Keith Urban Concert. Babies on the Brain

Before I share some fun pictures with you from my adventures in NYC, I want to thank all of you that left extremely kind words on yesterday’s post. I love you all so much!

On Thursday, I headed down to NYC with my parents, where we met my brother around 3. We settled into our hotel, before I led them on an adventure to go to Reebok FitHub/CrossFit 5th Ave. I didn’t go into their actual box, but instead shopped around. However, CrossFit Hells Kitchen was connected to our hotel, which was so cool! I looked in the window and the athletes there were beasts!



Around quarter of 5, we strolled into O’Reilly’s Bar & Kitchen for an early dinner before the Keith Urban concert.


I am overly addicted to cobb salads, and this has become the only thing I will order out. There’s never enough bacon.


After dinner, we headed to Madison Square Garden to see Keith Urban! Ryan and I bought 8th row tickets for our parent’s 33rd wedding anniversary, so it was awesome to all be together for this.


Little Big Town opened, and as always, put on a good show… and made me drool, obviously. Gorgeous men make me drool way too easily.DSC_0185 DSC_0195

And then Keith came on, and made me fall in love all over again. Ps., this is my favorite picture from the show, and I LOVE how awesome my new camera works. Woo to Black Friday deals and finally owning a professional camera!DSC_0210DSC_0239

My two favorite men. Ugh. Babies on the brain.DSC_0279 DSC_0294

We didn’t manage to take a group picture before the show, but for some reason, we had no issue having a selfie party outside in the nipping cold. This family of mine. <3


People tell me that Ryan and I look alike, but I never see it. The only reason I know that we are related is because anytime I say “selfie,” we always make the exact same face. We make this face for the same reason that Miley Cyrus always sticks her tongue out in picture. Smiling is awkward.

The trip was short, and after a quick diner breakfast Thursday morning, we were back on the road heading home. Trips and vacations always reignite the wanderlust gene that dominates my body. There is still a part of me that wants to live in NYC for at least 1 year, and another part of me that just wants to travel for a bit, while being able to work remotely… or just taking time off from work to travel and live my life while I can. It’ll be interesting to see what happens, but for now, I’m focusing on saving up so that anything is possible for my future.

Also, I NEED to visit Nashville, and I’m hoping to this summer. If any of you have a strong desire to go there, LET’S GO. Seriously. I love my blends (blogger friends), and think it would be SO cool to have a long weekend with blends.


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    GREAT pics of Keith! <3 I've been seriously considering the living in a different place every couple months thing lately. I do work remotely, so hypothetically it'd be possible, BUT the boyfriend might have a hard time finding a job if we kept moving around like that. It would be SO awesome though. Aaand I would totally be up for Nashville.. my friend wanted to have her bachelorette party there and I was so excited for it.. and then it didn't happen. Seems like such a cool city!

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    So so sooo jealous of how close you were! My mom went to his concert in Sept and due to weather conditions Keith didn’t make it that night so not only did she get a 3 hour long Little Big Town concert she also got a 3 hour long Keith Urban concert the next day! I looove Nashville and want to go back so bad!

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