Blend Adventures in New York City

The past few days have flown by and been incredibly tiring, but it was so worth it. Saturday afternoon I jumped on a bus and headed down to New York City to spend time with Beth, while she was visiting on her spring break.


We met up around 5:30, when I arrived in the city, and our first mission was to find Bareburger to grab dinner. I thought I had it down pat with how to get there, and it turns out I’m as good as navigating through the city as I thought, because for an hour I led us in a complete circle. By the time we got to Bareburger, we had about a 50 minute wait. The food was SO worth 1 hour hike I led us on, and the wait.


By the time we finished up with our burgers and fries, it was close to 9, so we headed to our hotel to unpack and relax for a bit.


Sunday morning started with a bit of extra rest, and we woke around 8:30. The extra sleep felt so good, and was necessary for the amount of exercising we were about to experience.

We walked about half an hour to 24 Hour Fitness to take the 10:30 spin class instructed yours truly, Jen, of Artificially Balanced. As one of my closest friends, I really wanted to take her class and really see her in my element. Jen’s energy was amazing, and the workout she put us through was rudely tough! My butt still feels violated!


After brunch, Beth, Jen, Brenda and I were famished, so we headed a few blocks to a cafe I had been dying to try. Hu Kitchen is all about going back to the human way of eating.

IMG_6778 IMG_6779

All of the food is cooked right in front of you, and the options are endless. I ended up getting 3 eggs, bacon and roasted sweet potatoes, and it was easily the best meal I have EVER had.


Spin + brunch girls. <3


I want to move to NYC for 3 things. Jen, Hu Kitchen, and the men. Ayyyyy, the men of New York City… fan me down! Think of all the awesome date stories I could blog about if I moved there. I could totally write a best seller off of it!

Beth and I had plans to take the Subway back to our hotel to drop our sweaty clothes off and grab our cameras to save time from walking, but we ended up taking wrong subway after wrong subway, and after a solid 45-60 minutes, we gave up and walked back.

Brunch ended around 1:30ish, and we didn’t get back to the hotel until 4. I wish I was kidding. We snacked a little and rested our legs, before we took off on our next venture. It had started to snow when we left our hotel, and we headed up/down to Central Park to have fun with our cameras. We stumbled upon a figure skating competition for little kiddos, and it was so fun to watch!

DSC_0471We walked back up to Times Square, and struggled badly in finding a restaurant. We settled on an Irish pub, and it was eh.

IMG_6800After dinner, we dragged our tired legs back to the hotel, where we just vegged out. I purchased my bus tickets home, and Beth did a little research on plays, museums, and other things she could do with her stay.


I woke up at the bloody hour of 6:25, and headed to the bus station. We were staying on 51st, and I walked all the way down to 33rd, before I realized I was walking to Penn Station instead of Port Authority, so I had to walk back up to 41st street. I made my bus with 10 minutes to spare, but I had to spend a 4 hour bus ride home in sweaty clothes. Ugh. It was disgusting and a miserable ride home.

And now I’m here, but I want to be there with Beth and Jen.

ALSO, to wrap up last week, the winner of last week’s Pacific Beach Peanut Butter giveaway is: Jennifer Lyle! Jennifer has been emailed and should be receiving a jar of the signature PB Peanut Butter soon! Thanks everyone for entering. 🙂

Feeling Like a Blob of Crap

Sunday Late Afternoon

What a fun and tiring weekend I had! I had high hopes of jumping on here last night to do a little more posting and to hopefully find a blog theme with a little more pizazz than this lovely theme, but when The Prospect asked me to spend Sunday afternoon/evening with him, I was all about the “lazy Sunday with a cute guy” plan.

After a quick but butt-kicking strength workout, I showered and guzzled down a strawberry banana protein shake before heading over to The Prospect’s apartment. I honestly could drink one of those bad boys for 2 solid meals a day, it’s just THAT good, and this morning’s shake nearly sent me over the edge. The Prospect doesn’t entirely understand my love for the shake and is convinced I’m head-over-heels with it because it’s nearly identical to a milkshake. What a smart boy. 😉

After our intense protein shake discussion, we got cozy on the couch and cheered on our believed Patriots! One of our biggest issues, or his issue with me, is that I’m anti Tom Brady. As The Prospect puts it, I’m all about Peyton “Big Forehead” Manning, but I was more than happy to drool over adorable little Wes Welker and Stephen Gostkowski.






And Cute.

After watching our boys win, we flipped through the channels and ended up switching back and forth between several movies before I had to head home to get ready for the work week.


Last night I didn’t get that good of a night’s sleep. I think that because I headed home around 9 last night which is usually when I’m crawling into bed, messed me up a little. I kept waking up throughout the night as well which left me wanting to hit snooze a 2nd time this morning, but I sucked it up and went for my workout.

Which was AMAZING. I was able to cover 4.5 miles, which don’t ask me how, because I’m not even sure how I squeezed that in. Must have been my ridiculously childish and dance crazy playlist I ran to.

I’m sorry, but Bieber, Carly Rae and PSY don’t exactly make for an easy run. All I wanted to do was dance while I ran! There were a lot of arm wiggles and fist pumps throughout Gangnam Style. I remember the first time my spin instructor played Gangnam Style in one of our classes and I was just having an awful day. I literally pouted throughout the entire song until she started fist-pumping. Those damn fist-pumps are more contagious than yawning!

I also threw in a little core work, and by little, I mean it. I was more interested in laying on the floor after my run than actually working out more, so I stuck to several moves.

  • 1 minute plank hold, :30 second side planks
  • 50 crunches
  • 50 heel touches
  • 10 leg circles, counterclockwise and clockwise

Easy peasy with a side of a strawberry banana protein shake.

Today’s lunch was a piece-of-cake meal I’ve been craving for a long time now (read: too lazy to make hard boiled eggs so I never made it).


Egg & Avocado Open-Faced Sandwich!


I brought 4 egg whites and half of an avocado to work with me today, and around lunch time, I cut and mixed it together before enjoying on a piece of Ezekiel bread. Since we’re honest with one another, I truthfully tried to fold the bread in half but I ended up with eggs and avocado all over my desk, which is why this sucker turned into an open-faced sandwich.


I served the sandwich with a side of roasted veggies, which I prepped yesterday morning.

Into the mix went

  • 1 Summer Squash
  • 1 Zucchini
  • 2 Roma Tomatoes
  • 1 lb. of Baby Carrots

I heavily sprayed Olive Oil Pam Spray and tossed salt and pepper into the mix before roasting the veggies for 45 minutes at 450 degrees.


These veggies are a favorite for The Prospect and I, and we’ve recently become jealous when one of us makes a batch and doesn’t share.

My appetite has been off the walls today, so around quarter of 3 I microwaved a Chocolate Peanut Butter Quest Bar in the microwave for 30 seconds before topping it with 3 TBSP of PB2.  These bars do a great job of keeping my appetite at bay for hours, and since I had spinning at 5, I needed something filling to keep me in a good mood until 6:30.


I know it looks like poop on poop, but it tasted like peanut butter on a brownie. If you haven’t tried Quest Bars yet, please do. You’ll love me.

Spinning was only alright. I wasn’t feeling good and wanted to pass out, but I survived and came home to polish off another container of roasted veggies and crackers dipped in peanut butter.


Kip watched me intently the entire time I ate the peanut butter and I felt he deserved to lick the jar clean. Now it’s time to relax for the night and watch last week’s Grey’s Anatomy!

Cat Puke in My Shoes

Happy Monday!


Exactly how I feel. If you haven’t heard this saying before, you HAVE to watch this great video. Mike is obsessed with it and got me hooked on it. Apparently it’s a pretty popular saying in Boston!

Last night wasn’t a great sleeping night. I felt like I kept waking up every several hours, and I even woke up to my cat heaving and getting ready to puke. I panicked and darted out of bed to try to get him out before he puked, but it was too late and he found a nice spot for his dinner in my old pair of running shoes that I wear all the time. Let me tell ya, cleaning your shoe at 3 am is pretty damn fun, I highly recommend it!

Morning Workout

A few short hours later my alarm went off a little too loud for my tired ears, but I was able to drag my butt to the treadmill for a surprisingly amazing run. Taking yesterday afternoon off from weights and letting my body rest did wonders for today’s workout.


I was so excited that I was able to run a little farther today, even if it was only an extra .3 miles. Progress has to start somewhere and I’m pleased with it so far!

After my run, I was a hungry hungry girl, so I polished off a strawberry banana protein shake before starting my work week.

Mid-morning I snacked on a Honeycrisp apple (my newest addiction), 24 almonds, and a clementine. My appetite is in full force today because an hour later I was more than ready for lunch.

Lately I’ve been enjoying an Amy’s veggie burger with veggies for lunch, but today I wanted carbs so I threw the burger on a slice of Ezekiel bread and enjoyed an open-faced burger.


This is easily my new jam! The firm but doughy bread took this lunch to an entirely new level, and will definitely be a staple in my work week lunches. It’s easy to prepare, healthy and satisfying. A 1-2-3 punch.. straight to the baby maker.


The veggies were leftovers from last night’s BBQ, which looked a lot like this plate of heaven:


Maybe dinner was what fueled my run this morning!

I skipped my lunch time workout today with plans of taking the Monday evening spinning class that I used to take back in the day before training. I’m pretty exhausted and am contemplating not going, but I know the workout will be great and I really want to test out my Polar FT4 heart rate monitor watch and see what I burn during the ride.

Also of noteworthy blog mentions, I have a killer headache and an uncontrollable bladder.

Let me hear your Monday horror stories.

Someone Give Me a Tub of Ice Cream!

Today took a turn in the wrong direction and it’s left me feeling off my game, but before I dig into the shit, here’s a quick look at my mid-afternoon snack (12) and my lunch (1:30).

Last Friday during a marketing department meeting in my boss’ office I came across her stash of candy that she makes the engineers bring to trade shows. I thought a few pieces of candy would be a good pairing with my banana today. I chose the dark chocolate and krackel today, and will probably eat the other two tomorrow.

Do you guys have a favorite candy?

I normally only crave chocolate in the evening, but had a random craving today. I’m a sucker for M&Ms, plain or peanut butter (shocker!). I also love the Dove Promise chocolates since they have quotes inside the wrappers. It’s true that I open the chocolate just to read the quotes. A good quote always makes me happy! Other than chocolate, I love Swedish Fish and Orange Slices! Mmmmmm sugar. 🙂

Lunch was healthy, besides my cup full of ketchup that I used to dunk my chicken in. I need that shirt that says “I put ketchup on my ketchup.” I have a really odd addiction to ketchup. Help!

I Feel Like a 5 Year-Old with my Mixed Veggies!

I left work at 4 today to hit the spinning class at 4:30. At 4 I wasn’t in the mood to spin at all, but I knew I’d regret it if I didn’t. I ran a horrid mile while waiting for class to begin and then went through the motions during the 50 minute class.

Usually Eve makes me laugh the entire class but tonight I could barely crack a smile. I could tell I hadn’t been spinning in 3 weeks as my arms were dying on the position 3 climbs. You would think spinning is basically only a leg workout, but there’s a lot of upper body strength that’s necessary to carry you through your ride. Needless to say, I signed up for next Monday’s class again. Hear’s to hoping it’s better than tonight’s ride. Can’t be any worse!

On to sadder news, today marks what would have been my little boys’ 16th birthday. Goldie was given to me when I was 9 after moving to Vermont. He was found on the side of the road in a box with a rope around his neck. In fact, the rope mark took years to fully disappear. Goldie and I were inseparable and he quickly became my best friend.

My Baby Boy <3

When my Dad’s job made us move a 2nd time when I was 12, back to NH where I was born, I clung to my little boy for comfort and strength. Moving when you’re in middle school, is extremely difficult. That can be one of the hardest time periods for kids growing up, as they face  bullies and trying to fit in. I was overweight, and moved into my house the day before school began, so I had no time to meet the local kids. It didn’t help that my neighborhood was just being built so there weren’t any kids my age around yet.

G-berg knew when I was crying and would find me in my room and just lay by my side and give me the love I needed. Everyone who met Goldie fell in love with him, and my college roommates always requested him to be our house cat. When G-berg was 14 he started getting sick, and last May I had to put him down. This little boy was there for me during moves to NH, RI, and CA, break-ups and fights. To say I miss this little man is more than an understatement. I can only hope he’s causing trouble and getting all the ladies in kitty heaven.

My rough evening/night screamed ice cream, and I went out to Walmart with wet hair, no makeup and my 3 sizes too big sweat pants for something bad. Now the perfect cure for bad nights would be to spend the evening with my boyfriend, cuddle and just have him close to me. Well, being single doesn’t help with that! Now I understand why all the single ladies are in the ice cream aisle. On my hunt I came across Red Velvet Cake ice cream and was sold.

Then I texted Jaime about it, debated my decision, and came across this mofo and thought the Oreo yogurt was a better choice than the ice cream.

This will honestly probably sit in my fridge for weeks, but since it was $.66 I knew it’d be good to have it as a back-up for a future emergency.

Time to watch a few minutes of Dancing With The Stars and read a little bit before calling it an early night. Here’s to a new tomorrow!

A Case of the Mondays on Tuesday

I think my clock is off today, and by that, I’m referring to the fact that my body is under the assumption that today is Monday. Remember how yesterday I commented how my Monday was off to a great start? It’s a known fact that Mondays are quite terrible. Usually everyone is still recovering from the weekend, they feel sluggish and tired and their pants might be a little too snug.

Welcome to my Tuesday! The day of the week where you wake up feeling lethargic with brick legs and fat pants that make you feel fat. Did the stretch vanish from my pants over night, or did I eat an entire tub of peanut butter? Possibly both. Oh wait, that’s not your Tuesday? You’re saying it’s only me who’s having a case of the Mondays on Tuesday?

Instead of wallowing in self-pity and staying miserable for the remainder of my day, I decided to take a few minutes to make a short list of things that I am thankful for.

  1. My friends and family for supporting every decision I’ve ever made or considered (yes, even the crazy ones!)
  2. My body for carrying me through workouts I deem impossible to finish
  3. My health – no brainer!
  4. My education for burning the fire to always continue learning and in assisting me in getting a great marketing job
  5. My previous boyfriends for showing me what is and isn’t acceptable in relationships
  6. Food on the table and a roof over my head
  7. My kitty and puppy, even though he ate my car key this morning!
  8. Patrick Dempsey and Justin Theroux – hellllllo eye candy!

While my list doesn’t even come close to touching upon every little thing I am forever thankful for, it boosted my mood and made me forget that my pants were a little snug today or that my body is barely getting me through the day. The feeling will pass, and there’s no reason why I can’t feel great about my body, health and life amidst having a case of the Mondays.

So take a minute, whether you’re having a great day or down in the dumps, and make a list of things that make you happy or that you’re thankful for, and remember that it could be a lot worse.

Enough of the spiritual and preaching talk. Let’s jump back to yesterday afternoon’s spin class with Eve. Song 1, I was ready to die. Recall “Things I’m Thankful For” #2. I hail marry’d the shit out of that one during the 50 minute class. My body was still recovering from all the walking around New York this past weekend, and my legs sure did take a beating. I powered through it, even though I knew it wasn’t my best performance, I gave it the best that my body would allow.

Maybe I jumped into the class a few days earlier than I should, because upon waking, my thighs were burning and extremely tight. After snoozing for 5 minutes (totally necessary today), I put on my big girl running pants and crawled ran for 3.15 miles. Given how I felt, I’ll take it. I just kept picturing this everyone I wanted to quit.

Whatever you say baby!!

I victory danced my 3.15 run and celebrated with a lot of stretching. Hey strength exercises, screw you, you’ll get your loving later.

Morning Workout

  • 3.15 mile run
  • stretching
  • 2 sets of 20 mountain climbers
  • 1 minute plank
  • 2 sets of 13 standing dumbbell side crunches
  • 2 sets of 13 dumbbell rows

Okay, so I did 1 strength exercise, and I think it was only so I didn’t have to do jumping jacks. Lazy ass alert.

Stomach Ache but Hungry. What’s a Girl to Do?!

My shake held me over until about 11 before I attacked my juicy Fuji apple. Halfway through I considered pulling out an almond butter packet I have in my purse but opted against it. Yes, I am VERY crazy.

About an hour later I snacked on Yoplait’s Greek yogurt that Chelsey introduced me to last weekend. She gave me a black cherry to try which I absolutely loved, but the vanilla flavor was too soupy for a greek yogurt and just didn’t do it for me. I stirred in a little of my chocolate peanut butter protein powder, but it was still just ehh.

For 2 Weight Watcher’s points, I’d much rather have my Fage 2% plain Greek yogurt. Now that shit is the bees knees.

About an hour later I hit the gym where I enjoyed a cardio focused workout. The other day I asked a trainer at the gym if I was allowed to spin when classes weren’t schedule and he gave me the green light which I’m excited about. It’s so hard to find a spinning class that I like and can fit into my schedule so it’s nice to know that I can get in some type of spinning in if I’m unable to make a class. I realize I won’t spin for as long or as hard but it’s better than nothing!

Afternoon Workout

  • 1.7 mile run
  • 10 minutes spinning
  • 5 minutes rowing
  • Stretching

I actually kicked major ass during my 10 minute spinning sesh. I worked myself hard and told myself that my lunch time workouts are so precious since I’m limited on time that if I was going to spin, then I was TRULY going to spin the real way. I did bursts in and out of position 2 and 3, had heavy resistance a majority of the time and got great intervals in. Overall I’m very pleased with my workout.

After the gym I was pretty hungry so I snacked on a Kashi Honey Almond Flax bar that I snagged last weekend from Ryan and Chelsey’s pantry, and also noshed on a bag full of sugar snap peas and home-grown cherry tomatoes.

I LOVE Kashi’s bars, some of my favorites being the Trail Mix and the Peanut Butter bars. They’re so good and a lot healthier than other versions of trail mix bars you’ll find on the shelves these days.

This was supposed to be a light snack to get a little protein in me before I had my 2nd protein shake of the day but honestly, my stomach has been hurting me for a good chunk of the day. My stomach says no, but my head says yes. And when I say head, I mean I get light headed when I’m hungry. What’s a girl to do. I think it’s the shake that’s turning my stomach. So it’s either finish the remaining half of my shake and make my stomach feel worse, or deal with light-headedness. I think I can manage another 20 minutes before heading home for the weekend.

In fun news, I’m going back to the driving range with my bestie, Allie, yes we have the same name, and then she’s coming over for dinner. I’m so excited to spend time with her again. She works 2 jobs, so in between our schedules, meetings and everything else under the sun, it can be quite hard to find a night that works for both of us.

Hope you all have a great rest of your Friday! Happy almost weekend!

Popping Raisins Like They’re Candy

Today has been an extremely slow day. I mean it dragggggged. On days that are slow, I always have the tendency to want to snack, even when I’m not hungry. It’s that comfort feeling that a lot of us fall victim to which can thwart our efforts to get toned, lose weight or just be healthy. I wasn’t hungry all morning since my protein shake kept me satisfied, but I did want to snack on something, so I grabbed a few almonds and raisins from the container of trail mix I bought last night. I don’t understand why people always pick the raisins out. GIVE THEM TO ME! I love love love raisins. I can pop them like candy. 🙂

1:00 pm rolled around and I still wasn’t hungry, but I knew I’d need fuel for my lunch time workout. I went for my strawberry banana Chobani yogurt and threw a little bit of the trail mix on top for a nice crunch and chew (hellllo raisins :))

Give Me ALL of the Raisins and No One Gets Hurt

I had another great workout at the gym, but sadly gym crush wasn’t there. It was actually pretty dead at the gym, which I won’t complain about. I still managed to enjoy a few pieces of eye candy lifting weights. Hey fellas, thanks for the entertainment and making my workout fly by.

Afternoon Workout

  • 1.5 mile run
  • 2 sets of 25 medicine ball sit-ups
  • 20 medicine ball side-to-side sit-ups
  • 2 sets of 13 lumberjack squats and lumberjack chops
  • 10 minutes nordic trainer
  • Stretching

Again, my appetite hasn’t been present today, so after the gym I snacked on a Fuji apple and tried my protein shot I received from my Bulu Box, but after one sip, I wanted to spit it out. It was thick and syrupy and it just didn’t taste healthy. I wanted to drink it so I could get protein since I wasn’t hungry for a meal, but I just couldn’t hang with the big boys today.

Ignore My Sexy Post-Gym Gag Face. Seriously, Ignore It

Since I’m possibly taking a spinning class tonight at 6, I just polished off my turkey, ham and spinach sandwich as a very late lunch/early dinner to get me through the gym.

Lunch/Dinner… Lunner?.. Dinch?.. I like Dinch the best

I’m tired right now so we’ll see if I decide to take spinning. I haven’t been since last Tuesday, and couldn’t the other day since I was in Boston, but I really don’t want to kill time between 5 and 6. I park in the gym parking lot for work so the late class really screws me over.

There’s a cute guy who I met online that goes there and wanted me to go last night, but he works out at 8 pm. That’s too late for me! It’s practically grandma’s bedtime. There’s a chance we’ll meet tonight. I’ll be curious how tonight pans out!

Putting on my Big Girl Pants

Instead of taking my normal lunch hour to hit the gym, I decided to try the Spinning Strength class tonight instead. I’ve only tried Spinning Interval, and am worried but excited about the strength class. It’s with Rachel, the instructor I wasn’t thrilled about from last Thursday’s class, but it was that, or wait until Thursday night’s spin class. Lord knows I’m the most impatient girl in town.

I put on my big girl pants and hit the gym, where I warmed up by going for a quick 1 mile run before heading into the spinning room. I was expecting hell, but it wasn’t as painful as I was expecting. I did manage to sweat away 27 pounds. Rachel played a MUCH better soundtrack, including Welcome to the Jungle and Thriller.

Haha perfect! Thriller meets Jungle

I really wasn’t excited about going to spinning and I did contemplate not going, but I’m SO glad I decided to. I’ve never regretted a workout, and spinning always seems to fly by for me. I know that if I want to see results that sometimes I have to make choices I necessarily don’t want to. There were times during the class that I didn’t want to increase my resistance and would have preferred to take it easy, but what Rachel said really resonated with me. While climbing a big hill, she reminded us that if we didn’t add resistance and give it our all, then we were wasting our own time. At that point I increased my resistance and proceeded to kick my own ass.

I’m proud of the individual and athlete that I am turning into, and if I learned anything today, it’s that if you put in the effort and stick with it, you’ll be rewarded and feel great.

Time to relax!

Switching Up the Lunchtime Routine

Spin class was about half full today, not sure if that surprised me or not. I had no expectations about Rachel the instructor, even after picking Jen’s brain. A few minutes before class, a tough but cute looking lady came entered in black pants, a black top and a pink bandana on. Almost reminded me of badass Matthew McConaughey.


I Wish I Was the One Running Behind Matthew ;)

The first track she put on reminded me of something at a rage, Slipknot? It was awful and not my taste at all. After the second song came on, which was pretty similar, I thought that maybe this genre of music would be motivating, but as class wore on, it just wasn’t. We did a lot of hill climbs in position three, my LEAST favorite. My arms were burning, and at times I wanted to take it easy and rest a little on my forearms but I quickly reminded myself that I was here to get better and get my ass kicked, not to take it easy.

While the instructor was really nice, she wasn’t extremely motivating like Eve was on Monday. I only took this class because the evening class was canceled and I really didn’t want to wait until Monday for another fitness class.

My legs are burning badly and I’m exhausted, so tonight I’m just going to take it easy and not go for a 2 mile-ish run. Listening to the body. 🙂

My stomach grumbled during the tail end of class, so I was excited to shower and doll up as quickly as I could so I could attack my lunch. Even though it’s not Paleo because of the bread, it doesn’t bother me. So far today I have eaten strictly Paleo, and I want to go into this starting off eating 70% Paleo and working my way up to a more strict Paleo lifestyle. I refuse to say diet, it’s a lifestyle choice.

Turkey, Ham & Greens Sandwich

  • 2 slices of Sara Lee Low Sodium Turkey
  • 1 slice of Sara Lee Low Sodium Ham
  • Handful of Spinach
  • Handful of Alfalfa Sprouts
  • Squirt of Mustard


A Not So Paleo Lunch

Delicious in the mouth.

Happy Wednesday!… I mean Tuesday

This morning I woke up feeling “heavy.” I think it was from all the peanut butter I inhaled last night. Surprisingly I felt fine from last night’s spinning, and didn’t “break my vagina.” I’m not sure if that’s a victory or not.

This morning I had time for a 3.1 mile run followed up by a little core work.

Morning Workout

  • 3.1 mile run, post-run stretching
  • 50 crunches and 50 side to side crunches
  • 25 reverse crunches
  • 2 sets of 13 standing side crunches with 8 lb. dumbbells
  • 2 sets of 13 deadlifts into an upwards row, 8 lb. dumbbells

Check out the awful outfit I walked to my neighbors in this morning. (I didn’t want to get dog fur all over my black dress pants).

2012 Best Dressed List

Off to work.

P.s today is my “Wednesday!” Happy Tuesday to all your other suckers who don’t have Friday off.