My Thoughts on the Lenny & Larry’s Complete Chocolate Chip Cookie

So I did it. I finally tried the Lenny & Larry’s Complete Cookie. I have been day dreaming about these cookies for months now, from seeing them in GNC or Vitamin Shoppe, to seeing them being shared on blogs and Instagram accounts. I bought the cookie with my own money and this is not sponsored at all.


  • 54 grams of carbs
  • 12 grams of fat
  • 16 grams of protein

There are two servings in one cookie, but the macros above are for the entire cookie. There is no way someone could only eat half. If you have that kind of willpower, please teach me your ways.

LennyLarrys-Complete-CookieI kept wanting to buy one and kept holding off. Well, last weekend I finally had enough carbs on a regular day (not high carb day) to have the cookie. I purchased the Chocolate Chip Complete Cookie because chocolate chip cookies are my absolute favorite, along with sugar cookies.

The cookie is a really good size… note the comparison of it in my palm. I heard people say it was huge and I was honestly hoping that once I took it out of the package it would triple in size like those sponge animals that become ginormous once put in water haha. So the fact that it didn’t immediately enlarge like magic was my first disappointment.


I really liked the texture of it. It wasn’t hard like cardboard and didn’t taste like it was a “protein cookie.” Not enough chocolate chips though, and for the ones that were in it, they all seemed to be clumped together, so I got about 3 chips in one bite, and none in a handful of other bites. Disappointment #2.


My honest opinion. Not worth the hype. Not at all. I probably will not buy this flavor again, but I’m intrigued by the other ones. Not super intrigued where I need to try them now. Maybe months from now I’ll pick up a different one, but truthfully, I can think of so many better ways to enjoy 54 grams of carbs, 12 grams of fat and 16 grams of protein. LIKE A BOWL OF FROYO <3 Or, how about real cookies from a bakery.

No joke, I ate a bag of mini Chips Ahoy cookies right after this because I was let down, and those Chips Ahoy cookies were worth the carbs and blowing through my macros for that day.

And there you have it. For those that loved this cookie, I am jealous of you guys, but also, maybe I’m not because I have one less food that I’m addicted to? Ha!

What are your thoughts on the Lenny & Larry’s Complete Cookie?

What’s your favorite flavor cookie of Lenny & Larry’s?

Again, this post is not sponsored, and Lenny & Larry’s is probably happy that they didn’t send me this cookie for a review!


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      Right there with ya sista! There are some foods in life that are just worth the real thing. If the carbs were maybe half of what they were then maybe I’d be more likely to enjoy it, ya know?

  1. says

    Wow! I JUST drafted a post on the types of L&L cookies and did a review. I came to your blog to look at a survey from last week to link up and noticed the new post! Weird… 🙂

    Great minds 🙂

  2. says

    I love an honest review! I like the idea of protein cookies, especially ones that you can buy ready made. But that doesn’t sound like it’s worth it – like you said, sometimes a real cookie is what ya need!

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      I think maybe if the cookie had macros similar to a protein bar, but this just was not worth it. Actually, a protein bar that tastes like a cookie would be better!

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    Yay for honest reviews! I saw these cookies everywhere and was instantly intrigued, until I saw the carb grams for the whole cookie- because like you, I knew there was no way I would be able to eat just half. That being said, I’m a Diabetic and for me to have 54 carb grams means a crap ton of insulin that needs to be injected and I need it to be 100% worth it. Like Pad Thai or Pizza. Not a cookie. The Nestle Tollhouse cookies I make have 15 grams of carbs. Sold.

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    My boyfriend loves these! Haha. I have had my fair share of them as well, but really only like the lemon poppyseed or snickerdoodle. They have saved me here and there with catching up on macros on days when work is so busy and I don’t get any snacks in. The PB and chocolate chip, though, are not my favorites at all. I’d rather make my own of those!

  5. Amelia says

    On Friday, I went to a supplement store, and to my SHOCK AND SURPRISE!!! finally a store in my city had these cookies. Naturally, I bought chocolate chip flavor, snickerdoodle, and peanut butter. My plan was to eat a bit here and there and have them last a while. Fast forward to 2am that night, they were all gone. And I was sick stomach from them too.

    So overall, the peanut butter is the BEST flavor. Then snickerdoodle, then chocolate chip. I found the latter two had a bit more of a protein-y taste, and odd after taste. The peanut butter was by far my favorite. I did enjoy all three, just the peanut butter was a clear winner for me.

    Honestly, I won’t buy them again. I was not that impressed by the macros. To have to take in 50 plus carbs for only 16 grabs of protein, and somewhere in the range of 400 calories, is not good macros to me. And because they do taste good, I agree with you that a serving being HALF a cookie is BS. You’re (or at least I am) going to eat the whole thing.

    They’re good for a treat, or maybe for a long flight/travelling. Otherwise, I don’t think they would be a great weight loss tool for me.

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