Vacation: Photo Dump

My heart breaks a little bit that summer is almost over and I still haven’t gone golfing or kayaking yet. Really hitting that summer bucket list hard! I can at least cross off “go to the beach” and “eat soft-serve ice cream” off of the list, thanks to vacation last week.

I had full intentions of blogging all last week, but with no wifi at our vacation house, there was no way I could blog. With that, here’s a little photo dump of vacation!


Post-dinner walks with the family were my favorite.

imageEspecially when this is your view:


5 days on the beach, 5 hours each day. 10% stress all week.


Post-morning run ritual= protein shake, oatmeal & sudoku.image



imageChristmas in July was going on at the Nubble, and if you look closely into the window, you can see a Christmas tree!

image  Waiting in line at Dunne’s for late night ice cream.imageGo big or go home is Ryan’s philosophy. imageMy first ice cream of the summer. The only way to go: vanilla soft-serve with rainbow jimmies.


You can’t go to downtown Short Sands without stopping at Goldenrod for their taffy.


I’m not a fan of taffy, but watching the process of taffy being made never gets old, no matter how many times you’ve seen it.


Thursday night we had our last vacation dinner over in downtown Portsmouth, NH.


We ventured over to Old Ferry Landing for a seafood dinner.image





Chelsey’s parents came down for 2 1/2 days since they are semi-local. We went originally from a family of 4, to 5, and now to 7.


Vacation was great, and while I’ll miss seeing sunrises like this outside of my bedroom window, it’s nice to be back into my daily routine!


Did you go on vacation this year? If so, where?!

Favorite kind of ice cream?


Nikki Gets Hitched & Vacation!

Greetings from vacation! I’m officially off from work for the rest of July with my family, and I couldn’t be happier.

Vacation started early Friday afternoon, where we watched my beautiful cousin Nikki, marry the man of her dreams. I bought a selfie stick for the wedding/vacation, and thankfully it was well-received. In fact, people loved it!

imageThe venue was beautiful, as was the bride. Nikki was so determined that she was never going to get married or meet a great guy, and it even got to the point where she made a bet with Lindsay and I that if she ever got married, she owed us dinner. Not only did Nikki get married, but she found such an incredible husband.

imageAntoine fits into our crazy family perfectly, and he not only treats Nikki like his queen, but he’s so caring and welcoming to all of us. Lucas and his uncle Tony. <3

imageThe day was h-o-t. #backandboobsweatfordayz.image

imageFun fact: This guy right here stole my name. We are one month apart, almost exactly, and since I didn’t turn out to be a boy, my godmother decided to use the name. Hi Jay!

image Chels and I lit up the dance floor, completely sober, completely crazy and reckless. I think it was one of my favorite moments that I’ve ever had with her.

imageSaturday morning started good. No drinking = no hangover, so off to the gym it was! After lifting back and a 30 minute HIIT run, it was back home to pack. Or attempt to pack. Sweet little Nesssie knew something was up and didn’t want us to go. At one point, she even sprawled out in my suitcase, and I felt so awful having to take her out of it.

imageAll of those bikinis mean one thing… my parents, Ryan, Chelsey, and I are at our family’s beach house in York, ME for the week! The house is on Long Sands, and sits right in front of the beach, so my brother has a prime creeping location on the front porch.  imageSaturday afternoon consisted of unpacking and grocery shopping, before heading into Kittery, ME for dinner at When Pigs Fly.


During dinner, we got hit with an incredible storm. Downpour, thunder, lighting, intense wind, and on our drive back to the house, we spotted a double rainbow.

imageWhich meant a photo-shoot occurred back at the house. Ryan and Chelsey nailed their picture!imageStill figuring out this selfie stick thing, hence the lack of sky and rainbows, but it’s still a cute shot!


Again, rainbow fail, but just look at how intense the sky is behind us. The rays of light shooting out from the ocean was a sight to see.

imageVacation find #1, this sweet mug that Ryan and I gave our Pepere one year. Those outfits, just wow. I look like I was rescued from being lost in the woods!


What did you do this weekend?

Did your parents ever dress you in crazy outfits?


Last Day of Vacation: York Beach

Saturday was our last full day of vacation, and we took full advantage of it.


My morning started with a 3.7 mile run around Long Sands, up to Short Sands, and back down to Long Sands. It was a tough, tough, tough run, but I was happy to have several reasons to take breaks.

These views are from the part of Long Sands that no one ever goes to. When it’s high tide, there is absolutely no place to sit and lay.

IMG_1888 IMG_1889 IMG_1890 IMG_1897

I also ran into my Uncle Bri, who was sitting on the rocks with his puppy Bailey while my Aunt Mare was grabbing an ice coffee. We talked for a bit, before him and Aunt Mare headed back to their house on Short Sands, and I continued on my run.

2 hours later, they came back down to the beach with my cousin Nikki, and her cousin Symme, and we all spent the day on the beach together.

(That’s the view from our front porch)


It was my Uncle’s birthday… Happy (blog belated) birthday!


Around 4, Uncle Bri, Aunt Mare, Nikki and Symme headed out, and the rest of us went back to our house and relaxed for a bit before grabbing burgers at Wild Willy’s.

Our front porch overlooks the ocean, and we preferred to eat with the views of the water, so my Dad and I headed 5 minutes into town to grab the burgers.

Remember those cramps that sidelined me the day before at the beach? They were back again, so I stayed in the car while Daddio went in.


Everyone ordered burgers, but I wasn’t feeling too well, so I had ordered a grilled chicken salad, the only issue being they were out of salad (what the?!), so I got a grilled chicken sandwich.


After dinner, we hung out outside, went for a walk, and then started playing several card games, and got really into the game “golf.”

I’m really not okay with the name of the wine that was bought. It should be called Jimmie, not Sprinkle. Jimmies > Sprinkles. 😉


This picture really cracks me up. The story behind my brother’s face? He was actually unimpressed with how badly my Dad was struggling with cutting the cheese.

IMG_1909After several rounds of “golf,” we headed onto the beach around 9pm for one last evening beach walk. I miss those night walks already!

Overall, it was an amazing vacation, and I miss it already. I’m hoping I can get back to York Beach one last time this summer, especially since it’s only an hour away.

Such a fun time with my family!

Do you ever take family vacations, or generally just significant other vacations?

Day 2 of Vacation: York Beach. The Nubble

Ugh. Vacation is over, and it’s back to reality, but I will admit that I’m ecstatic to be back to my eating and workout routine.

Before I get back to talking about life as we know it, let’s get back to where I last left off.


I started my morning off with a 2.5 mile run. I was in a lot of pain from cramps, so I kept it short, and ran 1 mile later in the day when I was feeling a little bit better. After my run, I had no appetite, but tried to stomach a bowl of peanut butter oatmeal.


The past few weeks I’ve cut back on this breakfast because it hasn’t been settling well with my stomach. Not only has it been hurting my stomach, but it also makes me have acid reflux.

I then made it down to the beach, but stayed either on the towel or in the chair all day. My cramps were so bad that I didn’t want to move.  Instead, I dug into my book and studied up.


We befriended the cutest little guy ever. Meet Thomas everyone!


I have baby fever! This is 8 months of pure cuteness.


After the beach, we ordered in, before heading to the Nubble, on Short Sands.


It was freezing and windy out, so we relied on Ryan to warm us up!

IMG_1873 IMG_1880 IMG_1861

I love how in this picture Ryan and my Mom, and my Dad and I are both mirroring each other’s stances and expressions! 🙂

I love my family!IMG_1882

After hanging out around the Nubble, we went across the street to grab ice cream at Browns. Ryan and Chels shared pistachio and cookie dough, and I stole a few bites of both. I don’t really like ice cream. Fro-yo and soft-serve I’ll eat, but I won’t go out of my way to buy an ice cream. I’m weird, I know!

We went into several shops downtown, where we grabbed some taffy and souvenirs.


Goldenrod’s is FAMOUS for their taffy, and if you’re from anywhere close to Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, or New Hampshire, you KNOW about this special taffy.

You can stand on the sidewalk and watch as they make the taffy and the entire process from start to finish. The kids are always obsessed with this, and it’s so adorable to watch their faces light up as they understand how taffy is made and packaged.IMG_1876

The boys weren’t wild about going into the boutiques as us girls were, so they had boy time outside the stores.IMG_1884

We then headed over to my aunt and uncles’ beach house on Short Sands for several drinks and to hang out!

Around 11 we headed back to our house on Long Sands and hung out on our porch, before calling it a night.

Have you ever been the York Beach in Maine? 

We’ve been coming here ever since I was born!