I Went Boxing & Didn’t Die

What. A. Week. [Not in a good way.]

There isn’t too too much for me to update you guys on. The beginning of the week started off rough when I got a migraine thanks to staying up late watching The Bachelorette. That turned into feeling nauseous, light-headed, and blurred vision for 2 days. Thanks JoJo and Jordan. I was really frustrated that she chose him, but now, I’m not going to lie, I’m a tad obsessed with them. If you follow them on SnapChat, they will soon become your relationship goals.

Moving on to macros. I’ve done a great job of not hitting them. Vacation last week kind of screwed me over, so I went into this week feeling overly blah. That meant that I craved allthefoods, didn’t have the energy to workout, and felt even worse.

But let me tell you, feeling like absolute crap is a great wake-up call and motivator to get your butt back in gear. Another wake-up call… the fact that my Tough Mudder is 9 days away. I can’t back out now, so I’m just sitting here internally sobbing and questioning myself. When I question myself to Frank, he tells me that I’m going to run circles around the others, and that he also cannot wait to dunk me in the mud. Just you wait, Frank!

Also, help! How much fuel should I bring for the Tough Mudder? Do I get one of those waterproof running belts to stash gels and snacks in? If you’ve done one, please give me advice!!!

To continue on with this ramble of a post, I can confidently admit that I’ve hit a plateau with my workouts, and instead of just wishing that I will miraculously break free of it, I decided to do something about it.

Last night I went to my very first boxing class at Title Boxing Club right near my work with my friends Lisa and Betsy.


The very first lesson I learned was to go to the bathroom before you get your hands wrapped. That was brutal, but thankfully the class was so quickly paced that I forgot all about the fact that I wanted to pee my pants.

Back to the class though. The first class is free at Title, and the only thing you have to do is pay $10 for wraps, in the color of your choice.

The first 15 minutes of the class was a warm-up, which included a mix of jumping rope, jumping jacks, butt kicks, squats, jumping squats, sprawls (burpees), and a few other things that I’m forgetting. I just recall the warm-up being tough!

After the warm-up, we moved into 30 minutes of boxing. It’s broken up into 8 rounds, with each round being 3 minutes. After the round is complete, you move into 1 minute of active rest, which ranged from toe taps against the bag, jumping rope, light but quick jabs against the bag, and other things that I’m forgetting.

Two of the rounds included work with a buddy, where Lisa would hold the bag, while I did the assigned combo for 30 seconds as fast as I could. We switched every 30 seconds, for the 3 minutes. Brutal, but fun! I believe we did 30 seconds of jabs, uppercuts, etc.

The last 15 minutes of the class was core work and stretching, and to be honest, this was the hardest part of the class. The core work was no joke, mostly because I don’t train my core enough.

I left class a sweaty mess, but I felt amazing.


Title Boxing offers both boxing and kickboxing classes, which would be great additions to my current workout routine or lifting weights and HIIT. I know that these classes would quickly help me break free of my plateau and get me in even better shape.

If I’m being honest, while I feel the strongest that I’ve ever felt, I also feel the unhealthiest that I’ve ever been, and I know that this would make me feel better, not just physically, but emotionally as well.

The membership options aren’t the cheapest, but joining this gym would be an investment in my health; physically and emotionally, and you cannot put a price tag on living a happy life.

When I was running through the membership prices with my parents, my Mom was very encouraging, while my Dad told me not to go into debt. At the same time, he said, “You’re good at spending money,” while I said, “I’m good at spending money.” Oops! My current gym membership is paid by my company, so the plus side is that I’d only be paying for 1 gym, and not 2.

So now it’s not a matter of if I’m going to sign up, it’s more so a matter of do I sign up to pay month to month, or do I pay for a full-year to save money. A year commitment is huge, but, it would make me actually go, and while I could take kickboxing classes at my current gym for free, I probably would stop going because I’m not paying for it. Ya know?

Last night I went to bed ravenous. RAVENOUS. Larabar sent me their new Larabar Bites on Tuesday, and I will just put it out there that I demolished an entire bag last night due to boxing hunger. Macros did not exist.


And this morning I woke up sore as a yankee doodle. I feel last night in every inch of my body, but mostly my core. Granted we did 15 minutes of core work at the end, but you don’t realize how much you use your core during the actually boxing!

And that’s all I’ve got for you today, mostly because I need to go eat breakfast before I go Hulk on someone!

Have a fabulous weekend and do something fun!

Have you ever been boxing before? If so, do/did you love it?

What are your weekend plans?

Working out, drinks with Sarah, hiking with Sarah, and a dinner date! Yay!


Day In The Life #19

I’m finally getting back into my blogging groove, and am coming at you with the 3rd post of the week, and with tomorrow’s post, that will be 4 posts. Home girl is back, and back with another day in the life post for ya!

4:50 -5:15 am

My alarm goes off, so I roll out of bed, and get my life together. I respond to text messages while brushing my teeth & pooping (sorry, it’s true!), and get my gym and lunch bag packed, and am out the door at 5:15.

5:35 – 7:10 am //

I get to the gym at my new favorite time, and get going on the day’s workout. I start with a 1 mile run, which is tough. These legs weren’t made for running this morning! I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do shoulders or legs when I got to the gym, but after the run, I decided on shoulders. This mini shoulder workout might look easy, but it’s tough! My arms were jello by the time I completed the 3 different moves!


Lindsay texted me at 6:20 telling me to crush my leg workout just as I was finishing shoulders, and that was the motivation I needed to add on a leg workout. I had 50 minutes to kill and extra motivation and drive, so why the heck not! I pulled up the programmed leg workout for this week from my coach, and got to town. I didn’t have time for the entire workout simply because my legs couldn’t move anymore. It was a tough one! This workout reminded me of a “silent but deadly fart.” Sounds easy, but it kills, ha! Instead of finishing the leg workout, I used the 20 minutes I had to walk and get my legs moving.

7:45 am //

I am ravenous! That workout not only left my booty sore, but it left me with a raging appetite. I dug into my new favorite oatmeal bowl combo. You are so beautiful, to me!!


8-11:45 am //

Work, work, work the day away.

11:45 am //

I can’t take it any longer. I am starving and need lunch. I always try to make it to at least noon, but it wasn’t happening today. As I mentioned yesterday, this is my favorite lunch ever. I ate this in 5 minutes and did not stop to breathe.


2:05 pm //

I break for my lunch hour and head to the grocery store for a few items before swinging by my parent’s house to grab my PEScience order that came in!!


3:05-5:00 pm //

Work. Rather be napping. Or eating. I snacked on the leftover banana from my oatmeal with some powdered peanut butter. I hoarded my fat for dessert, which is why I went the powdered pb route instead of the good stuff!

5:15 pm //

Get home from work and immediately nose dive into dinner.


5:30 – 7 pm //

I read for a little bit before my brother calls me to update me on his and Chelsey’s current adventure. It’s killing me that I am not allowed to talk about it yet, but I think soon I will be able to! I hate keeping secrets!!image

7:05 -7:30 pm //

Dessert in bed, while reading. Lights out at 7:30 because I am a grandma and waking up in the 4 o’clock hour earns this bedtime.

What was the highlight of your day yesterday?

Day in the Life: Gym, Whole30 Eating & Christmas Decor!

In work terms, today is technically Thursday, and I’m loving this ultra-short week. Fingers crossed that we get out of work early on Wednesday, but if not, I will still soak in having Thursday-Sunday off!

I haven’t written a day in the life post in a bit, so I figured this would be a good day to do so. Don’t get too excited, nothing thrilling happened, just a typical Monday in the life of me.

My workouts have finally begun to get better, and I’m finding that my motivation to lift weights has returned! Yesterday I started with a 10 minute warm-up walk and a 20 minute run, before getting a back workout in. I’m spending more time warming up because it takes me forever and a day to actually wake up and find the energy I need for my workouts. Overall throughout the day I never feel tired or sluggish, but it certainly takes my body getting used to not relying on pre-workout. Is it weird that the first thing I want to reintroduce after the Whole30 is pre-workout? Yup, not peanut butter. I’m sure over the next 15 days my energy will only get better in the morning, but it’s still a bit of a struggle!

imageThat being said, I hit the point in the Whole30 where I no longer have headaches, feel like I need a nap, or hate things/people! Woo! Today marks day 15; I’m halfway there!! I dug into my breakfast, which was Nature’s Place chicken sausage, roasted sweet potatoes, avocado, and un-pictured eggs. I then continued to plug away at work, doing work things.


Around 1:30 I dug into my lunch, which was baked chicken, mashed sweet potatoes, and avocado. It might sound boring, but I enjoy it, it works for me, and I feel healthy eating it, so there ya go! Sometimes you just have to be low-key, and I’d like to think that my breakfast and dinners are more fun and pack the flavors, like my meat sauce and roasted veggies!

whole30-dinnerOver the weekend I prepped A LOT of food, so it’s nice having all of my work meals already in Tupperware for the week. This makes life so much easier, and I went into the week feeling minimal stress. Mashed sweet potatoes for lunch, broccoli for dinner, cubed butternut squash (in the fridge) for dinners, beef for dinner, hard-boiled eggs and avocados for breakfast, bananas for possible snacks, and my breakfast and lunches. The top meal container is chicken sausage and sweet potatoes, and once at work, I mash hard-boiled egg whites with 1/2 of an avocado. The 2nd dish is 2/3 complete, but I add the avocado to the plate at lunch time.

whole30-prepNow that the only cooking I need to do after work is to just saute veggies for dinner and reheat meat, I’m back to having my nights practically free to relax. I decided to get a jump on setting up my Christmas tree. Several years ago I bought a 6 1/2 foot fake tree for about $25 at Target thanks to my team member discount, my debit card discount and the after-Christmas sale prices, so I’m finally putting it to use! Ahhhh, this makes me so happy! Now I just need to buy some more ornaments, a skirt and a topper!

Christmas-TreeI had Christmas music on full blast while setting up my tree, and once complete, I nestled up with Elf and the smell of Christmas. Buddy is my spirit animal <3333 Elf is currently on sale at Target for $6! I bought it over the weekend since we have a family copy of the movie. Christmas movies every night, yeah!!

elfI ended my evening with my current read, It Starts with Food.


What book are you currently reading?

When do you put your Christmas tree up?

Have you started watching Christmas movies yet? Is there a movie that you always have to watch first to kick off the season?

Usually for me it’s The Family Stone, but that didn’t happen!

Weekend Recap: A Whole Lot of Nothing

Happy Columbus Day to you my friends, and for those enjoying the day off from work or school, soak it up a little extra for me, since I’m working the day away!

My weekend was extremely low key. I did a lot, even though it didn’t feel that way. Friday night was girl’s night at Lindsay’s.


We talked a lot about guys, dating, relationships and all of the good and bad that comes with it. We danced, Linds read my cards, and the cats stared us down.


Girl’s night with Lindsay was much needed, and it was nice to chat about all of that in person instead of just emails, texts, snapchats and IG comments. We are those girls that will have 5 conversations going at once on 5 different platforms haha.

I didn’t get to bed until a bit past 11, and yet I still got up at 5 to hit the gym. I wasn’t feeling it at all, and I almost turned around on my drive to the gym in favor of more sleep, but I just went for it. It was a really great workout, so I’m glad I got it in. I did a heavy shoulder/back/bicep workout, and ended it with a 30 minute easy run. I’m not sure if doing the cardio after lifting is what destroyed me for the remainder of the day, or if I was just run down, but boy, was the rest of my Saturday extremely tame… after my pancakes of course. 🙂


I tried to nap around 10 after my shower and breakfast, but I just couldn’t do it. I was ravenous, so I dug into a snack around 10:30, and then got out to run some errands. First stop, the library!


I found a book that interested me within 1 minute of looking, and I felt that was too quick, so I looked some more, and after 3 minutes of browsing the new release rack, I had 4 books in my hand that I couldn’t say no to. We all know what I’ll be doing this week!


I then went on a hunt to 2 pharmacies to find the mini FitCrunch bars. Lindsay told me they were either at Rite Aid or Walgreens. Just so you know, Walgreens was the winning location that carried them. And no, I didn’t buy the peanut butter flavor just because yours truly is an addict, it was the only flavor they had. Naturally I wiped them out and took what they had.


I got home a little after 1. Dug into lunch and a new book; I chose House of Echoes to read first since that was the book that caught my eye. I again tried to nap since my body was drained. I was on the couch and too exhausted to even get up; that’s how wiped out I was. I knew I needed to get out of the apartment and move, so I headed to Target to get a few organizational bins for work and my pantry, grabbed some Kodiak cake pancake mix and gum, and then retreated back to my couch. From 4-8:30 I binged watched the remaining episodes of season 5 of White Collar since that was all I had energy for, and then went to bed and fell right asleep.Target

When my alarm went off Sunday morning at 5, while I wanted to sleep more, I actually felt refreshed enough to workout. It looks as if my ultra-lazy Saturday paid off, since just relaxing and taking it easy did wonders for my body.

My workout started with a 15 minute jog, before I broke into a leg workout. My tailbone is feeling a lot better, so I was finally able to get back on the smith machine for squats. Since Tampa it has hurt to get into a deep squat or do full lunges, so I’m happy to be almost recovered from my traumatic stability ball incident haha. Leg workout was on fireeee!! I ended with a 1-mile cool down walk on the treadmill to loosen my legs up.

I immediately got on my foam roller, attacked my hamstrings with my stick, and stretched once I got home so that recovery wouldn’t be so painful! I then dug into a bowl of oatmeal topped with maple syrup and almonds. I’m trying to incorporate other fats besides peanut butter into my eating.


The rest of my late morning was spent reading on the couch, prepping some food for the week, and baking. {Recipe tomorrow!}


I headed to my parent’s house early afternoon for the Patriots game! #11 <3


All in all, it truly was a great, low key weekend!

Football fan? Who’s your team?

What did you do this Fall weekend?

Going Ons From This Week

Does that title even make sense? What a week it’s been! Work has been great, with the days flying by, and workouts have been on point. I honestly cannot believe that it’s already Thursday. Yay!!

My week has been really great, and it finally feels like things are clicking for me. Over the weekend, I did a little bit of research and decided to alter my macros. I felt like for my workouts, I really wasn’t eating enough, which would also go along with the fact that I constantly went over my macros. My body wanted more food.

After research and discussion, I upped my fat by 16 grams, my carbs by 23 grams, and lowered my protein by 5 grams. I was a bit worried that I would naturally see an increase on the scale, but every day since starting on my new macros, I’ve actually seen my weight decrease. I feel really great too! I’m ignoring the number on the scale because while it’s still a few pounds higher than my lowest weight from a month or so ago, I feel fabulous, and my body looks good, so for now, I’m really going to monitor by how I look and feel.

With all of the extra carbs and fat, one big switch I’ve done is added natural peanut butter back into my meals, and less of the JIF Whips, which has fewer fat grams than regular peanut butter. An english muffin with 2 tbsp of peanut butter has been my go-to mid-morning snack, and it keeps me SO full! Ahhhh the benefits of real peanut butter haha.

peanut-butterAlthough for my breakfast oatmeal, I do still use 1 tbsp of Whips since it melts fabulously, but I’ve also added diced walnuts to the oatmeal as well for added fats!

imageI’ve also been treating myself in the afternoon with these awesome yogurts from Chobani!
chobani-flipsJust look at those toppings!!! This one is my favorite, but the peanut butter one is a close 2nd. Having one of these yogurt bowls late afternoon really helps kill any cravings I might have, and I feel like I’m spoiling myself with this snack.
chobani-flipsMy lunches and dinners have been jam-packed with protein and healthy carbs. I’ll do chicken and ground turkey, along with sautéed butternut squash and potatoes. It’s extremely filling, and the combination of flavors actually has me looking forward to these meals!

In the evening I still have a good amount of macros left, so I’ll typically make a PEScience chocolate peanut butter cup protein shake, and either have a Fiber One cookie, or a banana with peanut butter with it.


I also switched to a new workout program the same day that I started my new macros. I’m now doing the Arnold Blue Print. It’s an 8-week long program, and what I love about it is that it’s constantly changing. It’s been really challenging so far, but in a good way! I finally wake up super sore again, which I was lacking the past few months. Sometimes your body just needs a change in workouts/programs!

imageSo that is a little update for you guys! Other than those big changes, I got to spend Tuesday evening with my cousin Lindze, hubster Mike, and Lucas and Brinkley.


Hi! I’m the cutest baby ever!


And that is a quick recap of the first 3 days of my week!

If you could have 20 extra grams of carbs and 16 extra grams of fat, what would you add to your meals?!

Just a Bunch of Random Things

Hello hello! For the first time in probably forever I took a Monday off from posting, and it felt surprisingly great. Today’s post is going to be a bit jumbled with thoughts and pictures, so bear with me. It’s a crazy week so I will do my best to post as often as I can, but I can’t guarantee it! My goal is to post the rest of the week, but if I miss another day, well, there’s your warning!

Here we go with 2 sentences per picture photo dump!

Chicken stir-fry with frozen stir-fry veggies and bean sprouts. Lindsay told me to try the bean sprouts because it makes your dish taste like Chinese food… she was right!


Went and saw The Gift over the weekend. I highly recommend this thriller to everyone because not only is the story line riveting, but Jason Bateman. <3


On Saturday I headed up north to spend the morning with Lindsay and we went to the gym to do legs. Lindsay let me borrow some of her BCAAs for the workout and this stuff is amazing and the taste is unreal, so I will definitely be buying some soon!!

imageMy workout with Lindsay on Saturday pushed me out of my comfort zone and gave me the courage to finally start lifting in the main gym at Gold’s. While I will still do parts of my workouts in the ladie’s gym, I’m just so excited to finally be confident to lift weights with all of the guys now.


Really ripe bananas disgust me. I choked it down though.


With peanut butter of course! This has been my go-to mid-morning snack, and I’m loving choosing a banana over a processed carb like an english muffin, even though I LOVE emuffs.


Excuse me as I contradict the above statement, because yesterday’s lunch was grilled chicken and cheese sandwich. Chopped up grilled chicken, slice of cheese on a hamburger bun.


I’m shopping for the Bahamas and I scored a great deal at Old Navy. 2 workout tops, a bikini top and bottom, and cute striped shorts all for $29. Crazy! The dark blue workout top was $2.99. I laughed! Both bikini pieces were $4.99 each, the light blue workout top was $7 and the shorts $9 and change.

imageLoved the ultra-racer back of this tank top, AND the mesh netting is almost see-through, which is actually kind of sexy for a workout top. So excited to wear this in the gym!


And that’s about all I have for rambling!

What items should I buy for the Bahamas?

Sometimes It’s Hard to Stay Classy.

Wednesday I had no thoughts, but yesterday I had so many thoughts. I survived my first day of not running, and I will say that I could get used to it. It wasn’t as bad as I thought that it would be.

Yesterday I was super excited that I could run. My legs were sore from CrossFit the past few days but the 2 mile run helped loosen them up a bit.


I’m anal about my gym bag not touching the ground or the bottom of lockers. Anyone else do this?IMG_5804

Sometimes I think I should be a guy from the thoughts that run through my mind. Like the guy that works at the gym. Every time I walk behind him I just want to pinch that butt of his and whistle at him. Sometimes it’s just so hard staying classy, but when you have no ball and chain, you are absolutely allowed to say whatever you want. If you get in trouble, just don’t blame me.

Day 4 of our Paleo Challenge is complete and I’m finding it hard to have 3 meals of meat. By dinner I just want a thick protein shake. I crave something cold at night, which is weird because it’s about 20 degrees out. Avocado makes everything taste 15 times better. Fact.


For the first time ever I didn’t have to wait for my haircut at Supercuts, because again, I’m classy and like paying $15 for a haircut. I was actually mad I didn’t have to wait because I’m reading a book that is so addicting and I had actually looked forward to reading it while waiting. Also, Supercuts is a great place to pick up a man.

Last night I watched the People’s Choice Awards and was so surprised when I saw Josh Holloway from LOST. Holy smokes, do you guys remember him with the scruff and long hair? I almost died when I saw his new look. Forget the guy at the gym… I want to pinch HIS butt!


Tonight I get to have a girls night with Jenny and Lisha and I am sooooo excited! When your best friends from high school are still your best friends 3 years post college, you know you’re doing something right.

What are your big plans for this weekend?

Utah and I are finally going up north to check out ice castles on Loon Mountain, and I also want to start watching True Blood for one reason: Ian Somerhalder. {edited: Jaime just told me Ian is in Vampire Diaries… which means I will watch both True Blood and Vampire Diaries.. problem solved). 🙂

Pain + Whey Allergy = Truthful Thursday

Truthful Thursday. It’s time. It’s needed. Here’s what’s going on in my life.

1} This is the worst I’ve ever felt, body-wise.

I have no idea what’s up, but I do know that my endurance is completely gone. Kaput. Runs are a struggle. I’m talking 1-2 miles are so hard in the morning. I’ve tried to incorporate more runs than CrossFit WODs into my daily schedule, but it’s not helping. My clothes are super tight, the scale is going up, and my mind is going insane. Runs have been happening now on my lunch hour, or after work. They are much better at these times than in the morning.

2} I’m walking more.

To make myself feel better and less of a blob, which I’ve been feeling like for the past week and a half, I’m trying to use my lunch hour to walk. Tuesday I split my lunch into 40 minutes and 20 minutes in the afternoon, and walked 2 miles and 1 mile during those breaks. In the snow. It made me so happy!

IMG_51873} No Whole 30 Round 2. 

I tried and it just wasn’t working. I need structure. I struggled with making sure I was having the correct balance of fat/protein/carbs, and in the process, felt sluggish and gross just eating Paleo foods. Weird, right? I’m back to counting my macros, but I’m still eating real foods, with the exception of Paleo treats. I toyed with my macros on IIFYM.com for my goals, and am following a plan that aligns better with fat loss on the Paleo lifestyle, which means less carbs and more protein/fat. It’s more carbs than the fat loss Paleo guide recommends, but it’s less than what my coach assigned me. I’m attempting to find what works best for me with the advice of several point of views.

4} I’m searching for my running mojo.

My coworker, who is an avid runner and is aiming to log 1,500 running miles in 2013, is helping me get back in my running groove. She offered to motivate me and join me at the gym on our lunch hour, and she even went as far as to ask if I was single or married.. Uhhhhh…. she then told me her motivation is the gorgeous men at the gym. She said she’ll spot a guy and if he’s near her, especially on a treadmill, it will make her run longer. Ha, love this girl!

5} I’m 89% positive I am allergic to whey protein powder.

The past few days, after taking my shake, I have intense stomach pains. Not, “shit my pants” pain, but almost like period cramps. The pains typically last for 5 hours or so, but come back when I eat again. I have no idea what it is, but I asked several ladies who work with my coach Ashley, and they all said it could be an allergic reaction, as they had similar issues.

It’s quite annoying, as I have almost zero appetite and have to force myself to eat my meals, which results in more pain. Ugh!

So that’s my update for you guys. It’s not a fun update, but it will be interesting to see how things pan out and I can narrow down the cause of all of this pain.

Have you ever felt similar pain after eating foods or drinking a protein shake?

Why Have I Stayed Away For So Long?

Wow, it feels like forever since I’ve had a random/typical blog post. Now that we’ve finally caught up on my 4th of July vacation, let me give you a quick recap of things that happened between Monday and Wednesday.

Not too much on the workout front, well, okay, mainly running. My runs have been tough as I’ve gotten back into the 4 mile routine (I cut my mileage during vaca).

On Monday I took Bikram Yoga again for the first time in about 9 days and boy was it difficult! For the first time, I actually had to skip several poses and just lay there. I won’t lie, that was so much better than doing the poses. 😉

Yesterday I switched up my routine and spent an extra 40 minutes in the gym in the morning. Instead of driving home, showering, and prepping breakfast before driving to work, I worked out from 5:35 until 7:25, and showered at work. I might have to incorporate more of these workouts on the days I want to lift weights on top of my runs. Time to get serious! I spent my strength workout yesterday doing legs and core work on the bosu ball. Holy crap was that intense!

Meals have been mixed up a bit as I’ve played around with my typical meals.

Tuesday night I smeared raspberry jam on a cinnamon raisin english muffin, and sandwiched it with 3 egg whites.

IMG_0879 IMG_0880 IMG_0881 IMG_0882

This bad guy totally hit the spot and he’s making a weekly appearance, at the minimum.

I played around with a dessert that my coach created. It definitely has an acquired taste.


1 cup cottage cheese. 1 tbsp cocoa powder. Vanilla. Sweetener. Almond milk to get it going. Top it with a crushed Quest Cravings PB cup. Ok, the pb cup. Ahhhhh-mazing. Buy them now! You blend everything up and freeze it for a bit to get a thick pudding. It definitely was a little too sweet for my liking, but I think if I play around with it that I’ll grow accustomed to it.

I’d definitely try it if you like experimenting and playing around with foods!

Wednesday night I went to a wicked awesome store for the first time.


Fresh Market is probably best related to a Whole Foods, and my Mom and friends have been telling me to go because I’d love it for so long now, and I finally checked it out since I was next door returning an item.

OMG. Why did I wait sooooo long to go inside?!


They have buckets and buckets of every type of nut, seasoned every way possible.IMG_0914

The best part is that you can have unlimited free samples because they’d rather you try it and not like it rather than spending the money on a large bag you don’t enjoy.


You can make your own nut butter too! Almond butter, peanut butter, or honey roasted pb. The honey roasted is to die for.


The various m&ms and and jelly beans drew me in, especially the pink m&ms.


I instead left with a $1.04 bag of this amazingness.


10 minutes from my apartment and office. I might have to go back on my lunch hour for those free samples. 😉

Ps homeslices, my blog is on Bloglovin’ so go on over and follow Running on PB and all of your other favorite blogs! 🙂

4 Stomach Bug Days Later and I’m Healthy!

Hey guys, can’t really say I’ve had a fun and crazy weekend. After work Friday, I went into the gym to hopefully do some weights. I hopped on the treadmill to walk for my warm up, but instantly wanted to throw up. After 1.25 miles and 3 sets of back extensions, I got the hell out of there and nearly died on my living room floor 15 minutes later.


I spent the rest of my Friday night on the couch, throwing back jello and ginger ale, while watching TV.


I slept from 9:30 pm until 9:30 am, and cleaned the apartment when I woke up. I was feeling slightly better, so I attempted a run. I decided to drive 20 minutes home to use the basement treadmill so that I had a trash can and a fan near me at all times. Worst idea ever. It took me almost an hour and a half to run 3 miles and walk 1 mile. I had to throw walking increments and breather breaks into the run because I felt so crappy. I’m seriously so stubborn though and refused to quit until I reached 3 miles.

After that, I went home, showered, had a protein shake (the only thing I was able to stomach all day), and then succumbed to the couch from 3-10.


The stomach bug was at its worst, and I literally couldn’t move. I felt like I had wasted a beautiful Saturday, but I literally couldn’t leave my house in fear of getting sick in public.


I woke up this morning feeling like my normal self, which was about time after 4 days of having the stomach bug. If you want a way to lose several pounds, the stomach bug is the way to go!


I enjoyed an open-face pb & j sandwich before hitting the gym and attempting a workout. I took it easy and only ran 3.5 miles and walked half a mile. After my run, I completed several lunge cable-pulls before focusing on my core.

It felt so good to get a good workout in, and I can’t wait to tackle several classes this week, including Reps & Sets tomorrow, and Body Pump on Wednesday.

The rest of my day included buying several bridal shower gifts for one of my closest friends, Amber, grocery shopping, veggie prep, and helping my Dad install a bathroom cabinet in our bathroom.

I also swung by to pay my respects to Jaime’s Pep who passed away this past week. I hadn’t seen Jaime in a long time, and while it wasn’t under the best circumstances, it was so good to see her.

Now, Allie, Kris and I are going to head to The Farm to grab dinner with Allie’s college friends Katie and Kenney. Allie, Kris and Katie have been trying to set Kenney and I up for months now, and it’s my first time meeting him, so I’m nervous! This will be my first real meal since Tuesday, and I plan on ordering the juiciest burger EVERRRRRR!