I Went Boxing & Didn’t Die

What. A. Week. [Not in a good way.]

There isn’t too too much for me to update you guys on. The beginning of the week started off rough when I got a migraine thanks to staying up late watching The Bachelorette. That turned into feeling nauseous, light-headed, and blurred vision for 2 days. Thanks JoJo and Jordan. I was really frustrated that she chose him, but now, I’m not going to lie, I’m a tad obsessed with them. If you follow them on SnapChat, they will soon become your relationship goals.

Moving on to macros. I’ve done a great job of not hitting them. Vacation last week kind of screwed me over, so I went into this week feeling overly blah. That meant that I craved allthefoods, didn’t have the energy to workout, and felt even worse.

But let me tell you, feeling like absolute crap is a great wake-up call and motivator to get your butt back in gear. Another wake-up call… the fact that my Tough Mudder is 9 days away. I can’t back out now, so I’m just sitting here internally sobbing and questioning myself. When I question myself to Frank, he tells me that I’m going to run circles around the others, and that he also cannot wait to dunk me in the mud. Just you wait, Frank!

Also, help! How much fuel should I bring for the Tough Mudder? Do I get one of those waterproof running belts to stash gels and snacks in? If you’ve done one, please give me advice!!!

To continue on with this ramble of a post, I can confidently admit that I’ve hit a plateau with my workouts, and instead of just wishing that I will miraculously break free of it, I decided to do something about it.

Last night I went to my very first boxing class at Title Boxing Club right near my work with my friends Lisa and Betsy.


The very first lesson I learned was to go to the bathroom before you get your hands wrapped. That was brutal, but thankfully the class was so quickly paced that I forgot all about the fact that I wanted to pee my pants.

Back to the class though. The first class is free at Title, and the only thing you have to do is pay $10 for wraps, in the color of your choice.

The first 15 minutes of the class was a warm-up, which included a mix of jumping rope, jumping jacks, butt kicks, squats, jumping squats, sprawls (burpees), and a few other things that I’m forgetting. I just recall the warm-up being tough!

After the warm-up, we moved into 30 minutes of boxing. It’s broken up into 8 rounds, with each round being 3 minutes. After the round is complete, you move into 1 minute of active rest, which ranged from toe taps against the bag, jumping rope, light but quick jabs against the bag, and other things that I’m forgetting.

Two of the rounds included work with a buddy, where Lisa would hold the bag, while I did the assigned combo for 30 seconds as fast as I could. We switched every 30 seconds, for the 3 minutes. Brutal, but fun! I believe we did 30 seconds of jabs, uppercuts, etc.

The last 15 minutes of the class was core work and stretching, and to be honest, this was the hardest part of the class. The core work was no joke, mostly because I don’t train my core enough.

I left class a sweaty mess, but I felt amazing.


Title Boxing offers both boxing and kickboxing classes, which would be great additions to my current workout routine or lifting weights and HIIT. I know that these classes would quickly help me break free of my plateau and get me in even better shape.

If I’m being honest, while I feel the strongest that I’ve ever felt, I also feel the unhealthiest that I’ve ever been, and I know that this would make me feel better, not just physically, but emotionally as well.

The membership options aren’t the cheapest, but joining this gym would be an investment in my health; physically and emotionally, and you cannot put a price tag on living a happy life.

When I was running through the membership prices with my parents, my Mom was very encouraging, while my Dad told me not to go into debt. At the same time, he said, “You’re good at spending money,” while I said, “I’m good at spending money.” Oops! My current gym membership is paid by my company, so the plus side is that I’d only be paying for 1 gym, and not 2.

So now it’s not a matter of if I’m going to sign up, it’s more so a matter of do I sign up to pay month to month, or do I pay for a full-year to save money. A year commitment is huge, but, it would make me actually go, and while I could take kickboxing classes at my current gym for free, I probably would stop going because I’m not paying for it. Ya know?

Last night I went to bed ravenous. RAVENOUS. Larabar sent me their new Larabar Bites on Tuesday, and I will just put it out there that I demolished an entire bag last night due to boxing hunger. Macros did not exist.


And this morning I woke up sore as a yankee doodle. I feel last night in every inch of my body, but mostly my core. Granted we did 15 minutes of core work at the end, but you don’t realize how much you use your core during the actually boxing!

And that’s all I’ve got for you today, mostly because I need to go eat breakfast before I go Hulk on someone!

Have a fabulous weekend and do something fun!

Have you ever been boxing before? If so, do/did you love it?

What are your weekend plans?

Working out, drinks with Sarah, hiking with Sarah, and a dinner date! Yay!



  1. Lesli says

    A tough mudder?!?! You go girl! I can’t imagine the soreness after that. Your boxing workout sounds so good! Nothing like a good sweat for an instant mood boost. Here’s hoping this weekend and next week are on point for you – – emotionally, workout wise, eating, everything! I hate funks but we all have to go thru them to appreciate the good days even more! Have a fabulous weekend love! I’ll be spending it visiting friends, catching some Olympics and celebrating a 1st birthday Sunday (yayyyy for cake!)

  2. says

    I’ve only ever done short OCR’s, (think Spartan Sprint, Warrior Dash) never a full Tough Mudder. The hubs did the Spartan Beast a couple times though so my guess would be one step less than that? So, water and some gu or blocks.

    I had a brutal migraine Wednesday night through yesterday. No fun. Not at all.

    You are totally gonna envy my weekend plans: finally completely unpacking and organizing my daughter’s bedroom and playroom in preparation for school starting. Wild, huh? I can guarantee there will be wine after.

  3. Lara says

    To be honest, I don’t remember fueling at all during the Tough Mudder. There may have been fuel stations, so maybe I had a bit of water and some Gu. I didn’t want to wear a fuel belt because everything you wear will be really grimy at the end. Actually, I think we pinned some Gus to our shoes! But there were water stations. But the beer at the end tasted like liquid gold! Enjoy!

    • says

      We have similar minds because that’s actually just what I did this morning! I’ll try it for a month or two and then see if a year is worth it!!

  4. says

    Oh my golly goodness, I’ve been wanting to take boxing lessons for so long. This is inspiring me to research some gyms in my area!

    I say month to month, only because I’m a commitment-phobe. Also, if you get into a groove of going at a paid gym and start seeing results you want, that might be motivation to go to your work-sponsored gym?

    Just a thought!

    Also, now I want to inhale eighteen Larbars so thank you. “Changing Careers: The Job Hunt”


  5. says

    I was super nervous when I first went boxing but it’s one of those activities that make me feel amazing and strong even though I’m dying a little bit lol Great you enjoyed it! New follower 🙂

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