in every inch of my body, but mostly my core. Granted we did 15 minutes of core work at the end, but you don’t realize how much you use your core during the actually boxing!

And that’s all I’ve got for you today, mostly because I need to go eat breakfast before I go Hulk on someone!

Have a fabulous weekend and do something fun!

Have you ever been boxing before? If so, do/did you love it?

What are your weekend plans?

Working out, drinks with Sarah, hiking with Sarah, and a dinner date! Yay!


Week Ramblings & The Peanut Butter Bet

I had all intentions of posting yesterday, or even Tuesday, but an assignment came a week early, and such is life.

Even though I’ve been focusing solely on work and school, yes I’m back in school, my workouts with Ashley have been the 3rd major focus of mine. Our workouts have been really great lately, and I really cannot imagine not working out with her. Not only do we push each other to lift heavier or to bust out a few more reps, it also gives us plenty of quality time together.

Lots of heart to hearts in between sets about dating, work, life, and school. We giggle when our gym crushes walk into the gym, and respectively have fits when they’re next to us. We die. One thing we decided based on experience, is that a gym crush should stay a crush.

Ashley has made a bet with me that I can’t go 2 days not eating peanut butter. I think I can last until Monday, but I’m going to see just how long I can go before I have an emotional breakdown and need it. In the comments let me know how many days you think that I can last pb free!

Tuesday and Wednesday I attended a copywriting seminar, and since I knew I’d be away from a fridge for both days, I treated myself to the Six Pack Bags Renee purse. It’ll be in handy on my business trips and day trips when I’m in Nashville, but I splurged so that I could test it out this week.

It looks pretty and like a normal purse from the front:


But on the backside, it’s a meal management purse! 4 slots for meals, along with storage on the side zipper. I LOVE this bag! Not only does it keep the food cool, but it’s perfect for every day use. I will admit that it’s expensive, but I bought it at Vitamin Shoppe for $10 less than the website price, and I had a $15 coupon that I used. This is also THE perfect carry-on for the plane!six-pack-bag-renee-toteOther products that I’m loving? I bought the Dymatize Iso-100 Orange Dreamsicle on Tuesday afternoon, and I have already had 4 shakes since buying it. It tastes exactly like an orange creamsicle, and hands down, this is my favorite protein that I have ever had. 1 scoop with 1 cup cashew milk and a 4 ice cubes, and it’s the perfect consistency. I’ve even added xanthum gum to make it thicker like ice cream.


Ashley gave me the new Oh Yeah! One bar to try. Mint Chocolate Chip. The mint isn’t too strong, and it’s much better than the Quest bar.

OhYeahOne--Mint-Chocolate-ChipI’d buy it again!


My new favorite and filling dinner is broccoli slaw with Italian dressing, and seasoned potatoes and baked chicken… because eating pretzels and peanut butter for dinner isn’t healthy. Oops.image

And to celebrate finishing my 16 page finals paper for this term… I continued my binge watching of Quantico, which I was forced to put on hold for my final. It feels good to be back with all of they eye candy in this show.image

And that is a wrap on the first half of my week!

What show(s) are you currently binge watching?

Any products or supplements you’re loving?

How long do you think I can go without peanut butter?

I think I can last until Monday.

Fitness Friday: Weekly Workouts

We’ve made it to Friday, which means that it’s almost time to throw my weekend pants on, but before I do that, let’s link up with Kris of Canadian Girl Runs for Fitness Friday!



I put Ashley and I through a Back and mini shoulder workout. During the beginning of the workout, I mentioned to Ashley how I didn’t feel like I was getting a good workout in. I just wasn’t feeling the burn. Don’t always go by that feeling, because when I woke up the next morning, my back was s-o-r-e! Some of the exercises we tried on new-to me machines, which I think played a part in the soreness I felt the day after.



I woke up not wanting to workout at all. I mean at all (thanks wine), but I got my butt to the gym, and Ashley lead us through a bi & tri workout. It was tough, but the sweat and the muscle burn felt good and was just what I needed! After our strength workout, we hit the treadmill to run. I started with a 10 minute warm-up, before completing 20 minutes of HIIT. I felt incredibly strong with the sprints, and was happy with how great the workout turned out to be!



One of the weekly workouts that my coach has programmed for me is a long run, so I decided to tackle this guy to start my week. I’m working my way up mileage wise, so I’m building slowly. I cranked out 4 miles, before stretching and calling it a day!


Active rest day. Oh how I loved every minute of you! My body prefers to walk on a rest day instead of doing absolutely nothing. I got to sleep in until 5:20 am, and got to the gym around 6. I’ve been reading a lot on my phone or iPad, and this comes in handy for my active rest days. I walked for about 75 minutes while reading, killing two birds with one stone!


You hurt so badly. I had other exercises that I had programmed (not on this list), but my legs were too shot to do them. Looking at this, I wouldn’t think my legs would have been on fire for days afterwards, but they were. Yikes!



The first mile was easy. After that, ouch! Send help.


If there was one workout that was hard to motivate myself for, it was this one. I slept horribly and woke up exhausted. I could have been a baby and stayed in bed, but I threw my life together and got to the gym. My bi’s and tri’s were the only muscle groups that didn’t hurt, so that’s the workout that I did. I am officially ready for a day of rest!


What was your best workout this week?

When you take a rest day, do you do absolutely nothing, or a light activity like walking?

Day In The Life #19

I’m finally getting back into my blogging groove, and am coming at you with the 3rd post of the week, and with tomorrow’s post, that will be 4 posts. Home girl is back, and back with another day in the life post for ya!

4:50 -5:15 am

My alarm goes off, so I roll out of bed, and get my life together. I respond to text messages while brushing my teeth & pooping (sorry, it’s true!), and get my gym and lunch bag packed, and am out the door at 5:15.

5:35 – 7:10 am //

I get to the gym at my new favorite time, and get going on the day’s workout. I start with a 1 mile run, which is tough. These legs weren’t made for running this morning! I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do shoulders or legs when I got to the gym, but after the run, I decided on shoulders. This mini shoulder workout might look easy, but it’s tough! My arms were jello by the time I completed the 3 different moves!


Lindsay texted me at 6:20 telling me to crush my leg workout just as I was finishing shoulders, and that was the motivation I needed to add on a leg workout. I had 50 minutes to kill and extra motivation and drive, so why the heck not! I pulled up the programmed leg workout for this week from my coach, and got to town. I didn’t have time for the entire workout simply because my legs couldn’t move anymore. It was a tough one! This workout reminded me of a “silent but deadly fart.” Sounds easy, but it kills, ha! Instead of finishing the leg workout, I used the 20 minutes I had to walk and get my legs moving.

7:45 am //

I am ravenous! That workout not only left my booty sore, but it left me with a raging appetite. I dug into my new favorite oatmeal bowl combo. You are so beautiful, to me!!


8-11:45 am //

Work, work, work the day away.

11:45 am //

I can’t take it any longer. I am starving and need lunch. I always try to make it to at least noon, but it wasn’t happening today. As I mentioned yesterday, this is my favorite lunch ever. I ate this in 5 minutes and did not stop to breathe.


2:05 pm //

I break for my lunch hour and head to the grocery store for a few items before swinging by my parent’s house to grab my PEScience order that came in!!


3:05-5:00 pm //

Work. Rather be napping. Or eating. I snacked on the leftover banana from my oatmeal with some powdered peanut butter. I hoarded my fat for dessert, which is why I went the powdered pb route instead of the good stuff!

5:15 pm //

Get home from work and immediately nose dive into dinner.


5:30 – 7 pm //

I read for a little bit before my brother calls me to update me on his and Chelsey’s current adventure. It’s killing me that I am not allowed to talk about it yet, but I think soon I will be able to! I hate keeping secrets!!image

7:05 -7:30 pm //

Dessert in bed, while reading. Lights out at 7:30 because I am a grandma and waking up in the 4 o’clock hour earns this bedtime.

What was the highlight of your day yesterday?

My Major 2016 Goals: Nutrition, Physique, Strength & Running

Goals. Did you set any for 2015? How did you do? Did you accomplish any big ones? I couldn’t even tell you if I set any for 2015, but given the fact that I’m the happiest & healthiest that I’ve ever been in my life, I’m just going to say that I kicked ass this year.

With that being said, I have big goals for 2016. There are several career goals that I have in plan, but most of my goals relate to my health, so let’s talk about those health goals I have set for 2016, because let’s face it, fitness and eating are more fun to talk about than your career.


In November I switched to a more Paleo-focused way of eating, which I plan on continuing into the New Year. My body is continuing to lean out thanks to meals focused on meat, loads of veggies and healthy fats, so processed foods will hopefully stay limited.

I will continue to focus on finding the foods that provide optimal endurance and energy, and test out foods in trial and error to see which I generally should avoid.


Continue to lean out. I don’t care about the number on the scale. Why? Well, I’m currently leaner than I was in September, yet I weigh 5 more pounds than I did back then. This one still baffles me, but hey, I went down a size in pants, so I will not not not complain about that!

I feel that a majority of my fitness goals will rely on my nutrition aiding in leaning out, which then will aid in reaching my fitness goals.imageGym

Plain and simple. Get stronger. My coworker has been encouraging me for almost a year now to do Tough Mudder and Spartan Races with him, and several weeks ago I told him that I will run the Tough Mudder. Is an event like this in my comfort zone? Heck no, but our lives should not be spent in the “c-word zone.”

How do you expect to grow as a daughter, a mother, a coworker, an athlete, or a friend if you never take those scary steps to think outside of the box and risk failure or embarrassment?.. because let me tell you, when I’m having a panic attack at the top of a high obstacle, there will be a lot of embarrassment on my end. IMG_4216

Frank, the above mentioned coworker of mine, has truly helped me break free of my comfort at the gym. Frank doesn’t allow me to doubt my strength or ability, and he is the first one to constantly tell me to get out and lift with the men. “Frank, that’s scary and intimidating!” “Allie, stop being a sissy and get out there. You’re strong; don’t underestimate your power.”

My point is, find a friend, a workout buddy, or just anyone that will encourage you to push harder and to never stop tackling a new challenge. Also, be that person for someone else. Monday morning he came to my desk to ask why I “casually strolled in” 30 minutes later than normal to the gym. Officially busted for having a late Sunday night out.

Pull-up. I will do a pull-up before my 28th birthday in March. That is my big goal that I’ve been focusing on working towards thanks to Frank and my brother. I have the upper body strength, but I’m carrying around too much junk in the trunk to lift myself up unassisted, which again, circles back to nutrition and leaning out.


Oh my lovely running goals! These are what I am most excited about. What do I want to get better at? Every damn thing! I want to shave time off of my paces, increase my mileage in a smart way, recover faster. If I can improve in any area of running, I want to.

A fun running goal that Jaime, Melissa and I discussed after the Santa Shuffle was to run 1 race every month in 2016, and since our local running club, Millennium Running hosts at least 1 race a month, this will be doable. Plus, incorporating fitness with friendship is a great way to stay connected!



To keep up with accountability, instead of seeing how I did with my goals at the end of 2016, I’ll monitor my goals quarterly to stay in check with where I’m at and how I can improve in the next quarter. With that being said, there will certainly be some changes both in my life and also on this blog, so be on the lookout for a fun year on Running on Peanut Butter!

Do you set goals? How often do you check in to see how you’re doing?

How’d you do with your 2015 goals?

What are your goals for 2016?

This Is What Happens When You Have A Tremendously Wonderful Weekend

Hey hey hey, did everyone have a good weekend? I know that I sure did! Mine was full of family, reconnecting with an old friend, Christmas joy and fun.

Immediately after work on Friday, the fun began. My 2nd cousin, or my cousin’s daughter, turned the big 1-6 on Friday, so my Aunt Judy & Jenn threw a surprise birthday party for her, with the best theme ever. Harry Potter.

They outdid themselves with the decorations.

harrypotter-cakeFrom owls in cages hanging from the ceiling, butterbeer, to the food labels, she really made it a special moment for Addy, who was 200% surprised.

imageThe photobooth was my favorite part.

imageI don’t understand why people tell me that they can’t take me anywhere.imageBy 9 pm, I officially began falling asleep at the party… okay, maybe that’s why you can’t take me anywhere, but I’m just so used to my lazy Friday evenings! Saturday started bright and early at the gym, with an extra tough workout. 3 mile run + back & shoulders because I knew I wanted Sunday to be a run day, and Monday would be a rest day… which it wasn’t. I totally felt awesome when I woke up and got in 2 miles of sprints.

I ran into my friend from high school, Ashley, who I had worked and played softball with, but we hadn’t seen in each other in years. She ended up joining me on the treadmill for my cool-down from my run, and we spent a solid 20 minutes chatting away, before we both went and did our strength workouts. It was so great seeing Ashley, and we immediately made plans to start working out together!

When I run errands on the weekend, I really like to look my best and be extremely fashionable. Biker boots, Nike running tights, and a blue and white hoodie. Really killed it with the lack of matching.

imageA bit of my favorite kind of reading. 2016 will have a heavy focus on running goals, so I’m getting in the spirit! Hey Mom, I know I told you to cancel my subscription, but can you renew it again for my birthday? Sorry, don’t kill me!imageChristmas wrapping, Christmas gift making, and Christmas movies followed, with a crackling fire in the distance.fireSunday morning run with Ashley. I managed 3 miles thanks to sore hips, but then we spent the next 35 or so minutes yapping away about workouts, the people at the gym, and life.

Turns out our apartments are literally a street away from each other, and we have future plans of running around our neighborhood together and so much more. I’m telling you, most everything happens for a reason, and I’m looking forward to more of Ashley in my life. I will tell you one thing.. friends who will fitness with you are some of my favorite!

Post-run breakfast was a plate of sauteed butternut squash, chicken sausage and broccoli, with scrambled eggs.

paleo-breakfastI went shopping for a desk at Home Goods and Marshall’s, and instead, left with a running vest and a cozy workout sweater pullover thing. It’s not my fault that the desk I wanted was nicked and the tops fit perfectly and looked like a 13 out of 10 on me.

The weekend ended with one of the best meals ever cooked for me, with Christmas music playing in the background. That’s how you earn double brownie points with me.

And, the winner of the Big Slice giveaway is Heather S! Congrats girl! Check your email! 🙂

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What did you do this weekend?

Are you a Harry Potter fan?

I want to read the books again! I’m going to Universal Studios in a few weeks for work, so my coworker and I already have big plans to spend the entire time at Hogwarts, ha!


Overcoming a Fitness Speed Bump #StayFitDontQuit

Life is full of ups and downs, victories and struggles, lessons won and lessons learned. I like to think that lessons won and lessons learned are one and the same.

I recently learned a lesson, which to me, I know see as a lesson won. 4 or so weeks ago I started a new workout program that was tough from the get go. I was extremely excited because I started having those mornings where I would wake up sore, and I thought to myself that my previous workouts must have gotten stale if that was the first time I woke up feeling sore in quite some time.

With each workout and each week, I felt stronger, but I also felt weaker. I had an insane hunger to lift heavier weights and just kick major butt with my workouts. Well, while I accomplished that, I also beat my body down to a pulp. I was falling asleep before 7:30 every night, and on weekends I would literally live on my couch because I was too drained to go out.

I thought that it was all just a result of my workouts, but this past weekend my Mom told me that I’m too young to be feeling so exhausted. I thought to myself that maybe I am working too hard in the gym. I’m taking my rest days, but my workouts might just be too much for my body. The only change I was seeing in the scale was skyrocketing up, not down. I took this past weekend to really evaluate my eating and fitness mindset. I was eating healthy foods, getting plenty of sleep, taking rest days, but not seeing the results I wanted.

The simple fact, that I believe to be true, is that I wasn’t allowing my body to recover, that my 1-2 rest days weren’t enough, and lactic acid was building up.

I could have easily given up. There were days where I wanted to, but I didn’t let myself. There will always be moments in your life where times get tough and you don’t see how there can possibly be a positive outcome. Maybe it’s in a relationship, a work issue, or fitness related. What matters is that you don’t quit and don’t give up. You might have to alter your mindset and come up with a new plan of attack, but if you believe that there is a new route that you can take that will be better for you, take it, but be patient.

Last month Get the Label contacted me about being a part of their #GetFitDontQuit campaign, and honestly, it could not have come at a better time. In all of this, I have been reminded to not give up and to work towards finding my “fit,” even if it takes a few trial and errors. Get the Label sent me the softest and most comfortable Nike funnel neck hoodie ever, which I have been living in all fall, so every day while I’m wearing it, it’s a constant reminder not to quit.


In order to get my body back on track for making the progress I know it’s capable of, I’m taking this week as a deload week. Monday I took a complete rest day, and by Tuesday my body felt a lot better. I am making a strong effort not to have a lifting workout this entire week, so Tuesday I simply jogged for 30 minutes, and this morning again, I jogged for 30 minutes and did 2 back machines at a super low weight.

Once I start doing a full workout of lifting, I will be starting at lower weights and not overdoing it. I was talking to my friend at work yesterday about how my workouts were killing me and she reminded me about how I didn’t like how my body responded to heavy weights with CrossFit, and how my body started changing once I lifted moderate weights. I got so caught up in seeing my strength improve and wanting to lift more, that I forgot about how my body responds to certain elements.

So while I have my own motivation, I am thankful that I have a Mom who will remind me that I shouldn’t be tired (haha), and friends who will offer advice and listen to me talk. With my friends and family, they make it possible for me to re-position my goals to get more fit and not to quit.

This post is sponsored by Get the Label. I was provided a Nike sweatshirt in exchange for a blog post geared towards their #GetFitDontQuit campaign. All fitness struggles are my own. 🙂

Going Ons From This Week

Does that title even make sense? What a week it’s been! Work has been great, with the days flying by, and workouts have been on point. I honestly cannot believe that it’s already Thursday. Yay!!

My week has been really great, and it finally feels like things are clicking for me. Over the weekend, I did a little bit of research and decided to alter my macros. I felt like for my workouts, I really wasn’t eating enough, which would also go along with the fact that I constantly went over my macros. My body wanted more food.

After research and discussion, I upped my fat by 16 grams, my carbs by 23 grams, and lowered my protein by 5 grams. I was a bit worried that I would naturally see an increase on the scale, but every day since starting on my new macros, I’ve actually seen my weight decrease. I feel really great too! I’m ignoring the number on the scale because while it’s still a few pounds higher than my lowest weight from a month or so ago, I feel fabulous, and my body looks good, so for now, I’m really going to monitor by how I look and feel.

With all of the extra carbs and fat, one big switch I’ve done is added natural peanut butter back into my meals, and less of the JIF Whips, which has fewer fat grams than regular peanut butter. An english muffin with 2 tbsp of peanut butter has been my go-to mid-morning snack, and it keeps me SO full! Ahhhh the benefits of real peanut butter haha.

peanut-butterAlthough for my breakfast oatmeal, I do still use 1 tbsp of Whips since it melts fabulously, but I’ve also added diced walnuts to the oatmeal as well for added fats!

imageI’ve also been treating myself in the afternoon with these awesome yogurts from Chobani!
chobani-flipsJust look at those toppings!!! This one is my favorite, but the peanut butter one is a close 2nd. Having one of these yogurt bowls late afternoon really helps kill any cravings I might have, and I feel like I’m spoiling myself with this snack.
chobani-flipsMy lunches and dinners have been jam-packed with protein and healthy carbs. I’ll do chicken and ground turkey, along with sautéed butternut squash and potatoes. It’s extremely filling, and the combination of flavors actually has me looking forward to these meals!

In the evening I still have a good amount of macros left, so I’ll typically make a PEScience chocolate peanut butter cup protein shake, and either have a Fiber One cookie, or a banana with peanut butter with it.


I also switched to a new workout program the same day that I started my new macros. I’m now doing the Arnold Blue Print. It’s an 8-week long program, and what I love about it is that it’s constantly changing. It’s been really challenging so far, but in a good way! I finally wake up super sore again, which I was lacking the past few months. Sometimes your body just needs a change in workouts/programs!

imageSo that is a little update for you guys! Other than those big changes, I got to spend Tuesday evening with my cousin Lindze, hubster Mike, and Lucas and Brinkley.


Hi! I’m the cutest baby ever!


And that is a quick recap of the first 3 days of my week!

If you could have 20 extra grams of carbs and 16 extra grams of fat, what would you add to your meals?!

Time To Set New Goals & Back In The Routine

Ahhhhh I am just so happy to finally be home from all of this crazy travel! Last night was my first night to relax on my couch since Thursday, September 10th. Yes, that long ago. I traveled to the Bahamas, and then recently spent Saturday – Tuesday evening in Tampa for a work trip.


This is the view that I got to enjoy for 4 days. Sadly, most of it was spent looking out through the window, but I did have moments of freedom!

My boss hosted a social media conference, so Saturday and Sunday was spent getting bags ready for both attendees and presenters.

Team lunch on Sunday!


Sunday night this girl worked door security at our cocktail party. Not bad just standing around when this is your view.

Thankful for Courtney for keeping me company while I worked security. Love her! We sit right next to each other in the office. She makes me laugh more than anyone that I have ever met.


Monday lunch cruising around with my work wife Lyndsay. She is my soul-sister.


Not only did I have a hotel room to myself, but I also had a balcony with this morning view.

imageAnd on Tuesday evening we headed home!

While traveling for work with coworkers who are more importantly your friends, is fun, I am so happy to be back home. After 12 days of travel, 2 countries, 4 airports and very long days, it feels SO good to be back home.

I’m looking forward to setting new goals at work, in the gym, and in my personal life. For the past few months my focus has been on my vacation, and now it’s as if I have a new slate to start my goals on.

Meal prepping and workouts will hopefully be even better, but before that, I need to get healthy. I came home with an ugly cold. My head is tight, my throat burns, and I’m just exhausted. My college roommate has her bachelorette party this weekend, so fingers crossed that this cold gets better and not worse by Saturday!

Do you set mini or long-term goals?

What are some of your favorite mini, short-term goals?

How I Prepare For a Big Workout ft. Tiux

It’s no secret that over the past few months my workouts have increased in intensity. I’m programming my workouts to be more taxing, both physically and psychologically. When you push yourself, completing a set or workout is not only about physical strength, but it’s about mental strength as well.

There are so many important factors when it comes to being able to perform well each workout. Some workouts just won’t be winners, but learning from mistakes is key! When it comes to heading into each workout on point, there are various factors that all play a key role. Some, like nutrition help you recover that day and allow you to head into the next day feeling good & strong and not weighed down.

For me, my biggest factor in getting a quality workout in is quality sleep. That means being in bed around 8, and asleep by 9 at the latest. Sometimes that means you have to stop talking to the cute new guy you’re chatting with earlier than you want to, and if that’s your situation, just know that you can always talk to him/her the next day, and if he gives you crap for it, well then he is a loser and you can go to bed knowing that you dodged a bullet.

Another important factor is nutrition. Make sure that you’re making healthy choices when it comes to eating, especially your 3 main meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner. I will typically have protein loaded oatmeal for breakfast, a tuna wrap or chicken & veggies for lunch, and a healthy stir-fry for dinner. This allows me to enjoy healthy but delicious snacks so that I don’t feel deprived. This might be a banana with peanut butter, a protein bar, or anything else! I track my macros, and by doing my best to hit my assigned macros each day, this better allows me to fuel my workouts and work towards my goals.



imageFueling during and after your workout is huge! Every workout I drink BCAAs, and I find that this helps me push harder each rep and each set. I love Cellucor’s Alpha Aminos & Xtend BCAA’s.


Tastes like summer!


Mobility/stretching! We can never forget this little guy. Something I all too often workout until I literally need to leave for work, not leaving 10-15 minutes to stretch and foam roll after workouts. Not good Allie. When I do my mobility work, I love my foam roller, lacrosse ball, and Stick!

And a little secret weapon that works wonders, whether you’re a runner or putting yourself through a strenuous leg workout… compression socks! Tiux sent me a pair of their badass black and neon green socks to try out, and dang these are comfy & helpful! I will sleep in these the night before a big workout/run/race, or after when my legs need a bit of extra love. These socks even tell you which foot to put each one on… something that I failed to do the first time, ha!


I’ve tried several brands of compression socks now, and Tiux’s impressed me the most. 200% fact.  The first thing that I noticed when I pulled these on were just how soft they were. I could live in these all day long; they are THAT comfy!


And in case you need some adorable motivation to run & go!



Tiux-compression-socksRemember that all of this factors all work together to help you get the best out of your workout. Don’t sabotage a killer workout by not eating nutritious meals, something that I sometimes fail at, or not stretching. You don’t want to burn out or get injured. And also, protein shakes post workout help too! 🙂



How do you prepare for a big workout?

What are your recovery tips?

*Tiux sent me a pair of compression socks in exchange of a review. All opinions are my own, and yes, these socks are THAT awesome. 🙂