I Have a Macro Coach and I Am Now a Grit Girl!

As you all know, I recently met with a nutritionist to try to figure out where I’m going wrong with my macros. She didn’t tell me much, except that my carb and protein numbers were way off. I went into the meeting wanting to figure out proper meals and proper macro numbers for my goals. She knew this as well, but I honestly didn’t get much out of it.

I am obsessed with Instagram, and aside from my friends, I mainly follow fellow bloggers or females who are clean eaters and workout nuts. On Friday I came across Ashley Leahy, who preps females for competitions, is a nutrition coach, and creates fitness and meal plans. After a hardcore creep sesh on her IG, I reached out to her voicing my concerns and goals. I did this while in the pool, which was the first bikini day of the season. That image got my ass in full gear.

Within minutes of emailing Ashley, she responded with so much information on how she works with you, prices, everything. I signed up immediately and filled out her questionnaire Sunday morning, and by Sunday night, I had my meal plan all set. I was provided 3 meals, an after-workout meal, a post training (1 – 1.5 hours after) meal, and a bedtime meal. My macros are tailored specifically to my weight, height, and goals, and they can be above or below the goal by 2 g’s.

I have to say that I’m extremely excited about this, as I have weekly check-ins, and will have my macros adjusted depending on my progress. There is absolutely no deprivation, and prior to creating my meal plan, Ashley asked me if I had any healthy foods that I wanted to see in my meal plans. I get my fruits, veggies, brown rice and sweet potatoes, my Cho, peanut butter, and oatmeal!

I unofficially started yesterday, as I followed it as close as I could with the foods I had on hand.

My post-run meal was a shake, followed up by 4 oz chicken breast and 1/3 cup brown rice, an hour and a half later.


I was supposed to include 8 grams of green veggies, but had nothing on hand. I didn’t get hungry again until 12:30, so I went for one of the other meals, which included a banana, almonds and a string cheese.


I didn’t eat this all at once, as I wasn’t hungry for all of it, but I spaced it out over a 30 minute time span.

Since I had my date last night, on my lunch, I went out to the store to pick up all the other foods I would need over the next few days.

Today marks the official first day, and I am so excited for the challenge and the new chapter in my life. I feel extremely confident that the accountability and support (Ashley has a private group on her Facebook for her Grit Girls, to share tips, ask questions and support each other) will help me achieve my goals of toning up and getting the body that I know is hiding under this winter layer.

A big kick in the butt is that I have to rock a bikini on the Cape during the 4th of July Weekend in front of my friends and a cute guy. If that’s not motivation, I’m not sure what is!

And a few ramblings about 3 things that happened yesterday.

1. My cousin got me addicted to prunes.


2. I had 2 hours to kill after work and before my date, so I went for a quick run down by the river.


3. Last night’s date was perfect. We went to The Copper Door, an upscale restaurant in Bedford. I ordered the best steak tips ever, that were on top of a bed of coconut rice?

Nothing beats a night of good company and good food.


  1. Kelley says

    Did she give you ideas on how to meet your macro goals, and counsel you on what to eat to get there? I’m finding that most tell you what your macros should be, then it’s “flexible” and I’m left to figure out how to get there… I’m so lost!

    • says

      Yes she does! If you just want your numbers then she’ll give them to you, but she also has you fill out a questionnaire having you list foods you love, that you don’t like, etc and she’ll give you a meal plan around those foods!

  2. Ashleigh says

    Hey there, just been reading your story and it sounds like just what I’m looking for, but been struggling to find someone to help me. If you don’t mind me asking how could I get in touch with Ashley? Thanks 🙂


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