The Weekend Where I Took a Picture with My Future Husband

This weekend was truly magical. Nothing could have gone better, and I am left on Monday morning still wearing the ridiculous smile that I’ve worn since Friday. I slept in, I took it easy, ate great food, finally got my picture with my future husband, and my body is feeling great.


Friday was our annual Halloween competition at work, where every division dresses up and competes against each other. I was leaving work early, so instead of dressing up, I was a judge this year.


I took a 3/4 day at work because I had the best night of my life lined up! I headed home, freshened up, did a quick change of my top, packed my bags and headed out! I stopped at Starbucks on the way for a grande skinny caramel latte, which was amazing. So close with my name!

I made it into Boston a little after 4, and snagged a front row parking spot right outside of the House of Blues. Score!! I was in Boston to see my favorite artist Kip Moore perform, and in previous experience, I knew that if I grabbed a bite to eat at their restaurant, that I would get “pass the line” entry. This means that you get into the venue before the regular line does, but after the VIP. 


This was my first time eating alone, and I actually kind of liked it. I loved that I could eat at my own pace and just enjoy my food, which for me was shove it in your mouth as fast as you can, haha. I’m a fast eater, it’s bad!

I ordered the turkey club with sweet potato fries, but I think they gave me a turkey burger. The meat was gross, so I basically ate a tomato and bacon sandwich, which was pretty bad ass, ha! I had no problem polishing off almost all of the fries because I knew that I wouldn’t be eating again for about 7 hours. Plus, security confiscated my Combat Crunch bar, so it’s a good thing I ate like a queen. But seriously rude.


I ended up being first in the “pass the line” line, and immediately befriended the 3 people behind me. I get this trait from my Dad, but it really only comes out at shows, oddly enough. I even made friends with 2 groups surrounding me inside the pit as well. Anyways, not a bad view from line, huh?

All for this. Those biceps. That smile. That voice.


That ass.


Seriously, dat ass. Sex on a stick. {Sorry Mom}


And then this happened around midnight on the streets of Boston. I will never change my Facebook profile picture from this ever, ever again. Even when I’m married, my husband will not win. You lose, Kip wins.


I mean, gahhh!! I actually tripped in this picture. I don’t know why. Was I standing on my tippy toes? Probably not. I think I was just overflowing with energy haha. I received a few texts messages after posting this, being asked if he was my boyfriend. Sure!!


I was dripping sweat during the show. Literally dripping. I had sweat running down my face, down my back, my shirt was drenched, so by the time I got home, showered, ate, and and got into bed, it was close to 2 am.


Really not pleased that I woke up at 8:30, but it sure felt nice to sleep in until my body was ready to wake up! I took my time around my apartment; cleaning, tidying up my living room and bedroom, and finally digging into breakfast. Oats mixed with egg whites, cinnamon, chia seeds, and topped with maple syrup, finely diced walnuts and 1 tbsp of peanut butter.


While I was itching to go lift at the gym, I told myself that I was going to take 1 more day off from lifting for my deload week, and instead, used this breakfast as fuel for a trail run, which ended up being inspirational and possibly life changing… more on that tomorrow!


After the run and a shower, the rest of my day was spent running errands and relaxing! I’m not a fan of Halloween parties, so having nothing on my agenda for the evening of Halloween was actually pretty splendid.


LOVE day light savings!! I made up for getting little sleep Friday into Saturday, and got about 9 1/2 hours of sleep thanks to the extra hour. I was really excited because this day marked a full body workout at the gym. My body was extra rested from sleep and a week off from weights, so I was ready and roaring to go.

I started with a 15 minute warm-up run, before completing a full body workout with weights. I wanted to ease back into lifting and hit a little of each body part instead of a full blown “chest” or “back” workout. This week I’ll bring those back, but yesterday was just what I needed!

On my way home I stopped at the grocery store for the week’s haul, and proceeded to shower, eat breakfast, and watch last week’s Nashville on the couch. NOT HAPPY with the ending of the episode.


Meal prep, inspirational work, and reading happened before a movie date with my Momma to see Burnt! We love Bradley Cooper, and we both highly recommend seeing this film! <3 I ended my evening with a bbq with my family and a lazy night reading on the couch. All in all, it was a wonderful few days!

Do you like dressing up for Halloween?

What’s your favorite Halloween treat?

I really love Reese’s, KitKats & Twix. Way to pick one favorite Allie!

I Took A Leap of Faith & It Paid Off

Yesterday I left you with saying that on Black Friday, while shopping, I made a gutsy move. Why did I do what I did? I guess you could say that I wanted to just live my life. I wanted to go after what I wanted. There’s a certain point in your life where you just put on your big girl pants, have faith, and go for it.

And that’s what I did on Friday evening. Black Friday is a day for people to go shopping, so naturally, that gives me any reason to go into a store. So, during my Black Friday shopping, I made a purchase at Petco. I also grew a pair and gave the babe from Petco my name and number. It felt like I bolted out of the store, where I immediately texted my best friend asking what the hell had I just done. I had also been talking to Lindsay on the phone right before it, trying to get the courage to take the leap of faith.

Did I think Petco was going to text me? No, not at all. And you know what? Less than 2 hours later he did. And we talked until midnight. On Saturday, he picked me up from my house and took me to Boston. I didn’t realize men still picked girls up for dates.

We drove into Malden, where we picked up the orange line (for those not local, that’s Boston’s train station). We took the T (subway), into the city, where we wandered over to Faneuil Hall, which is one of my favorite spots in Boston. We spotted the Grinch, who I was way too intrigued by.

IMG_1163After watching the mime for a few minutes, we headed over into Quincy Market, to grab lunch. To enjoy being in the moment, I didn’t take many pictures. We walked inside Quincy Market, looking for the meal that caught our eyes. We settled on a place that had chicken kebabs. We really thought that we were going to get a great meal. Chicken kebabs with 2 sides. We both got peas and salad (for me), fries (for Petco). This meal was so horrendous that it was so hilarious, and one of our favorite moments of the day together. The kebabs were practically glued to the skewers, and at one point, both of our hands were on one skewer trying to get the chicken off. The chicken was bathed in a mystery sauce, and we have absolutely no idea why we didn’t just go and buy new meals at a different place, but we powered through. From trying to find a table to eat at, and actually stomaching the food, it felt like middle school all over again.

After lunch, we wandered around Faneuil Hall, before heading down to the water, which is now my new favorite spot in Boston.

IMG_1169We took pictures and just talked for quite a bit. Once we got really cold, we headed back into the city for a little bit. We wandered into DavidsTea (<– that is not a typo), where I learned a hell of a lot, and got to smell some really amazing teas! It made me want to become a tea snob.


We spent 6 1/2 hours together, and it was unreal. Here was this guy that I thought was a muscular jock working at Petco, and it turns out he’s more than just muscles.

After Boston, I headed to hang out with my best friend Allie, and her cousins, where we played board games and had girl talk. It was so much fun!


Sunday my Dad and I headed back to Boston to attend the Celtics vs. Spurs game. I got the tickets from my CrossFit friend Paul, as he was giving them away, so I happily scooped them up. Daddio and I had a blast!


The game was a 1 o’clock start, so we were home just shortly after 4. I did a few things around the house and on the blog before heading to Gerry’s (Petco has a name). He cooked up an amazing dinner of sweet potato fries and healthy, breaded chicken tenders. I tried recreating the chicken tenders Monday night, and it was a total fail. We watched the Patriots game, before starting a new tv series. Have you guys seen Bates Motel? We are addicted. We made it through 2 episodes Sunday night and 1 last night.

So, my friends, you never know what will happen when you give a guy or girl your number. He might have a girlfriend. He might not be interested. And maybe, just maybe, that one little post-it note exchange can bring about something good.

Have you ever given a guy your number randomly?

I did when I was probably 20 and working at Target. The manager of the store next to us always came in to see me, so one day I walked into his store and gave him my number. I had good luck with that one too, but we only hung out once.

Epiphany. Matthew Hussey “Get the Guy”

On Tuesday morning, I had an off-site breakfast meeting scheduled with my bosses for 10:30. A little late for me to have breakfast, but we were having it at Murphy’s Diner, which has a Paleo menu. Since I had planned to go into work late anyways, it wasn’t too big of a deal eating a later than normal breakfast.


I had originally planned on running at the gym, before heading into work at 10, but when the meeting was requested, I moved around my morning off and squeezed in a small 1.5 mile run at home. I had a mini shake after just to tide me over, before heading to the diner. I sat there. Waiting. Ready to talk. No one arrived. I felt like I had been stood up on a date.


I wasn’t informed that earlier that morning the breakfast meeting had been rescheduled. No text, no call, nothing. I was irked for the lack of information, but more so because when you eat Paleo and you plan on a breakfast out, what is a girl supposed to do when you don’t pack that meal for the day?

I was mad. So mad.  I hightailed it out of there and headed next door to the grocery store to try to put some sort of breakfast together before driving into work. I debated and debated, but settled on a plain, greek yogurt with sun butter, with a side of roasted sweet potatoes. Not true Paleo, but in certain circumstances, you have to make best of your situation. Luckily, plain Greek yogurt didn’t bother me at all!

(I bought this brand because all I could picture was John Stamos licking his lips).


That entire situation got me thinking a lot about what I had learned the night before at the “Get the Guy” seminar that Jenny and I attended in Boston.  You guys might remember that over the summer, Jenny introduced me to Matthew Hussey’s Get the Guy book, and I was instantly obsessed with his wealth of knowledge.


He currently has a tour throughout major cities, where he gives a 5ish hour seminar, in which he digs deep into his book and how we can relate to his advice and insight, and then put it to use.

Jenny and I left Manchester at 4:15, and arrived a few minutes shy of 5:30. We sat inside the lobby for a little less than an hour just talking before it started.

From 6:30 until 11:45, we got to enjoy this British hunk’s glorious accent. While the seminar covered a lot of what we learned in his book, it was really helpful hearing him talk for hours and put everything to use with role plays and examples. Several parts throughout the night, he had us get up and just have crazy dance parties, in which I wiped pools of sweat off of my forehead. Adorable.IMG_6577There were 2 things that really stuck out to me. One is getting out there and swinging. Matthew said that as long as you get out there and swing, that’s all that matters. You might swing in several different directions, and the outcome might not be what you had expected (maybe it’s better!), but at least you’re out there.

He also talked a lot about your perceived value. We settle in life because we perceive we can’t do better and that “this” is what we deserve and nothing better will come along. Stop thinking like that. And that whole cancelled breakfast meeting mess really changed my view on a lot of things. I didn’t feel that my time was being valued. Instead of just brushing it off, I talked to my boss and asked her in the future to call or text me. In between work, CrossFit, and my blog, my time is limited, so I place a lot of value on how I spend my time outside of work.

It doesn’t matter what the situation is. Work, relationship, etc. If something isn’t working for you and you either aren’t happy or you feel you’re not being perceived as having value, well, stop whining and make a change, speak your mind, do something. Get out there and swing. Make moves, just don’t be stagnant and accept less than what you deserve.

Matthew lit a fire in my ass, and the motivation and determination to 200% chase my dreams is burning through my veins. Hopefully this means in the future there will be changes in my life. I’m not saying which parts of my life this will affect, but there will be changes.

How do you react and what do you do when you believe you’re value isn’t being acknowledged?

Fan-Girling at the 2013 BlogWell Conference

We’re one day closer to the weekend, but I’m on day 2 of feeling like dog doo. I woke up yesterday feeling off and not my best, but powered through a gross WOD at the Ad Finem box.


It felt so good to be back, even if I was quiet and kept to myself. Hey, who wants to talk and be wild when you’re not feeling all that great? On the menu for conditioning was three 600m runs. That’s not bad, but doing it in 40 degree weather at 7am isn’t fun. Probably didn’t help that we ran in our t-shirts. I, at least, had my running gloves on.

Each 600m got quicker as they went, although they felt more difficult each run.

  • 2:45 seconds
  • 2:40 seconds
  • 2:34 seconds

I get so excited when I beat my time on each set. There will be a day when my last set is a second or 2 slower than a previous set, and I know I will flip a shit. Until then, I’ll enjoy my success!

I’m also enjoying the Hair, Skin & Nails supplements that I received as a Delta Labs Ambassador. I first received a sample of it when I was crowned an ambassador, and chose that as my October product. I am seriously LOVING it. I take 2 capsules with breakfast every morning, and love how clear it’s made my skin… except on those days that I touch my face too much… oopsies! 🙁


I had a successful day on Tuesday at the BlogWell Conference in Boston. Driving into the city always stresses me out, but it gets to the point where I just drive where I want to and use the “I’m out-of-state, move it,” excuse. Truthfully, I just zig-zag in and pray no one hits me. 🙂


Once I arrived to Fidelity, which is where the event was hosted, I grabbed a seat and got ready for an afternoon of case studies by 8 successful companies.


Each case study lasted 20 minutes, with 10 minutes for questions. You chose 4 of the studies to attend, and my favorite was by far Ben Cobb’s presentation on Reebok. You guys know I LOVE all things Reebok, so I was fan-girling internally during his presentation.


Ben gave an in-depth look on how they target the right influencers for their products, and also touched upon their brand ambassadors and blogging partnerships. My favorite part! I was able to get about 30 seconds worth of networking with Ben after his presentation, but unfortunately, since his presentation closed out the event, they all had a dinner to attend to. Hey, 30 seconds is better than wussing out, right?!


Getting out of the office to attend the BlogWell event was a fun and unique day for me, but the commute home was not fun. I could never commute to work, especially to and from Boston! I’ll take my 8 minute commute, thank you very much!

How long is your work commute?

Would you drive an hour plus for a really great job? 

I’d relocate over commuting, but that’s just me!

Getting into the Christmas Spirit in Boston

The snow is falling and it’s truly starting to feel a lot like Christmas! Yesterday after a quick run and lift, I headed down to Boston to spend the day with Mike. We started off the afternoon by heading to the Museum of Fine Arts. What really drew me in was the Royal Family exhibit, and I was extremely excited when Prince William’s face was plastered on a banner outside.


Sadly I was told I wasn’t allowed to take pictures in the Royal Family exhibit, but I made Mike take a picture of me with the exhibit behind me.


I know it’s a little blurry, but you can see my future hubby, Prince William behind my head. God he’s so delish!! How excited are we that he’s having a baby? Really hoping it’s a little baby boy.

Speaking of husbands, can we please enjoy the view of my future boyfriend.


Really not sure why this was my favorite piece in the museum, but I was really loving it. It reminds me of something you’d see in CSI:NY!


Mike had fun posing like a fancy man in the room that reminded us of “tea and crumpets.” The next room we wandered in he silently screamed with his twin.


In between taking pictures when not allowed, getting in trouble for touching a piece (oops) and Mike playing around, I’m honestly surprised we weren’t thrown out. If there was an award for the most immature museum goers, we would’ve won the award without any competition.

Unfortunately we didn’t make it through the entire museum before it closed, but we made the best out of what we saw. Mike gets free tickets to the museums and other acts in Boston through his company so we can always go back in the future!


Once we left at 5, we hopped back onto the T and headed towards Faneuil Hall to enjoy the Christmas decorations.


I was so excited to see the first Christmas tree all lit up in the center of Faneuil Hall and even got a picture in front of it!


Mike was famished so we headed inside the Quincy Market to browse the food selections, and stumbled upon some of the BEST looking cookies, brownies, cupcakes and cookie sandwiches ever.


We decided to share a peanut butter chocolate cookie, and devoured it in 45 seconds or less.


All I wanna do is go back and get the cookie loaded with M&Ms. Oh my gosh, SO good and worth every bite. Sometimes you just have to treat yo’self and live a little. 😉 In the past I would’ve refused a bite and would’ve felt guilty for the rest of the night, but I even coughed up several bucks to buy it and gladly welcomed sharing half of it with Mike.


We continued walking through the market browsing the food selections and the yummy men, before venturing back outside to the cold. When we made it outside, everyone was gathered around the main Christmas tree to watch the Blink! show that had just started.


Blink! is a show that uses the lights on the Christmas trees and every lighted tree that is scattered throughout Faneuil Hall and the lights on the trees blink and light up in accordance with holiday music. A new song is played every half hour, from 4:30pm until 10:00pm. Everyone was in awe, just look at the girls face in the photo above. Easily my favorite part of the night.


I had a great day and evening with my best friend and I love him dearly!


Pumpkin Spice Eggos for the Victory!

You guys, I HAVE to brag about the glorious afternoon snack and dinner I enjoyed last night. Both were “firsts” for me, and it definitely won’t be the last time I enjoy these meals.

Monday night was very busy as I tried to squeeze in my P90X workout before babysitting, so I didn’t have too much time to make an elaborate lunch. Since I went into work late yesterday, I knew my eating would be off, so I threw together mini snacks that would tide me over for the day. After scouring my fridge, fruit bowl and cabinets, I grabbed 2 hard-boiled eggs and the leftover avocado half from Monday’s lunch.

I’ve heard of this combination before but never tried it. I go on avocado kicks where there will be weeks where I need that little guy and weeks and months where I won’t even acknowledge it.

I sliced the eggs and avocado together and had a pretty dang delicious and healthy afternoon snack! I can only imagine the other add-ins I can incorporate in the future. I’m thinking the first mash-up NEEDS to include mango salsa. Oh yum!

After work I made a quick stop to Target to pick up 2 serious hankerings I’ve had all week. The first was a box of Pumpkin Spice Eggos. Yes, you read that correctly. They were eying me last week but my willpower was too strong for the Eggos to win. The second was Celestial Seasonings Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride tea. I’ve read blogger after blogger obsessing over this tea and read from one Amazon reviewer that it truly helps kick the sweets cravings most of us get at night. I’ve looked at stores for days and haven’t found a place that carries it, but I KNEW Target would have it. Nothing broke my heart more than seeing the shelf wiped clean.

So I did what any grieving girl does best and grabbed ingredients for the PERFECT comfort dinner.


Cool Whip for 99 cents? Okay, sure, perfect waffle topping if you ask me!

Holy mother was this dinner good!

I might have even enjoyed 3 too many scoops of the Cool Whip straight outta the container too, but it’s okay, I ate this AFTER I did the Kenpo X P90X workout. It alllll evens out. 😉

I was hoping to submit an application and be able to relax while I watched the Election votes trickle in, but it took me longer than I thought for my application and I didn’t finish until 9:30. At that point I was physically drained, so I watched several minutes of the coverage before going to sleep. I randomly woke up at 1:30 and upon looking at Betsy’s “YEAHYEAHYEAH” text message, I knew our boy, Barack “Barry” Obama won!



My morning workout was awesome AND left me feeling awesome! I hammered out a powerful 4 mile run and was able to do several strength exercises that I’ve been neglecting since I started P90X 24 days ago… I cannot believe I’ve stuck with it so religiously! It’s become so addicting that when a friend asks to do something I always respond with, “let me check my schedule.” What they don’t know is that I’m referring to my P90X schedule. Since I require my morning workout to be a run, it only leaves the night to do my P90X workout, so it makes it tricky planning things. Luckily since most of my friends are in Boston, my weeknights are free to do whatever it is I please.

Morning Workout

  • 4 mile run
  • 3 sets of 15 stair push-ups
  • 1 minute plank hold and 30 second holds on both sides
  • 2 sets of 20 mountain climbers
  • 50 crunches and 50 side-to-side crunches
  • 2 sets of 13 weighted deadlifts
  • 2 sets of 13 standing side crunches with dumbbells
  •  Stretching

It was so nice to get those last 2 exercises in. My core and lower back were loving it!

Breakfast was another overnight oats bowl. Raspberry Mango, yum yum in my tum!

I’m so excited for the afternoon to roll around. I’ll finally be getting a lunch time workout in and my after-gym lunch is fantastic!

Happy hump day! Catch you guys soon! 🙂

Fake Blood & Free Samples

I’m not a fan of how quick weekends fly by. It seems like only minutes ago I was sitting in the waiting room at the doctors reading Seventeen Magazine and reading dating tips for teenagers.

I was actually excited to see this in the waiting room, usually I’m left to choose between a sports magazine or an “I’m Pregnant” type of magazine. Plus, Seventeen magazine used to be my jam when I was growing up!

Luckily this girl didn’t have water in her ear, instead, I had an ear infection! The side effects for my meds include diarrhea and messing up birth control for a month. So pretty much I’ll be shitting out a baby. Safe to report neither have happened yet.


I woke up feeling like a new woman who could hear again. Actually, a woman with hearing who got hit by a semi truck is more like it. Holy shit. Planko X was Friday night’s P90X video, and while it was extremely fun, both Saturday and Sunday I’ve woken up with an extremely sore body.

I vegged on the couch watching CSI:NY when I woke up before going for a 4 mile run. I wish I had time for more of a workout, but Mike was coming up from Boston for the day to hang out, so getting in a solid workout was the least of my worries.

We ended up going Halloween shopping, and while he didn’t have any lucky at all, besides figuring out what his next watch would be (which is almost $3,000– geez, gay men), we did find me a top for my Halloween outfit.

Even though neither of us have costumes that require blood, I still managed to play around with it. What? It’s so tempting!

We also wandered into The Gourmet Chef, where Mike shopped for a new glass dishware and I  filled my belly at all of the free sample booths.

I’m all about the free samples, and would actually love to work a stand one day when I’m old and gray. My booth would revolve around peanut butter and my favorite pb dippings. I’d have a wide assortment of red grapes, carrots, Ritz crackers and spoons. Who am I kidding, I’d probably clear house before anyone could sample them!

Following our afternoon shopping trip, we headed over to his cousins’ house warming party where I was able to meet part of his family. He’s kept me sheltered from them for a solid 8 years, and while are very different from both sides of my family, I truly enjoyed spending time with them, and they were happy to finally meet me.

We then headed back to relax, eat, and brainstorm more Halloween ideas for him. No luck, but we did have fun taking pictures!

I’m lucky to have a best friend who allows me to be my weird ass self. Free spirit! I love this boy.


After a goodnight’s sleep, I’m off to the gym to work out! This afternoon Lindsay and I are going to put on our Depends and go see Paranormal Activity 4. We’re SO excited!!

Girls Weekend: Shopping Spree & Boston Adventures

What a fun weekend! I spent it with two of my favorite girlfriends, where we shopped and explored Boston.


On Saturday I hit the gym where I completed a 4 mile run, 25 minutes on the unknown cardio machine, 15 on the elliptical, and 10 minutes of spinning. My legs were so tight that the spinning was just me pedaling at a sprint pace to loosen the tight muscles.

After my workout, I cleaned up, ended my 6 years and 10 month relationship with Planet Fitness, my old gym, and then went over to Lindsay’s for a girls afternoon. After playing with Jackson, her little kitten for a bit and making him do flips in the air, Linds showed me the Halloween outfits she bought for him.

Jackson does NOT enjoy being a monkey. We thought he made an adorable monkey. 🙂 After kitty time, we attacked Marshall’s, and boy did we go a little crazy!

We didn’t do THAT bad of damage, well, Linds left with $80 of product and I left with $112, but I had 2 big-ticket items, including new boots and a new purse!

Loving my boots and the red down the side. The bag and boots were both Steve Madden. I’m clearly a Madden Girl!

Absolutely loving the fall colors! I also snagged a new sports bra and cute top for $10 each off the clearance rack, oh and a bag of chocolate covered espresso beans which were my dinner last night…. yum!


Today, my cousin Nikki and her neighbor ventured down to Boston for a day full of shopping and eating.

Before Boston, I woke up early and hit the gym for a good workout, consisting of a 5 mile run and 40 minutes on the unknown cardio machine, followed by a few weights.

In Boston, I managed to drop my favorite sunglasses, step on them, and lose an eye.

Sad pout but beautiful purse! Later in the day I managed to fix my sunglasses so I can be back to my stylish ways. We wandered around Faneuil Hall for a bit, grabbed lunch at Cheers, which for me consisted of a veggie burger and fries, which were both a major disappointment.

I found this amazing hat that I’m kicking myself for not buying.

After a full day of bouncing in and out of shops and the girls leaving with bags full of Celtics girl, we headed back to our car after the rain began to fall.

The weekend was amazing and I’m so glad I got to spend it with my loves.

I hope you all had a great October weekend as well! I know I’m very excited to eat healthy again this week. All that chocolate and greasy food is weighing me down!

Happy Fall Weekend!

This weekend marked the official beginning of the fall, and it was basically as cliché as it gets. Wake up with a sore throat, head downstairs in my sweats where I cuddle up in a blanket, watch a chick flick while waiting for Ryan and Chelsey to wake up. It brings me back to our college years when we would go home for a weekend together. Aside from the sore throat, I loved it.

Plus, I got to snuggle up with my little boy for a bit.

Lazy Fall mornings are my favorite, although this one wasn’t as lazy as I was hoping. I had a nonstop weekend, with not much relaxing mixed in.

Saturday I had a date with Lindsay’s co-worker around 3:30, so I was able to get a great workout in prior to the date, along with picking up half of Ryan’s birthday gift.

Saturday Workout

  • 4.5 mile run
  • 2 sets of 13 standing side dumbbell crunches
  • 2 sets of 13 skiing dumbbell squats
  • 2 sets of 13 deadlift to upward row
  • 20 minutes elliptical
  • 10 minutes stairmaster

After that, I met up with the dating prospect and he bought us each a large bucket of balls to hit. Each. I SAID EACH! Holy freakin hell, I never thought the bucket would end. I had a lot of fun with my prospect and plan on seeing him again. Plus, he’s 6’2 with muscles. HELLLLLLLO!

After sweating my face off, I cleaned up quickly and met up with Lindsay and her new beau for a drink, well, they drank beers and I guzzled water. Then we demolished an order of barbecue chicken nachos. Oooops. The cheesy goodness was calling to me. I wish I had snapped a photo but I really didn’t want to freak the new beau out.

Sunday I woke up too early for a fall morning and went for a 4 mile run that felt too good to be true for a post nacho fest, before heading down to Boston to visit my bestie, Mike.

Mike and I grabbed brunch at Stephi’s on Tremont, where I ordered the Fruit Salad that came with homemade granola and honey yogurt. The meal was pretty good, maybe worth a B, but there could have been more yogurt and granola.

After brunch, we left the South End and enjoyed a little shopping on Newbury Street, and since I had never been, I was beyond excited!

North Face had an amazing running display, and I couldn’t help but to snap a photo of it for motivation. I also managed to document Mike checking his ass out in a pair of Diesel jeans. 🙂

I had an amazing day with my best friend. It’s difficult not being 15 minutes away, but he is succeeding in Boston and having the time of his life so I’m very happy for him. Plus, he’s only 45 minutes away, which isn’t too bad, and while I’m not a fan of Boston, he makes it better.

I’m exhausted and cannot wait to crawl into bed in 5.7 seconds. Hope you all had a fun Fall weekend!

Hodgepodge Cardio Workout

This afternoon I finally got my appetite back and wasn’t feeling so sick anymore, which showed in both my workout and the amount of food I inhaled.

Here’s a gist of what I ate between 12:30 and 3:00.

Mid-day Fuel

Anyone else eat an apple oddly like me and carve out the center before attacking the edges?

I left my lunch at home today so I’m lucky I packed the protein shake. I had that feeling that I didn’t grab something from the fridge; my bag was too light. Oh well, looks like the chicken and sweet potatoes will be dinner.

This afternoon’s workout was awesome and full of heart-raising exercises. The rowing machine was repaired after a solid 2 weeks of being out of commission so I was eager to strap myself in and go to town. My asthma kicked in after 10 seconds (fail. wuss. pathetic), but I stuck it out for 5 minutes. My arms were about to fall off.

Afternoon Workout

  • 1.5 mile run
  • 5 minutes rowing machine, blister included
  • 2 sets of 25 medicine ball sit-ups
  • 20 side-to-side medicine ball sit-ups
  • Stretching
  • 10 minutes nordic trainer

Feeling alive and ready to tackle the world!

This evening I’m planning on skipping spinning, as I’m exhausted and would like my body to recover so I can survive tomorrow night’s Kip Moore concert.  I’m planning on working on my training packet for Herbalife, grabbing a protein smoothie and heading over to Mike’s to help him pack up.  Two thumbs down for my best friend moving to Boston. Luckily, he’ll be less than an hour away and in a GREAT place to visit!

My mind is wandering back to the smoothie.

Do I order:

  • Almond Joy
  • Apple Pie
  • Butterfinger
  • Chocolate Chunky Monkey

I’m thinking of grabbing two; one for tonight and one for tomorrow’s breakfast. Leading towards at least getting Butterfinger!

Mmmmm Butterfingers :)

Never heard of VI Shape Shake mix but I’ll have to try this rendition on my own. Sadly, the Butterfinger shake I’ll order tonight won’t have the butterfinger pieces in it like the above shake. Being healthy sucks is awesome!