On Fire In Dallas: Getting A # At Baggage Claim & Getting Pulled On Stage

What a week it has been, but we made it to Friday, and there’s happiness in that!

My week has been a busy blur of airplanes, buses, and finding myself in awkward situations with men.


On Monday I flew out to Dallas with Megan to meet up with the rest of our team for a 3 day work trip.

imageUpon arriving in Dallas, Megan and I headed to baggage claim, and while we were waiting for our bags, she got to telling me a story about her parent’s and their suitcases. I pointed to a man walking from baggage claim and pointed to his suitcase, asking Megan if the suitcase she was referencing in her story was like the man’s in front of us. Well, the man saw me point to his bag, and immediately asked if he had my bag. I was quick to tell him no, and that I think he had his bag.

I blame the next event on his friend giving him crap for using a pick-up line on me. At this point, suitcase man asked me where I was from, what I was doing in Dallas, what I do for work, and then he smoothly asked me if we were going to dinner that night. I said no, and then he asked about breakfast the next morning. I entertained him by telling him yes, and then what do you know, I had his phone number. Megan would not let me live this down, and over the next few days I was asked if I had texted suitcase Harry. No, you guys, no I did not. Mostly because he lives in D.C., and I have a date tonight that I am incredibly excited about.

The next incident happened the next night at a work event. We had a dinner and a show with our members, and it was extremely fun. Here I am with my work friends!

imageAnd then during one of the songs from the dualing piano show, one of the guys asked for a volunteer, to which he looked at me and said something along the lines of, “I’m looking at my blonde friend. Blondie, I want you. Come up here.” WHY?! So, I was brought on stage and he handed me a handful of torn up paper, to which he informed me to throw over our heads when he sang the words, “let it go.” Well, I missed my queue, and in the photo below, this is where he yelled at me for missing the moment. Mortified. Absolutely mortified.imageI will admit that I felt on fire after two nights in a row of having the men love me. Ha! The rest of the week flew by. Wednesday night we celebrated a successful work trip at Hulu Hut, where we enjoyed food and drinks on a deck overlooking the water. image4 days on the road, and I actually only worked out twice, giving myself two rest days, which my body loved. I’m so happy to be back home in my routine of things. This weekend will be low key, but fun, starting with a date tonight, which for the first time in a long time, I’m actually looking forward to.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend — it’s supposed to be sunny and 90 all weekend long, so I will be enjoying the sunshine!

What do you have planned this weekend?

If you live in D.C and want suitcase Harry’s number, just let me know. He was very tall and cute! 😉

A Long Weekend Visiting Ryan & Chels

It’s Monday, and a happy Monday at that as I have today off from work. Don’t get too excited, as I’ll be driving for about 8 hours today! I spent Friday night to Monday morning outside of Harrisburg, PA, visiting my brother and sister-in-law.

I took a half day at work on Friday, and hit the road, arriving to their house a little after 8. Let me tell you, driving 8.5 hours while on the Whole30 sure was something. It was easy eating wise, as I had my cooler all packed with plenty of meals, but man, the fluctuation of moods sure was something! I would be energetic, then exhausted, happy, then really annoyed. Luckily this only last on Friday, and by the weekend I kicked the mood swings.

We spent Friday night just relaxing, eating and playing a board games.

My energy wasn’t as low as I had expected it to be, but this was one of the times that I was thankful for Ryan and Chelsey’s love of sleeping in! You know I was all about getting as much sleep as possible! We slept until a little after 9 am, and ate breakfast while watching House Hunters.

whole30-breakfastAfter breakfast, we headed around the corner to the West Shore Farmer’s Market, which made me feel like a little kid in heaven! The market has everything you could imagine; produce, donuts, pizza, baked goods, & meat.west-shore-farmers-marketWe were there for the produce, and I stocked up on an awesome deal on sweet potatoes. 69 cents a pound! Not only were the sweet potatoes locally grown, but they were so vibrantly orange and tasted better than any I have ever bought in the store.west-shore-farmers-marketFrom there, it was on to the gym, and gosh, their women’s gym is oodles better than mine is back home!imageAfter our workout, we went home, ate, showered, relaxed, and then Chelsey and I went out shopping while Ryan did grad school work. Around 7, we headed into downtown Harrisburg for their friend’s birthday celebration. We ate dinner at Firehouse Restaurant, before bar hoping until midnight. The night was a lot of fun and their friends are such a funny group!firehouse-restaurantParis <3harrisburg10 hours of sleep on Sunday. It. Was. Glorious! We all woke up a little after 10, and after a big breakfast, we headed to Hawk Rock for a 3.1 mile hike! Loved making it an active rest day in the great outdoors. It was even 60 degrees out, which is crazy for mid-November! Aunt Mare – they say hi! 🙂

hawk-rockTurns out that we actually missed the trail entrance because Ryan parked in front of it, so we ended up hiking a completely random trail, haha!hawk-rockThe views were mostly of the woods, but we did happen upon a stream at one point, and yes, Ryan brought his walking stick from home.

hawk-rockThe rest of our Sunday was spent eating & watching football. It was the perfect weekend full of quality time and relaxation with Ryan & Chelsey!

What did you do this weekend?

Time To Set New Goals & Back In The Routine

Ahhhhh I am just so happy to finally be home from all of this crazy travel! Last night was my first night to relax on my couch since Thursday, September 10th. Yes, that long ago. I traveled to the Bahamas, and then recently spent Saturday – Tuesday evening in Tampa for a work trip.


This is the view that I got to enjoy for 4 days. Sadly, most of it was spent looking out through the window, but I did have moments of freedom!

My boss hosted a social media conference, so Saturday and Sunday was spent getting bags ready for both attendees and presenters.

Team lunch on Sunday!


Sunday night this girl worked door security at our cocktail party. Not bad just standing around when this is your view.

Thankful for Courtney for keeping me company while I worked security. Love her! We sit right next to each other in the office. She makes me laugh more than anyone that I have ever met.


Monday lunch cruising around with my work wife Lyndsay. She is my soul-sister.


Not only did I have a hotel room to myself, but I also had a balcony with this morning view.

imageAnd on Tuesday evening we headed home!

While traveling for work with coworkers who are more importantly your friends, is fun, I am so happy to be back home. After 12 days of travel, 2 countries, 4 airports and very long days, it feels SO good to be back home.

I’m looking forward to setting new goals at work, in the gym, and in my personal life. For the past few months my focus has been on my vacation, and now it’s as if I have a new slate to start my goals on.

Meal prepping and workouts will hopefully be even better, but before that, I need to get healthy. I came home with an ugly cold. My head is tight, my throat burns, and I’m just exhausted. My college roommate has her bachelorette party this weekend, so fingers crossed that this cold gets better and not worse by Saturday!

Do you set mini or long-term goals?

What are some of your favorite mini, short-term goals?

Bahamas Day 3 & 4

Hey guys! I hope these vacation recaps are somewhat entertaining. I know it’s not the typical what I ate, my exercises or did in my day-to-day life, but it’s fun to recap these and show you my pictures.

Today’s recap will be the final one; focusing on Wednesday and Thursday. It actually started to pour Tuesday evening, and from then on, it really didn’t let up at all. Total bummer!

Luckily on Wednesday we had planned our cave excursion, so we kept busy from 10-3, making us a-okay with not being on the beach.

Since we didn’t have to be ready to go until later in the morning, I took advantage of it to sleep in until 7. I hit the gym for a little HIIT and a leg workout. 5 minute warm-up run, 15 minutes of sprints, followed by a leg workout. It felt great!

We met around 8:30 for breakfast, which again, was the same as the previous days. Below is my plate on Thursday morning. I really wanted a chocolate chip muffin, so I took half of one, and added whipped cream to my plate for my pancakes.


Around 10:15, a little bus picked us up and took us 30 minutes inland to start our adventure.


The first stop was at Ben’s Cave.


We walked single file through the wilderness…. I really do not know what to call this, so wilderness it is haha. We got to go down into the cave and explore.


We didn’t have much room to actually explore inside, but it was really neat to look around and see fish swimming, roots growing like crazy, and all of that! I honestly thought that we were going to be able to swim in the caves, so it was a little bit of a disappointment, but after seeing the nasty water, I was relieved, ha!bens-cave-bahamas

We then walked about 2 minutes to the next cave; Burial Mound Cave.



Once we finished in the 2nd cave, we grabbed our bags from the bus and crossed the street to Lucayan National Park. This I believe is where part of Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed!



We had to walk along a boardwalk for 8-10 minutes.



And then we reached the Gold Rock Beach.gold-rock-beach-bahamas It was getting really dark outside, as it had been pouring on and off all morning.



We were in the water not even 3 minutes and it started to torrentially pour. Soon after thunder and lightning lit up the sky for about 30 minutes. We huddled under a wooden structure with the other people from our group, trying to shield our wet bodies from the wind and rain. It was cold!!


We were supposed to have from 11:40-1 to swim in the ocean, but Michelle and I headed back to the bus early since we weren’t going to swim in the storm. Lindsay & Nicole stayed about 20 minutes longer than us.

The bus then took us to Banana Bay, which might have actually been where Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed.


The tour guide said it was one of those…. I just can’t remember which!


The little restaurant was so adorable, especially the outdoor views!


We got back to the resort around 2:30, and we were really cold and tired. We took our time taking showers and getting ready, and then around 5 we headed across the street to the market place to shop around.


Adorable little coconut stand!bahamas

Around 6:30 we did dinner again. Sat outside at Social Bar to talk, laugh & kill time before the evening entertainment.


Naturally, Michelle was part of the game show that they did. It was so much fun & definitely my favorite night of entertainment. More ice cream & cake followed.


We spent our last night on the beach taking pictures and having a lot of fun together.



College girls <3 we missed you Lauren!!bahamas-gypsies

Sophmore year roomies!


Never roomies; always suitemates… but we were roomies on this trip!! 🙂bahamas-gypsies

Senior year roomies!bahamas-gypsies

Thursday morning was another rainy one. We had wanted to lay outside in the sun for a few hours before we had to check out, but we had no luck. The morning consisted of a run, breakfast, shopping again across the street for last minute gifts, lunch, packing and heading to the airport.

We spent Thursday night at Michelle’s apartment, before hitting the road Friday morning to head home!

And that was my amazing girl’s getaway with my fabulous college roommates.

What’s the best vacation that you’ve been on?

Where should we travel to next year?

Bahamas Days 2 & 3

I’m back with another recap of my vacation in the Bahamas! Since Monday and Tuesday consisted of pretty much the same thing during the day, with different activities in the evening, I’ll recap both of those days in this post!

Both mornings started off with a workout upon rising at 6. Since the entire resort was literally still sleeping off their previous day of drinking, I had the gym to myself every day that I was there. The resort apparently didn’t like turning the AC on that early in the morning since I found it to be a sauna in the gym every day. I went through 3 towels during every workout, ha! My workouts included 15 minutes of HIIT running, followed by a strength workout, and ending with about a 15 minute cool-down walk.

Breakfast was the same for me. We would meet at 8 am, reserve our chairs on the beach and go inside to eat. I packed protein pancakes, so I ate those with 1 tbsp of peanut butter, fresh fruit, & a little bit of maple syrup to dip each bite in.


After breakfast, we headed to the beach to start our days.




Playing in the water.


Taking pictures.


Feeling fabulous!


You name it, we did it.


To cool off, we would hang out in the pool for a good chunk of time. The girls liked it because there was a swim up bar, so we spent a lot of time around the bar. I didn’t have a single drink the entire vacation. Some might call me weird, but seeing the mixtures in jugs just looked so unappealing. I don’t like mixed drinks either, so it was just more enjoyable for me to stick to bottled water.


On Monday evening we went to dinner at the steakhouse, and then headed over to the outdoor stage to watch that nights entertainment. It was a mix of dancing. It was cool but we were so exhausted that after the show we went to bed.


Tuesday night we enjoyed dinner at Bella Restaurant. We had dinner here on Sunday night as well. This restaurant had the best seating views!

This was my favorite spot simply because they had a really great buffet. From fish, chicken and pork, to endless salads, veggies and desserts. I piled my plate high with veggies. So good!

Tuesday night after dinner we headed over to watch another show, which really bored the heck out of me!


I was so hungry that I just wanted it to end so that we could go get ice cream. The dining hall had THE best strawberry ice cream, and I had no problem whatsoever eating 3 scoops with the works, 3 nights in a row. No shame. I figured if I ate healthy for all of my meals, got my workouts in and didn’t drink, then ALL THE ICE CREAM was my way of treating myself on vacation. 🙂


And that’s Monday & Tuesday’s recap. I’ll be back tomorrow with Wednesday & Thursday for ya!

Bahamas Day 1

Day 1 of the Bahamas (Sunday) started at 4:45 am, where we got ready and hit the road to the Newark Airport. On Saturday, Lindsay, Nicole and I headed to CT to spend the evening at Michelle’s so that we only had an hour drive in the morning.

We were on the road at 6 am, and to the airport at 7. Selfies in the parking lot while we waited for the shuttle to bring us to the airport.


First time traveling outside of the country! I felt like a virgin when I got my book stamped!




We were off on our 3 hour flight, and before we knew it, we were in the Bahamas!


An hour after getting off the plane we were already in our hotel rooms and throwing our bikinis on at 1 pm.


We immediately found 4 chairs on the beach and sat our butts down!


Just a few Bahama mamas!


We spent from 1-5 laying in our chairs, swimming in the ocean, and frolicking in the pool! We headed back to our rooms to get ready and headed out to dinner for 7 pm. I actually started writing this from bed while waiting for the girl’s to get ready. Multi-tasking!!!

And that was our first full day last week in the Bahamas!

Weekend in 1 Sentence Per Picture

As you’re reading this I am working my toosh off in Dallas. It’s 90% all work and no play, but that’s okay! I had a busy, busy weekend, but it was awesome! I moved into my new apartment, got some great workouts in, and spent one last night with my best friend before leaving for Dallas. Here’s a quick look at my weekend in pictures with 1 sentence per picture, because really, that’s all I have time for!

Friday after work I started my move!


The new neighborhood is so pretty and relaxing!


After leg day at the gym I enjoyed oatmeal with peanut butter and my joint medicine, ha!


Spent another hour packing up some more stuff at home and then we headed over for a few more hours at the new apartment setting up wifi, TV, cleaning all of my dishes, and then laying on my FAVORITE new couch… that chaise will be where I blog and spend all of my evenings (can’t wait!).




The walk-in closet is one of my favorite features of my apartment.





This will be my dedicated gym clothes space.


My little bathroom with a huge mirror.image

Went back and prepped food for my trip!


Dad grilled my chicken and I roasted my sweets for lunches and dinners.

Protein pancakes for all of my breakfasts.


Samples of what snacks will be throughout my days in Dallas.imageI’m going to miss Lindsay so I asked her to get fro-yo with me, plus I really needed the girl talk.


First fro-yo bowl of the summer; wait, what?! Marshmellow (so good!) & brownie batter froyo with chocolate chips, rainbow sprinkles, oreos, cookie dough bites and a brownie chunk. froyo

This is my “I don’t want to pack or go to Dallas” face, but I’m prepared to hit the gym at our hotel and have all my meals prepped to hit my macros, so there are no excuses to continue kicking butt while away for several days!

imageTell me about your weekend!


Ready for Routine & Photo Dump

I am home, I am home, I am home! It feels so good to be back in New Hampshire. Sleeping in my own bed, with Nessie snuggled by my foot. To come home to Kip’s wiggly butt and puppy dog kisses. To be able to open the pantry and choose from all of my food what I want to have for a meal or a snack. To be able to shower in my own shower, and to have fresh water to clean my hair with… not saying that the hotel water was dirty, but my hair always looks cray cray when I’m using unknown hotel water.


One of the things that I am most excited about is getting back into a routine. I am so excited to start meal prepping again, but actually really meal prepping. While I’ve done a good job of always having meals on hand, sometimes by mid-week I slack and don’t want to prep more food for the rest of the week. I really want to get back into having all main meals ready for the entire work week.

I arrived home yesterday afternoon, and after a mini workout, I showered and went grocery shopping. All that I have been craving is a big bowl of chili. Last week I had bookmarked a chili that I found, and decided to recreate it.

imageWith Gerry almost back into school mode to finish his accounting degree, I’ll have more time to prep. The great thing is that he is big into fitness and eating healthy, so this makes it easier as well. Being with someone who shares the same philosophies makes it 10x easier. He has done the macro counting before, and while he wasn’t a fan of it, it’s comforting to know that he knows what it’s all about and doesn’t give me too much crap.

The other little number that I am eager to get back into a solid routine with is my workouts. Being away from home and relying on a hotel gym for quality workouts is so hard! When I landed in DC, it was uncommonly warm for winter. With temperatures in the high 50s, I was able to go outside for a run. I squeezed in 20 minutes, and while that wasn’t enough for me, it had to be since I was tight on time.


Monday I worked from 6:30 am straight until 8:30 pm, which meant that sleep was more important than working out. One of the things that I love about these trips is that it forces me to take a rest day from working out, and it is something that my body loves. I am so busy on the extra-long work days and always running around the hotel and convention center, that THAT is my workout.


On Tuesday I didn’t have to work until 8 am, so I woke up at 5:25 for a hotel workout. Let’s just say it was really crappy, and I will talk about that one tomorrow.

With work going back to normal now after several crazy months, I cannot wait to find the right balance of running and CrossFit. It might mean only 2 CrossFit classes a week, or it might mean 3. I am honestly just so happy to be home!


It is time to get less serious now with a photo dump.

Work party at the Smithsonian.


My favorite work friends. <3


Thursday morning. My new favorite tea. Fuzzy pencil and heat-sensitive pencils from the Smithsonian, and calculating macros for the chili.


Sugar cookie tea, Quest Bar and the Bachelor on Monday night. I <3 Farmer Chris.


Missed this furball.image

Also, I went 2 days in DC without peanut butter, and I didn’t even miss it OR crave it.

If you meal prep, what is a go-to meal for you?



Tunnel to Towers 5K Race & Blends & 9/11 Memorial

This past weekend I was blessed with an amazing opportunity to join a division at my company for a 3 day weekend in New York City. My company is a co-op, and one of the divisions at my company, which is actually a competitor of my division, allowed myself and a handful of other non-division employees to join them. The division was one of the main sponsors for the 13th annual Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers charity race.


If you aren’t familiar with the history of the Tunnel to Towers race and how it started, it all goes back to 9/11. Firefighter Stephen Siller, who was off duty in Brooklyn, ran through the Battery Tunnel in all of his gear to put his life on the line to save thousands of innocent victims of the 9/11 attacks. This foundation was created by his brother, to honor all of those that lost their lives that day.


The morning started with a 5:45 am wake up call, followed by gathering our group in the hotel lobby at 6:30 am. We headed a few blocks down to the river, where we waited in line for a water taxi to take us to Brooklyn, where the race started.


It was the perfect day for a race and to honor those that sacrificed their lives.


We got to the starting line around 8, and waited around for close to 2 hours, before our wave was released. Within 2 minutes of the race, we were running through the tolls, and about to enter the tunnel, which was 1.7 miles long.


The tunnel started easy, as it was at a downhill, before it evened out, and the thick air took over. Firefighters ran in all of their gear, as Stephen Siller did 13 years ago. Some of these firefighters even passed me!


Around the 2 mile mark, we made it out of the tunnel, where we were greeted by police officers and firefighters.


Each man had a beautiful sign of each first responder who lost their life saving others. They were cheering US on, high-fiving us as we ran past, and when I thanked one for his service, he instead thanked me.


It was such an emotional experience.

After high-fiving and thanking the service men, we made our way to the waterfront, where the FDNY boat put on an amazing show. I was in pure awe, and could have just watched this for hours. Can you imagine seeing that during your race? I love how a rainbow shoots across the boat too!


We ran past cheerleading squads and marching bands, and thank goodness for them, because this was one of the most difficult races I have ever ran. The 2nd half of the tunnel was a gradual increase, which I ran the entire length of. My insides wanted to explode on that incline, so by the time I hit the streets of New York, I was more than ready for this race to end. It kept going on and on, and every time I was expecting to see the finish line, we would instead turn onto an additional block. Once I turned a corner and saw the balloons, I booked it.



After the race, our division had VIP passes to be in the front area for the post-race benefit rally, before we headed back to our hotel around 12. I enjoyed the best shower of the weekend. Seriously, being in your sweaty clothes for 2 hours post-race and standing in a crowd of 40,000 makes you seriously want to go crazy.

After the shower, I met up with a group of coworkers for a lunch at Bill’s, before heading to Central Park near Columbus Circle. It was here that I got to spend a few hours with Jen and her FIANCE! We parked our tooshes on a park bench and chatted the afternoon away.


Subway selfie. Love this girl. I promised her that if something didn’t work out, that I would look for jobs in NYC to be with her. Well, that promise might be happening sooner than expected. Just kidding, I do not think that I could live in a city.


We parted ways around 6, and I took to my hotel room to freshen up for our last team dinner. I can’t even begin to describe the beauty of Battery Gardens, which is where we had a team dinner. We had views of the waterfront and the Statue of Liberty. This would be the perfect date night!
battery gardens


Monday called for another early wake-up call, which was accompanied with this view. I never get a hotel room in NYC with a beautiful view, so the fact that I got this view with that sunrise was fabulous!

After showering and packing our bags, we headed a few blocks over to get a private tour of the 9/11 Memorial Museum.


We easily spent hours in here, and I couldn’t believe how it was basically a never-ending maze. There were stories, voicemails, worn clothing, shoes, dust-covered clothing racks, shattered police doors, pieces of the airplanes. Anything you could imagine is in this museum.


This firetruck that was destroyed. Yes, that is real.IMG_1541You really just need to go to the museum. It’s not a touristy thing, so if you live in the city or are just visiting, you need to go here. It makes you appreciate life so much more.

After a somber morning at the museum, we headed back to the hotel, where we boarded our bus for a 5 hour drive back home.

Fair Date Night & NYC Day 1

Happy Tuesday to all of my favorite peanut butter loving and hating people (I’m calling out my cousin)! Sorry that I couldn’t pop in yesterday with a weekend recap. I got back from New York City late yesterday evening, and had absolutely no wifi or free time Saturday-Monday to write a post and find wifi to post it. So, since I have a lot to recap, I might just break it up into 2 posts.


This was one of my favorite dates in the longest time. Fall is one of my favorite times of the year, and with that comes fair season. On Friday night, Rick picked me up at my house and we took the scenic, backroads route to the fair.

We spent hours walking around, checking out the local food, observing the unique people that were at the fair, and just enjoying each other’s company.

deerfield fair

I had my very first apple cider donut, I know, the horror, and it was THE best thing that I have ever eaten. Not even an exaggeration. It was fresh, warm, and chewy.

deerfield fair


I had really wanted to find the alpaca costume class (I don’t even know what it means), but when we couldn’t find it, we settled on watching horses compete in carries.


After about ten minutes of that, it was decided that fresh, apple crisp was needed. Apple crisp topped with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. Whomever comes up with these combinations is a pure genius. {Sorry for the blurry picture, I was on the move!}


When you walk 18,000 (half of those being at the fair), 2 desserts are definitely necessary.


Saturday morning I was up bright and early. Too early for a Saturday. (5:30 am). I didn’t think we would get a lot of moving around done, so I got a 1 mile walk in before showering, packing, and heading to work to begin our journey to NYC.

Once we arrived to our hotel around 3, we quickly freshened up, before heading to the lobby to meet up. Our company hired a double decker bus to take a 2 hour tour around the city, which was a blast. I LOVE these busses. I would go on these tours a million times, and don’t even care how much of a tourist it makes me look. They are just so much fun!


By the time we got back to the hotel, we had about an hour or so of free time to relax and get ready before our dinner. Since we were in NYC for the Tunnel to Towers charity race (my company was a major sponsor), we were invited to a private dinner at Elevated Acre, that the organization put on. Wounder soldiers were there, followed by others (who I have no idea who they were).


Can we just talk about this view? It was phenomenal!

Elevated Acre Elevated AcreWe were out until about 8:30, and then a group of us headed back to the hotel to get sleep for an early race morning! More to come on that soon!

Do you love apple cider donuts?

I need MORE!