On Fire In Dallas: Getting A # At Baggage Claim & Getting Pulled On Stage

What a week it has been, but we made it to Friday, and there’s happiness in that!

My week has been a busy blur of airplanes, buses, and finding myself in awkward situations with men.


On Monday I flew out to Dallas with Megan to meet up with the rest of our team for a 3 day work trip.

imageUpon arriving in Dallas, Megan and I headed to baggage claim, and while we were waiting for our bags, she got to telling me a story about her parent’s and their suitcases. I pointed to a man walking from baggage claim and pointed to his suitcase, asking Megan if the suitcase she was referencing in her story was like the man’s in front of us. Well, the man saw me point to his bag, and immediately asked if he had my bag. I was quick to tell him no, and that I think he had his bag.

I blame the next event on his friend giving him crap for using a pick-up line on me. At this point, suitcase man asked me where I was from, what I was doing in Dallas, what I do for work, and then he smoothly asked me if we were going to dinner that night. I said no, and then he asked about breakfast the next morning. I entertained him by telling him yes, and then what do you know, I had his phone number. Megan would not let me live this down, and over the next few days I was asked if I had texted suitcase Harry. No, you guys, no I did not. Mostly because he lives in D.C., and I have a date tonight that I am incredibly excited about.

The next incident happened the next night at a work event. We had a dinner and a show with our members, and it was extremely fun. Here I am with my work friends!

imageAnd then during one of the songs from the dualing piano show, one of the guys asked for a volunteer, to which he looked at me and said something along the lines of, “I’m looking at my blonde friend. Blondie, I want you. Come up here.” WHY?! So, I was brought on stage and he handed me a handful of torn up paper, to which he informed me to throw over our heads when he sang the words, “let it go.” Well, I missed my queue, and in the photo below, this is where he yelled at me for missing the moment. Mortified. Absolutely mortified.imageI will admit that I felt on fire after two nights in a row of having the men love me. Ha! The rest of the week flew by. Wednesday night we celebrated a successful work trip at Hulu Hut, where we enjoyed food and drinks on a deck overlooking the water. image4 days on the road, and I actually only worked out twice, giving myself two rest days, which my body loved. I’m so happy to be back home in my routine of things. This weekend will be low key, but fun, starting with a date tonight, which for the first time in a long time, I’m actually looking forward to.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend — it’s supposed to be sunny and 90 all weekend long, so I will be enjoying the sunshine!

What do you have planned this weekend?

If you live in D.C and want suitcase Harry’s number, just let me know. He was very tall and cute! 😉


  1. says

    Suitcase Harry story = too funny!

    I have supper tonight at the Bier Market with my old work carpool. Tomorrow I’m brewing homemade beer during the day / a concert in the night / Sunday I have ‘stain the deck’ on the my list so we’ll play it by ear.

    I hope you have a fantastic Friday / Date / Weekend in general!

    • says

      Your weekend sounds absolutely lovely Victoria!! Bier Market sounds delicious, just by the name alone. Enjoy!! 🙂 and thank you!!

  2. says

    I’m volunteering at a pregnancy expo as part of the local moms blog I write for. It’s kinda crazy ’cause I haven’t been pregnant in over 10 years! (And don’t even speculate, ’cause tubals rarely reverse themselves.)

  3. lesli says

    Your stories crack me up! I hope the date tonight goes well and it’s exciting that you’re excited!! I’m at the beach and am looking forward to sunshine all weekend long!

    • says

      Always something going on in my life! Thanks girl! I’m not used to this excitement, so I’m enjoying the feeling. Enjoy the sunshine girl! I’ll live vicariously through you <3

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