My Last Relaxing Weekend

This weekend was the last one for the next few weeks that I have free, so my goal of the weekend was to have no plans, take it easy, and take it hour by hour. Somehow I still managed to be a busy little bee!

Friday started with an exciting delivery, well, exciting to someone who works out. Love this lilac bush outside the living room window. Nothing better than relaxing on the couch after work with the fresh scent of lilacs coming into the room. 🙂


Last week I finished season 2 of Chicago Fire, so I headed to Target after work to buy season 1. Can’t beat a $15 sale! I had planned to watch it in bed, but my dvd player wouldn’t work, and with no man to save me, I got lazy and went to bed.


Up and at em around 7, where I headed to the gym for a quick HIIT run. 1 mile warm-up, followed by 1.5 miles of sprint intervals! Felt SO good!

After the run, I had to head over to our CrossFit box for a competition meeting. SOOOO many awesome and BIG things coming to the box and my training, that I’m truly esctatic for.

Once the meeting ended, I took my Mom out for a midday movie date to see The Other Woman. I saw the movie a few weekends ago with my friends, and I loved it so much, that I really wanted my Mom to see it. That, and we were due for a movie date. Mom LOVED the movie and agreed it was one to buy when it came out.


Immediately upon arriving home, I headed out to spend the afternoon with Lindsay. We headed downtown to grab a smoothie at Live Juice, and to walk and shop. I got the “Trip to the Tropics,” while Linds got the “Funky Monkey.” Mine was a pineapple overload, which was life changing! My new favorite.

IMG_8671After drinking and walking around, we headed to Marshall’s to browse around and so I could use a gift card I had. We both left with a dress and Michael Kors flip flops. I grabbed brown while Linds got royal blue! We are matching besties. 🙂


The rest of my night was spent watching Chicago Fire and relaxing. Oh the single life.


Another early morning for me, with a 3 mile walk in my neighborhood, before heading to my cousin’s CrossFit box for our last video shoot for FitGirl!


At our FitGirl shoot, our marketing guys shot some fun video of us being carefree and having fun, all while doing CrossFit moves. The partner carries were easily the funniest part of the video shoot.


After our shoot, 5 of us headed to El Rodeo Concord, a Mexican restaurant nearby, for a bite and drinks on the deck. I only ordered a tequila on the rocks, but had maybe 4 sips before I was over it. I think I’m over drinking for a bit. Haven’t had a drink in a bit, and I’m okay with that.


El Rodeo had the comfiest outdoor chairs, but they left the best seat imprints ever.

IMG_8703The rest of my Sunday was spent doing a bit of work creating a social media schedule for FitGirl and relaxing.

How was your weekend? Favorite part of it?



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    I laughed out loud when I saw the seat imprint pic on Instagram because that’s the story of my life in the summer. Just the day before, we went out to lunch and then walked around downtown – the boyfriend was nice enough to bust out laughing in the first store we stopped because I had an imprint on only one leg (I had crossed my legs while eating lunch).

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      Hahahha one legged imprints, now that is awesome! I had a dress on at work last week and nearly ripped my legs off after getting off of a leather couch. I wanted to cry!

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    I definitely need to see that movie! I’ve heard its pretty darn good. I’m excited for my nano 4.0’s to be delivered – custom teal and purple? I love it. =) I end up being busy on my days off, but I think its the “good” kind of busy we like since we usually are having a fun time doing it. =)

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