Macros & Real Life + My Routine

I started counting macros and following the flexible dieting route 3 or so years ago, and back then I feel as if flexible dieting wasn’t hugely popular. Now it seems that a lot of people have heard about macros or follow a flexible dieting way of eating, and it’s not as uncommon as it used to be.

It can be hard to explain macros to your direct and extended family, or when you’re going on date after date, but you’d be surprised that your friends and family will come to support you once they have a better understanding of how macros work and what it consists of. They might find it confusing or give you a hard time in good fun at first, but trust me when I say that they hopefully will come around and fully support you.

And when it comes to dating, I’ve found that if you are attracted to healthy, athletic men or women, that the chances are good that they have eating habits that will make you feel less alone with how you eat.

Just the other day I was telling a guy that I was meal prepping for the week and he asked if I was on a strict diet or if I’m type A (haha). I simply informed him that 1) meal prepping keeps me from eating like an a-hole, and 2) that I follow macros and work with a coach. He surprised me by saying that he was starting with a coach the following day and had a meal plan to follow as well.

So, if you’re dating and counting macros, be honest and upfront if the topic comes up. I don’t bring it up unless I’m asked about my nutrition or training, or asked about my meal prepping routine.  If that person is right for you, they won’t give you crap and will be interested in supporting you. Some days counting macros can be a pain in the butt, like when it comes to events out of the norm, but if you don’t hit your numbers that day, it’s not the end of the world. You will not gain weight if you eat a slice of cake or go over your carbs for the day. If you continue to eat over your macros and eat junk food every day, then yes, you might gain weight.

And also, don’t let macros rule your life. Don’t stop having fun and going out just because it might prevent you from hitting your macros that day. If you’re just starting out on macros for the first time, maybe try to avoid eating out right off the bat if it will prevent you from getting stressed, but as you get into the routine of it, you’ll be able to eyeball portions when you’re out to eat.

This is why macros, or flexible dieting, as it’s referred to, is so great. It allows us to be flexible with what we eat. Technically speaking, as long as you hit your numbers, you can eat whatever, but you can’t just front load your body with junk. Macros allow me to eat the meals and snacks that make me feel good, but that also satisfy cravings that I might have.

I try to make my main meals as healthy as possible, and by that, I mean getting my protein from chicken, beef, and eggs. My fats from coconut oil, eggs, almonds, and peanut butter, and my carbs from veggies and oatmeal.

The first half of my day is almost always pretty static from day to day, and the afternoon and evening might be more geared towards cravings. That’s why I try to get most of my veggies and lean proteins in during the first half of the day, that way if I want to indulge or enjoy a dinner date with friends or a guy, then I can without guilt, as I know that I’ll have carbs and fats to play around with.

If you’re a long-time reader, then you know that I get my workouts in during the early morning hours. I either shower at work or back at my apartment if time permits, and on the days that I shower at my apartment, I will always have a handful of raisins in my car right after the gym, and will then enjoy a shake when I get home.

imageAshley and I made friends with a guy at the gym, and several weeks back I noticed him eating after his workout. He told me how he learned from a Navy SEAL that consuming a handful of raisins after your workout and then a shake are great for helping your body recover from the workout. I trust Brian, so raisins and a shake it is. I found these extra mini containers at Target, and they are the perfect amount for post-workout. My carbs are precious, so I was happy when I saw that these boxes are only 11 grams of carbs. The raisins help replenish your muscle glycogen almost immediately, which helps with your recovery.

The raisins are usually eaten around 6:40, with a shake around 7:10 am.


Around 8 am and later in the afternoon, I take 1 scoop of Xtend BCAA’s in Pineapple (OBSESSED) mixed in with water, in order to replenish lost electrolytes. I swear by this brand, and always have at least 2 tubs of this on hand. One at work and one at home. I’ve tried fruit punch, green apple, sour green apple, grape, strawberry kiwi, and watermelon, and love all of them, but pineapple and sour green apple are my absolute favorites. The regular green apple tastes exactly like apple juice!

imageI typically don’t get hungry again until 9 am, so that’s when I will have the first part of my breakfast. I usually have oatmeal first to make sure that my body gets the carbs it needs. I’ve been obsessed with the OatFit pouches of oatmeal, and I will top it with 1 tbsp of peanut butter and maple syrup.


Around 11 I break into the second part of breakfast, which is an omelet. I put spinach and 1 Laughing Cow cheese wedge in the omelet, and then top it with another cheese wedge. Sometimes I’ll eat the oatmeal and omelet together, but I’ve really enjoyed breaking this meal into 2 smaller meals. If I don’t put peanut butter in my oatmeal, then I will put coconut oil in it instead, which is a fabulous addition!

Later in the afternoon, maybe around 1:40/2ish, I’ll have lunch, which is a stir-fry, usually made up of squash, zucchini, asparagus, red peppers and either chicken or chicken sausage. I love everything about this meal, mostly because I get to eat so many veggies and can get the micronutrients that my body needs. If my chicken sausage is low in fat, then I’ll add in a single-serving pouch of almonds to my meal.


An afternoon snack can vary from cucumbers and hard-boiled eggs, another bowl of OatFit with peanut butter or coconut oil, or a packet of almonds with carrots. I know that those don’t sound too exciting, but I enjoy them, and I feel good knowing that I’m giving my body the veggies, proteins, and healthy fats that it needs to keep me healthy and satisfied.

Dinners vary, depending on what I have left for the day, but it might be another omelet, chicken and sweet potatoes, stiry-fry, or a thick protein shake. My last meal depends on my remaining macros and what I’m craving. It might be a Quest protein bar, another protein shake sprinkled with powdered pb, or maybe it’s an English muffin with peanut butter.


The later parts of the day all vary, but I like that, mostly because it allows me to be flexible. If I’m invited for a spur of the moment dinner that night, it allows me to say yes since I’ve made smarter choices with how I allocate my macros earlier in the day.

If you’re interested in counting macros on your own or with a coach, do your research. Instagram is my go-to for finding coaches and IIFYMers to follow. Some hashtags to search under include:

  • Macros
  • Flexibledieting

A good resource on how to calculate macros on your own:

My awesome coach Ashley of Grit Health.

Other great macro resources:

I’ll be back tomorrow with a recap of how week 3 went on the current cut my coach has me on!

If you follow a specific way of eating, how do you handle telling others?

Are you lenient or strict when out to eat?

Lenient baby! Just the other night I enjoyed chips & salsa, a quesadilla, and dessert! Eating out =  high carb day

Do y you have any additional great macro resources?


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Back On The Macro Accountability Train

Since my trip to the Bahamas last fall, I have “loosely” counted macros, with most of the calculations being done by myself. I wanted to save money and was growing frustrated with the plateau I had hit, so I just kind of said “meh, I need some freedom.” More like freedom from having to check in with my coach weekly, not freedom from tracking my meals, because I had no issue doing that. I just wanted a bit of a break.

I actually took a break from working with my coach before, and I think like anything that you stick to, sometimes you just need to take a step back for a recharge. I have friends who also work with macro coaches, and they too took breaks every now and then before signing up for another installment of months.

I had been toying with the idea of working with Ashley again for probably a solid month, before I decided that it was time. I emailed her about a week before the 4th of July, and after a quick catch-up, I immediately signed up for 3 months. It was one of those moments where I knew it was the absolute right choice.

I wasn’t feeling my best, and I knew from prior experience that if I did what Ashley told me to do, which is follow the macros as close as possible, that I would see the results and make the progress that I wanted. I had lost 17 lbs with her previously, so it now relied on my motivation and diligence to see losses like that, this time around.

The first week was a bit rough. I hate listening to people and doing what they say, mostly because I love food and eating. The second week was a lot easier, and now that I’m on to week 3, I feel a heck of a lot better than when I sent Ashley that email several weeks back.


The first week was hard simply because I was eating less. Obviously when I didn’t have a coach to report to, I could go over my macros without fear of letting her down. It’s just funny, well not really, because by overeating, I would be letting myself down. Once I knew I was paying for her service, I became hungry with motivation. Motivation to hit my numbers. Motivation to watch my performance in the gym get better. Motivation to watch my body slowly change.

And while this is only the beginning, I’m feeling incredibly happier, more fit, and determined. Putting my jeans on yesterday morning before catching my flight to Dallas, they fit better than they did last Thursday. It’s crazy what several days can do, and that makes me motivated to keep the momentum going.

I plan on working with Ashley for more than just the 3 months that I paid for – I simply just chose her 3-month plan because it’s less expensive than paying monthly, and it’s less of a hit on my savings account than paying for 6 months upfront. Since I find macros fascinating and love following the journey of others who 1) count macros, 2) work with a macro coach, and 3) are on a fitness journey, I definitely plan on making this a weekly blog topic.

As I plan to cover this topic each week, I’d love for you to let me know if there are certain things you’d like me to touch upon. Would you like to see some of my favorite meals or snacks from that week, progress that I made from the prior week, struggles, thoughts, tangents about macros? Let me know and I’ll make sure to include those!

I just want to end this post by saying that counting macros is not for everyone, just as eating Paleo, or being vegan, isn’t for everyone. You have to find what works best for your body, and once you find what that is, stick to it! Don’t let the opinions of others keep you from trying to become your healthiest self. It’s your life, and we only have one life, so live it how you want.

I will be back tomorrow for another post regarding macros, and then back again on Friday!

Please leave a comment below on what you’d like me to discuss in my macro posts going forward!

A Look Into Tuesday’s Eats!

Remember those weeks where I used to always do a What I Ate Wednesday post? I remember, and I miss those posts! Since I’m almost a week on my new fitness and macro program, more on that in an upcoming post, I thought it’d be fun to share what I ate on Tuesday. Previous daily eats posts used to include 3 meals and 3 snacks, but over time, I’ve moved on to 3 larger main meals and 2 smaller snacks. It works for me, especially when my work days can get busy, so let’s dive on in!

Breakfast // 7:50 am

1/2 cup of old fashioned oats, 1 egg white, 4 grams chia seeds. Topped with warmed up frozen blueberries and 1 tbsp of peanut butter. Oats have returned to my daily rotation, and I’m quite happy about this!


Lunch // 12:15 pm

I am utterly obsessed with this meal, and could eat it all day long. To appear normal, I eat it for lunch every day. Mashed sweet potatoes with lean ground beef, Appelgate hot dogs and broccoli.


Snack // 3 pm

I needed chocolate in a bad way, so while I was at the store on my lunch break, I found a Quest bar and snagged it!


Dinner // 5:30 pm

This meal makes me oh so happy, mostly because it’s a solid balance of fat, carbs and protein. Roasted sweet potatoes make my life complete. The best way to eat sweet potatoes!


Snack // 7:00 pm

I never understood how people could eat dessert immediately after dinner, but now I get it. That’s all I want to do these days, so waiting until 7 pm was hard!! To finish off my macros for the day, I made Hilary’s 30 second brownie, and topped it with a little bit of peanut butter. Recycled photo just because.


What was the best thing that you ate yesterday?

What are your favorite oatmeal toppings?

Why I’m Tracking My Macros While On The Whole30

I feel like a common question that I’ve received is why I’m still tracking my macros while on the Whole30. I completely understand that the Whole30 is a means to provide your body with healthier food options to kick the built up crap out of your system, and to more so eat intuitively. It is just my belief that those that eat a more Paleo-aligned lifestyle eat intuitively. I respect that.

I also feel that a lot of people who have not followed the macro/IIFYM lifestyle might believe that we only feed our body donuts and cookies. That’s not why I needed a detox. I needed a detox because I treated my body like crap, and not like a temple. Your body fuels you to succeed in making it through each and every day. I’ve failed at fueling my body properly. Maybe it was one too many protein bars, or sugar-packed peanut butters, or lots of chocolate. Over time, my body got hooked, and it needed a time-out.

I’ve done Paleo before, and while I felt awesome on it, my body didn’t look awesome. I went from IIFYM to Paleo, where I didn’t track my macros at all. I got fluffy. I got fluffy because I was eating endless amounts of fat. I would demolish a container of cashews or almonds simply because they were Paleo.

When I got serious about IIFYM last December, I dropped 20 lbs and looked my best ever. I didn’t feel deprived one bit. Somewhere along the summer and fall, I became extremely lax, and to be quite honest, I couldn’t tell you when the last day was that I actually hit my macros.

My positive and negative experiences in eating Paleo and tracking macros have been the key factor in why I plan to continue with tracking my macros while on the Whole30. Through experience eating Paleo, I do know that my body felt amazing, and while tracking my macros, I know that my body is capable of dropping weight. If I combine the two, I have a really great inkling that I’ll look and feel better than both of those time periods.

I’m not doing the Whole30 to lose weight, although that would be an added benefit. My main focus is to kick my sugar-addiction, gain a healthier relationship with food, and then, in the end, I hope to experiment with non-Whole30/Paleo foods to see how my body reacts.image

The night before starting the Whole30, when I was planning out my meals for Day 1, the first thing that I noticed was that it was A LOT of food! Funny how you can eat more when you’re choosing from real foods instead of processed foods. In regards to tracking my macros, I will do my best to hit my numbers, but if I’m too full to reach them, then I will stay under for the day, but will do my best as always to not go over them. Sometimes life happens and we have days where we are ravenous, but at least I know that if I do need to eat more, then at least I have healthy options in my fridge to choose from, like sweet potato slices that taste like candy! {Sweet potatoes simply roasted with coconut oil}.

In Week 3 I might make the decision to stop tracking my macros, but for now, this system is actually working wonderful for me, and I am feeling simply amazing! Today is day 8, by the way, and I haven’t once felt the need to quit or have a food that is off limits! Woo! 🙂

Have you done the Whole30 before? Tell me about your experience!

Would you ever do the Whole30? Why or why not?

Better Macro Choices & What Is Making Me Happy

Good morning, good morning & happy Friday! I didn’t intend to take 2 days off from blogging, but the past few evenings I’ve immersed myself in my life project and well, that just took precedence over a post… plus, I really didn’t have anything new to say, so there ya have it!

It’s Friday though, so let’s catch up!

First things first. My favorite topic. Food. Well, talking about hunky men is my favorite topic, but, after that it’s food. I’ve been making a conscious effort to incorporate as many healthy fats in my meals and snacks as possible. I think my favorite and healthiest fat swap has been in my daily lunch wraps, and instead of a slice of cheese, I’ve added half of an avocado.


Weird fact: I hate guac but love cold avocado. I’ve noticed that this alone has been making my lunch keep me full a lot longer, some days making it not even necessary for me to have my afternoon snack.

imageWhen my macro numbers were changed and I was given extra fat to play with, I did tell you guys that I started using natural peanut butter instead of JIF Whips all of the time. In looking for foods that would be the most beneficial, I recently swapped my english muffin and peanut butter for a banana with peanut butter. Even though my body has no trouble digesting processed carbs, I knew that a banana would be the better choice, so that’s what I’ve been doing!


I’ve also upped my vitamin game. I’ve always taken Glucosamine because of the running that I do and I like to keep my joints healthy, but after struggling with energy, my friend told me that maybe I’m Vitamin D deficient. Add that to my cart! The hair, skin and nail supplement is a test, so we’ll see how that works! Although when looking at the label, I realized that the hair, skin and nails has the same amount of Vitamin D3 that I have been taking, so I’ll probably save my bottle of Vitamin D for when I run out of HSNails.

imageAs far as workouts go, I’ve still been taking it pretty easy at the gym. I’ve really been enjoying just running again, so I’ve been incorporating a run/lift every other day type of schedule, which is working for me! Maybe next week I’ll bring make more lifting days, but for me this week, this is what is making me happy! Also, let it be known that 3 days my workouts have been shorter because my stupid iPhone alarm won’t go off! Granted, instead of 5 am, I’ve gotten up at 5:20 and 5:45, but still, that’s annoying!! Come on Apple!!

Other things making me happy this week? 72 degree weather in November!


Unwrapping a new protein bar {FitElite} is like Christmas…


Because you see glorious chunks like this one! Verdict: super good! It has a chewier texture than Quest, but I still think I prefer Quest! I would buy this again though!

Chocolate chips in banana bread mini muffins are the end all of

What are your weekend plans?

Linds and I are going to see Brett Eldredge & Thomas Rhett VIP style!!

What made you happy this week?

The 2 Best Decisions Ever & Banana Bread Mini Muffin Recipe { Macro Friendly }

On Saturday I made the best decision of my life. I bought a mini cupcake tray.

On Monday, I made the 2nd best decision of my life. I bought Quest’s Banana Cream protein powder.

Don’t get all “eww” on me about a banana protein powder. I’ve been extremely curious about Quest protein powders ever since they announced the new product line months and months ago, but because I didn’t bake often with protein powder, I passed on trying it.

I’ve recently, within the past month, have really enjoyed making macro-friendly snacks or meals with protein powder; protein donuts, protein pancakes, protein bread, etc, and it was my mission to find the best protein powder to bake with. Lucky for me, GNC carries the single serving packets of Quest protein powders, making it possible for me to test out the flavors before committing to a tub. I was so impressed with the banana protein pancakes that I made last week with Quest protein powder, Kodiak Cakes pancake mix and MuscleEgg whites, that I bought the tub on Monday.

imageThe pancakes that I made with the banana cream Quest powder were literally the best protein pancakes that I have ever made. They were thick, decadent, and tasted exactly like banana bread. They weren’t dry at all. I had been wanting to buy a mini cupcake tray for honestly, probably close to a year, but never did. I found a cheap priced tray at Walmart for probably $6, and bit the bullet.

This is the easiest recipe to make, and the quickest and most painless recipe to bake. Even better, you can make two batches at once, since the batter makes enough for 12 muffins, and there are 24 slots! 🙂

imageBanana Bread Mini Muffins


  • 38 grams (1 serving) Kodiak Cake Buttermilk & Honey pancake mix
  • (1 scoop) of Quest Banana Cream protein powder
  • 46 grams of MuscleEgg Cake Batter liquid egg whites (regular egg whites will work too)
  • Baking powder (use your desired amount)


  1. Mix all of the ingredients together in a bowl and pour in 12 sprayed mini muffin tins
  2. Bake at 350 for about 8 minutes

This recipe yields the most adorable little muffins, and they are just as moist as the pancakes were. Mini muffins will probably be my new go-to instead of making protein pancakes for the ease of baking. Plus, I can throw these in a tupperware container or a baggie and just pop them if I’m out running errands, on a plan, in a meeting, etc!


Which form would you prefer these in… mini muffins, muffins, donuts, waffles or pancakes?

Macros – Questions Answered!

Do you have that one friend where you both experience the same things in life, or have moments where you think, “we should have our own reality show?” Well, I have that friend. Lindsay is my best friend, and we always seem to go through the same things at the same time. Shitty guy in our life? Yup, both got one (no, we don’t right now though!), creepos coming out of the woodwork? Yup, usually we get hit with a flood within 24 hours of each other. The list goes on and on. Lindsay and I usually have a handful of conversations going on at once, all different topics, all different social platforms. Text, Instragram, Facebook, email, Snapchat. You name it, we are talking on it.

Yesterday while I was working, I thought to myself, “wow, our daily emails could be a blog in and of itself.” Later in the day, my coworker who just signed up to track macros, was in my office asking me how in the world she can eat her remaining 50 grams of carbs, 4 grams of fat and 100 grams of protein. My emails with Lindsay yesterday revolved a lot around motivation, macros, and becoming our best version of ourselves. And that was when this idea for today’s post came in my mind. Lindsay was asking me several questions, and I thought that our conversation was perfect for a post because there are probably a lot of you out there tracking macros with similar questions or thoughts. So here we go! I grabbed a few of Lindsay’s comments or questions and followed them up with my exact answers to her questions! This is going to be a long post, so if you’re not into tracking macros or planning your meals, feel free to skip this post!

Do you ever notice how a lot of fitness people post a lot of motivational quotes? I get that everyday won’t be sunshine and rainbows, but maybe they do have this whole mental game down pat (for the most part). 

I have noticed that fitness people post a lot of motivational quotes, but ya know, they could be posting it because they might be going through a struggle where they need to post it to just keep reminding themselves that it will get easier or to just stick to it. I think a lot of it just needs to click, and once it clicks, the motivation stays with you. Like I mean, I did macros for a year and it didn’t click with me until last December where I stayed committed to my macros and finally saw results. The past few months I’ve been struggling to find that “click” again, but I think I’m getting really close to it. You’ll get that click back when you are ready to tackle it head on. Just keep trying to do your best each day and then one day it will just happen.


Do you plan a full days’ worth of meals ahead of time? Or do you sorta just wing it?

So I always, always, always have the same breakfast and the same 1st snack of the day. Lunches are typically always the same each week because it’s easier. Whatever I meal prep on the weekend is my lunch for the week. It used to be tuna wraps or grilled chicken with butternut squash and potatoes, but turkey wraps with cheese, spinach and relish have been keeping me so full, it takes seconds to prep the night before, and it’s cheap! Dinners are usually winged, but I plan it the day before.


So right now I have taco turkey prepped in my fridge, so I just decide what I’m craving. Monday I had taco bowls, last night I made chocolate chip protein donuts for dinner, and tonight will be the omelet. Then I plan on my afternoon and evening snacks based on my cravings, what I have on hand and my macros. BUTTTTT, I always go to bed knowing what my meals for the next day will be.


If I want to change something the day of, I will, and the snacks or dinner will just have to be modified. Like right now, I’m almost thinking that I won’t put the pumpkin square in my omelet and will instead use those carbs for maybe half of a bagel to enjoy with the eggs. Having a game plan going to bed really helps me feel like I can accomplish hitting my macros the next day. I’m Type A when it comes to my food, so I like knowing what I’ll be eating, etc. Phew!

So wait, do you eat 5 or 6 meals a day? 6?  I think I need to find a breakfast that I can stick with like you do.  Breakfast is usually a crap shoot in the morning for me lol. I crave different things constantly!

Always at least 6 meals! Sometimes 5 if I’m not hungry for my afternoon snack, but then I just have a double dessert haha.

I think you should try ple-planning the night before that way you can go into your day with more structure and just see if that works better for you! When I find a meal or snack that works well in a certain time spot, I really don’t switch from it because I know it works. I’ll eat my oatmeal at 7:50ish, and it keeps me full until about 11:30. Then I have my English muffin with pb and I don’t need lunch until about 1:30/2, etc. But I mean, my breakfast is oatmeal with nuts, maple syrup and melted peanut butter, and then the snack is carbs and more pb…


I mean, I REALLY look forward to those meals the most and never want to replace them. Maybe try creating one of those dessert oatmeal bowls. Something to keep you super full in the morning and that tastes amazing.


On one of Elle’s Youtube vlogs she mentioned that as her last snack she’ll just put a protein bar in its slot that way at the end of the day she has a good amount of carbs/protein/fat if she wants to replace it with something else or add more carbs to her dinner and have a smaller dessert.

There are obviously a bunch of little tricks that work well, it’s just finding what works best for you! 🙂 I hope this post was some what informative or eye opening to see what I do.

Ask me about macros!!

Feel free to leave them in the comments and I’ll respond to those and use those for future macro-related posts!


My Thoughts on the FitCrunch Cookies & Cream Protein Bar

Baked soft cookie center. 6 layer cookie protein bar. Those are some of the first words that you see on the label of the FitCrunch Cookies & Cream Protein Bar. Last week I highlighted the Lenny & Larry’s Complete Cookie, and this week it’s the FitCrunch protein bar. This post was sponsored out of my own curiosity of this increasingly popular protein bar hitting Instagram. I bought this bar with my own money, and was originally going to save it for a company outing since it’s a good meal replacement bar sitting in at 380 calories, but when I couldn’t go, I decided to still enjoy it for my afternoon snack. So no, FitCrunch did not sponsor this post, butttttt I mean, if they were to send me different flavors to review, I totally would. 😛Fit-Crunch-Protein-BarMacros:

  • 27 grams of carbs
  • 16 grams of fat
  • 30 grams of protein

Fit-Crunch-Protein-BarOne of the first things that I noticed was that this bar is thick. I cannot stand thin protein bars. Give me volume, crunch, quantity… I want it all. So this was the 1st positive of this bar.

Fit-Crunch-Protein-BarWhen you bite into it, you immediately taste a creamy type of Oreo filling almost. Then you hit the bottom, which is a crispy cookie.

Fit-Crunch-Protein-BarAs you chew, the sensations flip flop between creamy and crunchy.

Fit-Crunch-Protein-BarHere’s a view of it from a different angle, and you can really see how the white is creamy and the bottom is a crunchy cookie. There’s also a different filling above the main creamy layer.

Fit-Crunch-Protein-BarThat thick creamy center was my absolute favorite part of it all, and with the bar being ginormous, in both length and width, this was like the best party of the year that never ended!

Fit-Crunch-Protein-BarSome bites even have mini chocolate chips in them as well, which makes for an even better bite.

Fit-Crunch-Protein-BarSo yes, I would absolutely recommend this protein bar to you guys! I feel confident saying that this was actually the best bar that I have ever tried. 100% the truth right there. I wish that the fat was so high, but if you’re not worried about fat or have a lot of fat in your macros, go for it!

Have you tried the FitCrunch bars before?

What’s your favorite protein bar and flavor?

What bar should I taste test next?

My Thoughts on the Lenny & Larry’s Complete Chocolate Chip Cookie

So I did it. I finally tried the Lenny & Larry’s Complete Cookie. I have been day dreaming about these cookies for months now, from seeing them in GNC or Vitamin Shoppe, to seeing them being shared on blogs and Instagram accounts. I bought the cookie with my own money and this is not sponsored at all.


  • 54 grams of carbs
  • 12 grams of fat
  • 16 grams of protein

There are two servings in one cookie, but the macros above are for the entire cookie. There is no way someone could only eat half. If you have that kind of willpower, please teach me your ways.

LennyLarrys-Complete-CookieI kept wanting to buy one and kept holding off. Well, last weekend I finally had enough carbs on a regular day (not high carb day) to have the cookie. I purchased the Chocolate Chip Complete Cookie because chocolate chip cookies are my absolute favorite, along with sugar cookies.

The cookie is a really good size… note the comparison of it in my palm. I heard people say it was huge and I was honestly hoping that once I took it out of the package it would triple in size like those sponge animals that become ginormous once put in water haha. So the fact that it didn’t immediately enlarge like magic was my first disappointment.


I really liked the texture of it. It wasn’t hard like cardboard and didn’t taste like it was a “protein cookie.” Not enough chocolate chips though, and for the ones that were in it, they all seemed to be clumped together, so I got about 3 chips in one bite, and none in a handful of other bites. Disappointment #2.


My honest opinion. Not worth the hype. Not at all. I probably will not buy this flavor again, but I’m intrigued by the other ones. Not super intrigued where I need to try them now. Maybe months from now I’ll pick up a different one, but truthfully, I can think of so many better ways to enjoy 54 grams of carbs, 12 grams of fat and 16 grams of protein. LIKE A BOWL OF FROYO <3 Or, how about real cookies from a bakery.

No joke, I ate a bag of mini Chips Ahoy cookies right after this because I was let down, and those Chips Ahoy cookies were worth the carbs and blowing through my macros for that day.

And there you have it. For those that loved this cookie, I am jealous of you guys, but also, maybe I’m not because I have one less food that I’m addicted to? Ha!

What are your thoughts on the Lenny & Larry’s Complete Cookie?

What’s your favorite flavor cookie of Lenny & Larry’s?

Again, this post is not sponsored, and Lenny & Larry’s is probably happy that they didn’t send me this cookie for a review!

Macro Update! When Having a Meltdown Brings You a Reward

It feels like forever ago that I shared with you my success and progress with macros, and I thought today would be a good day to get up to speed with where I’m at. Actually I’m doing this update because I finally have motivation again.

For the past few weeks I have felt kind of like I was in a dead-end. I wasn’t seeing progress or the results that I expected/wanted, and I just felt hopeless. What it was, in fact, was that it appeared I hit the dreaded plateau. My body was so used to surviving on the macros that my coach had assigned to me that my body stopped responding to the slight alterations Ashley was having me follow.

I was getting so frustrated, and as a result, I wasn’t hitting my macros spot on like I had been for months on end. I began feeling more tired during the day and if you noticed that I have gone from about 4-5 posts a week to sometimes 3, well then it was because I just didn’t have the energy to write!

I have check-ins every Tuesday with Ashley, and this past Tuesday I let it all out. I let all of my frustrations and fears out. I told her that I felt like I was letting myself and her down because my progress was stalling. I have always hated to admit defeat or less than stellar results to Ashley, but it pays to be honest with your coach.

The outcome of my near-hysterics check-in? MORE MACROS!!!


It turns out that for the workouts that I put myself through, I haven’t been fueling myself enough and my body is too comfortable and used to my current macros. I have officially begun reverse dieting as of yesterday, which is defined as, “increasing calories strategically, usually to the tune of 80-100 per week, and then slowly move upward after that.” {{for the full read}}

Ummmm I had like all of these:


Ashley has told me not to freak out about the increase she made to my macros. I have about 10 extra carbs, 2 extra grams of fat and about 7 less grams of protein. Honestly, I am freaking PUMPED for more carbs and I already know that my workouts are going to get even better.

I know that with just a little extra food, I will be able to hit my numbers spot on and it will be all up to my body to respond to these new macros how it chooses to. Hopefully it makes the right choice 🙂 #BikiniOnTheBrain. I am really excited for this path my coach is having me take, so we will see how it goes!

Do you track macros?

Have you ever reverse dieted?