Vacation: Photo Dump

My heart breaks a little bit that summer is almost over and I still haven’t gone golfing or kayaking yet. Really hitting that summer bucket list hard! I can at least cross off “go to the beach” and “eat soft-serve ice cream” off of the list, thanks to vacation last week.

I had full intentions of blogging all last week, but with no wifi at our vacation house, there was no way I could blog. With that, here’s a little photo dump of vacation!


Post-dinner walks with the family were my favorite.

imageEspecially when this is your view:


5 days on the beach, 5 hours each day. 10% stress all week.


Post-morning run ritual= protein shake, oatmeal & sudoku.image



imageChristmas in July was going on at the Nubble, and if you look closely into the window, you can see a Christmas tree!

image  Waiting in line at Dunne’s for late night ice cream.imageGo big or go home is Ryan’s philosophy. imageMy first ice cream of the summer. The only way to go: vanilla soft-serve with rainbow jimmies.


You can’t go to downtown Short Sands without stopping at Goldenrod for their taffy.


I’m not a fan of taffy, but watching the process of taffy being made never gets old, no matter how many times you’ve seen it.


Thursday night we had our last vacation dinner over in downtown Portsmouth, NH.


We ventured over to Old Ferry Landing for a seafood dinner.image





Chelsey’s parents came down for 2 1/2 days since they are semi-local. We went originally from a family of 4, to 5, and now to 7.


Vacation was great, and while I’ll miss seeing sunrises like this outside of my bedroom window, it’s nice to be back into my daily routine!


Did you go on vacation this year? If so, where?!

Favorite kind of ice cream?



  1. says

    Hmmm summer weather lasts longer down south and you’ve got a friend who lives in SC, where you can golf year round… so there’s always that way to check golf off your list! Favorite ice cream is Coffee and my vacations have all been wedding-related, so I don’t count that as a vacation *reaaally* so no?

  2. says

    You could always play golf on a trip to FL!
    I agree with you on taffy, fun to watch, not to eat. Although it could be that I have a mouth full of dental work that is technically old enough to get served in a bar so taffy just scares me.
    I do not agree with you on ice cream. If it’s not chocolate, it’s not worth it! (well, that’s usually my motto with all desserts)

    • says

      Mint chocolate chip, then you would’ve loved my brother’s cone! Traveling all of the time is stressful! Although I wouldn’t turn down a few paid trips a year!

  3. says

    Looks like you had a great vacation with the fam!

    Your brothers / your ice cream = amazing! My favourite is vanilla soft serve. Some think it’s boring, I think it’s perfect 🙂

  4. Lesli says

    So glad you had a nice time away with your fam! Those sunrises look gorgeous! I wish all weeks were 10% stress haha I’m still missing my beach vacation but my mom and I just decided to go back again for a long weekend for our birthdays. Not a real fan of ice cream but I’d be all over the sprinkles! Ryan’s cone is like how do you eat it all before it melts?!?! Lol brain freeze!

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