Tunnel to Towers 5K Race & Blends & 9/11 Memorial

This past weekend I was blessed with an amazing opportunity to join a division at my company for a 3 day weekend in New York City. My company is a co-op, and one of the divisions at my company, which is actually a competitor of my division, allowed myself and a handful of other non-division employees to join them. The division was one of the main sponsors for the 13th annual Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers charity race.


If you aren’t familiar with the history of the Tunnel to Towers race and how it started, it all goes back to 9/11. Firefighter Stephen Siller, who was off duty in Brooklyn, ran through the Battery Tunnel in all of his gear to put his life on the line to save thousands of innocent victims of the 9/11 attacks. This foundation was created by his brother, to honor all of those that lost their lives that day.


The morning started with a 5:45 am wake up call, followed by gathering our group in the hotel lobby at 6:30 am. We headed a few blocks down to the river, where we waited in line for a water taxi to take us to Brooklyn, where the race started.


It was the perfect day for a race and to honor those that sacrificed their lives.


We got to the starting line around 8, and waited around for close to 2 hours, before our wave was released. Within 2 minutes of the race, we were running through the tolls, and about to enter the tunnel, which was 1.7 miles long.


The tunnel started easy, as it was at a downhill, before it evened out, and the thick air took over. Firefighters ran in all of their gear, as Stephen Siller did 13 years ago. Some of these firefighters even passed me!


Around the 2 mile mark, we made it out of the tunnel, where we were greeted by police officers and firefighters.


Each man had a beautiful sign of each first responder who lost their life saving others. They were cheering US on, high-fiving us as we ran past, and when I thanked one for his service, he instead thanked me.


It was such an emotional experience.

After high-fiving and thanking the service men, we made our way to the waterfront, where the FDNY boat put on an amazing show. I was in pure awe, and could have just watched this for hours. Can you imagine seeing that during your race? I love how a rainbow shoots across the boat too!


We ran past cheerleading squads and marching bands, and thank goodness for them, because this was one of the most difficult races I have ever ran. The 2nd half of the tunnel was a gradual increase, which I ran the entire length of. My insides wanted to explode on that incline, so by the time I hit the streets of New York, I was more than ready for this race to end. It kept going on and on, and every time I was expecting to see the finish line, we would instead turn onto an additional block. Once I turned a corner and saw the balloons, I booked it.



After the race, our division had VIP passes to be in the front area for the post-race benefit rally, before we headed back to our hotel around 12. I enjoyed the best shower of the weekend. Seriously, being in your sweaty clothes for 2 hours post-race and standing in a crowd of 40,000 makes you seriously want to go crazy.

After the shower, I met up with a group of coworkers for a lunch at Bill’s, before heading to Central Park near Columbus Circle. It was here that I got to spend a few hours with Jen and her FIANCE! We parked our tooshes on a park bench and chatted the afternoon away.


Subway selfie. Love this girl. I promised her that if something didn’t work out, that I would look for jobs in NYC to be with her. Well, that promise might be happening sooner than expected. Just kidding, I do not think that I could live in a city.


We parted ways around 6, and I took to my hotel room to freshen up for our last team dinner. I can’t even begin to describe the beauty of Battery Gardens, which is where we had a team dinner. We had views of the waterfront and the Statue of Liberty. This would be the perfect date night!
battery gardens


Monday called for another early wake-up call, which was accompanied with this view. I never get a hotel room in NYC with a beautiful view, so the fact that I got this view with that sunrise was fabulous!

After showering and packing our bags, we headed a few blocks over to get a private tour of the 9/11 Memorial Museum.


We easily spent hours in here, and I couldn’t believe how it was basically a never-ending maze. There were stories, voicemails, worn clothing, shoes, dust-covered clothing racks, shattered police doors, pieces of the airplanes. Anything you could imagine is in this museum.


This firetruck that was destroyed. Yes, that is real.IMG_1541You really just need to go to the museum. It’s not a touristy thing, so if you live in the city or are just visiting, you need to go here. It makes you appreciate life so much more.

After a somber morning at the museum, we headed back to the hotel, where we boarded our bus for a 5 hour drive back home.

WIAW: Fair Food & NYC Eats

I have attempted about 3 different intros for this post, and they’ve all been complete fails, so I’m just going to jump into the meat of this post. Being non-stop and out-of-town from Friday until Monday made it really difficult for me to make sure I had quality meals. This week’s What I Ate Wednesday post is a little different from my typical ones, thanks to going to the fair Friday night and spending Saturday until Monday in New York City.

As I had touched upon in yesterday’s post, I had never had an apple cider donut until Friday night. That was all I had wanted when Rick and I were at the fair, and the donut did not disappoint. It was the most amazing thing ever!


Rick had been talking about apple crisp the entire night, so when he ordered, he didn’t tell me that he ordered two. One for him and one for me. I put up a little fuss, but he said it was too late. I didn’t eat mine for several minutes, but finally was tempted by the whipped cream, ice cream, and the crunchy top (my fav). I picked around all of the apples, because who wants to be healthy at the fair.



After an unhealthy night out, all I really wanted for the weekend in NYC was to eat as healthy as I could. I packed protein bars, oatmeal packets, peanut butter, protein pancakes, hard-boiled eggs, Applegate turkey and Joseph wraps for protein wraps.

The morning of the race, I enjoyed a bowl of pb oatmeal with this amazing view… if only that damn glare wasn’t there!


I ate that oatmeal at 6:30 am, and with a delayed race start and a maze after the race to the food, I didn’t get to eat until 11 am… and the only thing I could snag was a bag of pretzels which were the best bag of pretzels ever!

Around noon, I was back at my hotel, and snacked on a few hard-boiled eggs, before meeting up with Jen, Chris, James x2, Bill and Brian for a late lunch at 1:30. Bills Bar & Burgers, which was located in our hotel, gave out coupons for buy a burger and get a free shake. Everyone got burgers & shakes, except me. Again, after an indulgent night prior, I wanted veggies and chicken.


Jen gave me a few sips of her chocolate peanut butter shake, which was the best shake ever. It tasted as if there was literally an entire cup of pb in it. And Chris’ s’mores shake, ohmygosh! Chris is used to his fiancé taking pictures of all of her meals, so he didn’t think I was weird when I took pictures of food all weekend.


That evening, we all had a second team dinner at Battery Gardens, which is an extremely swanky restaurant. I mean, just look at the view from the terrace we had.

battery gardens

For appetizer, I opted for all of the fruit, a cube of cheese, and the upper right is Portobello mushrooms, I believe. These were marinated in the best dressing ever, and it reminded me of the mushrooms that are in my Mom’s pasta salad. I even debated just eating a plate of the mushrooms for dinner!


I wasn’t really hungry for dinner, but I honestly hadn’t really eaten anything all day, aside from the oatmeal, pretzels, the chicken salad, and a  protein bar, so I grabbed the salmon (top left), salad, beef roast (usually I call it roast beef, but beef roast sounds fancier 😛 ).IMG_1531

And lots of protein pancakes that were topped with pb instead of maple syrup… but I ate these last night for dinner and they were fab!

IMG_1553Favorite fair food?

Favorite flavor for an indulgent shake?


Fair Date Night & NYC Day 1

Happy Tuesday to all of my favorite peanut butter loving and hating people (I’m calling out my cousin)! Sorry that I couldn’t pop in yesterday with a weekend recap. I got back from New York City late yesterday evening, and had absolutely no wifi or free time Saturday-Monday to write a post and find wifi to post it. So, since I have a lot to recap, I might just break it up into 2 posts.


This was one of my favorite dates in the longest time. Fall is one of my favorite times of the year, and with that comes fair season. On Friday night, Rick picked me up at my house and we took the scenic, backroads route to the fair.

We spent hours walking around, checking out the local food, observing the unique people that were at the fair, and just enjoying each other’s company.

deerfield fair

I had my very first apple cider donut, I know, the horror, and it was THE best thing that I have ever eaten. Not even an exaggeration. It was fresh, warm, and chewy.

deerfield fair


I had really wanted to find the alpaca costume class (I don’t even know what it means), but when we couldn’t find it, we settled on watching horses compete in carries.


After about ten minutes of that, it was decided that fresh, apple crisp was needed. Apple crisp topped with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. Whomever comes up with these combinations is a pure genius. {Sorry for the blurry picture, I was on the move!}


When you walk 18,000 (half of those being at the fair), 2 desserts are definitely necessary.


Saturday morning I was up bright and early. Too early for a Saturday. (5:30 am). I didn’t think we would get a lot of moving around done, so I got a 1 mile walk in before showering, packing, and heading to work to begin our journey to NYC.

Once we arrived to our hotel around 3, we quickly freshened up, before heading to the lobby to meet up. Our company hired a double decker bus to take a 2 hour tour around the city, which was a blast. I LOVE these busses. I would go on these tours a million times, and don’t even care how much of a tourist it makes me look. They are just so much fun!


By the time we got back to the hotel, we had about an hour or so of free time to relax and get ready before our dinner. Since we were in NYC for the Tunnel to Towers charity race (my company was a major sponsor), we were invited to a private dinner at Elevated Acre, that the organization put on. Wounder soldiers were there, followed by others (who I have no idea who they were).


Can we just talk about this view? It was phenomenal!

Elevated Acre Elevated AcreWe were out until about 8:30, and then a group of us headed back to the hotel to get sleep for an early race morning! More to come on that soon!

Do you love apple cider donuts?

I need MORE!


6 Places: Where I’ve Been & Where I Will Go

I am really behind on doing random days of Julie’s 10 Day You Challenge, and since I had a busy day in Boston yesterday for FitGirl, I thought this would be a great day for “6 places.” I mixed it with 3 places that are my favorite, and 3 places I would love to visit!



3 Favorite Places:

3) New York, NY

Growing up, our family split vacations between NYC and my #1 favorite spot. I have always been obsessed with everything that makes up New York, and while I always dreamed of living there, I know it’s not the atmosphere that I want anymore, but it is still one of my absolute favorite places to visit!


2) Manhattan Beach, CA

My favorite Manhattan. When I spent time in Los Angeles, I spent some time with a guy who lived in Hermosa Beach, and we would often find ourselves going over to Hermosa and Manhattan Beach to spend the day, grab brunch, drinks, etc. If I could move anywhere right now, and bring my family and friends of course, it would be Manhattan Beach. One of my favorite places hands down. The picture below is on the pier, which was one of our first dates!

Manhattan Beach

 1) York Beach, ME

My Memere and Pepere had a beach house right on the ocean, so ever since I was a little tyke, we have vacationed here. The house is still in the family, and we try to get there for a vacation every other year. This is my favorite beach to spend time at, and since it’s only an hour away, I will go out of my way to spend the day here instead of beaches just a few minutes closer. So many memories at York Beach. My Dad’s side also has a house on the other end of the beach, so it’s always fun to go to their place on summer days and nights. The family house is on that main road that you see below with the houses on it.



3 Bucket-List Places:

3) Seattle, WA

I’ve been deeply obsessed with Seattle ever since first watching Grey’s Anatomy when it aired. I know it’s weird to say that a show has made me dying to visit a city, but it’s true. My childhood best friend lives out there and seeing his pictures makes me need to go there so badly! This is definitely my must-travel-to-in-the-US top bucket list item.


2) Greece

Greece is just so beautiful, with its bright blues and crisp whites. This is actually where I want to go on my honeymoon, so I am hoping that my future husband is fine that I already picked our honeymoon location.


1) Ireland

Who doesn’t want to visit Ireland?! I would love to be able to spend weeks here just backpacking across the land and taking it all in. Maybe I will even meet my future husband here like she did in PS I Love You.

irelandWhat are your favorite places or spots you want to visit?!


WIAW: Bachelorette Eats in NYC

For this week’s What I Ate Wednesday, I decided to morph both the bachelorette party in with the foods I ate while in New York City.

My morning started Saturday at 4:45am, as I had to catch the 7:15 bus in Boston. By 11 am, I was struck with probably the most debilitating case of car sickness I’ve had in a long time. The next hour on the bus was the longest, and I just couldn’t wait to get to the hotel with these 15 fab ladies.


Once settled into the hotel, we headed out to the Chelsea Pier’s for the first attraction of Chelsey’s Bachelorette Weekend!

Since Chelsey and my brother are obsessed with wine, and cheese, we decided to take a wine & cheese tasting cruise along the Hudson.


We split the group into 2 tables of 8, and spent the next 3 hours learning about different wines and cheeses, and eating certain cheeses and fruits with specific wines. IMG_8782

They started us out with a sparkling wine, and allowed us to enjoy that while going onto the deck and relaxing before the tasting started. Beautiful views like this.IMG_8783

And crazy wind-inspired updos like this.IMG_8809 I’m not a wine drinker, at all, so I let the ladies at my table share the wine I received, and I sipped on my water. I’m also not a huge cheese fan, but the softer cheeses totally won me over

IMG_8789 IMG_8791

Fromage d’Affinois. A mild, buttery flavored cheese. My FAVORITE. I could have eaten the entire tray of this stuff!
IMG_8797After the cruise, we had about half an hour to kill, so we wandered around The High Line, which I first went to with Jen back in the fall. It made me miss her so much!

IMG_8799 At 5:30, all 16 of us ladies headed over to Ovest Pizzoteca for our dinner reservation. It got extremely busy in here shortly after we arrived, as a big crowd of Italian locals came by to watch Italy play in the World Cup. It was loud and so fun!

IMG_8800The ladies ordered probably 6 different pizzas, while a few of us on my end ordered salads, either due to gluten allergies or Paleo preferences. I ordered a regular salad with grilled chicken. They were pretty skimpy with the chicken, but because I was still full from the cheese, I was okay with a small dinner. IMG_8802After dinner, we headed back to our hotel, and we all went to our assigned rooms to get ready for the night. Not to be biased, but I’m pretty sure we had the best room. We were having the time of our lives getting ready, goofing off, talking about underwear issues with our dresses, and of course, taking selfies with Smartfood popcorn.IMG_8812 I didn’t have a drink all weekend, but apparently the wine on the cruise, at dinner, and while getting ready, made these girls a riot.IMG_8823 IMG_8829I wasn’t extremely hungry on the bus ride home, but when I stopped into a Duane Reade before grabbing my bus, I spotted yogurt parfaits and HAD to purchase one. I think yogurt with granola is easily one of my favorite snacks, and is always my go to for brunch, but I have avoided it for quite some time. Tropical Parfait. Amazing! I wish I could have one every day!
IMG_8832And that was that! Definitely a mix in my meals, and while it was fun to eat out, I’m excited to be back on my favorite meals!

Are you a big fan of parfaits?

Short & Sweet

After 2 days, 11 1/2 hours of driving, 10 hours of sleeping, and 12 hours of motion sickness, I survived the weekend.

I got car sick.


On my way to here.


Once I was feeling better, I ate this.IMG_8791

With these 15 beautiful ladies.


Made a new friend. She takes selfies with Smartfood popcorn.

IMG_8812And survived sober clubbing until 3 in the morning.

It was a wonderful weekend indeed, but I was definitely happy to be in bed, and watching tv until falling asleep at 6:45.

More to come tomorrow when I’m not such a zombie!

WIAW: New York City Style

Thank goodness that there are such things in life as What I Ate Wednesday, because I can instill this memory in my brain forever… or at least until I move into an apartment that is right next to Hu Kitchen.

For some reason, I didn’t have a big appetite while I was in NYC over the long weekend, but I’m going to say that’s because the MNS Control supplements from Advocare that I have been taking are the reason. While I’m pumped that they’re working and keeping me from spending money on endless amounts of food, I was bummed that I didn’t need to order everything on the menu at every cafe or restaurant.

I will highlight a few of the meals, which are now requirements for restaurants for you to dine at every and any time you visit the city.


Saturday night started at Bareburger, which is an organic burger restaurant. Even better, you get to build your own burger, starting from the type of meat, to the bun, veggies, cheese, and sauces.


After a 3.5 mile run (before heading to the city), and hours of walking beforehand, I was craving a good batch of sweet potato fries. I’m allowed to have canola oil on occasion (just not everyday, per Coach Mat), so when I found out that’s what they were cooked in, and that it was a occassional Paleo-approved oil, I said bring it on. I happily devoured every last fry, and felt no guilt over it. The lighting was pretty miserable in the restaurant, so just deal.


After clearing out my tray of sweet potato fries, I went ahead to tackle every last bite of my burger. Bison beef + a fried egg + grilled pineapple+ sweet butter pickles + a lettuce bun. Heaven. So good. Eating a burger in lettuce is awkward, so I used a fork and knife to eat the burger. Also, eating a burger with utensils should be against the law. Burgers are meant to make your face messy. Mark used to say he loved watching me eat burgers and sushi because there is no cute way to eat it, which makes it even sexier. (If you’re single, eat a burger on the first date because by date 2 he will ask you to be his girlfriend. Don’t blame me if he doesn’t).


After Jen’s intense spin class on Sunday morning, Beth, Brenda, Jen and myself headed to Hu Kitchen (my favorite place on earth), for a big brunch.


This is what my favorite breakfast looks like. 3 egg scramble, roasted sweet potatos, beef bacon, and Hu gluten-free bread.


The bacon was out of this world life changing. Extra crunchy, extra bacony, and all around lots of it! The sweet potato chunks were heaven on earth as well, and they certainly didn’t mess around with the amount of spoonfuls they gave me.

The meal typically comes with 2 eggs, but after the spin class, I wanted more protein than 2 eggs. They also didn’t charge me for the extra egg. Should have gone for 4! The bread was unique, but SO good. I never crave bread, but the breakfast came with it, and so I ate it. This meal kept me full from about 12:30 until 4:30, and only cost me $9.85 total. See, eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive!


Hu Kitchen has a tremendous amount of food that you can purchase to go. Their smoothies come in mini and large bottles, and they have boxed macaroons, paleo brownies and blondies, and this amazing sweet kale crunch. It was kale granola and the best granola I’ve ever had. This is one I’m definitely going to recreate this week! The ingredient list was super simple (kale, sunflower seeds, coconut flakes, raisins, dates, and walnuts— okay the container with the ingredient list is in the recycling bin and I’m totally bs-ing it with my memory).

And this sweet treat that I ate last night for dinner because, hey, when you feel sick, a real dinner doesn’t sound appealing. Simple Squares organic and Paleo-friendly snack bar. It wasn’t too sweet but the flavors complimented each other beautifully! I wish I had bought more than one!


I wish we could have eaten every meal at Hu Kitchen, but because it was not centrally located, we were forced to try additional eateries. This Irish pub was meh, and I can’t even tell you the name of it because I don’t care. The waitress was convinced that their cobb salad wasn’t supposed to have a hard-boiled egg. Also, the avocado had a weird brown film on it. Even if I knew the name of the restaurant, I wouldn’t tell you, because it was just a big thumbs down! Their water was good, though.


I had hoped to stop for a breakfast before my bus on Monday, but because I decided to go to the wrong bus station and barely made my bus, there was no awesome New York City diner breakfast. Boo hoo! I suppose I will just have to go back and get that diner breakfast.

What sides do you REQUIRE with eggs? Bacon, hash, sausage, homefries?!?!

Bacon and roasted, extra crispy sweet potato chunks.

Blend Adventures in New York City

The past few days have flown by and been incredibly tiring, but it was so worth it. Saturday afternoon I jumped on a bus and headed down to New York City to spend time with Beth, while she was visiting on her spring break.


We met up around 5:30, when I arrived in the city, and our first mission was to find Bareburger to grab dinner. I thought I had it down pat with how to get there, and it turns out I’m as good as navigating through the city as I thought, because for an hour I led us in a complete circle. By the time we got to Bareburger, we had about a 50 minute wait. The food was SO worth 1 hour hike I led us on, and the wait.


By the time we finished up with our burgers and fries, it was close to 9, so we headed to our hotel to unpack and relax for a bit.


Sunday morning started with a bit of extra rest, and we woke around 8:30. The extra sleep felt so good, and was necessary for the amount of exercising we were about to experience.

We walked about half an hour to 24 Hour Fitness to take the 10:30 spin class instructed yours truly, Jen, of Artificially Balanced. As one of my closest friends, I really wanted to take her class and really see her in my element. Jen’s energy was amazing, and the workout she put us through was rudely tough! My butt still feels violated!


After brunch, Beth, Jen, Brenda and I were famished, so we headed a few blocks to a cafe I had been dying to try. Hu Kitchen is all about going back to the human way of eating.

IMG_6778 IMG_6779

All of the food is cooked right in front of you, and the options are endless. I ended up getting 3 eggs, bacon and roasted sweet potatoes, and it was easily the best meal I have EVER had.


Spin + brunch girls. <3


I want to move to NYC for 3 things. Jen, Hu Kitchen, and the men. Ayyyyy, the men of New York City… fan me down! Think of all the awesome date stories I could blog about if I moved there. I could totally write a best seller off of it!

Beth and I had plans to take the Subway back to our hotel to drop our sweaty clothes off and grab our cameras to save time from walking, but we ended up taking wrong subway after wrong subway, and after a solid 45-60 minutes, we gave up and walked back.

Brunch ended around 1:30ish, and we didn’t get back to the hotel until 4. I wish I was kidding. We snacked a little and rested our legs, before we took off on our next venture. It had started to snow when we left our hotel, and we headed up/down to Central Park to have fun with our cameras. We stumbled upon a figure skating competition for little kiddos, and it was so fun to watch!

DSC_0471We walked back up to Times Square, and struggled badly in finding a restaurant. We settled on an Irish pub, and it was eh.

IMG_6800After dinner, we dragged our tired legs back to the hotel, where we just vegged out. I purchased my bus tickets home, and Beth did a little research on plays, museums, and other things she could do with her stay.


I woke up at the bloody hour of 6:25, and headed to the bus station. We were staying on 51st, and I walked all the way down to 33rd, before I realized I was walking to Penn Station instead of Port Authority, so I had to walk back up to 41st street. I made my bus with 10 minutes to spare, but I had to spend a 4 hour bus ride home in sweaty clothes. Ugh. It was disgusting and a miserable ride home.

And now I’m here, but I want to be there with Beth and Jen.

ALSO, to wrap up last week, the winner of last week’s Pacific Beach Peanut Butter giveaway is: Jennifer Lyle! Jennifer has been emailed and should be receiving a jar of the signature PB Peanut Butter soon! Thanks everyone for entering. 🙂

Keith Urban Concert. Babies on the Brain

Before I share some fun pictures with you from my adventures in NYC, I want to thank all of you that left extremely kind words on yesterday’s post. I love you all so much!

On Thursday, I headed down to NYC with my parents, where we met my brother around 3. We settled into our hotel, before I led them on an adventure to go to Reebok FitHub/CrossFit 5th Ave. I didn’t go into their actual box, but instead shopped around. However, CrossFit Hells Kitchen was connected to our hotel, which was so cool! I looked in the window and the athletes there were beasts!



Around quarter of 5, we strolled into O’Reilly’s Bar & Kitchen for an early dinner before the Keith Urban concert.


I am overly addicted to cobb salads, and this has become the only thing I will order out. There’s never enough bacon.


After dinner, we headed to Madison Square Garden to see Keith Urban! Ryan and I bought 8th row tickets for our parent’s 33rd wedding anniversary, so it was awesome to all be together for this.


Little Big Town opened, and as always, put on a good show… and made me drool, obviously. Gorgeous men make me drool way too easily.DSC_0185 DSC_0195

And then Keith came on, and made me fall in love all over again. Ps., this is my favorite picture from the show, and I LOVE how awesome my new camera works. Woo to Black Friday deals and finally owning a professional camera!DSC_0210DSC_0239

My two favorite men. Ugh. Babies on the brain.DSC_0279 DSC_0294

We didn’t manage to take a group picture before the show, but for some reason, we had no issue having a selfie party outside in the nipping cold. This family of mine. <3


People tell me that Ryan and I look alike, but I never see it. The only reason I know that we are related is because anytime I say “selfie,” we always make the exact same face. We make this face for the same reason that Miley Cyrus always sticks her tongue out in picture. Smiling is awkward.

The trip was short, and after a quick diner breakfast Thursday morning, we were back on the road heading home. Trips and vacations always reignite the wanderlust gene that dominates my body. There is still a part of me that wants to live in NYC for at least 1 year, and another part of me that just wants to travel for a bit, while being able to work remotely… or just taking time off from work to travel and live my life while I can. It’ll be interesting to see what happens, but for now, I’m focusing on saving up so that anything is possible for my future.

Also, I NEED to visit Nashville, and I’m hoping to this summer. If any of you have a strong desire to go there, LET’S GO. Seriously. I love my blends (blogger friends), and think it would be SO cool to have a long weekend with blends.

WIAW: Home and Away Eats

This past weekend I stepped away from eating per my assigned macros, and chose healthy, filling foods, and ate when I was hungry. Jenn’s WIAW roundup still looks pretty similar to my typical meals, just a little more appetizing.


Since I was in NYC Saturday, I brought a majority of food for the road and for snacks in the City. I forgot my nut butter, so instead of having nut butter in my yogurt and on apple slices, I chose a loaded salad with healthy fats in it to get fats in.

Salad with grilled chicken, avocado slices, bacon strips, bleu cheese, and tomatoes. I always dip each bite into the dressing to save calories. It was absolutely amazing and I cleared 90% of my plate. All that walking around works up quite the appetite!


I refrained from buying M&Ms this year, but the girls had me try the Candy Corn M&M. It was really good, but sweet, so this would be an easy chocolate candy that you could truly use portion control with!


After my run on Sunday I was craving a sweet smoothie, so I went for my favorite blackberry cherry protein shake. Hit the spot!

Sunday dinner at my parents is one of my favorite things ever. Grilled chicken & sweet steak, with asparagus and sweet potatoes. My parents know this is my favorite dinner, so it’s usually our ever day Sunday meal.


For dinner Monday night, I was craving a childhood meal. Dippy eggs and mixed veggies. I typically avoid the mixed veggies since they aren’t the best veggies to eat, but I had a bad craving for them, and since I had a lot of carbs to play with, I went for it. So delish!!


Typical snacks are grapes & apple slices with nut butter. I always eat my apple slices with 3 tbsp sun butter around 3 at work, but sometimes it’s my go-to dessert. Back in the day, half a box of Cheez-Its would be my snack. Times have changed!

IMG_2987Why I waited so long to have yogurt with mangoes and nut butter is beyond me. I think Beth is onto something by mixing mangoes and nut butter. So addicting!!!


And those were my favorite eats of the week!

What was the best thing you’ve eaten lately?