I’ve Run Every Day for the Past 500 Days

I feel like I’ve been saying this a lot lately, but today is a big day for me. In order to prep for a special 500th milestone, I spent yesterday eating my favorite meals and fueling up for lucky #500.


Breakfast was a little different, and instead of my pb egg white oatmeal, I went for 3 oz of sweet potato mixed with shredded chicken.

Wow, this was such a good combo! I also had 1.5 cups of steamed veggies. I pretty much switched breakfast and lunch around.

Lunch, as you can guess, was an egg white scramble and my pb egg white oats… in a Chobani Vanilla Chocolate Chunk container. Ermergherd!


This gets better each time I have it. This is one love that I will never grow old of.


I did something weird yesterday afternoon. I was in a 2 hour meeting turned 3 hours from 2-4:45, so by the time I was back at my desk, I was hangry. I mixed 1 tbsp of pb with cottage cheese. It was weird, that’s all I’m going to say.

After work, I headed back to my parents to whip up a very special batch of the Best Cookies & Cream Protein Pancakes Ever. My mini blender is there and I also really just love being there on nice days. I find I have more motivation to be active after work when I’m home, where as at my apartment, I’d just plop on the couch and watch TV.

Back to the pancakes.


That’s number 500, not “SOD,” as my Dad thought it was. Do you know how difficult it is to spell with pancake batter? My Mom was trying to talk to me and I had to shush her because I really needed to concentrate.

Ok, so what’s this #500 all about? Well, this morning I completed my 500th straight day of running. That’s right, I haven’t taken a day off in 500 days. At first, my goal was a year, and then I just kept going and found no reason to break it.

Remember that time I injured my shoulder and strained my obliques? Yup, that didn’t end my streak. My parents would even come in the basement to check on me when I was running to see if I was ok. There were many times they walked in while I was intensely holding my side or my shoulder or grimacing in pain, but they let me go on. Not sure if that makes them awful or incredibly awesome parents? Incredibly awesome in my book. 😉

Anyways, after my special batch of 500 pancakes, I went for a 2 mile walk in the neighborhood, before heading back to my apartment and digging into a cup of Stonyfield Greek Caramel yogurt for dessert!


This was a recycled picture because when I got home there was no power and without power, I can’t show you again how amazingly beautiful this cup is.

And this mornings run, well it was awesome. I had a great 500th run and it looked a little something like this:

  • 3.5 mile run
  • 2 rounds of the 7 minute workout
  • .5 mile run

Awesome way to start my Thursday!

What’s the longest running streak you have ever had or currently have?

CHO Classified Mystery New Flavor

Yesterday was CHO good, but before I get to the goods, let me give you a quick recap of my Tuesday night.

Bikram Yoga with Lindsay.


The class was awesome, but with it being a humid 90 degrees outside, it was extremely hot inside, which left me drenched before 10 minutes had even elapsed.

It didn’t help that a gorgeous doctor parked his mat directly in front of mine, and wore what looked like briefs to work out in. His junk in the front was right there in the mirror, and I literally couldn’t look an inch to the left and not see it. 90 minutes of heaven.

After that, I headed to my parents and hung out with my Mom. Our summer show, Drop Dead Diva premiered on Sunday, so we watched it last night.

Mom hula hooped for 5 minutes straight before finally sitting down. Woman is a hula-hooping beast!


Then, I shared my CHO with Jake and Kippy. They stared me down the entire time, and Jake even became impatient and stuck his face in before I was done. He’s a smart boy. 😉


Nowwwww time for the good stuff.

My Mom sent me a text yesterday telling me that I had a package from Chobani at their house. Total surprise. I was extremely excited, so I went to their place after work, and was confused when I saw the box with the word, “Classified” written on the top.


I cheesed hard with my Cho, before opening it to find a surprise.


I was confused. An agreement? Cho is freakin’ AWESOME!


Inside were 12 unmarked Chobani’s, 1 of which is a new mystery flavor that will soon be released.


I was able to hold the Cho’s in the light and could see parts of the top labels, and ended up with an assortment of vanilla, blackberry, peach, and passion fruit.

I had honestly read on their Facebook a few days ago that they were producing a new flavor, but I didn’t know that they had this kick-ass promotion going until I opened the box yesterday evening.

How cool is the Terms of Agreement:

You have been selected to preview our upcoming new flavors, one of which will be inside. We won’t identify the flavor for you so you’ll have to guess. Actually, guessing of the flavor is strictly prohibited. You may under no circumstances tweet about the guess you didn’t make. No Instagram pictures. No Facebook updates. No interoffice emails or posts to Pinterest boards of cool, new stuff. You may not text message, with or without image. In fact, turn off your computer, phone, tablet, and any other means of social networking now. You may not mention this to your friends, family, significant other(s), officemates, favorite grammar school teacher, pet parrot or flight attendant on an upcoming trip to see any of the aforementioned. If above terms are breached in any manner, we reserve the right to retweet, comment upon, favorite, share, or like (in all senses of the word) the offense and expose your misconduct to the fullest extent possible. You may now commence consumption experience.

Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. That made me want to tweet, Facebook, IG it all. Chobani, great job in getting your fans to hardcore market your new flavor.

My Dad asked me what I’d do with this. My only logical response, “eat it all.”

Any thoughts on what the new flavor will be or what you’re hoping it will be?

Since I pinpointed which container is the mystery flavor, I’m going to try the new flavor this evening and hopefully guess right!

A Dove Moment That Makes 300% Sense

Hi my loves, I’m so extremely sorry that I have been such a horrible blogger this week. I promise I will be better. I’ve been extremely swamped at work this week and really trying to get used to my new schedule, which means, no reading blogs at work or working on blog content while it’s slow.

I’m in and out of meetings all day, and have at least half a dozen marketing and social media projects I’m already deep into, so my free time is really on my lunch hour and after work, which is when I’ve been working on the blog. I come home to eat and draft the first half of the next days blog and wrap it up in the evening.

To wrap up this awesome, kick ass week, I want to keep it light and talk about my favorite things from this week.

1. My new iPad that I got from work. It allows me to quickly turn it on and check my blog in regards to comments, stats, and edits. There I am about to reply to Janine’s comment about stinky Bikram Yoga.


2. Buying new accessories for it! Especially that cute coral iPad clutch. My boss Kee$ha has the exact same one, but I had eyed it before I saw her with it, so I bought it anyways, plus it was on clearance at Target. I’m sure we will take each other’s iPad at some point. Hope she doesn’t mind seeing half-naked pictures of Bradley Cooper if she does. (Please don’t tell me that’s not appropriate for a company device.)


3. Lifting weights. I love it. My body is becoming more toned thanks to a healthier macro-based diet and running less and lifting more.


4. Banana Chobani with chunky peanut butter. Holy heavens. I’m anti-crunch, but do it.


5. Healthy lunches. Even if the ground turkey makes me smelly.


6. Dessert & a Dove Moment that actually make perfect sense.


Oh I’m sorry, but if you don’t agree that too much of peanut butter is chocolate is wonderful then leave my blog now. I wasn’t even in my car yet when I finished my first Dove. It happens.

7. Being organized with a super pretty $7.99 calendar from Target.


I have never seen such a busier set of weekends, and I won’t lie that it’s completely overwhelming. I have a 4th of July vacation to the Cape for our annual party with my favorite people, a Blog & Tweet NH event with Stonyfield Yogurt, the Foam Fest race with my cousin and neighbor, the Lewis Luau at my Uncle’s, and a trip to Denver for a work conference. I guess I can sleep in August!

Just like the month of July, this weekend is JAM packed for me. My old firm is having a kick-off to summer Happy Hour at The Derryfield after work, so I’ll be grabbing drinks with my girls there, after that possibly seeing Wedding guy.

Saturday I’ll be up running for 6, and in Massachusetts at 10 with my Mom to meet up with my future SIL Chels and her Mom for wedding dress shopping and lunch! We have appointments at 10 and 1, and I have to be back in town for 5:30 to babysit my 3 favorite neighborhood kids.

Sunday doesn’t get any less hectic. I have my cousins graduation party at 12:30 an hour away, and a Blog & Tweet NH event from 3-6. Phew. Soooo. I will catch you all on Monday and I hope you have a fantabulous weekend!

What are your weekend plans?

I’m totally trying on a wedding dress at Chelsey’s appointments. 😉

WIAW: Blue Algae Nut Butter…. Seriously

Another Wednesday is here, which means it’s time for Jenn’s What I Ate Tuesday Wednesday! Now that I have my nutritionist requesting I write down everything I eat over the next few days, I’m happy to report that I’m actually sticking to eating structured and clean meals (well at least for day 1).

As beneficial as this will be, I miss my endless jar of peanut butter.


I started my morning off with a berry banana protein shake, which can be seen in yesterday’s post. I broke for an apple around 10, and by 12:15 I was ready to throw back my lunch that I prepped on Sunday.


I’m officially addicted to shredded chicken and firmly believe it’s the best thing on the planet.

Around quarter of 4, I broke for a snack. You know that feeling where your stomach isn’t hungry but your head hurts? That’s what I was dealing with, so I went for something light… and weird.

I broke into my Banana Cho that I received over the weekend, and instead of mixing in peanut butter, I mixed in a Blue Algae nut butter that I received from Artisana last week.


I was excited to see that the flavor of this nut butter would be a mix of pumpkin and cashews, but I wasn’t expecting it to be so blue!


I was instantly nervous, but after a quick lick of excess butter on the package, I was actually intrigued and not disgusted.


The Blue Algae nut butter mixed in with the banana was surprisingly sweet and good.

After work, I headed to the gym for a 1.25 mile walk, but I had an extremely bad headache, so I went home and downed undocumented roasted brussels sprouts and more shredded bbq chicken. So good!

I spent the rest of the night doing work while watching How I Met Your Mother. I was really craving peanut butter, so I went for an extra-large banana with my lovely peanut butter. Best pre-bedtime snack ever!


If you have good eyesight, you’ll notice that I ate this while painting my nails and editing a giveaway for Artisana Nut Butters, so make sure to check back in for that! 🙂

Perfect Pizza, Bachelorette Party & Baby Lucas

I am so exhausted. The weekend has been a whirlwind and I’m finally getting a chance to kick back on the couch with HIMYM.


After work on Friday I headed to my cousin Lindze and her husband Mike’s place to hang out with them on the eve of the biggest day in their life. This was her last night as a pregnant lady, so I ended up spending an hour with them, talking about the game plan for the big day and simply catching up. After hanging out with them, I headed over to Mark’s for a lazy Friday night.


We ended up watching a little X-Games Skateboarding (per my demand), and then watched the worst movie, The Bachelorette. We then thought it was a great idea to order pizza at midnight.


Cheese pizza with mushrooms, tomatoes and black olives. I’m so glad I have a friend who has the same “perfect pizza” as me. 2 slices each. So good!


I started my morning with a 4 mile run and a total body workout, which left me sweaty and starving. After a protein shake, I headed to my parent’s to pick up a special delivery.


Free Chobani! Cho knows how obsessed I am with their banana, so they made sure half of the supply was banana. They are the best. Thanks Chobani!

I then swung up to Concord for a girl’s day with Linds. We hung around her house playing with the kitten and having girl talk, and then went shopping at Marshall’s, where we both left happy.

It was then time for my girl, Amber’s bachelorette party!


We started at Margarita’s, where they drank margs, I drank my special drinks, and took shots.

My special drinks are special and amazing because they don’t make you feel bloated or weigh you down. All you have to do is order a glass of water, pour a nip in, and then squirt Mio water in.


With a nip being $1 each, I only spent $3 last night, but felt light, energetic, and definitely felt the alcohol.

It was so nice catching up with the girls that I used to work with for years, and now since we’re grown up and no longer attached at the hip, I took advantage of being with them.


After Margarita’s, we walked out and were greeted by 3 fire trucks and a dozen smoking fine firemen. We had no idea what set the alarm off, but we were pretty happy about it. 😉


We headed to 2 different venues to dance and sing karaoke.


It was so much fun, but around 11:30, I headed home since I had an early morning on Sunday.


I unhappily woke up at 7:20 and headed to the gym to get my 4 miler in before Body Pump with my cousin Nikki.

We then headed back to my apartment where she showered and ate a little breakfast. Speaking of Nikki, she is now an Aunt to the cutest little “toddler” baby ever.

Lindze gave birth to baby Lucas on Saturday night, which I had a string of group texts alerting me during the bachelorette party.


Baby Lucas came in weighing 9 lbs and 9 oz, and 21.5 inches. He’s going to be a tall boy just like his Daddy. My uncle kept joking around that she didn’t give birth to a baby, but to a toddler.


I can’t wait to meet the big boy on Monday!

The rest of my Sunday was spent running errands, grocery shopping, and prepping food for the entire week.

I need a nap.

What’d you guys do this weekend?

What’s your perfect pizza?

I also love hamburg and mushroom.

Tennis, Pickle Salad, and Fat Night at The Farm

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend, and if you had the shining sun like I did, I hope that you were able to get out and soak it up.


I spent my afternoon playing tennis with Jen, Bret and Jeff. We goofed around and then got serious with our playing for a handful of hours, before we called it a day.

After tennis, I made myself a big fruit salad.


Into the mix went strawberries, watermelon, undocumented grapes and 2 hard boiled eggs. It hit the spot after a day of tennis, but I was honestly craving a smoothie.

After filling up, I headed outside to detail my car with my Dad.

IMG_8820Jax got a little spring cleaning, and was washed, waxed and vacuumed. He looks so good now! After an afternoon of errands, my Dad asked me if I agreed that a clean car drives better. I said that I wasn’t sure, but that a clean car sure makes me feel sexier. His response?… “Why’d you have to tell me that?”

I then hit the gym, solely because I wanted to detox in the sauna.


After the gym, I enjoyed take out with my parents. I ordered a tossed salad with grilled chicken. I drizzled olive oil and balsamic vinegar on it, and after the photo I added bread & butter pickles.


The pickles seriously added so much to the salad. I can’t imagine a pickleless salad ever again.

The rest of my night was spent watching part of Silver Linings Playbook with my parents, before heading back to my apartment at 9 for game night with Allie and Kris. Well, I actually really wanted to go to bed, but I figured I’d be social and joined them for a game of SkipBo.


I didn’t get the best sleep Saturday into Sunday, so when my alarm went off at 7:30, I turned it off and said no to Body Pump. I woke up at 9 and felt like a new woman.

I spent the morning doing adult things like cleaning the apartment, and kid things like eating banana Chobani with crushed up Puffins for a pre-workout snack.


 It was then to the gym for a 4 mile run and full body workout full of barbell squats, lunges, deadlifts, bent over rows, etc, etc. I basically did a non-intense and shorter version of Body Pump.

After the gym, I showered, downed a protein shake, and then smeared pb and Stonewall Blueberry Jam on an English Muffin before heading out to run errands.


 I had about 3 sets of plans that allll fell through, so when I got a text from Mark around 2 asking if I wanted to grab a bite at The Farm once he got back from a ball game, I figured why not. Plus, I can’t say no to The Farm. It would be a sin.

If you’re new to Running on Peanut Butter, then let me give you a quick run-down of Mark. We dated in the winter and rang in the New Year together. Went out to The Farm about every chance we got. Tortured the sushi workers, watched hockey and face planted in couches. Then we stopped dating. A week later we frated, which is friend dating. Aka, we were only friends but he would take me out for $100 dinners. St. Patrick’s Day weekend we didn’t see eye to eye on several things and decided to go our own ways. Sometimes people just need time apart. He got in touch with me this past week about being friends, which was honestly a big shock to me, and I took it as a grain of salt.

And now we’re up to last night at The Farm. It was really nice seeing Mark again, and it felt like it had been just yesterday that we were tearing up the town together. I love when you haven’t seen someone in a while and it’s not awkward at all.

We spent 3 1/2 hours talking over drinks before we ordered burgers. I got the Farm burger, minus the BBQ sauce and bacon. So pretty much I had a cheeseburger. With extra extra ketchup.


It was SO much better than that dinky burger I ordered the last time I was there. It was absolutely glorious, and I even got to talk with the bartender that I would do anything for. He is so babealicious. Drool.

With full bellies, we were in the mood for movie night, and since I was given the responsibility of choosing the movie, I went with Limitless, because every Sunday night should include drooling over Bradley Cooper. Plus, now that we’re friends (Mark and I, unfort not B. Coops), I can make inappropriate B.Coops comments as much as I want.

I made sure to quickly get out the door and into the hallway so that I didn’t have to deal with that awkward lingering moment by the door of, “do we hug or high-five goodbye.” A verbal hallway goodbye is always good in my books.


And today I am tired. I went for a 3.5 mile run this morning, but I wish I could be in my bed.

WIAW: Cleanest Version of My Life

How is it only Hump Day? I feel like this week has dragged, but maybe that’s just because I’m looking forward to happy hour with Lindsay on Friday. One guess where we’re going. Yup, zeee farm!

For this weeks’ What I Ate Wednesday, hosted by Jenn over at Peas and Crayons, I had probably one of my cleanest days yet (yesterday).


I started my morning off with a 3.5 mile run, kettlebell squats, and core work. I finished it off with a protein shake before settling into breakfast around 10.


I enjoyed a carb loaded bowl of pb&j banana proatmeal. This sucker hit the spot, and kept me full for several hours.

Since my first race is 10 days away (April 20th ahhhh!), I finally told myself it was time to kick up my outdoor runs to prep myself. I had planned on taking an early lunch and running by the river today, so I enjoyed an apple cinnamon Chobani with 2 tbsp of prepared cold brown rice in it for a little extra staying power.


If you’ve never tried brown rice in your yogurt before, then you must! This randomly came to me about half a year ago when I was bored with my rice. I’ve tried it also warmed in my yogurt and that’s a definite NO! Ick!

The bozo that I am forgot the one necessary article of clothing for running – a bra – so instead, I made a quick egg sandwich and downed it before heading to GNC to grab a tub of casein.


I was cringing about running into the GNC employee who hates me. Actually, it’s more of a mutual hate. He gives me attitude when I tell him I don’t need his help, which only makes me despise him. Well, it was my lucky day because there’s a new babe working there during the lunch hour.

The rest of my daily snacks included an apple and almonds before I headed to a local trail for an evening run.

Post run, I hit up Shaw’s to grab a few food items, and there was a realtor outside trying to get her name out and I scored a free Dunkin Donuts gift card! Whaddup!


It’s enough for a free coffee, but since I’m anti-coffee, I’m thinking a breakfast sandwich will be in my future!

I munched on rice chips with pb, and cold leftover asparagus and brussels for dinner. It was a hodgepodge, but because I got home late and wanted to try out my casein as a dessert, I kept dinner light.

This was my first time trying casein after much research and Instagram envy, I picked up a smooth vanilla flavor instead of the chocolate cake batter (gahhhhh it was so hard turning that one down!), so that I could make any flavor combos with it.


I threw in several frozen strawbs and bananas and topped it off with jimmies of course! This was the perfect night time treat to end a great day of exercise and clean eating.

Peanut Butter Toast To My Face

Yesterday was absofreakinlutely beautiful out, and those are my favorite days and evenings to watch my 3 favorite kiddos. Nothing beats having the windows and doors, open, with a light breeze coming through as I paint and help with homework.

I still couldn’t stomach food after the disastrous tuna salad bowl I had yesterday for lunch, and aside from stealing several bites of Markie’s decadent Reese’s ice cream and a few plain pasta noodles from their dinner, I didn’t eat after the salad.

While the kids slept, I busted out my magazine that I received the other day in the mail but have been too sick to read it.


I received this subscription for my birthday and have been anxiously checking the mailbox every day for it, so of course it arrived the day I was hit with a stomach bug. I was only able to read half of it before the parents came home, but there are great rope workouts in this edition which I’m SO excited to try after falling in love with them in Harrisburg several weekends ago.

The family I sit for lives off the my street, and since I thought they’d be out later than they were, I packed my bag to spend the night at my parents house.

My parents had chinese last night and when I got home, I swiped a cookie solely for the fortune.


In the game of fortune cookies, this one would easily be a grand slam! I’m so excited and truly believe in these suckers, I just wish I wasn’t so impatient!


I woke up feeling a bit off this morning, but still trekked downstairs for a run on the treadmill. It was tough and my body was hurtin’. I even set up a trash can right next to the treadmill in case I threw up. (Hey Lisha, if I can run with a stomach bug, you can run today. Make it 3/5 girl!)

After a 3 mile run, 1 mile walk and 50 push-ups, I called it a morning and cleaned up. I was instantly feeling back to my normal self and my stomach grumbled for the first time since Tuesday, so I toasted a butt end of bread and loaded it with peanut butter.


I had been complaining to Emily last night about not being able to eat peanut butter for days, so I was pretty damn excited to tweet her my picture of pb toast.


That sucker hit the spot and kept me full from 7:30 until 11:30.


I wasn’t all to hungry at that point but knew I should eat something, so I went for a strawberry Chobani with PB2 and diced cantaloupe on the side.

I’m not sure if I’ll be hitting the gym on my lunch or after work, as I also need to get these bangs trimmed and in control, cash my babysitting checks and hit up GNC. I think I might gym it after work so I can take my time and maybe attack those ropes when no one’s looking.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who likes trying new workouts when the gym is dead and I can’t be judged and watched?!

Welcoming the Weekend with Open Arms

Happy freakin’ Friday! It’s been a long, stressful and tiring week, but I’m just thankful that yesterday I kicked my funk and I’m on my way to losing the few pounds I gained from a week of stress! I don’t even know why I was stressed to begin with, but when the smallest amount of stress enters my life, I start to gain weight, and that weight gain pushes my stress out the window, causing me to gain more. It’s quite a lovely experience, but luckily I don’t have to deal with it too often.

Since I was in a great mood yesterday, after work I headed over to Target to pick up a few boxes of candy for The Prospect’s birthday. I honestly hope he doesn’t share with me, since we both decided that we are going to give up beer (him) and candy (me) for lent, so I’m honestly trying to train myself and slowly decrease my sweets consumption. Plus, I need to lose this weight if I want to win the diet bet I’m in. 17 days. Woof!

Instead of breaking into The Prospect’s candy that was just sitting on my bedroom floor with pleading eyes, I went for 2 amaze yogurt bowls.


Yoplait 100 calorie Strawberry greek yogurt with PB2 mixed in!


And Chobani Almond Coco Loco that I picked up the other night. Seriously, holy schnikes this was 50 times better than the Key Lime Crumble. I was wondering why the yogurt was chunky when I was stirring it pre-coco loco stir in, and I realized that those chunks were coconut flakes. Oh my gosh.

Unfortunately my good evening kinda went kaput when my Dad told me that someone smashed into his car and destroyed it.


Someone in his parking lot backed into his car and didn’t tell him at all. So after a stressful day of work, he came out to find this. He couldn’t even keep his door shut throughout his drive home! My Dad leases trucks so he thinks that because he was in customer parking, that a customer backed a big tractor trailer into his car and didn’t realize it, because with a truck that big, sometimes things like this go unnoticeable for the drivers.


I feel so so so bad for my Dad. He is the hardest working man ever and has been planning for a year to sell his car in the Spring and buy a new one. Now he thinks the insurance company will total it, but I just hope that he gets a shit ton of money for insurance.

All I can say is that I am so happy my Dad is safe and wasn’t in the car when this happened!


Today has been off to a pretty decent start. I ended up waking up earlier so I was excited to have more time to run, but unfortunately I was in such a daze this morning that I forgot to take hits off of my inhaler, which meant my run was a little off this morning, but it was still good!

Along with my 4.3 mile run, I had a little fun with my core work and completed a pyramid challenge, which looked like this:

  • 30 bicycle crunches
  • 40 toe touches
  • 50 heel touches
  • 60 crunches
  • 50 heel touches
  • 40 toe touches
  • 30 bicycle crunches

It was so much fun to switch it up and this little game flew by!

This morning I tried a new spin on my Strawberry Banana Protein Shake by adding in chia seeds since they’ve been missing in my yogurt the past week, and I have to say that I’m not a fan!


They left a subtle odd after taste that threw off the strawberry flavor, but at least now I know!

The shake has, like it always does, done a great job of keeping me full, but since this day is dragging, I just want to eat! Instead of eating an unneccesary meal, I enjoyed the clementine that’s been sitting on my desk all week in hopes that the sweetness will kill the craving.


The Prospect’s birthday is tomorrow so maybe that’s why today is dragging. I miss his stinkin’ adorable face so much that I’m probably going to drown him in bear hugs!


Awful Day Turned Good

It’s crazy how your day can turn around in what feels like seconds. My morning started off awful, and when  I say awful, I mean shit awful. If anything could go wrong, it did. I dropped my razor a solid 3 times mid-shave, I gained what felt like 20 pounds in 24 hours, I was exhausted and had an exhaustion headache, avoided a “could have been” accident, and nearly ate shit walking up the stairs to work.

On my drive into work I was already so over this day that I told myself I wouldn’t be surprised if I took tomorrow as a personal day. It was that bad.

Somehow my protein shake and a hot green tea, along with a lengthy conversation with Jen made my morning turn around a little. However, it was talking with Jaime and Lindsay and having them tell me everything would be fine was what really made my morning turn from awful to good. I can always count on my girls to snap me out of a funk.

The morning got even better when I tried Chobani Pear for the first time, and holy mackerel is that baby amazing!


This might be my new favorite flavor of Chobani. Sorry Strawberry Banana, but there’s a new mayor in town! The sweetness level was perfect and the mini chunks of pear worked so well with the taste. Great job Chobani, now send me a lifetime supply of the pear!

Before my lunch time leg workout I also enjoyed a Honeycrisp apple (which is impossible to eat quietly, just ask The Prospect since I interrupted Sunday’s football game with my loud bites) and a handful of almonds that actually tasted more like pistachios… Yum!

For my leg workout, I decided to morph 3 workouts together, 1 of which was from a training session I previously had.

It looked a lot like this:


I completely spaced and forgot to do the backwards lunges, and I also only did 1 set of the 4 squats on the Smith Machine. Additionally, I threw in 2 rounds of 30 high knees and 30 jumping jacks.

I left the gym drenched in sweat after burning 444 calories. Perfect little lunch time workout!


After my workout, my roasted veggie addiction was in high gear, so I finished off my last container of veggies and ate it alongside an Amy’s veggie burger, which was served on a bed of spinach and Ezekiel bread. I washed my lunch down with my go to vitamins: a chewy Probiotic because I’m a kid and it tastes like candy, fish oil, a multi-vitamin, C0 Q-10 and D3 (because mah girl Jennie McCarthy swears by those and she knows all). When it comes to viti’s, it’s all about WWJMD.

Nothing too crazy going on this evening. I have several errands to run at the mall, including a return at AE and hopefully picking up a new workout shirt from The Gap, preferably black so my obnoxious sweat isn’t so noticeable.

I also have a phone date with my college gypsy Nicole. We have so much to catch up on and I’m bursting at the seams in anticipation!