Weekend Recap: Date Night & Friends

This weekend I learned new things and tried new things.

Friday was low key per usual. I hate making Friday night plans. After a long week of work and early workouts, all I want come Friday at 5 pm are my sweatpants and my couch. It’s a date with myself. So I did just that, after visiting with my parents for an hour or so.

Saturday started bright and early with Ashley at the gym for a back and mini shoulder workout. We spied with our little eyes lots of gym hunks.

After the gym, I was more than ready for breakfast, and all I craved was a bowl of oatmeal! I tried making a protein sauce to put on top of my oatmeal. It was good, but I think I prefer just PB2 sprinkled on top. That or melted peanut butter.


After breakfast, I headed out to grab some groceries and hunt down the Chase Rice cd. Well, I struck out at 2 Targets and Newbury Comics. How is it possible that this cd is not in stock anywhere?!

And then it was back to my parent’s house, where I watched Aloha with Mom. If only it looked like that outside right now!

imageSaturday night = date night. For the first time that I can remember, I was actually looking forward to this date. I suggested Bartlett’s Pub in the Whole Foods. Weird, but it was cool! I’ve wanted to try the pub ever since I had a blogger tour before they opened.Whole-Foods-Nashua-Bartletts-Pub

Just when I was beginning to believe that no good men were left in the world, one walked in with flowers in hand. What?! A tall hunk with flowers for me?! As I walked by the lady eating at a high table, she mouthed, “that is so sweet and rare!” I know!!

I also tried new things. I’ve never been a wine girl, but I’m determined to get into it, which is partly why I recommended Bartlett’s Pub, since they only serve wine and craft beer. I had two glasses of Beaujolais Nouveau, and I’m not sure if it was the wine, the company, or a mix of both, but for hours I found myself genuinely laughing the night away.


Dang, okay that wine. I woke up not wanting to workout. That wine was good, good, good, but I definitely felt it the next morning. Knowing I had Ashley to meet, I put myself together for our workout, which turned out to be 10X better than I had expected it to be. Bi’s/tri’s and HIIT afterwards. Wine is now my officially pre-workout.wine-preworkoutA protein shake post workout, followed by a morning of meal prep, blogging and a check-in with my coach, before I dug into brunch. And finally, the 4th store proved victorious!


And then it was on to my best friend for life’ house to watch the AFC Championship game with Lisha, JJ and his friend Chris.

imageAnd that about wraps up my weekend!

What did you do this weekend?

What’s the next CD that I need to buy?



A Weekend of Failed Runs & Girl Time

Happy Columbus Day! While some of you have the day off, I’m stuck at work, which is fine since I had Friday off due to our company outing. I just want to thank you all for your kind words that you sent my way on Friday. It means so much that you care, and your kind words were truly felt. It’s hard to let a great person go, and I have not one bad thing to say about him, but time just wasn’t on our side. Maybe one day, but for now, I am living my life and want to focus on all of my goals.


So back to Friday, we had our company outing at Pawtucakawy State Park. It was freezing outside, and since the grass was still wet with dew, our shoes and socks were soaked. Our day was full of games, really ridiculous games, but it was so much fun to goof off with my coworkers.


Our team rocked the blue bandanas, yes like that gang, not on purpose, but I am so sheltered that I can’t even tell you the name of the gang. Nothing better than a fun work day wearing Reebok pants, a hoodie, workout tank AND a sports bra. Heaven! If only every day were like this!

Team Picture

I had high hopes to get my 6.2 mile training run in once I got home around 4. I was exhausted with a horrible headache, but I set out anyway. Within the first minute I had to pee, and then my legs started feeling like bricks, and by mile 1.5 I just wasn’t feeling the run. I thought that if my legs felt this way on race day this coming Sunday, I was royally screwed. So, I went home and decided that I will attempt my 6.2 miles Saturday morning.


I decided that this weekend I wanted to do a test run of the 10k to figure out if my plan for eating and hydration solidly allowed me to run 6.2 miles without suffering. When I awoke, I really had no appetite at all, but I knew that I wanted and needed to run those miles today, and that doing it fasted was not the way to go.

I found a Thomas bagel thin, toasted it up, and then put 1/2 tbsp of pb on each half. I’ve mistakenly run after eating too much peanut butter, and let me tell you, it makes you want to throw up, so I knew 1 tbsp total was enough for me. After letting my breakfast digest for about a hour and a half, it was time for me to head out for the run. Fingers seriously, tightly crossed that it would go smoothly.


The rain started to pour, and with it being 44 degrees out, I knew running in the cold rain would be a bad idea. Off to the treadmill I went, and it was awful again. I managed 3 miles before I couldn’t go any longer. For some reason, treadmills make my back hurt, which probably is just me having bad form on that damn thing.

After my lame run, I fueled up with a thick protein shake, since I could only stomach something light. #PeriodProbz


Once I was fresh from the shower, I did a little meal prep and then ran a few errands; grocery shopping and to the library. Return of hot lemon water because I am so crampy. The way to my heart is with Starbucks mugs. Not their coffee, just their mugs. I <3 SB mugs.


Then it was off to Massachussetts to spend the afternoon and evening with my best friend Lisha. Lisha and her boyfriend just bought a house, so I was super excited to see it! We hung out and talked for a bit, before we made dinner together. Lisha had bought a Veggeti, which spiralizes veggies, so turkey zucchini spaghetti was on the menu.



This was the easiest spiralizer ever, and the meal was out of this world amazing. The rest of our evening was spent watching tv and movies with her boyfriend JJ, who I totally approve of, especially seeing as how he watched chick flicks with us and didn’t hate it one bit! Such a fabulous evening with my best <3.



I was confused when my alarm went off at 7:15 in the morning, but then I remembered that I had set my alarm so that I could get that run in. I had wanted 6.2 miles, but the run was brutal. I covered just about 5 miles (my Garmin died at 4.3ish), and I had to stop a  lot, but I was pleased with 5 miles. I think my legs are just wicked tight from all of the running, so I made sure to foam roll, use my stick, and take an epsom and ice bath.


Quick stop at Runner’s Alley after the run, followed by a girl’s day to see Gone Girl. Holy crap, go see that movie right now! So disturbing but so good! Ben Affleck & Neil Patrick Harris <333


The rest of my afternoon was spent driving around with the family looking at foliage, and then heading to Bed, Bath & Beyond to get the Veggetti. My 20% off coupon made this $11.99. Such a steal, AND so much better than a big clunky spiralizer.IMG_1769What was the highlight of your weekend?

Do you use a spiralizer?

CrossFit Mishap & Make Your Own Fro-Yo Bowls

Being completely free with my workouts has been absolutely amazing. Tuesday was a run day. I actually skipped ahead 2 runs because it fit my lunch hour better. Instead of the scheduled 3 x 18 minutes of running, I did 2 X 22 minutes of running. The next two runs I will do the 3 X 18 minutes that I was supposed to do, and then skip over the one I did on Tuesday. I doubt it will derail my training. Ya gotta do what you can fit into your schedule!

Wednesday morning I planned on hitting up CrossFit. I really love when disgusting workouts are programmed. Okay, not really, but as long as I know what I’m getting myself into, I don’t mind. There is a meme war going on with my coach and a few of the athletes on Facebook. It makes me giggle.

crossfit meme

My thoughts before doing this workout are that I’m pumped for it. I love any WOD that includes running, but I do know from this past weekend, that running with the sandbag will be difficult, especially with it being 20 minutes.


On Saturday, I ran with the bag behind my head on top of my shoulders, and post WOD, Mat was saying how carrying it that way will put more pressure on my diaphragm (am I making that up? Maybe, but I think that’s what he said), making it more difficult to breathe. Mat said holding it with one arm is a lot easier for him. To each their own, because carrying it on one side just makes that side feel so tight for me. I love having it on my shoulders solely because the weight is distributed.

Post-WOD thoughts:

Oh, post-WOD? So that means I had to go? Yup, brilliant me set my alarm for 6:11 instead of 5:11, which meant there was no way I could get ready, pack my lunch bag and get to the box before 6:30. So instead, I got a 2 mile walk in, and decided that it was probably life’s way of telling me that today would be my rest day.

I could have easily gone to CrossFit after work, but I had a girl’s night planned with my bffl Lindsay, and well best friends > working out. Seriously. Always choose friends over a workout. On Tuesday, 2 tragic deaths hit my community, neither associated with the other, and it was a simple reminder that you need to value your loved ones and to never take a day or anyone for granted. My childhood classmates lost a friend, while his family lost their son and brother, and my close friend lost her father. I cannot even imagine a life without my family, so my heart truly breaks for these families.

A night with my best friend was what I needed. There was girl talk. And card readings. And then we had a make your own fro-yo bowl party.


Arctic Zero supplied me with TEN pints of ice cream, which meant we had to taste test them. Yes, in the bottom right hand corner, Franklin her cat decided he wanted to taste test as well.


Thank goodness for a best friend who also counts macros. #WeWereMeantToBe. We ate the bowls while watching Full House. Can you say, “perfect night?” Mine was on the right. You KNOW I loaded that thang up with whipped cream!


Also, random but important question.

Remember 5ish weeks ago when I walked into a door frame and severely jammed my toe? I realized about 2 weeks ago that I actually SPLIT my toenail in half during that accident, which all makes sense now that I was in so much pain for weeks. So, do I have to let the toenail(s) fall off on their own to heal, or can I leave them on my toe and let them grow until they are no longer split? My friend said when they are ready to fall off, they will, but right now, they are still pretty much stuck to my toe. If I go get a pedicure, will they fix the issue for me? I have a serious case of runner’s feet, and they deserve to be prettified.

Take One Lick of Dessert, No One Will Know

Happy Monday love bugs! Another great weekend in the books, and I have a fun week ahead of me! This weekend was spent with some of my favorite people.


After work on Friday I had a great dinner date with my best friends, Jenny and Lisha, at Tuscan Kitchen, which was not technically half way for us and Lisha.IMG_5820

Jen made Lisha hold her utensils while she photographed her food. I love friends who take pictures of their food. It makes me feel normal. The lighting is so bad, but there’s Lisha holding Jenny’s knife and fork, right in front of her face.


The girls ordered a dessert to share, and it was complete torture watching them eat a chocolate cake, filled with chocolate fudge, drizzled in chocolate sauce, and topped with gelato. Damn Paleo challenge! They asked me to dip my finger in the sauce and try it, saying no one would ever know if I didn’t note it in my food log for my coach. I stayed strong, even when Lisha tried to get me to smell a bite of it.


Best friends since high school. We hadn’t seen Lisha in the longest time, but it felt like only 3 days had passed. That’s what a true friendship is like. We just sat there for about 3 1/2 hours talking about work, guys, and life in general.



We had freezing rain Saturday morning, so I skipped a CrossFit workout, and went in at 10 to do about 2 hours of mobility. It felt SO good to stretch and get knots out of my legs and shoulders.

After mobility, I headed to the gym to run. I found this really awesome app on the treadmill I was on that allowed me to run through different countries. I ran 4 of the quickest and easiest miles through New Zealand.


The tour brings you through mountains, cities, residential areas, etc, as you get history lessons at each point. The people talk and yell at you, and when you run by them, you realize that they are REAL. As in someone was actually walking/running when creating the content for the app. SO cool! I’m definitely so excited to use these treadmills when I have to run inside. It ignited my travel bug.


This is the book that you need to read. It’s about a married couple who both don’t want kids and then one has a change of heart. The entire book makes you wonder if true love will conquer all. SO good!IMG_5851Saturday night I got to spend with Utah. While the rest of New England was watching the Patriots game, Utah and I went and saw The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (yay for a guy who doesn’t like football!). The movie was AWESOME, and after the movie, we both commented on how we wanted to travel asap. I’d see the movie again in a heartbeat. Highly recommended!!

After the movie, we headed to the TapHouse, where the game was still on, but we were those people at the bar just talking the night away. The restaurant was getting really loud from the game, so we headed out and drove around town for another hour talking the night away. Amazing night.


Sunday was a relaxing day for me. I enjoyed a lazy start to my day before grabbing groceries for the week. Around noon I headed out for a 3 mile run to take advantage of the 45 degree heat wave.

unnamed-16I spent the next few hours prepping several Paleo dishes for the week, before retreating back to my apartment for a lazy night.

How was your weekend? Any movies you want to see?

Happy B-day Lisha & Dinner Date with Mike

Most important matters first.


Happy birthday to my best friend for life! You all need to wish Lisha a happy birthday. 8ish years ago this little bird came up to me in the library and asked if I could drive her home because she locked her keys in her car. (Ha!) I didn’t know who this girl was, but she told me we had a mutual best friend, Jen. I awkwardly drove her home, but ever since that moment, we’ve become inseparable and best friends. This girl is my biggest supporter in life, love, fitness and blogging, and I couldn’t imagine my life without her. Happy birthday almost birthday-twin! Love you forever! Enjoy your day beautiful <3

Last Night

Last night after work, I met up with Mike for a catch-up dinner at Not Your Average Joe’s.

mike david and i

This is where Mike and his then boyfriend David, took me for my 21st birthday dinner, and while last night’s dinner wasn’t a birthday dinner, it’s almost fitting that we went there the day after another milestone birthday!


We started off by demolishing the bread and glorious dipping sauce.


It was the best thing I’ve ever dipped bread into. I just wanted to drink it on up. Mike ordered chicken dumplings as an appetizer, before we ordered our meals.


I opted for the Vegetable Spring Rolls appetizer as my meal and Mike went for the BBQ Chicken Pizza.


Can you tell who’s cheat day it was yesterday? 😉

For a solid 6+ months, I’ve been wanting to try Vegetable Spring Rolls, but just never knew where to get them or how to make them, so when I saw them on the menu and gave a thumbs up to the nutritional facts, my dinner was an easy choice. Taken from their site, the rolls were “rice wrappers filled with asparagus, basil, mint, cucumbers, carrots, rice noodles and cilantro pesto, chilled and served with peanut dipping sauce.” Perfect! I’d order these again in a heart beat!


After dinner we had fun taking pictures. This guy is my crazy other half. I couldn’t ask for a better friend then this stud.


Look at that sweet wind-swept accidental sideburn I’m rocking!


After our post-dinner photo shoot, we stopped into GameStop so that he could purchase a headset or whatever it is he needs so he can talk to people while he plays video games. I didn’t know what was going on so I just took pictures and texted a friend while he had bro-talk with the guys that worked there.

I had such a fun night with him and can’t believe I hadn’t seen him since our Starbucks date. It stinks having busy lives and no longer living in the same state, but I think this meeting halfway for dinner during the week will become a reoccuring event! Love you Mikey! 🙂


Another night with a lack of sleep makes for another tired and grumpy girl. I was able to get a great 4 mile run and 100 push-ups in this morning, and know that taking it easy yesterday certainly helped.

Breakfast was my new favorite.


After eating this every morning, I totally don’t miss breakfast smoothies anymore. Toast toast toast is so underrated!!

I have a wicked fun night planned after work. Janine and I are taking a full-length Surfset class and I’m looking forward to seeing how a full workout on the boards goes! I have a feeling I’ll be craving a peanut butter protein shake later tonight!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day my little sweet hearts! My morning started off with an awesome 3.5 mile run before my coworker greeted me at my desk with a chocolate chip cookie and a peanut butter Oreo brownie.


Ugh. What is it with everyone trying to get me to fail at Lent?! In Nichole’s defense, she had no idea that I gave up peanut butter and sweets, so her thoughtful gesture was touching. While I refuse to let these go to waste or throw them in my freezer for the next 39 days, I’m pretty sure my Mom is going to love eating these.

After enjoying my morning smoothie, I later drooled as I ate a sliced up apple dipped in powdered PB2, and then my double berry (strawbs & rasps) parfait!


I completely forgot to mix everything up last night, so the raw oats and chia seeds weren’t soft and puffy. Instead, I enjoyed a crunchy parfait.

After that settled, I headed over to the gym where I completed a 5 minute elliptical and .5 mile run warmup before hitting leg day. These midget legs of mine sure did feel the burn, and those “this rep is going to kill me” faces I made throughout my workout must have really scared the single men, since I left the gym with no new numbers. 🙁

To continue with my streak of eating clean today, I enjoyed salmon on a bed of veggies.


Watercress veggies are my favorite! I absolutely love the watery crunch they deliver in every bite. My only complaint is that there are never enough in a meal. I would like 50, not 3.

The rest of my day is going to be pretty friggin’ awesome. I haven’t uttered those words ever as a single lady on Valentine’s Day, so there’s proof that I am finally growing up (Mom Dad…!!!!!). Tonight I get to celebrate Valentine’s Day with my best friend forevs, Linds! Since her boyfriend is anti-Valentine’s Day (….and also working), we decided we’d be each other’s Valentine’s!

Your girlfriends never leave you, so I’m all for giving all your extra love to your girls. 🙂

2 1/2 more hours until we stuff our faces with fro-yo! Let’s hope we don’t fro-up tonight!

Whether you’re single, taken or don’t even know your status, enjoy your day as best as you can. I might not have a main man in my life right now, but I’m positive that a night that includes my best friend, fro-yo, and a Cougar Town marathon makes for a fanflippin’tastic Valentine’s Day. Plus, my parents gave me a $25 Target gift card so there’s that too!


Plus, we all know that I’ll be pretending that Cougar Town’s lovable idiot is going to be my pretend boyfriend/fiance/husband for the night. Brian Van Holt, if you are reading this, yes, I’d love to be your Valentine.

Reunion with the Best Friend: Shopping Style!

This morning I woke up to a wet cat crawling over my face and a dog breathing heavily near my ear. Even when there isn’t a phone alarm set, my house is never short of an “animal” alarm. I can’t figure out which was worse. A wet cat or a panting dog. I’m leaning towards wet cat, only since it was cold in my room.

I was able to lounge around in my sweats for a little bit before I called Apple support and got my iTunes fixed. Needless to say, I can FINALLY buy music again! You see, when you set up your iTunes with a college email address, and then 4 years later upon graduation they tell you it’s deactivated a year after graduating, you kind of get screwed when your “lost password” attempts get sent to an email you no longer have access to.

I really want to cruise down the streets blasting Bieber’s “As Long As You Love Me,” so I finally had the motivation to call Apple. Mission accomplished. Time to spend $$$$ on the Biebs!

After that success I hit up the gym for a shorter than planned gym session. I completed a 4 mile run and finished with 10 minutes of additional cardio before I started feeling sick and left. All along I felt like I was getting better this week but of course my cold really had to come back full force for the weekend.

I polished off half a batch of Raspberry Vanilla Overnight Oats in my favorite jar, and am now off to the Merrimack Outlets to do a little shopping with my best friend Lisha!

Hope your Saturday isn’t as rainy and cold as mine!

Rainy Day Won’t Get Me Down!

Last night’s little “feel bad for myself” episode is long over, thank the lord! Actually, it’s more like “thanks to my best friends Lindsay and Allie, my coworker Jen, and bloggers Alaine and Amanda. You girls gave me great encouragement and made me snap out of my “I’m done with love funk.”

My girls Allie and Lindsay are seriously ALWAYS there for me when I need them, and I cannot imagine living a life without them by my side. I love how all my relationships with my closest friends are so different but so fulfilling.

Allie and I take each other to York Beach in Maine or to Livingston Park and go for long walks to talk and clear our heads. Long drives are also one of our “things” we do when the other needs advice or a shoulder to lean on. It’s how we get each other through the hardships we face in life.

Lindsay and I have a slightly different approach to helping each other through bad days. We have two go-to choices. Numero uno is go to Shorty’s, get beer and feast on the free chips & salsa. BEST chips & salsa we’ve found. We  I typically go through 2 baskets of the greasy chips while we bitch about men and how they constantly fail us in relationships. Yup, it’s always the man’s fault.  Option two is to jam our break-up tunes which consist of Aly & AJ and Keri Hilson (a tradition we’ve held since being college roommates sophomore year), and also shopping, preferably at Marshall’s. Whoever said retail therapy was the cure for everything deserves a wet smooch from me, but only if he’s a sexy man.

Do you and your girlfriends have a go-to plan when one of you guys are hurting or having a rough day?

Needless to say, I didn’t get the best quality of sleep last night so when my alarm went off at 5:34, I had no problem snoozing twice. My run suffered from the lack of sleep, less time and difficulty breathing, so I was content when I managed to make it 3 miles before the clock struck “strength” time.

I actually didn’t do much strength, it more so consisted of me lying on the floor looking like I was murdered.

Morning Workout

  • 3 mile run
  • 15 stair push-ups
  • 50 crunches and 50 side-to-side crunches
  • 1 minute plank hold
  • Stretching

Breakfast was the highlight of my day, as I was FINALLY able to find chia seeds for overnight oats! I made the Raspberry Vanilla Overnight Oats from The Yummy Life, and boy were they yummy! Not only did the overnight oats keep me full for the first half of my day, but I also was able to eat half in the early morning and then the rest in the late morning. It was nice to not rush myself through a meal and enjoy it over several hours.

Do you guys enjoy overnight oats? If so, do you have a favorite recipe?

It’s been raining buckets and buckets of rain all day so I opted not to make the 3 minute walk to the gym on my lunch hour. I didn’t have a spare pair of shoes so I really wasn’t in the mood to workout in sopping shoes.

Have you guys tried this cottage cheese/fruit blend? Jen raved about it the other day so I picked a blueberry and apple cinnamon package up the other night. Sadly, I was disappointed in the blueberry. I think if I dipped the cottage cheese into the blueberries it would have been better, but by mixing the two, the taste of sweet blueberries wasn’t even noticeable. Talk about a complete fail!

My coworker Jen and I hit the gym after work and took a kickboxing class at 5:30. Before the class we had 10 minutes to kill so I ran a quick mile and chatted with her while she walked. We then hit the class, which started with 15 minutes of abs and then our kickboxing boot camp class started. The class was nonstop. Literally, nonstop. The instructor was an adorable little firecracker of an ex-Army man.

I ate a bunch of leftovers for dinner and am just about to put the season premiere of CSI:NY on.  Hope you all had a great Friday!

Happy Fall Weekend!

This weekend marked the official beginning of the fall, and it was basically as cliché as it gets. Wake up with a sore throat, head downstairs in my sweats where I cuddle up in a blanket, watch a chick flick while waiting for Ryan and Chelsey to wake up. It brings me back to our college years when we would go home for a weekend together. Aside from the sore throat, I loved it.

Plus, I got to snuggle up with my little boy for a bit.

Lazy Fall mornings are my favorite, although this one wasn’t as lazy as I was hoping. I had a nonstop weekend, with not much relaxing mixed in.

Saturday I had a date with Lindsay’s co-worker around 3:30, so I was able to get a great workout in prior to the date, along with picking up half of Ryan’s birthday gift.

Saturday Workout

  • 4.5 mile run
  • 2 sets of 13 standing side dumbbell crunches
  • 2 sets of 13 skiing dumbbell squats
  • 2 sets of 13 deadlift to upward row
  • 20 minutes elliptical
  • 10 minutes stairmaster

After that, I met up with the dating prospect and he bought us each a large bucket of balls to hit. Each. I SAID EACH! Holy freakin hell, I never thought the bucket would end. I had a lot of fun with my prospect and plan on seeing him again. Plus, he’s 6’2 with muscles. HELLLLLLLO!

After sweating my face off, I cleaned up quickly and met up with Lindsay and her new beau for a drink, well, they drank beers and I guzzled water. Then we demolished an order of barbecue chicken nachos. Oooops. The cheesy goodness was calling to me. I wish I had snapped a photo but I really didn’t want to freak the new beau out.

Sunday I woke up too early for a fall morning and went for a 4 mile run that felt too good to be true for a post nacho fest, before heading down to Boston to visit my bestie, Mike.

Mike and I grabbed brunch at Stephi’s on Tremont, where I ordered the Fruit Salad that came with homemade granola and honey yogurt. The meal was pretty good, maybe worth a B, but there could have been more yogurt and granola.

After brunch, we left the South End and enjoyed a little shopping on Newbury Street, and since I had never been, I was beyond excited!

North Face had an amazing running display, and I couldn’t help but to snap a photo of it for motivation. I also managed to document Mike checking his ass out in a pair of Diesel jeans. 🙂

I had an amazing day with my best friend. It’s difficult not being 15 minutes away, but he is succeeding in Boston and having the time of his life so I’m very happy for him. Plus, he’s only 45 minutes away, which isn’t too bad, and while I’m not a fan of Boston, he makes it better.

I’m exhausted and cannot wait to crawl into bed in 5.7 seconds. Hope you all had a fun Fall weekend!

Puppies and Cupcakes

This afternoon has been quite exciting around the office in the marketing department.

First and most importantly, Nichole, a Marketing Coordinator in our department, who also dabbles on the side with her on cake business, Pampered Chef, and being a foster mom for the Animal Shelter (holy crap woman, take a breath!), brought in a batch of her famous Whoopee Pies and Carrot Cake Cupcakes.

Oh they smelled so delicious, absolutely delicious, but I didn’t cave in. Instead, I basked in their sweet and heavenly aroma, while managing not to gain 10 pounds.

Drooling like a Mofo

After the excitement of sweets, we got a little work done before preparing to meet our boss’ new puppy, Murphy!

Like previously mentioned, Nichole fosters puppies for the Animal Shelter, and is responsible for fostering Murphy for several days. After picking Murphy up, Nichole and Murphy drove over to the office to visit his new mommy, sisters, grandma, and his mommy’s coworkers.

Murph Man

Murphy is the CUTEST puppy.. after my Kipper Dudes of course 😉 Murph man loved rolling around in the wet bark mulch. He’s already so smart!

I was able to squeeze in a pretty decent workout on my lunch break. I started with a mile run, and while my goal was 1.5 miles, my legs felt beat, so instead of overdoing it, I listened to my body and switched up my cardio.

Afternoon Workout

  • 1 mile run
  • 2 sets of 25 medicine ball sit-ups
  • 20 medicine ball side sit-ups
  • 2 sets of 13 medicine ball lumberjack chops (1 each side)
  • 2 sets of 13 medicine ball lumberjack chop squats <– HAHA (1 each side)
  • 15 minutes nordic trainer
  • 2 sets of 13 back extensions, 95 lbs.

Few more hours of work then it’s off to date night with Mike, my best friend. I believe we have a little shopping date planned. Gosh, gay best friends do make the BEST friends.