Weekend Recap: A Whole Lot of Nothing

Happy Columbus Day to you my friends, and for those enjoying the day off from work or school, soak it up a little extra for me, since I’m working the day away!

My weekend was extremely low key. I did a lot, even though it didn’t feel that way. Friday night was girl’s night at Lindsay’s.


We talked a lot about guys, dating, relationships and all of the good and bad that comes with it. We danced, Linds read my cards, and the cats stared us down.


Girl’s night with Lindsay was much needed, and it was nice to chat about all of that in person instead of just emails, texts, snapchats and IG comments. We are those girls that will have 5 conversations going at once on 5 different platforms haha.

I didn’t get to bed until a bit past 11, and yet I still got up at 5 to hit the gym. I wasn’t feeling it at all, and I almost turned around on my drive to the gym in favor of more sleep, but I just went for it. It was a really great workout, so I’m glad I got it in. I did a heavy shoulder/back/bicep workout, and ended it with a 30 minute easy run. I’m not sure if doing the cardio after lifting is what destroyed me for the remainder of the day, or if I was just run down, but boy, was the rest of my Saturday extremely tame… after my pancakes of course. 🙂


I tried to nap around 10 after my shower and breakfast, but I just couldn’t do it. I was ravenous, so I dug into a snack around 10:30, and then got out to run some errands. First stop, the library!


I found a book that interested me within 1 minute of looking, and I felt that was too quick, so I looked some more, and after 3 minutes of browsing the new release rack, I had 4 books in my hand that I couldn’t say no to. We all know what I’ll be doing this week!


I then went on a hunt to 2 pharmacies to find the mini FitCrunch bars. Lindsay told me they were either at Rite Aid or Walgreens. Just so you know, Walgreens was the winning location that carried them. And no, I didn’t buy the peanut butter flavor just because yours truly is an addict, it was the only flavor they had. Naturally I wiped them out and took what they had.


I got home a little after 1. Dug into lunch and a new book; I chose House of Echoes to read first since that was the book that caught my eye. I again tried to nap since my body was drained. I was on the couch and too exhausted to even get up; that’s how wiped out I was. I knew I needed to get out of the apartment and move, so I headed to Target to get a few organizational bins for work and my pantry, grabbed some Kodiak cake pancake mix and gum, and then retreated back to my couch. From 4-8:30 I binged watched the remaining episodes of season 5 of White Collar since that was all I had energy for, and then went to bed and fell right asleep.Target

When my alarm went off Sunday morning at 5, while I wanted to sleep more, I actually felt refreshed enough to workout. It looks as if my ultra-lazy Saturday paid off, since just relaxing and taking it easy did wonders for my body.

My workout started with a 15 minute jog, before I broke into a leg workout. My tailbone is feeling a lot better, so I was finally able to get back on the smith machine for squats. Since Tampa it has hurt to get into a deep squat or do full lunges, so I’m happy to be almost recovered from my traumatic stability ball incident haha. Leg workout was on fireeee!! I ended with a 1-mile cool down walk on the treadmill to loosen my legs up.

I immediately got on my foam roller, attacked my hamstrings with my stick, and stretched once I got home so that recovery wouldn’t be so painful! I then dug into a bowl of oatmeal topped with maple syrup and almonds. I’m trying to incorporate other fats besides peanut butter into my eating.


The rest of my late morning was spent reading on the couch, prepping some food for the week, and baking. {Recipe tomorrow!}


I headed to my parent’s house early afternoon for the Patriots game! #11 <3


All in all, it truly was a great, low key weekend!

Football fan? Who’s your team?

What did you do this Fall weekend?

When Life Happens…. Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

I used to snooze every single morning, at least 2-3 times, typically getting up at 5:17a. Since the first night sleeping in my apartment at the beginning of this month, I haven’t hit snooze once. I’ve settled into a really great routine of being in bed and most of the time asleep by 8:30p, making it extremely easy to just roll out of bed once my alarm goes off at 5a. I roll out of bed, do my pre-gym thing, and then I’m usually out the door between 5:25-5:30.

My workouts used to start around 6:15a, but now they start around 5:55a. The extra 20 minutes is amazing. Seriously, I can spend more time doing weights, use the extra time to stretch, or some days I’ll use the extra time to just walk for a bit after my workout.

Tuesday’s workout was HIIT & back/biceps. I started with 20 minute HIIT run, which looks like this:

– Always start with a 5 minute warm-up walk & 5 minute warm-up jog before my 20 minutes officially starts

  • Minutes 1-5—— 30 second sprint at 5.5mph, 30 second recovery at 4.7 mph
  • Minutes 6-10 — 30 second sprint at 6 mph, 45 second recovery at 4.7 mph —— the faster my sprints become, I will add a little bit of time to my recovery run
  • Minutes 11-15 — 30 second sprint at 6.5 mph, 1 minute recovery at 4.9 mph —– I find that the faster my sprints become, I need to make my recovery pace faster
  • Minutes 15-20 — 3 second sprint at 7 mph, 1 minute recovery at 4.9 mph —– I totally need the minute recovery here, but the last 2 sets I might drop it to 45 seconds recovery

So that’s what I do! Obviously your speeds will vary depending on your body. I have short, pudgy legs so while these might appear to be slow speeds for you, they aren’t that slow for me. Remember, EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT.

I do find that breaking my 20 minutes of HIIT into 4 sets makes it fly by and it’s fun. Now that I’ve been using these numbers for about a week and a half now, I’ll probably increase the speeds a little bit. So maybe 5.7 instead of 5.5; 6.3 instead of 6mph, etc.

After my HIIT run, I followed it with a back and bicep workout. I’m getting bored with this one, so I’ll probably look around for new exercises to incorporate into it! The biceps at the end are always a killer though!

Protein pancakes have been my new favorite breakfast instead of my oatmeal. It’s just so satisfying being able to eat 7-8 pancakes after a hard workout. Plus, I take longer to eat them than a bowl of oatmeal, so it’s a win win! 🙂


I had every intention of the above being posted on Wednesday morning, but then Tuesday night I decided to randomly chop 4 inches of my hair off because why not?! So instead of blogging, I got my hair done!


I woke up on Wednesday absolutely exhausted, but I still powered through my workout. After work I had plans to celebrate Nikki’s engagement (yayyy Nikki!), so cousin night was more important than blogging. Once I got home around 8:30 I immediately crawled into bed.


Thursday was a rest day from the gym, but for some reason I’m always more tired and hungrier on the days that I don’t workout. After work I headed across the street to meet Lindsay and Nichole for a little girl’s evening. I was too exhausted so I simply stuck to water. It was pouring out!


But then we would look to the right and we had this beautiful view. Love the outdoor seating at Fratello’s!

After that, I immediately came home around 6:20, finished this blog post up, ate dinner and then went to bed at 7:30. It was fabulous and I had no shame in my Grandma game!

El Rodeo, Dierks/Kip, Running & Family

This weekend made me feel old. I had s-o much fun, but apparently I can’t keep up anymore like I used to be able to in college. Nights out, hard workouts and concerts leave me needing lots of sleep. Enough small talk, here was what my weekend looked like!


Girl’s night out with Lindsay! I headed to her condo around 6 and we immediately hit the road to El Rodeo, a Mexican restaurant that we love.


I enjoyed 1 Mich Ultra & Linds had a margarita, and we spent a few hours chatting away about our favorite topics: men! Haha


Best friends!


There’s a TJ Maxx right next to El Rodeo so I requested that we go there so I can shop for my apartment. We found it necessary to take pictures in the mirrors. There’s nothing better than having a best friend that you can stay young with.image

We had planned on having an early night, but before we knew it, we weren’t at her condo until almost 10! After that, I headed home, and was asleep around 11:30. Such a fun night!!


I just wanted to sleep in, but because I’m trying to start my long runs at the same time my half marathon will start, I forced myself up around 7:15. Okay, so I might not be perfect yet, but I have 8 weeks!

I spent a little over an hour catching up on my DVR, eating breakfast and doing a bit of mobility so that I could attempt 8 miles. Since I ran 7 for the first time the week before, I wasn’t extremely comfortably increasing my distance by 1 mile in 7 days, so my #1 goal was to hit 7.5 miles, but I told myself that I would also be okay with 7 miles. I made it to 7.35 miles and wanted to cry. I don’t want to run a half marathon anymore haha. This crap is hard!


After running, I quickly showered, ate and headed out with my Mom to shop for apartment stuff! Nate Berkus is my design inspiration for my bathroom. Absolutely loving everything I bought for it so far!


And then it was off to Massachusetts for the Kip Moore/Dierks Bentley concert with Allie & Kris!


We <3 Kip!!kip-moore


We didn’t get home until after 2 am, and all I wanted was to sleep. I slept from about 2:30 until 9 am, and “headed” to the gym, but I was so exhausted that I ended up detouring to Target to shop. Haha! I don’t even regret it because I need to listen to my body. After running 7.35 miles and then sleeping very little, I knew a rest day was what my body would benefit the most from.

After shopping, I enjoyed a protein shake on the couch while watching The Big Bang Theory, and then headed out for my god-daughter’s baptism. Brinkley babe! <3

imageOne of my absolute favorite things ever are Lucas cuddles.




In bed and reading at 8 and lights out at 9. I feel like a grandma!

Who is your favorite singer/band to see in concert?

Chips & salsa or bread & butter at a restaurant?



Weekend in Pictures

What a fun weekend! It was full of friends, running, weights, shopping, and a fun date. Here’s a quick look at my weekend with a photo dump!

My Passport arrived! I have so much travel to look forward to. Dallas in less than a month, the Bahamas in September, and then Tampa 2 days after the Bahamas.

passportEating raw veggies when I should be cooking them. They just taste so much better with a good crunch!

imageWoke up Saturday morning and enjoyed my typical pre-run ritual. Oatmeal, compression socks and The Big Bang Theory.

imagewicked good training run. 6.5 miles in the heat! It was extremely hot and I got a few great tan lines going after this run.
runningWent shopping after a shower and food. I’m pretty sure that I need this tank top!imageI am obsessed with the back of this Nike tank top, so I decided that when I reach my next goal I am going to treat myself to it. This would be perfect to run in so I can tan my back haha.

Summer forever. Girl’s night outfit.
imageFor chips & drinks at Margarita’s in downtown Manchester with Lindsay & Nichole.

margaritasI enjoyed some of the chips and salsa and for the first time in my 27 years of living, I actually didn’t go overboard. I ordered a raspberry Stoli with water. So good!! 3 hours of girl talk. So much laughing!

margaritasSunday morning gym sessions at 8 am.
golds-gymLove having an empty gym! 2 mile warm-up run followed by 45ish minutes of shoulders/tri’s. I’m following a new program on Bodybuilding.com. This workout KICKED my butt. So good! weightsAfter the gym it was grocery shopping, shower & getting ready for the day, meal prep and food!
pb-oatmeal And then I spent my afternoon enjoying an afternoon date on the deck at Murphy’s in downtown Manchester. After 2 drinks we spent the rest of our 4 hours together walking and talking near the water. Gorgeous weather; fabulous company.

imageWhat was the highlight of your weekend?

What was your favorite workout of the weekend?

 Pre-run food?

Dear Diary Girl’s Weekend

I love weekends. I love getting to wake up whenever I want to. I love being able to take my time at the gym. I love having more time to cook meals. I love being able to move at whatever speed I want to. And what I love the most, is girl time with those that I don’t get to see too often.

After a quick, but very busy and stressful week at work, I was more than ready for a weekend of fun that would make up for a hectic 2nd half of my work week.

I started my weekend on Saturday morning with a very tough tempo run. I was really exhausted going into this, so I knew it would be tough. Add on the fact that I wore fleece-lined running pants in an already hot gym, and I was tiredX2. I got it done, even though I wanted to quit halfway through the tempo run. I actually will quit an “easy” run over a harder run, such as HIIT, tempo, fartlek, etc. Maybe because I know that completing a difficult run will make me feel badass and leads to success.

After my run, I was starving. So I decided to cook up 1 serving of chicken stir-fry… at 10 am. Such a weird breakfast, but it was what I was craving, so I went along with it!


After breakfast, I cleaned the house a bit and got some work done before heading to Boston for a girl’s day/night. We got to Brighton a little after 2, and Michelle, Lindsay, Nicole and I spent a few hours chatting and watching a movie before dinner.


Around 4:45 we headed into Cambridge for dinner, where we dined at The Asgard, an Irish restaurant. The food for me was a let down, and I found myself shoving a protein bar down my throat in hour later from hunger!

Once we finished dinner, we headed a few blocks over to Improv Boston to catch the 7 pm showing of “Dear Diary,” which touched upon all things 90s. They even did a skit about Dream Phone!


The girls before the show! Definitely a fun night with the girl!image

On Sunday I slept until about 8:50, and pretty much changed into running clothes, got my gym bag together, and headed out the door. On the schedule was a 4 mile run. I am trying to build up my longer run so that once I start training for me 1/2, these longer distances won’t be foreign to me. I did 4 miles last Saturday, so I want to slowly increase the distance each week. I will probably do 1-2 more 4 mile runs before I add another half mile to it. Slow and steady keeps me from getting injured! 🙂

After the run, I stopped by the grocery store to grab some food so I didn’t have to make an additional trip after showering. The next few hours were spent meal prepping a few stir-fry meals for lunches, eating, doing laundry, and then getting the Larabar packages ready for mailing! And that’s a Sarah Fit vlog keeping me entertained.

imageAfter that, I spent a relaxing afternoon and evening shopping, cooking dinner and watching Dexter.

What was the best part of your weekend?

Weekend Recap: Pedicure, Wedding Crafts & Thanksgiving #3

As I’m typing this, it’s Sunday evening and I’m unwinding from a busy and non-stop weekend full of friends and fun. It was a weekend that left me smiling and wiped out.

I don’t remember much of what I did on Friday night. Probably just shop at Target and catch up on a few of my shows on DVR. It’s so nice to finally be caught up on all of my shows that had been stacking up for the past months. Victory!

Saturday started at the gym. I got in a mini run and followed it up with abs and a short chest workout. It might have been a short workout, but man are my boobs sore from it!

After my workout, my Mom and I treated ourselves to a spa day at the local nail salon, Eco Nails, for a pedicure.


After my 10k last fall, I promised myself that I would treat my feet to a pedicure, and, well, 4 months later and I finally got it! I went for a fun, bright pink color in hopes that it will make spring and flip flop season arrive sooner. 🙂


After our pedicure, I spent a few hours running errands before it was time to head 40 minutes south to spend the afternoon and evening with my best friend Lisha and her fiance JJ. I love the fun socks that Target sells, so when I found a fun spring pair, I decided to buy a pair for Lisha as well. We decided to be sock twins for our night. <3


Lisha made us turkey burgers that were stuffed with onions, peppers and apples (ohmygosh!), and JJ grilled for us. After our family dinner, it was on to tv and arts and crafts for their big day! 179 days away!


Once we were practically finished, we had a little fun with the crafts. We look like aliens celebrating New Year’s Eve!


And a good fiance allowing his #1 to torment him.

imageDuring crafts, Lisha busted out our favorite snack from high school. When we were in high school, during the summer months I would visit her at her family’s lake house and we would enjoy this snack by the bowlfuls. Fresh fruit + crack dip {fluff & cream cheese}. I absolutely loved that she made this.. such a great surprise!image

I got home around 10, and proceeded to have a cookies & cream casein shake before heading up to bed. I don’t know who I am turning into! My verdict is that this casein tastes better with just water instead of making a shake with frozen strawberries and water.


Sunday came way too quickly after a restless night of sleep. I pulled myself out of bed and got myself to the gym. It was an easy day of cardio so it wasn’t taxing by any means. It felt good to just do cardio and work up a sweat. Forgot my ipod so I just stared at people the entire time. Naturally.


After the workout it was on to quick cleaning before heading out for lunch and a movie. Got my favorite grilled chicken salad at The Tap House, and then went to watch the stupidest but sort of funny movie. I’m embarrassed to say this… Hot Tub Time Machine 2. I’m cringing.

the-tap-houseWhen I got home around 4, all I wanted to do was relax in my sweats with the tv until it was time for Thanksgiving #3. I ate so disgustingly fast that I was about to blow right after. I made cauliflower faux mashed potatoes and they were so fabulous!


 What was the highlight of your weekend?

A Fabulous Weekend

What a wonderful, wonderful weekend. It’s funny how when you actually surround yourself with amazing people, good times ensue. 🙂

I kicked off my weekend on Friday by heading to my cousin, Lindze’s house, to spend the evening with her, her husband Mike, and their son, Lucas. A face you know all too well on this blog. 

While momma cooked us tacos, we tried to play in the living room, but Lucas has a new obsession with cooking, and always wants to be in the kitchen, which isn’t the safest thing! The taco bowls were out of this world amazing. Lindze was surprised when I had mentioned I was putting sour cream in my taco bowl. That’s what I love about following a macro meal plan. I knew we were going to be having tacos and that there would definitely by sour cream, so I put that meal into my planner first, and then worked the rest of my meals around that. It’s all about balance, and by following macros, I got to enjoy a big taco bowl, topped with sour cream and cheese!


After dinner, Lucas showed us how he can put together a puzzle. We played a little bit of soccer, before the little man was ready for bed. I hung out with Lindze while she gave him his bath, and then I got to read 3 bedtime stories to the babe.



After being awoken by a text just shy of 8 am, I decided that I was up for the day. I was still a bit tired, so instead of getting an early workout in, I decided to go for the ultimate relaxation. Blogging in bed. I actually write my weekend recaps in pieces, so that by Sunday evening, I’m not tasked with recapping the entire weekend. {{So it’s 8:52 am on Saturday morning as I’m typing the above and this part.}}


After drafting the above, I then decide to do a bit of blog clean-up for some impending blog changes. I also started to draft the meat of several other blog posts so that I can get ahead of the game. <<– I love when I have this kind of motivation haha.

It was then on to the gym, where I put myself through a really great upper body workout. After about 30 minutes of that, I headed home, changed into thermal running pants, and headed out for a run. I was aiming for 3 miles, but my body just felt so good, that I ended up covering 4.56 miles. I covered all of the hills with such ease, and I owe it all to HIIT runs and HIIT on the stairmaster. When I haven’t been covering distances in the 4-5 mile range, I make sure that the other runs involve sprints, which is definitely proving to be very beneficial. I am making it so that my cardio is as beneficial as it can be. Not just lollygagging on a machine.


After my run, I showered, ate, and then headed out to begin my Christmas shopping. After a few hours, I met up with a guy for a quick unsuccessful date, before heading over to Lindsay’s for a girl’s night. We chatted about life for a bit, before settling in to watch a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie. Love nights like this with my bestie.


After such a fun and tiring Saturday, I welcomed waking up at 9 am. I’ve been really tired lately; not my body, just my head, if that makes sense, so even the 10+ hours of sleep didn’t do much for making me energized.

I was about to watch tv on the couch, but instead, I headed out to the grocery store around 9:30 to grab groceries that I needed for meal prep later that day. Get it “out-of-the-way” is how I view it! From about 10-12, I cleaned the house and putzed around, before heading to the gym to get a run in. I didn’t want to do strength since I planned on going to CrossFit today, so my plan was a 3 mile run and then HIIT on the stairmaster. Every 5 minutes of the run, I increased the speed to get accustomed to faster speeds.


I was loving life the rest of the day, so I breezed through meal prep and several other things, before finally retreating to the couch to write-up this post and get ahead on some other stuff!

All in all, such a fabulous weekend!

What was the highlight of your weekend?

A Weekend of Failed Runs & Girl Time

Happy Columbus Day! While some of you have the day off, I’m stuck at work, which is fine since I had Friday off due to our company outing. I just want to thank you all for your kind words that you sent my way on Friday. It means so much that you care, and your kind words were truly felt. It’s hard to let a great person go, and I have not one bad thing to say about him, but time just wasn’t on our side. Maybe one day, but for now, I am living my life and want to focus on all of my goals.


So back to Friday, we had our company outing at Pawtucakawy State Park. It was freezing outside, and since the grass was still wet with dew, our shoes and socks were soaked. Our day was full of games, really ridiculous games, but it was so much fun to goof off with my coworkers.


Our team rocked the blue bandanas, yes like that gang, not on purpose, but I am so sheltered that I can’t even tell you the name of the gang. Nothing better than a fun work day wearing Reebok pants, a hoodie, workout tank AND a sports bra. Heaven! If only every day were like this!

Team Picture

I had high hopes to get my 6.2 mile training run in once I got home around 4. I was exhausted with a horrible headache, but I set out anyway. Within the first minute I had to pee, and then my legs started feeling like bricks, and by mile 1.5 I just wasn’t feeling the run. I thought that if my legs felt this way on race day this coming Sunday, I was royally screwed. So, I went home and decided that I will attempt my 6.2 miles Saturday morning.


I decided that this weekend I wanted to do a test run of the 10k to figure out if my plan for eating and hydration solidly allowed me to run 6.2 miles without suffering. When I awoke, I really had no appetite at all, but I knew that I wanted and needed to run those miles today, and that doing it fasted was not the way to go.

I found a Thomas bagel thin, toasted it up, and then put 1/2 tbsp of pb on each half. I’ve mistakenly run after eating too much peanut butter, and let me tell you, it makes you want to throw up, so I knew 1 tbsp total was enough for me. After letting my breakfast digest for about a hour and a half, it was time for me to head out for the run. Fingers seriously, tightly crossed that it would go smoothly.


The rain started to pour, and with it being 44 degrees out, I knew running in the cold rain would be a bad idea. Off to the treadmill I went, and it was awful again. I managed 3 miles before I couldn’t go any longer. For some reason, treadmills make my back hurt, which probably is just me having bad form on that damn thing.

After my lame run, I fueled up with a thick protein shake, since I could only stomach something light. #PeriodProbz


Once I was fresh from the shower, I did a little meal prep and then ran a few errands; grocery shopping and to the library. Return of hot lemon water because I am so crampy. The way to my heart is with Starbucks mugs. Not their coffee, just their mugs. I <3 SB mugs.


Then it was off to Massachussetts to spend the afternoon and evening with my best friend Lisha. Lisha and her boyfriend just bought a house, so I was super excited to see it! We hung out and talked for a bit, before we made dinner together. Lisha had bought a Veggeti, which spiralizes veggies, so turkey zucchini spaghetti was on the menu.



This was the easiest spiralizer ever, and the meal was out of this world amazing. The rest of our evening was spent watching tv and movies with her boyfriend JJ, who I totally approve of, especially seeing as how he watched chick flicks with us and didn’t hate it one bit! Such a fabulous evening with my best <3.



I was confused when my alarm went off at 7:15 in the morning, but then I remembered that I had set my alarm so that I could get that run in. I had wanted 6.2 miles, but the run was brutal. I covered just about 5 miles (my Garmin died at 4.3ish), and I had to stop a  lot, but I was pleased with 5 miles. I think my legs are just wicked tight from all of the running, so I made sure to foam roll, use my stick, and take an epsom and ice bath.


Quick stop at Runner’s Alley after the run, followed by a girl’s day to see Gone Girl. Holy crap, go see that movie right now! So disturbing but so good! Ben Affleck & Neil Patrick Harris <333


The rest of my afternoon was spent driving around with the family looking at foliage, and then heading to Bed, Bath & Beyond to get the Veggetti. My 20% off coupon made this $11.99. Such a steal, AND so much better than a big clunky spiralizer.IMG_1769What was the highlight of your weekend?

Do you use a spiralizer?

Running Phase. Advocare. The Farm. NYC.

Sorry for the odd title, I just didn’t have any good one liners in this post, so I felt the need to make a title with my favorite words in this post. Already off to a bad start here.

I’m going through a phase this week where I don’t want to take a rest day. It’s more so that I want to run a lot this week and not do CrossFit. I think I’ve just been having really great runs the days I do get out there, that I want to run more this week than normal. Sometimes I’m just weird and I don’t have definite answers to give you.

Tuesday morning I went running in the women’s gym at Gold’s, and one of the lady’s in there had a bad case of stinky farts. Brutal. That made me second guess this wanting to run thing. Running while holding your breath is hard and painful. My new favorite way to run is with a hat on, because by the end of my 3.5-4 mile run, I still look presentable and I don’t scare the male population away.

Speaking of men… I’m super excited to tell you that I took my dating profile down a few weeks ago because…. I don’t want to date! I hope I didn’t get anyone’s hopes up with landing a boyfriend, but I just don’t want to put effort into dating. I’m ultra happy at the moment, and really want to focus on myself, gearing up for my CrossFit competition in 58 days (!!!), the blog, and my career. There IS someone that I like and would totally say yes to if asked on a date, but right now, I’m happy, confident and love the life I live, and just want to keep on being happy and not put effort into finding a man. So please do not expect any awkward date stories for the time being. Awkward life stories will have to suffice instead.

Not going on countless dates throughout the week now leaves me more time for things like seeing friends. Last night I had a girls night with Lindsay and Lauren. We hadn’t seen Lauren (our college roomie) since April of last year (holy crap), so we got together for food (them) and chatter, at Baked.

And tonight, Emily and I will be finally grabbing a bite at The Farm. We have been trying to go for about a year now, and that’s not even an exaggeration. Cannot wait to farm it up with that little blonde chiquita!

Oh, and also, I am excited to announce that last week Ben, my former middle school classmate, encouraged me to become an Advocare distributor. I had completed the 24 Day Challenge previously, and LOVED the results I received. I never did blog about it, because you never know how those things will work, but the challenge did so much for me that I decided to continue on with the products. Ben, who is a trainer and a man beast, took the time over several days to educate me on how the products would continue with my progress in CrossFit. I figured if I was going to continue with the products, it wouldn’t hurt to sign up so I can get a yearly discount. Score!

For now, I’m continuing in the Max Phase, where I’ll be using Spark, Catalyst (to continue and amplify muscle toning), and MNS C to control my appetite and keep me from snacking all of the time.


I will definitely review those products once I have used them more. And I definitely plan on doing another 24 Day Challenge in about a month, so if anyone is interested we can do it together, or you can do it now!

This is my affiliate link, just a heads up. If you have any questions, ask away. Ben said he has no issue talking in depth about any of the products. He is awesome and tolerates the 50 question game. I literally asked him every scenario with certain products for my training, and he was so patient.

Oh and only 2 more days stand between me, New York City and awesome blends. Weeeee!!!

Weekend Highlights in Pictures

Phew, what a weekend in the books! My weekend was jam packed, tiring, and full of insane shenanigans.


My Friday night was spent taste testing for a product review & giveaway that you will see tomorrow. It involved peanut butter, and was worth not being Paleo for the night.



My day started bright and early at 7, where I lounged around for 45 minutes, before heading to CrossFit. We had a partner workout, and I was pumped that my 6:30 am partner and crime, Kara, was my partner. The 20 minute workout left us beat, which meant staying for half of the mobility class was necessary to work the lactic acid out of my legs.

After CrossFit, I went home, and headed out for a 3 mile run in the ‘hood. It was close to 50 degrees out, and I just couldn’t pass up a run outside. It was slow and tough, thanks to a week of heavy squats, but it felt good to get out there!


After CrossFit, my 3 mile run, and de-icing the driveway, I was more than hungry. I ate all of the food for brunch. 6 eggs + mixed peppers and sweet potato chunks. #eatallthefoodIMG_6654

After a quick shower and such, I headed to You’re Fired, to paint pottery with a few of the CrossFit girls. I can’t get away from the polka dots!IMG_6656

The rest of my afternoon was spent running errands, completing some blog work, and reading, before heading out for a night on the town with Sarah. We had planned to grab drinks at The Tap House at 8, but when we got there, it was packed. We decided to head downtown to go to one of the Manchester bars, but apparently the entire state had the same idea, because we didn’t find a parking spot until 8:50.

We walked through alleys and puddles, and walked into a solid 3 bars, which were also jam packed. Around 9:15, we had enough, and decided to drive back to Hooksett to see if The Tap House wasn’t as packed.


Bingo. We were in luck and grabbed 2 bar seats, and immediately ordered drinks. Tequila on the rocks for me. They forgot to give me lime juice at first, and the first few sips started a bonfire in my throat.


As always, Sarah and I had a blast. Girl is hilarious, and had me laughing non-stop throughout the night. She told me several times that what she was about to tell me could not make an appearance on the blog, and after 2 fire-burning glasses of tequila, I’m not sure I remember what those things were. I also had the most messed up and weird dreams ever. Hashtag no more tequila.


I woke up tired and sore. The past week’s workouts finally caught up to me, and gave me a crazy sore body. My legs were tight, and my shoulders were sore. I realized I never had a full day of rest, so I took Sunday as a lazy day, no working out. It killed me, because I love to get 3-4 miles in on Saturday and Sundays, since I’m CrossFit heavy during the week. Lesson learned.

I headed to my cousin, Lindze’s for a 1 pm party, where I got to see a few of my relatives. Loved seeing them!


Jake loves that I brought my fuzzy blanket home and now sleeps on my bed all of the time. He loves putting EOS on his lips. He has huge double paws, and I love those little monsters!


I think weekends should be 5 days long. I could handle working Tuesday and Thursdays, but I require 5 days to see my friends and family.