Two Sentences Per Picture & The Protein Brownie

The theme of today’s post is “two sentence Tuesday.” I feel like I have more to say than just a few words or one sentence, so let’s get started.

Monday I made it back to CrossFit after a week of being sick. This one kicked my butt and it proves just how much you can destroy your endurance after being sick.


Who is this person? And are they on crack?


ASICS accepted me for a new campaign for their Gel-Sana training shoe. I chose the black & grey ombre colored shoe, and it is fabulous! 🙂

ASICS Gel Sana

The Beltsander brownie is cooked for 20-30 seconds, and consists of these ingredients: 1 scoop protein powder, 1/4 cup almond milk, 2 tbsp cocoa powder, & a pinch of baking powder. Trust that you don’t need to cook it long… and it is SOO good and actually tastes extremely sinful, even though it is actually healthy.


I got extremely hangry this afternoon; thanks CrossFit. Quest Bar to the rescue.

Cookies and Cream Quest Bar

After work I headed to Lindze’s to hang out with her and her 2 boys. Lucas is working on learning how to put shoes on.


Lindze made tacos for dinner and I brought over plain greek yogurt for an extra option for toppings. She laughed at me and proceeded to use sour cream (thatta girl!).

healthy-taco-bowlI ate a banana with pb before bed. I wasn’t hungry but I needed to hit my macros for the day.


 What did you eat for dessert last night?

Getting My Mojo Back

I got my mojo back yesterday, and it was really nice.

I finally made it back to CrossFit after about 9 days off. Not good Allie, not good. Yesterday I switched my membership package from unlimited classes a week, to 3 classes per week. This will get me back into the classes, stay accountable, andddddd I save $15 each month, which means I can increase my monthly car payment to get rid of that cloud of debt. $15 doesn’t seem like a lot, but that’s $180 a year! I’m getting really good at this budget thing.

So I was at CrossFit, and here is my blurry picture to prove it. We worked on our strict press and then did 5 sets of this:

IMG_23132 minutes of work, then 2 minutes of rest…. for 5 rounds.

  • Row 10 calories — this took me about 45 seconds
  • 10 burpees — this took me about 45-60 seconds depending on the round
  • Max double unders

This workout made me realize what 9 days off will do to your body and endurance. Even though I’ve been doing a mix of sprints and 4-ish mile runs, my endurance has definitely decreased a little bit. I know that you’re not supposed to cherry pick your CrossFit workouts, but improving my endurance is a big goal of mine, so I think 2 of my 3 weekly classes will involve endurance workouts.

After CrossFit, I headed to work, and enjoyed my new favorite protein shake after showering and having a quick meeting. This is the chocolate Advocare meal replacement shake, which I bought last week to try with my 24 Day Challenge. I mix it with 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk, 1 tbsp of PB2, and a few ice cubes. It is sooooo good! It has about 24 grams of both carbs and protein, so it’s a shake that I love after a tough run or workout. It keeps me full for about 3+ hours, which is great!


For lunch, I enjoyed a fresh salad, topped with plain crockpot chicken, tomatoes, and 1/2 of an avocado. I haven’t bought avocados in months, but I needed half of one for one of Andrea’s recipes, so the other half went into my salad. It was a great reminder of how good they are in salads!


I spent the remainder of the day working, and after work, I headed across the street to Gold’s to get on the stair master. Since their parking lot is shared with another business, finding parking can be very difficult after work. Some nights I can’t find anything and just drive home. I made a deal with myself that if I found a good spot, that I had to go in. Right when I pulled in, the lot was full, until a car backed out. 3rd spot from the door meant I was getting my butt on the stair master. I survived for 23 minutes. That’s 18 minutes longer than what I survived a few weeks ago. IMG_2326

Once I made it home after 23 minutes of HIIT stairs, I devoured this turkey sandwich with fresh carrots. I really didn’t want the veggies, so I snuck a few sticks to Kip, who was super happy. I am clearly 6 years old giving veggies to the dog.IMG_2333The rest of my night was spent writing this blog post with the news on in the background, and then eating a Quest bar while reading in bed. And now it’s Thursday, and we are one day closer to the weekend! 🙂

On a scale of 1-10, love it to hate it, how do you feel about the stair master?

I’m trying to confuse my body with cardio workouts!


A New Running & CrossFit Routine

My buns officially hurt. After 6 days of not going to CrossFit, I decided that my first day back on a heavy squat day that was also full of thrusters and bar over burpees would be a good idea. It hurts to walk. My inner thighs are burning too. If I go for a massage, am I allowed to ask for 60 minutes of butt massaging? Is that weird?


With my first 10k under my belt, and my 2nd one coming up in a few weekends, I feel like I have finally settled into a good running schedule for here on out.

After a 6 mile run on Sunday in the cold and wind, I finally feel comfortable running this distance. The first 4ish miles were really good, but the last few miles were definitely tough. My legs were feeling several days of running, but that’s to be expected. No way in hell is 6 miles easy, but I’m comfortable in the sense that I know I can run the distance. I’m hoping  that with me keeping it up, that eventually it will become more comfortable, like when STUFT Mama says, “I ran an easy 7 miles this morning.”

IMG_2053Last week, along with my 6 mile run, I also snuck in a 4 mile run and a HIIT session, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Since I’d like to keep up with being able to run 6 miles, I want to get 3-4 runs in a week, my ideal being:

  • 1-2 HIIT runs a week — Monday or Tuesday && Friday
  • 3-4 mile run — Wednesday
  • 5-6 mile run — weekend

In between the runs, I also want to get 2-3 CrossFit classes in a week. I’m sure that on a light CrossFit day I would sneak in a HIIT or a shakeout run as well on my lunch hour.

I think this schedule will be a new routine that I will love and that my body will also love. I’m one of those whose body responds very well to cardio and the benefits of running. The days that I CrossFit that are mostly strength and little to no cardio focused, are workouts that my body and I don’t especially enjoy. I am not sorry to those CrossFitters when I say that I love cardio. They are probably going to go throw up now.


Right now I’m paying for unlimited CrossFit classes a month, but because of a new budget I have, combined with my new workout schedule, I’m going to switch up my CrossFit package, seeing as I don’t need to be paying for the most expensive package when I’m not there as often as I used to be.

So anyways, on Monday I took a rest day because I was extremely sore from Sunday’s run that I mentioned at the beginning of this post. I am all about listening to my body and taking rest on any day that my body says it needs it. On Tuesday I was ready for CrossFit. The only cardio I did Tuesday was from the burpees and walking throughout the day.


Yesterday I got up early for a run at the gym. I had wanted to get 3-4 miles in, but with a super sore butt and inner thighs, I knew it would be a struggle. Instead, I used it as a recovery run, and my body told me to stop at 2.5 miles. After the run, I had about 30 minutes to kill before I had to shower for work, so I did a little core work and used the dumbbells for a bit. I still love randomly lifting weights outside of CrossFit.


I am basing this off of things I see on the internet, but sometimes I feel that the really really really hardcore CrossFit peeps judge you if you do any type of strength work outside of the box. I will occasionally lift weights at Gold’s Gym before or after a run, and I love it. Get over yourself hardcore CrossFit juice drinkers. <– Apparently I am really in a mood as I’m writing this, but I really wish that we could all just be happy for those that workout to begin with and not criticize people for their workout of choice!


Whenever I pass people running on the streets, I get super excited and cheer them on as I drive by, sometimes I even fist pump. I get even more excited when I see those who are clearly taking control of their health, running outside, or working out in the gym. GOOD for you guys! It’s always a struggle to have the courage to want to change your health habits, but I just get so happy when I see someone who is out of shape (or in shape) running. You run that street girl/dude! Pump ze iron, chiquita!

What is your favorite way to workout?

Running is my <3 and #1

How do you balance running & CrossFit if you do both?

CrossFit Mishap & Make Your Own Fro-Yo Bowls

Being completely free with my workouts has been absolutely amazing. Tuesday was a run day. I actually skipped ahead 2 runs because it fit my lunch hour better. Instead of the scheduled 3 x 18 minutes of running, I did 2 X 22 minutes of running. The next two runs I will do the 3 X 18 minutes that I was supposed to do, and then skip over the one I did on Tuesday. I doubt it will derail my training. Ya gotta do what you can fit into your schedule!

Wednesday morning I planned on hitting up CrossFit. I really love when disgusting workouts are programmed. Okay, not really, but as long as I know what I’m getting myself into, I don’t mind. There is a meme war going on with my coach and a few of the athletes on Facebook. It makes me giggle.

crossfit meme

My thoughts before doing this workout are that I’m pumped for it. I love any WOD that includes running, but I do know from this past weekend, that running with the sandbag will be difficult, especially with it being 20 minutes.


On Saturday, I ran with the bag behind my head on top of my shoulders, and post WOD, Mat was saying how carrying it that way will put more pressure on my diaphragm (am I making that up? Maybe, but I think that’s what he said), making it more difficult to breathe. Mat said holding it with one arm is a lot easier for him. To each their own, because carrying it on one side just makes that side feel so tight for me. I love having it on my shoulders solely because the weight is distributed.

Post-WOD thoughts:

Oh, post-WOD? So that means I had to go? Yup, brilliant me set my alarm for 6:11 instead of 5:11, which meant there was no way I could get ready, pack my lunch bag and get to the box before 6:30. So instead, I got a 2 mile walk in, and decided that it was probably life’s way of telling me that today would be my rest day.

I could have easily gone to CrossFit after work, but I had a girl’s night planned with my bffl Lindsay, and well best friends > working out. Seriously. Always choose friends over a workout. On Tuesday, 2 tragic deaths hit my community, neither associated with the other, and it was a simple reminder that you need to value your loved ones and to never take a day or anyone for granted. My childhood classmates lost a friend, while his family lost their son and brother, and my close friend lost her father. I cannot even imagine a life without my family, so my heart truly breaks for these families.

A night with my best friend was what I needed. There was girl talk. And card readings. And then we had a make your own fro-yo bowl party.


Arctic Zero supplied me with TEN pints of ice cream, which meant we had to taste test them. Yes, in the bottom right hand corner, Franklin her cat decided he wanted to taste test as well.


Thank goodness for a best friend who also counts macros. #WeWereMeantToBe. We ate the bowls while watching Full House. Can you say, “perfect night?” Mine was on the right. You KNOW I loaded that thang up with whipped cream!


Also, random but important question.

Remember 5ish weeks ago when I walked into a door frame and severely jammed my toe? I realized about 2 weeks ago that I actually SPLIT my toenail in half during that accident, which all makes sense now that I was in so much pain for weeks. So, do I have to let the toenail(s) fall off on their own to heal, or can I leave them on my toe and let them grow until they are no longer split? My friend said when they are ready to fall off, they will, but right now, they are still pretty much stuck to my toe. If I go get a pedicure, will they fix the issue for me? I have a serious case of runner’s feet, and they deserve to be prettified.

Pistol Squats & Protein Donuts

First off, I have to say that you guys are the absolute best by making me feel normal about having a difficult time balancing training for a race and attending CrossFit classes. Each and every one of you gave me great advice, and also further proved that this training is only temporary, and I can find a good balance between the two sports once the race is over. So thank you for relieving my stress!

This post is going to be a bit random because I haven’t babbled randomly in a bit, so it’s necessary.

Another thanks to all of those that entered the Fuel for Fire giveaway, and although you might not have won, don’t worry, I have not one, but TWO amazing giveaways coming to this blog soon!! They both involve food, and one giveaway will have FOUR winners. I am soooo excited for this, so be on the lookout over the next few weeks for the giveaways! I know that reading reviews aren’t always what you want, so when companies reach out, I always ask if they’ll do a giveaway for you guys so that you can benefit as well. 🙂 Okay, you don’t have to twist my arm. Rumor has it you’ll be able to win Arctic Zero and PB Crave(!!!!).


Yesterday I went to CrossFit in the morning, and I actually was so excited to go. Our workout had pistol squats in them, and I think I might be one of the only ones who like them. I use a band while I do them, but I think they are a doable challenge that isn’t terrifying at all (hello handstands). This is one thing I truly want to master at CrossFit, so my game plan, if I can stick to it longer than 1 week, is to practice them weekly.

Here is a great article and video on how to do the pistol squat.

pistol squat

Since CrossFit was pretty light, I ended up taking a late lunch and heading to the gym for a quick fartlek run around 3:30. This was perfect. I had about 8ish hours in between the workouts, which meant that my body had a decent amount of time in between workouts. 27 days until my race which means that I have to focus a lot on getting my speed to not be so slow. Sidenote: I do not pay for a CrossFit and Gold’s Gym membership. My company pays for Gold’s Gym, so I use it for convenience when needed. {Recycled photo.}


I made protein donuts over the weekend and I can’t stop eating them. They are so addicting and surprisingly really good!

chocolate protein donuts

This was dinner last night. Chicken sausage = the bomb.


My internet is really slow at the moment, and there is a fruit fly flying around my eyeball, so I’m cutting this post short before I throw a tantrum.

What did you have for dinner last night? Help me find new meals!


Middle of the Day Date & Apple Picking

What a fabulous weekend! My weekend unofficially started early on Friday with a special treat on my lunch hour, and lasted throughout a weekend of CrossFit, running, apple picking with the fam, and a lot of relaxing!


So that special treat on my lunch break? I was whisked away from work to go on a mid-workday date. The guy I’ve been dating for the past month was going away for the weekend, so he had asked if he could take me out on my lunch so he could see me before he left. So sweet! To all my single ladies out there… do not settle. Wait patiently until you meet someone that you are absolutely crazy for. I am so glad that I kept going on first date after date until I felt magic on the first date. The past month has been absolutely fab, and I am really excited to see where this goes.

Since Friday nights have typically been reserved for the man, I enjoyed a Friday night free, and of course spent that time going shopping.


Lazy Saturday mornings catching up on blogs in bed is one of my favorite ways to start the day. I hate that I’m relying on an electronic device to read, but reading in bed is just so relaxing, plus, I don’t feel rushed to get through blog posts as I do during the work week.

I headed to CrossFit for the 9 am class, which looked so gross once I got there. So many wall balls, ick!

crossfit wod

This is how I felt on the runs with our group of 6.short legs running

2 hours post workout, my ass was on fire from all of the running and wall balls. I had wanted to get a fartlek run in that afternoon, but my feet were throbbing, and I think it was from running in the Nano 4’s. I really don’t know, but it was just so painful to walk, almost like plantar fasciitis. I’ve never had that before, so I don’t even know what it feels like, but the feet are throbbbbbing!

In the early afternoon, the family went apple and pumpkin picking in Hollis at Brookdale Fruit Farm.

brookdale fruit farm We started our day by venturing into the main store/gift shop area. I just love these little stores. Browsing the fresh fruit and veggies, drooling over all of the homemade goodies, and stumbling upon local made candles, artifacts, candles and much more.

brookdale fruit farm

Apple cider donuts. It was SO hard to not buy a bag. The boy and I are going to the fair this coming Friday night, and I’m hoping we can find a donut there to enjoy!

brookdale fruit farm

After a bit of browsing inside, we headed out to purchase two pumpkins for the front steps. I <3 fall!

brookdale fruit farm

Once we had our pumpkins in the truck, we headed towards the apple orchards to grab apples. I actually can’t really stomach apples raw without having really bad stomach problems, but I did steal a few bites from several different types of apples. Nothing better than biting into a crisp, fresh apple off of a tree!

brookdale fruit farm

I asked my Dad to take a picture of me picking an apple. He took 3 of me that didn’t even have the apple in the picture. This picture defines the picture taking process perfectly.

brookdale fruit farm

A lazy Saturday night was spent under the blanket and on the couch. I felt utterly exhausted, and just wanted to get some rest so I could get a training run on Sunday morning.


Woke up to a rainy morning, which is the perfect weather for lounging on the couch and allowing your body to wake up. A little before 11 I headed out for a run since there was a break in the rain. Sadly, 2 minutes into my run, the rain started coming down, and it kept coming down even harder. This week of training calls for an extra 3 minutes of running added on, and it was a difficult run. Not every run is supposed to be easy, and I’m glad that it took to the 12th week of training to really have just a wonky run.

rainy run

After barely surviving my run, I spent a good amount of time baking the afternoon away and getting food ready for the week. Love lazy Sundays!

And lastly, for the winner of the Fuel for Fire 4-pack, the winner is Lindsay Heath! I’ve notified her of winning!

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How do you get over a crappy run?

Have you gone apple/pumpkin picking yet?

Balancing Running & CrossFit: Losing My Mind

As I’m typing this up, I’m having the current debate I have almost every night now that my 10k training has truly picked up. CrossFit or running in the morning? I’m used to the morning CrossFit classes, and on those days, I honestly would have no issue getting a fartlek or hill run in during my lunch, or after work since those are shorter runs, but now that my programmed training runs are about an hour long, I no longer have time to complete it in its entirety on my lunch hour, nor do I have the motivation to run after work. Hello sweat pants and HGTV! If I want to get my 3 officially programmed runs in during the week, they have to be in the morning. It’s just how it has to be.

So each night I’m stuck in this ginormous debacle. If I don’t go to CrossFit on day x and go the next day, I will feel guilty. My typical schedule was every other day, not every 3 days, as it has been lately. The one word I need to focus on in the previous sentence is the word “was.” That was my CrossFit schedule, and now, with the race a month away, I have to remind myself that this is my focus at the moment.

running selfie

I really have no right to complain over whether I run or CrossFit each day. I mean, if that’s my only worry I have, than I have it pretty easy, but it’s still a struggle I have of balancing the two. I haven’t overdone working out, and I am actually proud of how I’ve juggled both workouts.


At the end of the day, even though I feel guilty, I have to remember and stay focused on the fact that I’m training for a 10k race, not a CrossFit competition. When I was training for the Rookie Rivalry CrossFit competition, I focused on CrossFit and not so much on running. I didn’t feel guilty because running isn’t a team sport and I wasn’t really letting anyone down by not showing up for a run since I run alone. CrossFit focuses a lot on the community both in your box and in the community as a whole, so to not be going as much as before, I do feel guilty.


I think once this race is over, I will happily bring a different type of running schedule into my weeks. I want to get my 3 days of CrossFit in, and I want to get a handful of runs in. In order to do that, and the most beneficial for my running, I think is to have a variety of runs each week. A long run, a fartlek run, hills, and a recovery run. Each week maybe I’ll pick and choose 3 of those above runs, and each week just switch it up and have fun with it.

So yes, you might look at me and think I have my shit together and I’m just another cool cat, but really, I have an inner fight each night about the next day’s workout. Send me a shrink.

How do you handle balancing workouts if you feel committed to multiple groups?


Fueling for CrossFit with FUEL FOR FIRE {Review}

Ever since I started CrossFit a year ago, I have attended 6:30 am classes 97% of the time. When attending a morning class that early, it means I’m typically awake around 5:20. There is and always will be controversy on working out fasted, when it come to CrossFit, working out fasted is the last thing you want to do.


It can get tricky, as you don’t want to eat something too heavy that will weigh you down for sprints, burpees, double unders, or anything like that, but you want something filling enough to fuel you for heavy lifting. I recall several mornings where I would go to CrossFit without any fuel in me, and would get lightheaded and have my vision go blank for a few seconds after any overhead work

I was quickly introduced to Fuel for Fire, and always ordered a box from Mat when he placed an order. An easy way to describe Fuel for Fire, is to compare it to baby food, but with protein.

Fuel for Fire was created by Cindy Berg, who would eat her kids’ applesauce pouches on her way to morning CrossFit classes. While baby pouches are straight up carbs and a good idea for runners, lifters need a bit more protein, which is why Fuel for Fire is perfectly perfect for athletes of this sport.

When Fuel for Fire reached out to me last week about reviewing the product, I was absolutely on board. Fuel for Fire is a product that I 200% endorse and recommend, and when I asked if they would be up for hooking one of my lucky readers up with Fuel for Fire, they were on board.

That means one of you will be able to win a four pack of Fuel for Fire, and will walk away with each of their 4 flavors.

IMG_0998Banana Cocoa {{my absolute favorite!}}. This flavor reminds me of a treat. The sweetness comes from the perfect blend of bananas and cocoa, but neither flavor overpowers the other. It’s perfect before a workout, after a workout, or as an evening treat, which is my favorite way to enjoy this flavor actually.

IMG_1001Sweet Potato Apple. This flavor is another one of my favorites. If I don’t order the banana cocoa, this is my next go to, and that’s mainly because everyone at CrossFit Ad Finem raves about this bad boy. When I first tried it, I wasn’t too sure what to think of it, but as I continued to fuel up with them, they quickly became addicting. While the other flavors have more of a creamy texture, this one has a bit of a thicker texture to it, which is why I love this one before or after a CrossFit workout. It just seems to be more filling.

IMG_1002Triple Berry. This flavor is different from the others, and that’s mostly because it’s definitely fruity. It’s obviously more berriful than the Tropical flavor (below), but it’s still really good!


Tropical **New Flavor

Holy amazing! Yes! This one is absolutely delicious! This easily moved up the ranks of Fuel for Fire flavors, and easily sits near the top of the charts. This flavor is the perfect mix of fruity flavors, and is perfect for those that want to enjoy summer all year long.


Are you ready to enter for a chance to win each flavor above? The giveaway will run from Tuesday 9/16, until Sunday 9/21. I will announce the winner next Monday morning. Good luck guys! 🙂

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I received a 4-pack of Fuel for Fire free of charge in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

Stronger Running & Some CrossFit

Friday already? No idea how that is even possible, but I will take it! Since this week’s blog posts have talked about weekend, CrossFit, and food recaps, I thought today was the perfect day to touch in on my CrossFit and running workouts so far. Also mainly because this was going to be posted yesterday, but I have had such an insane week at work that I had no motivation to write after the day I had on Wed & Thurs. Woof is all that I need to say about it! Counting toes with this munchkin and quality time with his parents made it all better though!



I really debated this one for a solid 10 minutes in bed when my alarm went off at 8:10. When you have to be out the door by 8:30, 10 minutes is comparable to an hour. I really didn’t want to go. The workout looked gross, I wanted to run, I wanted to sleep in, but I recalled something I had said to Mat when I left the box on Thursday. “I’ll see you Thursday.” Damn commitments!

The workout was tough, and when I say tough, I mean a two-faced biznatch. This was a workout that I thought I was going to puke. No really, on the last leg of the run, I tested it by “burping.” Luckily it stayed a burp and not a barf, but if the humidity had been about 1% higher, it would have turned out differently. This one left my lower half very sore the next morning.



I woke up incredibly sore, and decided to sleep an additional 2 hours in hopes that my body would be just a little bit less sore than it was at 7 am. Nope, no luck. I was determined to get my run in, so I took my time on my foam roller, before heading out for my run. I am on Week 10 of my 10K Training, which means that I had this for my workout:

Repeat 3 times:

  • 15 minute run
  • 1 minute walk

Both with a warm-up & cool down walk of 5 minutes each. Total time running: 45 minutes

It was sweaty and tiring halfway through the 2nd round, but I completed it 100%!




I woke up too sore to go to CrossFit and too sore to run, so instead, I got my toosh outside, and enjoyed a 30 minute walk in the crisp, fall air. I had plans for a fartlek run after work, but by the afternoon, my body was feeling pretty tired, so I took this as a sign to use Monday as a full on rest-day. Now that I am in a really great running groove, all I want to do is run. It’d be so easy to get back into that unhealthy place I had with running where I was running every single day, but it’s been about 9 months since I’ve ended that unhealthy habit, and I had to remind myself on this day that rest would be more beneficial for my goals and my body than getting out there for a run.


Again, I chose to sleep in instead of working out in the morning. I have never been one to struggle getting out of bed for a workout, but for some reason, the darkness and chill outside before 6 am is not inviting. I hit up the gym with my coworker on our lunch break (yay to having your work pay for a gym membership!). In times where I can’t get to CrossFit in the morning, it’s nice to know I can still walk across the street to do something. I know some CrossFitters abhore the idea of a normal gym, but ya know, what, whatever! Sometimes you have to work with your schedule, and if that means hitting a regular gym over CrossFit, so be it!

I played with the free weights (dumbell thrusters, gross!), and then ran a mile. After work, I met up with Lindsay at Head’s Pond and we had planned on doing a fartlek run, but we did our own thing with it since we had no motivation. We sprinted to random trees, and used the recovery as a walk. We did that to the end of the trail, and walked the way back. No one mentioned sprints on the way back, so we just went with it!


CrossFit, finally!!! This one was a good one! There was a strength portion, along with two 7 minute AMRAPs, that include box jumps, slam balls, wall walks in one WOD, and then doubles, sit-ups and something else that I’m forgetting in the other WOD.


Got my training run in for the day. Same as Sunday.

Repeat 3 times:

  • 15 minute run
  • 1 minute walk

On the last round of the 15 minute run, I used the last 9 minutes to do fartleks. I knew I could handle 9 minutes of it, and I didn’t want to do them early on in the run in fear of tiring myself.


I don’t like going to CrossFit without knowing what the workout(s) will be. Partly because I like to be mentally prepared, and also so I know if I need to wear my burpee pants (you know, the ones that stay snug the best). Well, the workout wasn’t posted, but I sucked it up anyways. Why did I go?

We had a hero workout, which are a lot harder than your typical workout.


My lower half is ringing in soreness.

What was your best workout of the week?

The training run on Thursday hands down! I can feel that my runs are getting stronger!!

What do you weekend workouts look like?

I’m hoping for another training run, along with more fartleks! 🙂


My One Year at CrossFit Ad Finem

Last week happened to be my 1 year anniversary with CrossFit and at CrossFit Ad Finem. It has been the quickest year I can recall, and easily the best year yet. When I started CrossFit, I joined because I wanted to get in better shape, but what I have gotten out of it is so much more than just being stronger.


I had always been terrified of CrossFit and of joining. I was intimated by the sport, the athletes of the sport, and I also really just didn’t want to get bulky and jacked. Towards the end of last summer, my friend Sara, who I knew from our Blog & Tweet NH group, mentioned hosting an event at her box, CrossFit Ad Finem. She asked Mat, her coach and owner of the box, if he would be up for it, and he was on board. I was up for a CrossFit event solely because the class would be an intro with a group of female bloggers that had never done it before. I was immediately hooked and wanted more of it.


CFAF, as we call our box, was having a cookout after our blog event for their members, and Mat invited the bloggers to stay for that. I was the only one who stayed, and while I was a little shy, everyone I met was just so welcoming, and they quickly became great friends.


I immediately went through the Elements course, which was 2 days a week, for 2 weeks, where I learned the basics of CrossFit. Sadly, no one from my Elements class stuck with it, but I had Sara there to get me through the beginning of my CrossFit journey. I immediately joined Sara in the 6:30 am class, where I met 2 amazing ladies, Marge and Kara.

After about a month, we had 3 new members join our morning class. Brian, Katie & Tucker. They had just completed their Elements course, and our small morning class quickly grew.


The great thing about going to the same class time, is that you form such a great bond with your teammates and coach. My favorite thing about the morning crew is that most of the time we are just so tired that the things that come out of our mouths just don’t make any sense, which leads to uncontrollable laughter.


I got stronger. My shirts stopped fitting, but I was stronger. I could lift more than I ever have in my life. Mat turned me into a real athlete. He coached me through proper form, and taught me the importance of mobility, and how it greatly affects your performance and your body.


Girl’s night occurred, and we had fun eating Paleo treats, having girl talk, and getting a little workout in.


I even convinced my brother to join me for a mid-day workout. We did part of a female workout, and he was smoked. It was a lot of fun getting him to experience part of what I get to enjoy almost every day.


This guy right here landed a wonderful spot in my life, and has easily become one of my favorite guys in the world. In March, every Thursday a workout was announced for the CrossFit Open, and every Saturday we would all pile into the box and do the workout in heats. Each Saturday Alan had fun and dressed up.


When Shape Magazine bashed the cancer survivor who ran races in tutus, Sara brought tutus in, and the guys proudly wore them.


I joined every Saturday for the CrossFit Open, and while I didn’t register for it, I completed the workouts to a scaleable level that worked for me. I hated every second of the workouts, but loved the feeling of accomplishment after each workout, and loved spending quality time with our group.


In April, I competed in my first competition with a group from our box. I wanted to poop my pants, but I did it. After the competition, I toyed with the idea of really wanting to compete in more, and while it’s not on my mind to compete anytime soon in a big event, it is something I would do if the right one came along.


Mat and his lovely wife Lauren got pregnant, and we threw Lauren a baby shower.


And we had our first CrossFit baby. Little Owen. Rocking his CF Ad Finem onesie.<3


More importantly, I found a place that I call my home. A place where I can go to get stronger, be better, and release stress. It’s a place that pushes me and encourages me to make goals and to hit those goals. I’m a part of a community that is bigger than I knew possible. My coach and my teammates hold me accountable. I hold myself accountable. It’s my happy place. It’s my favorite place.