The Weekend Where I Took a Picture with My Future Husband

This weekend was truly magical. Nothing could have gone better, and I am left on Monday morning still wearing the ridiculous smile that I’ve worn since Friday. I slept in, I took it easy, ate great food, finally got my picture with my future husband, and my body is feeling great.


Friday was our annual Halloween competition at work, where every division dresses up and competes against each other. I was leaving work early, so instead of dressing up, I was a judge this year.


I took a 3/4 day at work because I had the best night of my life lined up! I headed home, freshened up, did a quick change of my top, packed my bags and headed out! I stopped at Starbucks on the way for a grande skinny caramel latte, which was amazing. So close with my name!

I made it into Boston a little after 4, and snagged a front row parking spot right outside of the House of Blues. Score!! I was in Boston to see my favorite artist Kip Moore perform, and in previous experience, I knew that if I grabbed a bite to eat at their restaurant, that I would get “pass the line” entry. This means that you get into the venue before the regular line does, but after the VIP. 


This was my first time eating alone, and I actually kind of liked it. I loved that I could eat at my own pace and just enjoy my food, which for me was shove it in your mouth as fast as you can, haha. I’m a fast eater, it’s bad!

I ordered the turkey club with sweet potato fries, but I think they gave me a turkey burger. The meat was gross, so I basically ate a tomato and bacon sandwich, which was pretty bad ass, ha! I had no problem polishing off almost all of the fries because I knew that I wouldn’t be eating again for about 7 hours. Plus, security confiscated my Combat Crunch bar, so it’s a good thing I ate like a queen. But seriously rude.


I ended up being first in the “pass the line” line, and immediately befriended the 3 people behind me. I get this trait from my Dad, but it really only comes out at shows, oddly enough. I even made friends with 2 groups surrounding me inside the pit as well. Anyways, not a bad view from line, huh?

All for this. Those biceps. That smile. That voice.


That ass.


Seriously, dat ass. Sex on a stick. {Sorry Mom}


And then this happened around midnight on the streets of Boston. I will never change my Facebook profile picture from this ever, ever again. Even when I’m married, my husband will not win. You lose, Kip wins.


I mean, gahhh!! I actually tripped in this picture. I don’t know why. Was I standing on my tippy toes? Probably not. I think I was just overflowing with energy haha. I received a few texts messages after posting this, being asked if he was my boyfriend. Sure!!


I was dripping sweat during the show. Literally dripping. I had sweat running down my face, down my back, my shirt was drenched, so by the time I got home, showered, ate, and and got into bed, it was close to 2 am.


Really not pleased that I woke up at 8:30, but it sure felt nice to sleep in until my body was ready to wake up! I took my time around my apartment; cleaning, tidying up my living room and bedroom, and finally digging into breakfast. Oats mixed with egg whites, cinnamon, chia seeds, and topped with maple syrup, finely diced walnuts and 1 tbsp of peanut butter.


While I was itching to go lift at the gym, I told myself that I was going to take 1 more day off from lifting for my deload week, and instead, used this breakfast as fuel for a trail run, which ended up being inspirational and possibly life changing… more on that tomorrow!


After the run and a shower, the rest of my day was spent running errands and relaxing! I’m not a fan of Halloween parties, so having nothing on my agenda for the evening of Halloween was actually pretty splendid.


LOVE day light savings!! I made up for getting little sleep Friday into Saturday, and got about 9 1/2 hours of sleep thanks to the extra hour. I was really excited because this day marked a full body workout at the gym. My body was extra rested from sleep and a week off from weights, so I was ready and roaring to go.

I started with a 15 minute warm-up run, before completing a full body workout with weights. I wanted to ease back into lifting and hit a little of each body part instead of a full blown “chest” or “back” workout. This week I’ll bring those back, but yesterday was just what I needed!

On my way home I stopped at the grocery store for the week’s haul, and proceeded to shower, eat breakfast, and watch last week’s Nashville on the couch. NOT HAPPY with the ending of the episode.


Meal prep, inspirational work, and reading happened before a movie date with my Momma to see Burnt! We love Bradley Cooper, and we both highly recommend seeing this film! <3 I ended my evening with a bbq with my family and a lazy night reading on the couch. All in all, it was a wonderful few days!

Do you like dressing up for Halloween?

What’s your favorite Halloween treat?

I really love Reese’s, KitKats & Twix. Way to pick one favorite Allie!

El Rodeo, Dierks/Kip, Running & Family

This weekend made me feel old. I had s-o much fun, but apparently I can’t keep up anymore like I used to be able to in college. Nights out, hard workouts and concerts leave me needing lots of sleep. Enough small talk, here was what my weekend looked like!


Girl’s night out with Lindsay! I headed to her condo around 6 and we immediately hit the road to El Rodeo, a Mexican restaurant that we love.


I enjoyed 1 Mich Ultra & Linds had a margarita, and we spent a few hours chatting away about our favorite topics: men! Haha


Best friends!


There’s a TJ Maxx right next to El Rodeo so I requested that we go there so I can shop for my apartment. We found it necessary to take pictures in the mirrors. There’s nothing better than having a best friend that you can stay young with.image

We had planned on having an early night, but before we knew it, we weren’t at her condo until almost 10! After that, I headed home, and was asleep around 11:30. Such a fun night!!


I just wanted to sleep in, but because I’m trying to start my long runs at the same time my half marathon will start, I forced myself up around 7:15. Okay, so I might not be perfect yet, but I have 8 weeks!

I spent a little over an hour catching up on my DVR, eating breakfast and doing a bit of mobility so that I could attempt 8 miles. Since I ran 7 for the first time the week before, I wasn’t extremely comfortably increasing my distance by 1 mile in 7 days, so my #1 goal was to hit 7.5 miles, but I told myself that I would also be okay with 7 miles. I made it to 7.35 miles and wanted to cry. I don’t want to run a half marathon anymore haha. This crap is hard!


After running, I quickly showered, ate and headed out with my Mom to shop for apartment stuff! Nate Berkus is my design inspiration for my bathroom. Absolutely loving everything I bought for it so far!


And then it was off to Massachusetts for the Kip Moore/Dierks Bentley concert with Allie & Kris!


We <3 Kip!!kip-moore


We didn’t get home until after 2 am, and all I wanted was to sleep. I slept from about 2:30 until 9 am, and “headed” to the gym, but I was so exhausted that I ended up detouring to Target to shop. Haha! I don’t even regret it because I need to listen to my body. After running 7.35 miles and then sleeping very little, I knew a rest day was what my body would benefit the most from.

After shopping, I enjoyed a protein shake on the couch while watching The Big Bang Theory, and then headed out for my god-daughter’s baptism. Brinkley babe! <3

imageOne of my absolute favorite things ever are Lucas cuddles.




In bed and reading at 8 and lights out at 9. I feel like a grandma!

Who is your favorite singer/band to see in concert?

Chips & salsa or bread & butter at a restaurant?



I Almost Wore Yoga Pants On a Date

I’m really proud of myself for 1) making it to Friday without complaining about the week dragging (it didn’t), and, 2) for getting back into my favorite workout schedule.

After a few CrossFit heavy weeks, and little running, it was brought to my attention, via heavy breathing, and deathly thoughts during my run, that I needed a better balance of CrossFit and running. Running a few miles a week wasn’t cutting it, as I quickly lost my mojo.

This week I vowed to make running a priority.

This on Monday. Gross. Gross. Gross. 10 deadlifts 1 burpee. 9 deadlifts 2 burpees and so on until you’re at 1 deadlift and 10 burpees. Vomit.


2 miles on Tuesday::::::: 1 warm-up mile, and 1 mile of HIIT. This run made me want to hurl myself off a treadmill. I have the worst ADD now when I’m on a treadmill. Not too many hunks at 6:30 am to keep me occupied during my runs.

This on Wednesday. It doesn’t look as bad on paper. 7 rounds, okay, I thought it’d suck but be doable. In reality, I wanted to rip my eyeballs out and throw them at my coach. This one sucked major butt. 2 rounds in and I thought for sure I would DNF (did not finish) the WOD. Hand-release push-ups are the easiest push-up of all. Weird, I know. It killed my quads, which I’m only saying because I tripped twice walking up the stairs to work after this one. I was also texting while walking, so it could have just been my lack of coordination.


2.5 miles on Thursday:::::: 1 mile warm-up, 1/2 mile regular paced run, and 1 mile of HIIT sprints. Again, no babes at the gym so I watched THIS music video for the entire 2.5 miles. On repeat. I came across it on YouTube Tuesday night, and spent Tuesday and Wednesday night listening to it on repeat. I watched it about 13 times yesterday at the gym (run + walk).


Today is my complete day of rest. I haven’t been feeling good this week. My stomach hurts all the time. Not like, “shit my pants” stomach pains, but just a nagging one that won’t go away. I was in no mood for pants, so I almost wore yoga pants on my date. I had them on and then at the last minute I put jeans back on and hated life. Who knew jeans would make me so mad. I once went on a date this past winter and the guy encouraged workout pants. That is my dream man (one that encourages life in workout clothes). I wore yoga pants on that previous date and that alone made it the best date ever. I need to add that to the list of rules for dating me.

How do you beat treadmill boredom?

What’s going on for you this weekend? 

Tonight CrossFit Paul and I are heading to the movies to see the new Captain America movie. I’m just going so I can drool over Chris Evans. I am 100% serious. CrossFit baby shower for Lauren on Saturday, and hopefully some shopping for some spring clothes. Woo! Maxi dresses here I come (again, this means no pants!).


Girls Trip to Vermont for Some Kippy Moore

This was one of the better long weekends I’ve had in a very long time. If you missed out on the first half of it, you can read the recap here.

The 2nd half of my weekend was just as fun and tiring.


On Sunday morning, after a rough 3.7 mile run in the sticky heat, Lindsay and I took off for a road trip to Burlington and Essex Jct., VT.

Not before a truck slammed on his brakes at a yellow light and made me slam on mine, resulting in this. Seriously though, this was 2 minutes into my drive. The cooler contents spilled every where, and I had to pick ice out of every possible place.


Luckily, the next 2 1/2 hours flew by without any problems arising.

Once we arrived in Essex Jct., I gave Lindsay a little tour around the town. I lived in Essex Jct., from the age 6-12, so it was fun showing Lindsay my neighborhood, the downtown area, and the schools I went to. We were joking about how it felt like the hometown date on The Bachelor.


Our next stop was downtown Burlington, more specifically, Church Street. We had roughly an hour and a half to kill, so we walked Church St for a bit, going in and out of stores.


After sweating our faces off, we hopped in the car and drove a few blocks down to the waterfront and took several pictures around Lake Champlain.IMG_2220 IMG_2221

It was SO gorgeous down at the lake, and it really made me miss living in the area and having this right near by.


A lovely lady took a picture of Linds and I in front of the dock. I’m a human highlighter.

When I asked Lindsay what I should do in my picture, a hottie walked by and told me to just stand there and smile. The thought of that made me feel awkward, so I just went with an awkward diva pose.



Around 5, we left Lake Champlain and headed back into Essex Jct., for the Champlain Valley Fair, which my family frequented every year that we lived there. Sadly, it was such a letdown and not as good as I remembered.


We had about an hour+ to kill before the real reason behind the trip, so we goofed around the fair, and I made Lindsay pose behind this cutout. I don’t know why she puts up with me. 🙂
IMG_2237And then, at 6:30, we headed to our seats for the real reason we came to Vermont and the fair.

Kip Moore and Toby Keith were playing an end of summer show at the fairgrounds. Kip rocked the stage for 55 minutes, and I fell in love with him even more than I had been. I’m not a fan of Toby Keith, so watching him perform was miserable. It didn’t help that I had an excruciating headache, but Lindsay was loving it, so I sucked it up… and then I was the girl playing on her phone during the last 1/3 of the concert. Hey, girls gotta do something to stay sane!

The drive home was miserable, and we got hit with random torrential downpours. We split the drive, and by the time I got home at 1 am, I was more than ready for bed.


I woke up with the same headache, and vegged on the couch for a bit before saying goodbye to Ryan and eventually heading to the gym.

I didn’t think I’d make it past a 1 mile run since I felt so nauseous, but I was stuck on the only free treadmill, which had a TV on the screen, and I got sucked into an episode of Castle, and I ended up running 4 miles and walking 1.25. I just couldn’t not finish the episode!

I finished up my workout with squats, forward and backward lunges, and several sets of skaters. Felt so good! I even wore my new shoes, which did wonders on my stability with those moves.



The rest of my day was spent unpacking, meal prepping, and having a movie evening with Mark. When I arrived, he had popcorn and 3 bags of candy lined up on the counter.  I did my duty of picking the red and yellow skittles out, otherwise I left the candy bowl to him. We watched Friends with Kids, which was our favorite, and then The Rebound, which was an easy pick for us since he loves Catherine Zeta Jones and I love Justin Bartha.

Mark and I are on a roll lately with good movie/TV picks, so please refer to us for any future movie recommendations you might need. Rainy movie days on the end of a long weekend are the perfect way to unwind!

How was your long weekend? Did you travel, go to fairs and eat fair food?

I have a big weigh in today with my coach so I avoided the fair food. Such willpower!


Today I am tired. And tired. And tired. With a side of a splitting headache. Also majorly grumpy. Last night, my friend Ryan, who lives in Colorado, texted me about flying out and going to the Kip Moore show with him.

Ry told me Monday that Kippie was playing in Denver tonight, and I immediately told him I was flying out. Ry was in the field – he’s Army – until Thursday morning with limited service, so we barely got to talk about the possibility of it.


He knows how to spell, he was just clearly excited. 😉 After this text, I became obsessed with finding flights. I could leave at 5:30 am for close to $500 bucks and leave Saturday/Sunday a little after midnight to still make it home for Easter. I would’ve been disowned if I missed it. Family. Geesh.

Unfortunately, it just wasn’t in the cards. I’ve sat in my office all day long and have listened to his album on repeat, watching videos on YouTube, and pouting. That and having the best convo with Ryan. Ever. Ry started talking to me using lines from one of Kip’s songs, and after that, we just couldn’t stop.


When I read those messages now, I realize just how dirty some of Kip’s lines are. Every single line of mine is his. Mom, I promise. Seriously, Mom.

My run this morning was also shitttay. Another reason I’m all pouty. I went for 4 miles, and they were absolutely painful. My hippage area and obliques are wicked sore from the 30 Day Shred, so that’s made the running more painful. Plus, I think I have a shin splint forming. Blaming it on the 5 miler. Stupid running.

I had absolutely no energy to do Day 5 of the 30 Day Shred.

Meals today included a pb&b chocolate protein shake. Undocumented.


A little PB2 greek yogurt. Funny story about that little tinfoil edge on the container. I was talking to my roomies last night about how I was microwaving my peanut butter the other night. They looked at me like I had 500 heads. Who doesn’t microwave pb?

Anyways, the covering you have to rip off the jar when it’s new has a little aluminum on it. Didn’t realize there was a small fleck on the edge of the container, because all of a sudden, there was a big spark in the microwave. Whoopsies. After telling that story, Al asked if I got my renter’s insurance yet. Daddddddd????

If blood makes you weak, here’s your warning to leave.


I was just doing my thing, minding my own business at my desk when I looked and saw red. No idea how this happened, but this finger was gushing blood. I’m insanely proud of the random product placement happening in the background. Exactly what I was thinking too.

I went to the gym on my lunch, but I only walked for 30 and went on the elliptical for 10. I wanted to move my sore body, but at the same time, I didn’t. After that, I enjoyed my lunch, which was a PB2 covered english muffin with veggies.


Every meal but one has included PB2. Protein shake, yogurt, apple and this one. Some days I’m all for it, others, I don’t touch the stuff.

I’m clock watching right now. Ryan and Chelsey are at my parents house for the weekend so I’m excited for another few days with them.

The ol’ man is grilling up chicken and salmon tonight, and I believe there’s a cousin get together tonight for bar trivia. The only bad thing is that it starts at 9, and I would like to be passed out by 6.

Decisions. Sometime’s it’s tough being a grandma.

Kip Moore at SNHU

After the longest Sunday ever, I attended the Kip Moore concert with my 2 roommates, Allie and Kris. The concert was at Southern New Hampshire University, which is only roughly 12 minutes from our apartment. With an easy commute, we didn’t rush to the show, and ending up snagging the perfect bleacher seats, about 3 rows back.


You know you’re getting old when you prefer to sit through a show rather than joining the college kids in the pit.


I’ve been to a handful of country concerts, and I’d have to say that this show might have easily been the best one I’ve been to.


Kip performed his songs in a slew of alterations, and they were the perfect complement to each song. I couldn’t get over how fun and carefree he is when he performs. He swayed throughout songs, and there was just something extremely sexy about the way he moved throughout the show.


I couldn’t stop staring at those southern legs and ass of his, but when he came out in an SNHU basketball jersey, I basically lost all control.


After the show, we waited in line with the college kids to meet the most delicious man ever.


I was the biggest creeper, as usual, and just kept taking picture after picture. I mean, look at that piece of meat! When it was my turn, I literally died. He asked me what my name was and then repeated it in the most sexy, delicious and heart-melting southern accent. I instantly got knocked up by his voice alone.


I felt like a little kid asking their parents to stay up past their bedtime when I asked for a picture, and he politely told me if I waited for the line to end, that he would. Well, Allie, Kris and I stood to the side as the remaining students waited for the best 15 seconds of their life to happen, when a student working the event pretty much told us to leave the school. She wouldn’t even let us wait 5 minutes for the line to end, and said that even though Kip said he’d take pictures, that he wouldn’t.

Well that little turd was a liar, because not more than 15 minutes later, I saw pictures go up on Instagram of students with him. That girl is on my hit-shit list.

Even though that girl ruined my plans of a new profile picture with my make-believe boyfriend, I had the time of my life at the show, and I plan on quitting my job and becoming a Kip Moore groupie. I’m looking to get wifed-up by him, so it seems like the only practical move. If you have any baby names, please send them my way. 🙂

SOS Stressed to the Max

Help! I’m beyond stressed and don’t know what to do with myself. I think the constant busyness is taking its toll on me and wearing me thin. I’m supposed to go to Harrisburg tomorrow night after work but the thought of driving 8 hours when I leave work at 5pm makes me want to cry. Not to mention driving all day Monday.

I want to go, but I also just want to relax and recharge this weekend. I’m torn… and have until tonight to figure my shit out. That doesn’t add any stress at all right?

Don’t even get me started on last night’s concert. Awful. Just AWFUL! Country concerts overwhelm me, especially when they’re at Toby Keith’s Bar. SOS. Seriously, SOS. I did befriend a couple from England who are crazy country fans and they kept offering to buy my drinks but being tired and having to drive made me say no. So sweet though!

I eventually wandered throughout the bar to kill time before Kip came on. He was supposed to be on at 8pm but didn’t go on until only God knows when. I think I started getting anxiety, and once I knew I could leave the bar/restaurant and still come back in, I opted for that option. I couldn’t see the stage anyways so what’d I have to lose?

I wandered around the outdoor plaza and window shopped and found an adorable boutique I loved. Each area of the store was color coordinated, so all scarves, jewelry, clothing, purses, and cute shoes were all grouped together based on the color. It was the neatest thing I’ve seen. Yes, I just said “neatest.”

Pretty Blues

After browsing the selection and putting dresses back that I had grabbed (money stress, good job Allie), I wandered back to the bar and Kip still wasn’t on. I waited a bit, and after just being so overwhelmed, tired, and hungry (and ANNOYED that I was watching a concert on the TV at the bar), I headed out early, especially since I knew there was night work on the highways. Hey, at least I saw the hottie outside the bar before the show. It wasn’t a complete dud.

Today I was smart and used several vacation hours to sleep in until 8 and go to work at 11am. Those extra 2 1/2 hours were AMAZING, although of course I’m still tired… hint hint, stay home this weekend Allie.

I feel like humpty dumpty today. Lethargic and chunky. Stress causes me to gain weight, lord I wish I was one of the lucky ones who lost weight when stressed. Ohhhh, thank you Mom and Dad for those kick-ass genes.

Anyone have any stress killers?

Smoothie Overload!

By the time I left work yesterday I was pretty sure I was going to go to bed upon walking through the front door at 5:25. This girl was tired and needed sleep. Instead of being a complete waste of life, I made a wicked (shhh I’m from New England) good sandwich on a sandwich thin. I had 2 slices of turkey, a slice of american cheese and a slice of ham, toasted in the toaster oven. This baby served alllll my needs.

Turkey, Ham & Cheese Melt

I had actually planned on having a tuna melt, and not to drop names, but a certain male in the house only left about 2 bites of tuna in the container. Dude, finish the damn tuna if that’s all you’re gonna leave! Actually, I’m not one to talk. I left 3 of those chocolate covered acai berries left in the bag. I thought if I ACTUALLY finished the bag I’d be considered a fat ass.

After dinner, I changed and headed over to Primetime Wellness Club to pick up 2 smoothies. One for dessert and one for today’s breakfast. I ended up ordering the Butterfinger, which wasn’t as good as the others I’ve tried, and the french toast smoothie for this morning. I think the Butterfinger smoothie just wasn’t think enough, almost as if there was just a little too much liquid in there.

4 Types of Heaven

I also received an aloe water which I enjoyed last night and is completely addicting, and a raspberry tea with aloe in it for today. You receive a tea for free with your smoothie so it’s a good deal when you pay $6.

I also forgot to mention that I came home to my new subscription of Fitness magazine! I’ve read it before and since I have enough fitness magazines, I knew I didn’t need another, however one day I received a postcard offering a year subscription for $5. I’m sorry but even if you only read 2 magazines a year, you’re still getting a deal. Subscription purchased.

One Year for $5. Deal of the Century!

Subscription received… WITH an exercise band. Score! I haven’t seen one of these since being in my memere’s old house back 16+ years ago.

This morning was a bitch. I went to bed early last night and took a sleeping aid and was out of it when I woke up, since the aid was still wearing off. My body felt beat. I’m blaming it on the additional plank exercises I added to my workout, and I wasn’t sure if my legs wanted to carry my on my run. Oh but they never fail and they did.

Morning Workout

  • 3.3 mile run
  • 1 minute plank
  • 20 mountain climbers
  • 50 crunches and 50 side-to-side crunches
  • 1 minute plank
  • 20 mountain climbers
  • Stretching
  • 100 jump ropes.. yes that’s the number of times I jumped with my imaginary rope 😉

My french toast protein shake made my morning 20 times better than yours. I’ll be ordering that sucker again.

8 hours and 15 minutes until I see this ridiculously gorgeous piece of meat man.

Oh Hello There

French Toast smoothie and Kip. Yes, be VERY jealous.

Hodgepodge Cardio Workout

This afternoon I finally got my appetite back and wasn’t feeling so sick anymore, which showed in both my workout and the amount of food I inhaled.

Here’s a gist of what I ate between 12:30 and 3:00.

Mid-day Fuel

Anyone else eat an apple oddly like me and carve out the center before attacking the edges?

I left my lunch at home today so I’m lucky I packed the protein shake. I had that feeling that I didn’t grab something from the fridge; my bag was too light. Oh well, looks like the chicken and sweet potatoes will be dinner.

This afternoon’s workout was awesome and full of heart-raising exercises. The rowing machine was repaired after a solid 2 weeks of being out of commission so I was eager to strap myself in and go to town. My asthma kicked in after 10 seconds (fail. wuss. pathetic), but I stuck it out for 5 minutes. My arms were about to fall off.

Afternoon Workout

  • 1.5 mile run
  • 5 minutes rowing machine, blister included
  • 2 sets of 25 medicine ball sit-ups
  • 20 side-to-side medicine ball sit-ups
  • Stretching
  • 10 minutes nordic trainer

Feeling alive and ready to tackle the world!

This evening I’m planning on skipping spinning, as I’m exhausted and would like my body to recover so I can survive tomorrow night’s Kip Moore concert.  I’m planning on working on my training packet for Herbalife, grabbing a protein smoothie and heading over to Mike’s to help him pack up.  Two thumbs down for my best friend moving to Boston. Luckily, he’ll be less than an hour away and in a GREAT place to visit!

My mind is wandering back to the smoothie.

Do I order:

  • Almond Joy
  • Apple Pie
  • Butterfinger
  • Chocolate Chunky Monkey

I’m thinking of grabbing two; one for tonight and one for tomorrow’s breakfast. Leading towards at least getting Butterfinger!

Mmmmm Butterfingers :)

Never heard of VI Shape Shake mix but I’ll have to try this rendition on my own. Sadly, the Butterfinger shake I’ll order tonight won’t have the butterfinger pieces in it like the above shake. Being healthy sucks is awesome!

Sleepless in New Hampshire

Last week J.Crew Outlets emailed me “personally” 😉 to tell me that there was a 30% off sale on tops, including the clearance price. I freaked out and dropped everything I was doing to see if the shirt I bought last weekend was on sale. Guess what, it was! I got the shirt in a red, white and blue scheme, along with a very pretty bracelet for a grand total of $50 dollars. Steal! My package arrived last night so of course I HAD to wear the new top today. I feel like such a cowgirl!

Going Cray for my New J.Crew Shirt!

Okay, moving along past the excitement.  Last night I went to Primetime Wellness after getting my rump kicked in spinning, and downed a Reese’s Peanut Butter smoothie while talking with David and Melyssa about the company and becoming a distributor of Herbalife. Well, I joined, and will now be spreading the love and success of Herbalife to everyone and anyone, I’m so excited about this new venture! I will get into the company a little later on when I have more time to sit down and discuss it in full-depth.

Along with my smoothie, I received a tea, which I’m PRETTTTTTTY positive was laced with caffeine, which resulted in me waking up at 3am for a trip to the bathroom and kept me awake until 5am. Really cool, especially since my alarm went off at 5:35am. I’m a zombie, and will probably be skipping spinning tonight since I’m exhausted and feel like I could throw up. If I get sick before seeing Kip tomorrow night, I will tear shit up! Watch out immune system, don’t mess with me!

I snoozed an extra time this morning, as I deserved it after last night’s torture, and only lost a few minutes from my normal running period. I struggled through 3.1 miles, part due to my lack of sleep and also due to my little legs getting owned in spinning.

Morning Workout

  • 3.1 mile run
  • 2 sets of 1 minute planks
  • 2 sets of 20 mountain climbers
  • 50 crunches and 50 side-to-side crunches
  • 2 sets of 13 squats with overhead dumbbell press, 8 lbs.
  • 2 sets of 13 deadlifts with chest extension, 8 lbs. dumbbells
  • 2 sets of 13 standing side crunches, 8 lbs. dumbbells
  • Stretching

The core work felt extremely good, and I’m looking forward to tackling a cardio hodgepodge session today during lunch. Hope everyone is having a more “alert” Tuesday than I am.