Weekend Recap: Family & Outlet Shopping

Hi friends, and happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend, full of fun and sun… I know I sure did!

After work on Friday, I headed over to my parent’s house, as my brother and sister-in-law were in town from Nashville, so we enjoyed a bbq and game night! There’s always so much laughing that goes on when the 5 of us are together, and I remember one point where we were all laughing so hard that I actually thought I was going to throw up from laughing pains.

imageAfter a late Friday night and the inability to sleep in, I headed to the gym to get a workout in. Sprints for 40 minutes followed by an at-home attempt at barre. The goal is to do a few of these exercises several times a week!


Eating, cleaning, and laundry followed, along with spending a few more hours with Ryan and Chelsey. Later that afternoon it was party time!

imageLucas had his dinosaur themed 3rd birthday party, and it was a blast. Lindze did an awesome job at planning and creating all the fun little stations for the little tykes to enjoy.


The bubble sword, or whatever kids call it these days, was the hit of the evening!image

Once the family friends left the party, it was time for a little fire with the Lewis family!


My family is the best, hands down. It just doesn’t get any better than spending time with them. We stayed around the fire until maybe 9ish, before a group of us headed out for the night. Perfect way to spend my Saturday!

imageAnd on Sunday, the first half of my morning was spent working out, grocery shopping, and meal prepping, before heading to the Merrimack Outlets.

Last weekend I had the opportunity to go on a shopping spree in an effort to build awareness on the athletic stores and the new trend of active wear becoming more fashionable. The Outlets gave me 2 big bags full of gifts from several of the stores at the outlets, along with a $100 Visa gift card to spend on athletic wear. Sweet!


My first stop was Nike, in which I found items that I loved, but I wanted to check out Under Armour, since I’ve been digging their clothing a lot lately.image

I was really digging these shorts, but I hate wearing shorts, so for now, I passed.

imageAnd I REALLY wanted these leggings, but they didn’t have my size. I made sure to leave a little bit of money on the gift card so that I could get these once they are back in stock!

imageBut I did fall in love with the waistband on these, so I snagged myself a pair, but in all black, due to sizing.

imageThe great thing about the outlets is that you can get some amazing deals, so I snagged a workout top and bottoms for only $33. And the reason I went back to the outlets, well I grabbed the one sized tank top. Doh!

imageA free shirt from Reebok, in an adorable light blue, along with other little gifts. The gear bombs from Puma are a lifesaver because I sweat, and when I sweat, I smell. Not sure how the candle fits in, but since I’m obsessed with candles, I won’t complain! Also was an unpictured protein bar from GNC, which I demolished while shopping.

imageOrange Theory even threw in a book, shirt, bottle, and a 7 day class pass! Hopefully one of my girls will take a class or two with me!


Anyways, back to Sunday! After a productive morning, the rest of my day was spent being lazy and just relaxing for once. It was a wonderful weekend, but now I have Nashville on my mind, and the countdown is on!

What was the highlight of your weekend?

Do you love the new look of athletic gear for women?

*The Merrimack Outlets provided me with a $100 gift card. All opinions are my own.

Just a Bunch of Random Things

Hello hello! For the first time in probably forever I took a Monday off from posting, and it felt surprisingly great. Today’s post is going to be a bit jumbled with thoughts and pictures, so bear with me. It’s a crazy week so I will do my best to post as often as I can, but I can’t guarantee it! My goal is to post the rest of the week, but if I miss another day, well, there’s your warning!

Here we go with 2 sentences per picture photo dump!

Chicken stir-fry with frozen stir-fry veggies and bean sprouts. Lindsay told me to try the bean sprouts because it makes your dish taste like Chinese food… she was right!


Went and saw The Gift over the weekend. I highly recommend this thriller to everyone because not only is the story line riveting, but Jason Bateman. <3


On Saturday I headed up north to spend the morning with Lindsay and we went to the gym to do legs. Lindsay let me borrow some of her BCAAs for the workout and this stuff is amazing and the taste is unreal, so I will definitely be buying some soon!!

imageMy workout with Lindsay on Saturday pushed me out of my comfort zone and gave me the courage to finally start lifting in the main gym at Gold’s. While I will still do parts of my workouts in the ladie’s gym, I’m just so excited to finally be confident to lift weights with all of the guys now.


Really ripe bananas disgust me. I choked it down though.


With peanut butter of course! This has been my go-to mid-morning snack, and I’m loving choosing a banana over a processed carb like an english muffin, even though I LOVE emuffs.


Excuse me as I contradict the above statement, because yesterday’s lunch was grilled chicken and cheese sandwich. Chopped up grilled chicken, slice of cheese on a hamburger bun.


I’m shopping for the Bahamas and I scored a great deal at Old Navy. 2 workout tops, a bikini top and bottom, and cute striped shorts all for $29. Crazy! The dark blue workout top was $2.99. I laughed! Both bikini pieces were $4.99 each, the light blue workout top was $7 and the shorts $9 and change.

imageLoved the ultra-racer back of this tank top, AND the mesh netting is almost see-through, which is actually kind of sexy for a workout top. So excited to wear this in the gym!


And that’s about all I have for rambling!

What items should I buy for the Bahamas?

Weekend Recap: Running, Shopping, & Eating

Hello friends, happy Monday… if Monday’s can be happy. With warm weather finally here, I’m really excited for all of the fun things I get to do on weekends again.

Friday was a pretty low key day with no pictures taken of the night. I wasn’t feeling the best, so it was just a lazy night of watching tv, so let’s jump to the actual weekend!


Saturday started off by sleeping in until 8:15. I was still feeling pretty tired, but I immediately ate half of a Larabar Uber bar to give my body carbs in preparation for my 2nd run outside! Aside from the 2 mile race I had several weekends ago, this is actually my first training run outside. When I woke up it was already 50 degrees outside with slight wind, which made it almost the perfect running weather.

While allowing my body to wake up before running, I played around on my computer while watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians. <– I love guilty pleasures!


Since there was slight wind, I decided this was a perfect run to wear my new running jacket! Wow, could my eyes get any larger?!



Okay, so this run I started off starving and didn’t bring water. Total mistake because I definitely started cramping around the 3rd mile, and the last mile was a struggle. Can we also talk about the insane wind?! Even though my pace was a lot slower than it should be, I’m happy with this run! Aside from my race a few weekends ago, this was my first run outside since last fall, so my body is getting used to outdoor elements, such as wind, hills, etc.


After my run, I stretched, foam rolled and did abs, before showering and grabbing food. I had wanted a tuna wrap, but because I literally eat tuna Monday-Friday, I try to not eat it on the weekend. Hello Mercury! Eggs and a Thin Slim bagel. I topped it with cream cheese after this picture because I was so hungry!


Early afternoon my Mom and I headed out for a little shopping trip! New lace top and tank top for my last birthday gift from my parents. LOVE this! American Eagle if you want to be my twin! 🙂


That run really took a lot out of me, so by the time I was home from shopping, I was famished. I whipped up a batch of blueberry protein pancakes, which I ate while chatting with my parents. The rest of the day was spent running errands, cooking burgers which totally made me sick all night, and watching Game of Thrones! <– new binge show!


Sunday started off early around 8. I changed, ate half of a Larabar bar, and grabbed my pre-workout to drink while driving to the gym. I started with a 1 mile warm-up run, before tackling legs and half of shoulders. There was a girl taking up the entire space which annoyed me, so I decided to call it a day. Made a protein shake in the car before grabbing some food to grill for dinner.


After a shower, I whipped up a batch of pancakes and threw in strawberries and blueberries that I needed to use up.

protein pancakes

So good!!


I cleaned, did some blog work, and ran some errands the rest of the afternoon. Here’s Nessie pretending that she’s behaving and not eating the plant.Nessie


The rest of Sunday was spent shopping, grilling, and playing football in the front yard. Another fabulous weekend in the books!

What was your weekend highlight?

What are your favorite pancake add-ins?

Chocolate chips next time!

Diners, CrossFit, and Shopping

After sort of having a butt-week towards the end of last week, I was SO ready for the weekend to roll around.


We left the office around 1:30 and headed to one of our member’s stores to shoot a commercial, and it was so fun to just goof around with the marketing team. It definitely lifted my butt mood.


After we wrapped our shoot, I headed home and freshened up for a best friend date at Murphy’s Diner for my birthday dinner. Lindsay is the best and treated me to a Paleo breakfast for dinner meal {blueberry pancakes + bacon}, and an awesome gift! A new wicked pretty wallet, a birthday cake candle {with sprinkles}, body scrub, and 2 Lip Smackers. LIP SMACKERS GUYS!!!! And we are immediately brought back to our childhood.



I really hate the general idea of setting my alarm on Saturdays, but I have a group of friends that make me WANT to set my alarm. Saturday was the 3rd workout of the CrossFit open, 14.3, and boy was it a doozy.

Coach Mat actually almost didn’t allow us to participate in this workout because he felt it wasn’t a smart one at all. One little form mistake and you could risk injury. In fact, recovery for this WOD could be between 4-10 days.


Around 10:30, I headed home and shoved eggs and roasted sweet potatoes down my throat to fuel me for some shopping!

IMG_7106I did a little damage at the outlets. The Reebok ZQuicks that I got for my birthday just didn’t workout for me. They cut my ankle and brought pain in my right heel, so I returned them. They also made me stomp on the treadmill, which was really annoying.

I found a pair of Nike Free Runs on sale for $69, and I’m hoping they’ll work out! Also scored a sweet pair of Reebok Nano 2’s for CrossFit, for only $41! Boom, I love me some sales! The color I originally wanted was $110, and this pair was a close second, but when they were on double sale, I couldn’t pass them up, especially since I didn’t need them.

Also picked up a new CrossFit shirt to workout in. And a birthday necklace that I had to quickly swap out. Loving the aquas!IMG_7103


After a lazy Saturday night, my friend said he was super busy so I was forced to go to breakfast at 9 am. Turns out he wasn’t busy at all, and I totally could’ve said 10 and slept a bit longer, but I am too nice.

Paul and I went to Murphy’s Diner to hit up the Paleo breakfast menu and gossip. When we left, our teammate Alan had rolled in, looking like he had a fun night.


After breakfast, I did some things that weren’t entertaining, and then I did. Sarah had texted me asking if I’d run a race with her at the end of the month, and then proceeded to ask if I wanted to wog with her that afternoon.

It was so cold, but we wogged (walked + jogged) 1.65 miles. Hills in the cold wasnot fun, but talking with my girl was worth the misery.IMG_7121

 And the rest of my night was spent meal prepping and watching The Walking Dead.

Best part of your weekend?

Sunset, Mustaches and a Shopping Spree

This weekend, one word. Awesome.


While being a complete bum Friday afternoon, Mark called and told me to stop being lazy when I told him what I was doing (watching Orange is the New Black, even though it was gorgeous out). He begged me to come over before it was dark out, and wouldn’t hang up until I told him a specific time I’d be there.

When I got to his apartment at 7, he took me up to his apartment rooftop.


For this sunset. Such an awesome surprise and an awesome friend!


It was so breathtaking seeing our city from a new angle, and it made me appreciate it so much more.


It was also really cool to be able to see my apartment, gym and office from this spot. The lights in the bottom right are my office and gym. So close!IMG_2180 IMG_2179We then headed inside and debated on what to do.  He was craving some seaweed salad, so we headed over to Mint Bistro. We had planned to head right back and watch a movie, but when we saw our favorite waitress/bartender Delihah, we grabbed a seat at the bar and Mark ordered more apps. Fish tacos, seaweed salad, and beet salad.

While at Mint Bistro, Janine texted me and asked why I had walked by The Farm without going in and grabbing a drink with her. I didn’t even realize she was there, but I’m glad her husband Aaron spotted me. After Mint Bistro, we headed into The Farm to grab a drink with them and their friends, while watching Pat & the Hats perform.

There was a Curious Traveler promo going on, so we had a little fun with some free giveaways.

Wait for it…


Ayyyyy nice mustache man!


Mark had a coworker who was there as well, so I let him do his manly things while I hung out with Janine. It worked perfectly! I had so much fun with Janine, and woman, next time Pat & the Hats play again, let me know!



Upon waking, I made a delicious bowl of banana slices, almond milk and 1.5 tbsp of sunbutter. It was so good, and fueled me for a kick ass workout at Gold’s.

Saturday’s Workout:

I was dead at the end of this, and felt it in my booty right away. Weekends at the gym are my favorite because I get to take my time and get in a quality workout.

After the gym, I showered, foam rolled and ate before heading to the Merrimack Outlets to take advantage of the awesome Labor Day sales.


I originally went solely to check out Reebok and browse their Crossfit shoes. Since I’ve signed up, I want to take it seriously, and I thought getting Crossfit trainers would be practical.

The Nano 2.0’s were comfy, but didn’t have colors I wanted, so I was ecstatic when I found the original Crossfit One shoes on sale for $70. Even better that I could use my 40% coupon on them.

New Crossfit shoes for $50? Yes please! I figured if I get really serious about it, eventually I will go for the Nanos.

IMG_2187I won big at American Eagle as well, and got $140 worth of clothes for $70. 3 button downs and new black jeggings. Fall = the return of plaid shirts. Yes!


$230 worth of clothing and shoes for $120. A good deal seriously turns me on.

The only bad thing about shopping was that it was 80 out but felt like 150. If the humidity could be 300%, then it was. I was dripping sweat, and couldn’t handle if people were walking slower than 7 mph.

fda105105a507367f9a277ab97ed18b6Working out and shopping is one serious workout, so I spent the next few hours catching up on blog work and watching Friends. Gross weather makes me feel okay about being lazy.

The rest of Saturday was spent out with the fam and Ryan’s childhood best friends and parents.



Yesterday was a wild day road trippin’ with my girl, Lindsay, which you will hear all about Wednesday!

How did you enjoy the long Labor Day weekend?

$67 for a Fro-Yo Bowl

Hey guys, first in foremost, Running on Peanut Butter finally has a Facebook page! So if you want to stay up-to-date and view pictures of endless bowls of fro-yo, go there and click “like.” I’ll love you forever, and ever! 🙂


Something weird happened yesterday, where breakfast kept me full from 9 am until 2 pm. I went home on my lunch hour, and watched TV in bed, and drank a mixed berry protein shake.


I actually wasn’t even hungry for it, but I knew I needed to get something in my system. When I got back to work, I became extremely hungry, so I downed a Choc. Chip Cookie Dough Quest Bar, and then told all my Snap Chat friends that I was eating jello.


Immedietely, my girl Betsy snapped herself eating a pb&j sandwich, which made me so hangry that I couldn’t even type.


Naturally, I snacked on a banana with pb. So good, but it didn’t keep me full. I went from being stuffed at 1:30, to ravenous.


Luckily, Linds and I had a girl’s night planned for soft-serve. Since it was raining out, we opted for fro-yo at Tutti Frutti in the mall since it was inside.


I bought my most expensive fro-yo bowl ever. $6.16. Here is the evolution of my dinner:

Dulce de Luche, Nutella, and Cotton Candy, topped with pb morsels, oreos, brownie chunk, raspberries (on the cotton candy)

IMG_0153Add those rainbow jimmies!


Squirt a mountain of whipped cream.


Add more jimmies to make it pretty.


In reality that bowl of fro-yo cost me $67, because after fro-yo, I asked Lindsay if we could stop into Victoria’s Secret for their Semi-Annual Blowout Sale. $50 later, I left with 2 new bras and body lotion. Correction: I went to put on the “Fresh Sorbets” body lotion this morning, and turns out it’s body wash, not lotion.

And if I wanted to spend even more money, the cashier told us they own Bath & Body Works and they’re having their sale too. Lindsay and I freaked out because one of our favorite scents is only sold during the semi-annual sale.

$11 later, I left with 3 lotions (2 of which were LEMON!!!), and a plugin that was of course lemon scented. Do you think I love the smell of lemon? IMG_0170

Man, that was THE most expensive bowl of fro-yo ever! 😉

We then headed back to Lindsay’s place, where we played with Jackson. Yes, that blur in the air is her cat jumping.


That cat is so crazy! He then proceeded to lay on the tarot cards while Linds was in the middle of my reading.


My card readings are always pretty accurate, and my spread was very, very positive, so I’m excited to see how it unfolds!

The rest of my night was spent finishing up Season 2 of HIMYM. Okay, guys, I watched S1 & S2 in 6 days. I have S3, S4, & S8 left to watch, and then I’m all caught up. I don’t know what I will do once I finish the series. Maybe get a life watch them again in correct order??


Such a sad day filled with mixed emotions for me. Today is my last day with my firm, and I will miss my marketing girls so much! Luckily, I’ll only be moving 100 feet away in an adjacent building, so I hope to stay in touch with them. They’re taking me out to lunch today, and I have a date tonight, so I wanted to get in a great workout this morning to offset the eating out X2 (welp!).

I started my morning off with a 2.25 mile run. I accidentily hit the emergency stop button at mile 1.75, woof. I always do that, right near the end of my run too. That, or I’ll punch it (sometimes I run viciously), and I won’t even see my distance (double woof).

After 2.25 miles, I went off and completed an upper body workout, where I completed tricep dips, elevated push-ups, lumberjack chops with the cables, chest flies, chest rows, single-armed cable rows, and squats. My 10 lb dumbbells were missing, so on the chest flies/rows and squats, I had to use the 15 lb dumbbells. That must be a blessing in disguise so that I can un-shrimp-ify my muscles.

Now it’s time to eat eat eat the day away!

And it’s finally Friday! (I thought yesterday was Friday… I’ve been 1 day ahead the entire week).

Now time to EAT EAT EAT the day away!

Fro-Yo, Tennis, Swimming, Beer, Best Friends

My weekend was non-stop, full of sun, fro-yo, hockey, friends, cousins, and mich-ultra. It has been great.


My new shoes finally arrived again. Luckily, they are both sized 8.5. Yesss!!


It was then time to play tennis with Jenny… in 90 degree heat and humidity. We ended up playing for 2 hours. It was so much fun.



I started my morning off cuddling my new shoes. I really want these shoes to work out, so I figured if I wanted love from the shoes, I had to give a little love back.


After a good 4 mile run in the new babies, it was then time for a quick 45 minute tennis session with Jen.


I was a sweaty, sweaty mess after the game. I hauled booty up to Concord to spend the day with my cousin, Nikki. She’s an AD at a private school near her house, and they have a pool that overlooks the golf course. So that’s what we did.


It was so extremely refreshing.


And so was the new strawb-a-rita.


After showering up, we headed to the mall to get fro-yo.


Cakebatter fro-yo. It was the perfect post-swimming treat for the 90+ degree heat.


After being forced to dye Nikki’s hair, I booked it home, threw on a new leg-revealing skirt, curled my blonde locks, and then met up with Jen at The Farm. Jen had never been, so when she mentioned it Friday night, I told her we’d go out Saturday. The Bruins were on, so it was packed, and Mark actually invited me out earlier, so I told him we’d just meet up if we were both there.

Jen ordered blueberry beer and ate her bluebs with a fork. I love her. Mark came over during an intermission to catch up with us for a bit.


We then left The Farm before the game ended, to head to Margaritas because we were hungry and wanted free chips. We finished our first bowl of chips in 2 minutes. They tasted so good. Then Jen’s new guy met up with us. More chips were ordered. Then Mark came and met up with us. More chips and margs were ordered again. I stuck with the water, but then took Mark’s skinny girl marg (yes, he did order that).


It was a lot of fun catching up with Jen’s guy, since I hadn’t seen him since Cinco-de-Mayo tennis night.

Mark was grumpy because his skinny girl wasn’t good, and then that spiraled into him being ultra sour. He’s such a princess. I’m pretty sure I was close to breaking up my friendship with Mark because of his attitude (but I didn’t because he let me drink the marg).


I woke up feeling surprisingly great for the prior night out. I started off with finishing S7 of HIMYM. FINALLY! Now on to the most recent season. Woo!

After that, I went for a run, and followed that up with a day spent with my cousin Lindsay. I checked out her new condo, and then we went to the outlets to shop. I needed new work clothes, but I ended up leaving with a new workout top. Funny how that always happens.

I’m addicted to snapchat, and I wanted to snap a picture of me in the Richard Scary kids toy. Well, at the same time, this mother and her son came over and the little boy literally photobombed my snap, and kept saying he was going to go in it.


The Mother was on my side and actually told her son to wait his turn and let me get my picture! Victory!

We then went out for a cousins grocery shopping trip. And I found these and NEED them.


I had a picture of the meal prep I did, but I figured ending this post with the birthday cake ice cream bars was better than shredded brussels and chicken sausage.

The rest of my night was spent reading and attempting to watch S8 of HIMY (but ummm it’s not online?!). Single life = I can do whateva I want.

And tonight I have a date with the cutie that I snagged at the wedding last weekend.

Perfect Pizza, Bachelorette Party & Baby Lucas

I am so exhausted. The weekend has been a whirlwind and I’m finally getting a chance to kick back on the couch with HIMYM.


After work on Friday I headed to my cousin Lindze and her husband Mike’s place to hang out with them on the eve of the biggest day in their life. This was her last night as a pregnant lady, so I ended up spending an hour with them, talking about the game plan for the big day and simply catching up. After hanging out with them, I headed over to Mark’s for a lazy Friday night.


We ended up watching a little X-Games Skateboarding (per my demand), and then watched the worst movie, The Bachelorette. We then thought it was a great idea to order pizza at midnight.


Cheese pizza with mushrooms, tomatoes and black olives. I’m so glad I have a friend who has the same “perfect pizza” as me. 2 slices each. So good!


I started my morning with a 4 mile run and a total body workout, which left me sweaty and starving. After a protein shake, I headed to my parent’s to pick up a special delivery.


Free Chobani! Cho knows how obsessed I am with their banana, so they made sure half of the supply was banana. They are the best. Thanks Chobani!

I then swung up to Concord for a girl’s day with Linds. We hung around her house playing with the kitten and having girl talk, and then went shopping at Marshall’s, where we both left happy.

It was then time for my girl, Amber’s bachelorette party!


We started at Margarita’s, where they drank margs, I drank my special drinks, and took shots.

My special drinks are special and amazing because they don’t make you feel bloated or weigh you down. All you have to do is order a glass of water, pour a nip in, and then squirt Mio water in.


With a nip being $1 each, I only spent $3 last night, but felt light, energetic, and definitely felt the alcohol.

It was so nice catching up with the girls that I used to work with for years, and now since we’re grown up and no longer attached at the hip, I took advantage of being with them.


After Margarita’s, we walked out and were greeted by 3 fire trucks and a dozen smoking fine firemen. We had no idea what set the alarm off, but we were pretty happy about it. 😉


We headed to 2 different venues to dance and sing karaoke.


It was so much fun, but around 11:30, I headed home since I had an early morning on Sunday.


I unhappily woke up at 7:20 and headed to the gym to get my 4 miler in before Body Pump with my cousin Nikki.

We then headed back to my apartment where she showered and ate a little breakfast. Speaking of Nikki, she is now an Aunt to the cutest little “toddler” baby ever.

Lindze gave birth to baby Lucas on Saturday night, which I had a string of group texts alerting me during the bachelorette party.


Baby Lucas came in weighing 9 lbs and 9 oz, and 21.5 inches. He’s going to be a tall boy just like his Daddy. My uncle kept joking around that she didn’t give birth to a baby, but to a toddler.


I can’t wait to meet the big boy on Monday!

The rest of my Sunday was spent running errands, grocery shopping, and prepping food for the entire week.

I need a nap.

What’d you guys do this weekend?

What’s your perfect pizza?

I also love hamburg and mushroom.

The Key Ingredients: Shopping and Chocolate

Last night Lindsay and I had a much needed girls night out, and this time, instead of grabbing fro-yo for dinner, we hit Marshall’s to try and nab some great deals.

Lindsay’s man has been acting like quite the smelly turd lately, so retail therapy was exactly what was needed. Marshall’s left us quite disappointed, as we each usually leave the store about $100 poorer, this time either we controlled our wallets or the selection just sucked.

After striking out with clothes, we wandered to the home goods section where we hit the jackpot!

For only $9.47, I left with a bag of chocolate covered cashews, an avocado pod to keep the unused half fresh, and a beautiful sea blue glass bottle. Right when I saw the bottle I knew I had to have it, and could instantly picture it in my new grown up bedroom when I move out. For $4.99 I couldn’t pass it up and am excited to decorate my bedroom around this glass bottle!

Lindsay scored big with pretty wine glasses, measuring cups and chocolate covered almonds. Boy troubles always call for chocolate covered anything. 😉

I love you Lindsay! xo


Shopping made me pretty hungry, so along with my chocolate covered cashews, I enjoyed a pb & j sandwich in an Arnold’s pita pocket. Now that’s what I call a healthy and balanced dinner. 🙂


Oh, and for a little humor, on my way to Lindsay’s I had to stop for gas, and while filling my baby up, I noticed a double whopper turd on my car. I really wasn’t feeling the turd, so the blonde that I am went to grab the sponge to wipe that shit off. Do you know what happens when it’s 9 degrees outside?


That blue goo freezes, that’s what! So, until I drop $12 for a car wash, I will be driving around in a turd car.

Now I’m off for an all day training seminar, and with that, have a great day, and keep your cars clear of the birds with stomach aches!

3-Ingredient Healthy Pancakes, Christmas Shopping & Joey Lawrence

The past 2 afternoons I have spent Christmas shopping at the Outlets and the Mall. I seriously need to stop this shopping or at least learn to do it all in one day.

When I entered Macy’s, I was greeted with Santa’s Mail Box and a table for the kiddos to write their letters to Santa. I held back from writing a letter, in fact, I was going to get in closer for an additional picture of the letters, but I heard a girl behind me ask if she could write one and I felt just a little creepy hovering over the table. 3 years ago when Mike and I were Christmas shopping, we stopped at the table so that I could write a letter to Santa. Yes, as a junior in college I asked Santa to make Jay, my college boyfriend, my official boyfriend.

I browsed around Le Gourmet Chef and fell in LOVE with these cookie dishes and holders. I’m debating purchasing a few for my family’s Yankee Swap, or just for myself. 😉

I also hovered over the graham cracker pretzels and gingerbread dip for a little too long. The combo of both flavors created a party in my mouth and I could easily see myself eating the entire jar in one sitting.

After a day of shopping I went to Gold’s to complete my legs and arms workout before going home to demolish my healthy 3-ingredient pancakes.

The texture, taste, and appearance were the best yet. So perfect. This time, I played around with the amounts of ingredients and am happy to report that this is a recipe to keep!

3 Ingredient Healthy Pancakes

  • 2 eggs
  • 1/2 banana mashed
  • 1 tbsp coconut flour

All you have to do is combine the above ingredients in a bowl, whisk it together until you can get a majority of the coconut clumps out, and pour 2 equal sized pancakes on a pan. After that, just monitor the pancakes to get your desired look. I personally love them crispy and lightly browned.

*I do have to mention that I did need to add a splash of almond milk to the batter to thin it out a bit, so it technically should be 4 ingredient pancakes but I do what I want! 😉


Today hasn’t been too exciting to report a full-on novel, but for those who actually care, here are the highlights:

  • 4 mile run, 1 mile walk, core and back work at the gym
  • Christmas shopping
  • the official start of the Christmas Pandora station.. woo woo! 🙂
  • Christmas with the Kranks & Home Alone

Now I’m off to prep tomorrow’s meals before watching Hitched for the Holidays, a Hallmark Christmas movie with the hunkanator, Joey Lawrence. He better have his shirt off so I can drool over his lovely muscles! 😉

P.S, back to work tomorrow to end the holiday weekend. Eww.