Let’s Catch Up & Weekend Recap

This weekend felt like fall. It was cold and rainy. The only good thing about chilly weather is that it makes for the perfect sleeping weather. My apartment is the exception to that, so no matter what, it’s always a sauna, and the AC looks like it was made in 2015, yet it works as if it was produced in 1919. I can’t sleep when I’m hot, and since the AC is in my living room and not my bedroom, that means I’ve been sleeping on my couch, almost every night.

So, this is what that equation looks like:

Hot apartment + wonky AC + sleeping on the couch = little sleep =  no motivation to blog.

2 weeks ago I was all, “Hiiiiiii, I’m back to blogging,” and then the heat hit and I was all like “I’m just going to lay here after work and watch TV.”

So let’s catch up with recent photos and probably a few stories.

I recently went down to Brighton, which is a part of Boston, to spend the day and evening with Nicole. We started off by heading to a park in Watertown, where we ate and laid out talking about life, health, dating, and pretty much everything, because girls jump from one topic to another in record speed.


After eating dinner at her apartment, Nicole and I headed to Malden to take the 4th of July themed paint class! Look at the gorgeous view!


Allie Picasso! It’s currently adorning my parent’s basement, because even basements need art.  It was a much needed quality day with Nicole, and I cannot wait to see her again later this month hopefully!imageLast weekend my parents and I went to our typical Keith Urban show together, which was amazing as always. Killed 2 birds with 1 stone because my 3rd favorite artist, Brett Eldredge was a main opener for him. This picture isn’t the best quality, but I more so love the fact that I captured him smelling the flower on the screen.

imageOn Wednesday night Lindsay and I met up at Head’s Pond for a 3 mile walk. We had so much to talk about, and I had to fill her in on several of my most recent dates. I feel like I have way too many good dating stories, which I’m not so sure is a good thing! We both felt that the different things we talked about felt really good for both of our souls. It’s nice to have several friends where you can just verbally barf your emotions, thoughts, and anxieties to.

Anxiety is a word that I find a lot of people are afraid to say, like if you admit to getting anxiety over certain situations that it makes you look weak or different. We are all different and weird, that’s true, but I personally feel that if there’s nothing in your life that doesn’t cause a little bit of anxiety to bubble up, then well, you’re lucky, but it’s also rare.

imageI’ve been obsessing over bowls of oats, but more importantly, bowls of thick protein shakes. So thick and cold that it reminds me of ice cream. On a hot summer evening, this sounds way more enjoyable than standing over my oven.image But when I do stand over my oven, it’s to make this meal. I’ve been making it for lunches, and some dinners. I try to eat my veggies and lean proteins early on in the day, that way, if I get home from work and would prefer a bowl of oats or a protein shake for dinner, that I at least know that I got a good dose of my micronutrients earlier in the day.


And on to this weekend. I had a date Friday night, and was then up early for a workout with Ashley. No matter what, we always try to hit the gym in the morning post-date so that we can give each other an in-person, in-depth recap. After hitting chest and HIIT, it was off to Addy’s baptism. So happy for her! And then, a much needed pedi-date with my Mom!


Sunday looked a lot like this. I had to pack for a work trip to Dallas, our beach vacation, and then moving. I don’t need to start packing for the beach until next week, but since I was starting to pack for my move, it required me to sort clothing. Rough life I tell ya!


And it ended in the most relaxing way possible; cozied up in sweats & reading. imageWhat was the best part of your weekend?

What/was your summer vacation?

Beach in t-minus 11 days!!

Weekend Recap: Lewis Luau & Lazy Day

After a super tiring work week, a relaxing and low key weekend was exactly what I needed! My Friday night started with a grocery haul at Target. I picked up 2 packages of chicken breast which were both on sale. I love this chicken because there is no fat on them! Most of the time I have to cut off a good chunk of fat which is annoying and disgusting! I also grabbed coconut flour to try a new pancake recipe, tuna, salsa, burger seasoning for when I make ground beef, an assorted box of single serving sized Oreos, Nutter Butter bites and mini Chips Ahoy, and also a few other unpictured essentials.


Before starting my lazy evening, I marinated my chicken breasts in liquid aminos and let that sit overnight. I then cooked it up Saturday mid-morning.


Around 7:30 it was finally time to relax! I cuddled up on my couch and watched the last 2 episodes of Season 1 of White Collar, and dug into my dessert. A protein froyo bowl. I made a regular protein shake and added Xantham Gum to thicken it up.


I topped it with a bag of crushed mini Oreos. So good!! In bed and asleep by 9:30… it was fabulous and my favorite kind of Friday night! 🙂



When you go to sleep at 9:30 pm, you wake up fully rested at 6 am. I had my alarm set for 7 am, but I was hoping to get up at 6:30. When I woke up wide awake just after 6, I decided to start my day instead of lounging in bed. I wanted to see what the gym would be like around 7, so I mixed up my pre-workout and headed out the door!


Saturday’s workout was legs! I like having my high carb day on leg day since that’s one of my hardest workouts. I started with 20 minutes of HIIT on the treadmill, completed my leg workout, and cooled down with a mile walking and stretching. I quickly went to the store after the gym to get mini chocolate chips so that I could make chocolate chip protein donuts.


They were SO good and worth it! Since I know that keeping the bag of mini chocolate chips in my apartment will result in a binge, that afternoon I brought them to my parent’s house and stuck the bag in their freezer. I figure when I want to make more choc.chip protein donuts or pancakes, I can grab the serving size I need when I need it. image

The rest of my morning was spent cleaning my apartment and prepping food before I headed out for the day. Aunt Judy and Uncle Dave were hosting their annual summer Lewis Luau, which is one of my favorite days of the year! Lots of swimming.


Lots of eating and chatting.


Mike’s little corner reminded me of Summer.


Happy 25th anniversary Aunt Judy & Uncle Dave! My Uncle Tim renewed their vows. So beautiful!


After a tiring but fun day and evening with family, I woke up exhausted on Sunday. For some reason I was still up 30 minutes before my 7 am alarm, so I just went with it. I used a few samples from PEScience and headed out the door for my workout. HIIT, back and biceps. I substituted a few new exercises since I wanted to switch things up and I think it was a good workout, but we will see if my muscles get sore today or tomorrow.


After the gym, I ate breakfast and meal prepped a few lunches and dinners for the first half of the week.


I then headed to my parent’s house and spent the next 5 hours outside with my Mom reading. It was a great day! 🙂image

What was the highlight of your weekend?

This Is What Happened on Wednesday

Gooooood morning and happy weekend eve! I am absolutely loving this week so far. Over the past month my headaches have pretty much vanished completely, and the past few weeks my focus has been spot on. I’m talking about busting things out left and right. At work, after work, at the gym. I’ve noticed that it’s me that makes me the most happy. Anyways, enough rambling and let’s take a look at what my Wednesday looked like!

My first alarm went off at 5 am. I snoozed only twice, which is a win for me. I had been really tired the past few days, so for once I finally woke up feeling refreshed, and my body not feeling workout sore. I got up, got my stuff together and headed out the door. I drank my pre-workout while leaving the neighborhood.


I mixed Cellucor Super HD Strawberry Lemonade with Optimum Nutrition Fruit Punch and the flavor was so bomb.com that it was gone before I made it to the main roads. Lindsay told me about her success with mixing Super HD with a pre-workout and said that it gave her extra pump, so I’m trying it out and see how it works!


If Wednesday’s workout was any sign, I’d say the first day it worked wonderfully! It was legs day for me, and instead of running before, I decided to go for low impact cardio. I walked 1 mile, completed my intense leg workout which for the first time in years included the bosu ball.

  • Bosu ball: squats, forward lunges and side lunges
  • Squat to overhead press
  • Leg press (normal and sumo squats)
  • Standing side crunches holding 20 lb dumbbells


And then I completed my workout with a 1 mile cool-down walk.

I hobbled on over to work, which was quite embarrassing when you have to slowly step down from the curb while people walk and drive by you. And you know that when they are letting you cross, that they are thinking this:


While you are thinking this:


Outfit of the day with a side of awkward arm.


I was HANGRY all day long, but this snack absolutely made me happy again. A Quest bar with a fizzy drink, because carbonation = fill the belly up!


After work I prepped meals for the rest of the week. 1/2 cup of brown rice, 70 grams of broccoli and 4 oz of chicken sautéed in liquid aminos. Meal prep can be so easy. I buy the “steam in the bag broccoli” because it’s super convenient, and rice that you microwave in the bag. 2 minutes for the broccoli and 90 seconds for the rice. The only other time is maybe 10 minutes of cutting and cooking the chicken. How easy is that? Not only that, but I have healthy and filling meals for the next few days! {{Liquid aminos give a soy sauce like taste}}meal-prep

The rest of the night was spent catching up on my DVR and getting lost in The Girl on the Train. This book is so good!


PSA: FitGirl tank tops are buy 1 get 1 free on Etsy. You just leave a comment in checkout which tank top and size you want as your free one.. just make sure to reference the blog! Tanks are $20 plus shipping.


And that is all!

What is your favorite leg exercise?

What should I meal prep next week?

Do You Want to Hold Your Rotisserie Chicken?

Weekends off from CrossFit only make me super antsy to get back to the box come Monday morning. I was disappointed that the WOD looked so easy, but easy it was not! By the time I sat at my desk at 8, my hands were sooooo sore from the knee ups. My fingers and palms are blistered. Gross!


Mat has a library of CrossFit and Paleo books at the Ad Finem box, so I borrowed my first book. I dug into it last night and really got hooked! He must have 15-20 books, and I plan to go through every single one. I wonder if he will require me to get a library card?IMG_2977

I have made a big change in my life. I no longer eat 100 pounds of asparagus a day. The past 2 weeks I’ve been on a HUGE asparagus kick, but last week I felt beyond awful and bloated. I just felt gross. Part of it is from the change in CrossFit, but after this weekend, I realized the asparagus was just making me super bloated.

I cut back my asparagus intake from about 3 times a day to 1 1/2, and I found I felt a lot better instantly! I plan to still have some at breakfast, and maybe dinner, if I don’t have plans that night (serious), other than that, I need to get other colored veggies on my plate. Everything is green. Asparagus, cucumbers, green peppers. I need to chill a bit.

After work on Monday, I did Sunday activities… aka laundry, grocery shop, and meal prep. I was ultra lazy on Sunday and did none of that.

I grabbed all of this for $24, which will last me throughout the week. I already had plenty of yogurt, bananas and apples at my apartment.


I’m really loving these rotisserie chickens. For $4.98 I get all of this, which should give me about 3 1/2 meals. I rip all of the skin off so I save on the fat that is on the label. Nowadaways, the skin doesn’t even tempt me. I might have had a few bites of the dark meat while prepping this though. Now that I can’t get enough of! Side note, when ringing up my chicken, the cashier asked me if I wanted to hold my chicken. Why would I want to do that?

IMG_2985Tonight I have tentative plans to do something that I will suck at with someone who I haven’t seen in over a year. It should be a good bonding experience if it happens. If not, I have a date in bed with Season 8 of How I Met Your Mother! Yup, it comes out today and I plan on using my lunch hour to buy it.

Also, Neil Patrick Harris was my boyfriend in my dream the other night. I LOVE those melatonin dreams! 😉

Do you have weird dreams when you take melatonin?

Dark, light or skin: chicken/turkey?

I treat myself with dark on Thanksgiving, otherwise I’m straight up healthy. 🙂

End of Summer Bash + Best Breakfast Ever

Ahhh the work week is back in full swing. As much as I love a good, relaxing weekend, I do love coming into work each day. I’m still pushing to make 3 day weekends legal though. If I could choose, I’d actually have Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday off. Work 2 days, off 1, work 2 days, off 2. It’s the perfect set-up, and Wednesday should be everyone’s “take it easy” day.

This weekend was pretty relaxing for me, and I’m so happy Summer is over so that my weekends aren’t always so jam-packed.

To start things off, it’s time to announce the winner of the I Heart Keenwah Giveaway.

Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 8.53.22 PMCongrats Emily, I’ll be sending these faux rice krispie treats your way! 🙂

Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 8.52.49 PM


I started my Saturday off with a nice 2 mile run, before heading to CrossFit Ad Finem. Mat was awesome and hosted our September Blog & Tweet NH event, which was my favorite so far. I’m also biased though. 😉 More on that tomorrow!

After Mat wrapped up our event around noon, the rest of the box came back for the End of Summer bash. Since I’m still new to the box, it was really nice to meet more of the other members. When you stick to the same time for your WOD, it can be tricky meeting the other members, that is, until I start taking the Saturday WODs.


After about 2 1/2 hours at the BBQ, I headed back to my apartment to take care of some things. Sitting around, chatting with everyone was the highlight of my day. It’s an amazing feeling to feel so comfortable with a new group of people, and I am so excited about this new journey that I’m apart of.

I was pretty exhausted after a full week of workouts, so a lazy night was what I needed. I think I was fast asleep before 10, and it felt great!


One of my favorite things about Sunday is that no matter what I have going on, Sunday is always my morning of the week to sleep in. I woke up at 9, and it felt so refreshing. I headed to the gym and got in a great 4 mile run.

I’ll give you the good first. Chuck Liddell’s twin was there and looking as fine as ever. Such a dime piece. Still no guts to talk to him.

The bad: Within the first .3 miles of my run, I had to redo my hair THREE times. Don’t you hate when your hair won’t stay up? I always workout with a messy bun, but when I needed to fix my hair a 4th time, I got mad and just put it in a ponytail. Running with a p.tail is such a peeve of mine. I feel like Barbie with my hair whipping back and forth.

After my run, I headed back to my apartment to get my meal prepping done for the first half of the week. I told you I’m on an asparagus kick.


And then I pummeled through the best breakfast ever.

3 eggs + 2 egg whites + asparagus + sweet potato. This is going to be how I win men over from now on.

My new trick to making dippy eggs with more protein and not as much fat. 2 egg whites in the pan first, THEN crack your 3 whole eggs on top of the egg whites.


The rest of my Sunday was spent running errands with the mother, where we finished up shopping for my brother’s birthday, and relaxing on my parent’s coach all afternoon, doing blog work and work work, and watching some football. I think that was a run-on sentence. I heard they’re allowed on weekends. 😉

Also, my Dad makes fun of me when I take pictures of my food. I caught him mocking me and this was the result I got after I started taking pictures of him.


All is fair Daddio. 🙂

Whirlwind Weekend & Oh Hey, I’m In Denver

[Before I lose your interest, go enter my 1 year Blogiversary Giveaway]

As you’re reading this, it’s quite possible I’m up in the air flying over to the Centennial State (Colorado, for those who are too lazy to Google it).

My weekend was a whirlwind, well, at least Friday night and Saturday.

I started my weekend off at The Farm with Lindsay for happy hour.


We spent 2 hours catching up over 2 beers. We had a LOT to talk about, and we clearly were too busy yapping away to drink!


It was so good seeing Linds, and we even planned a Labor Day weekend trip to Essex Jct., VT (my first hometown), to see Kip Moore and to go to the Champlain Valley Fair (the show is at the fair). Yay!!


I started my morning off my getting to my meal prepping right away. I’ll be in Denver from today until Wednesday, and I REALLY want to stick to my macros. I’ll be so busy and working through our scheduled breakfast and lunches, so I’m bringing my own meals and snacks to eat clean and not have to worry about food not agreeing with my stomach.

After getting chicken started in the crock pot, and sweet potatoes cooking, I headed out for a 4.1 mile run in the hood. It was so good, although near the end of my run, I got struck with a sharp pain in my right oblique. It came out of nowhere and was worse than a side stitch. I panicked and worried about getting appendicitis while out on a run. With no phone. And without my runner’s id on. Oops. I’m alive though. 🙂

It was then time to run some errands and buy new pants, before heading back home and completing 3 rounds of the 7 minute workout in the backyard while tanning.

Then, it was back to meal prepping. I had a premature pancake flip. Woof.


Are you ready for this? My company gives me $60 a day for all my meals, however, I spent my entire Saturday, minus the morning run, 1 1/2 hours of shopping, and 21 minutes of the strength workout, doing this.


  • 3 tupperwares (dinner): 4 oz shredded chix mixed with 3 oz sweet potatoes, & 3 oz sugar snap peas
  • 3 tupperwares (lunch): with 4 oz shredded chix mixed with 3 oz sweet potatoes
  • 4 baggies: 4 egg whites scrambled/omelet
  • 4 tinfoil blobs: Best (Cookies & Cream) Protein Pancakes Ever
  • 4 Lean Shakes
  • 4 Quest Bars
  • 100 calorie packs Cinnamon Roasted almonds
  • 2 packets of tuna
  • baggies of raw oats
  • portioned peanut butter
  • fruit
  • jello
  • gum

Some people might think I’m crazy, however, I’ll be working straight through the assigned breakfast and lunch on Monday. Nothing is planned for today since our convention runs Monday and Tuesday. Dinner on Monday is at Coors Field, however, it’s just apps, so bringing my own meal will be more appetizing. Plus, I can’t trust that the venue will supply snacks.

I’ve talked a lot about this in the past, like beginning of this blog, about how I do so well during the morning and day, but will snack a little more at night. This really hurts my potential to tone up and by going over on my assigned macros, I’m not doing myself a favor. By not having candy bowls in my hotel room, I know I can do really well and make progress with my coach.

I want to prove that you can eat healthy and not gain weight while being away, whether it’s on vacation or a business trip. Hell, I lost weight while on the Cape for 4 1/2 days for the 4th of July!

Sorry for all of this talking. I’ll leave you with this picture of Kip patiently waiting for banana peanut butter doggie fro-yo.


I’m kind of jealous he got fro-yo this weekend and I didn’t!

Jake with his bowl of ice cubes.


And my Dad’s A+++++ grilling skills.


Would you ever pack crazy meals if you went away on a trip that you knew your food choices were limited and unhealthy?

Failing to Plan, Planning to Fail

Half of my breakfast was dumped in the sink and half of my lunch was dumped in the trash. I’ve had a high-maintenance, raging appetite.

I was ravenous throughout the night, and because of the time change, I didn’t get a good nights rest, which meant I was going to eat a lot today.

Somehow the lack of sleep energized me and I was able to complete a 4.5 mile run and busted out 100 girl push-ups before work. In college I was hopelessly devoted to Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, and the massive amounts of push ups really aided in toning my guns. I miss those arms I had, so in an effort to get them back, I’m going to be the push-up Queen and also would like to add that DVD to my daily workouts. Somehow.

I was craving a sweet drink for breakfast, and instead of going for a sugary fruit juice, I thought my strawberry banana protein shake would do the trick, even though I originally planned on an egg white scramble wrap. Halfway through, the drink made me disgusted and my stomach began to hurt, so I dumped it and put an end to my breakfast.

By 10 I was hungry and put PB2 in a plain Chobani yogurt. Blend Jen told me to cut the shit with my sugary yogurts (booo!), and I thought I’d hate the plain yogurt but I actually really enjoyed it (only after adding 1/2 a Truvia packet).

At 11 I was still hungry. Went for my apple and PB2. 11:30 the appetite was still kicking, so I enjoyed half of my favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Quest Bar before my Abs class.

quest bar

Talk about the most brutal Abs class period. We started with a warm-up of 5 minutes of jumping rope. I typically hate jump ropes because I’m practically a midget and all the ropes are 5 feet too long. I had no rope issue, but I did have an issue with the lady who walked in late and proceeded to choose a spot 2 feet in front of me. I literally had to stop jumping several times because she was in my way. Her rope also tangled up with mine 3 times because she was so close. Even though I didn’t want to be jumping rope, it was still frustrating that she was keeping me from my cardio warm-up.

Eve kicked our butts with the workout, and alternated between 30 seconds of core exercises, followed by our “rest period, which were 30 second plank holds. For the moves on our back, we did bicycles, scissors, double crunches, and a bajillion other ridiculous moves. We totaled 6 minutes of planking. Barf. Then we repeated the abs moves backwards, but thankfully didn’t have to do anymore planks.

If my “future abs” aren’t burning tomorrow, I will be livid. I want to feel that discomfort. After the workout, I walked/ran before heading back to work so I could eat the other half of my bar.

I tried to enjoy a bowl of proats a little later on, but I couldn’t do it. I put an entire scoop of protein in instead of 1/3 by accident. It was so nasty and chalky.

You know when people say, “Fail to plan, plan to fail?” Well holy crap I realized that’s so true today. I failed to meal plan for today and now that all my major meals were a crapshow, I’m sitting here eating my hair and fingers.


While IT was installing IT crap on my computer, I took the downtime to plan for this week. I’m so hungry that I became dyslexic. Apparently tomorrow I’ll be enjoying an egg warp for breakfast.

Please send me food. Now.