I Wanted to Eat My Arm Pits

Friday, yes, whoop whoop! One day away from frolicking in New York City with my 2 little twinsies!

Go enter the Pacific Beach Peanut Butter giveaway if you haven’t!

Also “whoop whoop” worthy is this little gem that I stumbled upon yesterday when I was analyzing my site statistics. I found that 20ish people were coming from one link.

Top 50 Running Blogs. I’m still laughing that I made this list. I actually feel pretty blessed to have made a list that includes my blog role model, Janae, of Hungry Runner Girl.

I’m also blessed to have amazing friends in my life. Yesterday was apparently a really good day for me, because my friend sent me a text saying that he saw a quote that made him think of me.


He followed it up with this:


I’m not sure what the “shit” is that he is talking about, but it was really heart-warming to read that text. I think a lot of us are so focused on the present, that we forget to look at the past and see how far we’ve come, the progress that we’ve made, and the new outlook on life as a whole, that we have. Maybe you’re in the mindset of, “ugh, what the heck, I’ve hit such a plateau and in a funk.” Yet it’s so easy to rewind a bit and remember that, “hey, you lost X number of inches or pounds,” or you said “later gator to that crudy ex-boyfriend you had.”

That’s what I love so much about CrossFit. Everyone is there to be better than they were the day before. It’s the only team I’ve been a part of where I’ve seen everyone get stronger and more determined and more patient and more confident each and every day.

Now for the most awkward topic transition. I received an early birthday gift of organic Ava Anderson deodorant. I requested it because it smells like mint chocolate chip. The smell doesn’t linger at all, and I smelled of mint chocolate all day and night yesterday. I wanted to eat my armpits. The chapstick doesn’t taste like mint choco, which is such a shame.


 I went to The Farm with Emily last night and I ordered the most awkward salad ever. Da fuq am I supposed to eat this? I debated eating it like a grinder. I’ve never been so angry eating a salad before. Also, I think there is approximately ONE bacon crumble on there. Good thing it was free with my Groupon coupon (haha rhyming).

IMG_6737And lastly, to make your day amazing, if you’re on instagram, search the hashtag “mom texts.” The BEST texts I have ever read. I was reading them yesterday and I was dying and cracking up at my desk.


I wasted a solid hour reading these, and I will spend my Friday night reading the rest of these.

What should Beth and I do in NYC? I’m there with her Saturday-Monday. Okay, go!

Christmas Came Early & My Boys

Christmas came and went this weekend. Ryan came home Thursday night for an extra long Christmas weekend, which meant lots of time spent with my partner-in-crime.


Friday afternoon I took off from work early so I could bring Ryan to CrossFit. We went to  open gym, and I put him through a scaled-down girl workout, Barbara. It was a killer WOD, and we were both left breathless once we finished.


After our WOD, we had a family dinner before starting our Christmas Eve. We drove around for almost an hour looking at Christmas lights around town before heading home and watching Christmas Vacation.


Yes, it takes 2 men to put the angel on top of our 9 foot tree.IMG_5426


After a 3.5 mile HIIT run at the gym, I got ready for Christmas with my Mom’s side of the family.IMG_5406 IMG_5425

Once we got home around 5, Ryan’s best buds and my cousin came over for the night. These boys have become big brothers to me, and I love them tremendously.IMG_5423

Around 8 I headed out for sushi with Mr. Utah, and then gave him a guided tour around town since he’s semi new to the area.


We then headed to The Farm a little later, and my boys came and surprised me there. They walked in The Farm screaming, “IS THERE AN ALISON LEWIS IN THIS BAR?!” These boys are my heart and they had me cracking up all night. I think they were just a little overwhelming for my date, but if you can’t hang with my guys, welp, see ya later!


After waking at 9, I hung around with the guys for a bit before heading out for a run. The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent with my family. We had our Christmas yesterday afternoon since Ryan leaves today to spend Christmas with his fiancé’s family.

Yesterday 3 of the big wins were the Nom Nom Paleo cookbook, an IsoBag so I can transport all of my meals, and a case of RxBars. Woo!

xmas giftsHave you started celebrating Christmas yet?

It’s going to be so weird having Christmas without Ry Christmas morning, but I still have half of my stocking and half of my gifts left that I get to open with my parents. Here’s to new traditions.

A Great Date & Endless Christmas Movies

Happy 3 day work week! I couldn’t be any happier, especially since this is one of my favorite weeks of the year! Plus, Ryan & Chels (my future SIL) come home for a super long weekend, so it will be amazing.


I didn’t too all that much this weekend. Saturday was a relatively lazy day spent watching Christmas movies in bed, after a 3.5 mile run and mobility at CrossFit. I was actually extremely exhausted and my body needed a lazy day, so that’s what I did.


I also needed to be rested up for a date I had Saturday night. And guess what? I FINALLY found sparks again. It was a really amazing night. We started with dinner at The Farm, which I hadn’t been to since Labor Day weekend!  My roommate doesn’t like me going there only because of the history I have with the restaurant/bar, but I can’t let any of my past keep me from visiting places I love!

My date and I settled in the back alcove for dinner at the bar. If you’ve never eaten at a bar, please do. It’s so much better than a table. I hate eating across from someone and having to look at them if there are awkward silences. Luckily, there were none last night. Phew! Usually when I go on a date the guy will take the bill and refuse to let me pay, but my date grabbed the bill and then asked me if he could buy me dinner. I thought that was super cute!

While we were inside, we noticed the first snow fall of the year. It came out of nowhere, and was flying down! After dinner, we stayed at The Farm for a bit talking about the strangest things and cracking up. We then headed a few blocks over to grab a tea/coffee at Baked. The benefit of icy and snowy sidewalks are when a hunky beef stick offers you his arm to link yours into so you can hold on tight. I think I might like this snow thing after all. 😉

Baked is a really fun downtown cafe that offers tea, coffee, and adult beverages. We were there around 10ish, and it was busy! I could definitely see myself going there more often. Previously, when I would go out, we would start with dinner and then bar crawl for the night, so it was really nice to find a guy who didn’t mention doing that, let alone have a drink all night. Plus, he was so curious about CrossFit and Paleo, and my lifestyle didn’t phase him one bit!


I didn’t get home until a little after 1, and I have to say it was one of my favorite Saturday nights in a long time. I woke up around 9, still so exhausted, but I headed to the gym for a sweaty 3 mile run. Not before having to brush my car off. Ugh.


After my run, I did a little grocery shopping, meal prepped, and settled onto the couch watching Christmas movies all afternoon and doing some blog work. I’m so glad I have a friend who is as obsessed with Christmas and Christmas movies as I am. Jaime and I texted nonstop about the movies. It’s okay to not have a life this time of the year in order to watch all 50 movies that Lifetime and Hallmark play. 🙂

Christmas Movies TextHas it snowed yet in your area? 

How many Christmas movies have you watched so far?

3 Awesome Pictures & I’m a Delta Labs Ambassador!

Before I jump into the meat of this post, I need to share several pictures that Janine sent my way from Friday night at The Farm.

Chest bump with my sidekick.


Can’t take this guy anywhere. 2013 and he is perplexed by a cell phone. I had asked Mdog to take a picture of Janine and I, and he struggled hard with it. Janine had enough time to document me judging him before I gave up on him and a photo.


Our best picture ever together. Thank you professional photographer TPG for documenting this. P.S., TPG is The Purple Giraffe Photo, Janine’s photography division of her blog.IMG_2276

And another exciting bee bop of news. This evening from 7:30 until 8:30 I will be taking my first Crossfit Elements class. I CANNOT WAIT!


There is this gorgeous blogger by the name of Carlyn who blogs over at Just Keep Sweating, and it was from her blog where I learned about Delta Labs.

Delta Labs is a supplement company who is on a mission to help women feel renewed, empowered, and excited about life.

They have developed a complete line of all natural health and wellness formulas to help achieve our goals and are committed to helping women lead healthier, more invigorating and fulfilling lifestyles.

When I learned that they were looking for ambassadors, I jumped at the opportunity, applied, and was accepted to join their team!

I got a pretty sweet swag bag full of products and apparel.


I immediately received one of their products, Green Tea+, which aids in controlling hunger and food cravings.


I’ve taken this every day since receiving the product, and I absolutely love it! It has definitely helped curbed my hunger a bit and I’ve noticed a lot less hangry days.

I also received several free samples of the Hair, Skin & Nails product, which aid in strengthening your nails, adding in the growth of your hair, and helping with a clear complexion (something I struggle with!).


For any order you make, enter the code: RUNNINGONPB and you will receive $5 off each and every purchase.

I have 3 bags of the samples to give away, so leave a comment on this post, and you’ll enter in to win a free sample. Say anything you want. Your current addiction, what you plan on doing this weekend, any goals, or anything anything anything.

I’ll pick a winner on Friday!

Sunset, Mustaches and a Shopping Spree

This weekend, one word. Awesome.


While being a complete bum Friday afternoon, Mark called and told me to stop being lazy when I told him what I was doing (watching Orange is the New Black, even though it was gorgeous out). He begged me to come over before it was dark out, and wouldn’t hang up until I told him a specific time I’d be there.

When I got to his apartment at 7, he took me up to his apartment rooftop.


For this sunset. Such an awesome surprise and an awesome friend!


It was so breathtaking seeing our city from a new angle, and it made me appreciate it so much more.


It was also really cool to be able to see my apartment, gym and office from this spot. The lights in the bottom right are my office and gym. So close!IMG_2180 IMG_2179We then headed inside and debated on what to do.  He was craving some seaweed salad, so we headed over to Mint Bistro. We had planned to head right back and watch a movie, but when we saw our favorite waitress/bartender Delihah, we grabbed a seat at the bar and Mark ordered more apps. Fish tacos, seaweed salad, and beet salad.

While at Mint Bistro, Janine texted me and asked why I had walked by The Farm without going in and grabbing a drink with her. I didn’t even realize she was there, but I’m glad her husband Aaron spotted me. After Mint Bistro, we headed into The Farm to grab a drink with them and their friends, while watching Pat & the Hats perform.

There was a Curious Traveler promo going on, so we had a little fun with some free giveaways.

Wait for it…


Ayyyyy nice mustache man!


Mark had a coworker who was there as well, so I let him do his manly things while I hung out with Janine. It worked perfectly! I had so much fun with Janine, and woman, next time Pat & the Hats play again, let me know!



Upon waking, I made a delicious bowl of banana slices, almond milk and 1.5 tbsp of sunbutter. It was so good, and fueled me for a kick ass workout at Gold’s.

Saturday’s Workout:

I was dead at the end of this, and felt it in my booty right away. Weekends at the gym are my favorite because I get to take my time and get in a quality workout.

After the gym, I showered, foam rolled and ate before heading to the Merrimack Outlets to take advantage of the awesome Labor Day sales.


I originally went solely to check out Reebok and browse their Crossfit shoes. Since I’ve signed up, I want to take it seriously, and I thought getting Crossfit trainers would be practical.

The Nano 2.0’s were comfy, but didn’t have colors I wanted, so I was ecstatic when I found the original Crossfit One shoes on sale for $70. Even better that I could use my 40% coupon on them.

New Crossfit shoes for $50? Yes please! I figured if I get really serious about it, eventually I will go for the Nanos.

IMG_2187I won big at American Eagle as well, and got $140 worth of clothes for $70. 3 button downs and new black jeggings. Fall = the return of plaid shirts. Yes!


$230 worth of clothing and shoes for $120. A good deal seriously turns me on.

The only bad thing about shopping was that it was 80 out but felt like 150. If the humidity could be 300%, then it was. I was dripping sweat, and couldn’t handle if people were walking slower than 7 mph.

fda105105a507367f9a277ab97ed18b6Working out and shopping is one serious workout, so I spent the next few hours catching up on blog work and watching Friends. Gross weather makes me feel okay about being lazy.

The rest of Saturday was spent out with the fam and Ryan’s childhood best friends and parents.



Yesterday was a wild day road trippin’ with my girl, Lindsay, which you will hear all about Wednesday!

How did you enjoy the long Labor Day weekend?

A Tiring Weekend Spent Dating and Swimming

Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was as fun as mine was. Let’s start with Friday evening, shall we?


Oh my lanta! I had a date Friday evening and it was awful! It was so bad that I was desperately close to making a friend call for help and rescuing me. Turns out, Mark needed rescuing to, of a different kind, but he became my savior. There were checkpoints in downtown Manchester, and he needed a ride. He had been at the golf course, which is 10 minutes from his apartment, and didn’t want to risk anything after 2 beers. (I was proud!)

I took this opportunity to split asap and go help a friend in need. It was literally the perfect timing! How does that work?! 45 minutes later, I had the man, and since it was only 10, we decided to hang out since the night was so young. We are so in sync that when we were walking downtown to grab a drink, we both veered towards the entrance to The Farm without asking each other where we wanted to go.


3 beers and fried pickles (for him) later, and we were ready for our tab. And don’t worry, I didn’t drive home and risk hitting the checkpoints either. Girl has no time to be locked up! I was actually told during beer #2 that I wasn’t allowed to drive home.  If a man that’s 6’2 and has a high tolerance won’t drive after 2 beers, he sure as hell wasn’t going to let his 2 beer queer friend drive home. Consequently I made the bartender bring me another one, especially since I was making Mark man the bill.


I started my morning at the gym around 10:30ish, and completed a 3 mile run on the treadmill before getting a leg workout in. I focused on squats and lunges on the bosu ball, and also included the kettlebell for a handful of exercises. I did something to my right hamstring Friday at the gym, and ever since, it’s been ridiculously tight and sore, so I did a lot of stretching during and after my workout.

The rest of the day was spent with my 2 cousins, Lindsay and Nikki. Lindsay lost a man she deeply loved Friday night, so Nikki and I spent the day and night with her.

We enjoyed the sun and talked and swam in the pool all day.

IMG_1517 IMG_1514

Family is so important to us, that it was a no brainer that our day be spent making sure Lindsay was okay. She is one of my biggest supporters, and it was time for me to focus my day and attention on her well-being. Lindsay, I love you!

After swimming, we headed over to where Nikki was dog sitting, and we spent the remainder of the night talking and eating. And raiding Nikki’s bag and painting our nails.


How fun is Sally Hansen “Fuzzy Coat?!” This is perfect for me because I always smudge or nick my nail polish when it’s not completely dry. Woof.


I woke up exhausted, and I think the Denver trip and lack of sleep the remainder of the week finally caught up to me. It didn’t help that the workout I did on my Friday lunch hour resulted in a tight right hamstring. It’s been so difficult to crouch down because of the tight hammi.

I started my morning off with a 3.5 mile run. I’ve really been enjoying cutting my weekly mileage down a good chunk. It’s allowed me to really get in quality strength workouts, which I’m loving!

After working out, I became domesticated and spent some time doing laundry, prepping meals, and grocery shopping.

I did stop for a little fun, and met my friend/coworker, Sean, at Livingston, where we walked and talked while enjoying fro-yo. No picture of any of this, I know, but I didn’t want to be the girl who was on her phone, but it was the best bowl of fro-yo ever! Cake batter and white chocolate covered oreo fro-yo, topped with rainbow jimmies, cheesecake bites, brownie bites, a sprinkle of crushed oreos, and whipped cream. Oh my god!

The rest of my night was spent relaxing with the roomies and reading the new book that my cousin Jenn encouraged me to pick up!


It Starts with Food. I’m so excited about this book and I’m really hoping I can implement a majority of the content!


This morning I got in a great 4 mile run before completing 2 rounds of the 7 minute workout. Then I just layed on the gym floor for 10 minutes sort of stretching and sort of just being a blob. Sometimes ya just gotta blob it up at the gym!

Have a good day friends! 🙂

What did you guys do this weekend? 

What’s the best combo of fro-yo you’ve ever had?

Have you read, It Starts with Food? Thoughts?

Whirlwind Weekend & Oh Hey, I’m In Denver

[Before I lose your interest, go enter my 1 year Blogiversary Giveaway]

As you’re reading this, it’s quite possible I’m up in the air flying over to the Centennial State (Colorado, for those who are too lazy to Google it).

My weekend was a whirlwind, well, at least Friday night and Saturday.

I started my weekend off at The Farm with Lindsay for happy hour.


We spent 2 hours catching up over 2 beers. We had a LOT to talk about, and we clearly were too busy yapping away to drink!


It was so good seeing Linds, and we even planned a Labor Day weekend trip to Essex Jct., VT (my first hometown), to see Kip Moore and to go to the Champlain Valley Fair (the show is at the fair). Yay!!


I started my morning off my getting to my meal prepping right away. I’ll be in Denver from today until Wednesday, and I REALLY want to stick to my macros. I’ll be so busy and working through our scheduled breakfast and lunches, so I’m bringing my own meals and snacks to eat clean and not have to worry about food not agreeing with my stomach.

After getting chicken started in the crock pot, and sweet potatoes cooking, I headed out for a 4.1 mile run in the hood. It was so good, although near the end of my run, I got struck with a sharp pain in my right oblique. It came out of nowhere and was worse than a side stitch. I panicked and worried about getting appendicitis while out on a run. With no phone. And without my runner’s id on. Oops. I’m alive though. 🙂

It was then time to run some errands and buy new pants, before heading back home and completing 3 rounds of the 7 minute workout in the backyard while tanning.

Then, it was back to meal prepping. I had a premature pancake flip. Woof.


Are you ready for this? My company gives me $60 a day for all my meals, however, I spent my entire Saturday, minus the morning run, 1 1/2 hours of shopping, and 21 minutes of the strength workout, doing this.


  • 3 tupperwares (dinner): 4 oz shredded chix mixed with 3 oz sweet potatoes, & 3 oz sugar snap peas
  • 3 tupperwares (lunch): with 4 oz shredded chix mixed with 3 oz sweet potatoes
  • 4 baggies: 4 egg whites scrambled/omelet
  • 4 tinfoil blobs: Best (Cookies & Cream) Protein Pancakes Ever
  • 4 Lean Shakes
  • 4 Quest Bars
  • 100 calorie packs Cinnamon Roasted almonds
  • 2 packets of tuna
  • baggies of raw oats
  • portioned peanut butter
  • fruit
  • jello
  • gum

Some people might think I’m crazy, however, I’ll be working straight through the assigned breakfast and lunch on Monday. Nothing is planned for today since our convention runs Monday and Tuesday. Dinner on Monday is at Coors Field, however, it’s just apps, so bringing my own meal will be more appetizing. Plus, I can’t trust that the venue will supply snacks.

I’ve talked a lot about this in the past, like beginning of this blog, about how I do so well during the morning and day, but will snack a little more at night. This really hurts my potential to tone up and by going over on my assigned macros, I’m not doing myself a favor. By not having candy bowls in my hotel room, I know I can do really well and make progress with my coach.

I want to prove that you can eat healthy and not gain weight while being away, whether it’s on vacation or a business trip. Hell, I lost weight while on the Cape for 4 1/2 days for the 4th of July!

Sorry for all of this talking. I’ll leave you with this picture of Kip patiently waiting for banana peanut butter doggie fro-yo.


I’m kind of jealous he got fro-yo this weekend and I didn’t!

Jake with his bowl of ice cubes.


And my Dad’s A+++++ grilling skills.


Would you ever pack crazy meals if you went away on a trip that you knew your food choices were limited and unhealthy?

Babies & Photo Shoot at The Farm with Mark

Hey guys! I just want to give you a heads up that Running on Peanut Butter and Bloglovin are having relationship issues right now, so you won’t be seeing my posts in there until I can become a smartie pants and figure out inner computer stuff.

If you know of a great techie who can help me pinpoint why the posts won’t show up, I’d appreciate that! I worked with Bloglovin’, my hosting site, and my designer and we’re all at a loss! Keep subscribing, but don’t rely on the site for my posts.

Public service announcement closed.


Ok guys, this weekend was a fun one!


After work on Thursday I headed across town to my cousin Lindze’s, and spent the evening with her and her hubs, Mike, and their 2 month old son Lucas.


He’s the cutest little duckling ever!


He was actually 2 months on Thursday, and he’s already in 6 month old clothes! His cheeks, I just want to pinch!


One of my favorite parts of the night was bed time.


Lindz let me pick the book, and then she read to the little frog while Mike and I listened. And then it was time for Mike to head to basketball and for me to head home and get some rest!



I started my morning with a 3 mile run and then completed 2 rounds of the 7 minute workout, followed up by deadlifts and standing side crunches before delegating the rest of my afternoon to blog work.

Not exactly how I wanted to spend the first half of my Saturday, but it had to get done.

After a day of work, it was time for a night of play. I headed to Mark’s a little before 6 and we brainstormed at his apartment where we were going for dinner. He is the most indecisive guy when it comes to what foods he’s craving, and since I had no cravings at the moment (very rare), we were stuck.

We toyed with the idea of driving to a neighboring town, but we love just walking across the street to 2 of our favorite places.

We started the night at Mint Bistro, and were happy to see our favorite bartender was working, so we settled in at the bar as usual, and perused the menu.

We were going to start with edamame, but when I made a disgusted comment about a seaweed salad on the menu, Mark decided that was our starter. He said he had it before and LOVED it.


Verdict: Amazing! I couldn’t quite pinpoint what it reminded me of, but it was so good! When we were leaving, Mark even debated getting a few more to go.

After our Seaweed Salad, we decided on ordering the Rainbow Rolls and Monarchs Maki.


I wasn’t a fan of the Monarchs Maki since it was too spicy for this wimp, but the Rainbow Rolls were where it was at! I only had maybe 4 rolls total since I wasn’t too hungry, but I had plenty of room for some beer.

After our dinner, we headed next door to our favorite, THE FARM! Luckily it wasn’t too busy, so we were able to hang out with our favorite bartender, Troy, for a bit.


And then, the photo shoot started. Mark manned the phone and kept getting finger happy and just clicked away.

Are you ready for this?

This one is my absolute favorite picture of us, ever. This is as dorky as we get, and how happy we are to be at The Farm.


No eyes, no mouth is his best look.IMG_1182

Going in for the strangle.


The hand slipped from the neck to gouging eyes out. Oopstini.


That pout. I can’t.

IMG_1187 IMG_1186 IMG_1184

It was so great being able to spend some quality time with Mark. We only lasted until about 12:30, which is early for us, but we were so exhausted and literally passed out on his couch the moment we opened the door.


I started my morning off with a maybe 3.6 mile run? My Garmin died at mile 1.8, so I had to guesstimate the rest of it. I followed it up with 2 rounds of the 7 minute workout, but I was so carb-depleted and out of energy that I couldn’t last any longer.

I fueled up with the Best (Cookies & Cream) Protein Pancakes. Topped with a schmear of peanut buttah.


Now I’m off to my Aunt & Uncles Annual Lewis Luau!

Hope you guys enjoy your Sunday!

Tennis. I Hit the Ball in the Trash Can.


It was my last day at work. Que the water works.


My coworkers took me out to lunch next door at Fratello’s, where I ordered a salad bigger than my head.


I was an idiot and decided to pack up my office 10 minutes before I was supposed to leave. I blame it on my former coworker who came into my office and  joined me in playing around in photoshop with employee photos. Whooops. 🙂

I ate a monstrous cheeseburger at The Farm with my date. Holy amazing (burger)! Perfect way to end my Friday night.


The sun woke me up way too early for a Saturday. I’m talking 5 am, then 6:30, then finally 8:30. I downed a banana Cho with pb before heading to the gym where I spent a solid hour and a half. I started with a 3 mile run, then spent an hour going through an upper body and core workout. It felt SO good to not have my phone on me and really just focus on my workout.

After my workout, I was more than ready to dig into a real breakfast. I got a little distracted while cooking, and came back to an exploded bowl of oatmeal.


I salvaged it, and enjoyed the oatmeal with a scoop of peanut buttah and 4 egg whites (1 was in the oats).


After brunch, I cleaned and did a load of laundry, before heading to the outlets to shop for new work clothes. It was the perfect outdoor shopping weather, with no wind and temps in the high 70s. You can bet I got some color!


I left with a 3/4 cardigan and a cutout dress. Color of the day was lime green. I’m in love!

After that, I headed to my parents to soak up the sun in the backyard with the boys. Kip and I played frisbee. Hello ear floppage.


I caught Kip mid-bark, and couldn’t get over how funny the picture turned out. He is the sweetest pup ever, but in this picture, he looks so terrifying!


Jake, on the other hand, was camera-shy.


After finishing the Boston Marathon edition of Runner’s World magazine outside, I changed into running clothes to go for a quick run. Originally I planned for 1 mile since Jenny and I had tennis plans later, but it turned into a 2.6 mile run because that always happens.


After my run, it was time for tennis with Jenny. Jenny made a happy face with the tennis ball. Don’t you just love the color of her nails?


Jenny’s best shot of the night left me puzzled. I went to hit her return and couldn’t find the ball. Well, I might have missed the ball, but I didn’t entirely miss.


I also hit the ball into the trash can, so you can say I was doing pretty good last night.


Today is one of my favorite days of the year. Father’s Day! A happy Father’s Day to all those sexy fathers out there, especially mine!


I cannot wait to spend the day with my favorite man.

The Happiest of Hours


Thursday night was awesome.

I got to go over to my cousin Lindze’s townhouse and hang out with her and her 3 week son, Lucas.

Her husband had a late night at work, so we had a girl’s night planned that Lucas crashed. At 3 weeks he’s already a ladie’s man. 😉


I love this little guy and his crazy head of hair. It’s so soft, and his toes. His toes!!! My favorite thing is finger holds. They melt my heart.


Even though Lucas had an accident that had Lindze and I in bouts of tears of laughter, I still have baby fever.

And no, Janine, I didn’t fart!


After baby snuggles and girl talk, I headed home to a big bowl of Arctic Zero ice cream. Half coffee and half vanilla maple, topped with Walden Farms chocolate syrup. Omg! the vanilla maple, omgomg! The chocolate syrup, holy crap I could have chugged that straight up!


My legs were dead, so my 3.5 mile run was brutal. Instead of going farther, I cut it short and decided to torture my legs even more with barbell squats and walking lunges. Beautiful pain.

I spent my rainy day inside at work, counting down the hours until 5:10, when I was meeting Lindsay at The Farm for the happiest of happy hours. We went for several reasons:

  • celebrate her grad program ending
  • celebrate my new job
  • celebrate friday
  • girl talk
  • hit on the bartender

I had originally planned on making Friday my high-carb day (my coach Ashley makes me go high-carb every 7 days), but I ended up making it for today, since I knew I’d be going out for dinner tonight. I ended up working a beer into my macro schedule, and it worked out perfect. I even had enough left over for more Arctic Zero post-happy hour.


It was SO good. I then went to bed. At 8:30. I completely missed the Bruins game, but I was so exhausted, that it was necessary.


I woke up this morning ready to go at 7 am. After an early Friday night, it felt nice to wake up early and refreshed.

Since today is my high carb day, I started out my morning with 2 Van’s Flax Whole Wheat waffles, topped with syrup and 1/2 a banana.


These are hands down the best waffles I’ve ever had. I have no idea what it is about them, but they are easily going to make an appearance of every high-carb day.


I spent the next hour and a half watching HIMYM, before venturing over to the gym. I started off with a half mile walk to loosen my sore legs up, and then ran 3 miles, before tackling an arm and core workout, before finishing up with a 1 mile run. Such a great workout!

A little bit later, I devoured a bowl pb banana oatmeal. 1 tbsp of pb is not enough!

IMG_0017Now I’m off to run a few errands before going to see Mud with my Mom!

Hope you all have a great Saturday! 🙂