Got Myself Into a Big Pickle

This weekend sure was something.

I started Friday off by joining the shin smashing club at CrossFit. In our warm-up, we had 10 box jumps thrown in there. On my 8th one, my foot didn’t clear, snagged the top of the box, and I went down.


It’s starting to heal pretty good, but I find myself putting pressure on it without thinking and that’s when it really hurts. The deepest red part is a cute little divot in my shin.


Saturday I ran a lot of errands and nothing too exciting during the day, however, at night, my cousin and I had a double date with twins, where we went to a haunted amusement park. 3 haunted houses and a haunted hay ride. I’ve never screamed, run, and jumped as much in my life. Let’s just say that I worked myself into quite the pickle that night, and I’ll leave it at that. Woof.

Sunday I woke up with a barely there voice. Between being sick and screaming for hours at the haunted houses, it really did wonders on my throat and voice. I got a short run in, as I found it difficult to breathe, so I ran 2 and walked 2. Then it was time to head to my cousin’s son’s babtism.

Lucas is the cutest little guy I know!

Love this guy. We’re ’88 babies.


CrossFit cousins. I love my cousin Jenn. She was the one who begged me for years to try CrossFit out. I love talking CF with her! Isn’t she gorgeous?


Afternoon fire with the family after watching the Patriots get a win in the books. Perfect way to end my day!IMG_3754Do you like going to haunted houses/hay rides?

They really freak me out, but they’re so much fun!


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    Love haunted houses and hayrides! The boyfriend’s not a big fan though, so we didn’t go to any this year.. yet. We’ll see what happens this week. I can only imagine the pickle you got yourself in – especially after hearing you had a double date with twins. Hmmm.. Sounds like a pretty good weekend though!

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      You need to make the boy go with you. I hate being scared but I secretly love it! Definitely a big pickle, but it would only happen to me. Let’s just say my cousin won’t let me set her up on another date again

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