Nikki Gets Hitched & Vacation!

Greetings from vacation! I’m officially off from work for the rest of July with my family, and I couldn’t be happier.

Vacation started early Friday afternoon, where we watched my beautiful cousin Nikki, marry the man of her dreams. I bought a selfie stick for the wedding/vacation, and thankfully it was well-received. In fact, people loved it!

imageThe venue was beautiful, as was the bride. Nikki was so determined that she was never going to get married or meet a great guy, and it even got to the point where she made a bet with Lindsay and I that if she ever got married, she owed us dinner. Not only did Nikki get married, but she found such an incredible husband.

imageAntoine fits into our crazy family perfectly, and he not only treats Nikki like his queen, but he’s so caring and welcoming to all of us. Lucas and his uncle Tony. <3

imageThe day was h-o-t. #backandboobsweatfordayz.image

imageFun fact: This guy right here stole my name. We are one month apart, almost exactly, and since I didn’t turn out to be a boy, my godmother decided to use the name. Hi Jay!

image Chels and I lit up the dance floor, completely sober, completely crazy and reckless. I think it was one of my favorite moments that I’ve ever had with her.

imageSaturday morning started good. No drinking = no hangover, so off to the gym it was! After lifting back and a 30 minute HIIT run, it was back home to pack. Or attempt to pack. Sweet little Nesssie knew something was up and didn’t want us to go. At one point, she even sprawled out in my suitcase, and I felt so awful having to take her out of it.

imageAll of those bikinis mean one thing… my parents, Ryan, Chelsey, and I are at our family’s beach house in York, ME for the week! The house is on Long Sands, and sits right in front of the beach, so my brother has a prime creeping location on the front porch.  imageSaturday afternoon consisted of unpacking and grocery shopping, before heading into Kittery, ME for dinner at When Pigs Fly.


During dinner, we got hit with an incredible storm. Downpour, thunder, lighting, intense wind, and on our drive back to the house, we spotted a double rainbow.

imageWhich meant a photo-shoot occurred back at the house. Ryan and Chelsey nailed their picture!imageStill figuring out this selfie stick thing, hence the lack of sky and rainbows, but it’s still a cute shot!


Again, rainbow fail, but just look at how intense the sky is behind us. The rays of light shooting out from the ocean was a sight to see.

imageVacation find #1, this sweet mug that Ryan and I gave our Pepere one year. Those outfits, just wow. I look like I was rescued from being lost in the woods!


What did you do this weekend?

Did your parents ever dress you in crazy outfits?


Newburyport, Beach Day, Pool Party & Dates

Happy Labor Day! Like most of you guys out there, I’m off from work today, most likely working out, frolicking in the sun, and going out! I’ll do a full recap of my day tomorrow, but let’s dive into what my weekend looked like with some pictures!… It was a fabulously fun weekend! 🙂


Date night out in Newburyport. I love this quaint little city, and eating dinner with views of the water wasn’t too shabby! The date… not so much fun haha!



I was up bright & early at 5 am… gross! I had a lot of trouble sleeping, but I still got up to get a 3 mile run in. Around 8, Lindsay and I headed up to Wallis Sands Beach in Rye, NH, our favorite little beach, for a day in the sun. When we arrived at 9, there were only a few people there, so we were able to snag our favorite spot.


We placed our bags and towels down and then took a walk along the beach, where we took pictures of the ocean and of the beautiful houses.


Found my dream beach house. One day, one day!


In 6 days we will be taking this same picture but in the Bahamas! 

Just being a diva & loving life! This picture makes me happy for so many reasons. I feel confident, sassy, extremely happy, and complete.image

We headed out late afternoon, and by the time I got home, I was pretty wiped out. I spent my evening watching The Kennedy’s with my new man candle, because this is almost like having a sexy man on your couch with you, ha!



6 am workout, which included a 1 mile warm-up run, a chest and tricep workout, and then finished it up with a 1 mile run around the track right across from my apartment. I actually wasn’t lazy and walked from my apartment to the track instead of driving over.


After my workout and breakfast, I headed to the outlets to snag some of the Labor Day sales, and boy did I do good!

Anne Taylor- Top $29.99 // 3 piece necklace $16 /// Jewel necklace $5.99


Gap — Monochrome wrap sweater $21.59 // Bikini bottoms $.78

The sweater is extremely soft and comfortable, so thank goodness for a cold work office, which means that I don’t need to wait until the chillier days for this piece.


I think my favorite deal of the day were the bikini bottoms for a whopping 78 cents. I mean, how can you not buy them, especially when they fit perfectly! 


American Eagle — Aviator sunglasses with pink accents $9.57

My current pair of AE aviators are getting a bit beat up, so for less than $10, getting a new pair was well worth it!


After shopping, I quickly grabbed my bikini at my apartment and headed up to my aunt & uncles for a pool party!


Love these ones!image



To cap off my busy and non-stop weekend, I ended my Sunday evening with an evening out! So much fun!

What has been your favorite part of Labor Day weekend so far?

Did you go to a bbq, pool party, beach, shopping?

Whole Foods, York Beach, Keith Urban… Again

Another fun weekend is in the books, and this one was actually a long weekend! While I have taken a few days off for wedding stuff this summer, Friday was my first real vacation day that I got to use selfishly. My long weekend started a bit early on Thursday though, as I left work early for a blogger event for the new Whole Foods opening tomorrow!


I had so much fun seeing some of my NH blogger friends and meeting new ones, while learning so much about Whole Foods.



I didn’t get home from the event and errands until close to 7, so it took me awhile to unwind, I’m talking 1 am, so I woke Friday pretty tired. I reset my alarm for 7 and decided against a morning workout, and immediately gathered food together for a beach day with Lindsay. It was faaaareezing when we got there!


We headed to Long Sands on York Beach in Maine, which is where we have a beach house in the family. Love this beach! Luckily after a bit of clouds, the sun came blasting out. So much better than working in front of a computer!




After a full night of sleep, I was up at 6:50 and headed out for a quick workout/run. The rest of the morning was spent prepping some food for an afternoon and night of travel. It marked the last Keith Urban concert I had lined up for the summer. Bitter sweet but oh so sad.

It was myself, Emily {Sinful Nutrition} and Allie & Kris. I picked the girls up at 2, and spent the next 2 1/2 hours driving to Hartford, CT.


Brett Eldredge. Sara {Lake Shore Runner} this one is for you. 😛 I made a sign for Brett and he laughed, smiled and pointed at me. Mission accomplished. His Instagram says that he likes all things peanut butter, so my sign informed him that I love pb too. I think that means we are going steady.


My favorite guy. I had a spot directly in front of his mic, and got the acknowledgement and a smile from this beef stick.


No selfie but I touched his sweaty hand. Perfect.

keithurban_raiseemuptourThe concert was amazing, and after a solid last summer show, we headed back for a 2 1/2 hour drive home. I didn’t get home until a little after 2, and probably didn’t fall asleep until at least 3:30. Rough night!


Spent doing nothing. After 3 hours on the couch, I attempted a workout, which lasted 10 minutes of a warm-up walk and 10 minutes of weights. Really had the motivation haha.

My little man isn’t doing well. He didn’t eat or a drink a thing on Saturday, and yesterday he picked at food and drank water, but he just looks so sad. I don’t think he will make it through the week, so I spent a lot of my day soaking up 16 years with this boy. He is going to the vet today and we will figure out if he came down with something, or if it’s just his time.


And I ate pancakes to soothe my soul. wholefoods_pancakes

An early night for the weekend was needed after late nights and sad news.

What was the best concert you’ve seen this summer?

A True Summer Weekend

Okay, so I feel like this weekend was an official summer weekend. This doesn’t include the fact that I spent my Friday night at Target and then asleep at 8, halfway through a movie, but the rest was needed.

My Saturday screamed summer. Lindsay and I headed to the beach for our first visit of the summer…. It only took 2 months, but with bachelorette and wedding stuff, and preparing for my business trip, the past 2 months have just been so busy. We explored a small beach just off of one of our major beaches in NH. We spent about 4 1/2 hours at Wallis Sands, where the old man behind us rocked his neon orange tanning goggles while bronzing next to his wife.


After the beached, I dumped ice water on my Dad’s head for the ALS Ice Water Bucket Challenge, before hitting the gym for an upper body workout. And then it was my turn to get ice dumped on my head, as my best friend Lisha nominated me while at the gym. My Dad barely got the bucket’s contents on me, but it was cold enough to accept it as is. Another lazy Saturday night, as beach days do that to you.

Sunday I was up bright and early to finally get the run in that I had wanted to Thursday afternoon. A run and some shoulder work completed my Sunday morning. Most traumatic run, because 3 minutes in, and my sports bra came undone. Really just so incredibly awkward, and I’ll leave it at that.


Followed it up by a peanut butter banana protein smoothie. Yum!


I was able to tidy up a bit, get some food prepped for the week, and a few things done, before heading to my aunt & uncles for a family birthday party. The twins turned 4!

unnamed-110 unnamed-111

I’m obsessed with this hand-me done headband from my friend Lyndsay. Been rocking this all weekend long. I feel stylish in it, AND I don’t even have to do my hair.


After the family party, I headed to spend some time with my friend Sarah. She just bought her first place, so I helped her with a DIY project while gossiping about guys.unnamed-112Such a fun, sun-filled weekend!

What was the best part of yours?


Greetings From York Beach!

Blogging from the beautiful York Beach, Maine!

These were the views that I enjoyed on my 7 am run Thursday morning.


A few obstacles to tackle with my midget legs. I cleared all the jumps, yet was oblivious to the smaller streams, and finished with soaking wet shoes.


2 miles on Long Sands, and then I booked it up to Short Sands for another mile and a mile back to Long Sands. Such a great run!IMG_1800 IMG_1795

We spent the rest of the day at the beach, before heading into downtown Portsmouth for a late dinner… In my Dad’s brand new, hard-earned Infiniti Q50! He is a pimp! Yes, he is parked in front of our house. My Mem and Pep were the smartest people alive and bought this property about 40ish years ago and never let it go. Prime spot babyyyyy!

IMG_1810 IMG_1811

We settled on an outdoor deck meal at The River House, where we also went last year on our vacation.


We grabbed drinks inside, and noshed on an appetizer of lobster artichoke dip. I was about to turn into a cannibal from hunger, so I had 2 1/2 slices with the dip, but it was just ok. I looked and felt like I was expecting twins after this meal. It was attractive. All I can say is thank goodness for summer dresses!


Having this view during dinner… it just doesn’t get any better.
IMG_1819 IMG_1827 IMG_1821

We walked around downtown for a little bit afterwards, buzzing into several of the boutiques, before heading back to the beach house.



Well, today is off to a rough start. I went out for a morning run, but suffered through a tweaked shoulder of some sort, and only lasted 2.5 miles. I think it was from climbing rocks yesterday. Ugh!

Follow it up with being in cramp and bloat city, and lacking an appetite, my morning is a total woof right now.

It also came to my attention Wednesday night that some people don’t know what “woof” means. I was talking to Ryan and Chelsey about my blog and showing them around it, talking about the PRO Compression giveaway, and after a few minutes Chelsey left me with this:

“I don’t know what PRO Compression socks are, I don’t go to concerts, I dont know how to blog, and I don’t know what woof means.”

She’s behind on times! 😉

I’m hoping that the beach and a good read can make me feel better! Just rereading her statement makes me happy.

Cape Cod 4th of July: Part 1

Hi friends, it’s so good to be back blogging, but I have to admit that not touching my computer from Thursday to Saturday was refreshing. I had the time of my life spending the last week with my friends, and I can’t wait to share it all with you!

I had planned on breaking the vacation into 2 posts, with 2 days being recapped in each post, but after going through my pictures, I decided it’d be more fun making each day its own post, so let’s start with Wednesday night and Thursday, the 4th of July!


I headed down to the Cape after work around 5, and barely hit traffic. A 2 1/3 hour drive only took me 3 hours, and I made it down for 8. When I got there, I enjoyed a drink on the patio with Ryan, Chelsey, Pat, Viss, and his friend, Britt. Viss grew up on the Cape, so every 4th of July, Viss hosts everyone at his parents Cape house for a fun long weekend together. A lot of the group has moved away, so it’s extra special to be able to get together.

We then headed downtown to grab a few drinks at an outdoor bar.


Ry & Chels


Me n Viss

We hit another bar on our way back, before heading back to the house to hang out on the patio again.

Bed time: 4 am.


Happy 4th of July! Viss and I woke up early and he joined me on a run around his childhood neighborhood.


Viss joined me for 1.7 miles, and then I dropped him off at the house and went back to finish my 4 mile run.

After a quick shower, I enjoyed breakfast and woke the rest of the crew up. We were then joined by Jaritza and Chedda (Tom), who came in from Boston. We packed up and then hit the beach, where we were joined by my cousin, Jay and Viss’ wife, Kate.


Jay and Chedda


Pat, Chels and Ry

R1-06253-022A R1-06253-023A R1-06253-020AWhile everyone played beach games, the girls enjoyed girl talk.

Around 3:30, we headed home, where we spent the next few hours, playing yard games, drinking, showering, and grilling.


Pat burned his forehead. If you look close enough, you can see 3 finger marks. We’re not quite sure how that happened.


Viss’ parents have a hammock, but unfortunately the trees are about 6 inches too far apart, and KZak was determined to get it up.


Soon-to-be-sisters. Doesn’t stop us from jumping the gun and already calling each other sister.


Viss and Jay made a big batch of Pimm’s for everyone.


The drinks were so pretty, and so delicious. I only stole a sip, but I definitely would’ve stolen a cup if I didn’t already have a drink in hand.


Jaritza was the perfect model for the patriotic bottle of vodka while the boys grilled us a delicious dinner of wings, burgers, pasta salads and asparagus. Love this girl to death!


Instead of saying a prayer before dinner, Pat read us the Declaration of Independence. Such a great idea!

IMG_0768 After dinner, it was then time for fun! We played drinking wiffle ball, which meant that you had to have a drink in one hand and could only play with your free hand.

When it was your turn to hit, a teammate stood right along the 1st baseline and handed you your drink as you ran by.


I almost caught  a pop fly, but instead, I spilled my drink all over my head. I was wearing my lime green dress, and didn’t want to spill my red drink, so luckily I was only playing with a cup of water in hand. Phew!

Once it became too dark for wiffle ball, we headed back to the table to play drinking games, and our favorite, Salad Bowl, where we had fun acting out words and trying to guess the word.

IMG_5700 IMG_5698

A handful of us ended up playing TV tag late in the night. Do you guys remember this game?! It got so intense, and I was definitely diving and sliding after people. I cut my ankle and was bleeding after the game, but when I woke up, I realized I scuffed up my entire shin and part of the top of my foot. So worth it!


Bed time was early for us on the 4th. I think we were out cold before 1 am.

Part 2 to come tomorrow!

Wild Weekend

This weekend was a wild one, as my cousin and I raged with her Bubchi up at her beach house.

First, let’s skip to Friday night. My boss let the marketing girls leave early on Friday, which thrilled me since Ryan and Chelsey were waiting at home. Once home, the three of us hung outside talking about life, work and everything in between while Ryan hit golf balls around the yard and came an inch within hitting me in the face. Thanks bro, love you too!

Ryan, who works for Hershey chocolate, brought home dark chocolate covered acai berries and goji raspberries, to give us a taste of a new brand Hershey just acquired. I’ve always wanted to try both goji and acai berries, so I was hyperventilating when I saw the two bags sitting on the counter.

These bags didn’t last too long

I wasn’t even hungry but dug right in. Definitely spoiled dinner, but it was well worth it. That night, we hung out with my parents, watched a little TV, per my request we watched AC360 so I could fulfill my addiction to the Empire State Building shooting and Jeffrey Johnson. What an awful, awful tragedy, for the victims and for Jeffrey for having to feel the way he did for so long. Most people only feel bad for the victims, but how about a little compassion for Johnson. Yes, I know he went crazy and murdered a man, but can you imagine the thoughts and feelings he had to suffer through? I’m a big CSI fanatic, so cases like this draw me in. I spent a majority of the weekend on my phone just to try to find out the latest information.

Saturday morning I couldn’t sleep, and I was wide awake by 6:30 am… yes on a Saturday, ughhh! I decided to lace up my running shoes and went for a great 4.15 mile run before showering and getting ready to head up to my cousins. Around 10, my cousin, Nikki, my Aunt Mare, and myself drove to a protein shake bar in their city that is recently new. Since I didn’t realize how nutritious the smoothies were, I had a shake on my way to their house, but stole a few sips of their shakes and fell in love! I’m actually heading there tomorrow night to meet with one of the owners to talk about their business plan and discuss how I can get into the franchise and options I have, as they are looking to expand closer to my area. I’m so excited!

After spending about an hour longer than we expected at the shake bar, we dropped Aunt Mare off and headed up to York Beach, Maine, where we were heading to take care of Nikki’s Bubchi, who is old and needs as much help as she can get. Usually Nikki’s Aunt’s, Uncles and parents are at the beach on the weekend, but no one was able to head up. Nikki’s family dog, Kayla, a 13 year old Golden, had a stroke early this week and is house bound, so her parents had to stay home. Our family sticks together through thick and thin, so when Nikki asked me if I’d go up with her, I knew I couldn’t turn it down.

Once we arrived, we spent a little time with the Bubs and then wandered down to the beach to read and get a little sun.

The road we walk down to get to the beach <3

After burning the soles of my feet, and crawling back to the house, we showered and went out for dinner. Nikki ordered a hell of a seafood meal, including a salad, chowder, lobster, mussels and fries, while I ordered a salad with grilled chicken and the Bubs ordered breaded baked cod.

Just a PART of our dinner

We were all satisfied and nearly in a coma by the time we made it home for the end of the Red Sox game. By 9:45 Nikki and I were in bed and fast asleep. What losers!

Sunday morning we woke up and tried to drag our tired bodies out of bed for a run. We both went our separate ways on our run and by the time we got back to the house, the Bubs was with her daughter-in law, chatting it up, while Nikki stretched on the floor. Nikki ran for 2 and I went for 2.8, and felt like death. We showered, ate breakfast on the porch with the Bubs, and went to the beach for 2 hours with Nikki and Tricia (Nikki’s aunt).

Nikko at the end of our beach day

After eating lunch on the beach, we wandered back to the house to spend time for the Bubs on the deck.

Feels like Vermont up here

It took us a lot longer to leave, as we had to make sure Bubs was all set for the week, grabbed her bills, garbage and everything else we could do since no one will be back to help her until Wednesday.

I said I wanted to be on the road by 2, since I had things to do back in town, but we got a late start due to the chores we had to help with, and hit traffic on the back roads home and didn’t get back until 5:30 pm. Saturday morning I was struck with car sickness and was never able to shake the feeling all day yesterday, last night and all day today, so the car ride home was awful, and by the time I was home, I wanted to die.

Is it normal to have the car sickness feeling for over 36 hours? I haven’t had a fever, chills or anything so I really don’t think it’s the bug, plus I never get car sick, so I’m not sure what happened.

I’m exhausted and almost finished with laundry, and am SO excited to crawl into my bed tonight. It was a long and tiring weekend, but it felt so good to put others first and help those who need it.

Hope you all had a great weekend too… without getting car sick!