Current Favorites

I came across this survey on Courtney’s blog on Tuesday, and I knew a survey was necessary this week. It’s just been one of those weeks, ya know?

Name Your Current Favorite…

Person – Hmmm tough one. I have a lot of favorite people, and no one in particular that I need to suck up to. I’d say Lucas though. My cousin Lindze is constantly posting pictures of him, and seeing his toothy smile just makes everything better.


Color – Duke blue.

Food – Chobani. I am on a greek yogurt kick lately, and seeing as how it doesn’t bother my stomach, it’s a food I’ve welcomed back into my life.


Smell – Bark mulch. Don’t get weird on me, you know you love the smell of it too! I love running by a freshly mulched yard. It makes me want to go roll around in it.

Book – Angels – Marian Keyes


Movie – Anything with Gerard Butler, Patrick Dempsey, or Bradley Cooper.

Time of day – Morning. I roll out of bed and get to either lace up my shoes for a run or head to the CrossFit box.


Day of the week – Saturday. So much time in the day to do anything and everything!

Thing to do when bored – Pinterest, read blogs, read, paint my nails, Instagram.. there’s too much!

Celebrity – Bradley Cooper



Drink – Water. I am so exciting. Although I’m really loving fruit protein smoothies with the warm weather.

TV show – Melissa & Joey. Do not judge me.

Fruit – Watermelon


Vegetable – sweet poatoes

Store/shop – Target. My friends and I used to work there for about 6 years growing up, so it holds a big spot in our lives.

Workout – CrossFit.


Quote  – I don’t know if it’s my favorite, but this is a good one…


Boy’s name  – Kepler

Girl’s name – Madison

Potato chip flavor – Hint of Lime. These are literally the BEST chip ever. Years ago I polished off an entire bowl at a family party #fattymcfatty


Meal of the day – Breakfast!

Ice cream flavor – Vanilla/strawb soft serve with rainbow jimmies.


Season – Summer


Dessert – peanut butter in banana Chobani

Lifehack – Not sure if this is a life hack, but my cousin said that when viewing someone’s story on SnapChat, that if you swipe right, you can automatically jump to their next image and not wait.

Tell me your current favorite anythings!

Favorite M&Ms are the birthday cake flavor.



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