We Aren’t Friends If You Have a Long Weekend

Just like that, another weekend has gone and passed. Some of you are still enjoying a long weekend, while those of you like myself weren’t privileged with a day off.

Today is my girl Jaime’s birthday… Happy birthday Jaime!! Hope you have a wonderful day. 🙂

james and i

So what’d I do this weekend? Let’s take a look!


Friday night was spent with my CrossFit girls, for our first annual girl’s night. Everyone baked a Paleo treat and brought it to the box (gym). We spent a bit just chatting, before a group of us complete a partner WOD.


Love these strong ladies. <3IMG_5968

And then, it was time to eat and talk the night away. There was crack paleo granola, banana pumpkin-ish bread, paleo protein carrot cake, and so much other yumminess. We all left with full bellies!


Around 10, we called it a night, and I headed over to Utah’s to spend the rest of the evening with his cuteness. We watched movies and talked about anything and everything, before I called it a night around 1. Time seriously flies by with him!


I had told my friend Katie that I’d go to the 8 am CrossFit class with her in the morning, and when I woke up, I looked at my phone and realized it was 8:47.  I need to learn how to set an alarm properly. I accidentally set my “weekday alarm”. Ugh! I actually hurt my forearm during Wednesday’s WOD out of my pure stupidity of trying to pace myself with my friend, so it worked out well that I missed the class.


I still headed to the box for an hour of mobility at 10, before heading to Gold’s Gym for a 3 mile run, with a dead iPod. Seriously, off to such a good start! After that, it was time to prep some coconut roasted sweet potatoes. Got it in right in the knick of time, because shortly after, we lost power due to the snow.


I had JUST sat down to charge my laptop and get started on a lot of blog work for next week, when it went out. Lesson learned: never let your laptop get to 10%. So, off to the library I went, as I needed to get work done.

IMG_5990 IMG_6012

I got a lot of work done, but had to leave at 5 when they closed. Unfortunately, I had to endure an entire night in the dark at home. We didn’t have power from 2:30 until midnight! I read a little and then just barely had enough laptop power to watch Eat Pray Love. SO good!



Sunday was a lazy day spent completing work for the days I’ll be traveling, meal prepping, and running errands. Santa brought me TOMs for Christmas, and I JUST tried them on and determined they were too big. I am so slow at these things. I picked out an even cooler pair of TOMs, so I’m pretty happy about the size mishap!

What was the best part of your weekend?

Mine was Peyton Manning kicking Tom Brady’s butt!


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    Well, apparently we aren’t friends anymore then. 😉 I’m glad the lack of power didn’t dampen your spirits too much, but I can only imagine how that would feel for your heating to go out in the dead of winter. Glad you made the most of it though!

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    I’m sorry you don’t have a long weekend- perks of still being a college student! I don’t own a pair of TOMs but I’ve always loved them, they look so comfy and cute! I was also very happy to see Peyton kick Tom Brady’s butt 🙂

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