Fitness Friday: Weekly Workouts

We’ve made it to Friday, which means that it’s almost time to throw my weekend pants on, but before I do that, let’s link up with Kris of Canadian Girl Runs for Fitness Friday!



I put Ashley and I through a Back and mini shoulder workout. During the beginning of the workout, I mentioned to Ashley how I didn’t feel like I was getting a good workout in. I just wasn’t feeling the burn. Don’t always go by that feeling, because when I woke up the next morning, my back was s-o-r-e! Some of the exercises we tried on new-to me machines, which I think played a part in the soreness I felt the day after.



I woke up not wanting to workout at all. I mean at all (thanks wine), but I got my butt to the gym, and Ashley lead us through a bi & tri workout. It was tough, but the sweat and the muscle burn felt good and was just what I needed! After our strength workout, we hit the treadmill to run. I started with a 10 minute warm-up, before completing 20 minutes of HIIT. I felt incredibly strong with the sprints, and was happy with how great the workout turned out to be!



One of the weekly workouts that my coach has programmed for me is a long run, so I decided to tackle this guy to start my week. I’m working my way up mileage wise, so I’m building slowly. I cranked out 4 miles, before stretching and calling it a day!


Active rest day. Oh how I loved every minute of you! My body prefers to walk on a rest day instead of doing absolutely nothing. I got to sleep in until 5:20 am, and got to the gym around 6. I’ve been reading a lot on my phone or iPad, and this comes in handy for my active rest days. I walked for about 75 minutes while reading, killing two birds with one stone!


You hurt so badly. I had other exercises that I had programmed (not on this list), but my legs were too shot to do them. Looking at this, I wouldn’t think my legs would have been on fire for days afterwards, but they were. Yikes!



The first mile was easy. After that, ouch! Send help.


If there was one workout that was hard to motivate myself for, it was this one. I slept horribly and woke up exhausted. I could have been a baby and stayed in bed, but I threw my life together and got to the gym. My bi’s and tri’s were the only muscle groups that didn’t hurt, so that’s the workout that I did. I am officially ready for a day of rest!


What was your best workout this week?

When you take a rest day, do you do absolutely nothing, or a light activity like walking?

Starting 2016 With Races and Babies

Happy 2016 my friends! I hope that your year is off to a great start so far; I know mine is! I’ve had a fun past few days, and with having Thursday and Friday off from work, it’s been extra nice! I’ve kept busy and managed to take pictures while I’m at it, so let’s jump into a recap of the past several days!

On New Year’s Eve my friend and I made a taco dinner, watched TV, and then went to the late viewing of Spotlight, which I HIGHLY recommend. He is the only person I know who likes popcorn without the butter on it.

movie-popcornNew Year’s Eve in little downtown Norwood. I didn’t get home until 1:30 am, and boy was I exhausted!

imageWith a 2 am bedtime, I allowed myself to sleep in until 10, and enjoyed a lazy few hours on my couch before getting ready for race #1 of 2016. Luckily it was a 1 mile downhill race, otherwise I probably would have struggled. My new running vest that I had to buy at Marshall’s several weeks back when hunting for a desk. I knew it was a necessary purchase. 😉

imageI ran the race with Sarah and Jaime, but Sarah and I carpooled together, and it was fabulous having girl talk on the drive over to the course. If Sarah continues to wear her Bruins running tights, she is sure to scoop up a guy! I finished in 8:16, which I will take! This was the perfect day to make as an active rest day, especially since we had to walk a mile uphill post race.

millennium-mileMy favorite snack of late is roasted plantain chips. How these have surpassed peanut butter is beyond me!

plantainsSaturday morning’s workout was a 40 minute easy run followed by 5 X 20 second strides, a few leg exercises and lots of stretching. It felt good!!!

Saturday early afternoon I headed into Boston for brunch at Earl’s Kitchen + Bar. Bonus points for any guy that asks you to eat breakfast foods instead of dinner foods.

This photo of Earls Kitchen + Bar is courtesy of TripAdvisor

And then it was on to an afternoon and evening of cute baby butts! Don’t you just want to squeeze that little butt of Brinkley’s???

imageNothing more adorable than a boy taking his time eating pizza. That slice of pepperoni just hung out in between his lips for the longest time. He makes my heart so full.imageAnd my beautiful Goddaughter. She just stops my heart every single time. Those eyes and cheeks and lips. I am just so blessed to be such an important part of her and Lucas’ life. I need to stop getting all emotional over these two little peanuts!imageI managed to take zero pictures on Sunday, but my morning started with a bi and tri workout with Ashley, followed by a lot of meal prep for the week, and ending with meeting up with my Mom to see SISTERS. Go see it, please. If you don’t laugh, I will reimburse you for your ticket!

All in all, a wonderful start to 2016!

How did you celebrate New Year’s Eve?

What was the latest movie that you’ve seen?



My Major 2016 Goals: Nutrition, Physique, Strength & Running

Goals. Did you set any for 2015? How did you do? Did you accomplish any big ones? I couldn’t even tell you if I set any for 2015, but given the fact that I’m the happiest & healthiest that I’ve ever been in my life, I’m just going to say that I kicked ass this year.

With that being said, I have big goals for 2016. There are several career goals that I have in plan, but most of my goals relate to my health, so let’s talk about those health goals I have set for 2016, because let’s face it, fitness and eating are more fun to talk about than your career.


In November I switched to a more Paleo-focused way of eating, which I plan on continuing into the New Year. My body is continuing to lean out thanks to meals focused on meat, loads of veggies and healthy fats, so processed foods will hopefully stay limited.

I will continue to focus on finding the foods that provide optimal endurance and energy, and test out foods in trial and error to see which I generally should avoid.


Continue to lean out. I don’t care about the number on the scale. Why? Well, I’m currently leaner than I was in September, yet I weigh 5 more pounds than I did back then. This one still baffles me, but hey, I went down a size in pants, so I will not not not complain about that!

I feel that a majority of my fitness goals will rely on my nutrition aiding in leaning out, which then will aid in reaching my fitness goals.imageGym

Plain and simple. Get stronger. My coworker has been encouraging me for almost a year now to do Tough Mudder and Spartan Races with him, and several weeks ago I told him that I will run the Tough Mudder. Is an event like this in my comfort zone? Heck no, but our lives should not be spent in the “c-word zone.”

How do you expect to grow as a daughter, a mother, a coworker, an athlete, or a friend if you never take those scary steps to think outside of the box and risk failure or embarrassment?.. because let me tell you, when I’m having a panic attack at the top of a high obstacle, there will be a lot of embarrassment on my end. IMG_4216

Frank, the above mentioned coworker of mine, has truly helped me break free of my comfort at the gym. Frank doesn’t allow me to doubt my strength or ability, and he is the first one to constantly tell me to get out and lift with the men. “Frank, that’s scary and intimidating!” “Allie, stop being a sissy and get out there. You’re strong; don’t underestimate your power.”

My point is, find a friend, a workout buddy, or just anyone that will encourage you to push harder and to never stop tackling a new challenge. Also, be that person for someone else. Monday morning he came to my desk to ask why I “casually strolled in” 30 minutes later than normal to the gym. Officially busted for having a late Sunday night out.

Pull-up. I will do a pull-up before my 28th birthday in March. That is my big goal that I’ve been focusing on working towards thanks to Frank and my brother. I have the upper body strength, but I’m carrying around too much junk in the trunk to lift myself up unassisted, which again, circles back to nutrition and leaning out.


Oh my lovely running goals! These are what I am most excited about. What do I want to get better at? Every damn thing! I want to shave time off of my paces, increase my mileage in a smart way, recover faster. If I can improve in any area of running, I want to.

A fun running goal that Jaime, Melissa and I discussed after the Santa Shuffle was to run 1 race every month in 2016, and since our local running club, Millennium Running hosts at least 1 race a month, this will be doable. Plus, incorporating fitness with friendship is a great way to stay connected!



To keep up with accountability, instead of seeing how I did with my goals at the end of 2016, I’ll monitor my goals quarterly to stay in check with where I’m at and how I can improve in the next quarter. With that being said, there will certainly be some changes both in my life and also on this blog, so be on the lookout for a fun year on Running on Peanut Butter!

Do you set goals? How often do you check in to see how you’re doing?

How’d you do with your 2015 goals?

What are your goals for 2016?

This Is What Happens When You Have A Tremendously Wonderful Weekend

Hey hey hey, did everyone have a good weekend? I know that I sure did! Mine was full of family, reconnecting with an old friend, Christmas joy and fun.

Immediately after work on Friday, the fun began. My 2nd cousin, or my cousin’s daughter, turned the big 1-6 on Friday, so my Aunt Judy & Jenn threw a surprise birthday party for her, with the best theme ever. Harry Potter.

They outdid themselves with the decorations.

harrypotter-cakeFrom owls in cages hanging from the ceiling, butterbeer, to the food labels, she really made it a special moment for Addy, who was 200% surprised.

imageThe photobooth was my favorite part.

imageI don’t understand why people tell me that they can’t take me anywhere.imageBy 9 pm, I officially began falling asleep at the party… okay, maybe that’s why you can’t take me anywhere, but I’m just so used to my lazy Friday evenings! Saturday started bright and early at the gym, with an extra tough workout. 3 mile run + back & shoulders because I knew I wanted Sunday to be a run day, and Monday would be a rest day… which it wasn’t. I totally felt awesome when I woke up and got in 2 miles of sprints.

I ran into my friend from high school, Ashley, who I had worked and played softball with, but we hadn’t seen in each other in years. She ended up joining me on the treadmill for my cool-down from my run, and we spent a solid 20 minutes chatting away, before we both went and did our strength workouts. It was so great seeing Ashley, and we immediately made plans to start working out together!

When I run errands on the weekend, I really like to look my best and be extremely fashionable. Biker boots, Nike running tights, and a blue and white hoodie. Really killed it with the lack of matching.

imageA bit of my favorite kind of reading. 2016 will have a heavy focus on running goals, so I’m getting in the spirit! Hey Mom, I know I told you to cancel my subscription, but can you renew it again for my birthday? Sorry, don’t kill me!imageChristmas wrapping, Christmas gift making, and Christmas movies followed, with a crackling fire in the distance.fireSunday morning run with Ashley. I managed 3 miles thanks to sore hips, but then we spent the next 35 or so minutes yapping away about workouts, the people at the gym, and life.

Turns out our apartments are literally a street away from each other, and we have future plans of running around our neighborhood together and so much more. I’m telling you, most everything happens for a reason, and I’m looking forward to more of Ashley in my life. I will tell you one thing.. friends who will fitness with you are some of my favorite!

Post-run breakfast was a plate of sauteed butternut squash, chicken sausage and broccoli, with scrambled eggs.

paleo-breakfastI went shopping for a desk at Home Goods and Marshall’s, and instead, left with a running vest and a cozy workout sweater pullover thing. It’s not my fault that the desk I wanted was nicked and the tops fit perfectly and looked like a 13 out of 10 on me.

The weekend ended with one of the best meals ever cooked for me, with Christmas music playing in the background. That’s how you earn double brownie points with me.

And, the winner of the Big Slice giveaway is Heather S! Congrats girl! Check your email! 🙂

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What did you do this weekend?

Are you a Harry Potter fan?

I want to read the books again! I’m going to Universal Studios in a few weeks for work, so my coworker and I already have big plans to spend the entire time at Hogwarts, ha!


Santa Shuffle & So Much Christmas Spirit

I dressed partially like Santa on Saturday, so Christmas spirit is officially in full effect! Actually, every day of this weekend was bursting with Christmas spirit, which makes me oh so happy!

Friday night was a lazy one. After work I ran a few errands, one of which included picking up my bib and Santa suit for Saturday’s Santa Shuffle. After that, it was dinner and a Christmas movie to round out my evening. Perfect!

On Saturday I tried sleeping in, but was awake at 8. I actually forget what I did, but I think my morning was just full of relaxing and eating? Around 11:30 I went out with my parent’s to pick out their family Christmas tree. Every year we go to Faulkner’s, and every year the tree picking process goes quicker and quicker!


There’s Daddio leading the way! Well, tree expert #2 lead us to the back to show us an 8-foot tree that was perfect that he hadn’t put out yet.


I want this to be my bedroom. I <3 Christmas trees!Faulkners-landscaping

The special tree was too big, so we went back out front and grabbed a winning tree. Every year I take this same picture, and every year it makes me so happy. I love the quaint, local country feeling I get when I’m here.Faulkners-landscaping

I officially want to work on a farm or at a local landscaping store. That seems like the perfect Hallmark/Lifetime Christmas movie plot to me!Faulkners-landscaping

I ran a few errands and got a few things done, before it was time to head downtown to run the Santa Shuffle! So many Santas!!!! I actually had so much trouble finding a parking spot, that by the time I went to the porta-potty, threw my Santa coat on and pinned my bib, the National Anthem began and the 90 second countdown began. Needless to say that I was NOT ready for this race simply because I felt so rushed!Millennium-Running-Santa-Shuffle

Post-race picture with Jaime and Melissa! Millennium-Running-Santa-Shuffle

BUT…. I surprised myself. Not only did the run feel amazing (I felt like I was flying and had feather legs), but I hit my fastest/best race pace ever, and finished the fastest that I ever have! I placed 51 in my division of Females 20-29, which made me feel awesome. The only time I struggled was the last half mile, where I was more than ready for some water.Millennium-Running-Santa-Shuffle

After the race, the 3 of us walked about 5 blocks down to join Jaime’s mom and her friends at The Farm. Millennium-Running-Santa-Shuffle

We snagged their window seats, and enjoyed watching the parade from indoors.Millennium-Running-Santa-Shuffle

Santa and Mrs. Claus!Christmas-ParadeWe left a little after 6, and went our own ways. I went home for dinner, a shower and a Christmas movie. It just doesn’t get old!

Sunday morning started with a solid workout at the gym. 15 minutes of HIIT running, followed by a tough shoulder workout.


Breakfast, groceries, meal prep, blogging, and errands all happened next, before I headed over to my parent’s house to help decorate the tree!

Christmas TreeHow was your December weekend? What did you do?

Have you ever or would you ever run a Santa themed race?

The Truth Is…… {National Truth Day}

Today is National Truth Day, and because of that, I’m going to try to tell the truth with everything that comes out of my mouth today. I can be awfully blunt, so I just hope someone doesn’t ask me anything regarding their looks. I also really hope a guy doesn’t ask me if I miss him. A few weeks ago a guy asked me if I missed him on the 2nd day of talking to him. I didn’t. I never responded to his text and I think I dodged a bullet.

Anyways, since today is National Truth Day, I want to get really honest here and let you into my mind. There’s been one thing that is boiling over and that I’ve been dying to just blurt out to others than my closest friends and family.

I don’t want to run a half marathon.

There. I said it. I just don’t want to. The past few weeks have been really tough with my long runs, and I know that we all have bad runs here and there, but it’s more than that. My long runs I schedule for Saturday mornings, and while I have no issue whatsoever having lazy Friday nights in, I have begun to dread Saturdays.


Long runs now feel like a chore to me. I love my mid-week runs; HIIT, progression, sprints, easy runs, etc, but these long runs are just awful. I’d much rather be in the gym lifting weights and getting a short run in then running 7+ miles.

I love 4-6 mile runs, but I’ve found that anything higher is just not fun and hurts my body.

I’m extremely stubborn and in my mind I don’t want forgo the half (didn’t register yet so there’s no $ loss), but I’m also really stubborn in the fact that I could better transform my body and accomplish different goals by focusing on shorter runs and weights.


Gotta love indecisiveness.

Ya know what sounds more appealing to me? A bikini competition. The price tag on competing is not attractive, but having the challenge and internal competition of sticking to macros and strength training to transform my body honestly sounds way more fun than training for a half.

No idea what I’m going to do. All I know is that at this rate, I believe half marathon training is going to make me completely hate running, and I don’t want that. I never want to stop running or injure myself to the point of never being able to run again, so that’s a heavy bullet point in my list of pros and cons.

If training for a full/half made you begin to hate running, would you forego it for possibly a shorter distance so that you would fall back in love with the sport?

Mizuno Wave Enigma 5

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Mizuno. The opinions and text are all mine.


I am extremely excited for today’s post! I was recently accepted to be on the Mizuno Wave Enigma 5 campaign through FitFluential. Not only is it an extremely big honor for Mizuno to have wanted me to promote their new shoe, but I was excited to be able to try a new brand of running shoe and broaden my horizons.

I’m all about risks and stepping out of my comfort zones this year both personally and physically, from signing up for my first half marathon, to honing in on my nutrition, so deciding to try a new brand was actually big for me!

Truth: I’m glad I did!

When I opened the lid of the shoe box, a beautiful grey & bright blue pair of Mizunos were looking me right in the eyes. It was love at first sight. I la-la-loved the look of the shoe, from the design to the colors. That’s big for me, especially because I’m not a “bright colors on shoe” girl, so I was nervous if I would like the shoe sent to me. Check, I did!

Mizuno_waveEnigma5Fun facts on the redesigned shoe:


I instantly slipped my feet into the shoes and what I noticed right away was that they fit differently than any other running shoe in my past has. I go for a pretty minimal shoe, so the extra cushion wasn’t something that I was used to, but, the shoe was comfy and fit like a glove, so I was extremely excited to test run them!

My first run in the Mizuno Wave Enigma 5’s was a quick and short 2 mile HIIT run. I didn’t want to test a new shoe on a long run and be stuck on the road with a shoe that might give me issues, so keeping my first run short and inside at the gym was ideal.

Mizuno_waveEnigma5The first few minutes of my run I noticed that my feet didn’t feel as light as they typically do on a run. No worries, it’s just getting acclimated to a new shoe. Within minutes, I no longer noticed it and actually felt super light on my feet! The HIIT workout consisted of a 5 minute warm-up walk, a 5 minute warm-up jog, and then sprints for the next 15 minutes, followed by a 5 minute cool-down run. I finished my workout with a killer shoulder and chest workout, which I had no issues completing in the shoes.

Finishing my run made me extremely excited to continue testing the Wave Enigma 5 in other running environments.

I ultimately wanted to try them for long runs to determine if they’d be a good half marathon training shoe, so I gradually broke the shoe in to test it out. I started with 3 mile runs, and worked my distance up before taking them for 5+ miles.

Love. True love!

Mizuno_waveEnigma5All in all, I am so happy to be running in this shoe. Not only is it a great shoe and improving my runs, but Mizuno is a solid company that I can proudly stand behind!

What is your favorite running shoe?

What are top qualities that you look for in a running shoe?

Torture Run, Apt Hunting & Father’s Day

Hi friends! Oh my gosh, I feel like it’s been forever since I blogged! I took this past week to regain my lack of energy, and I feel like I’m finally getting caught up! This weekend was a fun one, so let’s jump into it!

Friday was such an easy day at work. In between marketing meetings, marketing lunch and a dentist appointment, it felt like I was barely at my desk! {{Lunch at Fratello’s}}

fratellosAfter work I ran a few errands but I was completely exhausted, so I cozied up on the couch and then was asleep by 8:45. No shame! It felt s-o good!!!

I was up early around 7:30 to get ready for my training run. As usual, I enjoyed a bowl of peanut butter oatmeal on the couch while watching The Big Bang Theory. My legs had been sore for over 4 days, so I was extremely worried how the run would go. 7 miles was on the schedule, and I was telling myself that if I could get 5 done, I would be super excited. Remind me to not do tough leg workouts until my half marathon. I felt like I lost a week of training because of it!

Pre-run/mid-run fuel:


This run absolutely sucked. At mile 2.5 I had the worst side-stitch and found myself keeling over in so much pain. I could barely walk! I ended up being able to shake it free, and ran the next 4.5 miles pain-free… at least in regards to the cramp. By mile 5 I wanted to chop my legs off, and by 5.5 miles I turned around to throw in the towel. A minute later I decided that I didn’t want to quit and turned back around, only by mile 6 to want to give in again. Well, I started to, and then told myself to suck it up because if this happens in the marathon, I’m going to need to deal with it. I finished 7 miles. They weren’t pretty, but I didn’t quit.image

After the run, I showered, polished off a shake and then told my parents about an apartment I found the previous night. I convinced them to go check it out with me and within an hour, we were out the door and meeting with the leasing office.

Food for the road: english muffin with pecan cream cheese & chicken. Why am I so weird?


We toured the apartment and met with the agent for a little under an hour and all 3 of us fell in love with the place. It is SO cute and perfect for a girl like me! After we finished at the leasing office, we all went our own ways, mine being GNC to pick up Quest Bars. Well, I ended up meeting a super fine Cellucor rep at the store and we chatted for about 20 minutes about lifting, macros, supplements, etc. When he asked what my macros were, I almost melted on the spot. Thank goodness I rattled off my numbers like a champ. 😉 He hooked me up with some awesome deals, and I got $110 worth of product for $65. Thank you most gorgeous man that I have ever seen!


By the time I got home it was close to 4, so I gave myself a shellac manicure, got dolled up and headed out for date #2. We did hibachi, drove downtown for a drink and then spent the rest of the night just talking in the car. Such a fun night! 🙂

I had so much on my mind when I was trying to fall asleep in regards to the apartment, so it took me awhile to fall asleep, but when I did I was out cold. I woke up a little around 7:30, and headed to the gym for a back/biceps workout. My warm-up was HIIT. It was so good!

After that, we celebrated Father’s Day! {{Happy Father’s Day Dad!!}}.

This is why my Dad is the best. We spent about 2 hours back at the leasing department and then over at the furniture store looking at couches. We had planned on going to Ribfest, but because it was pouring out, my Dad just wanted to spend time with Mom and I. Love him and Mom!image

After that, I grabbed groceries, prepped a bit of food for the week, cleaned the bathrooms and spent the rest of the day with my parents.

How did you celebrate Father’s Day?

What was the best/your favorite workout of the weekend?

Ugh, well the run made me feel mentally strong, but lifting weights was more fun! 🙂

The Race of My Life with Nike {{Women’s Race Series}}

Today I’m teaming up with JD Sports and Nike to talk about running.. one of my favorite topics! JD Sports is teaming up with Nike for Nike’s “Women’s Race Series,” which takes a look into what athletes have to do to prepare themselves for the biggest race of their lives. JD Sports outfitted me in the Nike clothing in the below pictures in exchange for a bit of my insight into how I prepare to run the biggest race ever.

Nike-running-JD-SportsI chose a dri-fit racer back tank top because these are my FAVORITE! It’s so breathable, pretty and keeps me dry during my run. Or as dry as a human sweat machine can be! Their dri-fit bras help too. Double whammy when you pair a dri-fit bra with a dri-fit tank top!

Nike-running-JD-SportsAnd these capris. I die! Capris are my favorite to run in, and I actually only run in Nike running capris. They work for me, so why stray from something good? I LOVE the mesh in the back. It makes these capris feel ultra-sexy and I feel bad-ass when wearing these!Nike-running-JD-SportsIn my running career, I feel that I have had a handful of races that I would classify as “the biggest race of my life.” Each of these races have been a monumental race in my life; from my first 5k, to my first 10k last fall, and now to my upcoming half marathon in August, which will indeed take the icing as the biggest race of my life!

All of these races have incorporated different types of training, but all of course were important. My first few 5k races my training was literally just running and building up my endurance. When I started out running, I honestly did not care about anything like speed work, hills, HIIT, fartlek runs, etc. I just ran to ran and called it a day.

The first time that I actually followed a training plan was last fall for my 10k. I had never run more than 4 miles, so running a 10k was intimidating for me, especially since I was in the worst shape ever! I followed a couch to 10k program that I downloaded on my iPhone and followed it to a t. It’s funny how sticking to a plan will actually work and improve your running. Go figure, right? 🙂

Now that I am in Week 4 of my first ever half marathon training  (OMG), I am really focused on my training by:

  • Getting proper sleep & going to bed early and being okay with it
  • Fueling my body with healthy meals while still treating myself to keep from feeling deprived


  • Getting fitted for the shoe that is best for me (you). Your feet will thank you every step of your run
  • Strength workouts to build my strength and push me up those hills


  • Running hills. Don’t be a sissy. Do the work now and it’ll feel easy on the hills in the actual race 🙂
  • Stretching; before and after and during if you need tostretching
  • Fueling during my training runs
    • I use a Nathan fuel belt that holds 2 water bottles (water & Nuun) and a pocket to store my Gu Gels/Chomps, id, chapstick, tissue (so I don’t need to use a leaf to blow my nose.. done it several times. Verdict: not fun), my phone

fuel-beltMy best tip though….

  • Smile at some point during your run.
    • Maybe you conquered that scary hill, or you hit negative splits, or you’re fueling properly during the race, or you just feel like you have wings. Whatever your reason is, smile. It might not make you run faster, but it will make you feel happier.


What is your ideal running outfit?

Do you run in shorts or capris?

What’s the most important race you have or will run?

 *JD Sports outfitted me with Nike capris and a tank top in exchange for a post for Nike’s Women’s Race Series. All thoughts, opinions, and awkward poses are my own.

Weekend in Pictures

What a fun weekend! It was full of friends, running, weights, shopping, and a fun date. Here’s a quick look at my weekend with a photo dump!

My Passport arrived! I have so much travel to look forward to. Dallas in less than a month, the Bahamas in September, and then Tampa 2 days after the Bahamas.

passportEating raw veggies when I should be cooking them. They just taste so much better with a good crunch!

imageWoke up Saturday morning and enjoyed my typical pre-run ritual. Oatmeal, compression socks and The Big Bang Theory.

imagewicked good training run. 6.5 miles in the heat! It was extremely hot and I got a few great tan lines going after this run.
runningWent shopping after a shower and food. I’m pretty sure that I need this tank top!imageI am obsessed with the back of this Nike tank top, so I decided that when I reach my next goal I am going to treat myself to it. This would be perfect to run in so I can tan my back haha.

Summer forever. Girl’s night outfit.
imageFor chips & drinks at Margarita’s in downtown Manchester with Lindsay & Nichole.

margaritasI enjoyed some of the chips and salsa and for the first time in my 27 years of living, I actually didn’t go overboard. I ordered a raspberry Stoli with water. So good!! 3 hours of girl talk. So much laughing!

margaritasSunday morning gym sessions at 8 am.
golds-gymLove having an empty gym! 2 mile warm-up run followed by 45ish minutes of shoulders/tri’s. I’m following a new program on This workout KICKED my butt. So good! weightsAfter the gym it was grocery shopping, shower & getting ready for the day, meal prep and food!
pb-oatmeal And then I spent my afternoon enjoying an afternoon date on the deck at Murphy’s in downtown Manchester. After 2 drinks we spent the rest of our 4 hours together walking and talking near the water. Gorgeous weather; fabulous company.

imageWhat was the highlight of your weekend?

What was your favorite workout of the weekend?

 Pre-run food?