I Did Something Crazy.

Yesterday I did something crazy. Something I never would have thought I would ever do; not in a million years. I signed up to compete in my first ever CrossFit tournament.

I was talking with my date on Sunday about competitions and how I wanted to do my first one this spring. Since basic 5k races get me nervous and make me want to poo my pants, I knew that my first CrossFit competition had to feel right. Aka moves that I could handle. My date told me how his box is hosting a Rookie Rivalry in April, and encouraged me to consider entering it.

A Rookie Rivalry sounded perfect: a scaled competition for beginners/non-competitive athletes (aka Rich Fronings).

I immediately had to text my cousin Jenn to break the news to her. She’s definitely my biggest supporter, and I’m beyond thankful to have her in my life. More so, I am incredibly happy she pushed me for 3+ years to try CrossFit.



I have exactly 3 months to focus on getting stronger and mastering the required moves. Not only will this encourage me to focus on my eating, but to also be smart about my training, which means lots of mobility and smart rest days.

Sometimes you just have to step out of your comfort zone and see what you’re truly capable of.


Anywho, I am just so stinkin’ excited for this and for New York City tomorrow and Thursday. Weeeeeeee! I am seeing Keith Urban at Madison Square Garden, 8th row. I’m rushing the stage, please have bail money ready!

How are you stepping out of your comfort zone?


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    How exciting! You are going to dominate & put others to shameee!! 🙂 Oh & enjoy the concert. Don’t forget a tissue so you can wipe the drool off your face. Ha Ha!

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    I am so proud of you! And I already have it written in my datebook so I promise I’ll be be your best cheerleader 🙂 Competitions are so much fun (especially when they’re over)!! Yay you

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