Let’s Catch Up & Weekend Recap

This weekend felt like fall. It was cold and rainy. The only good thing about chilly weather is that it makes for the perfect sleeping weather. My apartment is the exception to that, so no matter what, it’s always a sauna, and the AC looks like it was made in 2015, yet it works as if it was produced in 1919. I can’t sleep when I’m hot, and since the AC is in my living room and not my bedroom, that means I’ve been sleeping on my couch, almost every night.

So, this is what that equation looks like:

Hot apartment + wonky AC + sleeping on the couch = little sleep =  no motivation to blog.

2 weeks ago I was all, “Hiiiiiii, I’m back to blogging,” and then the heat hit and I was all like “I’m just going to lay here after work and watch TV.”

So let’s catch up with recent photos and probably a few stories.

I recently went down to Brighton, which is a part of Boston, to spend the day and evening with Nicole. We started off by heading to a park in Watertown, where we ate and laid out talking about life, health, dating, and pretty much everything, because girls jump from one topic to another in record speed.


After eating dinner at her apartment, Nicole and I headed to Malden to take the 4th of July themed paint class! Look at the gorgeous view!


Allie Picasso! It’s currently adorning my parent’s basement, because even basements need art.  It was a much needed quality day with Nicole, and I cannot wait to see her again later this month hopefully!imageLast weekend my parents and I went to our typical Keith Urban show together, which was amazing as always. Killed 2 birds with 1 stone because my 3rd favorite artist, Brett Eldredge was a main opener for him. This picture isn’t the best quality, but I more so love the fact that I captured him smelling the flower on the screen.

imageOn Wednesday night Lindsay and I met up at Head’s Pond for a 3 mile walk. We had so much to talk about, and I had to fill her in on several of my most recent dates. I feel like I have way too many good dating stories, which I’m not so sure is a good thing! We both felt that the different things we talked about felt really good for both of our souls. It’s nice to have several friends where you can just verbally barf your emotions, thoughts, and anxieties to.

Anxiety is a word that I find a lot of people are afraid to say, like if you admit to getting anxiety over certain situations that it makes you look weak or different. We are all different and weird, that’s true, but I personally feel that if there’s nothing in your life that doesn’t cause a little bit of anxiety to bubble up, then well, you’re lucky, but it’s also rare.

imageI’ve been obsessing over bowls of oats, but more importantly, bowls of thick protein shakes. So thick and cold that it reminds me of ice cream. On a hot summer evening, this sounds way more enjoyable than standing over my oven.image But when I do stand over my oven, it’s to make this meal. I’ve been making it for lunches, and some dinners. I try to eat my veggies and lean proteins early on in the day, that way, if I get home from work and would prefer a bowl of oats or a protein shake for dinner, that I at least know that I got a good dose of my micronutrients earlier in the day.


And on to this weekend. I had a date Friday night, and was then up early for a workout with Ashley. No matter what, we always try to hit the gym in the morning post-date so that we can give each other an in-person, in-depth recap. After hitting chest and HIIT, it was off to Addy’s baptism. So happy for her! And then, a much needed pedi-date with my Mom!


Sunday looked a lot like this. I had to pack for a work trip to Dallas, our beach vacation, and then moving. I don’t need to start packing for the beach until next week, but since I was starting to pack for my move, it required me to sort clothing. Rough life I tell ya!


And it ended in the most relaxing way possible; cozied up in sweats & reading. imageWhat was the best part of your weekend?

What/was your summer vacation?

Beach in t-minus 11 days!!


  1. lesli says

    My oatmeal obsession has been real, too! I love girl conversations that are nothing but tangents – – it’s when you know you’ve found a true girlfriend who you’re completely comfortable blabbering about life too (and the time flies)! Your post reminded me that I need to schedule a pedi…my poor feet haha I hope your move is for the best – – and that you get some bedroom AC. Best part of my weekend was a quick trip to the beach to visit the family. Luckily I get to stay longer this week when I go to visit again! There’s just something that’s so peaceful about the beach. Have a great week love!

    • says

      Girl tangents are THE best. I feel like you and I could have some good ones! The move is definitely for the best. I’m moving into a nicer and bigger place – I’m so excited!!! Yay to beach time with the family. I hope you have a great week lover

      • lesli says

        Too funny because as I was reading I thought “man, we’d have the best tangent conversations” hahaha Excited for you and your new place, too!

  2. says

    My vacation starts THIS WEDNESDAY! I am so so excited to be away from work for more than 10 days…it is going to be so so glorious! Smoothies/shakes have totally been dinner during our hot days here since we have no AC. I’m embracing it though, since sometimes there is nothing better than a shake for dinner! Where are you moving to?! Did we miss something?!

    • says

      Kelsey I’m glad that I’m not the only one who’s been loving shakes for dinner! I’m staying local- just moving a town over into a brighter, bigger, and nicer place 🙂 I hope you have THE best vacation ever. It looks like you guys will have beautiful weather!!

  3. says

    You should post more funny dating stories – your last was hilarious / my heart went out to you haha

    Also, how do you make your protein ‘ice cream’ bowls? I might have this for supper this evening 🙂

    • says

      Haha I will try girl! I do have another date lined up this weekend, so we’ll see if a good story comes from that. So for my shakes I use either Quest or MTS protein powder, and those make the shakes thick. I also just blend it with 1 cup of almond milk and 4 ice cubes!

    • says

      That’s the worst Ruthie! I use quest and MTS protein powders and those, when mixed with almond milk and 4 ice cubes, gives me that consistency!

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