WIAW: Current Favorites. Obviously There’s PB

With an increase in my running over the past few weeks, my appetite has definitely skyrocketed, making me want to eat all of the food, and have actually been craving different foods, but maybe that correlates to the weather change that occurred over the weekend.

Fall is here, which means my favorite summery meals are being replaced by some of my favorite fall meals and snacks. So for this week’s edition of Jenn’s What I Ate Wednesday, let’s take a look at some of my favorite things I have eaten over the last few days.

Oatmeal is officially back into my weekend menu. Oatmeal probably won’t be a food that I eat during the work week, mainly because some days it just doesn’t fill me up, and when I’m at work, it’s important that I eat meals that will keep me satisfied for long periods of time. It is however, the perfect breakfast to enjoy on a chilly Saturday morning before a training run.


I’m also loving on Fuel for Fires both as an afternoon snack and after a workout where I don’t have a protein shake on hand. Remember, if you haven’t already entered the giveaway for a 4-pack of Fuel for Fires, head over to yesterday’s post to enter the giveaway!


My go to lunch again is chicken kebabs with green beans. I am on a serious green bean kick. Like, need all the green beans in my life. Could be worse things!


The other lunch I’m addicted to… turkey wraps. I use Applegate Farms turkey, throw in a little salad mix and mustard, and wrap it in a Joseph’s wrap.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Most people I know enjoy eggs for breakfast, but I’ve been the odd one who enjoys eggs at dinner time. Breakfast foods are my absolute favorite, and enjoying a cheesy veggie omelet is one of my new favorite ways to celebrate surviving another work day. Cheese solves everything. Amiright?!


The other day we had fresh strawberries in the house, which meant topping my peanut butter greek yogurt with diced up berries. So delish! Any combo of peanut butter and berries is a solid win in my book.

greekyogurt_strawberriesAnother snack favorite, heated frozen blueberries topped with warmed natural peanut butter. Warmed berries + melted peanut butter = fabulousness.


 Favorite snack or meal of the week?

Have you jumped into baking with pumpkin yet?

WIAW: The Power of the White Plate

A few weeks back, I finally caved and purchased a white plate, knowing that a white dinner/salad plate can really change the quality of your image. Since purchasing my plate, my motivation to actually prepare meals that aren’t the same thing day in and day out has skyrocketed. Who knew a white plate could be so powerful?! {Here’s today’s WIAW post for Jenn’s weekly link-up!}

For breakfast, I have been loving grilled chicken kebobs with green beans. I get on food kicks and will literally just eat the same thing for the same meal every day until one day I gag from overkill. Until that day, this is my go-to breakfast. This is typically eaten about an hour and a half after my protein shake post workout. Kind of going against what I said in the beginning paragraph, buttttt it’s typically only breakfast I obsessively eat.


Quesadillas are my latest obsession. The cheesy goodness!


Actually, anything with cheese has been placed on my plate. An omelette with mushrooms, onions, green peppers, and so much cheese!


My go-to afternoon snack, as I had mentioned last week, is 1/2 a serving of ProCakes protein pancakes topped with chunky peanut butter. Amazing!

Dessert lately has been banana protein ice cream topped with either peanut butter or smashed mini Oreos. I love that 90% of this treat is healthy, and the addition of a few mini Oreos is enough to keep me from feeling deprived.unnamed-142


So delish!

What snack are you addicted to this week?

Am I Still Paleo? An Update On My Lifestyle

After yesterday’s post, I received quite a bit of comments about how I packed food for traveling, and the big one, if I was still doing Paleo.

My answer: Paleo – not really.

For those that are newer to my blog, and I’m talking from 2014, then here’s a little bit of a flashback. Last June until the holidays, I began working with a nutrition coach, more specifically, a macro coach. I had found her on Instagram, and was immediately drawn in. Ashley, my coach, took note of my goals, my weight and my body, and gave me macro numbers that I had to hit each day.

Macros are comprised of fat, carbohydrate and protein. No one person will have the same macros that they have to hit. This is because everyone has different goals, different starting points and different pasts.

I had really loved the results I had with Ashley last year, but around the holidays, I honestly was just sick of it and wasn’t sticking to my plan, so I took some time off. I had started a Paleo challenge at our CrossFit box, and it was then that I really started adapting to the Paleo lifestyle. I ate a lot of great food, and there was no set amount of food I was allowed or not allowed to eat. With that though, my body got fluffy. Maybe I felt great, but I didn’t look great.

At the end of April, I had enough of eating so strict and dedicating time in the gym without proper results, so I reached back out to Ashley and she put me back on a plan. Since working with Ashley, I have noticed quite a bit of changes. I am leaning out in certain areas, my stomach is looking a lot better, and honestly, I really just love knowing that if I hit a certain number for my macros, and stick to it, then I can achieve the goals I have.

Most of the time, I try to stick to eating as clean and Paleo as I can with my main meals {breakfast, lunch & dinner}, but when it comes to snacks, they aren’t Paleo. I enjoy greek yogurt with peanut butter, pita pockets with peanut butter, Quest Bars, and other snacks, but these are the main ones.


I don’t feel like I’m ever depriving myself, and if there is something I really, truly want, then I can make it fit into my daily macros.


I swear lifestyles are so judgmental, but honestly, you have to do what works best for you, and this is something that I said last week when I mentioned having Quest Bars for dessert each night.


I like that I eat the right amount of carbs, protein and fat for my goals, and that I do not have any limitations with what I’m allowed to eat. Now, not every day is perfect for me, and most of the time I tell my best friend that, opps, I kind of went over for the day, but that’s part of life.


I plan all of my meals usually the night before or the morning of, on Spark People. I have my set macros built into the program, and then just input the meals and snacks I want or plan to have, and go from there. If during the afternoon I end up eating something else, or I have 2 tbsp of peanut butter instead of 1, I just go in, update my numbers, and make sure the rest of my meals even out for the day.

I hope this gives some people some insight into maybe why you haven’t seen all Paleo meals on here. I am really happy with this though, and if it ever interests you, just let me know and we can talk more offline about it!

My Eyes Won’t Open & Put In The Work

It takes more than a good night’s rest to catch up on a weekend of late nights and no sleep. I felt like I woke up even more tired Monday morning than I did on Sunday. On the drive into CrossFit, I was even wondering why I was going in, seeing as how my eyes were struggling to stay open.


Monday at CrossFit was my first workout since last Friday. There was absolutely no time on Saturday to workout, and absolutely no energy on Sunday to workout. Yes, I know they say that there’s no such thing as no time, but I was up at 4:45 am on Saturday to travel to NYC, and was busy straight until 3 am Sunday.

When it came time for our group warm-up, my body was not up for it. It felt as if I had taken a month off from cardio… it was a struggle.

The strength portion of our workout consisted of 6 sets of:

  • front squat X 2 at 90% of your 3 rep max… so for me, I front squated 130 lbs
  • 3 elevated downward push-ups (in the picture below, my feet were on top of the box and hands on ground)

Again, after a weekend of really no exercise, the 130 lbs was a struggle. It felt like I was lifting 200 lbs, which just goes to show you how important quality rest is for your body!


Finished the actual WOD in 8:47. I used to hate double unders, but they are becoming more of a friend of mine now that I have a good relationship with them. Again, they were pretty messy as I had no endurance with me yesterday morning, but I got through them.

I am now starting the competitors program, which I put off for a few months. In the program you have higher weights to use than the RX (prescribed workout), and you have extra work to do after class. I didn’t want to do it at first because I didn’t think I was ready to compete. I had those thoughts after I had my first competition. I didn’t think I was at the level to even say I wanted to compete at a higher level, but then I realized that every athlete starts somewhere, and I will only get better and stronger if I put the work in.

So that’s what I’m doing! Monday’s extra work consisted of 3 rounds of:

  • single leg RDL (Romanian Deadlift) with kettlebell or dumbbell
  • dumbbell arm row – set 1: 10 reps ~~~ set 2: 15 reps ~~~ set 3: 20 reps

I did this at home, as I didn’t have time to do this after class and before work. And then rewarded myself with grilled chicken and the first corn on the cob of the season. Corn is the one food I am so mad that isn’t considered Paleo. I passed corn up on every holiday since at least Thanksgiving, and you know what, nothing says summer like corn on the cob, so eat it I will! I figure eating it every now and then at a Sunday family bbq isn’t going to kill me.

IMG_8861Finished the evening off with a nice walk around the neighborhood, before crawling into bed for another early night!

How was your Monday?


WIAW: Ignoring the Paleo Gods

How is it only Wednesday? I can’t decide if this week is flying by or dragging. Lately I have been having pretty much zero motivation after work to prep meals or run the errands that I need to run. Instead, I thoroughly have been enjoying killing my social life by watching Chicago Fire. What-ever. It’s too muggy outside to do anything, so there is my logic. I need to chill out a bit because my dreams have started to include some of the cast from the show. Let’s be honest, is that really a bad thing?

This What I Ate Wednesday will be boring compared to next week’s. I am going to New York City this weekend for a bachelorette party, so next week you will see what I stuffed my face with over the weekend. Today, you get the food that I have been eating either while watching Chicago Fire, or eating while counting down the hours until work ends and I can pick up where I left off.

Sunday’s dinner, which I have been using the leftovers for lunch every day this week. So good, especially the burnt, crispy ends.


With a fresh, crispy salad. The colors and brightness of this salad makes me as happy as a rainbow. 🙂IMG_8711

Breakfast for dinner. Eggs with petrified bacon and peppers. The peppers were a weird add-on, but I’m trying to get veggies in since I’ve been negligent. That’s Steve’s Paleo Good’s ketchup. It’s different. It’s like a mix between ketchup and salsa. I don’t like salsa on eggs (you guys are weird), but this is a ketchup substitute I can live with. NOTHING, AND I MEAN NOTHING compares to how amazing ketchup tastes, but I’ve been ignoring the Paleo gods lately, and I’m trying to inch my way back there.


Again, ignoring the Paleo gods here, but shush it. My bfffff told me about Think Thin bars, and I have seen them in the store in previous unacceptable Target shopping sprees, but I finally had enough interest to try them. They are pretty good, much better than Quest bars! The other night I put the pb flavor in the fridge to let it get a bit hard, and then cut it into little bites.I love quantity, which is why I love eating crackers out of a box until either the box is gone, or I’m so full I will vomit. The addictions of processed food.


Anyways, I really hope my coach is not reading this. If I were smart I would hit delete.

I actually do plan on getting back fully on the Paleo lifestyle once this weekend ends and having more of a structured eating plan (I don’t want to say diet). I wish I could be as dedicated to Paleo as Amy is with her amazing meals she makes, but my brain is so busy that I don’t even have the time to think of creative Paleo meals.

Random Question: In regards to Mac n Cheese, do you prefer homemade, shells, noodles, or characters?

I can only eat Kraft shells or characters. Homemade and noodles make me gag.

WIAW: A Few Favorites

The fact that it is already Wednesday just tickles my soul. I firmly believe that Monday should be part of the weekend. I took last week off from What I Ate Wednesday, mostly because my cousin made me. It’s been nice not taking pictures of every meal, but then again, I am a creature of habit and eat the same meals until I get grossly sick of them.

Monday night my Dad BBQ’d, and it also marked the first meal of the summer on our deck. Any meal eaten outside on a warm evening makes your meal 15% better. These are a few of my favorite meals & snacks over the last 24 hours.

BBQ Chicken + Veggies + Kielbasa + Sweet Potatoes


Fresh pineapple + sunbutter
IMG_8417York Minis

Because when you’re on your period, these rock. These do not allow for portion control.


Chocolate Shakes

Thick & creamy like a frappe. Life’s perfection in a glass.


I could really use a big, fat cone of soft-serve right now though!

Best thing you ate over the Memorial Day Weekend?

WIAW: Foods for Busy Days

I really have no idea how it is already Wednesday, but that’s probably because I have been running around like crazy with my head cut off since last week. I didn’t have a moment of relaxation all weekend, let alone since last Thursday probably, and I won’t again until tonight. In between seeing friends, dates, frisbee, the not so secret but still secret project, I am having dinner on the go and have zero lazy time. For this week’s edition of Jenn’s What I Ate Wednesday, here are the eats that are powering me while on the go!

Smoothies in between work and frisbee.


Steak tips in the car. Aka staying classy and picking steak out of my teeth at stop lights.


I had one of the best brownies ever over the weekend. It was the best snack I’ve had in a bit, and I easily demolished both squares in one day. Afternoon snack and bedtime snack. Luckily my cousin is on top of her recipe posting game, so now you guys don’t have to ask for her recipe. Paleo brownies. They have figs in them, so there is that awesome crunchyness that fig newtons have.


I keep getting delish Paleo food given to me, so I must be doing something right. My new-ish coworker Lyndsay brought me in some of her sweet potatoes wrapped in bacon. She made her husband not eat them all so that I could try them. She is pretty much the boss and is joining my CrossFit box this week, so her boss status is pretty much at the top.


Sometimes when you live the Paleo life you just need a good dose of peanut butter. I actually am really good at portion control these days and no longer feel the need to gorge on pb. A schmear per bite and I am content. No jamming my spoon in the jar when the banana is gone. I feel so grown up now.


And the next day I am taming my wild ways with sunbutter and banana. Balance people.


I cannot wait until the day that I can sit down and eat an actual dinner. I also cannot wait to go to bed tonight. I had insomnia until 2 am this morning and missed CrossFit. I am grumpy and tired and woof.

Best thing you’ve had all week?

Paleo brownies. 🙂

WIAW: So Many Sweets

Thanks to Easter and my sugar binge, I have sweets on my mind. Every second of every day. I’m trying to ween myself off of sweets, slowly but surely. It’s sure is going slowly. I thought instead of the typical main meals, that this week’s contribution to Jenn’s What I Ate Wednesday would be my favorite sweet snacks I’ve had, healthy or not.WIAWbutton

Funfetti themed protein pancakes. Banana + egg + Cellucor Cor-fetti Cake Batter protein. Yes, I know the protein isn’t the typical paleo-approved stuff I used, but life is too short not to have fun. I’ve also introduced plain greek yogurt back into my life, and so I mixed 1 tbsp with some protein powder to make funfetti “frosting.” 100% not Paleo, but 100% awesome.


Sliced naners + natural peanut butter. I feel fine eating this pb because it’s just peanuts and sea salt. No additives in here. Although, now that the jar is gone, I will bring back the sunflower seed butter since it’s just as cheap as regular pb, and Paleo approved. I just hate going to Walmart and facing the crowds.


Paleo Easter lunch. My Aunt Judy’s ahhhhmazing mashed cauliflower. I NEED this recipe!! I could have eaten her entire bowl of the side dish if it wouldn’t have been frowned upon. Also, my cousin Jenn’s delish kale apple salad. To die for.


Jenn’s Paleo lemon tart. With not so Paleo homemade whipped cream. You have not lived until you have had this.paleo_lemon_tart_easter

Best thing you ate at Easter or this past week?

The Paleo lemon tart because I have such a sweet tooth. That and Cadbury Mini Eggs. NOMS! Time to reel the sweet tooth in!

Turd Droppings on Good People

Some days I really struggle with what I will blog about, and then things happen that reallllly set me off. Ready for this one? My CrossFit box was scheduled to relocate this weekend, as the new lease was to start this coming Tuesday on the 15th. Coach Mat and the team all discussed having a moving party on Sunday, and being closed Monday and possibly Tuesday as the new box was set up.


All was good yesterday morning at the box, and then boom, a few hours later, Mat informed us that the guy decided he is no longer leasing, and wants someone to buy his space.

Andddddd we now have NO location in a few weeks. How can people do that?! 5 days guys… FIVE days before the lease starts. Poor coach has to deal with that, on top of our current landlord making us not feel welcome, ON TOP of his wife about to pop a kid out. I’d probably have a heart attack.

Fellow CrossFitters will get me on this. I’m not sure when the current lease ends (I think the end of the month), but the landlord is being a big flaming puke, and the business next to us hates us. He moved in a few months ago, and he complains that we throw our weights around too much. Well, duh. If you’re going to buy a location for your business, researching who is next to you would have been smart.

I’m not worried about our box, I’m just really, super, extremely annoyed and feel bad that my coach is having to put up with all of this. I know he will come through and find us an awesome new home for our box. Some people are just major turds, and then they go and drop their turd droppings on good people.


On a CrossFit related note, I used a few gift cards to chip away at purchasing the Lifter Plus shoes! I wanted the Lifter, but because they didn’t have my size in the color I wanted, I went to the big leagues and purchased the Lifter Plus. I think they just have more stability… and they are so slick. Fellas be lining up when I wear these babies. Probably not, but I can wish.


Shrimp scampi (shrimp + spaghetti squash + olive oil) to fuel me for some work and planning of some big things to come in my future. For now, you will live in suspense. Only a select few know at the moment.

paleo_shrimp_scampiDate night tonight, weeeee!

Oh! And you all LOVED my dating rules… so now I want to hear yours!:

WIAW: Meals I Would Marry

Monday night I took NyQuil, then I dreamt that I crashed my car into the back of KMart, and then Justin Bieber came over to my car and started harassing me. He followed me all the way home… I was running because I had no car. And then I think he threw my phone in a pond so I couldn’t call anyone for help. I should have shoved him in the lake. What a brat!

Then I woke up, went running, and ate. All was good in the world again. Today is WIAW on Jenn’s blog. Time flies when you don’t post on a Monday.

If I could marry one meal, it would be this.

And I’d marry this meal for lunch.  Paleo chicken nuggets are my favorite thing in the entire world. I wish swimming in ketchup was allowed. Whoever made up the Paleo rules is really rude.

Carrot cake cupcakes courtesy of my cousin. Yes, this means I cheated on my meal plan. Yes, it was amazing. Yes, I want more. No, I do not want to fit into my jeans. I would divorce the above meals for a lifetime love affair with cupcakes.

homemade carrot cake cupcakes

Date night at Chipotle. This makes the lucky guy pretty awesome. I thought he would laugh when I said I didn’t want to go to a fancy restaurant and wanted Chipotle instead, and he just about jumped out his skin with excitement. I think we have a lot of Chipotle dates in our future. His love of Chipotle makes me think he might be a keeper for a bit. If he ever stops loving Chipotle, I will find someone new to date.IMG_7181

8 Simple Rules for Dating Allie

  1. Must love Chipotle
  2. Must love cats
  3. Must always ask me how every single CrossFit workout went
  4. Must not shy away at graphic details of said CrossFit workouts
  5. Must give me an hour massage every day you see me
  6. Must not eat out of my jar of peanut butter, but share your jar with me
  7. Must let me eat the frosting off of your cake and cupcakes
  8. Must not have nipple piercings

Number 4 is negotiable. I am willing to ignore that, but will add on half-an hour to that massage.

How do you beat your sweets craving?

I can’t stop craving sugarrrrrr ever since that cupcake. Help!