Fro-Yo, Runner’s Alley & Training Runs

If this weekend was any indicator of anything, it was that fall is truly here. The nights are super chilly, and the days have quite a bit of a bite to them. A few degrees warmer would be up my alley more, but I can’t complain since fall weather is my favorite to run in, which there was plenty of this weekend!


I started my weekend on a fabulous note. It was date night, and it felt more like the hometown dates on The Bachelor. We started our night with dessert for dinner at Tutti Frutti. After stressful weeks for both of us, a bowl of fro-yo made it all better.

Chocolate chip cookie dough (a bust!) & cinnamon french toast (OMG!), was topped with crushed Butterfingers, crushed Oreos (YES!!), and whipped cream. So delish! {{This is a recycled picture of fro-yo with Linds}}.

froyo_tuttifruttiAfter our fro-yo and some talking, we headed next door to The Tap House for several more hours of chatting & laughing the night away. Such a fabulous night and great way to start the weekend!



I had wanted to sleep in, but for some reason, I was wide awake by 8 am. So much for waking up around 9/10 am. The upside to that was that by 9:30, it felt like 11, which meant I still had so much left of my day. I was surprisingly really famished, and since it was chilly and overcast outside, I started my morning with a bowl of banana bread oatmeal with 1 tbsp of peanut butter.


I let my carby breakfast digest a bit, and focused on getting mobility in and loosening up for my training run. I rely on all of these tools to stay accountable and to allow me to train day in and day out.


Around 10:30, I headed out for the last training run of Week 10. I can feel that my endurance continually improves, and this run felt really great, except halfway through I kept getting a side-stitch, which was rather annoying. My coach taught me that when I cramp up during runs, to run with my arms low and to shake them out. Aside from stopping twice to stretch a bit, I focused on a lot of lower arm running, which seemed to get the stitches to slowly fade away.

After cleaning up and making lunch, I headed out to Concord to Runner’s Alley. I was in need of a new pair of running shoes, and since I’m training for a new distance than what I’m used to, I knew I wanted a proper shoe for the race. I have always relied on Nike shoes to run in ever since I started running in 2010, but I was ready to test the other brands out.

My friend Sean is the manager of this location, and if you’ve been a reader on here for years, you’ll remember that 2 springs ago he spent over an hour fitting me for a pair of shoes at the Manchester location, and I left empty handed. He reminded me again of that day. What a puke haha.

I was first fitted and given a shoe that had a lot of cushioning on it, which didn’t feel right, since I’m used to a lightweight shoe. When I mentioned my feelings on the shoe, Sean informed the guy that I’m a CrossFitter and am used to a lighter shoe with a specific style, and that, coupled with running in Nike Frees, I was brought out 2 different shoes that were more my speed.


Believe it or not, I actually found a shoe that was a winner. The ASICS Gel-Lyte33. These shoes are so incredibly fabulous. They are lightweight, extremely comfortable, and the color I just love!

I also stocked up on some NUUN tablets, Gu Chomps & Gu Energy Gels (got the salted carmel per Janae’s recommendation), and a new Brooks running hat! Sean also sent me home with a complimentary Runner’s Alley water bottle, and gave me a discount on my purchase. IMG_1085

If you are local to New Hampshire, I highly recommend checking out Runner’s Alley. They first watch you walk and then run barefoot, studying your form and imbalances, and then fit you for shoes that will be best for you. Then they watch you run again, but in the shoes. They take the guess work out of finding the proper running shoe. They are located in Manchester, Concord, and Portsmouth, and they really know their stuff. If I could work there, I so would. Talk about a dream job!

After my awesome purchases at Runner’s Alley, I continued on to Target for multiple bags of “essentials.” By the time I made it home, the rain had started to come down, which meant that a lazy afternoon and evening in my sweats on the couch was necessary. I love fall days like this!


A successful morning of sleeping in until 9, and lounging on the couch watching Something Borrowed, until 11 am. Once I peeled myself off of the couch, I got my stuff together, loosened up, and took off for my training run.

I started week 11 of my training, which meant an extra 6 minutes of running added on. The run felt a lot harder than Saturday’s run, but I actually knocked 10 seconds off of my mile splits! I ended up with 4.4 miles, which took me straight to my favorite spot in our neighborhood.

hooksettNHI wish I could say I had a wild rest of my Sunday, but I chose to relax and take it easy, which was actually really necessary since I was wiped out.

What was the highlight of your weekend?


WIAW: A Day in the Life. FRO-YO

This past weekend I was brainstorming blog post ideas and I had realized that I honestly hadn’t done a “day in the life post” in the longest time. I figured since Jenn is hosting “What I Ate Wednesday” today, that this would be the perfect day for it. I will admit that my meals were a little off, as I really didn’t have much of an appetite. Everything you see fit my daily macros, although I was off by about 20ish grams of protein.

5:13 am Alarm Goes Off

Two things are to be known with my alarm setting. First off, it has to be an odd number because I absolutely hate even numbers. My sister-in-law hates the number 13 and even told my brother not to propose on the 13th day of any month. What do you know, he accidentally did. I would love to get engaged/married on the 13th, but I am weird like that. And secondly, after that run-on thought, I set my alarm extra early so that I can snooze at least twice. It’s a trick that makes me feel like I am being “bad” by snoozing.

5:31 third alarm goes off, get up, brush teeth, use the bathroom.

6:05 – 6:40 am Go outside and walk

It takes me forever in the morning to get ready to workout, another reason for the early alarm. This morning I walked for a little over 30 minutes in our neighborhood. I had originally planned to run, but an unexpected Monday evening run left me feeling too sore to overdo it yesterday. This weather is my favorite walking/running weather. Not hot, but not too cold. The air feels like fall, but once the day starts, the hot sun comes out to play.


6:40 am Shower & take progress pictures

Once a month, on a Tuesday, I take progress pictures with my coach. I either hate this day or love it. Today I love it! I had a great weigh-in, and the progress pictures showed improvement; especially on my back! The outcome always is up to me. I am determined to be even better this next month.

7:10 am Get dressed, do hair/make-up, pack my cooler for the work day, & make a protein shake.

Currently, I am obsessed with the shake that I have perfected. If you throw in a pinch of Xantham gum, the shake quickly thickens up without having to add a banana in there. I also throw an extra bit of chocolate in there for a richer taste. It’s thick like a frappe, which makes this protein shake seem a bit more decadent than it truly is.

8-1:30 pm Work the day away.

I am researching and trying to write about 10 blog posts this week for work. Lots of writer’s block = lots of mini walks to get away from the computer and topics. Around 11:30 I had a mid-morning snack of a chicken pita sandwich. My appetite has been off today thanks to a stomach bug, but it keeps me full for quite a bit!


1:30-2:30 Lunch hour

I’m not especially hungry for lunch yet, thanks in part to my odd lack of appetite, but I enjoy my new favorite way to eat greek yogurt. Vanilla, or plain greek yogurt, mixed with 1 tbsp of sugar free chocolate pudding mix. The dry mix magically fluffens the yogurt, making it taste more of a mousse than a yogurt. It’s an easy way to cure your sweet tooth!


I absolutely love taking a late lunch because by the time I get back to the office, I only have a few hours left in the work day, which makes it more bearable! On my lunch hour, I headed over to Target and Walmart to pick up a few items that I was out of, including body wash. There is nothing worse than getting to work after a hot & sweaty CrossFit workout, and realizing that you have no more body wash. Target is also my favorite place to spend spare time, so this is always a winning way to spend my break.

Throwback to when I worked there for 6+ years growing up!


2:30-5:00 pm A little bit left of the work day.

Approve social media content for 4 of our different brands. More blog writing for work. I also finally enjoy half of the lunch that I packed. Grilled chicken straight out of the baggie. I forced myself to eat this because I knew not eating would be detrimental.


I’m ready for some carbs and fat in my life, as I really have only had protein and a few carbs so far. Around 3:45 I reach for my favorite afternoon snack, a banana with sun butter.


5:00 -5:15 pm Drive home.

5:15 – 6:30 Random blog work & prepare chicken

Nothing fun. Just prepped some chicken for the remainder of the week.

6:40 – 7:10 fro-yo with Lindsay!

This was my first fro-yo bowl of 2014. I do not understand this fact either. I was in the “go big or go home” mindset.

Snickerdoodle, birthday cake & butterfinger fro-yo. Topped with every type of cookie. Seriously! Chocolate chip cookie, 2 frosted animal crackers, 1 brownie chunk, LOTS of crushed oreos, 1/2 pb cup,  and crushed butterfingers.


Obviously topped with whipped cream, and enjoyed outside in the heat.


No fruit. All sweets. No regrets. Literally THE best fro-yo bowl I have ever made. I am recreating this every single time. We also learned that every Friday is TGIF at Tutti Frutti, and they only charge 48 cents for every oz. This will be our new Friday night hang out.froyo_tuttifrutti


7:30 – 8:15 Walk & blog to country music

When I arrived home, my parents were about to take Kip for a walk, so I joined them.


I “Shazam” country songs on my phone from the radio that I don’t know, and then screenshot the song so that I can remember to download it. I finally downloaded about 6 songs last night, and jammed out while finishing up this post.

And that was my Tuesday!

What’s your favorite bowl of fro-yo consist of? Fruit or cookie/candy toppings?

Glorious Little Weekend

This weekend. Guys. Amazing. That’s all I’m going to say.

Friday night was a lazy one. I pretty much just vegged  around, unpacked, watched a little TV and read. I had spent the past week with a cold, so I had wanted to get to bed early to rest up for Saturday’s CrossFit workout, 14.2, which is part of the Open. I didn’t get much sleep, because, hey, who can sleep when they don’t feel good?!


I was up way too early, but still managed to get to the CrossFit box late for the first workout heat. Mullets are appropriate workout attire.


The WOD was a ladder workout:

2 rds in minutes 1:00-3:00:

  • 10 overhead squats — I scaled and used 45# (lbs)
  • 10 chest-to-bar pull-ups — I scaled and used bands

**40 reps completed

If you finish before the 3 minute mark, you use the remainder of the time to rest.

2 rds in minutes 3:00-6:00:

  • 12 overhead squats
  • 12 chest-to-bar pull-ups

**37 reps completed

When you don’t finish your reps in the 3 minutes, your workout is done. You essentially keep going until the 18 minute mark, which would be 320 reps total.


After everyone completed the WOD, a handful of us just morphed into the floor and had story time while we sort of worked on mobility. From the lack of sleep all week, I finally hit my “wall,” and just became so exhausted that I was just “there.”

I had to quickly head home and get ready, because I had a girl’s afternoon with 2 of my best friends, Jenny and Lisha. Lisha and I have birthdays 2 days apart (mine Wednesday and hers on Friday), so we wanted to celebrate a bit.

We ended up going to Margarita’s for some food and talk. I wasn’t hungry since I had a late breakfast, so I just talked.IMG_6916

Both girls were stuffed, but when Jenny said she needed something sweet, I told her to get fro-yo on her way home. That turned into both girls wanting it, so I was dragged to the mall to join them. We passed a candy store, and HAD to wander in there. Pucker Powder to the face.


If I could marry food, it would be these items right here.


WHOLE cookies at Tutti Fruti?! AND I heard they had Girl Scout cookies too. This was SUCH torture for me.IMG_6909IMG_6913

I got a bowl of fruit. $3.22 what a joke! My heart cried while I ate this instead of fro-yo.


By the time I got home, I had just enough time to try on 10 different pairs of jeans, before putting my original jeans back on, changing tops, and heading out the door again for our CrossFit team dinner at Masa, a Japanese restaurant, where we dominated a table with about 18 of us. This poor couple had to join us, I felt so bad. You can see the girl in the below picture, far right. She must think we are nut jobs. We are.

Sake shots all around. Alan was such a champ.IMG_6924

They found out it’s almost my birthday and made me do a 2nd round of Sake. There were FOUR bottles to my face. My friends said there were four, but I only see three in this picture. They must have been drunk. This was after tequila on the rocks. I wanted to die.


Alan ate my birthday ice cream.


The after party brought us to a bar to play pool. At this point, my head was spinning and I debated if I should throw up in the bathroom, the bar, or the pool table. I chose to eat french fries that a few of us ordered, because Alan confirmed the fact that Jesus would forgive me for breaking Lent so that I wouldn’t vom. That, with a glass of water, and I was feeling like a champ again.


A mysterious substance ended up on Alan’s shoes, which means he went barefoot in the pool hall. He is also the one who wore a mullet earlier in the morning, so I really don’t know. He had 2 scorpion bowls and about an entire bottle of Sake shots, so there’s that too.



I woke up feeling like I had spent the night in hell, and based on everyone’s comments on several Facebook threads, the team felt the same way. The only thing I would have done differently is definitely not the drink, but these are my people, they bring happiness into my life, and I just simply I love them. It’s one big team romance.

Eventually, I headed to the gym and jogged 2 miles and walked close to 1 mile before I got insanely bored and headed out to grab groceries.

And the rest of the day was spent cooking, starting The Walking Dead, and having a Google Hangout with some awesome ladies for bachelorette planning.

Does Sake shots ever make you sick?

I wouldn’t have died if it weren’t for the Sake, but when it mixed with my drink, all hell broke loose.

What was the highlight of your weekend?

My friends, all of them. 🙂

A Tiring Weekend Spent Dating and Swimming

Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was as fun as mine was. Let’s start with Friday evening, shall we?


Oh my lanta! I had a date Friday evening and it was awful! It was so bad that I was desperately close to making a friend call for help and rescuing me. Turns out, Mark needed rescuing to, of a different kind, but he became my savior. There were checkpoints in downtown Manchester, and he needed a ride. He had been at the golf course, which is 10 minutes from his apartment, and didn’t want to risk anything after 2 beers. (I was proud!)

I took this opportunity to split asap and go help a friend in need. It was literally the perfect timing! How does that work?! 45 minutes later, I had the man, and since it was only 10, we decided to hang out since the night was so young. We are so in sync that when we were walking downtown to grab a drink, we both veered towards the entrance to The Farm without asking each other where we wanted to go.


3 beers and fried pickles (for him) later, and we were ready for our tab. And don’t worry, I didn’t drive home and risk hitting the checkpoints either. Girl has no time to be locked up! I was actually told during beer #2 that I wasn’t allowed to drive home.  If a man that’s 6’2 and has a high tolerance won’t drive after 2 beers, he sure as hell wasn’t going to let his 2 beer queer friend drive home. Consequently I made the bartender bring me another one, especially since I was making Mark man the bill.


I started my morning at the gym around 10:30ish, and completed a 3 mile run on the treadmill before getting a leg workout in. I focused on squats and lunges on the bosu ball, and also included the kettlebell for a handful of exercises. I did something to my right hamstring Friday at the gym, and ever since, it’s been ridiculously tight and sore, so I did a lot of stretching during and after my workout.

The rest of the day was spent with my 2 cousins, Lindsay and Nikki. Lindsay lost a man she deeply loved Friday night, so Nikki and I spent the day and night with her.

We enjoyed the sun and talked and swam in the pool all day.

IMG_1517 IMG_1514

Family is so important to us, that it was a no brainer that our day be spent making sure Lindsay was okay. She is one of my biggest supporters, and it was time for me to focus my day and attention on her well-being. Lindsay, I love you!

After swimming, we headed over to where Nikki was dog sitting, and we spent the remainder of the night talking and eating. And raiding Nikki’s bag and painting our nails.


How fun is Sally Hansen “Fuzzy Coat?!” This is perfect for me because I always smudge or nick my nail polish when it’s not completely dry. Woof.


I woke up exhausted, and I think the Denver trip and lack of sleep the remainder of the week finally caught up to me. It didn’t help that the workout I did on my Friday lunch hour resulted in a tight right hamstring. It’s been so difficult to crouch down because of the tight hammi.

I started my morning off with a 3.5 mile run. I’ve really been enjoying cutting my weekly mileage down a good chunk. It’s allowed me to really get in quality strength workouts, which I’m loving!

After working out, I became domesticated and spent some time doing laundry, prepping meals, and grocery shopping.

I did stop for a little fun, and met my friend/coworker, Sean, at Livingston, where we walked and talked while enjoying fro-yo. No picture of any of this, I know, but I didn’t want to be the girl who was on her phone, but it was the best bowl of fro-yo ever! Cake batter and white chocolate covered oreo fro-yo, topped with rainbow jimmies, cheesecake bites, brownie bites, a sprinkle of crushed oreos, and whipped cream. Oh my god!

The rest of my night was spent relaxing with the roomies and reading the new book that my cousin Jenn encouraged me to pick up!


It Starts with Food. I’m so excited about this book and I’m really hoping I can implement a majority of the content!


This morning I got in a great 4 mile run before completing 2 rounds of the 7 minute workout. Then I just layed on the gym floor for 10 minutes sort of stretching and sort of just being a blob. Sometimes ya just gotta blob it up at the gym!

Have a good day friends! 🙂

What did you guys do this weekend? 

What’s the best combo of fro-yo you’ve ever had?

Have you read, It Starts with Food? Thoughts?

$67 for a Fro-Yo Bowl

Hey guys, first in foremost, Running on Peanut Butter finally has a Facebook page! So if you want to stay up-to-date and view pictures of endless bowls of fro-yo, go there and click “like.” I’ll love you forever, and ever! 🙂


Something weird happened yesterday, where breakfast kept me full from 9 am until 2 pm. I went home on my lunch hour, and watched TV in bed, and drank a mixed berry protein shake.


I actually wasn’t even hungry for it, but I knew I needed to get something in my system. When I got back to work, I became extremely hungry, so I downed a Choc. Chip Cookie Dough Quest Bar, and then told all my Snap Chat friends that I was eating jello.


Immedietely, my girl Betsy snapped herself eating a pb&j sandwich, which made me so hangry that I couldn’t even type.


Naturally, I snacked on a banana with pb. So good, but it didn’t keep me full. I went from being stuffed at 1:30, to ravenous.


Luckily, Linds and I had a girl’s night planned for soft-serve. Since it was raining out, we opted for fro-yo at Tutti Frutti in the mall since it was inside.


I bought my most expensive fro-yo bowl ever. $6.16. Here is the evolution of my dinner:

Dulce de Luche, Nutella, and Cotton Candy, topped with pb morsels, oreos, brownie chunk, raspberries (on the cotton candy)

IMG_0153Add those rainbow jimmies!


Squirt a mountain of whipped cream.


Add more jimmies to make it pretty.


In reality that bowl of fro-yo cost me $67, because after fro-yo, I asked Lindsay if we could stop into Victoria’s Secret for their Semi-Annual Blowout Sale. $50 later, I left with 2 new bras and body lotion. Correction: I went to put on the “Fresh Sorbets” body lotion this morning, and turns out it’s body wash, not lotion.

And if I wanted to spend even more money, the cashier told us they own Bath & Body Works and they’re having their sale too. Lindsay and I freaked out because one of our favorite scents is only sold during the semi-annual sale.

$11 later, I left with 3 lotions (2 of which were LEMON!!!), and a plugin that was of course lemon scented. Do you think I love the smell of lemon? IMG_0170

Man, that was THE most expensive bowl of fro-yo ever! 😉

We then headed back to Lindsay’s place, where we played with Jackson. Yes, that blur in the air is her cat jumping.


That cat is so crazy! He then proceeded to lay on the tarot cards while Linds was in the middle of my reading.


My card readings are always pretty accurate, and my spread was very, very positive, so I’m excited to see how it unfolds!

The rest of my night was spent finishing up Season 2 of HIMYM. Okay, guys, I watched S1 & S2 in 6 days. I have S3, S4, & S8 left to watch, and then I’m all caught up. I don’t know what I will do once I finish the series. Maybe get a life watch them again in correct order??


Such a sad day filled with mixed emotions for me. Today is my last day with my firm, and I will miss my marketing girls so much! Luckily, I’ll only be moving 100 feet away in an adjacent building, so I hope to stay in touch with them. They’re taking me out to lunch today, and I have a date tonight, so I wanted to get in a great workout this morning to offset the eating out X2 (welp!).

I started my morning off with a 2.25 mile run. I accidentily hit the emergency stop button at mile 1.75, woof. I always do that, right near the end of my run too. That, or I’ll punch it (sometimes I run viciously), and I won’t even see my distance (double woof).

After 2.25 miles, I went off and completed an upper body workout, where I completed tricep dips, elevated push-ups, lumberjack chops with the cables, chest flies, chest rows, single-armed cable rows, and squats. My 10 lb dumbbells were missing, so on the chest flies/rows and squats, I had to use the 15 lb dumbbells. That must be a blessing in disguise so that I can un-shrimp-ify my muscles.

Now it’s time to eat eat eat the day away!

And it’s finally Friday! (I thought yesterday was Friday… I’ve been 1 day ahead the entire week).

Now time to EAT EAT EAT the day away!

WIAW: Fro-Yo and Feta Cheese Style

Yesterday I ate glorious, glorious things just to have bragging rights at Jenn’s What I Ate Wednesday party.



I started my morning off with a 4 mile run, and followed it up with a strawberry yogurt with PB2 in it to get a little sugar and protein into my body.


2 hours later I went for my main breakfast, which shouldn’t surprise you at all.


Peanut butter and jelly proatmeal… minus the banana since I was out of ripe ones. This bad boy kept me full for hours, from about 10 until 1, where I then had an apple before heading to the gym to play with kettlebells.

After the gym, I was ready for a late lunch, which started off with a warmed up Quest chocolate chip cookie dough bar for my appetizer.


I wanted some veggies in my life, so I went for a mixed green salad with tomatoes and feta cheese.


There is no such thing as too much feta cheese. Not possible. I still like American cheese better, but maybe that’s just because I’m proud to be an American.

And a New Englander. After work, I treated Lindsay to a big bowl of fro-yo for her 25th birthday, which is today. Happy birthday best friend!! I sported my Boston Red Sox hat to pay tribute to Boston.


In my fro-yo bowl, I got 70% caramel, 28% cheesecake, and 2 % espresso. I loaded it up with rainbow jimmies, brownie and cookie dough bites, strawbs and a not enough whipped cream.


I realized mid whipped squirt that I wanted to document how unhealthy this fro-yo bowl really was. Don’t be deceived by that tiny fleck of whipped cream. I then went crazy with it.


I learned an important lesson after our fro-yo date. Never go to Target drunk on fro-yo, or after consuming large amounts of it and expect to fit into pants.

Later last night, I experimented with a little baking. Muffins turned into cookies.


Allie turned into a beached whale. Also, to save face, I did not eat 3 cookies. Only 2. And a half. Ish.

Also, do we like my new bling bling?!


It’s a $2,000 Michael Kors watch!!! Just kidding. It’s a $16.99 watch from Target. I’m so tricky. 😉

Pre-Birthday Fro-Yo

Last night amidst the start of a snow storm, Lindsay and I met up for a fro-yo date.


This was my pre-birthday fro-yo bowl, so I had to throw the cherry on top for a mini celebration. Inside was an explosion of celebration.


The bottom layer is fudge brownie fro-yo which tasted like brownie batter. OMG. I wanted to put my mouth on the machine and just funnel the fro-yo. I topped it with a layer of jimmies, cherries and cheesecake bites (which are in hiding). The second layer is birthday cake fro-yo (so fitting), with whipped cream and a cherry.

I know I say this every time, but this was the best bowl yet! I’m demanding another fro-yo trip next week since I turn 25 on Tuesday. I want my fro-yo to be served like Preston from the Blank Check, where he gets ice cream in a garbage can.



Is that allowed?


Linds also gave me my Silpada jewelry that arrived yesterday! I love the pieces so much, especially the blue earrings!


I really wanted to wear a pair today and dazzle at the office, but I lucked out and because of the weather, I’m currently working from home, in my 3 sizes-too-big sweatpants. Unfortunately, I received the “work from home news” after waking up at 5:30 and running 4 miles. Woof.

Like that stopped me from getting another hour of sleep though. I showered and hopped right back into my bed with my towel turban still on and cuddled with my little Jake nugget.


That little nug makes getting out of bed so difficult.

When I woke up, I made myself a ginormous bowl of pb banana proats, courtesy of my new nutritionist, aka best friend Jen, aka I want to call you Blend Jen now. We all know that Blend = blogger friend and we also know that I’m obsessed with rhymes and nicknames.


Blend Jen gave my a love scold yesterday, per my begging, and helped me in brainstorming better, more quality and filling meals.


This bowl knocked my socks off and I have some serious repaying to do to Blend Jen.

Serious question: Do people really work on “work from home snow days?

Valentine’s Date, Fro-Yo, Ice Cream Cake. Help!

Happy Friday! Did this week drag, or did this week draggggg? Having a 5 day work week sandwiched between 2 long weekends certainly makes the days drag forevs in my books.

I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend with several fun things planned! There will be a lot of sleeping in and shopping to be done, along with a movie date with my Momma to see Safe Haven (Josh Duhamel, droooool!), a dinner date with Linds and our college roomie, Lauren, and possibly sushi with Mark.

Valentine’s Day

Last night after work, Linds and I had a fro-yo date set for 6 pm at our favorite fro-yo cafe. Is it a cafe, a store, a shop.. what do you all call it?

I had a little time to kill before our date, so I headed over to Target since I had a new $25 gift card in my clutch. Something really weird happened at Target. I left with only making an $8 and change purchase. How is that possible?


Along with a card, I purchased this necklace for $5.98ish. Holy clearance!! I bought this necklace in different colors for my Aunt and Chelsey for Christmas, so I couldn’t pass up the 75% clearance price. Happy Valentine’s Day to me!

Back to fro-yo talk. I’m pretty proud of myself because I figured out how to make THE ultimate fro-yo bowl. The secret?… layers!


See that magnificent layer of rainbow jimmies? That seriously made this the best bowl I’ve ever had! I started off with a swirl of Tahitian Vanilla before putting 40 scoops of jimmies on top. I then topped that with a layer of Pistachio (omg) fro-yo and a dollop of Salted Caramel Pretzel (double omg). Bluebs, more jimmies, and then a mountain of whip cream later and I was in fro-yo heaven.

We even scored a sweet BOGO 50% off Valentine’s special! At this point we feel like family with the owners so that deal was well deserved. I mad fun of a man who was getting fro-yo by himself. I even commented how that’s worse than going to a bar alone. Then I realized he had a ring on, and bought 2 bowls to go. Lucky wife. Forget chocolate, flowers, teddy bears, and jewelry. I hope my future boyfriend/fiance/husband treats me to fro-yo every Valentine’s Day. Husband of the year and the only way to my heart.

When I got home, the torture continued. Remember how yesterday morning my coworker gave me a cookie and pb brownie? Well, my Dad immediately told me that his client gave him an ice cream cake.


Did you know that ICE CREAM CAKE IS MY FAVORITE THING IN THE WORLD?!!! Shouty caps were necessary. Since we’re playing the “Did you know game,” whenever my ex would get mad at me, he’d start texting in shouty capitals. For instance, I’d get the, “ARE YOU SERIOUS?” line a lot.

So when my Dad showed me that beast, I exclaimed, “ARE YOU SERIOUS.” And yes, that’s how it would have looked on paper if there had been a stenographer in the room.

I was scolded for eating 80% of the frosting. Oh well, it’s Valentine’s Day so my parents have to love me unconditionally.


For the first time since my oblique strain, I was able to run 4 completely pain-free miles! Not even a single cramp. Fist pump, high-five, thumbs up!

Last night as we were leaving work, my coworker, Jen peer pressured convinced me to try Body Pump with her. We’re both BP virgins and have been terrified to try it, so when she mentioned she was interested, I decided I’d rather be a newbie and look like a lost little girl with her. The class is at noon, so you have several hours to give me ALL THE ADVICE POSSIBLE.

If this is the last blog post I ever write, please know that I didn’t survive Body Pump.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day my little sweet hearts! My morning started off with an awesome 3.5 mile run before my coworker greeted me at my desk with a chocolate chip cookie and a peanut butter Oreo brownie.


Ugh. What is it with everyone trying to get me to fail at Lent?! In Nichole’s defense, she had no idea that I gave up peanut butter and sweets, so her thoughtful gesture was touching. While I refuse to let these go to waste or throw them in my freezer for the next 39 days, I’m pretty sure my Mom is going to love eating these.

After enjoying my morning smoothie, I later drooled as I ate a sliced up apple dipped in powdered PB2, and then my double berry (strawbs & rasps) parfait!


I completely forgot to mix everything up last night, so the raw oats and chia seeds weren’t soft and puffy. Instead, I enjoyed a crunchy parfait.

After that settled, I headed over to the gym where I completed a 5 minute elliptical and .5 mile run warmup before hitting leg day. These midget legs of mine sure did feel the burn, and those “this rep is going to kill me” faces I made throughout my workout must have really scared the single men, since I left the gym with no new numbers. 🙁

To continue with my streak of eating clean today, I enjoyed salmon on a bed of veggies.


Watercress veggies are my favorite! I absolutely love the watery crunch they deliver in every bite. My only complaint is that there are never enough in a meal. I would like 50, not 3.

The rest of my day is going to be pretty friggin’ awesome. I haven’t uttered those words ever as a single lady on Valentine’s Day, so there’s proof that I am finally growing up (Mom Dad…!!!!!). Tonight I get to celebrate Valentine’s Day with my best friend forevs, Linds! Since her boyfriend is anti-Valentine’s Day (….and also working), we decided we’d be each other’s Valentine’s!

Your girlfriends never leave you, so I’m all for giving all your extra love to your girls. 🙂

2 1/2 more hours until we stuff our faces with fro-yo! Let’s hope we don’t fro-up tonight!

Whether you’re single, taken or don’t even know your status, enjoy your day as best as you can. I might not have a main man in my life right now, but I’m positive that a night that includes my best friend, fro-yo, and a Cougar Town marathon makes for a fanflippin’tastic Valentine’s Day. Plus, my parents gave me a $25 Target gift card so there’s that too!


Plus, we all know that I’ll be pretending that Cougar Town’s lovable idiot is going to be my pretend boyfriend/fiance/husband for the night. Brian Van Holt, if you are reading this, yes, I’d love to be your Valentine.

Peppermint Fro-Ro Date

Last night Lindsay and I met up for our bi-weeklyish “fro-yo for dinner” date. We emailed throughout the morning dreaming and talking about fro-ro.Catch that slip up? I actually typed that without looking and couldn’t stop laughing when I said it out loud, so for laughs, the typo is totally staying.

I mentioned that I was hoping they’d have several holiday themed flavors, especially peppermint, so I was thrilled when we walked in and they had Candy Cane yogurt! They also had Eggnog, but that just disgusted me, so I stuck with half Candy Cane and half California Tart. A winning combo! I was hoping for graham cracker toppings but had no luck, so I stuck with a few Oreo crumbles, and then played it safe with my fav, rainbow jimmies!


After talking for about 20 minutes, we called it a wrap and each finished up our evenings full of laundry, cleaning, cooking and grocery shopping. We’re fun girls!


I headed next door into the grocery store to pick up a grapefruit since I was so depressed without one yesterday morning, and an avocado for a little healthy fat to include in today and Friday’s meals.

After prepping food I hopped on the treadmill for a quick 1-mile walk while I read my new book, What Happens at Christmas, which unknowingly to me, is set in 1886. Total fail! Not the type of romance I want in a book. I’m giving it a shot, who knows, maybe I’ll like it. In fact, yesterday Jaime and I were just discussing books and how she’s reading a classic, East of Eden. I mentioned I wanted to read a classic too, and I know this one isn’t necessarily a classic, but I should get a little credit since it takes place so damn long ago!



This morning I enjoyed THE juiciest grapefruit, along with a peanut butter protein shake, and enjoyed a clean egg scramble later in the morning. Into my scramble went 1 egg and 2 egg whites, half of an avocado, a handful of spinach, and a spoonful of pineapple salsa.


This scramble was so good and the addition of pineapple salsa really added a nice touch. Yum!

Morning Workout

  • 4.1 mile run
  • 3 sets of 15 stair push-ups
  • 1 minute plank hold
  • 50 heel touchers
  • 50 scissors
  • 50 crunches and 50 side-to- side crunches
  • 30 toe touches
  • Stretching

Not a bad morning workout, although my legs started to feel a little heavy at times, but it might just be overuse.

This afternoon I have a fun workout full of Smith Machine squats, lunges, and arm work. I’m continuing on my goal to eat as clean as possible today. I do so well during the day, but after dinner, all hell breaks loose. I think I might have to save my Chobani bowls for a nighttime dessert.

Do you guys have any tips on eating healthy at night or healthy treats you enjoy after dinner?

This girl needs help!