Trust Issues with Myself & Delta Labs Giveaway

Bad days make you appreciate the good days. Tuesday’s workout at CrossFit had me really excited. I was going to be able to spend time practicing my handstands, and working on other skills that I’m trying to improve upon.

My first handstand attempt sent me head first into a wall, and toppled over onto the floor. I’ll admit that I laughed along with the others, since hey, I was still “waking up,” as coach said. Except I had botched attempt after botched attempt. I had never felt so frustrated and mad with myself in a long time. And then when it was time to work on my next skill set (double unders), I became even more frustrated.

Just not a good morning at CrossFit, but those days happen. They make you appreciate the moments when you kick absolute butt. I was sitting on the ground with my friend Kara, talking about our struggles with handstands. I typically will warm-up with kicks and such before going into a handstand, and then I will have coach spot me on my first attempt.

I typically get the handstand on my first attempt, and coach says, “that was all you; you didn’t need me.” The other day I tried it without coach spotting me and it just wasn’t good. Kara basically said I have trust issues with myself. Damn, she hit it dead on. I don’t trust myself to get the movement down without my coach by my side. My arms were sore, my legs were tight from heavy squats the day before, and I was overly tired. I let all of that get into my head and make me question my strength and ability.

Kara is a genius, because she then ended our talk with, “at least you showed up this morning.” Even if you suck and feel like your workout is such a struggle, the important part is showing up and actually trying.

I’ll admit that I let this get the best of me for a good part of the day. When I got to work I had to deal with a 3 hour ordeal of switching flights, and my boss not being pleased with my new flight bill. I got out of work early, went for a run, and just relaxed all night before my flight, which really helped.

Giveaways also help, and I decided that giving away my January’s Ambassador product from Delta Labs would make someone else happy. I hope at least! When I first became an ambassador for Delta Labs, I tried the Green Tea+. This is one of my favorite products from Delta Labs, and I decided to order this for one lucky reader. Hair, Skin and Nails is another favorite of mine, but I firmly believe green tea is so important, and thought this would be a great product for y’all to win. Next giveaway from Delta Labs I will definitely let the winner pick their product!


Green tea has so many wonderful benefits, including boosting your metabolism and helping control your appetite, and it’s one of my favorite drinks and supplements out there!

You have 4/5 ways to enter the giveaway:

  • Leave a comment telling me how you get over bad days or workouts
  • Follow @deltalabsusa on Instagram & leave a comment below
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  • Follow me on Bloglovin’ and/or my Facebook page, leave a comment letting me know so.

I will choose a winner Sunday evening at 5 pm EST and will announce the winner on Monday, January 27th!


  1. says

    I try to get over bad days the same way you do – be proud of the fact that I got out and did something – thats more than many people can say and in itself is a success! Plus, I think strength comes from failures, so every time I try, I’m getting stronger and closer to succeeding.

  2. Kaitlyn says

    Sometimes, I find it really difficult to “get over” a bad day. The smallest thing can trick my mind into thinking something that’s false. Same with workouts. I feel like if my pace while running isn’t the fastest it could be, my workout was a bust and doesn’t count. That’s simply not true! Bottom line is that we’re human. We have good days, we have bad. The sun is going to rise again tomorrow (I heard that on an episode of Friday Night Lights ;)) haha

  3. says

    to get over over days and bad workouts, I try to get myself back into the mindset that I’m workout out to improve my mind AND my body; that not every workout is going to be great, but it’s going to be good no matter what. There’s no such thing as a bad workout, because you tried and THAT is what counts! 🙂

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