What Is a True Friend?

What makes a good friend? There are so many things, such as: someone who listens to you at every hour of the day, that doesn’t judge you for your past or present, laughs at your stupid jokes, doesn’t make fun of you for wearing sweatpants that are 2 sizes too big.

I witnessed a moment of a real friendship yesterday at CrossFit. We had two 10 minute workouts to complete, and with the humidity and heat, we were already drenched in sweat 5 minutes into our warm-up.

2 grueling workouts. Sweat was pouring off of us. The last workout I literally was ready to vom. Miserable. I had a swamp of sweat in my bra. Just really cute.

After the workouts were finished, I still had the “Competitor’s” workout to do. 20 minutes of rowing, where we alternated minutes of:

  • 1 minute at 90% effort
  • 1 minute at 50% effort

I jokingly looked at Sara, and asked her if she wanted to row with me. Her first question was, “how long?” …. “20 minutes,” I replied. “20 minutes?!” she exclaimed. “Okay.”

Well that was easy. After 2 workouts full of heavy deadlifts, running, alternating lunges, push-ups and ring rows, our legs and arms were shot. Within the 1st minute of rowing, I wanted to quit. By the 8:00 minute mark, I said I only wanted to do 10 minutes. Not once did this girl say, “okay, let’s stop early.”

This is a picture of us painting, not rowing. This was the first night I met her. Clearly we are weird and knew we would be friends for life.


We rowed and rowed and rowed. We talked about puppies and ice cream. We talked about A LOT of ice cream. We let out cries. Sara started singing. My grip was slipping. Our asses were sore. I was getting tight in my shoulders. We kept going. And going. And going.

And we finished together. Looking a bit sweatier and grumpier than this picture, but we finished, and we finished together.


That’s a friend. Someone who doesn’t have to do extra work, but will do it with you so that you don’t have to do it alone. Someone who will torture themselves for 20 extra minutes even after a taxing morning. Someone who doesn’t let you quit. A friend is with you from the beginning to the end. A friend will talk to you about random things, like the ice cream she tried and the toppings she got on her sorbet, to get your mind off of painful moments.

And now, I owe this girl an ice cream.

The Thing I Do Really Well That I Just Quit

Do you want to know what I do extremely well? I let people get the best of me. I open the door to my thoughts like it’s a hot next door neighbor and let people take control of my mind and thoughts and wreck havoc on my mood. Enough is enough.


I decided that I literally have way too much going on in my life to let even one turd fire make my day(s) miserable. If you’re going to ruin my mood, then you clearly aren’t someone I need in my life. My Dad once gave me a set number of days to have bad thoughts before I had to get over it. Years ago he told me I had 3 hours to get over my ex-boyfriend. I bargained and got 3 days of moping, although it took me a solid 2 years to get over it.

I will be filling my non-existent free time with ultimate frisbee. Jenny suckered me into playing every Tuesday night. CrossFit teammate Tucker is also on my team by a sheer moment of luck. I was planning on just standing there and frolicking around the field, but it turns out you actually have to run around and “do things” during the game. Frisbee with my dog is more fun because I don’t have to 1) run 2) sweat 3) know how to catch a frisbee.


I practiced part of the strength workout that will be in Saturday’s competition yesterday morning. After that, I spent time mobilizing and stretching. That was the last of the workouts until comp day! I am realllllllllllly excited to run next week. I mean REALLY.


Can I also just tell you that my cousin Jenn is the best. She gave me this chocolate on Easter because she wasn’t sure if the Easter bunny came to my house while my parents were out of town. She is pretty much awesome. Years ago we used to only really talk at family gatherings, and the talking wasn’t that much. Growing up, we were never extremely close, but over the past few years, especially this last year, she has literally become such an important person in my life. She is no longer just family. She’s more than a friend. And let me just say that I am excited for some of the big things we have planned! Back to the chocolate though. Life changing!


 In bed last night at 8 and a rest day for me today, which meant sleeping in until 7. Glorious, glorious sleep!

Do you let people ruin your mood or day? How do you overcome that?

I Had a Really Emo Day

Yesterday I had a really emo day. CrossFit was incredibly painful yesterday morning. Still recovering from the sake overload from Saturday night, I struggled through a WOD full of burpees. I regret nothing from Saturday night.


Seriously though, such an emo start to my morning. After my workout, I wanted to crawl and cry and sleep for the remainder of the day. I sat in my desk chair for a solid hour before being able to lift my hand.

Emo afternoon continued, and since it was nice out, I headed outside for a 1 mile walk to clear my mind and get moving. Finding mismatched brightly colored socks made my mood lift.


It looks cold out, but I was having hot flashes and sweating my butt off.IMG_6953

After having a heart to heart with Al, I was in a much better place, and happy that things are better.. I know I’m being invasiveness about said emo-ness, but just never take friendships for granted.

After work, I took advantage of low 40’s, and headed out for a 2 mile run. It was slow, but it was a run. Hopefully only one more run in these shoes, as I’m celebrating my birthday today (a day early), and am crossing my fingers and toes that I get the pair of shoes I’ve been day dreaming about!


An evening of The Walking Dead ensued. I am trying to get into it so I can join in on 6:30 am The Walking Dead convos at CrossFit. <— This is me needing to know everything.  Coach Mat and Katie get so excited when they talk about the show, and I look so confused when I try to comprehend their discussions.

I also opened my first birthday gift because it came in the mail and I totally support early birthday gifts, but not early Christmas gifts. Ry and Chelsey’s first half of their gift to me was an American Eagle gift card. I ask for clothing gift cards because I only spend my money on workout clothes and this forces me to actually wear real clothes. Plus, none of my real clothes fit. I think all CrossFit athletes should be allowed to live in yoga pants and tank tops.

Truth #.

What do you buy more often… real clothes or workout clothes?

I could wear J.Crew all damn day, but yoga pants are the real deal.

Cape Cod 4th of July: Part 2


I started Friday off with a short 2.5 mile run. I was exhausted, and the heat wave was already kicking at 8 am, so I kept it short, especially since I was on vacation.

We decided to spend the day doing random things that we wanted. Some of the guys went to the park to have obstacle course races, others stayed at the house to play bocce, and Jaritza, Cheddda, Britt and I ventured to downtown Barnstable to shop the cute stores.

Chedda tagged along since he wanted to get out of the house, and him and his leading lady proudly modeled their shark hats.


After grabbing lunch downtown, we headed back to join the rest of the group.


We enjoyed another afternoon bbq, and Pat and I spent some time kicking butt in bocce.


After an easy and relaxing afternoon, we then jam-packed our evening, and started by heading to watch a Cape Cod baseball game. Yarmouth-Dennis vs Cotuit.


Me and Chels


the boys


Me and Viss


Me and Kate (Mrs. Viss)


Monkey Ben


Pat and I… My personal B.Coops

Our group was split up in 3 cars, so our original plan was to then head to play mini golf as a big group. We ended up getting split up, so our car decided to just play on their own.


Ryan and I were the only ones to get a hole in one. Sibling power!

I actually almost ate complete shit when I was celebrating my hole-in-one. I got so excited that I ran up a slope in the course (that I didn’t see), and stumbled a couple of feet. The phone went flying, and I landed right on Chelsey, who saved me from falling. It was hysterical.IMG_0817IMG_0827After mini golf, we headed back to the house for some food and to get ready for the bar. We headed to the Fox Hole, which is a local spot that we typically go to on vacation.

We spent an hour and a half playing Big Buck Hunter and foosball.


Chels & KZak

When we got home around 1, some of the group went for shots.


Ry, Kate, Ben & Viss

And Jaritza modeled Pat’s gorgeous hat.

IMG_0840The rest of the night was spent playing Ninja, THE BEST GAME ever invented.


You start in a circle as a group, and you jump back into a Ninja pose. Then, someone starts the game, and you can use one turn to jump or hit someone’s hand with yours, while making a Ninja sound. It goes on and on until you have a winner left. It was so addicting. We played this until 3:30 am, and by the time Kate and I finished our girl talk in bed, the sun was rising and it was 5 am. Woof.

Check back tomorrow for the final recap of Day 3, Saturday!

Cape Cod 4th of July: Part 1

Hi friends, it’s so good to be back blogging, but I have to admit that not touching my computer from Thursday to Saturday was refreshing. I had the time of my life spending the last week with my friends, and I can’t wait to share it all with you!

I had planned on breaking the vacation into 2 posts, with 2 days being recapped in each post, but after going through my pictures, I decided it’d be more fun making each day its own post, so let’s start with Wednesday night and Thursday, the 4th of July!


I headed down to the Cape after work around 5, and barely hit traffic. A 2 1/3 hour drive only took me 3 hours, and I made it down for 8. When I got there, I enjoyed a drink on the patio with Ryan, Chelsey, Pat, Viss, and his friend, Britt. Viss grew up on the Cape, so every 4th of July, Viss hosts everyone at his parents Cape house for a fun long weekend together. A lot of the group has moved away, so it’s extra special to be able to get together.

We then headed downtown to grab a few drinks at an outdoor bar.


Ry & Chels


Me n Viss

We hit another bar on our way back, before heading back to the house to hang out on the patio again.

Bed time: 4 am.


Happy 4th of July! Viss and I woke up early and he joined me on a run around his childhood neighborhood.


Viss joined me for 1.7 miles, and then I dropped him off at the house and went back to finish my 4 mile run.

After a quick shower, I enjoyed breakfast and woke the rest of the crew up. We were then joined by Jaritza and Chedda (Tom), who came in from Boston. We packed up and then hit the beach, where we were joined by my cousin, Jay and Viss’ wife, Kate.


Jay and Chedda


Pat, Chels and Ry

R1-06253-022A R1-06253-023A R1-06253-020AWhile everyone played beach games, the girls enjoyed girl talk.

Around 3:30, we headed home, where we spent the next few hours, playing yard games, drinking, showering, and grilling.


Pat burned his forehead. If you look close enough, you can see 3 finger marks. We’re not quite sure how that happened.


Viss’ parents have a hammock, but unfortunately the trees are about 6 inches too far apart, and KZak was determined to get it up.


Soon-to-be-sisters. Doesn’t stop us from jumping the gun and already calling each other sister.


Viss and Jay made a big batch of Pimm’s for everyone.


The drinks were so pretty, and so delicious. I only stole a sip, but I definitely would’ve stolen a cup if I didn’t already have a drink in hand.


Jaritza was the perfect model for the patriotic bottle of vodka while the boys grilled us a delicious dinner of wings, burgers, pasta salads and asparagus. Love this girl to death!


Instead of saying a prayer before dinner, Pat read us the Declaration of Independence. Such a great idea!

IMG_0768 After dinner, it was then time for fun! We played drinking wiffle ball, which meant that you had to have a drink in one hand and could only play with your free hand.

When it was your turn to hit, a teammate stood right along the 1st baseline and handed you your drink as you ran by.


I almost caught  a pop fly, but instead, I spilled my drink all over my head. I was wearing my lime green dress, and didn’t want to spill my red drink, so luckily I was only playing with a cup of water in hand. Phew!

Once it became too dark for wiffle ball, we headed back to the table to play drinking games, and our favorite, Salad Bowl, where we had fun acting out words and trying to guess the word.

IMG_5700 IMG_5698

A handful of us ended up playing TV tag late in the night. Do you guys remember this game?! It got so intense, and I was definitely diving and sliding after people. I cut my ankle and was bleeding after the game, but when I woke up, I realized I scuffed up my entire shin and part of the top of my foot. So worth it!


Bed time was early for us on the 4th. I think we were out cold before 1 am.

Part 2 to come tomorrow!

What Happens at Margarita’s…

Saturday Night

Last night in celebration of surviving our race and Lindsay’s 25th birthday, a group of us went out to Margaritas for a fun night out.

I joined 2 couples; Lindsay and Justin, and Lauren and Joel.


All 3 of us were college roommates and love any chance to all get together.


I ordered the Chicken Sunburst Salad, which was full of lettuce, avocado, grilled mushrooms, peppers and squash, and was drizzled with a tequila lime vinaigrette.


The salad was amazing, and that, along with 2 beers, I was feeling pretty happy by the time we left Margs, and I ended up having a little fun with Joel.


As Lauren said, “What happens are Margarita’s…”

After a fun conversation with margaritas and beer, we headed next door to an Irish pub, where we pretty much all stopped talking and fell asleep.


And then, by 10:30, after 5 hours out, we called it a night. We felt pretty pathetic as we were heading back to our cars and we passed all the young kids heading out to start their night of drinking. Harsh reality. The ugly truth.

Oooo, also a cool thing happened at Margs. My friend Ryan, from college, who lives in Colorado for the Army, was in town visiting his brother at college, and Ryan, his brother and Mom were also at Margs, and I was able to go say hi for several minutes. Talk about a total college reunion. I hadn’t seen Ryan in 3 years so it was so awesome!


This morning I spent a lazy morning in bed reading Sarah’s Key and enjoying a yogurt power bowl before heading out for a quick 2.3 mile run.


After the run, I headed out to our local running store with my roomies where my gym crush works. We were all interested in getting shoe advice and me for advice on my knee, and we ended up torturing Sean for literally 2 hours.


I was a problem runner since he couldn’t quite figure my running style out– I guess I kick my right foot out and overpronate plus other things — and I basically was picky on every shoe he gave me, so I later told him I owed him a drink or 12. I apparantely run with flair. 🙂

I then spent my afternoon grocery shopping and buying a new pair of cross-trainers for my Body Pump classes and strength workouts.


I’ve never bought a pair of cross-trainers, and have been using my old X3 running shoes for those workouts. I had a $10 off coupon that expired today, and since I could get these shoes for $55, I decided to treat myself to a good pair.


I then went to the gym, dropped my bag off, ran 2 miles down by the river, and then came back, threw on my new kicks, and got a great strength workout in. I meant to get a shot of my shoes, but instead, got a sick picture of bulging calve muscles. Hellllo hard work!!

Well, it’s almost 9 and I should be heading to bed but last-minute drinks are about to occur and I’m going to pee my pants from nervs.

I plan on setting my alarm for later in the morning and getting a short neighborhood run in. I will be so tired tomorrow but I can just go to bed at 5:17 when I get home from work tomorrow.

You’ve Got a Friend in Me… An Open Love Letter

Ever have one of those days where you just want to crawl into your bed and stay there forever? If I’ve ever had one of those days, then today takes the icing. Last night into all day today I’ve had the feeling like a knife has been stabbed into my chest and ripped my heart out. Ohhhh the joys of heartache!


I tried to start reading Bethenny Frankel’s juicy novel, but my heart was feeling a little too heavy for anything.


So instead, I set my alarm with a positive message to wake up to in hopes that it would give me a better mindset for today.

Sadly it didn’t, and on days like today there are 2 things I rely on. Friends and a killer workout. I don’t know what it is, but there’s just something about being able to talk in depth and real with your friends that can help you find a deeper meaning into how everything works the way it does.


I started blogging back in July after my relationship with the man who I planned on spending the rest of my life with ended. Back in college I used to blog but stopped mid-summer of my graduation. When I found that I had all of this new free time as a single girl, I decided to get back into the blogging world thanks in part to falling in love with Julie and Tina’s blogs. Seeing their passion for living a healthy life that included eating clean but also indulging, and staying fit with new workout ideas really sucked me in.

To be honest, I didn’t jump back into blogging as a means to make money or build a lot of friendships, although I did hope to make a few! Maybe a few months in I started noticing this one little bird who kept commenting on my blog. I was elated because I seriously didn’t think my blog was anything special or that anyone would care what I had to say.

I grew interested in Jen’s blog and always checked in on her latest posts. I never expected what happened next, but well, we fell in “straight girl love.” Our commenting on each other’s blogs quickly turned into Instagram stalking, to Twitter creeping, then we graduated to Facebook obsessing, and now we’re email and texting best friendz forez.

I am so blessed that Jen found my blog, although I have no idea how she did or why she decided to stick around, but it is one of the most incredible friendships I’ve made. I fully intend to learn every damn thing about her, straight down to the type of toothpaste she prefers and if she likes to floss with string or the amateur floss picks.

I have literally been down in the dumps for several days now with an achy breaky heart, and my little gem has provided me with some of the most brutally honest and helpful words of advice I could ever ask for.

So today, instead of being down in the dumps and focusing on the not-so-good parts, I am focusing on all the positive people and things in my life, and for what blogging has done for me. I not so secretly plan to take over Jen’s boyfriends place in her life, and Jen, this is my open love letter to you. I could send you a million heart and lovey dovey emoji’s, but instead, frame this post and put it on your wall at Chanel!

So if you can take anything from today’s post, it’s that even if life feels like a bird just had diarehha on your head, wipe that shit off and think about all the good things you have going for you. And while you’re at it, go stalk Jen’s blog, but be warned, do not even try to steal her from me!

A Weekend Full of My Favorite People

I’ve had such a great weekend filled with friends and family that I love the most. So far I’m doing perfect with my 2013 goals.

Yesterday I started my morning with my official weigh in for Erica’s Diet Bet before completing a run/walk interval workout. My legs were very sore from my leg workout from Thursday, so I started off with a 1.25 mile warm-up walk before tackling a 4 mile run.

By the time I was finished and showered, it was noon and I was ready for breakfast. I went for oatmeal in an almost empty peanut butter jar!


I mixed 1/2 cup of oats with 1 cup of almond milk, cinnamon, Truvia, 2 tbsp of PB2 and topped it with half of a banana (I ate the other half before working out) and several mini scoops of strawberry jam.


The oatmeal was so good and it was actually my first time having oatmeal in an almost empty jar of pb. I’ve seen this pop up on a lot of blogs, and I’m excited to try it in all of the remaining jars I have.


5 opened jars of peanut butter. I need help.

Since my Mom is recovering from surgery, I spent the rest of my day at home making sure she had everything she needed. I cleaned the house, went grocery shopping, completed a load of laundry, and just hung out with her for a bit before my Dad arrived and I was able to sneak off to the gym for a strength workout.


I had planned on doing the Pure Hell workout, but while drying my hands in the bathroom before working out, my workout unfortunately got screwed over by the dryer and sink. Womp womp!


For the most part I was able to remember everything since the workout was still burned in my brain.


I had originally planned on only doing a cardio workout, but I’m so glad that I changed my mind and went for the weights. Before my strength workout I did warm up with another mile walk and finished up with 10 minutes on the elliptical, followed by 10 minutes in the sauna.

I quickly headed home to shower and get dolled up for a night out. I ended up allowing The Prospect to treat me to a very fancy dinner at Cotton for several hours before we met up with Mike for several drinks at Strange Brew. I ended up ordering the Spinach Salad with Grilled Salmon and absolutely loved it! This is easily one of my favorite meals at any restaurant. I hadn’t seen Mike in what seemed like forever and I was happy that both Mike and The Prospect wanted to meet each other.

I’m pretty sure it was the first time that Mike has approved of a guy I’ve brought around, and coming from the most honest and over-protected best friend I have, this is big.

Around 1, The Prospect and I headed out and fell asleep watching Rachel vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off. Holy crap this show was so good. He was out cold but I only snoozed during commercials. I’m pretty sure the new season kicks off tonight, so I might have to add it to my line-up! By the time I got home and into bed it was 3 am, SO late for me, and slept like a rock until 10 am.


After popping 2 clementines into my mouth, I tackled a 4 mile run, which was a little difficult after a late night of great food, beer and a skinny girl marg. Definitely worth it!

I enjoyed a Strawberry Banana protein shake before taking care of several things. Now I’m just finishing this post and watching a Cougar Town marathon until my cousin Nikki arrives. We have plans to go shopping at the Merrimack Outlets and Target, which I hope I can refrain from spending money!


Knowing that I’d get hungry while shopping, I packed a PB2 & J sandwich for the trip.


2 slices of Ezekiel bread, 2 tbsp of PB2 and a little strawberry jam, and that’s all you need for the perfect comfort food sandwich! I hope I get hungry soon so I can dig in.

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend! XO


Best Friend Date & Thanksgiving Dinner #2

What a tiring past 24 hours!

Yesterday we left off with me relaxing for several minutes before I had to head to my neighbors to babysit my 3 favorite kiddos while their parents went out to celebrate their Dad’s birthday.

Bella, Markie and JJ were all doing their own thing, so I spent time playing and hanging out with each of them. Markie and I started out with watching some of his favorite shows, including Spongebob (okay I actually LOVE when he watches this, it’s SO good!), then I helped JJ brainstorm the book she’s working on to give to her former teacher.

Bella and I went into the basement to show each other workout exercises. Bella and I get along extremely well. She’s a former gymnast and a current track & field star, so it’s always fun to watch her show me her insanely disgusting flexibility moves. She even told me last night that she used to be able to take her glasses off with her feet. Ew!


One of my favorite parts of being with the kids last night was watching them choose their advent calendars and then opening day #1. We actually had a debate over which number you open first. I always opened #1 first, and #24 on Christmas Eve, but they did the opposite. They always opened #24 first since they were “counting down.” That’s Bella on the right in the above picture trying to “Google” which way was correct. We gave up and called it a truce when Markie decided to open #24 and eat a chocolate. Problem solved. 😉

With an advent calendar, do you typically open box #1 or #24 first?

I didn’t end up getting home last night or this morning until 2 am. Mr. & Mrs. Messina sure did have a great time celebrating Mark’s birthday, but it was torture on me. By the time I got home and was ready for bed, it was 3 am!

I only slept until 9:15 this morning, which means today has been a painful and tiring day!

I enjoyed a bowl of Chobani yogurt with Chia seeds while watching last week’s Parks & Rec episode before I went for a 3.5 mile run.

After my run, I met my best friend Lisha halfway, about 45 minutes for each of us, for a lunch date at Panera. I hadn’t been feeling well all morning so I only ordered the chicken noodle soup bowl.


$5.64 for that bowl of soup was a little outrageous, but I knew that my body needed the calories and protein so I forced myself to eat it. I pocketed that lil’ mini apple and plan to enjoy it tomorrow.


After talking about our workouts, Christmas and men, we called it a day, took our annual picture and said our goodbyes. I knew that I had my “Total Body Workout” to do this evening, and I was completely dreading it. With being tired and the weather, it was the last thing I wanted to do, but I relaxed for half an hour when I got home and then trekked on over to the gym.

I’m SO glad that I went, because it was an awesome workout that left me schweaty and hungry. By the time I got home, my 2nd Thanksgiving dinner with my parents was ready.


I’ll be completely honest with you guys when I say that I enjoyed 2 servings of stuffing and a LOT of crunchy skin. I never treat myself with the skin but it was there and I wanted it, so I ate some. All I can say is that I’m one stuffed turkey! 😉

Now it’s time to go find someone to rub my full belly and watch a Christmas movie and relax for the night. I hope you guys had a great weekend!

Sometimes You Just Need to Have Fro-Yo for Dinner

Last night after work I met up with my girl Lindsay for a fro-yo date and to catch up. We both found it hard to believe that it had been a month since we last saw each other. With traveling for work and being sick, it was difficult to get together, BUT we vowed to not let that much time lapse. Plus, we have plans to drool over John Cusack in Serendipity, watch Christmas movies and go shopping, so I’ll have plenty of best friend time in my future. 🙂

We met up at 5:30 at Yo-Flava, a semi-new frozen yogurt bar in Manchester that we’ve been to once before. We were so excited to see the fall and winter flavors mixed among the regular flavors.

In my bowl I went for apple pie, cheesecake and a pomegranate mix. Typically I would load my fro-yo with unhealthy toppings, including anything covered in chocolate and cookie and candy pieces. Last night, I topped my fro-yo with strawberries and blackberries to play with the cheesecake, finely diced walnuts, and a small scoop of mini chocolate morsels.

I tried my best to match the toppings with the flavors since last time it was a total disaster, and I’m happy to report that I succeeded!

All that cheesecake fro-yo had me craving the REAL cheesecake in my fridge, so when I got home I HAD to have a mini slice.

What? You only live once. 😉 Plus, this morning Lindsay informed me that cheesecake is calorie free so whatevs! Treat yo’ self and live a little.

Several days ago my bestie Lisha was telling me about a new show on MTV called Catfish, and since I had the house to myself and nothing to do, I sprawled out onto the couch and put it on. Holy moly is that show addicting!

One of us was bored and it wasn’t me. I had a load of laundry that had to be switched to the dryer halfway through my first episode but I couldn’t tear myself away from the show. Needless to say, after completing 2 episodes, I finally turned the show off and switched my laundry.

My priorities were very evident last night and I have no shame in the mindless television I watched or the treats I enjoyed.


My legs are almost back to normal, which is great, aside from the fact that the workout that murdered my midget legs is scheduled for today. I could complain about my legs not having a day to feel normal again, but I enjoy the pain because I know my body is being positively challenged. Bring it on!

Ever since starting personal training last week, I’ve scaled down my runs a little bit by about a mile or less a day. Nothing too drastic but I like the feeling I get when I wake up and don’t have to worry about trying to get in a 4 mile run. I know that even on a hard morning, I can still get in a quality 3- 3.5 miler in and feel great about myself, especially when I know I have a strength workout to look forward to later in the day that will be even more beneficial to my goals.

So this morning I enjoyed a more relaxed workout atmosphere and with the help of my favorite Good Charlotte album, The Young & the Hopeless, I made it through 3.3 miles. Seriously, that’s one of my favorite albums ever created and my personal fav from the dudes.

Morning Workout

• 3.3 mile run
• 4 sets of 15 stair push-ups
• 50 heel touchers
• 1 minute plank hold
• 50 scissors
• 50 crunches
• 2 sets of 20 plank tucks
• 2 sets of 13 standing dumbbell side crunches


As weird as it’s been not having my overnight oats for breakfast, I’ve been enjoying my breakfast switcheroo, which in order to consume more calories a day, I’ve broken breakfast into 2 mini meals.

Since I workout upon waking, you’ll have noticed that I’ve been eating half a grapefruit and a protein shake before leaving for work around 7:25ish. This not only helps with my muscle recovery from my morning workout, but it also gets my metabolism going again.

Between 9:30 and 10:15 I’ll usually enjoy the 2nd half of my breakfast, which has been a Chobani power bowl, which includes ½ tbsp. of: chia seeds, flax seeds, raw oats and sometimes PB2, depending on the yogurt flavor.


Not only do I have more energy with my new breakfast routine, but I won’t lie when I say that I enjoy having 2 mini breakfasts each morning. Who doesn’t love to eat?

Do you guys switch up your breakfast daily or are you like me and a creature of habit?