Recovering from Phoenix & Giveaway Winner

Phew! What a whirlwind the past few days were.  My work trip to Phoenix was non-stop busy, and I think I will be a walking zombie this entire week.


Here are a few fun pictures from the trip, which will show you that even if we do work non-stop, we find time to have fun!


Work ended on the early end of 6:45, so we went out to dinner to grab some Mexican food! The chips looked out of this world amazing, but I stayed Paleo strong and didn’t cave. Instead, I waited patiently for my cobb salad. BACON and avocado made this day.

IMG_6094IMG_6088 Chris, Jen, Kellie and myself weren’t ready to end the night, so we hung around the courtyard of the center and talked about relationships. Literally. We just stood there and talked about how they were proposed to.

On Friday night, our company’s closing event party was at a dude ranch! I got to pet a donkey, which  I have decided I now need as a pet, rode mechanical bulls, tried archery, and so forth.


There was even a tethered hot air balloon that we went up in. We were tethered at 25 feet in the air, and when I asked the man how high they typically go, he said 7,000 feet. I was terrified at 25 feet, which means “riding a hot air balloon” is officially off of my bucket list.

IMG_6120 We played dress-up, because, hey, you’re never too young to let your hair down.


Saturday was spent traveling. All day long. I snuck in a quick 1 mile run at 6 am, but by 8, we were headed to the airport. I had 3 flights, and the first flight landed in a windy snowstorm. I’ve never seen a plane shake from side-to-side so badly, and 2/3 of the cabin clapped for the pilot as we landed.


The next 2 plane rides involved a lot of de-icing before take-off. By 10:30 pm, I was back home to my boys.

Sunday was spent being lazy, cooking some meals, and going on a date. Woo! 🙂

Oh, and the winner of the Delta Labs giveaway is: Alicia from In Healthy Habits We Trust. Congrats Alicia! Shoot me an email at with your address and I’ll get your prize sent your way!

Ever ridden in a hot air balloon? If not, do you want to?


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    I always liked the thought of riding in a hot air balloon but I’m pretty sure I would be too scared to actually follow through! I’ll keep my bucket list to “on the ground” pursuits 🙂 By the way…good job sticking to paleo, it’s always tempting to stray when there’s chips and salsa!

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